Karen – Driving Under The Influence

  1. The first souvenirs

While she looked at the picture on the wall, Karen couldn’t do anything but remember what happened that dreadful night. The night she made a mistake. The night she made THE mistake.

She was celebrating her 21st birthday. Yeah, sure she has had a couple of drinks too many. Her friends told her not to drive, but she yelled that she knew what she was doing, and after all, it was only a few kilometers and at 21, she knew what she was doing. What can happen. She’ll drive slowly. She’ll be careful. But her friends thought differently, and they managed to get her car keys. Now she would have to call a cab. So she admitted defeat and walked out, treating them of party spoilers. She had another trick in her bag: a spare key. She bent down next to the rear bumper. She lost balance and ended laying on her side on the asphalt at the back of the car. She laughed. She never had more fun. 

She grabbed the magnetic key holder and pulled it out of the bumper. Still laughing, and walked from side to side until she reached the door, unlocked it and took place on the driver seat. After a few tries, she was able to put the key into the ignition switch and start the engine. She drove off.

She found it strange. The road looked a lot curvier than usual. Either that or the car had a sudden handling problem. She fought to keep it on the road. Well, for her, on the road was between the two gravel roadsides. Then came these bright lights in front of her. They were so bright that it was hurting her eyes, so she closed them. The lights were flashing. Why was he doing that, and why was he on her side of the road? Everything was going so fast. “What the fuck” she thought “He’ll just have to get out of my w…”

There was a loud bang, she felt a hard stop and everything went black.

She woke up two days later, at the hospital. Only one of her friends was there. She didn’t appear very much happy to see that she had awakened.

“Where am I? What happened” asked Karen

Judy got up from her chair and slowly approached her.

“You were drunk, you took your car anyway, and you had an accident.”

Karen closed her eyes. 

“I don’t remember anything” she said softly.

“Of course you don’t” said angrily Judy, “your alcohol content was 4 times the legal limit. You were not drunk. You were dead drunk.”

“So what” answered Karen, “I wrecked my car. It was a piece of junk anyway.”

“Yeah, you wrecked your car” harshly said Judy “and you wrecked someone’s life. But that, you probably don’t remember either or care for.”

“What are you saying? There was another car involved?”

“Gee. What a sorry ass you are. Yes there was another car, and you almost killed the driver, nuthead! He’s just a vegetable now”

Her memories then took her back to the courthouse where she was on trial for manslaughter. She never thought she would live through that. She was remembering what she was thinking of people who were convicted for drinking and driving: good for them. Now she was on the other side of the gate.

The judge addressed the court.

“As you probably all know, the day before the defendant had her accident, there was a new law that was voted. If someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs drives a car, get involves in an accident and someone dies, it’s now first degree murder, which mean the death penalty. Since miss Karen here had 4 times the legal limit, and many witnesses confirmed that she had enough drinks for that much amount of alcohol in her blood, I find the defendant guilty of first degree murder of Frank Johnson and sentence her to death.”

The gavel slammed on her faith. the few friends that were with her at the courtroom, left without saying a word, disgusted of what she had done. The guards took her to the holding cell.

  1. The arrival

While she lay in that cold cell, without her knowing, things were being negotiated between the father of the deceased, his lawyer, her lawyer and the judge. Four hours later she was brought in the judge’s chambers. The deal was explained to her.

“Mister Johnson, Frank’s father, asked for a special treatment for you. I must admit that it is pretty unusual. The fact that Mr. Johnson is a strong opponent to the death sentence, I considered his offer. The deal was made between his and your lawyer. You were not invited because, frankly, you didn’t had anything to say in that matter. To my eyes, you’re a criminal.

By this judgment, the death penalty is replaced by a permanent custody under the care of Mr. Johnson. This arrangement is for a minimum of 10 years. If at anytime you want to back-off, the first sentence will be carried out, and you’ll end-up in the gas chamber. Case closed. Officer, transfer the custody of the convicted to Mr. Johnson.”

Her handcuffs were removed and Mr. Johnson grabbed her by the arm with a firm grip.

“Follow me” he said from a cold voice. He led her to the underground parking. 

They reached a van parked in a corner. He opened the back door and plunged his hand in a big box. He got out a pair of leather handcuffs. He put them on Karen’s wrists then put another pair over her elbows, then roughly turning her around, locked them together. The wrist cuffs were easy, the ones at the elbows were painfully drawn close. Karen complained.

“Ouch, you’re hurting me.” she said. “I’m sure this is not part of the deal.”

“Shut-up” he said. “It is part of the deal. You’ll read it at home” he concluded while stuffing a huge ballgag into her mouth. 

Karen protested but to no avail. He sat her on the van, put more leather cuffs around her ankles and over the knees, and again they were locked together. Then a wide collar was applied. It was so wide that it kept her head straight. 

