Karen – Brenda


Part I

Lynda was ending her shift at the bar. It was 03:00. She went to the small changing room to prep herself. Many of the waitresses that worked there used to change into work clothes because they were ashamed or shy to go in public dressed like that. Lynda didn’t really mind. In fact, she liked teasing the men in the busses with her sexy clothes. 

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a silver holographic sleeveless catsuit, and was mounted on over thick sole running shoes, Spice Girls style. The shoes had a 4 inch heel added to the 2 inches sole, raising her a full 6 inches. Since she was measuring, bare footed, 5 foot 8 inches, she was now towering 6 foot 2 inches and the shoes gave her incredibly long legs. 

She  had the outfit custom made to her requirement instead of buying the off the rack stuff, mainly because the normal stuff was made so thin that it would wear out within 2 weeks, and she would end up buying new ones all the time, like the other girls did. Instead, she had it made with the thickest Spandex available, and two sizes smaller. That way it hugs her to perfection, to the customers’ delights, and the tightness gave her a constant massage that was not unpleasant. 

She said goodbye to the last girl leaving the bar. She was the senior, and following her boss rules, she had to be the last one leaving. As she was getting out of the changing room, she felt a rumbling in her stomach, and decided to make a pit stop before leaving. The job done, she headed for the exit. 

She heard loud voices in her boss’s office. She found it strange, since the bar was supposed to be empty. Perhaps they entered while she was in the bathroom. The voices sounded menacing. The door was slightly opened. She approached silently and looked through the opening. 

There was a man and a woman, wearing very tight fitting black leather outfits, and they seemed to be threatening her boss. They were talking about some money that her boss owned them. He stood up, facing them, not taking their crap. The women got out a gun with a silencer… and fired. 

Lynda lost her breath. It was too late to do anything for her boss, but to save her own life she had to run out of the bar, and quick. She turned around and headed for the door, as fast as she could without making noise. She pushed open the door. The visitor beeper sounded and the office door opened with a slam.

“Hey! You! Stop!” yelled the woman. 

Lynda didn’t, and a bullet broke the window just besides her head. She ran. She had to save her life, go to the nearest police station. But this was a dark area, and there was no police station nearby. She didn’t know where the closest one was. She chose a direction, and ran.

The thick running shoes didn’t really helped her, and her bright silvery outfit was quite easy to spot in the dark. She had to hide somewhere.


It was a day like any other one. Karen was dressed up to go to work at the office. She looked at herself in the long mirror one more time. 

She had put on a long sleeve, tight fitting stretch red velvet shirt that would go down just over her navel. The deep “V” neckline was showing her ample breasts. She was wearing faded blue jeans that were so tight that it usually took her half an hour of jumping and pulling and tugging with pliers to get them up and fastened. 

They were going up just below her navel, leaving it exposed. She was standing on top of 1.5 inches  platform shoes, with a 6 inches heels, making her close to 6ft tall. The weather forecast was for some rain. The platform soles would provide her a cushion, so the water level would need to be over 1.5 inches to wet her feet! 

She was definitely drawing attention. And she liked it. She smiled and winked at herself before leaving her apartment and heading for the bus stop. Although there were some free sitting places, she stayed up, leaning on the lighting post. She knew perfectly well that the men used to see her had already taken the “best seats in the house” to look at her behind. She played with them, transferring her weight from one leg to the other, making her buns wiggle, and forcing the tight denim to make a deep crease under the bun carrying the weight, looking for a place to expand, but not finding any. 

The bus arrived. A couple of women looked at her with disgust looks before entering the bus. Most of the men were standing behind her. I say most because a few were with their wife, and they better not look at her too much, unless they wanted a nice slap in the face. 

Karen laughed inside. As usual, she did not take a seat, but stayed upright, hanging on the post. That way, the men could still look at her, and continue drooling. At the other bus stops, she felt many hands rubbing her tight butt as men passed besides her to go at the back of the bus. Although there was a door in the middle, most men would enter the front… and most women the back, but only at the bus stops after the one where Karen gets in. Go figure!

