Karen – Dreamed Vacation



Karen entered the house and had barely enough energy left to push the door closed. She threw her purse on the small table next to the wall, and with a long sigh, she slowly walked to her bedroom where she collapsed on the bed. She was exhausted, and the coming two weeks of vacation that were starting were welcomed with relief. She rolled onto her back and kicked the 2 inches heeled shoes she was wearing. She hated those shoes, as much as she hated the suit she was wearing. She was a business executive, and was expected to dress like that. But she hated her dark blue straight knee length dress, and her white blouse and her dark blue jacket. She removed the numerous elastics and clips that were holding stiff her long brown curly hair, and let them flow freely on her shoulders. With all of her remaining strength, she got back up, undressed and headed for the shower. She would first refresh, and then dress like she always dreamed of.

Half an hour later, she was out of the bathroom, all refreshed. She decided that she was going to take it easy, but yet, start with her dream vacations. She went to her closet and got out a large cardboard box. She had been piling stuff in this box for the last few weeks, if not months, and it was now time to use them. With excitement she opened the box, and started browsing amongst the various pieces of clothing.

She first got out a pair of latex panties with a zippered crotch and a latex bra. They were both pitch black and very shiny. She powdered the inside and put them on. The latex felt cold at first but quickly warmed up. Next, she got out a pink satin Victorian corset. She wrapped it around her body and started to pull at the strings. She had received it the day before so haven’t put it on yet. She quickly realized that it was going to be a rather tight fit, tighter than she thought. She drew the back sides as close as she could while standing then fed the loops on the doorknob of her bedroom door, walked to put even tension in the strings, and continued walking away, pulling on the strings and thus effectively tightening the corset. She had to work the laces a few times to get all the slack out. She stopped when there was still one inch to fully close the corset and tied the laces. She would relax for a moment, leaving time for the corset to settle in. 

She rubbed her hands on the side of the stiff garment, feeling its tight embrace. Her latex covered breast was pushed upward even more as she chose the highest corset she could order. It was covering her from the hips to over the breasts, molding cups were giving her an even more enhanced figure. 

After the pause, she untied the knot, re-threaded the loops of string on the door knob and pulled again until both ends meet.  She had achieved a 4 inches waist reduction. 

“Not bad for a first timer” she said to herself. 

She had to breathe in short gasps, but the corset was not that tight over the chest so she managed easily. She returned to the box and got a black PVC catsuit, with attached gloves and a high collar. She realized that bending down with a corset was not that easy. So she wiggled and struggled to get the catsuit on. It had been custom made one size too small, because she wanted the tight fit feeling, and the measurements included the tightly corseted waist, so everything fits perfectly. 

It had been made with two zippers: one from the small of her back to the neck and another one at the crotch to allow bodily functions without removing the suit. She pulled the back zipper up to just below the neckline. There was a stiff, 2 inches collar built-in, and she needed the freedom of her neck for the time being, so she would fasten it later.

She went back to the box and got out a pair of jeans. It too had been custom made with a very tight fit in mind, having taken into account the corseted waist measurement, another reason why she had to fully close the corset. She also took a pair of shiny red patent leather, 6 inches platform shoes. She proceeded to put on the jeans which she gathered between her knees and her ankles. She knew that once the jeans would be on, she would be unable to bend to get the shoes on. She slid her feet in them, fastening the “Y” ankle strap tightly. On the first hole past the buckle, on each shoe, she put a small padlock. That way, she could not remove the shoes before the preset time, and by the same fact could not remove the jeans either, the legs of the jeans being too narrow to pass over the shoes.

“Now the hard part.” she said to herself, grabbing and pulling the tight jeans up. 

The slippery of the PVC helped the work. The jeans glide softly up to the hips, where the trouble began. Since she hadn’t received the corset earlier, she had been unable to try the jeans and now, with the shoes locked on, she didn’t have any choice, but they seemed much tighter than what she expected. She jumped on place, tugged, pulled, twisted, and slowly, centimeter by centimeter, the jeans were coming up, until finally, the inseam rested tightly against her crotch. They would not go higher. She lay on her back on the bed and began to pull the zipper, which, pin by pin, went up. She could feel her buns being compressed and wanting to go up but were prevented to do so by the already present tight corset. Finally, the zipper was at his last notch and with a last effort, she fastened the waist button. She let out a long sigh of relief. 

