Karen – A Space Odyssey



The sound of the alarm clock awakened her. A simple look toward the clock, and the alarm stopped, an invisible beam of infrared light being reflected by the retina, back to the clock, like a flash from the camera that causes “red eyes”, had sent the signal.

Karen stretched on her bed. That 2 hours nap has been deeply needed. She has had a hard day, and she decided to take her free time this evening to have some fun. She got up, and had a brief look at the window. She could see the brightly coloured stars streaking by, while the ship travelled at hyperspeed toward its final destination: Orion 3. Already 2 years had passed out of the 5 years journey planned. The year was 2045.

She went to the dressing console, and gave a long thought as to what she was going to wear. 

She chose to go with the end of 20th century retro style, but with a modern touch. That was the big trend at the moment. She chose a light metallic blue, stretched, long sleeves shirt, with attached gloves, a pair of awesomely tight denim jeans and 6 inches heels white platform shoes. She pushed the final button, and the garments appeared in the transparent box out to her right. She put on the tight fitting shirt, then the jeans, which were loose. As soon as she buckled the waist belt, the pants shrank to their final size. She could feel the fabric tighten around her waist, her butt and her hips and thighs. She rubbed her hand along the side, feeling the tightness of the strong fabric. That aroused her. She let out a slow sexy moan. Then she went on to put her shoes, and realised that she should have put them on before tightening the jeans. She had a hard time bending down. But she kept them that way. The struggle made her hot. “I just hope I’ll be able to hold myself,” she thought.

She had a final look in the mirror. The stretch shirt enhanced her well proportioned breasts, and the jeans, combined with the heels, made her look even thinner and taller. She brushed her long curly light brown hairs which went down to the shoulder blades. Regulation stated that she must have them “restrained” while on duty, but she was off duty, and intended to let them loose.

A last look, a last turn in front of the mirror, and she was satisfied with her look. She headed for the bar, 3 levels down. She turned many heads on her way. She repressed smiling too hard at all the men staring at her. She liked the impact she made. 

When she entered the bar, quite a few heads turned too, mainly men. She was glad she chose this look. Her regular job as a geologist doesn’t usually draw any attention. She sat at the bar. She felt her buns, confined in the tight denim, bounced on the bar stool. She rested one of her heeled feet on the step of the stool, and the other one to the rest bar of the counter. 

She ordered a drink to the robot bartender, and began slowly sipping it when a handsome man sat at the next stool.

“Hi” he said. He was rather good looking. 1,80m, 60Kg, auburn hair, blue-green eyes. He had short hair, and was obviously starting going bald on the front area.(Gee! That guy looks just like me!!!)

 She found him rather sexy. 🙂

“Hi” she replied, with a large smile.

He took a good look at her outfit. “I like it,” he said. “Especially the pants. What are they?”

“It’s a 1980’s look. It’s made of denim, a blend of cotton. I read somewhere in a history book that the custom was to wear it very tight. (Probably a history book that I WILL write!).

“Does it stretch?”

“No” she answered, “not this model. I find it more arousing like that”. She rubbed gently her gloved hand over her thigh, feeling the little tickling that came with the contact. She invited the man, with a smile, to do the same.

“Wow. Feels really tight. I like that. And the shoes too. 20th century too?”

“Yeah. They need to get used to, but with the tight jeans, yeah I forgot, they call these pants jeans, they give an indescribable feeling”.

“I know I can feel it… I’m sorry. My name is Pete (No! Really?).”

“I’m Karen. Nice to meet you. What’s your job here?”

“I’m a computer technician. Right now, I don’t have much to do. My task will be to setup the computer system at the destination. What are you doing?”

“I’m a geologist. Me neither I don’t have much to do until we arrive. If you don’t have anyone else, maybe we can spend more time together. There’s still a long journey ahead.”

“Yeah. That’s a great i….”

Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk!

“What’s that?” she asked, startled.

“That’s the main alarm of the ship…” His phrase was cut short by the alarming voice of the captain.

“This is the captain. We are under attack. Battle stations…”

Karen looked at Pete, afraid.

“Now what? I don’t have any battle station. My directive is to go to an escape pod and get ready to be launched.”

“Yeah, me too” said Pete. “Let’s go together”.

At that same moment they felt the quick dizziness that came with the ship coming out of hyperspace.

Everybody in the bar was freaking out, screaming and running for the door. In the corridor, everybody was running, in every direction. Pete took Karen by the hand and led her. He started running but Karen dragged.