There was a bus stop just in front of her office building, but Karen always got off one stop before, as many other men did. 

The bus driver had a long look at her when she got down, holding firmly the hand rail, trying not to split open her jeans in the process. Getting down was hazardous, with the high heels, and the jeans that were restricting her mobility. Once on the sidewalk, she slowly walked toward her office building. A minority of men walked passed her. Most of them simply stayed behind and enjoyed the view. 

With each pace, her platform shoes were clicking on the sidewalk, the bun of the leg behind was getting compressed by the jeans, making a big crease just at the top on the thigh. Her hips were rocking back and forth to compensate for the lack of movement of the leg. Karen didn’t had to force her walking. The tight jeans and high heels were doing all the work for her. 

One more street to cross. She was waiting for her green light, and all the men behind her were waiting for her to go. Some were in fact turning around and going the other way. They were only following her up to that point. 

The light went green, she crossed the street and entered her office building. As usual, an elevator full of men was waiting for her, one of the men holding the door open until she came in. Many women passing by were giving them disapproving looks. With time, she knew that there was actually a contest. The ones ending closest to her were the winners, and the ones at the back the losers. She never bother to ask what were the rules of the contest.

She got out on the third floor, and walked to her office. Only Jeff was still following her, and she was giving him a show to dream for. She entered the office, and went to her desk. She sat, or rather lean on her seat, the tight jeans not willing to bend enough at the hips for her to sit up straight, and started to browse her papers. She frowns and let out a disgusted sigh. She went to Jeff’s desk. He welcomed her with a wide smile.

“Okay, “ she said “stop fooling around. What have you done with my red binder?”

Jeff played the innocent.

“Your red binder? What are you talking about?”

Karen leaned over his desk and looked at him, her nose almost touching his, angry.

“You know perfectly which one. I’m fed up with all your stupid jokes to have me walk to your office. Now, give me my red binder back. Now.”

Jeff was startled by the sudden harsh on Karen’s tone. Yes, he had the habit of fooling around with her stuff, so she would walk to him, and he will have another glance of her tight buttock, and it would be over, but she had never been that pissed off. He thought that it was just part of the game, so he continued playing. 

“The red binder… I thought it was useless, so I dropped it in the trash bin.”

“You what?”

“I’m sorry if you were still needing it. I can go with you to retrieve it, if you want.”

Karen understood what he was up to. She’s the one who would have to dig into the trash dumpster down in the alley. He would find any stupid excuses for him not to bend in, and she would have to do it, while he would stay there and watch, and enjoy. Well, she was not going to let him win.

“No thanks. I’ll do it myself.”

Jeff startled.

“Euh… Sure you don’t want me to help you get it?”

“No, it will probably hurt your back to bend in the dumpster, so, since I’ll have to do it myself anyway, I don’t need your so called help.”

“But… Wait, Karen. Listen, I’m sorry, I didn’t thought…”

“You should think with your brain more often, instead of using your dick!” she said, heading away.

She was pissed off. She took the elevator down, and walked out in the back of the building to the dumpster. She opened the huge cover, and there it was. Her red binder was laying right there, way at the bottom. Jeff hasn’t thrown it in the trash bin, he put it himself where it was. It was too obvious. Gladly for her, it was a paper only dumpster, so no bad smell or mushy stuff. With a sigh, she got herself as high as she could, resting her waist against the border of the dumpster, and bent face down. She had to struggle to keep some kind of balance and not fall into the dumpster. Yes, it must have been a heck of a show for anyone looking at her, butt in the air, legs flapping to keep her balance. She finally grabbed the binder, with the tip of her fingers, and pulled it out. She carefully stepped down, letting herself drop on her high heels. She was about to close the cover when movement in it attracted her attention. 

She froze and waited. It was moving slightly, and she heard something like sobbing. Carefully, she removed a big piece of cardboard. A young woman’s face appeared, wearing long auburn hair. She looked at Karen and pushed herself back in one corner. She appears to be wearing a very shiny silver suit. She was obviously afraid and panicking.