To the jeans was attached a leather belt with a rather thick buckle. It contained a lock. The only key to that lock was fastened to the toilet. To unlock the belt, she would have to use that key and once the buckle was unlocked, the key would be impossible to remove unless the belt was locked back. The belt was fixed to the jeans. That way, the only place she would be able to unfasten the jeans would be when resting on the toilet seat. She locked the belt on itself then took the specially made zipper handle, and put it in a slot below the belt, locking it in place. To remove the key in the unlocked position, a special tool was needed. That tool would be available in a couple of days. She was all set. Well, almost. She found that it was surprisingly difficult to get up from the bed. 

The corset made her body stiff from the chest down to the waist, and the tight jeans, from the waist down to the knees. Not very elegantly, she got up and walked to the desk. There she took another padlock, reached the back of the neck of the catsuit, pulled the zipper all the way up, and locked it in place. 

There. She was set for her fantasy. All she had to do was wait for the keys to be delivered by courier Monday morning. She had mailed herself the keys and the special tool for the locking belt buckle from the office. They would be delivered Monday, in a package where she checked that the signature of the recipient was not needed so she wouldn’t have to answer the door. 

She would be prisoner of her tight outfit for roughly 60 hours. Being that stiffly dressed, she would spend most of her days lying on the bed, resting. Exactly what she needed and what she intended to do. She picked up a book, stretched herself on the bed and began to read. Within a few minutes, the book fell on the floor, as she found herself drifting slowly to the world of dreams. Tight dreams.


When she woke up, she was surprised to see that it was already dark. She began to feel an ache on her hips. She got up, seeing only by the dim light of the night-light. There was no way she would turn on the normal lights. She was supposed to be away, and she must act like she was. Once up, her bowels told her that she needed to go. She struggled to the bathroom, her legs almost numb by the tight corset and jeans, cutting her blood flow. 

Working the jeans belt lock in the dark proved to be a challenge enhanced by the fact that for each additional minute, her bowels were screaming more and more. Finally, she unlocked the jeans, pulled them down to her ankles, reached first the PVC catsuit crotch zipper, then the latex briefs zipper, and eased down on the toilet bowl. 

The jeans prevented her from spreading her legs, and the corset and the suit were compressing her buttocks. Relief came but not easily. She would have to re-think this procedure for her next experience. Once she was done, she closed the two zippers then proceed to pull the jeans back up. Again, cramped on the bathroom floor, it was no easy task. But this time, she had expected it and was enjoying every minute of it. 

Finally, the jeans were up once again, zipper closed and locked. The buckle key was removed. She walked back to her bedroom, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. She lay on her back on the soft bed, and started thinking of what she had in mind for the next morning. All she needed to get excited was a little rocking of her buttock. She did it slowly. The two zippers and the jeans seam, tightly pressed against her crotch, were arousing her by their gentle rubbing. 

“Tomorrow…” she said to herself “Tomorrow. Not all at once…” 

She put her hand at her crotch and gently made small circles. Within minutes she was screaming, her body arcing. After she exploded of pleasure, she fell again in a deep sleep.

The morning sun was shining through the window. Karen was stretching on her bed. Her body was getting accustomed to the tight clothes, and the restrictions they added to her movements. She got up quite easily, and had a long look at herself in the wall mirror. Her chest was gleaming black, perfectly molded curves going thinner and thinner until it reached the waist, where faded blue denim was taking its turn. 

The wrinkle free fabric was molding her to perfection, enhancing her round buttocks and her thin thighs down to the knee where the straight leg ran down ending by an endless heel. The corset forced her shoulders back, giving her a proud posture. And proud she was. It was going pretty much as planned. 

She headed for the bathroom for some relief and freshens up a little. She washed her hair over the sink, and applied a little makeup, to enhance the otherwise black and blue body. 