There was one seat in the middle of the back of the van. Mr. Johnson lifted her and placed her in it. It looked like it was made to receive someone with his or her hands tied in the back. Once in, a bunch of straps were applied. Even her head, resting on a molded headrest, was strapped, before a blindfold was applied. She was unable to move, to see, and to protest. She accepted her faith, understanding a little that Mr. Johnson might be upset. But she had absolutely no idea of what was waiting for her. The van drove off

After what seemed like 3 to 4 hours, the van stopped and the back doors were opened. She was un-strapped form the chair. Karen couldn’t wait to move her aching jaws or to stretch her aching arms. She felt relief when her legs were untied, but that was it. Mr. Johnson, at least she assumed it was him since she was still blindfolded, led her along a concrete path and into a house, down some stairs and into a room. She was brought to a stop. She then felt tampering at the back of her collar then the door was slammed shut. Not a word was said. 

Karen stayed there for a moment then tried to move. She made no more than one step before she was stopped by a chain linking her collar to the wall. She couldn’t walk away. She tried to sit, but, as hard as she tried, couldn’t feel a chair with her feet. She tried to sit on the floor, but the chain link was not long enough. She had to stay upright. Her jaws were aching more and more, and her arms desperately needed to be flexed, as they were beginning to feel numb. She tried to scream, but nothing much came out.

A lot of time later, when she was on the verge of collapsing, someone came in.

“Hold still” said a woman’s voice. “I’m going to unlink your collar. Then you will follow me to Mr. Johnson’s office where everything will be explained to you, and then you’ll have the final choice of accepting or refusing the offer. I don’t have to remind you of the outcome if you say no.”

Karen mumbled what she could through the gag, and the lady escorted her upstairs. Karen was still blindfolded. They entered a room then Karen felt again trampling at the back of her collar, then yanked. She was again tied up so she wouldn’t sit. And she was hoping to relieve her poor legs.

A strong man voice she recognized as Mr. Johnson spoke.

“No formality is necessary, so I’ll jump right to the subject. Here’s the deal. You’ll be kept alive, but you will be kept restrained at all times. My wishes would be to give you the injuries that my son suffered, without the internal organ damage, but I’m not allowed to do that. So instead, exterior means will be used to put you into a similar condition. To pay for your stay, you will have to execute chores chosen by me and Lisa, my wife who you already know. Everything you will go through has been reviewed by the court and was approved. In fact, they will visit you every few weeks to insure of your… hum… good health.” 

Karen could easily picture an evil grin on his face. He continued. 

“Once every 100 day, you will be set free of all the devices and examined. You will then be asked if you want to continue or resign. You already know that the death penalty is the result of your resignation doesn’t you? Good.”

Karen felt someone pulling on her collar chain, and felt it removed along with the collar. She then felt her arm cuffs being removed, then the blindfold and the gag. She worked her mouth and scrubbed her arms and wrists.

Mr. Johnson was standing there, severe looking. He handed her a paper.

 “You sign on the dotted line.” he said coldly. 

She rapidly browsed through all the fine print on the paper. A few words struck her: gagged, restrained, chores, punished. A cold chill run down her back as she signed. 

“I can always choose death” she thought to herself. 

Once it was done, Mr. Johnson rapidly took back the paper and filed it. 

“Lisa will take you back to your room now. That’s where you’ll stay for the next two weeks, the time needed to have everything ready. You are not allowed to get out. If you do you will be punished. If you resist, you’ll be punished. You argue: punished. Answer back: punished. What’s the punishments? Well, just try it! You’ll see. That will be all.

Lisa took her by the arm and pulled her along without saying a word. They went upstairs. It was the first look Karen had of the house: it was huge. She suspected 3 stories high. A huge mansion. These people are rich, she thought. 

She was led to a large bedroom. There, Lisa asked her to stand up, while she took measurements. Karen was measured from all possible angles, some even appeared weird, especially when she was asked to suck her tummy in as hard as she could. After over an hour, Lisa turned away.

“You should receive your proper attire in the next weeks. In the meantime, remember, stay inside this room. We’ll provide you with what you need. We have maids that may come in at times. Don’t talk to them. Ever. It doesn’t look like it, but this is your temporary prison, while your permanent one is being constructed.” she said while closing the door. 

She heard the lock clicked. Karen turned to face the window. The mansion had a huge land. It was located in the middle of high mountains. Even if she tried to get away, where would she go? On the left, she could see the tip of what appeared to be a stable. Horses were galloping in the background. 

“If I can get to a horse” she thought “I might be able to get out. After all, all I did was having one drink too many”. But then again, if she was to being caught, death was the alternative.

A couple of hours later, a maid came in with a box. She put the box on the foot bed and left. Karen approached. She opened it. It was a pair of high heel pumps, and there was a letter with them.

You should get used to wear these. Put them on. Someone will get you in a half hour for a tour of the property. – Lisa

Karen looked at the shoes. The heels must have been at least 4 inches high. She had worn 3 inches for the new year’s party, and it didn’t really appeal to her. Now she had to put these on, and get used to them? She’ll look like a hooker… “Hey, maybe that’s it.” she said out loud. “I’m being used as a high priced hooker! Well, they’re not going to have me that easy.”