“Oh my god! What are you doing there? Let me help you.” said Karen, handing a helping hand.

In his office, Jeff was playing with his pen. Not feeling great about what he did. He had never expected, nor wanted, to really piss her off. He thought that she liked playing these games. And suddenly, he regretted the one he just did, he was feeling guilty for having left her go alone. She was right, he would have found an excuse to enjoy the view but now he was having second thoughts. What if she falls in or hurt herself? Well, she wanted to do it all by herself, she should cope with it. After a few minutes of more guilty thoughts, he decided to go make sure she was all right.

The woman took Karen’s hand, but was looking suspicious.

“Come on. I’ll help you. My name is Karen. What’s yours?”

“It’s… it’s Lynda. But they’re after me. They want to kill me.”

“What? Who want to kill you?”

“The same mob guys that killed my boss. I saw them, so now they want to kill me too.”

“Woh. Better call the police.”

“I can’t. They’re looking for me everywhere.”

“Well, not here my friend. Come with me. We’ll go to my office and call the cops from there. Okay?”

Lynda felt she could thrust her. After all, she was dressed nicely, and if she would have wanted to kill her, she would have done it a long time ago. She jumped out of the dumpster. Karen looked at her outfit.

“Hum. Nice. I like it.”

“I work as a waitress. That’s the best way to gather nice tips.”

“Yeah. Me too I like teasing those suckers. Unfortunately, I don’t get any tips with my job.”

Lynda laughed. Then, suddenly from the back of the alley, they heard a man’s voice shouting.

“There! There she is!” as they pointed their guns at them. There were a few shots that missed them. 

At the same instant, Jeff opened the door just as a bullet hit the door frame. He tucked and saw the two women trying to take cover. He ran toward them to help. There were two hit men. One was a man, the other a woman, judging by their tight fitting leather outfit. Jeff grabbed the two women by the waist and led them back to the door. He pulled, but it did not open.

“Shit. It’s locked. I must have pulled the lever back when I tucked down.”

“Now what? Wasn’t that part of your plan?” asked sarcastically Karen.

“What plan? Are you nuts…”

Another bullet whistled close to their head. The silencers on their guns were muffling all sound, so no one from the street was paying attention. 

There were not that many choices. One side of the alley was covered by the hit men, the other led to the main street. It was their best hope, but the run was long, and for a moment, Karen had second thoughts about her high heels shoes.

They stood a chance if they were able to follow the many columns of the outside wall which would provide some cover. They had roughly 100 foot (30m) to run. Karen took the lead.

“Follow me.”

Together, they ran, staying as close as possible to the wall. Jeff was closing the line. Being used as a bullet shield was not exactly what he had in mind when he planted the red binder there earlier this morning…

Finally, they reached the street. Lynda crossed it, right in the middle of the traffic, pulling the two other along with her. A couple of cars stopped with screech tires to avoid hitting them. Many were shouting their thoughts, but others were simply enjoying the view, and wishing that they were that guy, running with those two beautiful women in tight and sexy outfit. If they only knew that sex was the last thing on their minds. Once on the other side, Karen stopped.

“Wait Lynda! Where are you going? We should go back in my building. From there we’ll be able to call the cops.”

Lynda looked confused.

“I… I was running away from them… I think I panicked.”

“Well, let’s go back.” said Jeff, starting to walk back toward the building when the two hit men reached the street. 

The man raised his gun, but was quickly pulled down by the woman. They started to cross the street. There was no way for the victims to go back to the building, so they turned around and started to run again, hoping to get lost in the crowd. But they had to face the fact that both women, dressed as they were, were not doing anything except drawing attention. They were not passing incognito at all. They ran for a few blocks. Karen’s feet and hips were aching.

“There!” said Jeff. They looked at where he was pointing: a police car. They waved and yelled to attract his attention. The car turned toward them.