She walked to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. She had prepared small meals. She expected that with the corset and jeans, she would often eat small quantities rather than the standard three big meals, and she was right. Next, she picked up the list she had made of things to do in fetish outfit

The first one was the vacuum. She walked to the closet, her heels clicking from her small steps. Each step, each movement was gently rubbing her crotch. Vacuuming the house proved difficult. She had to use her whole body to twist and move the handle, the corset and tight jeans not allowing any twisting at the waist and being slightly bent down kind of pulled on the crotch seams where the zipper was pulled upward. The rubbing was just too much. She took the vacuum hose and rubbed it back and forth on her crotch until she exploded again. Then she continued her work. And rubbed the hose again. By the time she was done, she had had 5 orgasms, much more than she had expected. 

The next step needed her to get the jeans down. She went first to the cardboard box and took out two objects, then headed for the bathroom. Although she didn’t really need it, she made sure her bowels and bladder were empty then picked up the first item. It was a vibrating dildo. She inserted it into her already wet pussy, and moaned at its presence. It had a timer. The battery was good for 2 continuous hours but she had set up the timer for a random shot of between 1 and 4 minutes spread over 6 hours. The first one was not to go on before 15 minutes giving her time to put everything back on. Once the jeans belt was locked and the key removed, she took the second object. It was a simple metal box with a mechanical timer. She put the belt key in the box and closed the cover, which had a small groove in it, allowing the chain to go through. She set up the timer for 8 hours. There was no way she could change the setting once it was activated. She took a deep breath and turned the knob. The mechanic clicking of the clock was heard. Now, she was stuck in the tight jeans for at least 8 hours with a random firing vibrating dildo. 

She got up and walked out of the bathroom. She quickly grabbed the doorframe as the dildo started a sequence that lasted 2 minutes. Karen was panting, and barely able to stay up. She would have run to bed and enjoy every minute of it but there were other chores she has setup to do. 

She had previously emptied her bookshelf and she now had to put all the books in place. All 436 of them. They required bending down, if not plain kneeling on the floor to grab them, then put them on their respective shelf. Every once in a while the vibrating dildo would fire and she would drop the book she was placing. After four hours, she was done but the dildo still had four more hours to do. 

She tried to eat, and almost spit out her chew when the dildo fired. She decided that the best she had to do was to lay down… and enjoy. She was exhausted from all the strenuous efforts of the day. Doing ordinary chores dressed like that was draining more energy. She fell asleep, awakened only by the dildo that continued its work, well passed the 8 hours timer of the key box. She had had another 4 or 5 orgasms in the past 8 hours, and was totally exhausted, and almost relieved to remove the dildo… until the next day.


By then she was getting used to the usual struggle of the bathroom as she called it, and the job was done quickly.  She grabbed a small bite, and just laze around for about an hour, to get all woken up and ready for the most daring experience she had thought of. 

She watched some TV. On the news, there was again some stupid war somewhere, another company went on-strike and some thieves stole some precious ancient art objects from a delivery truck.  Nothing really interesting. 

She headed back for the bathroom, and reinserted the random fired dildo. It wouldn’t start before 30 minutes and would fire at random for two hours. Then she went downstairs. Negotiating the stairs was another story. She had to grab hold of the ramp and go down one stair at a time as she couldn’t look down because of the catsuit stiff collar. In the basement, in one corner, was a treadmill that she had modified a little. She had taken off the control console and put it on the floor. She plugged the power of the treadmill into an ordinary mechanical light timer, set the time, and hopped on the treadmill. It should start within half an hour giving plenty of time to get all set up. 

There was a chain attached to the front post of the treadmill. She grabbed one end and wrapped it around her tiny waist, and locked it. The lock key was in her bedroom. She took the other end, and locked it to an eye bolt on the front post of the treadmill. There, she used a combination lock which the numbers have been almost completely buffed off so very difficult to read. Once the treadmill would start it would be impossible for her to bend down and do the right numbers. She would have to wait for the timer to shut off the treadmill. Only then would she be able to do the right combination. She was set. If she had second thoughts, there was still some time left before the treadmill would start running. 