“I’m sorry Pete. I can’t run dressed like that. Go on, I’ll try to catch you”.

“No way. Just go as fast as you can.”

Karen struggled, trying to keep her balance as best as she could on her heels. The tight jeans made her legs stiff. All she could do was hop in small steps. They were passed by many others, and Karen was bumped on the wall a few times. She was looked upon with grins, “accusing” her of slowing the escape. Finally, after long minutes of struggle, they reached an escape pod. It was meant for 2 people. The thought behind this was that if there were only a few pods with lots of people, the enemy would make many casualties by shooting them, and it would be easy to decimate the population of the ship. On the other side, with many two people pods, the enemy would be overwhelmed by the number, and it would be incapable of destroying as many.

Pete and Karen took one, got in their seat and buckled up, ready to be launched. The launch, if needed, was automatic, either triggered by the captain, or the computer, depending on the damage to the ship.

By the small window, they could see the battle, raging outside. They could also see a star system, a greenish planet nearby with two moons. It wasn’t Orion 3.

With part of the stress gone, Karen started to feel her attire again. The sweat made the stretch shirt stickier. She could feel the burn on her hips of the struggle she made for running, and her feet were aching from the same exercise. She had to sit straight in the pod’s seat, and she felt the waistband of the jeans biting on her stomach, rendering breathing difficult. She closed her eyes, and tried to calm down, taking slow breaths. When she opened her eyes again, Pete was staring at her.

“I definitely hate this situation, but I sure love your clothes”.

On the smiling response Karen gave him, a red light on the pod announced that the launch was imminent. They were pinned down on their seat, and ten seconds later, floating in space, slowly heading for the planet below.


The escape pod tumbled around, so they had more or less a wide panoramic view of the attack. They could see hundreds of fighters, of the kind they never saw before, attacking the Imperion from every side. The big ship, under-armed, had no chance. They could also see the hundreds of escape pods, floating away in all directions. Many of them were being shot at. Those who were attacking the Imperion had no mercy. And the crew of the Imperion didn’t even know why they were attacked in such a savage way.

As for Karen and Pete, they knew where they were heading: to one of the small moons. A grey tinted one. Upon entering the atmosphere of the planet, the security features of the pod kicked in. The safety harnesses tightened on them, holding them safely on their seat. The protective lid on the windows closed. The pod went through the atmosphere with a fiery streak.  A few thousand meters before landing, the parachutes opened, slowing it down to a safer speed. At 100 meters, the landing rockets fired, the three landing legs extended and the pod made a soft landing… on a rocky and uneven hill side. The auto-levelling systems tried to compensate, but the difference was too great. The pod tipped on its side, leaving the passengers dangling from the ceiling.

“You okay?”

“Yeah”, said Karen. “Not exactly the landing I’ve expected. Now, how do we get out of this” she said, waving around.

Pete reached for a button on the armrest of the chair. A click, the safety harness unbuckled and Pete landed face down on the “floor”.

“Not exactly gracious” he said “but it works. Here, let me hold you before you do it.”

He was able to catch Karen in mid-air, and put her down gently. He went to the computer terminal and consulted the screen. 

“Okay, breathable atmosphere, 28C. Looks like a warm sunny day.”

He pushed another button, and the door, to their side, opened. They crawled outside. Karen had the most difficulties, being hardly able to bend enough to walk on her knees. Once out, the scenery was depressing.

“It’s all rock. Hills of bare rocks as far as we can see. Better get the survival pack. I think I’m in for a ride” she said, while looking at her clothing.

“Not exactly the right attire, I should say”, said Pete, sarcastic.

“Well, forgive me, but it wasn’t in my agenda to take a ride in an escape pod today. Maybe we should just stay here and wait for some kind of rescue.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea. Right now, the pod is sending distress signals, and judging by how the Imperion was welcome, I don’t think they’re gonna come to rescue us, but to kill us. We better get away.” 

As he said that, he reached for the power plant of the pod and shot it down. Grabbed the two survival packs, gave one to Karen and browsed the deserted landscape.

“That should give us some time, now that the distress signal is stopped. Where do we go now?”

“Well, as a geologist, I can assure you that we won’t find much water in the flats direction. I suggest we get on top of that hill, and have a better look around.”