Thirty minutes later, a maid entered the room, noticed that Karen hasn’t put on the shoes and was simply lying on the bed, and left.

One moment later, Lisa came in, with two strong men. Without leaving her a chance to do anything, they grabbed Karen, turned her on her stomach and held her there while leather cuffs were being locked on her wrists and ankles. She felt the shoes being put on, and then a leather cuff locked on her ankles. Karen protests were cut short by the insertion of a large ball gag. Finally, a wide collar was locked on, and a leach attached. The two men lift her up and left. 

Karen worked hard to steady herself, having her feet now in the high heeled pumps, and her hands tied in her back. She looked down. The strap on her ankles were going under her foot, capturing the shoe. She was unable to remove them. A 12cm chain was linking her two ankles. Karen raised her head and caught the look of Lisa.

“You really don’t get it lady” she said angrily. “You’re not here for a vacation in a nice hotel. You’re here because you murdered our son. This is your punishment, and believe me, it’s not going to be a joyride. Disobey orders once again, and I will extend your stay here. Don’t behave, and we can make it so hard for you that the other alternative will seem nicer to you. Now, you will follow me, without complaining and without tugging on your leach. Do I make myself clear?”

Karen nodded. So, still dressed with the Gucci ensemble she had worn for the trial, she followed them, hobbling along. Lisa made her a tour of the mansion, showing the kitchen, dining room, etc, then outside to show her the stables, pool, tennis court, and other facilities. 

People were in all those areas. Karen had thought that they would be revolted to see how she was being treated, tied up, and forced to walk on soft soil with high heels sinking in. But to her dismay, they all looked at her angrily, showing fist and shouting names: murderer was the most frequently heard.

“Needless to say,” commented Lisa “that Frank was appreciated around here, and will be missed. Don’t expect help from any of them to try to escape. They will be very happy to hurt you.” she concluded with an evil grin.

Karen was brought back to her room. She stayed there until her proper attire arrived.

  1. First dressing

Karen looked in the mirror, admiring her new figure, and remembered how it came to be. It was one month after she arrived. She was, as always since her first try to disobey, gagged and cuffed, and wearing the same pumps which haven’t been removed since they were put on. A bunch of boxes were laid on the bed and an eerie looking metal device on a foot stand was placed close to the wall. 

Lisa came in. She was accompanied by one maid and one big guy. Her husband was not there. Karen had heard that he was extremely depressed since Frank’s death and was spending most of his time alone. She heard that he was now in some hospital, but never got confirmation.

The big guy held Karen while her cuffs and gag were removed. She felt relief when the shoes were taken off, but she was unable to put her heel to the ground. They were so used to being lifted that they hurt. She was led to a chair and then saw Lisa approaching with clippers.

“No, not my hair.” she said.

“Shut-up or I’ll have your gagged.” simply answered Lisa who promptly removed all of Karen’s long brown hairs. 

She was then lifted up, and the maid approached holding a big jar of jelly that she started to apply on all of Karen’s body. Once finished, Lisa approached holding a long dark black jumpsuit. Karen startled: A rubber suit! A quick glance revealed that there were heels higher than her latest attached to the feet.

“Step-in” ordered Lisa. 

Karen executed, but her feet got stuck at the entrance of the shoe.

“I can’t, it’s too small”

“Shut-up and push” was the only answer she got back. 

It was a tough job, but her feet finally popped up in the shoe cavity. That’s when she realized how thick the rubber was. 

“Gee, that thing is almost as thick as a tire tube!” she said.

No one answered. The big guy took grab of the suit and pulled it up, lifting Karen off the ground in the process. The suit was lifted up to her waist. It was very tight. Then her arms were put in, up to the attached gloves, then the suit was pulled over her shoulders. She felt compressed from everywhere, but she still felt the wide gap of the zipper down her back.

“That thing will never close.” she said. 

Without saying a word, Lisa pulled over her head a heavy molded latex hood. For a moment, Karen saw black, then she was again able to see… through dark tinted lenses. She felt the mouth hole with her tongue. The hood was compressing her head to the extreme. It too was made of heavyweight rubber. The back zipper was closed down, and she felt the hood squish her jaw, clamping it shut. She could open it, but had to use much force. When she saw the plug gag being approached she struggled, but the big guy was firmly holding her. The gag was pushed in and fastened at the back and locked. The yoke of the hood was carefully placed under the catsuit collar. She was then led to the metallic device. Five arms on each side were protruding, like spider legs. She was placed in the middle of the legs, facing the wall. Then Lisa pumped a lever, and a small hydraulic pump started closing the legs. They grabbed the suit and strongly pulled each side closer together. Karen felt crushed, her lungs being emptied of all its air, and her stomach harshly compressed. The compression stopped, and she felt the zipper being zipped up. She felt a little bit of relieve, expecting to be a lot less compressed when the spider would have let go of it’s tightening, and the flexible rubber torso would adjust to her body, but when it was release, the pressure just slightly decreased. 

