Karen – Symbiosis


Karen was walking on the vast bridge of the ship. There was no one else but her. Her heels were clicking on the hard steel floor, and her tight fitting leather flight suit was creaking with every step. 

She was nervous. She didn’t know exactly what was lying ahead of her and her crew. She had everything on her side.. 

First, this ship, the R.J. Pearson, named in honor of Ronald Pearson, the discoverer of faster-than-light travel, was the best of them all. Big, yet small enough to be very agile, powerful, well armed and protected, and the best crew anyone could imagine, the six best women of their field. 

An all women crew. Psychiatrists had stated that they would have a better chance of keeping their sanity than an all men or mixed crew. And she had to lead that wonderful team and ship directly to the unknown. 

The unknown: Sensors at the edge of the surveyed space detected a weird signal, possibly from another race, coming from deep within the center of the Galaxy. No one ever ventured there. The stars were simply too close together, and the gravity fields they generated could not be handled by anything. 

That was before the R.J. Pearson was built. It had brand new engines and life support systems technologies. They were approaching their goal. Only six more months left from their five years journey at a speed one hundred times the speed of light. 

She walked to the pilot seat and took place, adjusting her leather corset. The leather flight suits have been decided for their durability. Bringing five years of cotton clothes was nonsense. What the scientists haven’t predicted is that, within a timeframe that long, the body, exposed to an artificial gravity, would swell. 

The leather suits, which had originally been tailored close fitting, but not tight, were now quite tight. In fact, to be able to wear them, they had to use the leather corsets that were packed in as a joke. The high-heeled boots were part of that joke too, but were now all they had to wear. Their first space boots soles were made of a soft material, thought to be perfect for the smooth steel of the floor. But it turned out that for some inexplicable reasons, the wear occurred way faster than predicted. Within 2 years, they had been through their 6 pairs of boots. 

All they had left were the high heels boots, with metal tip heels, and leather soles. With a smile, she recalled the moment those boots and corsets were discovered, a few weeks after leaving the Earth. 

She discovered that unmarked case and opened it, finding 7 leather corsets and 7 knee high, 5 inches stiletto heels, black leather boots. There was a short note signed by most of the team that assembled the ship, stating that at one point, one of them would surely become a bitch, and they provided the necessary outfit that would go just perfect with their already leathered flight suit. Since they were too different in shape, they provided garments for all of them. Little did they know that the joke would become their everyday outfits…

She parted her legs on each side of the steering rods. The tight leather tugged on her already wet pussy. She had to admit it, she liked the tight feeling of the leather suit and corset, and the boots were just as good. 

The problem they all faced is that by wearing only high heels for the past three years, their tendons at the heels shortened, and they couldn’t effectively put their feet flat on the ground. They will have to wear high heels for a long time.

She slowly rubbed her crotch, leaning her head backward, and letting out a sigh. She definitely missed having good sex. Perhaps this all women crew was not such a good idea. She heard footsteps. She turned in the direction.

“Hello Lynda. You can’t sleep either?”

“Nope.” Answered the astrophysicist with a sigh. “I’m completely unmotivated. I wish I could simply flip a switch and be back home with my boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” said Karen. “Me too I miss a good man.” She said with a laugh. Lynda smiled.

“Can’t we go any faster?” asked Lynda.

“Unfortunately, we’re at maximum cruise sp…”

An alarm sounded.

“Well, at least, we’ll have something to do. Probably another small asteroid to avoid.” Said Karen while picking the arms of the chairs to get up. 

But she was thrown back as the ship accelerated powerfully, clamping her on the seat, and throwing Lynda toward the back of the room. She was able to grab a console and pull herself in a seat before buckling her seatbelt.

“What the hell is that?” she asked, catching her breath. Karen’s heart was racing.

“We… It’s unbelievable. We’ve accelerated to two hundred light speed and still accelerating.”

“What? That’s imposs.”

“Yeah, I know that’s impossible, even more since that, according to the computer, our engine still delivers the same output.”

“Where are we heading?”

“So far… straight ahead.”

The five other women entered the bridge, holding on to the rails and consoles.

“What’s going on?” yelled Sandy, the doctor of the group.

