Karen – Reverse Fetish


Tight Jeans, Latex, High Heels, Bondage… But not in the way you usually see.

What is a Fetish? Put roughly, it’s something that drives sexual stimulation. Can be clothing, actions, and verbal thoughts.

Why is it so much “fetishistic”? I think that’s because it’s rare. Ever heard of the fetish of running shoes? Or the fetish of the loose fitting jeans? No. Because you can see that every day. Just look out the window. But seeing a woman wearing tight jeans and high heels is a rare sight, so we’re drawn to it. We want to see more. But where to go? Everywhere it’s loose fitting jeans and running shoes.

But what if…?

What if the fetishes were reversed?

What if there was a world where what we find “fetish” here is their normal way of living there? That would be paradise for us, but what would be the fetishes for them?

Reverse Fetishism. (by Pete)

The alarm clock buzzed. From under the bedsheets, a black lycra clad hand reached and stretched to hit the stop button before returning slowly under the sheets. A moaning sound was heard, but hardly any movements. The body of whoever was under there was completely covered by the bedsheets. Slowly, the hands reached over the head and took hold of the sheets and threw them away at the footbed, revealing a beautifully sculpted woman body, encased in thick heavy and tight lycra catsuit, enveloping her from head to toe. No openings were visible. 

The lack of movements could now be explained. She was pinned down to the PVC covered mattress by wide straps holding her at the neck, over and under the breasts, waist, thighs, over and under the knees and ankles. A pair of ballet toe boots terminated her feet. 

While stretching her arms, she reaches for the neck buckle and proceeds to remove it, followed by the rest of the restraints.

She got up and swung to her feet, undisturbed by the highly arched boots. 

She walked to the bathroom, and proceeded to undress for the morning shower. Once undressed, she slipped her feet into 4 inches high-heeled plastic slippers and proceeded to the shower. As one of her foot almost slipped on the soapy shower floor, she remembered her first pair of high heels. She was 6. It was her birthday present, and she was eager to wear them. The same thing at her 10th birthday when she received her first ballet toe boots. She remembers what her mom said: “It’s going to be hard at first, Sandy, but you’ll get used to them, and you will enjoy them very much.”

She was right. She enjoyed wearing those shoes. Even today, she likes wearing them. They represent comfort. But, there’s something missing. 

Back to the bedroom, She opened the closet to choose her clothes for the day.  Every time it was the same sight. Only denim, lycra, PVC, rubber and leather. Always the same thing. It was the same with her shoes. Always the same foot position, high arched heels. She let out a sigh and chose an ensemble of the latest trend. A long, restrictive latex corset under a full body latex catsuit. The color of the season: dark blue. To complete the outfit, a thick red rubber dress, thigh length, and black platform shoes.

As she got dressed, she couldn’t repress a shimmer for what was going to happen in the coming night. Paul, her boyfriend, had invited her to a fetish party. At first, she wasn’t drawn too much to that fetish stuff, but Paul showed her how fun it may be. Now, she just couldn’t wait for one of those parties, although she loved to see Paul in her everyday tight fitting clothes and high heels, the fetish world brought to her new feelings.

She went to work. Everywhere, people were wearing very tight fitting clothing. Natural materials like cotton and leather, and synthetic ones like lycra, PVC or latex. There was only one cut available: TIGHT. But there was nothing exceptional. Everyday life, everyday sights. She dreamed that, one day, she might get outside wearing her fetish attire. On the corner of a street, there was a woman, walking in front of her, wearing a long, to the ground, skirt. That was not that unusual, since she was wearing a tight fitting catsuit underneath, but the way she walked draws Sandy’s attention. Could she be wearing…? She lost her as she entered a nearby coffee shop. A shiver ran through her spine. She was pretty sure of what she saw, and dreamed of the day… Dreamed of tonight.

Although she was following the latest trends, some were not. Kathy, her colleague, was wearing very tight denim jeans, a stretch top and 5 inches heels pumps. That was the trend of 5 years ago, but she kinda stuck to it. 