The climb was about 200 meters. Karen struggled with her heels to keep balance, and her tight jeans to lift her legs high enough to climb some of the biggest boulders. When they finally reached the top of the hill. They took a look. There was nothing but hills of boulders. Karen was exhausted.

“We’ll have to do something about your clothing. They’re definitely not suitable for what’s ahead.” Pete Said.

“Can’t do.”

“Why not?”

“Well, for once, I can’t walk barefoot on these rocks, and breaking the heel won’t help with the sole so thick and stiff. As for the pants, well, I can’t remove them. Not without one of Imperion’s replicators. The fact is that I made a special program. It wasn’t possible for me to put pants that tight on, so I programmed the replicator to still interact with the fabric once it’s on me, making them tighter. In the process, the zipper and the waist button are fused. At the same time, the fabric becomes very strong. A knife won’t cut it, it would take only a laser, and no need to say that, if used, it’s gonna cut my legs at the same time. So basically, I’m stuck in these until I can get a replicator. A little side effect that wasn’t a big deal on the ship, but here… Good thing the food pellets in the survival pack do not produce any waste…”


Karen and Pete were heading for the cavern. Karen was leading the way, and Pete was following her, having a good look at her outfit, but mainly, he was following her to help her keep her balance on the rocky slope. Once at the base of the hill, there was something that looked like a pedestrian trail. It was made mainly of flat rocks, and seemed to have been compacted. Karen was able to relax her legs. She was panting heavily.

“Want to rest for a while?”

“Yeah, that would be welcome.” she said, sitting on a big rock. She stretched her legs and wiggled her toes. 

“Woo! That’s a relief.”

“You’re sure there’s no way to help you with anything?”

“For the jeans, no way. For the shoes, if we were in a forest, I could use bark from a tree, or something like that, and make some kind of sandals from it. But all that we see here, is rocks… And, well, “she said, a little embarrassed, “I’m kind of turned on by that rubbing on my crotch.”


“Yeah” she said, with a nervous laugh. “It must seem strange to you.”

“Well, to be honest with you, I’m kinda turned on by the look of it”.

They both looked at each other, and let out a small laugh. Her relaxing moment was cut short by a high pitched noise, coming from the other side of the hill, followed by an explosion.

“They’ve found the escape pod” said Pete, l grabbing Karen by the arm. “Let’s head for the cavern. Fast!”

The ship appeared on their right, just behind them. They were running as fast as they could. A blast. Rock fragments flew in every direction, scorching them on their way. Karen had a nasty cut on her back. Her shirt was falling to pieces. Pete had been hit on the back and on the legs. His basic jump-suit was also in bad shape. Another blast. More fragments. Karen could feel them hitting the back of her legs, but a quick look revealed that the modified denim resisted. It was still intact. But her back was getting hit more and more, as well as Pete’s.

They were reaching the entrance of the cavern when the third blast hit. Pete received a piece of rock behind the head, which knocked him cold. The ceiling of the cavern collapsed. Karen tripped on her heels, and fell, spraining her ankle in the process. The falling ceiling trapped her legs. She couldn’t see Pete in all that dust, and now, she was beginning to choke. Just before she fainted, she could see 2 creatures coming at them. But they seemed to float in the air…

The light was bright, but soft at the same time. Karen felt very calm. She was laying on some kind of table. She looked around. Pete was there, on her right, also on a table, covered with a shiny sheet of fabric. She felt somebody approaching, and looked left. It was there, floating, wearing a large cape and a hood. She couldn’t makeup its face.

“Please, stay calm”.

She could understand the words, but no sound was heard. It “sounded” like a woman.

“No need to talk.” she said. “You need to rest. Don’t worry. You’re safe from the Roohans here.”

She lifted her arm. Karen felt warm and surrounded by peace. She fell asleep.


Karen Softly woke up. She felt calmed. Relaxed. Rested. She tried to get up, but felt stiff. She pulled away the bed sheet and was startled to realise that she was wearing a full body suit, made of denim. 

The pants part was the same as before, but her shirt has been replaced by a denim one, complete with attached gloves, and all very tight. She sat on the side of the bed. Well, she more or less leaned on the bed, hardly able to bend her waist. The bed, or rather the table she was on, was about 1.5m high. She slowly let herself down. She was still wearing her platform shoes. She started to examine her clothes.  It was skin tight, from the knees up. Only from the knees down, they were kind of tubular, like it was originally. For the rest, it was very tight. Her arms were almost impossible to bend or lift, and her breast was moulded in the denim, not squished, making them appear bigger, enhanced by her now very slim waist. She stretched her arms, which made the suit bite her crotch. She became hot. The zipper was now running up to her throat. She tried to pull it down, but it was fused, like it was on her jeans. Someone entered the room. 