“We’re being pulled, or pushed by an unknown force.” Answered Karen. 

Monique, the navigator, pulled herself through the consoles, to the pilot seat, where she grabbed the back of it. She looked at the console, over Karen.

” Damn! almost 300 light speed! At that speed, we’ll reach our destination in less than half an hour.”

“Assuming we stop there.”  Added Karen.

The acceleration force slowly decreased, as the ship maintained a steady speed, but the ship was shaking from every nut and bolts. Everyone took their seats, and buckled up. Karen left the pilot seat to Monique, and took her own seat of captain of the ship.

“Captain,” said Monique “If I assume that the force is leading us to the anomaly, and judging by the acceleration we had, we should start to decelerate in three minutes.”

“Okay.” Yelled Karen to cover the noise of the shaking ship. “Turn your seat around, and prepare for it. How fast are we going?”

“Three…. that can’t be… Three hundred and fifty six light speed!”

Nobody answered. They were trying to figure out how fast this was, what it would do to Einstein’s theory.

As Monique had predicted, the ship started to decelerate, giving them negative G-Force. It lasted for a good ten minutes, with the ship almost breaking apart. And then everything seems to return to normal. Total silence, except for the normal humming of the ship. Karen, panting, unbuckled and got up.

“Let’s have a panoramic look” she said to the attention of the navigator, who punched a few buttons, giving camera angles on the view screen, all around the ship.

“According to the data” said Lynda “we’ve stopped right next to the anomaly.”

At that same moment, the camera showed a black ball. About the size of Earth’s Moon. It was gleaming black, and appeared perfectly smooth.

“Sensors?” asked Karen.

“Strange.” Answered Ingrid, the biologist. “It seems to be alive.”

“What is alive?” asked the captain.

“The… black ball.” Answered Ingrid in a tone that she herself didn’t believe.

“Can we land?” asked Karen.

“The gravity appears to be about half Earth’s, but I can’t say anything about the surface. I saw these readings somewhere, but I just can’t…”

“Landing procedures” ordered Karen, not interested in listening to Ingrid talking to herself.

The ship began its descent. 

“Retro thrusters in… 10… 9…” countdown Monique

“Rubber!” Yelled Ingrid.

“What?” asked Karen. At the same moment, the ship was violently shaken and stopped in its descent.

“Easy on the thrusters, Monique.”

“It’s not me, Captain. The thrusters are not activated yet, 5 more seconds to go.”

“Don’t turn them on! Don’t turn them on!” yelled Ingrid, from a high pitch tone.

“Stop the countdown.” Ordered Karen.

“The ship has stopped its descent.” Said Monique. “Euh… no, it’s starting again, slowly. Touchdown in 30 seconds.”

Only their fast breathing was heard. No one spoke. They let the ship land, guided by unknown, but intelligent forces. The ship landed as if it was on a soft pillow.


“All systems go, Captain.”

“How about that… planet or whatever it is.”

“Atmosphere, and gravity, exactly the same as within the ship. I would say that they have copied our environment.”

“I… I don’t know what the ground is made out of,” said Clara, the geologist, “but it looks stable.”

“It’s rubber.”

“What is rubber?” they almost asked at the same time to Ingrid.

“The… the… the… planet. It’s rubber. At least, it’s covered with it.”

“Sure looks like it.” Said Li, looking out the window.

“Okay… let’s go have a look.” Said Karen after a long pause.

They opened the side door, and, one after the other, slowly walked down the steel plate. The ground appeared firm, but soft at the same time. It was like it was hardening under their feet, with each step. Ingrid bent down and dipped her hand in the soil, coming back with what looks like melted rubber.

“This is weird.” She said.

Shortly after, they all heard a strange, slurping-like sounds. When they turned around, they realized with horror that their ship was being engulfed by this black shiny stuff. It was climbing up the hull of the ship, covering it.

“Quick, inside, and close the door!” ordered Karen. But nobody moved. Nobody could. 