She shook when the dildo came into action, vibrating from its brand new batteries for 4 minutes. As she was ready to explode, almost as some evil spirit timed it all, the vibrating dildo stopped and the treadmill started. 

She just hoped that she had set up the speed just right as the speed control was lying on the floor, unreachable. She started her walk, each forced step rocking her hips, twisting her upper body, the crotch seams of the three dreadful layers rubbing against her already excited crotch, then the vibrating dildo adding its effect. She had to use all her strength to hold on to the bars and not collapse on the moving carpet. From her right she could have a look at the wall timer. It felt like she had been doing it for hours, but it has been only 30 minutes. She wondered if she would survive this. She may have gone a wee bit too far. The dildo focused her attention of her crotch once more, and she exploded like never before but worse, she couldn’t stop to recover, she had to continue walking about one step every second. Steadily, minute after minute.

She was panting heavily, her eyes were crying of pain, exhaustion and pleasure, as the dildo led her to another peak before stopping. There was still half an hour when everything went black. The lights turned off and the treadmill stopped. Everything went silent. 

“A power outage” said Karen to herself. “Just what I needed.” 

It was too dark in the basement for her to see the erased numbers of the combination lock thus no way to end this situation. The chain was not long enough to allow her to even kneel on the carpet. She had to stay there, upright, having to wait for the power to come back then suffer the torture for another half hour as the wall timer would continue where it has stopped. One thing that the power outage didn’t affect was the dildo which announced it’s presence by a 6 minutes fire.

She tried to lean on the sidebars. Her feet were aching from all the forced walking and now the forced standing. She had found a way to lean against her waist chain and let go. She was so stiff that it was like she was leaning against a wall. She couldn’t figure how long it had been, perhaps an hour, when the power came back. It was hell again… for another half-hour.

Finally, the treadmill stopped and exhausted, Karen leaned over to do the combination. It took her 4 attempts to succeed. She was finally free. The climbing of the stairs was no easy task, exhausted as she was and with the dildo still firing at random. She climbed the stairs, kneeling. She managed to walk up to her bedroom, unlocked the waist chain and collapse on her bed. She fell asleep immediately. The dildo continued for another hour but she didn’t even notice.

When she woke up, she was hungry and aching from every muscle. A quick look at the different clocks of the house informed her that the power outage lasted just over an hour. It was almost sunset, and it was her last chance to grab a bite, using the daylight, having first removed the drained dildo.


Monday morning. It was the day she was getting out of these clothes and out of her fantasy. Oh, she will do it again, perhaps next weekend, but with a few changes. She would not go as boldly into uncharted experiences. She would be more careful. 

After the morning clean up and small breakfast, she went again to the cardboard box. She had made herself the promise to go through all she had planned and she had all the intentions to do so. She grabbed the final objects: two leather ankle cuffs linked by an 8 inches chain, two leather wrist cuffs and a head harness with a red rubber ball gag along with a series of small padlocks, which keys were on the same expecting package as all the other keys and tools.

Getting the ankle cuffs on proved to be a challenge by itself. She had to kneel, and work from her back. It was hard work, but after half an hour of struggling, the cuffs were on and locked. Then, she placed the head harness on, tightly pulled all the straps, especially the gag strap then the chinstrap, and locked everything using three small padlocks. Finally, she locked the wrist cuffs in front of her. Now, she was totally helpless and had two different time frames to get free.

  1. If the delivery guy left the package by her door, she would be able to get it as soon as he left. Since he usually delivers before noon, she had only about 3 hours to go.
  2. If the delivery guy left the package in her mailbox, by the road, she would have to wait for sunset, meaning about 12 hours.

Just the unknown got her quite excited. She walked, or rather hobbled around. The small steps and the fact that her legs were forced close together created a rather unique rubbing on her crotch which aroused her. Using her bound hands, she gently rubbed the area while hobbling. Within a few minutes she was having another orgasm. She collapsed on the living room sofa. 

She could see outside through the thick drapes but no one could see inside. She waited for the courier. And waited. Noon passed. Then 15:00. She was getting worried. She tried to calm herself saying that the package would be delivered today, or at worse, tomorrow having been delayed for some reason. But the delay was not expected and she was bound and gagged without any means of escape. 