Karen was breathing heavily, by very small gasps. The zippers of the hood and the suit were joined together and locked.  

“So, this is my prison” she thought. “I can get used to that.”

She was gently pulled out of the spider and brought in the middle of the room, in front of the wall mirror. That’s where she started to notice all the little details of the suit and how she’d look in it.

The first impression was that she was a black shiny marble statue. She was standing on 2 inches platform shoes, but her guess was that the net height of the heel was more than the pumps she wore, perhaps 5 inches. Her legs were tightly molded up to her crotch where a zipper was visible, for obvious personal hygiene reasons. It looked like the suit had some kind of built-in corset, as she could see boning strips going down her hourglass figure. Her breasts were lightly crushed inside molded cups, and her neck was kept straight with the stiff collar. Her head was a smooth glistening black ball, with two spherical lenses over the eyes. The only thing that was cutting the smooth silhouette was the strap of the gag.

Lisa looked at her from any angles, walking around her many times. 

“Quite good looking” she said finally “although some adjustments will be needed around the buttocks, but basically it fits, and the next one, with its smaller waist should do just fine.

“What?” thought Karen “smaller waist? They’re going to choke me to death if they put anything tighter.” 

But she could only think of it, as not a single sound could get out. Lisa positioned herself in front of her.

“What do you think of it, Karen? Nice hey? Well, you’ll have this one on for the rest of the first session, meaning roughly 60 days. After that, your new, semi-permanent attire will be ready, and then your real prison will be applied. 

In the meantime, you’ll learn to walk and make basic functions with that suit. That will help you prepare for your real prison. For now, we’ll leave you to get acquainted with your new… body. I’ll see you tomorrow, for your first day of work. Yes my dear, work. Did you think that you’ll do nothing but rest? Frank is gone. Everybody here is doing part of his job, so you’ll have to do part of everybody’s job to compensate. I suggest you’ll rest. You’ll need it.”

With that, they went, locking the door. Karen made a few steps in the room, feeling the tightness of the suit all over her body. The tight crotch zipper was rubbing in her most intimate part and stimulating her. The rubber was thick and not very stretchy. She had a hard time lifting her arm enough to reach her gagged mouth. She tried to sit, but the corset made it unbearable. So she decided to lie on the bed. There she gently stroke her crotch. She was getting hot. A few more strokes and she came.

In another room of the house, Lisa was watching her on the security system. 

“Yes my dear. Enjoy your pleasures for now, because in 60 days, that will be the last thing on your mind.” 

She looked at the picture of Frank on the wall and a tear run down her cheek, then at the picture of her husband, now in a mental institution, too depressed by Frank’s death to feel that life is worth living. He was letting himself die, little by little. 

“She’ll pay. For both of you, she’ll pay.”

  1. The daily work

Each day, it was the same routine. She had to be up and in the kitchen by 06:30 to help prepare breakfast for the employees. Then again, her morning waking up involved only wiping her suit and go to the bathroom. No hair to fix, no teeth to brush, no shower to take. 

By 07:00, she would be prepared to serve the meals. Her hands were tied tightly at the wrist, and the elbow drawn together behind her back. A serving tray was then attached to her waist, with holding chains linked to her collar. The cook would then put the plates on the tray, and she will have to carry them to the dining room to each employee, hobbling with her 10cm chain link between her ankle cuffs. 

There were 23 employees, and she had to serve them in order, one at a time. The cook would not put more than one plate at a time on her tray. After the meal has been taken, her wrists were unlocked, but not her elbows and she had to clean the table. 

Then it was some daily chores: vacuuming, dusting, general cleaning around the house with her hands tied in front of her. 

The lunch was served “on-site”. It was mainly sandwiches. All the stuff was put on a wheeled platform with large tires. The platform would then be attached to her waist, and she’ll have to drag it along the property to reach every employee. 

Walking in wet grass with platform heels was difficult, but if she didn’t do her round in time, she would be punished. She had been many times, and being suspended by the feet for 3 hours was not something she enjoyed, so she worked hard to speed-up her walking. 

The dinner routine was mainly the same thing as for breakfast. Then she would remain available for any need that Lisa might have, meaning standing up close to her, hands tied in the back, for as long as she was not released of her duties for the day. Only after that she could have some rest… for what it was: not released at all. Since she had been caught trying to remove her wrist cuffs, 2 years had been added to her sentence, and she had to sleep bound spread-eagled on the bed. The best she could hope for is to stay like that, as each punition was total and final.

One month had passed, and she was tired, exhausted, and almost in constant pain of the non-stop compression and the high heels. She thought of one way to being let out of the dreadful suit: stop eating. She will then become so weak that she would have to be taken to a hospital, where they would have no choice but to remove the suit. 

Not only did it didn’t do her much good, but now, she had the choice of meal: normal or entubed forced feeding. She chose to go back to the normal eating… and another year had been added.