They looked down to realize that the black stuff was maintaining them on their spot, and was slowly climbing up their legs. Karen took her leg with her hands, and tried to pull it off, but the black stuff resisted. Now she had the stuff on her hands and it was spreading up her arms. The feeling was strange. She felt like the stuff was touching her through her leather suit. The feeling was warm and comforting. She felt good, massaged. She sprung back to reality when the black goo reached her head and engulfed it, blinding her. She tried to scream, but it entered her mouth. Then she blacked-out.

The pleasure was fantastic. Five gorgeous men were all over her, their hands caressing her body, their huge cock invading her by every orifice, she was having orgasm after orgasm. 

“I’m dead and gone to heaven.” She thought, yet she felt very much alive. 

Something was wrong. She didn’t know what it was, but she had to get out of that dream.

“No! Enough. Go. Leave me… Oh God. This is so good! Don’t sto… No!” she said decidedly, and she concentrates on turning herself “off”. 

The dream vanished and she woke up. It was all black, yet the room was lit. She slowly remembered the last events. The rubbery soil, the same black stuff spreading on her. She looked at her hands, they were shiny pitch black. She was completely covered with the stuff. She recognized the outline of her room in the ship. 

Everything was there, but everything that was not a light was black and shiny, like covered with a thin coat of liquid latex. She got up and passed in front of the mirror and startled at what she saw. It was a gleaming woman’s body, standing on spiked heels, slim body with incredibly small waist. Her long black hairs were floating, looking like fine rubber strands, but acting like her natural hairs. Her face was totally black, including her eyes and mouth. She slid her hand down her waist and hip, and slowly directed it to her crotch when another wave of pleasure engulfed her. She immediately removed her hand.

“No! What the hell is going on here?”

You want pleasure, we give pleasure.

“Who said that?” she said, turning around, in a concerto of creaking rubber, prepared to see someone behind her, but she was alone.


The part of the wall directly in front of her, started to move and take shape. It was only a face, still pitch black. She recognizes the face as her own.

“Okay, that’s a sick joke. Show you.”

I am showing me, all around you, and within you.

“Who are you?”

I am Me.

“Okay… let’s try another question.” She said, thinking that whoever it was, was playing a joke on her. “What’s your name?”

Name? Me don’t understand. I am Me.

“What is this planet?”

There is no planet. Only Me.

Karen was getting confused. She walked back to the bed. Although the heels were incredibly high, her whole body compressed by the black matter, and her waist squeezed to its limit, she didn’t feel any pain, but rather small sensations of pleasure with every move. She sat on the bed then saw the calendar clock. She startled.

“Five days? How come… how about food? Strange that I don’t feel hungry at all.”

You need, I provide, because you provide.

Karen started juggling with things in her mind. An hour later, she was standing on the bridge. One after the other, the 6 other women entered the bridge, slightly disoriented, and all looking gorgeously the same, with their shiny black coverings. Lynda was still daydreaming.

“I want to go back.” She said, “Please, let me go again, it was so… Ooooo.”

“Me, please, can you stop everything for a few moments?”

The smile on the women suddenly disappeared. They all looked at each other.

“What the hell happened? And the ship! Oh my God! We’re doomed.”

“Relax, Monique. There’s nothing to fear. Me explained everything to me.” Said Karen.

“Me? Who’s Me?” asked Li.

“Please, sit down, I will try to explain. Me, or rather let’s call him that, because if fact, he doesn’t have a name, is this.” She said waving her hands to show everything around them. 

“Me is a single entity. You can call him Bob for all he cares. Me is a rubber-based life form, and so far, he seems to be the only one of its kind. He was looking for company, but is also very picky as with whom he wants to become friends, because he has no defense. About 100 years ago, we, the Earth, sent a message to any potential extra-terrestrial life form. Me picked it up, and answered. That’s the anomaly we received, 50 years ago, that led to the development and construction of our Ship. Me watched us come toward him, but was not ready to make contact. If he felt that we would have been a negative encounter, he would have disappeared in the blackness of space. Instead, he felt that we were good, and in fact provided with what is much needed for him to survive: pleasure.”

The crew was looking at her, not really understanding. Karen repressed a laugh.