By 17:00 (5pm) she had made up her mind to the fact that the package would be delivered the next day. Then the phone rang. On the fourth ring, her answering machine picked it up and she anxiously waited to see who was calling.

“Hi Karen, it’s Judith. Just to let you know that the courier truck that was carrying our Friday shipment was also carrying some valued objects and was stolen. We don’t know where our stuff is in that mess as the police haven’t located the truck yet. We have re-filled the orders of Friday with an apology for the customers. Thought you’d like to be kept informed… Hope you have a nice vacation.” 

She ended the message with an evil laugh. Nothing new, Judith was evil. She wanted Karen’s job badly and would do anything to get it. They were not exactly the best of friends, and Judith left that message for the sole purpose of annoying Karen with that problem, a problem that anyone else in the company could take care of. Except for her problem that this incident induced. 

Karen was now bound, gagged and locked for an indefinite amount of time, that is assuming that they find her package and it is finally delivered within the next two weeks. Karen, in her attempt to avoid any means of escape, put herself in a very tricky situation: she didn’t have any emergency plan. She was stuck. She couldn’t call anyone: she was gagged. She had put away any tools that she could have used to get free in the shed at the back of the house and locked it, the key, you guessed it, in the package. She had thought of everything so she would not be able to chicken out of her fantasy weekend. Seems that the weekend will now look like week, if not weeks


Thursday. Still no news of the package. Karen had followed the news bulletins, and the police were still on the trail of the thieves but no sign of the stolen delivery truck. With time, the gag seemed to become tighter and bigger. Her jaws were aching. Same thing with the leather cuffs. She had put them on tight. For a short time it was good, but after 4 days, they were generating some discomfort not mentioning the additional struggle to go to the bathroom. 

Getting the jeans up with both hands tied together was not an easy task. She was glad she had an ample supply of diet milk shakes but she was about to run out of both milk and diet mix. She needed a way to get out of this situation. The phone startled her. Again her answering machine picked it up.

“Hello Karen. Judith again. They found the truck. They ditched it in a river up north. We’re going through our stuff to see what can be salvaged. Keep you posted. Bye…”

Finally, they had it. But how about her box. Was it there? She expected that, by next Monday, she would receive it. Still another three days of tight corset, tight jeans, and bondage. She surprised herself at how easy she now was doing ordinary chores. She got used to all the restraint, especially the corset and the jeans. She could live with those on forever… less the cuffs and gag.

18:00 (6pm). A car entered her driveway. Judith? What the hell is she doing here? She said to herself, running to find a place to hide, in case she entered the house. She tucked herself in the closet of her bedroom just as she heard the door open.

“Karen? Hello? Anybody?… I know you must be here somewhere; your car is parked behind the house. Not a very good place to hide it… Karen?”

Judith visited room by room, finally entering the master bedroom.

“Karen? Oh come on. Don’t tell me you’re stupid enough to hide in your closet.”

She opened the door and smiled at Karen, all cramped on the floor, bound, gagged, and wearing some interesting fetishist clothing.

“Wow. Even better than anticipated.”

With a grin, Karen struggled to get out and get up. Judith didn’t even offer her a helping hand. To the questioning look of Karen, she answered.

“We had to go through all the packages that were sent by us on that delivery. I was surprised a package addressed to you… sent by you. I was even more intrigued in finding that you were sending yourself keys? Now, why would someone send himself some keys when they could easily have been carried in pants pockets? It may sound twisted but I happened to have read an article about bizarre behaviors in last month’s fashion magazine and there was an article about self bondage and that was one of the ways used to delay the freedom. But I never expected to find you doing that. You, the sales manager, the Perfect Working Woman. Gee. I wonder what the head office would think if they were to know about your little misbehavior. That could mean a promotion for me…”

Karen couldn’t do anything but listen. She was still very much gagged. Judith had a long look at Karen’s predicament, running her fingers along the lines of the tight corset, and on the tight thighs of the jeans. Although the situation was not exactly appropriate, Karen couldn’t repress a pleasure moan when Judith ran her fingers on her inner thighs, feeling the small tickling created on the tight denim.