One day, she was told that a new task would be added to her daily routine: cleaning the stables. To compensate for the time, house chores would be removed. So now, with her elbows tied in her back, she had to manipulate a fork and change the hay and clean the stables. She was fortunate she was wearing rubber: easy cleaning.

  1. The first 100 days

It was the day of the examination by the doctor appointed by the court to see the effectiveness of the sentence, and if the inflicted punishment was made accordingly to the signed contract. 

For the first time in 60 days, Karen was taken out of the rubber suit and heels. For the first time she was able to have a full breath. For the first time, she could feel the air on her skin. She felt alive. Her skin was white and affected by the lack of air. 

Her hair had started to grow back in odd fashion by the tight hood. Marks of the boning of the corset were visible on her body along various bruises she had made while doing her chores, especially when that horse kicked her. She was hoping the doctor would say that it was a far too worse treatment and be let out of it. The only thing odd was that she had her left leg in perfect condition, like if it has been exposed to the air all along and maintained shaved. 

The doc examined her, inside and out, taking x-rays and doing all sorts of tests. She was given a bathrobe and was told to wait in the next room. She was told that in 2 hours, her skin would have returned back to normal.

She relaxed, and fell asleep.

She was awakened by her lawyer who invited her to follow him. They entered a room where was sitting Lisa, the same lawyer that she had seen with her husband, the doctor and the judge who was browsing the medical report. He put back the papers on the desk and looked at Karen.

“It might be a shock to you, but Mr. Johnson died yesterday. His death is the indirect consequence of the loss of his son, Frank. So, according to the signed contract, which was originally for 10 years, plus 3 years for bad behavior, is now being extended for another 5 years, making it 18 years. 

As at first, if you decide to back off of the deal, the original sentence of death will be applied. According to the medical report, you’re in very good health, and the tests conducted on your left leg are conclusive and that the full punishment can go on. Any questions?”

“Yes” rapidly said Karen “what is the full punishment?”

“Quite simple, my dear” answered Lisa. “You will be sealed in a heavy rubber suit, with all the compliments, for one full year at a time. The rest, your chores, etc, is still the same arrangement.”

” Sign here” said Karen’s lawyer, handing her a pen. “It’s either that or death.”

Karen thought for an instant. If she behaves, she might try to negotiate a reduced sentence in 5 years. After all, the punishment was not so bad, she was simply kept encased in a rubber suit. She was able to go out, to walk around, and enjoy good meals. She thought she could cope with it. She grabbed the paper and signed.

“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, that will be all” said the judge, concluding the meeting.

Karen was brought back in the exam room.

“We’ll have to shave you all over” started Lisa “before applying the skin conditioner that kept your left leg in such a perfect state.”

“Can I ask you one question” timidly inquired Karen.

“Why not. It’s gonna be awhile before you would be able to talk again. What is it?”

“Why the rubber-corset-high heel suit? What the link between that and Frank’s car accident?”

“Quite simple my dear. And I agree that it’s good for you to know why you are treated that way. We asked specialists in what condition would be Frank if he hasn’t die? So they gave us the answers. Since we can’t surgically alter your body to fit the description, we can use outside means that will approach the desired effect. The high heels: one of Frank’s feet was badly damaged, he would have needed a special shoe to walk somewhat normally. Since simply make you wear the special shoe doesn’t give you much challenge, we opted for the high heels. 

The first ones were 4 inches. Your last ones were 5. These are 5.5inches, and in one year, you’ll receive 6 inches heels. After that… you’ll see it in good times. The corset: his spinal cord was damaged. He would have had to wear an orthopedic corset. Again, why a simple orthopedic corset when we can make it much more interesting. 

The hood and tinted lenses: his head hit the side window, and his brain was damaged. According to specialists, his eyesight and hearing would have been diminished.

 80% of his body was burned to the third degree. That’s the reason of the rubber suit. The thicker and tighter the better, to make you feel how burned skin can feel like. As for all the bondage stuff, well, you’re supposed to be dead. Don’t expect to be totally free.”

The doctor approached. “I’m ready Mrs. Johnson.”

“Very good. Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t know that one. I spoke to the judge about your starving stunt, and he agreed to my proposal: You’ll be entubed. Totally. For eating, as well as for personal hygiene. We had to make small modifications to the suit, but it went quite well. I’ll see you when you’ll wake up.”

  1. The second suit

When she woke up, she almost choked and threw up. She felt a tube in her throat, and two huge lumps in her rectum and vagina. There was also breathing tubes running up her nostrils that she felt were much too wide for them.

“Good, you’re awake.” said Lisa from a dry tone. “Get-up.”

She had already been shaved and greased with the skin conditioner. The strong guy approached the suit. At first it didn’t look much different from the first one, but when she began to put it on, she noticed the difference. It was even thicker and tighter than the first one. And she didn’t see any zipper at the back, just one wide flap. The included collar was wider and stiffer and included a front ring. Once she had all limbs in the suit, she felt very stiff and compressed, and the back wasn’t closed yet! Again, she was led to the spider thing, who compressed her stomach at a point where Karen almost fainted. She then saw Lisa hand over a can of glue to the big guy.