“How can I…”

“Quick!” cut Lynda “We are being chased by the mob. They’re shooting at us.”

“Get in!” said the officer, pointing at his back door. The three on them got in the back.

“Where are they” asked the officer, looking unconvinced but eager to have a closer look at the two women.

“They were not far behind us. Maybe we lost them.”

“What have you done so the mob would go after you?”

“I saw them kill my boss at the bar. They saw me saw them, so…”

“Really? I heard about that hit this morning at the meeting. Better go to the station.” he said, while driving off.

They all relaxed, and started laughing nervously. Finally, it was over. They’ll have the protection of the police. The squad car drove a few blocks, then Jeff became suspicious.

“Shouldn’t you have turned left at the last intersection?”

“Nah, I’m leading you to the main station, downtown.”

“But this WAS the way for the main station. What are you doing?”

“Shut up! Things will be over soon.”

“Shit! He’s with the mob!” said Karen, while trying to open the door, but it could only be opened from the outside. And there was now way to reach the driver, they were separated by a thick Plexiglas window. Jeff tried on his side, but to no avail. There was no way for them to get out. It was time to think.

They were driven out of the city, in the woods. The police car rolled to a small road and stopped. The driver got out of the car, drew his weapon, and opened the door.

“Don’t do anything stupid. I don’t want to stain my car with your blood. It’s a heck of paperwork to explain, and I hate paperwork.”

Jeff, Lynda and Karen slowly got out of the car.

“Walk!” said the driver, pointing the deep woods. 

They started walking between the trees. Lynda was closing the walk. She felt the end was close, but was not inclined to end her life this way. They passed close to a tree. She took a branch and held it, bending it. When it was at it maximum, she moved to the side, and let go of the branch which hit the policeman right in the face. His gun flew up in the air, and he fell on his back.

“Quick! Run!!” yelled Karen as she turned back and walk to the policeman, laying on his back in the grass, slightly disoriented. 

Karen took all her strength, left her leg back as far as she could and swung it back, hitting the man in the groin with her thick platform sole. The policeman eyes rolled out with a scream. His face became blue. She bent over him and took the car keys. When she turned back, she crossed Jeff’s expression or horror.

“That hurts…” he said.

“I know” said Karen. “That’s why I did it. Now, let’s go.” she said, showing the car keys. They hurried back to the car. Karen sat at the driver’s seat, turned the key, but nothing happened.

“Shit. There must be something to do to start it.”

“And he’s coming back to his senses” said Lynda pointing to the policeman who was trying to slowly raise himself on all four. Karen got out of the car. 

“Better run, then, I think.”

“I know these woods,” said Jeff. “Come with me.”

He led them away from the small road. He was walking at a fast pace. Lynda could follow without much problems, but Karen had a hard time with her high heels and tight jeans. As she followed Lynda, Karen found most interesting the holographic effects on Lynda’s behind as she walked. The way the thick Spandex was moulding her contours. Lynda couldn’t stop the feeling of the massage, and walking in the woods, having to raise her legs quite high with every step, it was quite arousing. 

She had thoughts for Karen who had a hard time with her heels. She stumbled a few times, her heel grabbing some roots or branches. And her jeans were so tight that at some times, she could hardly lift her leg high enough to go over rather low fallen trees. 

As for Jeff, his heart was racing. He was trying to lead two gorgeous women to safety, yet, by the very fact of leading them, he couldn’t get even a simple glimpse of their tightly encased body. He wished he could find a way to be the last one of the group, be able to look at them from behind. In the meantime, he was missing the show of his life.

A loud cracking sound broke up in the sky, and the rain started to fall. Karen thought about her choice of shoes. She had expected a few poodles of water, not a hole bunch of mud.

