Karen – A Space Adventure



The small one person spaceship approached the huge mothership at high speed. The mothership was one kilometer long and half a kilometer wide, for about 200m high. And even with these huge dimensions, it was completely invisible to radar. The small spaceship was picked up by tractor beams as it became closer, and guided to a landing port.

A young woman got out of it. She was wearing a shiny pitch black latex suit, covering her from the head to the tip on her high heeled ballet toe boots. The awkward outfit didn’t seem to bother her at all, as she walked easily toward the entrance hatch. Her face was covered with latex, except for two bulbous dark glass lenses over her eyes. Her red lips could slightly be seen through the small mouth opening of the latex hood. Two guards, also women, wearing tight fitting blue leather outfits were waiting for her at the door. They were wearing 7 inches platform boots, and safety helmets enclosing their heads completely and with a small dark visor. They escorted her to the main room, where the Mistress of the ship was waiting for her report. The mistress, wearing tight fitting black leather, was sitting on her chair in the middle of the room, surrounded by electronic surveillance and communication equipment.  Her long auburn hair were tightly tucked in a ponytail on her neck. The guards stopped, and the latex clad women kneeled before her Mistress.

The fine black leather creaked as she got up from her chair. Her six inches stilettos clicked on the metal floor. She approached the kneeling young girl and stopped a few inches from her face. The latex covered girl was facing down. The Mistress ordered the young slave to look at her. She raised her completely covered latex head. 

“Report” ordered the Mistress.

“The mission has been completed, Mistress, with success, as you expected.” The latex moved around her mouth like if it was her own skin.

“Very good, number 12. You may go back to your room.”

As number 12 got up, the two guards escorted her again. At the door, they stopped, stuffed a red ball gag in her mouth and locked it tightly at the back of her neck, joined her wrists in her back with wide leather cuffs and locked them. More leather cuffs were placed on her ankles, separated by a 15cm chain. Number 12 struggled to keep her balance on her high heeled ballet toe boots. A 8cm wide leather collar was added and a leash attached. Then the guards led her to the elevator. They went down two levels. The corridor was lined with small doors. The door number 12 opened as they arrived. They entered the small room where there was just enough space for a single bed. 

They uncuffed her, removed the gag and replaced it with one with a tube protruding from it. The gag was filled with some sort of jelly and filled her mouth completely. The tube would provide breathing while she would be resting. She laid on the latex covered bed. The guards plugged two hoses to plugs located at the back of her waist. These tubes would provide nutrients and expel waste from her body. She needed nothing more. After all, she had been genetically engineered for that. 

The guards leaned back as one of them pressed a button. A thick sheet of latex was lowered over number 12 sandwiching her between it and the bed. The tube of her breathing gag fit into a hole of the latex sheet. A hissing sound was heard as the air was sucked out. Quickly, she was effectively pinned down to her latex mattress. She closed her eyes and tried to find sleep. That’s all she would be allowed to do until she was needed again. She started to dream. And she dreamed. But of something that no other clone was dreaming about: freedom. Slowly, a plan was forming.

In the main room, the Mistress was punching buttons at a console.

“How things are going, Alexa?”

A tall woman, wearing an exact replica outfit as the Mistress, except dark red, had entered.

“So far, as planned” the Mistress answered. “How are things going with your team, Foxy?”

“We’re ready. Just waiting for your orders.”

“The last clone just returned. Everything is set. The right moment should come in less than four days. We’ll do it, Foxy. In four days,” she indicated the number four with her leather covered fingers, “the whole damn Starlight Council will be eating out of our hands, and we’ll be the sole masters of this galaxy.” She said closing her hand in a fist, the leather creaking. “Finally, after 5 years, we’ll have our revenge.”

Foxy ran her leather covered fingers through her loose, lightly curled red hairs and let out a sigh.

“Just hoping for the best.” She said.

“Don’t you worry, little sister. We’ll get them.” She said with an evil grin.

*     *     *

 StarTravellers Federation Mobile Command Post #37

“What is it, Lieutenant?”

The young man was staring at the tall woman standing in front of him. He couldn’t understand why anyone would dress like that, but he was sure happy that she was. He had a long look at her tightly encased body in heavyweight denim, ending with high heels platform shoes. The jumpsuit was so tight that it looked ready to explode, and he was excited at the prospect of seeing her magnificent boobs pop out like projectiles out of a cannon. Her waist was slim and made even slimmer with the tight denim encircling every possible part of her body. When she walked, she had to rock her hips from side to side, her buns were getting squished with each step, making a single crease at the back. The bun was simply looking for a place to go.


He came out of his dream and looked at her clear face, surrounded by lightly curled, long brown hairs.

“Euh… yes, Commander Karen. I was reviewing the security cameras of the outpost stations 47H, and I came across this. The system hasn’t reacted to it as a threat, but my program did.”

Karen looked perplexed. “Your program? What are you talking about?”

“Well, in my free time, I like to make programs. I make one that would look at slight intensity changes in the image to see if something happened, instead of waiting for a motion detector to go off. I used these disks that were scheduled for erasing to test it. And this is the result.”

Karen bent over his shoulder to have a better look at the screen. The lieutenant could smell the sweet perfume, but mostly, through the corner of his eye, could really appreciate the beauty of the denim suit, and all her features.

On the screen, for a brief moment, a shadow could be seen crossing over. The Lieutenant fast forwarded to another location, where a similar shadow could be seen crossing in the opposite direction.

“That’s the link that my software made. Something went back and forth.”

“What do you make of it” she asked?

“Not sure. We should send the disk for analysis.”

“Very well done, Lieutenant. Mark the spots, and I’ll take care of it.”

The Lieutenant executed and handed her the disk.

“If this thing is real,” she said, “you might be looking to a marvelous promotion” she said with a wink. 

The lieutenant almost melted on his chair. He looked at her go, her heels clicking on the metal floor, her butt wiggling to find a place to move. Her upper body twisting to make the best of it, her brown hairs floating. She was an awesome sight. He looked at her until she disappeared in the doorway, and turned back to his console, his mind wandering, dreaming.

Karen went to the video lab to get the images analyzed.

“Hello Brad. This is an emergency. Can you analyze this disk at the following time frames?”

Brad, who was lost is his thoughts, contemplating some image on the video screen, slowly turned around.

“Err… Oh, Hi Karen. What did you say?”

She handed the disk and told him what she wanted. He went to work immediately, feeding the images through a bunch of electronic amplifiers, descramblers, filters, and others “ers”. The image changed shape. The contrast swung from one extreme to the other. Finally, the image took shape, the shadows became forms. After half an hour, Brad waved Karen to approach.

“I think this is it. Let’s see it in full motion.”

He pressed the playback button. A form could clearly be seen, walking low, going away from the camera, then coming back toward it before disappearing underneath it.

“Looks funny” said Brad. “This is no shadow. It might be the play with the contrasts, but the form, which I would say without much doubts is a woman, seems to be wearing a quite shiny suit. And it might be the lights fooling us, but she appears to have rather weird feet.”

Karen held her breathing for a second.

“Can… can you magnify her feet?”

“Yes, of course… There. Gee, those feet look very strange, almost pointy, and look how shiny her leg is, almost like liquid black paint… Karen?”

She had made a few steps back, and her eyes were wide open.

“Oh shit. Brad, make me a copy of these scenes and prints of the close-ups and send them to my office. Immediately!”

She quickly ran out and went to her office. She got on the communication console and called the Chief of Security of the Federation.

“Bill, what do you know about the outpost 47H?”

“47H… Lets see. Class 2, meaning manned part time, mainly a relay and temporary storage outpost. Nothing important. But I must say that this number rings a bell. Lets me see.”

He browsed through files on his computer.

“Ha! Yes. It’s one of the outposts that the Rokus will fly by on their way in for the commercial treaty at the end of the week. Why are you asking this?”

“Bill. Is the outpost manned at the moment?”

“Why yes. 23 crew members are there, just in case the Rokus are in need of any help. Karen, what’s going on?”

“Oh Bill. I wished I would never have to say that again: the Lofpos Clones are back. I don’t know what they have planned, but get those people out of there as quietly as possible, and send a bomb defusing crew NOW”.