“I see you noticed.” said Lisa. “Yes dear, this one has no zipper. It will be glued shut, so no need for padlocks or anything of that nature. Now your hood.”

The hood was pulled tight. The lenses were darker. The tube getting from her mouth was fed through a hole in front of the suit. Then a latex donut was fed over it, the ring part of it fed in Karen’s mouth. There was a small tip protruding from the donut with a flange covering the entire mouth opening of the hood. The tube was slightly pulled off her mouth. She could feel the tube inside her going up. It was pulled no more than one inch. Glue was applied to the outside and it was pulled back.  Glue was applied to the flange, and it was carefully compressed on the hood, sealing the mouth opening. A tube was then fixed to the protruding tip of the donut and Karen felt it get bigger and bigger until it filled her mouth completely, pushing her cheeks outward. The pressure was building up. It was unbearable. Then it stopped.

“Don’t worry hon’ ” said Lisa “It will shrink a little as it dries. This is a rubber compound. It will take the shape of your mouth while it dries. Should take 10 to 12 hours. It is glued to the hood and the feeding tube is glued to it. Try as hard as you can, you won’t remove it. And wouldn’t try to chew through it as in its liquid form, it is quite toxic and you’ll die in quite a lot of pain.” 

A similar yoke had been applied to the relieve tubes between her legs, and the nose breathing tubes. The excess tubing was cut, and the hole plugged with a screwed rubber cap.

The yoke of the hood was carefully placed under the suit’s collar then a coating of glue was applied to the inside of the collar and the inner flap of the suit. The two halves of the suit were then joined together. There was just enough slack to allow a good matching. She was kept like that for one hour, the time needed for the adhesive to set properly for the stress being applied on it.

She was released from the spider. The protruding tip of the donut was cut, along with the excess of the feeding tube. A small hole was all that could be seen of her mouth, which was swiftly covered with a screw-in plug with the shape of bright red lips.

Lisa backed-off. “Isn’t she just lovely…”

By making a few steps, Karen realized just how much different that suit was from the previous one. Yes it was thicker, and thus a little stiffer, and a lot tighter, but boning had been added. From her hips to her neck. She simply couldn’t bend at all. She had to walk by rocking her hips from side to side. The thickness of the rubber prevented her to fully bend her arms at the elbow, or to fully move them at the shoulder. The wrists were so stiff that she had a hard time flexing them. Karen ran her hands along her boned hips and waist and looked at Lisa.

“Yes, that’s right my dear. Why the long boning? Frank would have never walk again. Since I do need you to walk, I thought that this would do it. With your ankle hobble chain, it should be fun to watch you climb the stairs.” she said, laughing while attaching a leash to the front ring of the collar. “Come.”

Karen followed, balancing on her heels, rocking her hips, her torso held straight. It was hell, but looked like the circus for all the others. Everybody was laughing at her. Lisa led her to the living room. In the corner, there was a small red box with a front glass plate.

“This is your… hum… exit key.” She said laughing. “When the glass is broken, an alarm is sounded. Inside the box there’s a bottle that will fit on your feeding tube. Inside the bottle, a powerful poison that will kill you painlessly in less than 10 seconds. If you ever chose the second alternative this is where you come. You are the only one who can carry the sentence. That’s the fun part of the deal. If you want to back-off, you have to do it yourself. If for some reason, the medical exam find something wrong, adjustments will be made, but nobody is going to send you to the gas chamber. Oh, don’t worry, nobody else will touch that red box or force you to take the poison. It’s just too much fun to see you like that.”

“Every 100 days, a doctor will come to see you. If you’re fit, it’s up to the next 100 days. In 400 days, you’ll get out of that suit for a full exam, then put back into a brand new one, with new features. Since you have only something like 6475 days left in your sentence, you’ll have plenty of time thinking about the second alternative. Yes dear, that’s evil. But think of what you did. Oh, by the way, your room has been redecorated, so you do not forget why you’re here. I give you the rest of the day off. Instructions for the use of your new inserts are also in your room. I want to have you in the kitchen by 06:30 tomorrow morning as usual. Now, get out of my sight!

Karen complied, slowly walking to the stairs. She looked at them like it was an impossible challenge. How to climb 20 stairs with her hips locked and only a short chain between her ankles. It took her 10 minutes, but she managed. She was exhausted. She dragged her feet up to her room. Oh yes, it has been redecorated. On every wall, pictures of Frank, alive, doing activities, at parties, riding his horse, and from the accident, harsh pictures of how badly injured he was. And pictures of her. Drunk, leaning on the side of the ambulance because she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. Then at the trial. 

She didn’t need pictures of how she was looking right now, she had a full wall mirror to remind her that. Actually, she kind of liked her new look. The high heels were giving her the longest legs she’s never had, her slim waist and was accented by her protruding breasts. The suit didn’t have any apparent seams. It was dark black and incredibly shiny. She needed to rest. That was then she realized her comfy bed was gone, replaced by a padded table with straps everywhere. She couldn’t sit, so she laid down on it, face down at first, then she struggled to turn over without rolling off of it. That’s when she saw the maid.