“Hello. I see you’ve woken up.” 

Karen recognised the voice as the same one who talked to her before she fell asleep. “My name is Dahala” said the soft reassuring voice in her head. 

“How do you feel?”

“Euh, fine” said Karen. “Thank You.” She turned toward Pete, who was still sleeping.

“Oh” said Dahala “your companion is fine. His injuries were much more severe than yours. He should wake up in a few of what you call hours”

Karen opened her arms, looking at her suit.

“What about this?” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry” said Dahala “Is there something wrong? If it’s not supposed to be that way, I can arrange that. We reconstructed your clothes by what was left of them. Your pants were intact, but your shirt was completely destroyed. I assumed that since the pants were so resistant, you would like to have the full suit made of it. As for your shoes, the heel were broken, as well as your ankle. As you can probably feel, we made some modifications too. Once buckled at the ankle, the sole of the foot kind of fuse with the shoe, and the ankle can’t twist or bend sideways, only forward and backward. That should keep the ankle injuries from happening again. I must say that you have strange ways to clothe yourself. Not very practical. But then again, your culture is unknown to us”

“Wow, thanks” said Karen, “but it was not exactly that way…” and she started explaining who they were, where they were from, and why she had these clothes in the first place, and what she “felt” of them now.

“I see” said Dahala. “Give me a little time, I think I’ll have a solution that will suit your needs perfectly.”

Two hours had passed. Pete was waking up. The first thing he saw was Karen in that tight fitting jeans bodysuit.

“Wow. Nice outfit.” He, himself, was wearing a “repaired” standard earth uniform. “I’m sorry to tell you that it’s gonna be even worse for you to run away from whoever these monsters were.”

At that moment, Dahala came back, holding a small box, the size of a pocket pager, in her hand.

“Karen, I think you’re gonna like this… Oh, hello Pete. How are you doing?”


Pete mumbled something about being « in the fog » before realising that the woman hadn’t actually said a word.

Dahala looked at them both with an angel face. She « spoke » softly.

“You are safe here, protected from the Roohans. My name is Dahala. Myself and about 50 other people are the sole survivors of the planet  Raki, the big planet you probably saw while you were attacked.”

“What happened? Who are those guys?”

“They call themselves Roohans. In their language, that’s almost the same thing as Gods. All they want is to dominate the Universe. They arrived here about one of your years ago. They introduced themselves as traders. We invited them. Then, when they got a chance, they destroyed the cities, killing most of the Rakihans. The complex you are in is a small research complex that was constructed on this moon, to research new forms of energy. It’s heavily shielded to protect us, and the planet below, and that’s why they can’t get to us. As far as we know, we’re the only survivors of our world.”

“What’s their goals?” asked Karen.

“To dominate the galaxy. By now, they must have all the necessary information from your databanks to trace back to your home world. We learned a little about it while you were being repaired by reading your thoughts. No need to worry, we left the private areas private.”

“They’re heading for Earth?” said Pete, jumping on his feet, but having to grab the table so as not to fall.

“Easy Pete. It’s gonna take a few hours more for you to feel fine enough to stand up. And yes, they will probably be heading for Earth, not to make friends, but to conquer.”

“We have to warn them. Do you have a means of communication?”

“Yes, but not with your world. But we do have something you can use. Come with me.”

Dahala led them to a big hangar where lie a small spaceship. In the walk, Karen had her first real experience of the tight suit. Each step was simulating her, massaging her whole body.

“It was our prototype. It flew 5 times, each time with great success. It uses the new form of energy we developed. Right now, it would be too complicated to explain it to you. We give it to you. Use it, go to your world, and have them prepare to fight the Roohans.”

“Is it fast enough so we will reach Earth before them ?”

“Yes. There will probably be a few days for them to prepare to invade, and their light-speed technology is not as advanced, slightly more advanced than yours. It will take them a little more than one year. With this ship, you’ll be there within 3 months.”

“But, what about you? If you give us that ship, you won’t be able to go anywhere.”

“We can’t go anywhere. The ship is big enough for 2 people, no more. What can 2 people do against a whole army? You already saw the condition of the moon. Nothing can grow here. We have food for roughly 6 months, and so we’re all going to die anyway. Don’t worry, we’re prepared. It will just happen faster.”