“What? The Lofpos Clones? You must be jok… right. That’s no joke matter. Okay, I’ll get on it right away. How did you get that information?”

“I’ll tell you later. The conference will be held on Rigad’s moon, right?”

“Yes, in four days.”

“Good. We’re heading this way. Should be there in two days. I’ll keep you posted, and if your team finds anything…”

“Yes, I’ll call you.”

Karen cut the comlink. She got on the intercom. 

“Lieutenant Brown. To my office. NOW!”


He jumped on his chair. “Gee, that doesn’t sound good.” he said to himself. He entered the office, a little shy to be alone with the women of his dreams. She was bent over her desk turning her back at him. He could see the seams of her tight jumpsuit screaming for release. She got up and turned. He would have loved to have his fingers between these legs as they closed together as she turned.

“Lieutenant, how many station disks have you used for your tests?”

“Just this one. Why? I made a mistake?”

“No. In fact you saved the lives of 23 people, plus possibly the Federation. I want you to use your program on ALL surveillance disks of ALL outposts.” She said while walking behind her desk, and leaning down, putting her hands on the desk. “Is it possible for you to distribute copies of it to every security stations? Don’t worry, I’m sure the Federation will pay you whatever you wish for… assuming we succeed”

Brown, surprised by the situation, took a few seconds to answer.

“Err… Yes, of course. Can I know what’s going on?”

“Yes, but not for now. I want all, and I mean ALL the glitches your system found sent here at my attention. I hereby name you as my assistant on that matter. I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but we have less than four days to clear that out. Now go.”

“Yes… Yes Ma’am.”

Brown went on. “Wow. I’m now Karen’s assistant… Maybe I’ll have a chance to ask her…” he said to himself, dreaming. He ran back to his station, and started gathering the old video disks and feeding them to his program.

In the meantime, Karen was pacing in her office. She was walking heavy, and started to feel the strain on her high heeled feet. The comlink beeped to her attention. She opened the communication. A beautiful blonde lady appeared on the screen. She looked confused.

“Hello Lynda” said Karen. “Glad you could call that fast.”

“Anything for you, Karen. Now, what’s this all about? The Lofpos Clones? That’s a joke, right?”

“I’m afraid not” said Karen, while sitting in front of the screen. “I saw it with my own eyes. They were hard to see, but luckily I had a little genius testing a program, and he found that… anomaly in the video stream.”

“But… couldn’t it be only someone in disguise, or someone trying to make believe that the Lofpos Clones are back?

“If someone would have liked us to believe that, they would have made it easy for us to see them. This was not easy to find. And frankly, I don’t know anyone who would walk so swiftly in a complete latex outfit and ballet toe boots other than a Lofpos Clone.”

Lynda gulped. “Gee. I thought you have had just a glimpse of a gleaming bodysuit. You saw her move too? Pretty convincing… and extremely nerve wracking. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to come join me here, on the command ship, as soon as possible. Only together we’ll stand a chance to beat them.”

“Right! I’ll be there in… 8 hours. That’s the best I can do.”

“Will have to do. I’ll be waiting. We’re trying to locate the source of the visits. My genius is working on the video disks of the other stations and I should have some results in 4 to 6 hours. I’ll keep you posted while you travel.”

“Very good. See you soon.”

Karen cut the communication. She had to know more, and as fast as possible. She paid a visit to Lt. Brown. She was rushing to get there, making long and fast steps. She felt the strain on her hips, but especially, the burning at her crotch. That suit wasn’t made to walk fast. When she reached Lt. Brown’s office, she was exhausted and aroused at the same time. She tried to keep a cold face.

“So, lieutenant. Find anything else?”

He looked at her. She was in the doorway, and was seeing her backlit. The silhouette was stunning.

“Yes commander. I have been able to isolate four occurrences of the shadow figure. Here they are.” He said, tending here an electronic notepad.

“Hum… All of them at about a one day interval.”

“Yes, but I don’t see any pattern. If it’s the same person, it would have been shorter and more efficient to do it in that order” he said while marking each station in sequence.

“You’re right, but the operation procedures of the Lof… never mind.”

“What? Are you suggesting that the Lofpos Clones are back?” asked Brown, jumping off his chair.

Karen searched for what to say. She decided to thrust him.

“You understand that this is strictly speculation, and that none of that information should leave this room.”

“Yes ma’am” proudly said Brown.

“So far, all we have is bits and pieces, and coincidences. But if all turns out to be true, the Lofpos Clones are back, and will be attempting an assault on the Rokus delegation, putting the Federation into a diplomatic chaos, maybe leading to an armed conflict. The stations that your program reported with shadow anomalies are all within proximity of the flightpath the Rokus while they’ll cruise toward Rigad’s moon.”

There was silence.

“Is there anything else I can do to help?” asked Brown.

“Continue scanning the remaining stations disks. We might get some clue. I don’t know which ones, but try anyway.”

Brown agreed. He watched Karen slowly walking out. He knew that it was not the right mood for it, but gosh, does he gets turned on by her outfit. Suddenly, she turned around, and for a brief moment, catches Brown contemplating her, almost drooling.


“Euh… Yes, Commander.” Quickly answered Brown, not knowing if she had noticed.

“Could you adapt your program to scan for radar anomalies?”

“Let me think for a minute… Yes. I should be able to do that.”

“Very well, then. Adapt it as quickly as possible. Forget the other stations.”

“Yes ma’am” he answered promptly. Karen walked out, and just at the doorstep, she turned, faced him, and winked with a smile. Brown catches that. He had an instant hard-on.


Eight hours had passed. All the stations were on quiet alert. Lt. Brown was still adapting his program to study radar disks. Lynda’s ship was docking. Karen was waiting to see her friend at the docking port. Finally, the door opened, and a tall blond women, walked through. She was dressed in a very tight pair of blue denim jeans, red thigh high stiletto boots, a stretch dark green turtleneck shirt and a denim jacket where the arms were surprisingly tight fitting. They hugged each other, and then they browsed each other.

“You look wonderful” said Karen, taking a second look. The jeans were tight from the knee up. The seam, stretched to its breaking point, was showing the darker denim inside. A thin belt helped close them at the waist, where the zipper was screaming to release the pressure. Her shirt was made of partially stretch fabric, giving her some freedom of movement, but keeping the pressure on. The denim jacket was cut really tight. In fact, it was not easy to put on, and limited her arms movements.

“Thank you. I really love your jumpsuit. I still wonder how you can get along a whole day with it, not being able to sit down”.

“You get used to it, and frankly, it’s quite arousing. You should try it.” smiled Karen.

“I’m thinking about it. Perhaps during my vacations, in two weeks.”

They continued their chit-chat until they reached Karen’s office. There, the mood darkened. It was back to reality. They knew who they were dealing with. The Lofpos Clones were reckless. Nothing would stop them, not guilt, not threats. 

They were genetically engineered to do a particular job, and if they didn’t do it as expected, they were simply terminated. After all, they were just clones, and easily manufactured. Karen was taking Lynda up to speed with her latest finds when Lt. Brown signaled that he was at the door. Karen commanded the opening of the door. Brown’s jaw almost dropped to the floor, seeing these two gorgeous women, dressed in awesomely tight attire was just too much. He had lost his words.

“Yes, lieutenant?”

“Euh… ha…. err… oh yes. I finished adapting my program to look at radar files, and here’s what I found.”

The two women went on each side of him to lean on the table to look at the screen of his portable computer. He was confused, not knowing which one to look at. Their sweet perfume was driving him wild, and to feel their tightly enclosed body rubbing his was very disturbing. He continued… at least, he tried.

“Euh… here you can see a blip crossing the radar’s path. When I add my program, we see one more signal… there.”

“Very good lieutenant” said Karen while straightening up. With Lynda doing the same, he was sandwiched between the two of them, Karen in front, and Lynda touching close in her back. Karen could see his hard-on through his standard stretch uniform, and repressed a smile. “Now” she continued “can you take the disk of radar where the object is coming from and process them until you find a source…”

“I already did” said Brown, proudly. “The origin of the… disturbance is the Geneva system.”

“The Geneva system? This system had been totally eradicated in the last conflict” said Lynda.

“The best place to hide” said Karen “no one will think about looking there”.