“Settling in for a nap?” she asked. Karen nodded as best as she could, with the stiff collar.

“Very well then. New rules. You can’t lay down unrestrained, so let me fix that.”

The maid took straps and started to wrap them everywhere and tightening them as hard as she could. They were everywhere: legs tied separately with straps at ankles, below and over the knees, thighs, hips, waist, torso, some kind of an “8” strap was put over her breasts, then another one at the shoulders, neck and forehead, not forgetting the arms, on each side of the table, the fingers slipped inside “fingertips” up to the third knuckle, strap at the wrist, forearm, and upper arm. Everything was pull tight. Very tight. Karen couldn’t move a muscle.

“Miss Lisa gave you the rest of the day off, right? In that case, since it’s only 11:00 and that you had a nice breakfast, and that, resting like that, don’t need much energy, I’ll leave you to rest until, oh let’s say, 18:00? Good. See you then.”

Karen tried to protest, but to no avail. She was stuck like that for the next… 7 hours!

  1. Days going by

Time had passed. Much too slowly for her. A little over 800 days. She now had her 6 inches heels shoes and her latest medic exam had confirmed that she was in great shape. Her waist has been made smaller, and the boning reinforced in her latest suit, making it even more stiffer. She didn’t knew yet the reason, but with her latest footwear, the ankle had been boned, rendering it quite stiff, and making walking even tougher. Now, cleaning the stables was a real tough chore. 

She was spending most of her activities doing that, since it was taking her a lot of times. The cleaning was now more drastic. Three guys with fire hoses were shooting high pressure water at her, all at the same time. She was tied to a post at these times. She actually liked it, the water massaging her, but she never made anything to let them believe that she actually liked it, afraid that they would stop. 

She had thought of the poison a few times, but decided that she could go longer, and was not ready to let them win that easily. Surely in the next few years, someone will learn of that treatment and make pressures for her to be released. She was hoping hard for that.

She was now used to being totally restrained for sleeping. The suit was not really bothering her. It has become a kind of natural, like someone who was injured and couldn’t bend his arm as much as it was used to. Of course, for her it involved much more than that.

The mealtimes had lost all their fun. She was being fed some kind of warm mushy stuff that she couldn’t taste, since it was going directly to her stomach. The personal hygiene was taken care of by enemas every 2 days since her diet was generating a minimum of waist. No solid matter could go through such a small tube. 

She had developed tricks to climb stairs: sideways. She will back-off to the guard rail and lean against it with her hands. She will place her right leg backward, and her left one forward. Then, by extending her left leg and putting it on the upper step, she will create a lever with her hands, and get the right one up the step. She could now climb the 20 stairs for her room in about one minute. Reverse procedure for going down.

Expectations were high. She overheard that visitors were coming. She thought that, if they see her, they might complain, and her days as a rubber toy would be over. That went over pretty quick. The maid came in to clean her and shine her, she was then taken to the den and tighten-up to a post, her hands extended, and her feet as wide apart as her boning could allow. To her surprise, they were happy to see her like that, and were asking if this was all she was submitted to

They even gave Lisa a couple of ideas, which seemed to please her. But not Karen. The idea of being used as a scarecrow was not exactly appealing to her. Nevertheless, the very next day, she was tied to a post with her hand extended and her feet together, in the middle of the wheat field. The sun was shining hard on her, and she was literally cooking inside the suit. She was totally exhausted at sundown when they retrieved her. They had to carry her to her room. She was kept to rest for the following 2 days. Tied up all the time. They said they were sorry, and that the next time, they’ll choose an overcast day. So much for relief…

One of the other experiments suggested by the guests was carried on two weeks after that. She had been used as the pool cleaner. A mask was fitted over her mouth, so that she could breath. Heavy weights were put at her waist, ankles, knees and wrists, and she was dropped down the pool. About a small truckload of small rocks, 2cm in size, had been “accidentally” dumped in the pool. She had to clean it all, rock by rock. Took her three days. She then had to take back the lost time of not cleaning the stables.

One thing that the other employees liked to do, and they really enjoyed it, was to accidentally made her trip and fall on the ground. With the stiff suit and restraints, it was really funny to see her struggle to get up, as no one will offer to help her. It was great fun. For them anyway.

The odd thing is, the more weird and demanding stuff they asked her to do, the more used to her situation she became, and the more “efficient” she became. They would soon have to find something else otherwise she would live that punishment almost as a “normal” person working on a ranch… That was soon to come.