“Oooo. Don’t get too excited. I’m not going to fall into your little game… Then again…”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a key ring that Karen recognized as her freedom keys. She browsed the keys, picked one and grabbed Karen’s wrists and tried it. The lock opened, and Karen was relieved, but not for long. Before she could take a breath, Judith had spun her around, grabbed her wrists and re-locked them in Karen’s back. She struggled, but it was too late. She looked at Judith with angry eyes and grumbling.

“Now, now. What’s that behavior of yours? Do you know it is not nice to do that?” said Judith. “Hum… Let me think. Okay. We all know that someone is going to be named VP of marketing the week you’re coming back from vacation. All rumors are to the effect that you’re the one who’s gonna have the job, so I want you to turn down the offer, and present me as a replacement.”

Karen frowned and violently shook her head in a no sign.

“Okay then. I assume that you need a little more persuasion.” she said dangling the key ring in front of Karen’s eyes. She pushed her on the bed and was leaving the room, laughing when she hit the cardboard box with her feet.

“What… Ooo. Look in here… Gee, what’s this?” she said taking out a length of chain and two more padlocks. “Now, what can be the use for this? Surely you had planned to do even more…” 

She looked around the room and her eyes caught a sparkling reflection from the ceiling. There was a chromed eye bold screwed on the ceiling. Directly in line, on the floor, at the footbed, buried in the thick rug was a “D” ring. It didn’t take long for her to figure out the purpose of those rings. She grabbed Karen by the arm and forced her to get up. She resisted, but bound as she was, all she could do is follow. Judith put Karen’s feet over the D ring on the floor, and locked the middle link of the chain to it with a padlock. Karen was not going anywhere. She took a chair and climbed on it, attaching the latch of one end of the chain to the eye bolt on the ceiling. The chain was dangling only about 2 inches over Karen’s head, where, on top of her head harness, another D ring was waiting to be used. Judith gladly fed the last lock into the D ring, pulled on it so that Karen had to stretch straight up, and locked it as high as she could go on the chain, on the third link from the bottom. Yes Karen had plans to use it, once free of the other bonds, but on the last link, not that high. 

Her head was severely pulled up by the head harness. Her feet firmly pinned to the floor. She wasn’t going anywhere, and was at the mercy of the evil Judith. There was one thing she knew for sure: Judith was not going to harm her. Not permanently anyway, otherwise Karen could report her to the police for torture, and Judith would lost, not only any chance of promotion, but her job too.

“Well, look at the time. I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, dear. Nighty night…”

Karen struggled, but there was nothing that could be done. Judith left, laughing. It was 22:00 (10pm). Karen figured out that if Judith were to come by next morning and not draw attention by arriving late, she would have to be here no later than 06:00. She would have to stay in this position for 8 hours. That was not part of her dream weekend plans. Absolutely not.

The night was long. Her legs were shaking from the strain. Her neck was aching by the constant pull. Her pulled back elbows were screaming for release. And it was impossible for her to sleep. She tried to balance her weight from one foot to the other to release the pain. Each breath, she had to fight the tight corset, each movement of her body, trying to relieve some pain caused her tight jeans to rub her crotch. Although she was not comfortable at all, she nevertheless had two orgasms during the night. That too was not expected and she realized that her fetish tendencies were far deeper than she had believed possible.

The sun’s rays began to shine through the window. She heard the door unlock, and Judith entered the bedroom.

“Hello my dear” she said with a broad smile. “Still in the mood to resist me?” She said while removing the padlock linking the ceiling chain to the head harness. 

Karen collapsed on the bed, her feet still firmly secured to the floor. “You probably need a trip to the bathroom by now,” said Judith while unlocking the floor lock. She helped Karen to the bathroom, unlocking her wrist from the back, but quickly re-locking them in front. She was amused to see the locking mechanism.

“Wow. Your jeans are locked on you? How convenient.” 

Karen mumbled something. She tried to take her time, putting Judith close to getting late for work, something that she would never do, her reputation depending on it, but Judith saw right through it.