“But it’s impossible to live on any planet of that system.” said Brown.

Lynda moved, and placed herself just besides Brown, his hand touching the side of her thigh. He was craving to open his hand and gently rub the tight fabric, but he held himself back. He could feel the hot breath of Lynda flowing close to his jaw.

“If they can cloak a small ship, they probably can do the same with a big one. Besides, that system is now full of asteroids, left-over of the 4th planet, the perfect hide-out. What do you think, Lynda?”

“I think that that’s where we should search first.”

“Agreed. I’ll have a ship ready in less than an hour.”

Karen and Lynda looked at each other, with a smile at the corner of their mouth. They silently agreed.

“Lieutenant” said Karen “This is volunteer work. Would you like to accompany us? Your expertise in finding those… anomalies might become quite useful.”

A chance to go on a mission with the two most gorgeous girls of the federation? He was not to let that chance go by.

“I acc.. accept” he said, very nervously.

“Very good” said Karen. “Join us in the docking bay 8. In one hour. Bring your computer.”

“Yes ma’am” he said enthusiastically. When he was gone, Lynda inquired.

“Are you sure it’s such a good idea? The guy is definitely a tight jeans fetishist, I admit. For a few days at home, I wouldn’t mind, but on a mission? And this dangerous?”

“Yes, I know, but he does have the knowledge we need to get to them. And so what if he gets crazy just looking at us. That would give him fuel to save us, whatever the risks.” She said with a smile. “Come on. Let’s get prepared. I have to change otherwise I won’t be able to get on the shuttle with that jumpsuit”.


Lieutenant Brown was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his two travel companions. Leaning on the small spacecraft, he was dreaming of a mission of lust and passion, making love with both of them at the same time in zero-G, being able to touch them, feel them, smell them, taste them. He was slowly getting the zipper down and helping them get out of these tight clothes, having to rub his hand over and over along their long and slim body, caressing their firm breasts while his hardened cock was rubbing against their tightly enveloped denim legs. He was reaching for Karen’s jumpsuit zipper, and was slowly pulling it down. Her breast pushed to get out. He stood ready to catch it, his face touching it. It was coming out, the jumpsuit was spreading open leaving space for the b…


Brown opened his eyes to find Lynda standing a few centimeters from his face. He jumped.

“Day dreaming?” she asked with a wink. “Next time, try to close your mouth, you drooled all over your suit.”

Brown quickly wiped his mouth and the chest of his suit. Karen was waiting on top of the little staircase leading to the entrance of the craft, repressing a laugh. She was wearing a pair of tight dark blue denim jeans, with a stretch shirt with long sleeves. She kept the platform shoes. Lynda hadn’t changed clothes. He followed them, with much delight, into the craft. He was able to take a good look at Lynda’s butt while she climbed the stairs. 

Karen took the pilot seat, while Lynda took the co-pilot. Brown had to sit at the back, but chose a seat where he could get a glimpse of both of them. He could see the straining denim while they were sitting. Their bodies were bending at the waist. There was no way they would bend at the hips to sit straight, the jeans were much too tight for that. Surprisingly, the seats looked like they had been made for them, accommodating their strange sitting position. Their high heels would insert into holes in the foothold of the seat, preventing them from slipping, and giving a constant push up. They didn’t had to use their feet to turn the seats, their motorized motion was obeying on toughs.

After a quick departure check-up, they were off. Once on their cruise course, Karen turned toward Brown.

“Okay, lieutenant. What I want you to do is to look for very slow movements around that system, like an orbiting starship in the middle of the asteroid field.”

“That’s not gonna be easy. Even with my program…”

“Do your best. The survival of the Federation… and our… depend on it.”

It’s at that moment that he realized the seriousness of the situation. This was no longer a joyride with two pretty women. This was serious business, and if it hadn’t been for those two, he would have never volunteered. After all, he was not a field agent, just a console clerk… who happened to be in love with a field agent…

He went on with his program. Within less than an hour, he had some results. He called the two women who gladly took place on each side.

“See? That blip there. It doesn’t send the exact echo as an asteroid would do. It is slightly different, as well as it’s flight path. I mean, I’ve never seen an asteroid alter its course to avoid colliding with another asteroid.”

“Very good. Any idea of its size?” asked Karen, getting her face even closer.

“Euh… yes. About one km long, by half a km wide”

“Pretty much the standard dimensions of Lofpos crafts” said Lynda. “Are we near?”

“By chance, yes. It should come within one km in 45 minutes.”

Karen looked at Lynda.

“What do you think about hitching a ride?”

“You read my mind, Karen.? Want to join us Lt. Brown?”

*     *     *

In the mothership, in the lowest levels, behind door number 12, under the thick latex sheets, a clone was thinking. She shouldn’t be thinking, she was not genetically engineered for that, but there she was. She was thinking of freedom, that there could be more to life than this. Maybe it was just one gene that had not been correctly reproduced, but that gene injected her the will to have her own life. She had had the opportunity many times on her last mission, but each time, she rejected it. She preferred learning as much as she could. She executed her missions to perfection, thus not attracting attention to the fact that she was also studying. Right now, she was just a clone, and must obey orders. But things were getting different. She was digesting what she had saw on her lasts trips. She had seen free people, doing what they wanted, being creative. She had studied them. She had browsed in the big learning library. Slowly. Gradually, she was thinking. Thinking of a way to get her freedom. Thinking about a life of her own. Her plan was taking shape.

*     *     *

Karen and Lynda had put on their spacesuit, helped, with much delight, by Lt. Brown. The suits were, of course, adapted to their lifestyle. Usually, spacesuits are rather loose fitting, to leave space for air, building pressure, and maintaining the pressure on their body at 1 Atmosphere, the pressure felt at sea level on earth. 

For their special spacesuits, they wore a slightly stretch denim catsuit as the undergarment, covering them from head to toe, then the suit, lined with denim, was made very tight, putting pressure on every part of their body. An inflating layer was located between the denim interior and the rest of the exterior shell. Although the suit was quite tight, it was not tight enough to give the 1 Atmosphere needed to stay alive and not puff off. Air was pumped into the inflating layer, increasing the pressure to 1 Atmosphere. Of course, they did not forget the high heel footwear, which could be detached and used with their stretch denim catsuit. The spacesuit was completed by a form fitting helmet with a dark tinted visor covering just the eyes. The movement of their heads was possible through the flexible ribbed collar.

Lt. Brown had a ball helping them wiggle into their tight suit. He thought that it represented more inconvenience than advantage to wear this kind of suit, but didn’t bother at all looking at them, because the tightness was conveyed to the exterior, which was made a little bit tighter than it should be, giving the outer shell a tensed shiny look. 

Karen was wearing the metallic blue suit, and Lynda the metallic red suit. Lt. Brown jumped into his standard white loose fitting spacesuit, with the wide helmet, which seemed rather bulky compared with the other two. The only thing in common was the dark tinted visor, but his one was covering the face entirely.

They walked to the exit port, Brown staying two steps behind them, to have the best possible look at their tightly encased body. He wondered how the suit was resisting such pressure and tension. Once in the airlock, they put on their backpack, with the air supply, and the jet propulsion system. They opened the outer door. With a precise push of their feet, they propelled themselves in the vacuum of space. They fired their jetpack to get some velocity. Out of their left, they could see the ship approaching. Even with bare eyes, it was hard to locate. It was pitch black, and with a little imagination, it looked like a ballet toe boot, without the pointy heel. It was not reflecting light. The three astronauts adjusted their speed to meet with it. They had programmed their own ship to follow a similar orbit, so it would not have far to travel when returning. The Lofpos ship, to follow the asteroids orbit, was not moving very fast. They got closer and located an exhaust vent. They fired magnetic anchors to the hull of the ship, and pulled themselves to it.

“Wow!” said Lynda “Even with the fact that this design flaw cost them the last war, they still haven’t put anything to prevent someone from coming in through an exhaust vent.” She said while easily removing the outer grill. She jumped first. The slow exhausting gas slowed her descent. She was followed by Karen and Lt. Brown. She reached a service door on the side of the conduit. She knew that there was a pressurized port behind it. They would have to come in one at a time. She opened the door, and slid in.

