Welcome to the world of a silly fetish mind…

Hi there! You’ve reached my little place in the Universe. What will you find here? Stories and some 3D art pieces. All share a common theme: sexually explicit content aimed at open minded adults. This site is NSFW. Be aware where you’re browsing it from…

The stories and 3D art share my love for fetishes, from caging to bondage, from spandex to latex, from high heels to corset, tight jeans to leather catsuits.

These are the adventures of Karen, a fictional character who loves to end up tied up in latex, wearing corsets, high heels, chastity belts and… toys.

You will find here:

  • Erotic stories of girls having fun, consensual, lesbian or not, fetish based sexual relationships, sometimes with a male dominant.
  • Bondage, domination, fetish punishments, sex slaves and some ponygirls.
  • Latex, high heels, corsets, chastity belts, mummification, tight jeans, leather, spandex, neoprene and the likes.
  • Mainly catsuits, full body encasement, intubation, long term bondage.
  • Voluntary, involuntary and sometimes accidental predicaments. 
  • Restraints of steel, leather, rope, straps, chains, from police handcuffs to full body harnesses.
  • Toy play, electro-play, female orgasm, breath play.
  • Lots and lots of bondage.
  • Spread eagles, suspensions, hogties, cages, vacbeds, body casts, mummifications, you name it.
  • Real life setups, science-fiction setups and fantasy/magical setups.

What you will NOT find here:

  • Graphic depiction of genitalia, sexual intercourse/penetration, oral sex.
  • Abuse, violence, degradation, humiliation, mutilation.
  • Pet play (except for the occasional ponygirl).
  • Torture, strangulation, pain.
  • Anything involving bodily fluids/feces.
  • Male point of view.
  • Specific gender expression (non-binary, etc)
  • Naked people. I’m a fetishist! I like them fully clothed, preferably in latex.

If you like what you see here, I invite you to browse. There’s over 300 original stories and countless 3D art pieces.

EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE IS FREE. I pay for all of it from my own pocket. If you would like to contribute, just drop me a line from the contact form. I take PayPal, Amazon.ca or Daz3D.com gift cards.

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