“Yeah, I know the feeling. Let me explain. Me thrive on pleasure waves. When we approached, we were pretty much feeling in need of a good… stimulation. Me sensed that, and he grabbed us to bring us closer to him. He appeared as a big planet because it was pleasurable for us. When we landed, he sensed that, deep within us, we wanted to have a good sex, so there we were. While we provide him with pleasure waves, he returns the favor by protecting us against everything surrounding us, and providing everything we need to survive. We’re never hungry or thirsty, and will never catch either the common cold, or cancer. Just try it. Here, Lynda, I know you crave for good fresh strawberries. Just think about them.”

Lynda, skeptic, closed her eyes. She then smiled and started to chew.

“Oh my god, they are the tastiest strawberries I ever tasted.”

“But… Lynda, you have nothing in your mouth.” Said Ingrid.

Lynda put her finger in her mouth, and it came back clean and dry, and suddenly the strawberry taste was gone. She thought about it for a second, and the taste and sensation in her mouth were back again.

“Wow! Amazing.”

“You see, Lynda. It would give you pleasure to chew on fresh strawberries. Me took care of it. It might be only an illusion, but the end result is the same.”

“The hell with the illusion!” Said Lynda “I’m buying it… Can we keep Me?”

“That’s the whole point. Can we bring him back with us?” asked Karen.

“He’ll have plenty of pleasure waves to receive with our population of 7 billions.” Said Monique.

“And that’s exactly the problem. Some find it pleasurable to inflict pain or do bad things to others. We can’t just go back home and offer Me to everybody. Our human society is too sick for that.”

What are you saying, Karen? Who likes to give pain?

“Who… Who said that?” asked almost in the same voice the six women.

“It’s Me. Said Karen, repressing a laugh. She’s right, Me. Some people on our planet, get pleasures out of inflicting pain. Sometimes the victim likes that pain, but sometimes, the victim doesn’t.”

“We can select people.” Proposed Monique.

“Yeah, but how.”

“I have my idea on that… Here it is.”

Five more years have passed. The ship has returned to Earth, with a lot of data, but nothing conclusive. There was no life form out there. It was a simple coincidence and chain of events that led to believe that the message received was from an intelligent life form. The after mission briefing led to the decision that The R.J. Pearson would stay parked in orbit around the moon. If one wants to go to outer space, one needs a goal, and since no other signal was heard, it was decided to put the project on ice.

Lynda arrived at her house, exhausted by the long meeting and debate. She got undressed and took a long shower. She had a large smile when she reached her crotch. She looked like she didn’t age at all. She dried herself and put on a bathrobe. She put on her 5 inches slippers. 

The 10 years of high heels in the ship made it impossible to stand flat on her feet, and she refused a surgical procedure to correct it. There was a knock at the door. Lynda, Monique, Ingrid and the others came into the room. They took place in the living room. They got undressed, looked at each other with a large smile. At the same time, a shiny black patch started to grow from their crotch, and within seconds, had them completely covered.

“Oh, Me. Nice to see you again.”

Glad I can be of service.

The seven women just moaned, as waves of pleasures ran through their body, as they were massaged, squeezed, pinched, sucked and fucked. It lasted for two full hours, until there was a knock at the door. Me retracted inside them. They got their bathrobe and Karen opened the door.

“Hello Ashley, Bob, Christine and Mike. Please come in.”

They were all a little uneasy to see all of them in their bathrobe.

“Let us take your coats.” Said Lynda, as she approached each of the newcomers. 

On the tip of her finger, a small black patch had appeared. As she removed their guest’s coats, she applied the black patch to their bodies by merely touching them. Nobody noticed it. They invited them to take a seat.

“Okay, let’s play a little game, first. Each of you, sit relaxed, and close your eyes. Now, think about pleasurable things, happy moments.”

They saw the black patch growing, and within moments, it has covered the four guests, who were having the time of their life.

Thank you. These humans seem perfect.

“We promised you, Me, we will pick the subjects, and you won’t regret it. Now, how about us?”

Within seconds, the seven women were covered by the black rubbery life form, enjoying the pleasure of life. There would be more, much more to come. Deep into space, a vague black form was slowly crossing the galaxy in the direction of the Solar System, receiving the energy needed to move, and to survive. 

A perfect symbiosis.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2001

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