“Very easy” said Lynda.

“Way too easy” answered Karen.

“Are you fearing a trap?”

“Thing being that easy? Yes. Not you?”

“Well, not really. Remember, they’re not that smart.”

“Maybe you’re right, but I still have doubts.”

“Hey, don’t worry. If I fall into any trap, I’ll send you a message.”

“Very well then.”

The outer door closed and there was a hissing sound, then it was Karen’s turn. Then Lt. Brown’s turn. He passed the door, which closed automatically, followed by the hissing sound of the air pressurizing the airlock, then the outer door opened, and Brown jumped outside, to find himself inside a glass tube. Karen and Lynda were on similar tubes on each side of him. In front of him, 4 guards, unmistakably women, wearing tight fitting blue leather outfits, and full face helmets, were watching, pointing laser weapons at them. 

Brown tried to communicate with them, but it looked like the glass tubes were blocking communication, perhaps the reason why Lynda never sent any warning. From the door on the left, two tightly leather clad women entered, one wearing black leather, and the other dark red leather, their heels clicking on the floor. They had an evil grin on their face. The one wearing black leather approached Karen.

“Blue suit, very tight fitting… humm… you should be Karen, and your friend here, Lynda. I must admit that I don’t have a clue of who’s wearing that ugly bulky suit over there” she said, pointing at Brown. Karen reached for her dark tinted visor and lifted it.

“Alexa and Foxy! I should have known!” she said.


Karen had a quick glance around. She had now way to get out. She would have to surrender… until she found a way. More guards entered the way, their leather suit creaking, and their platform heels clicking with every step. The guards surrounded the three prisoners and the glass tubes disappeared into the floor. Three guards took place around each prisoner. Alexa and Foxy led the way. They walked a long corridor, took an elevator and went down many levels. When the door opened, they were facing a huge dark room, filled with equipment, more glass tubes, hoses coming from the ceiling were dangling with the weak air flow. With a few gestures, Karen and Brown were back into glass tubes, while Lynda was kept on close guard. Foxy approached her.

“Lynda, I presumed.”

Lynda, who had kept her visor closed, did not move. When she felt Foxy was close enough, she tried to hit her, but was quickly grabbed by one of the guards. Foxy was unimpressed and laughed.

“That was the best you could think of? You have, I would say, the intelligence of one of my clones… barely.” She concluded laughing ever louder.

“Get her off that suit” she ordered from a cold voice. The guards removed the helmet, then the suit, leaving Lynda in her undergarment.

“Gee. How interesting.” said Alexa. “Stretch denim? I didn’t know you permitted yourself to wear that. How weak. But I’m sure you’ll appreciate it under your… should I say, new uniform?”

A guard approached and, before she could react, injected her with some kind of drug. Within minutes, she was like a robot, keeping the position that they were placing her. She had become a dummy. Fear appeared in her eyes.

“Don’t worry my dear” said Foxy “the drug will wear off in a few hours, giving us the time to prep you for your new life.”

Three women, wearing white leather catsuits and thigh high stiletto boots entered the room, pushing a tray of medical equipment. They worked around Lynda for many minutes. Karen and Brown couldn’t see what was going on, their sight being blocked by guards. When they retired, they could see hoses dangling between her legs, her mouth pumped full with a gag, a tube hanging out from it. A very thick rubber collar was forcing her head up and two bulbous dark lenses were glued over her eyes. 

The medics then slowly grabbed her and let her to a small silver cabin. They made her feet to rest on her toes on weird looking pedestals. Her feet were arched to the breaking point. She was hurting, but couldn’t produce a single sound. They placed her so she would keep balance, put her arms up in the air and straighten her fingers and put then together in line before letting her go. Then they closed the door. A hissing sound was heard. Brown didn’t had a clue of what was going on, but Karen had a pretty good idea… and was very, very frightened.

All Lynda could do was wait. She saw jets of dark liquid coming at her and soaking her. The liquid was very hot, almost to the burning point. She felt her denim jumpsuit absorb the liquid. The jets stopped. The liquid didn’t stick to her lenses and flowed down. It lasted a couple of minutes. She could feel her covering becoming tighter and tighter with time. Then another spray. Then a pause. Then another. With each layer, she could feel becoming tighter and tighter. Finally, after what appeared to her hours, the door opened. The medics cut the part of the tubes that were too long and carefully glued the edges so that no seam could be seen. She could not look down, her collar forbidding it. The medics helped her get out of the cabin. Had they not held her, she would have fell face down. She had to walk on her toes. 

From her point of view, Karen had a perfect look, and her worst nightmare was confirmed: Lynda had been transformed into a clone. Well, sort of. She was a clone, but with even less freedom. Her thick, tight and shiny  rubber covering was restraining her even more than her tightest denim outfit. Her hands, with her fingers glued together, were useless, and walking was almost impossible in the ballet toe boots that had no heel. They led her to a bed and laid her down, then strapped her at the ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, wrists elbows and a final strap around the neck. There was now way she could escape. Foxy approached her, under the amused look of Alexa.

“There, Lynda, or should I say slave number1. Because from now on, your name will be just that. Forget Lynda. She’s dead.” She said, following it with a loud and dark laugh, while turning toward the bulky suit

“Now, let’s see what’s behind door number 2, shall we?”

The tube disappeared in the floor, and before he could react, two guards strongly held him. He was surprised by how strong those women guards were. Foxy approached and lifted the visor.

“What? A man? Really Karen, you shouldn’t have. This is way too much, don’t you think, sis?”

Alexa was quickly approaching. “A man! Just wonderful. We’ll have the opportunity to test our new procedures faster than anticipated. I’m sure the Rokus Counselor will appreciate that we’ve tested the procedure before putting him through.” They both laughed their asses off while he was undressed by the guards. In the meantime, one of the medics left the room.

“Oh… What a shame. Just plain underwear. But, no problems. We will take care of that.”

She signaled the medics. Before he could react, he was injected with the same drug that Lynda had, and froze on the spot. The medics removed his undies, and discovered that, although it was quite a stressful situation, being in the middle of all these tightly clothed women simply turned him on.

“Oooo! A hard on. What a pervert!” said Foxy while taking hold of it, starting to stroke it gently. 

After barely a dozen strokes, Brown’s eyes rolled back, and he came, spewing white goo over Foxy’s glove.

“Enjoyed it? You better because it had been your last” she said while wiping her glove with his underpants.

Brown’s cock was now numb. One of the medics pushed his penis backward and pushed his balls in while another one pulled some kind of latex brief up his legs. His penis was fed into some kind of tube inside the brief, and they let it go. Once in place, it concealed her manhood totally. It was very tight, and not exactly comfortable. The medic that had left the room earlier came back with a large box. She walked close to Brown and got out a weird looking piece of heavy rubber. Karen as much as Brown recognized it: a corset.

“We don’t have one single man in our staff. We don’t want you to look… outcast.”

The medics applied the corset. It was rather imposing and constricting. It was covering his body from his hips up to his neck with a neck corset. It incorporated two large breasts, and was made of heavy black rubber. A device was attached on each side and the garment put around his body. The devices then started to draw the two sides closer and closer. Brown felt his stomach being compressed, his lungs being squished. It was way too tight. He would not survive in this thing. He was gasping for air. Finally the two ends meet. There was no lace. Only a zigzag pattern with holes. A small metal rod was inserted in the middle of all the holes, effectively fastening the corset in place. 

The tightening devices were then removed. There was a small relief of pressure but not enough to the taste of Brown. His upper body was as rigid as a steel rod. He was not able to bend at all from the hips to the neck. The neck corset also forbids him any turning his head movement. Tubes were placed so he will be able to get his body waist out. His mouth was then filled with what looked like a deflated balloon from which a tube was protruding. The tube was fed down his throat, allowing him to breathe and be fed. The balloon was then filled with some kind of jelly. One of the medics told him that the jelly will slowly harden, taking the shape of his mouth. Dark tinted lenses were also glued over his eyes. 