“Okay, smart ass. Hurry up, or I’ll fix you up with your job half done, and you’ll have to spend the rest of the day holding yourself.”

Karen executed. She tried again to get some time while struggling with the jeans, but Judith was quick to give her a hand, and her stomach, used by now to the compression, and having lost a couple of pounds by all the diet food of the last days were not giving much resistance to the zipper, which was quickly pulled up and locked. Judith rapidly re-locked Karen’s hands in her back, dragged her to the bedroom, and locked her ankle chain to the floor D ring.

“You’ve cost me enough time so far. I’ll see you back tonight.”

With that, she left. Karen was left standing there. She could either lean on the bed, her feet still bound to the floor, or try gently to lower herself to the floor, and lie completely on the floor. In either case, she would be set for the day, as there was no way she would be able to change position. She chose the comfort of the mattress. She slowly sat on the footbed, and her waist being held rigid, fell on her back. 

She was laying on her back, on the bed, her hands tied behind her, her legs bent at the knee, with her feet firmly anchored to the floor. She hardly believed that, although she was in a tough situation, that the slightest movement of her buns, resting on her bound hands, was stimulating her. Having nothing else to do, she decided to have the best of the situation, and started to gently waive her whole body. She could feel the tight jeans covering her buns through her PCV gloved hands. It felt so tensed, so tight, that the slightest touch created a wave of tickling sensation. She exploded again and again before falling asleep.

She woke up in a flash. Judith was leaning over her, decidedly not very happy to find Karen sleeping, rather than struggling with pain from her position.

“So, enjoying yourself?” she asked.

Karen smiled, which pissed Judith off to the highest level. “We have a long weekend ahead of us, or should I say you have a long weekend ahead of you. I had a talk with the head office today, and they agreed to change the date of the meeting for… this Monday. They are eager to see you at work on Monday, and mainly for the meeting about the new VP, the meeting where you’re going to decline the offer, and introduce me to take the job, remember?”

Karen mumbled and frowned. Judith laughed.

“Well, since you didn’t have a single meal of the day, I assume you don’t need to go. And since you looked so at ease, gently sleeping, I leave you this way. See you tomorrow, dear.”

Karen struggled and tried to get Judith to untie her but she was gone. Although she had not eaten or drank the whole day, she would have appreciated a trip to the bathroom. She would have to hold herself.

The night seemed to last weeks. Her bowels and bladder were screaming for release, her arms were numb, and her legs, constantly bent, and were also getting numb when Judith finally showed up. Without a word, she led Karen to the bathroom. While she was there, Judith went to the bedroom with a bag full of stuff. Karen heard tools noises, and expected that Judith was preparing something special for her. When she returned to Karen, she did not re-lock her wrists.

She led her to the bedroom, and unlocked her ankles. For the first time in days, Karen was able to flex her legs, which she gladly did. Judith sat her on the chair and gave her a glass of diet milkshake with a straw. Karen drank it avidly, while looking around to find what Judith had done. It was easy to see. She had installed D rings on all four corners of the bed. Karen suspected that she was going to be spread eagled, which to her, was kind of a comfortable position after all she went through in the last days. Without saying a word, once she had finished, Judith led her to the bed and tied her in the spread eagle position. What Karen hadn’t expected was that each link of chain was fed to a ratchet binder, and that Judith had in mind to crank it. A lot. Each limb was stretched almost to the breaking point, which was not as comfortable Karen had expected.

“I have to go now.” Said Judith, her first words since she came in. “I have a trip to make. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.” And she left.

Karen tried to struggle, but there was nothing she could do. Each limb was stretched, and the tight jeans made the situation even more difficult. Her legs would naturally keep close together, the tight denim pulling them back in this position, but having her legs spread out, the denim was tensed to its limit on one side so she was unable to spread then even more and the ankle restraints prevented her from closing them. They wouldn’t move at all and it made the pressure increase dramatically on her hips. The following 30 hours were not easy. When Judith came back, on Sunday, she had given up. She agreed to decline the job and offered it to Judith. Judith was pleased, but not that stupid.