The receptionist was wearing a tight leather bodysuit, with lots of straps. She was wearing a heavy posture collar, locked on, compliments of her husband. She likes it so much that she wears it almost every day. Of course, her husband is the only one with the key.

She passed in front of the office of the president. He was there, clad in latex, his wife well gagged and tied up was hanging from the ceiling in a cocoon of duct tape and plastic wrap. That usually means that he’s going to be stuck in some meeting most of the day and she’ll have to stay there for 8 to 10 hours. Everyday routine…

Sandy sat to her desk and began her accounting work for the company. She had to take many pauses for her corset to settle in, but it’s in the company politics, since everybody, someday, has to do it. She had a glimpse into the fashion magazine she had bought earlier. There was a special article on the well renowned fashion designer Jean-Pierre Gotier, who has started to include fetish attire in his collection, adding loose fitting pants, and flat sole shoes. He was treated as a marginal. But one day, perhaps this same marginal fashion will become THE fashion.

The night came, and she was eager to go back home, removing that rubber clothing, taking a much needed shower, and dressing up for the evening.

She chose a pair of extremely tight denim jeans. She knew it was not the trend, but it will be the easiest thing to take off once at the party. She completed the outfit with a PVC top, and a denim jacket. 

She chose her 5 inches thigh high boots. Paul was there on time. He too had chosen an outfit from which he will easily get out: a tight leather jumpsuit, and 4 inches heels boots. She grabbed her “special bag” and went to the party. They wanted to remain anonymous. They entered private changing rooms, and proceeded to put on their fetish attire.

Sandy put on a loose fitting cotton jumpsuit, without any gloves or feet attached. It was so loose fitting that she had the impression of walking naked, so used to the tight fitting clothes she usually wore. She completed the outfit by a pair of flat sole running shoes. She had a hard time. Her heels were not used to lying flat on the ground, and her ligaments had difficulties to adapt. Also, the balance was different. Not totally sure of herself, she went out on the party floor. She met Paul who was wearing loose fitting canvas pants, and a cotton shirt, again loose fitting. He had big working boots, with flat soles, a contrast to the high-heeled version he used to wear.

At the back of the room, Sandy recognized the lady she saw in the morning. She looked at her feet, and it was not a surprise for her to see that she was wearing a pair of flat sole running shoes, probably the same ones she was wearing this morning, hidden beneath the long leather dress. Finally, some were having the guts of getting the fetish world out on the street. She thought of the night ahead, of what she was going to live, to experience. And just to think that they were going to spend a whole night, free on the bed, without any restraints.

“Maybe” they thought “Maybe, one day, our dream will come true, and we will be able to walk out on the street with our fetish attire. One day…”

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2000,

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Reverse Fetish

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      I don’t think it’s being “narrowminded”. Again (see my answer to your comment on “Just Asking”) it’s because we’ve had things, behavior, thoughts hammered in our head since we were born. Would you wear a pink shirt? Probably not, because it’s “for girls”. Would you dress a boy toddler in a dress? Of course not. A dress is “for girls”.
      Then you learn that before WW2, there wasn’t any color associated for girls or boys, that toddler, boy or girl were wearing a dress until they were out of wearing diapers. The “dress” would be pass on from one child the the other, regarding of their sex (saves on clothes). They would both play with dolls.
      Then how come? Simple: marketing. Big corporations wanted to cash in on the post-war baby boom. So, they came up with baby clothes, furniture, toys, etc, aimed for boys in blue and girls in pink. A firetruck was shown with boys and a doll with girls. So, parents to be “in” would buy twice as much clothes/toys if they had babies of different sex.


      The same way that “an engagement ring worth a month pay” and “A diamond is forever” is also marketing created by De Beers, to boost the value of the diamond, because it wasn’t worth more than any other stone prior to that.

      Marketing, religious, and local values are ruling the world.

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