The medics then led him to the cabin, and he too had to put his feet into the ballet toe mold. He was panting. His waist was hurting, His ribcage, compressed to the breaking point, was hurting with every breath. His feet were hurting from the discomfort of the ballet toe boots. The cabin door was closed, and the spraying began. But the first spray was not latex, but a clear liquid, followed by water. As the rinsing water was running in the drain, he saw lots and lots of hair coming down. All his body hair had been removed. Fifteen minutes later, he came out. It was impossible to tell that it was a man under that heavy latex covering. He was able to catch a glimpse of himself on a shiny surface of the wall, and find himself… quite sexy. He was laid down and strapped besides Lynda, who couldn’t believe her eyes.

Alexa turned to Karen.

“So dear. What do you think of my two new slaves, number 1 and number 2.”

Karen said something, but no sound passed the heavy glass tube.

“Don’t be so angry to not have the number 1. I reserved you the number … 0. But before that procedure, I have something special in store for you. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.”


The glass tube again disappeared into the floor. Guards surrounded Karen, making sure she was not to escape. 

“With that helmet on, there’s no real need to gag you… Secure her into my chambers. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Said Alexa who joined Foxy standing besides the two new slaves

“Get my trusty number 12, and assign her as their personal trainer. I want them ready to take their place in two days, just before the big day.”

Foxy passed close to the two tied up slaves. The drug was wearing off, and Karen was struggling to get free.

“Good” said Foxy “You’re still in shape and ready to fight. I like that.” She said, laughing, before leaving the room.

On her bed, number 12 felt the pressure decrease. She was called again for duty. Maybe she’ll have the chance, and the will to take her freedom. But she still had doubts. Was it the right choice? The heavy latex sheet was lifted and two guards helped her get up. Her lifelines were unplugged, and her gag removed. The collar was kept. Since she was not tied up more, she assumed the job was inside the ship. Not exactly the best place to prepare an escape. She will have to put those thoughts back until she get an outside assignment. The guards let her to the training room. She knew that room. She had been here many times, for her own training. It was strenuous and painful. But she had to go through it. That what she was there for. She was a Lofpos Clone. She wondered what new training she needed. She had passed all the ones required for her tasks. A table was rolled in with two latex clad women on it. They were not the standard clone size, and number 12 was puzzled. Foxy was right behind.

“Hello number 12. You have a new assignment. Since you’re the one who succeeded the most beautifully all your training, and the one that Mistress Alexa trusts the most, we give you the job of trainer. There are fresh new arrivals. They are not clones, but slaves, captured by your Mistress. More will come. You will train them as you were trained, but their only function will be to serve us… and you. They will be slaves to the Lofpos. Train them well, and you’ll be rewarded.”

She left, but turned around just while passing the door. “Oh, I was forgetting. Don’t be afraid to hurt them.” Then she laughed her way out.

Number 12 slowly approached the two bodies strapped on the table, and struggling to get free. She had mixed feelings. Maybe, just maybe… She didn’t knew exactly how to approach them. She knew the room had cameras and that surely her Mistress and Foxy were watching her, and if she didn’t do as expected, her life, or rather what she lived of it, would become even worse. She leaned over the slaves.

“My name is number 12. If you listen to me, you’ll be fine. If you don’t you’ll be in hell. Don’t try to escape. There’s no escape possible. Now I will untie you. Stay calm.”

She undid slave number 1 first, then number 2. Number 1 got on her feet by herself, but number 2 could hardly get up. Number 12 then realized that she had a stiff corset. A plan was forming in her head. If only… She approached number 1, and as she examined her suit to make sure it was perfect, she softly asked “are you here of your own free will?” Lynda was surprised by the question. She made a slight nod of the head. “Do you want to get out?” Again, Lynda nodded, puzzled to be asked these questions by a clone. “I do not like being a clone. I want to get out. Can you help me?” Lynda slightly bent down her head saying have you seen our situation? “Don’t worry about that. You’ll get used to it very soon. I’ll make sure you’ll have what is needed to get out. Just follow my instructions.”

She went to Brown, not knowing that it was a man under that suit. She asked the same questions, and got the same answers. She walked backward a few steps. Lynda was amazed at the ease she was moving with the pointy ballet toe boots.

“Now, slaves” said number 12 “you’ll listen to everything I say, and do everything I tell you to do. If you don’t, you’ll be punished. Now, walk around the room, following the yellow line.”

There was a 2cm wide yellow line painted on the floor. It was making a wavy pattern around the room. They made a few tentative steps before losing their balance. Number 12 approached a long stick and they received two electric discharges. The first one was strong, the other barely noticeable. Lynda and Brown understood that she meant to react as much to the weak one as to the strong one. They began to trust her. They got up on their feet, helping themselves with the wall, and started walking again. They could feel the tight rubber pushing on their every muscle. Brown was panting heavily. He had to rock his whole body from side to side to be able to move, and the boots were not helping. He did have a nice view however of Lynda’s tight butt. He would just love to touch it.

Karen was standing there, closely watched by 4 armed guards. Alexa was pacing back and forth, giggling.

“I just thought of the perfect place for you. The perfect job. How would you like to become one of my personal guards? That would be funny, wouldn’t it? You swore that you would get me, but now, you’re going to protect me.” She laughed. “Yes! yes! That will be fun.”

“You’re not going to have me this easy.” said Karen on an angry tone.

“Oooo. The nice lady has a bad side? Don’t worry my dear. We have means of persuasion. In fact, most of the guards are actual prisoners of the last conflicts. Yes my dear, these guards are very much your species. The helmet you see them wearing, is not only there to protect them. In fact, it houses a special device that analyzes thoughts. If you have any thoughts that are slightly toward hurting me, you get an electric discharge directly in the pain area of your brain. You hurt like hell, but in fact, no direct harm is done to you. With time, you only think good things about me.” She ended with a loud, sadistic laugh.

“You’re an animal.”

“Well, thank you!” she said with an evil grin, then turning to the guards “bring her to the lab.” With a strong voice. The guards took her by the arms and pushed her in front of them. The 15cm chain was restricting her pace. She tried her best to follow the guards who wanted to walk a lot faster.

“Hey! Stop pushing” she said. Then she had a flash, realizing that Alexa hasn’t gagged her and that she now knew how the guards worked.

“That bastard of Alexa. She’s an animal, and you know it. All of you. Look what she has made out of you. Slaves obey her every wish and commands. You should be ashamed to follow her rules. Why don’t you think of your own? You have a will. I know it. You were once strong. You can be again. Fight the bastard. Don let her rule your life. Don’t let her rule the galaxy.”

The guards stopped, looking at each other. One took his head with his two hands. The sound was muffled, but Karen could hear her scream into her tight helmet. Two more guards collapsed on the floor. The fourth one approached Karen with a hesitating pace. The guards took her mag-key and unfastened Karen’s wrists and elbows, then collapsed on the floor of pain. Karen took the key and unlocked the ankle restraint and the stiff collar. She was free, but she had to do something. Not all the guards will be so easy to deal with, and not if there are a dozen of them. She still had her spacesuit on. Her best bet would be to go outside, reach her ship, call for help and come back to save Lynda and Lt. Brown, and hopefully the galaxy from the evil grip of Alexa and Foxy.

She saw a symbol on the wall indicating the direction for the nearest airlock. She followed it. She was sure that security cameras already got her, so she didn’t made any effort to hide herself. She ran. When she reached the airlock, tens of guards were approaching, led by Alexa. She looked quite pissed off. She opened the first door. She knew that she wouldn’t have time to close it and open the outer door before Alexa ordered the command to be overridden. She closed her helmet, made a quick prayer, and pushed the emergency open button, which blew the outer door open. 

The Vacuum caused the emergency door to close, trapping a few guards with her. She knew it would be an awful death for them, but it was even better than a life as  Alexa’s guards. The shock of the vacuum knocked her out for a few minutes. When she came back, she was tumbling away from the mothership. By pure chance, she was heading in the right direction for her own ship. Just to her side, there was the body of a guard, floating. She was surprised to realize that the body hasn’t exploded like she expected it to. The suit must have been pressurized. There was simply no air supply. She had an idea. She grabbed the body and fired her jetpack and within a few minutes, she was docking with her ship, pushing the lifeless body in. She closed the airlock and rushed to the cockpit. She almost turned the comlink on, but held herself. If she was to do it right there, she would give away her position, and Alexa will gladly fire on her. She would have to move out of the asteroid field, unnoticed. Tough job, considering that, right now, Alexa was probably searching the area with all the sensors available on her ship. She had to stay quiet. She slightly moved the spacecraft away. She figured that it would take 2 hours before she would be far enough to be able to fire the thrusters to full power and fly to safety. She turned her attention to the dead body, or more precisely, the suit.