“Gee, thanks Dahala. But I don’t know how to fly this thing.”

“Come with me Pete. We have a learning device that will make you an ace pilot in one hour.”

“S’cuse me” said Karen “but what about that box you were going to hand me?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry. That’s a remote control for the suit. We duplicated the technology that created the fabric, quite primitive I must say, and put the controls on that box. From it, you can change the state of the fabric, almost at will. We added a few extras that I’m sure you’ll like. Try the buttons, but don’t use the blue one right now. I’ll explain it later. Come with me Pete.”

Karen looked at the remote. There were over twenty small buttons, all with odd symbols. She tried a few. 

“Wow! That’s great!”

She was able to tighten or loosen any part of the suit, extend or lower the heels, raise, lower the platforms of the shoes. One even made the fabric to cover her head entirely, leaving only holes for the eyes, and mouth, and the fabric was always evenly tight. Her joy hit the roof when the crotch started to gently vibrate.

“I would make a fortune back home with a suit like that… “

Suddenly, there was a tremor. Dahala came back, running with Pete.

“You have to go. Now. They’re attacking the moon. Pete knows what to do. Now, go, go.”

Dahala rushed them inside the craft. Pete helped Karen get seated (she had to use the remote to un-tighten the waist of the suit) and strapped. He took the seat and the craft was slowly moving.

“Aren’t the Roohans going to fire at us?”

“Dahala told me that they were going to take care of that. Hang on!”

The roof opened and the night sky was visible. Pete manipulated a few controls and the ship was off in the air. Immediately, the blast from a laser hit the craft. Karen looked at Pete, afraid.

“No worry. The shields can withstand this small fire.”

The ship accelerated, and suddenly, the moon exploded! Taking with it a big portion of the Roohans’s fleet.

“Woah! They did take care of them” said Pete. “The coast is clear!”

He punched in a few buttons, and the star filled view became pitch black.

“That’s it. In 3 months we’re home.”

He looked at Karen, panting, still holding the remote.

“Are you okay?”

“Well, that was some kind of rush, but I’m fine. You?”

“Great. I know this ship like the back of my hand. Impressive machine that learning thing. So, what about your little toy?”

“Great fun! See, I can tighten the waist, or loosen it, or get the heels longer… Oh darn! She was supposed to tell me what this blue button was about, but she didn’t have time. Any idea?”

“Nope. And that symbol doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Well, I’ll just try it and we’ll see.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? What if it hurts you?”

“Nah, I don’t think so, it would be red, not blue.”

“Well, that’s your suit…”

“Thanks for the support,” she said with a grin.

She played with the remote, making the hood cover her head, tightening the waist as much as she can while seating, then the hips and thighs, and the chest and arms. She was enjoying every minute of it. Then started the vibrating crotch. but that was too much. All that tightness and the vibrating crotch? She had to stop it. She reached for the white button, but shaking, hit the blue button instead.

Pete was gazing through the instrument panel when he heard the remote falling on the ground. He looked at Karen. She was completely immobile. Only her eyes were moving. She tried to talk, but was unable to open her jaw.

“Well, It seems you found what the blue button was for hey? To be honest with you, Dahala told me. It converts the suit into a solid material, as hard as steel.”

Karen mumbled something. Pete understood that she wanted him to return the suit to normal.

“I can’t do that, Karen. You see, the suit is producing its own energy when you move. On normal wear, the batteries, which are part of the fabric, another one of their energy development, keeps fully charged because you move most of the time. Just the breathing is enough to keep them charged. The power drain to put the suit in that mode emptied the batteries. And since you’re not moving, at all, the batteries will recharge slowly. How much time you ask? Something close to 5 hours before there’s enough power to take the suit back to normal. Oh, by the way, in this mode, your digestive functions are suspended, so no worry about going to the bathroom.”

Karen mumbled again.

“Hey! She never said it was a perfect suit…”

Karen turned her eyes to look at the pitch black sky. That’s all she could do for the next 5 hours. The worse part, the vibrator was still on… Then she went wide eyes! How much power drain does that need? How much longer will she be in this thing?

Pete heard the faint vibration noise, and had a hidden smile “Five additional hours for that” he said too low for Karen to hear. “She’s going to be a wreck in 10 hours.. Better get the bed ready. “

The End.

© Pete / monsterp63, 1998, updated Oct 1999.

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