The rain fell hard but warm. Within a few minutes, they were soaking wet. Jeff had to let go of his suit jacket, and his wool pants were getting quite heavy, and had the tendency of sliding down, much to the amusement of the two women. Lynda with her Spandex suit was not much concerned. The shiny coating made her suit almost waterproof. The water was mostly gliding on it. She felt just slightly damp. As for Karen, her velvet shirt was absorbing much water and her jeans, now totally wet, were causing serious rash on her inner thighs. Suddenly she tripped, lost her balance and ended up, on her back, in a puddle of mud. The splash reached Lynda who had now an interesting brown pattern on the back of her glistening suit. 

“Are you okay” asked in chorus Jeff and Lynda.

“Yes, fine. It’s just my pride that got hurt.”

Lynda and Jeff got to help Karen, and Jeff used that opportunity to wipe her hands on Karen’s tightly wrapped butt to remove some mud. Karen felt what he was doing but didn’t react. After all, he was trying to save everybody’s life. She simply smiled and winked at him. He blushed.

 “Hey, lovebirds” said Lynda. “We still have to get out of here.”

Jeff helped Karen steady herself and they started to walk again. A quick look back, they saw no one.

 *     *     *

The mob boss was there. Clad in her tight fitting black leather catsuit. With her waist corseted, her leather gloved hands and her thigh high, high heels boots, she was commanding attention. She was wearing a leather choker with a golden skull in the front. The top of her catsuit was unzipped to allow her ample breast to have some room. If someone would risk a peek, he would have a wonderful view, but no one risked that, because it would be instant execution by the boss herself.

She was pure evil. There was no life more important than her own, and thus, had no respect for any other life.

There was a knock on the door. She raised her head. Not one single string of her black, tightly tucked hair dared to move.

“Yes!” she said, or rather commanded from her cold toned voice. The door opened and two persons entered. A man and a woman, each wearing tight fitting leather pants and jackets.

“What took you so long? Couldn’t you take care of a single bar owner faster?”

The man lowered his head in submission

“We encountered a small problem. Looks like one of his employees saw us shoot him, and…”

You what? You shot him?” she asked, while standing up. “What the heck did you shoot him for?”

They were embarrassed even more.

“Well, he was not cooperating, and…”

“We do not shoot someone because he’s not cooperating. We break a leg, or we set his bar on fire. Now, we’ll have the cops investigating, and that’s not good for us. And someone saw you do it? “

“Yes,” said the woman “a waitress, and she ran away. We were able to get a fix on her early this morning. We had Carl, our inside man of the police, working with us. He was able to get them into his car, and was going to drive them out of the city to take care of them, but they escaped.”

“They? Who they?”

“Well… “ continued the man, looking at the ceiling “when we caught her this morning, she was with two other people, a man and a woman, and she told them what happened.”

“And you had simply planned to eliminate 3 more people. I better stop you right now, otherwise the whole city will need to be taken care of! Stupid jerk!”

She was angry, and was pacing back and forth, her gloved hands joined in her back.

“And where is Carl now?”

“At the hospital… He had his… groin crushed.”

The boss laughed loudly.

“Good for him” she said. “That’s all what he deserved, and that’s all you should have too. Now, go back, find those witnesses and bring them HERE. Do not kill them. Try to show you have some brain between your ears.”

The two culprits turned back and left the room in a hurry. They were simply glad she had not executed them herself. The boss had thought of that, but they were the only two that knew what those fugitives looked like, and were able to find them. Better forget about Carl. Or maybe she should send him flowers: A mortuary crown…

“Now what, Gina?” asked the man.

“I know that area of the woods, Tony. They’re on foot, and it’s raining. They’ll have a hard time, especially the one with the high heels. They’ll try to reach the nearest house, and I know which one that will be.”

They got into their car and left.


It has been two hours since they left the poor police officer behind. The rain had stopped and the sun was peeking through the clouds, heating the three fugitives, taking a rest on some dry rocks. They were using the sun to help dry themselves.

“We should get going” suggested Jeff. “I know there’s a house about an hour from here. We’ll go there and call the cops.”

“Not before calling more witnesses,” said Karen “so if another phoney cop comes, he won’t be able to drive us all into the woods. One hike in the woods with high heels per life is largely enough for me.”