The sirens sounded throughout the ship. Lynda and Brown were startled. Lynda had a big smile, concealed under her heavy latex covering. She knew that Karen was responsible for that. They were now pretty good at walking. Number 12 had taught them well. The suit was supporting most of the strain. All they had to do is relax. They didn’t have to exert pressure on the muscles to walk. The suit was doing all the support. They still had some equilibrium problems, but number 12 assured them that with time, they would get used to it. Deep inside, Brown and Lynda hoped that they wouldn’t stay in these suits long enough to adapt

The door opened and 4 guards entered, preceded by Foxy, who had an angry grin. Her shining dark red leather suit was gleaming under the heavy lightning.

“Well, number 12, I can see the training is going well. You’ve done very good. As for you, bastards, because of Karen little stunt, my sister is at the medic center with extensive injuries. You probably don’t know what happened, right. Let me tell you. Your friend escaped by opening an airlock. The vacuum sent the poor Alexa flying in the air and crashed into the closing door. She had a couple of broken bones and a concussion. We’re pretty sure that she did not survive her own stunt, as we searched everywhere, and she was nowhere to be seen. She’s probably floating amidst the asteroids, dead. So, there’s just you and me now, and you’re going to pay for the pain you put me and especially my sister through. COME!”

The guards escorted the two slaves, to the dismay of number 12.

“Excuse me, Mistress Foxy…”

Foxy turned around, never before having been called to attention by a clone.

“Yes, number 12?” she asked, puzzled.

“All my apologies, my Mistress but I was told to train them, and their training is not complete. To fulfill my task, I would have to go with them and continue the training as we go.”

“Very thoughtful and productive of you. I understand why my sister likes you that much. Agreed. You can come with us, but if you see any misbehavior of these two slaves, you tell me. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress Foxy” she answered, lowering her head. If she was to escape with them, she had to be close to them. She taught them more than just walking, but they still needed her. She wanted to play safe. She wanted to escape with them, so she made sure that they had to bring her with them. 

Foxy led them one floor down to a holding cell. There they were placed, the door locked, and the four guards stayed outside. They were alone with number 12. She had been noticing how much difficulties slave number 2 had to move, and was rarely sitting, but either standing up, or lying down. She approached and started to feel her suit. She took a few steps back.

“You’re not a woman?” she said. “You’re wearing some sort of body mold that made you look like a woman. Are you a man?”

He nodded. Number 12 was speechless.

“Were you surgically altered?”

Brown gave a small no, as much as his stiff neck corset would allow. It was more the whole upper body that moved than just the head. Number 12 was thinking. She knew that there was no camera in these cells, because they were usually kept dark, but the light was on following the alarm condition. There was no window on the door. She bent down and reached under her right foot, and produced what appeared to be a small knife blade. She approached slave number 1 slowly who backed off.

“Don’t move. I’ll try to get you out of these suits. But first, the gag. How long since it was put in? Less than 5 hours?”

Lynda nodded.

“Very well then. The gel hasn’t fully hardened. I will puncture it. Once done, squeeze it as hard as you can to get the paste out. Ready?… go”.

Lynda pushed with her jaws and her tongue as hard as she could. The gel was slowly running out. It had the consistency of silicone paste. She continued pushing until there was nothing more than she could do. Number 12 approached again.

“I’m going to cut around the central tube. Try to keep your mouth open as wide as possible.”

Lynda executed. The blade she had was not very sharp, and cutting away the gag revealed being a lengthy job. Finally, she was done, and she pulled the tube out, taking it out of Lynda’s throat at the same time. She almost puked.

“Geesh! Thank you very much number 12. Now him.”

The same procedure was applied to brown. They were both free to talk.

“My name is Lynda, and this is Lt. Bro… What the heck is your first name anyway”

“Gary. It’s Gary.” He said, panting.

“Lynda and Gary. Good. My name is… number 12” she said sadly “but would love to be called… Janet.”

“Then Janet it is” said Lynda with joy. “I must say that I’m puzzled by your attitude. Are you a genuine clone”

“Yes I am, but I don’t know why, I want to get free. I’m sure life is more than this” she said waving at the cell.

“You bet it is.” Said Lynda “But first, we have to escape. The sisters are planning to create a diplomatic incident that would send the galaxy to war. We have been very weak since the last war, and if there’s another one, whatever the outcome, we will not be strong enough to protect ourselves against one of their clone invasion. So we have to stop them now. We have less than two days left.”

“So, we have to get out of here. But how?” said Brown. “We can’t take care of four armed guards.”

“More easier than you think. The guards have a weakness that no one is aware of. Once they’re in, give a sharp blow on the underside of the back of the helmet. That will trigger a safety in the electronics located in the helmet and knock them unconscious.”

“How do you know that? And how can you be sure that Alexa hasn’t fixed that little bug?” asked Lynda.

“I discovered it by accident on a mission six month ago. I hit a guard with my elbow while turning around. She too wanted to escape, so we agreed not to disclose the incident, so no one else knows about it. Okay. Ready?”

Brown and Lynda took position behind the door. Janet yelled.


Within seconds the guards were in the cell. As Janet told them, a hit at the back of the helmet knocked them off. There were only three of them. When they looked out, the fourth one was kneeling, holding his head with both hands.

“Thought control” said Janet. “She’s thinking bad things about Alexa or Foxy. That means that she’s on our side. Don’t mind her. We can’t do anything for her at the moment. Follow me.”


Karen took the suit off from the guard. Although she hadn’t expected it, she was not surprised to find that it was a man under the suit. Quite small and skinny. Perhaps the fact that his stomach was contracted by the heavy boned corset, although it explained why the body didn’t explode. His legs were encased in a thick layer of rubber, plus the body corset, add the tight fitting heavy leather suit and the tight helmet, and you almost have a pressure suit. Yes, he hasn’t exploded, but the body was in bad shape. 

An hour later, the suit was free. She cleaned it and proceeded to put it on. She suit appeared much bigger from the exterior. It was going to be a tight fit… but who was she to complain.

Half an hour later, the suit was on, except for the helmet. She went to the comlink and opened a channel. She sent the warning message, and asked for backups. She made sure that her face was visible, but not the suit she was wearing. That was part of her plan.

On the Lofpos ship, the message was heard. Foxy, who was pushing Alexa in a wheelchair watched it from their quarters.

“That worm! She’ll pay for that. How much time before their ship will be in firing range?”

Foxy looked at the computer.

“She’s dreaming. The closest one is eight hours away. We’ll be long gone by then.”

“And where is Karen now?”

“Close to the edge of the field. She will be able to leave within half an hour.”

“So, she’s still within weapons range.”

“Yes, sis. Want me to destroy her?”

“Destroy? Nooo. Disable her ship, then bring her in with the tractor beam. I will make the remainder of her life a living hell, and I’ll make sure she’ll live the longest possible life!”

Karen was driving her ship through the asteroid field. She didn’t want to go too fast, not too slow to raise suspicion. Finally, the hit came. She gambled to the fact that Alexa would want her alive, and would not destroy, but only disable the ship. And that’s what she did. To play along, she sent a distress call. 

”Mayday, mayday. Engine hit. Ship without power… mayday, mayday…”

She felt the shock of the tractor beam getting a hold of her ship.

“Hurry Karen. You have less than half an hour…” she said to herself while she began to take the helmet apart. She had to disable the electronics of the thought control device. Her work was slowed by the leather gloves of the suit, and her breath shortened by its tightness. But she would manage. She had to.

“We have the ship. Should be in the docking bay in 23 minutes.”

“Very good Sergeant. Keep me posted” said Alexa while turning off the comlink. “I’m looking forward to meeting her… again!”

In the meantime, Janet, Lynda and Brown were hiding within the frame of the ship.

“I had to learn the construction of the ship for one of my missions. Don’t worry, I know where I’m going.”