Karen had been lightly tied up for the night of Sunday through Monday. By 06:00, Judith was there to release her. She thought.

“You see Karen,” she said while removing the gag, “I know that I’m smart and I also know that you’re smart and it’s quite easy for you to promise me anything and not keeping your promise. So, to make sure that, even if you do keep the job offer that you will not get it, you will go to work… dressed like that.”

Karen, who was stretching her jaws in all directions, trying to get some feeling back, startled.

“What? That was not part of your conditions.”

Judith flashed the gag back at her.

“Do you prefer to go with the gag too?”

Karen lowered her head. She had no choice, no escape. Judith still had all the keys and there was no way she could get free of her. She could tell that Judith forced her to dress like that but who would believe her? Everything was made to measure and a small research through the invoices would prove that Karen did that on her own. 

Judith reached in a brown bag and got out a denim jacket. She ordered Karen to turn around, and proceeded to get it on her. The sleeves were rather tight, and it was a struggle to put on. The front was impossible to close, yet the cut of the jacket was not looking strange. It flowed nicely with the rest of the outfit, making it appear like she was wearing some kind of shiny shirt under a denim ensemble. Karen could do nothing to prevent Judith from having the last laugh. She followed Judith to her car, then to the office. When she passed, everybody stopped talking and looked at the perfect working woman dressed like a fetish freak, and coming to work, coming to meet with the head office, dressed like that.

She was the last one to enter the conference room. Everybody stopped talking and stared at her. She blushed while Judith, who was not admitted, closed the door with an evil laugh. Karen decided to gamble on everything. She would not decline the job. She would face them as if everything was normal.

Judith, who was expecting to see Karen run out of the room within minutes, got puzzled when the time went on, and on, and on. After three hours, the door finally opened. Karen led the group with a wide smile, stopped at the door and gave a handshake to every member of the council as they went by, each one congratulating her. The last one to get out was the president. He stopped and talked for a while at low voice. Finally, Karen smiled and said “Of course” and the president left. Once everybody was gone she turned to Judith who was bright red.

“What the hell happened in there?” she said angrily. “Are all the members of the council a bunch of fetish weirdo’s?”

Karen laughed.

“Judith, you don’t have a clue. At first, the attire shocked them. When the subject was about the new job they told me that they were very disappointed at my attire and that they understood that I was still supposed to be on vacation but that it was not going to work in my favor. Since I’m not a loser and do not intend to let go an opportunity like that, I simply tell them the truth.”

Judith’s jaw dropped on the floor.

“I told them about my fetishes, what I had planned to do, the mishaps with the key, and what you did with them.”

“And they believed you?” asked Judith, nervously.

“But of course. And funny thing, following my story, Mr. Thomas, the customer service manager came forward saying that the job you have right now was the result as you blackmailing him about seeing him with another woman.”

“That low life scum.” Said Judith  “I’m going to tell everything to his wife.”

“Ah yes, he said to just go ahead and do it. He’s going to court for divorce as he’s leaving his wife for that other woman.”

Judith couldn’t believe it. She was ready to burst into flames.

“So, I assume that you got the VP job?”

“Yes and no. After my story, they said that if I was daring enough to enter a board meeting dressed like that I was daring to do anything.”

“So, they gave you the Marketing VP job?”

“No, they gave me the job of General VP for the eastern region.”

“What? A higher job? What about the Marketing VP job?” Judith asked with a hint of evil hope.

“They gave it to Lynda.”


“As for you, since it’s not your first blackmail attempt, and, as far as I learned today, all the jobs you had for this company were won by stepping on everybody’s toes and blackmail, they were ready to fire you. I told them that it was not a good enough punishment” Judith eyes widened. “I asked them to provide you as … my personal secretary. You start as of right now. You have to prepare the office for everything, and of course, the paycheck that comes with it.”

“I refuse!” said Judith, angrily.

“In that case, you’re out of a job.”

“I don’t believe you. I’ll have a word with the president. I’ll get you fire.”

“Humm… I don’t think so. He just set up a date with me tonight, his place. He asked me to wear something… similar.”

© Pete / monsterp63, September 2000.

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