“Okay, let’s go.” said Lynda, while jumping on her feet. The rain had cleaned the back of her suit, which was now only lightly stained, but very much reflecting the sun. When Karen tried to get up, she had a surprise.

“OOPS… I think I shouldn’t have taken that rest under the sun.”

“Why?” asked Lynda. “Sunburn?”

“No, my jeans shrunk… Gee, they’re tight. I wonder if….”

A loud ripping sound was heard. Jeff was surprised, and Lynda repressed a laugh.

“Well?” asked Lynda.

“… They’re not too tight anymore…” said Karen, bringing her hands on her buns. The jeans had split open, revealing her thong underwear. They had split from the crotch up through the back to the waist band, which was unaffected. 

“At least, I can keep them on” she said, embarrassed. 

They began to walk again in the direction suggested by Jeff. Karen was trailing, and was always trying to stretch the denim on her back, trying to cover her butt, but the 2 inches gap was way too wide. Jeff was smiling at the situation, but was disappointed. The only tightly enclosed butt remaining was Lynda’s… and he was still leading the group!

They were almost there.

“Another 15 minutes” said Jeff, “I can see the roof of the house from here.” he said while turning around to face the two women. Lynda smiled, and Karen made a gesture of raising her hand in acknowledgment, but at the same time, her right heel caught on a root, her left heel sank on the soft soil, her ankle bent sideways, and she fell face down on the ground, with a scream. Lynda was the first at her side.

“Are you hurt?”

“I think I sprained my ankle.” she said. “It hurts like hell, but I don’t think it’s broken.”

“Well, no one ever told you that high heels are not the ideal shoes for a walk in the woods” asked sarcastically Lynda.

“Well, that little walk was not on my day’s agenda.” she said, grimacing with pain.

Jeff grabbed her from her left side, and she put her arm around his neck. In a moment, he realized that this was in fact the closest he’d ever been to hold her in his hands. He put his right arm around her waist. He couldn’t resist to get it lower, and feel her soft baby-like skin on her butt through the wide opening. He delicately slipped his fingers between her buns and the torn denim. Karen understood what he was trying. She looked softly at him.

“Don’t worry. If we get out of this alive, you’ll have all the opportunities in the world to do it.” And she winked at him. Jeff blushed.

Lynda understood the way they were looking at each other.

“Hey. Could you wait for us to get out of this situation alive before falling in love?”

“Yeah… whatever. “ said Jeff, still under the influence.

They resumed their walk one more time. Their trip had been made slower than anticipated, and half an hour later, they had reached the border of the forest, and were looking at the grass, behind the huge mansion.

“Everything seems clear… Okay, let’s go.” said Jeff.

They rapidly crossed the nicely cut grass and climb the steps of the patio. They stopped at the huge glass door. An elderly woman came to them, opened the door, and invited them in. Lynda had a flash. How come she was letting them in not knowing what they wanted?… unless.

“Let’s get out of here! It’s a trap!” she yelled as she jumped over the patio guard rail and ran back to the woods. 

Before Jeff and Karen could understand what happened, a man and a woman wearing tight black leather were holding them at gunpoint. The man walked outside to the patio.

“If you’re not back within 5 minutes, we’ll kill your friends.” he shouted at Lynda.

She was tucked behind a big tree, her heart racing. She had to think fast. She could not let them down. In the meantime, Gina had Jeff and Karen sit on the couch, and had taped their feet together, and taped their hands in their backs. 

“How much do you know” asked coldly Gina.

“About what?” asked jokingly Jeff.

“Don’t play smart with me, bastard.”

“Oooo. Such a bad language. Haven’t your mom ever told….”

“Shut up, or I’ll kill you right now.”

“Do you really think you can get away with all this?” asked Karen. “If you kill any one of us, you’ll have to kill the rest, including that old lady. All the cops of the neighbourhood will be after you.”

“Ha! They don’t give a damn about that old brat. She won’t be missed by anybody, except the birds she used to feed.”