It was relatively easy for her, used to crawl in cramped space with that suit, but a whole new experience for the two newcomers, considering the fact that the rubber was much thicker than Janet’s suit, and especially for Brown who had to cope with the body corset. Their joined fingers made it difficult for them to grab hold on structures. They lack flexibility on all articulations.

The ship was put inside the docking bay, and the outer door closed. Rows of guards took place around the ship, preventing any means of escape. The hatch was forced open, and a group of guards entered. They searched throughout the ship. They found nothing. The ship was empty. They came out to report to the waiting Alexa in her wheelchair.

“That’s impossible. She must be hiding somewhere.”

“Maybe she jumped out…”

“Don’t be silly. Her backpack would provide her with barely 1.5 hour of air. She won’t get rescued before 8 hours.”

“Yes, Alexa, but you know that she could be very resourceful.”

Alexa grinned. “Search the perimeter. Look at anything the size of a human body, and report any findings directly to me… NOW!”

The officers quickly carried on the order. But if someone had paid a little attention, they would have noticed than one more guard exited the spacecraft than the number who entered. Karen/guard followed the flow of the moving personnel, hoping not to be chosen to personally escort the sisters. She needed to browse around, looking for her two friends. She had disabled the thought control, but not the communications. She had a smile when she heard of the escape of Lynda, Lt. Brown and… the disappearance of the clone watching them? Interesting. They knew that it was impossible to escape the ship, not without another ship, or a spacesuit. And with that general alert, all exit ports, even emergency ones, would be locked. Their next best option would be to cripple the ship, and that would mean going to the engine room. She headed that way.

Through her internal communication receiver, number 12/Janet, heard the discovery of their escape.

“We’re gonna have to change plans.” she said. “Finding an escape pod is now out of the question. They are all locked.”

“The only other way to stop them, would be to damage the engine.” said Lynda.

“I can do… that in a few … minutes,” said Brown, panting heavily. “Gee. This is so tight, I’m… running out… of air.”

“I understand you” said Lynda who knew very well the life with a corset.

“Better stay here for a few minutes. We all need rest” said Janet.

“Is the … engine room far … from here?” asked Brown.

“About 300 meters to your right, and 2 stories up. Think you can manage?”

“Yes. But give me another minute.”

Alexa was in her quarters, and looking at the video of the capture of the ship. Nothing was seen escaping it after it was hit, nor while it was dragged in. She didn’t see anything escape while the guards searched the ship, but…

“Oh shit! She’s good. I have to give her that. Foxy, sound the alarm! She’s on the ship.”

“What? How?”

“Look. Eight guards entered the ship, but nine got out. She took the uniform of a guard!”

The alarm sounded. Immediately, Karen heard that they figured out her entrance trick and were looking for her. Since upon an alert, all the guards have to be teamed up two by two, Karen would be easily spotted, walking alone. She began to feel the strain of the tight suit, which was much too tight for what she had to do, and the helmet, so tight that it was almost giving her a headache. She got out of her hiding in a room, and walked rapidly in the corridor. Four guards were waiting for her at a corner, pointing laser guns at her. She raised her hands.

Janet heard that the guards had her in sight. She ran to a junction box nearby, and began searching between the cables, then pulled out a plug which she entered in a small hole, at the back of her neck, just over the collar. Lynda and Brown looked, puzzled. After less than a minute, she unplugged the cable and run back to her fellow escapees.

“Quick, now we have to get out of here. The source of the transmission will be rapidly pinpointed.”

“What did you do”

“I sent a message to all clones and all the guards that you were here to save us. To free us.”

When Karen thought her final hour was coming, she heard a strange message in her helmet, and all the guards lowered their weapons then dropped on their knees, holding their head, and screaming in pain. Karen didn’t understand where the message came from, but was sure glad it saved her life. She continued her way. Each time she saw a guard, she (or was it a he) was dropping her weapon, and kneeling out of pain.

In her quarters, Alexa and Foxy were yelling their rage.

“No! No! No! NOOO!  What the hell are they doing! PILOT!” she yelled at the comlink “Plot a collision course with the Rokus, full speed.”

“Yes Mistress, but I would politely remind the Mistress that doing so will render us visible on all radar.”

“Yes, I KNOW, I designed the damn ship. Now EXECUTE!”.

“Yes Mistress” nervously answered the pilot.

A loud humming noise was heard throughout the ship, as it vibrates at a low frequency.

“She’s putting the engines at full power” said Janet. “We’re leaving the area, and awfully fast. Either the sisters are really pissed off, or they’re getting chased.”

“Not chased. There was no ship within 8 hours of this area. I would bet on the pissed-off theory” said Lynda with a giggle.

Janet smiled and giggled. She startled. It was the first time she experienced being funny. And she liked it.


Janet pushed with her ballet toe boots on the grid of a panel. The grid flew in the air and fell on the floor a few meters away. Then she let herself drop the 2 meters separating the vent hole from the floor. She landed on her toe boots without any difficulties. She helped the two novices get down.

“This is one of the maintenance rooms. It is rarely guarded, that’s why I chose that one.”

From the large window on their right, they could see the main control of the reactor. Personnel were running around, pressed by the sudden demand of power. Guards were everywhere. Suddenly, the door opened, and a guard entered, who stopped right there, startled.

“Lynda?” came a muffled sound from the guard.

“Karen? Is that you?”

They ran into each other’s arms.

“I feared you were dead” said Karen, “that Alexa would have discharged her rage on you.”

“Well, we escaped” answered Lynda, “with the help of our friend here.” she said, inviting the clone to approach. “This is Janet… formerly known as number 12.”

“Glad to meet you Janet. And you, Lieutenant, how are you doing?”

“Doing… my best.” he said panting.

“Not used to wearing a corset.” said Lynda with an understood smile.

“What’s y… your plan?” asked Brown.

“What do you mean? I was about to ask you the same question.” said Karen.

“The best thing to do right now, would be to disable the engine.” suggested Janet.

“Easier said than done, with all these guards” answered Karen, pointing out the window.

“It’s much easier than that” said Janet. “I was trained to do that. “All I need is a diversion.”

“I can arrange that.” said Karen.

“Give me three minutes,” said Janet while jumping to get her hands on the side of the conduit, and pulled herself up like a gymnast.”

“I’m still amazed at what they can do, even with this outfit.” said Karen. “You two wait here.”

Three minutes later, Karen opened the door and fired a shot at one of the guards. She used the lower setting, just to stun the guard.

“Be careful Karen” she heard on her comlink “These guards are not on our side. They are loyal to the sisters. Shoot to kill.”

With that, Karen changed the settings on her gun and fired again, having just the time to tuck before a blast melted a hole in the wall where she was standing.

“Hurry Janet, hurry” she said to herself. Suddenly, there was a violent shock, and Karen was projected onto the wall, her helmet absorbing the shock. Red lights were flashing on every console. She then saw a gleaming black silhouette running toward her.


She jumped with her out of the room. The door closed, and the control room quickly filled with flames and smoke. They ran back to the auxiliary control room where Lynda and Brown were still waiting.

“What did you do?” asked Brown, surprised by the quickness and efficiency of the work.

“Simple. I ejected the nuclear fuel. No fuel, no power…”

Karen smiled, but no one could see it under her helmet.

“Now, you have to help me” said Janet. “We have to free my fellow clones and all the guards”

“But we can’t free over 1000 people by ourselves.

“Yes we can. We can deactivate the thought control devices, and release all the door locks through the computer.”

“I think I can manage” said Brown, kind of proudly. “Where is the nearest terminal?”

“The only terminal that would allow such a command is in Alexa’s room.”

They felt silent.

“With all the guards,” said Karen, we won’t be able to reach it.”

“But we have to try,” said Brown. “Perhaps we can again travel within the ship’s structure.” he said, looking at Janet.

“Yes we can. But it’s a long climb. We’re almost at the bottom, and her chambers are all the way on the top. Will you manage?”

“We have to,” said Lynda. “Come on.”