  1. Then, now and tomorrow.

1200 days. Time for a new suit… and accessories. The medic exam revealed that she was in perfect shape, and ready for the next 600 days. She was now wearing her new portable prison. She expected it to be tighter, and she was right. She now knows why the last shoes had a stiff ankle sleeve, as she was now wearing 7 inches heel ballet toe boots that were stiff from the tiptoe to below the knee. A special hard plastic shell had been glued over the rubber encased feet to provide the proper stiffening. Since they thought that it would look odd to have this plastic shell just over the lower legs, they decided to put them everywhere, converting her from a rubber figure to a female robot. With her suit already stiff at the torso, her walking really put her in the robot category. A robot head was put over her already tightly encased head. The head had been made deliberately too small, putting even more pressure, and the eyesight diminished by punching only small pinholes in the eyes of the mask. Her hands were encased in hard plastic gloves, which made it impossible for her to join any finger with her thumb, and thus making it impossible to take small objects. Karen realized that, at the same time, they removed the possibility that she would use the second alternative, as she would not have been able to grab the bottle of poison and reach the feeding tube. It was not her intention anyway.

All the plastic parts were of a highly polished chrome finish.

A robot don’t need to sleep, just to recharge, and thus a bed is useless. Instead, a “recharging post” had been installed, where she will be hooked by two rings located on each shoulder of the torso component of the robot suit, and lift 5cm off the ground for her “recharging period”. In other words, she would always be upright. Her sitting ability had already been removed by the corset, now she was forbidden to lay down.

It was hard, but she coped with it. She had set her mind that she would defeat them. She was sure that the ultimate goal of their captors was for her to choose death rather than this humiliating situation. Each night, she would fall on the verge of crying, but she always stayed strong. She would win. She would survive.


Twenty-two years. Yes, she had made a couple of mistakes, and the original sentence of 10 years had added up to 22 years. She was now 43. And today was the day she would be release of the dreadful suit and confinement. 

Over the years, the ballet toe boots had given way to a single pointed boot, no heel. Her feet were straight down. The robot suit, although it came and went, had been back for that last year, but this time, made of stainless steel. It was heavy, cold, and absolutely not bending. It had been riveted, and so drills and grinders were needed to get her out. A medic team was close to her. She was expected to be in pretty bad shape. And she was.

Her neck and back muscles, having not worked for the past 20 years, were atrophied, and were unable to keep her head upright, much less standing up. All her joints were sores, and her feet would not lay down flat on the ground, the calves’ muscles not having been stretched for a long time. She will have to re-adapt. 

As the contract stipulated, all the medical help needed was provided, and she gradually, through extensive training, regained her back strength. Even after six month, she was unable to lay her feet flat down. She settles for a 3-inch heel, which was the lowest she could manage. She’ll work it out from there. Her hair had grown back, and was proud of the results. Nice fluffy, curled hairs that were floating in the wind.

Finally, the time had come. She put the clothes she had on when she arrived. They’ll probably be out of style, but they would do for now. She recalls the employees looking at her and laughing. She found it strange that, after all that time, they would find it funny to see her leave, to see her having paid her dues.

Lisa had prepared the limousine. The windows were tinted black, and once inside, she was unable to see outside. One sure way to insure that she’ll never knew where she was. Lisa didn’t say a word. She just smiled, almost repressing a laugh, and handed her a letter. The letter explained where all her stuff had been stored, and the key to open the storage unit, and a couple of hundred bucks, to allow her to get a hotel room for a couple of nights to get acquainted to her new life of freedom.

The trip took three hours. The driver came out and opened the door. She was being let out in front of one of the most luxurious hotels of the city. People were passing by, looking at her, and they were whispering and laughing. Especially the men. “It could not be that bad” she thought as she straightened her dress suit. It’s only when she was fully out of the car that she realized. Things have changed. The year was 2025, and the fashion has changed. Men were dressed almost identical as 20 years ago, as far as the cut of the clothing was concerned. The fabric were mainly shiny, metallic finishes, or vinyl looking. But the ladies… All women were wearing the same thing: Ballet toe boots with 7 inches heels or pointed toe boots, no heels, a skin tight fitting rubber suit, corseted at the waist. Some were wearing hoods, but most were head naked… totally shaved.

“Hey Sissi” yelled a young woman wearing ballet toe boots with a 7 inches heel “Where are you from? Spend the last couple of years hidden in a cave or something?”. She laughed, along with the 4 other young girls who were with her. All dressed alike, and seemingly enjoying it.

The driver approached Karen, and handed her a box. She recognized him as the “big guy”.

“We were instructed to wear clothes and behave like nothing had changed. That would be part of your punishment, coming back to a world that was totally different from what you remembered. No one expected it to be like that. That trend started about 5 years ago when pictures of you were published in a newspaper. Some people liked it, and the fashion trend went on. Crazy world we live in… In that box, you’ll find the next suit you would have worn, but with a few modifications: the corset has been limited to the waist, the hood is not attached and a zipper is replacing the glued-in flaps. It has also been adjusted so that you can put it on, not totally easily, without the help of the puller. Have a nice life.” he said before turning back and driving off. Karen took the box and got into the hotel. She had mixed feelings. What should she do? What would you do?

© Pete / monsterp63, may 2000

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