“Unless it’s the police chief’s mother.” said Jeff. Gina kept silent. She turned toward the old scared lady who simply nodded yes.

“Oh shit. Tony! We have a problem.”

Tony went back inside.

“What now. What have they told you?”

“That this house belongs to the police chief’s mother.”

“That’s ridiculous. His mother died two years ag…”

Lynda was rushing back in, screaming her lungs out, holding a long branch. She hit Tony’s hand, which made his gun flew up in the air, and faster than anyone could have imagined, the old lady grabbed a big ceramic jar and crashed it on Gina’s head. Lynda pushed the gun away with her foot and swung her branch back at Tony’s face, hitting him just under the jaw. His feet left the ground and he flew on his back, hitting the wall behind him, knocking him unconscious. Gina was lying on the floor, also unconscious. 

Lynda untied Jeff and Karen then Lynda and Karen took care of tying up Gina, while Jeff taped Tony’s hands and feet together. 

“Wow!” finally said Karen. “What an entrance!”

“Actually, I never knew I could pull a stunt like that. It came as it went. But I must express my gratitude to that nice lady, who took care of that woman quite efficiently.” she said pointing at Gina, still laying on the floor, but slowly getting out of her daze.

“I hate people with guns.” said the lady.

“Good thing for us.” said Karen. “Now, could someone, please, call the cops so we can get this all cleared up.”

“It’s done, I pressed the panic button after I hit that woman.” said the old lady.

“So, your son will be here quickly?” said Karen.

“My son? he’s a carpenter. Who do you think built this house?”

“But Jeff told that…”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?” he said with a smile.

Lynda was looking at them, trying to understand.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you later.” said Karen. 

The sirens of police cars were heard. The old lady let them in. One of the officers got quite a surprise.

“All right! Tony and Gina. We’ve been trying to get them for some time, but each time they managed to destroy all the evidences.”

“Not this time.” said Lynda, pointing at her head, meaning that she remember things. “Not this time.”

The old lady saw Karen’s pants, and approached her.

“Come with me, I may have something more appropriate.”

Karen blushed and followed her. She led her into her huge bedroom. There she opened the doors of a walk-in closet. She went way at the back, took a cardboard box, removed the layer of dust that was covering it, and opened it. She pulled out a pair of jeans, faded, worn out, with flared legs and a flower patch on the back pockets and the front thigh.

“I used to wear jeans that tight back in the 60’s. Looks like you can fit in these. They’re out of style, but it’s better than having your butt exposed.”

Karen looked at her and smiled. The lady invited her to an adjacent bedroom to try them. Karen came back a few minutes later. They were snug fitting, and the legs were almost touching the ground, even with her high heels. Almost a perfect fit. It’s just that Karen would have liked them even tighter.

“I think they fit.” said Karen. I’ll bring them back in a few days.

“Keep them. But come see me back with your friends after this is all over. You may help me realize one of my wishes.”


Tony and Gina were convicted of murder and attempted murder and were sent behind bars for 25 years. The boss was untouchable. There was no proof that she ordered anything. 

Karen, Jeff and Lynda had returned to the old lady’s house, and on this day, was the opening day of a brand new bar, on the site of Lynda’s old bar. It was a special bar, where it was mandatory for all women to wear tight fitting clothes. 

Lynda, co-owner, was there, attending the bar, wearing an extremely tight fitting shiny red PVC catsuit with 5 inches stilettos pumps, Karen, also co-owner and administrator, wearing a pair of extremely tight stonewash Levi’s was sitting at the bar, Jeff, also co-owner and DJ was making everybody dance… and enjoying the view of all these women in tight clothes. 

Even the mob boss could be seen, with her freshly buffed shining leather. As for the old woman, she was there, sitting at a table, happy that her dream of a tight clothing fetish bar was now a reality. The name of the bar? Brenda’s. The name of the old lady? No, the name of the police chief’s dead mother…

  1. © Pete / monsterp63, 14 November 2000.

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