They proceeded to enter back through the vent grid. Janet was the less restrained. Lynda had the heavy latex suit and collar, Brown had to add the body corset, and Karen was confined to a tight leather suit, that didn’t allow much stretching, and was stuck in that hard helmet which impaired her vision and hearing of the outside world.  Karen was nevertheless amazed at the speed which Lynda and Brown adapted to their situation, and found them quite agile, considering the fact that their hands were fingerless mittens, and their ballet toe feet didn’t get much grip for climbing. Good chance they were not ending in a point, but rather as a small flat surface. They climbed the structure, crawled in one direction to find another place they could go up, climbed some little more, crawled again some more. Finally, Janet gestured to keep quiet and be careful. They were approaching Alexa’s chambers. They positioned themselves just out of a vent grid. No one was in the room. Janet turned to Brown.

“How long do you thing you need, Gary?”

“Gee. I don’t have a clue. At best 5 minutes, at worst… I don’t know.”

“Okay. Now listen. Alexa will not expect to have a clone in her room, and she’ll quickly figure out who you are. We’ll take a watch position in the next room. As soon as we see danger, we’ll signal you, and you’ll have to climb back here as quick as you can. Understood”

“Err. Yes. But I was not trained for that. I’m a clerk officer, not a field personnel. I’ll do my best.”

With that, Janet popped out the grid and helped lower Brown down on the floor. He quickly reached the computer terminal and started punching keys, but with all his fingers stuck together, it was a slow process. 

“I’ll stay here” said Lynda. “You two go for the watch.”

Karen and Janet crawled a few meters away to another vent grid. They signaled that everything was quiet. Lynda relayed the info to Brown who had a sigh of relief, and continued punching the keys. He finally came to a final password. The personal password of Alexa. He thought about it, and after a few unsuccessful tries, entered vengeance. It worked. Now he was in the main control program. With a few keystrokes, he disabled the thought devices, unlocked all doors, and even asked for a ship to be ready. 

When he punched the last key, Lynda warned him of an incoming danger. He had to make sure that Alexa would not be able to override the commands he had just sent, so instead of running back to safety, he continued punching keys. The door opened, and a very pissed off Alexa rushed in. She froze when she saw Brown on the computer. She turned to the guards.

“Get him!”

Then, from the vent grid, jumped Janet who positioned herself between the guards and Brown who was still punching keys.

“He’s here to free us. Try your thoughts. You’re free! The system is disabled now.”

The guards paused for a few seconds, then looked at each other, before turning around toward Alexa.

“No. No, that’s impossible. You can’t hurt me. You like me. Don’t you remember? You…”

She ran away, followed by the guards who were now chasing her. Brown had time to finish what he was doing. Janet, Lynda and Karen who had just jumped down approached him.

“Gee, that was a close call” said Janet. “I wasn’t sure if you had disabled the thought control device, you were still punching. What were you doing?”

“Putting a small virus in. I suggest we get out of here fast before the whole ship becomes totally nuts. I’ve asked for a ship to be ready in docking bay 5. Problem is that I don’t have a clue where that is.”

“Follow me” said Janet while running off.

They followed her, with difficulties. She had to stop and wait for them a few times. Guards and clones were running everywhere. Many guards were trying to get each other’s helmets off. Most of the clones were walking slowly, not knowing what to do, not used to thinking by themselves, not engineered  to be independent. They finally reached the docking bay. News spread fast that Alexa and Foxy had been killed. When they reached the ship, Janet asked Brown if there was a way of stopping his virus.

“Yes. Punch 0 three times, and hit compute Why? You want to stop it?”.

“Yes. There’s no need to kill everybody onboard. They were simply forced to follow orders. Now that the leaders are dead, why destroy it all?”

“She’s right” said Karen. “Stop the virus”.

Brown walked to a console and entered the code. “There.” He said “The damage has stopped. But it’s mainly the defense system of the ship that was attacked. All the life support systems are still functioning.”

In the hangar, more and more guards were entering. Some had removed their helmets, revealing men and women of all ages, with a large smile on their face.

Brown looked at Janet.

“I don’t want to sound pushy but, I would really like to get out of this thing,” he said, pointing at his latex suit.


They followed Janet back to the lab where they were first coated with the latex. Karen had already removed her helmet, and her face was still red from the pressure.

“Why are these made so tight.” she asked.

“So you don’t forget you’re wearing it” answered Janet.

“The objective was obtained” she answered, “although, I must admit, I kind of liked it.”

Janet smiled as she turned her attention to Lynda.

“I’m going to insert my fingers into the hole for your mouth, and work my way between the rubber and the skin. It should feel like peeling off a piece of adhesive tape. Here I go.”

She put one finger into Lynda’s mouth hole and, as she said, run them between the skin and the latex as far as it would go. She circled the mouth, inserted a second finger, took a sharp knife and cut the rubber, protecting the skin. The latex snapped like an overblown balloon.

“Gee” said Janet “I’ve never seen a latex coating that thick. Even when we were bad, she would never put it that thick. The pressure you feel must be awesome.”

“Yes, but it’s bearable.”

Lynda had already explained the fact that she was coated over a denim jumpsuit, that had an open face hood. When Janet felt the denim, it came off the skin (and hair) easily. She handed the knife to Karen who helped Lynda get out.

Janet turned her attention to Gary who was more than happy to get it off. She proceeded the same way, but her finger wouldn’t go between the skin and the latex, and Brown was complaining that he was hurting when she was doing it.

“Weren’t you wearing the stretch denim jumpsuit underneath also?”

“What? Me? No. She stripped me down, put that dreadful corset, then put me into the spraying cabinet.”

“Do you remember being sprayed with a clear liquid, and your body hair being… removed?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I feared that it was my hair I saw running down the drain. Why? Is there a problem?”

“Well, kind of. You see, the liquid you were sprayed with did not only remove your hair. It also made the rubber react with your skin. Right now, it’s glued with it. There’s no way to get it off without either leaving a coat of latex, or removing some skin. In either case, the procedure might be quite dangerous.”

“You mean I’m stuck in this for the rest of my life?”

“No, relax. The adhesive will wear out after a while, unless the lubricating coating is applied on a regular basis.”

“And how much is that a while?”

“Not sure, but I believe it’s between two to three years.”

“Three years?” he said, feeling despair.

“How about you, Janet” asked Karen. “Can you take yours off?”

“Me? No. I was genetically engineered, remember? My skin absorbed the latex. If you take a microscope and look at my latex, you’ll see blood vessels. And with time, the lenses filled up with natural fluid. I can’t live without them now. But don’t worry, I was made to live in that suit, and it’s rather protective.”

“I bet it is” says Brown angrily. “How about me? What about my lenses? And the suit was sprayed over the darn corset. Can it be unglued there and the corset removed?”

“The lenses are glued with the same kind of glue as the rest of the suit. We could cut a hole in them, but the only device that would do that is a laser, and you’ll get blinded in the process. So you’re stuck with them. As for the corset, I would assume that it is made of the same latex, and so absorbed the adhesive. The corset is glued to your skin, and the outer latex covering, glued to the corset. I’m afraid there’s nothing that I know of, that will do.”

Brown put his head in his hands, shaking it, as much as the stiff collar would allow, and kept repeating three years… three years.

There was a timid knock at the door. A guard, helmet removed, was standing there. Unmistakably a man, and just behind him, a real woman.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. My name is Fred, and this is my wife, Carol. We would like to thank you for having freed us. You can’t imagine how hard it has been, these last five years.”

Karen approached.

“I understand. My name is Karen, and I hereby represent the StarTravellers Federation. I assure you that all your needs will be taken care of by the federation.” She turned to Janet. “You and your fellow clones will receive all the support they’ll need. I expect a lot of psychiatrists will be needed. Just stay here, on this ship, and within a few days, everything will be on the way.”

“Thank you, miss.” said Fred, saluted by his wife.

“What about me?” said Brown. “I can’t take care of my own in this thing.”

“Hummm…” said Lynda, approaching. “I’m pretty sure that he won’t try anything on me, with a full body condom.”

Brown made a forced laugh, but was kept on his toes. (matter of speak)

“I think I could take care of him until we can find a way to get him off this, although you have quite a nice figure, as a woman…”

“You do what you want. I have to go back. Anybody coming with me?” said Karen.

Lynda smiled at Brown who returned the best smile the latex would allow him to do. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. He was being taken care of, for the next three years, by a beautiful woman wearing tight, tight jeans.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2, 2000

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