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It was the day before the grand opening of the summer amusement park. Three full months of rides, cotton candy, high pitch screams and those little stuffed toys that you never seem to be able to win in the numerous tricked games. 

Pete had been hired to run the spinning wheel one month earlier, where people are backed, standing up, to the inside wall of a spinning wheel, and experienced a little more than the average gravity while the wheel spins then lifts on its side.  The only thing holding the riders is a single steel bar at waist level. One place had a defective bar. There was no easy way to lock it up, and removing the safety bar would simply invite some daring bozo to try the ride without any protection. 

Pete suggested that screwing a plastic mannequin in place would make it impossible to use that space. When asked if he knew where to find one, he said that he, in fact, did. He also said that using a boring mannequin like the ones in big stores display windows would not do it, as it would look “cheap”, and would probably fall apart within a few rides. He said that he would find one that looks real, and that would even draw people to ride the wheel. He was given the okay.

Now, it was time to put his mannequin in place. He was in his garage, putting the final touch to his masterpiece. There was a two-piece mannequin standing on the left wall: a back and a front piece, the interior was black, and the exterior flesh toned. It was definitely a woman shaped in the standing up position with her arms at her sides, folded at right angle at the elbow, the palms of the hands facing each other. On the exterior side of the back piece was a long box, running from the back of the neck down to the waist. It showed a few holes where screws could be installed. But inside the box, where Pete was actually working, there was an array of small electronic equipment and wires.

The door linking the garage to the house opened. Karen appeared. She was of average height, very slim, and wearing a deep black latex suit covering her from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. The rubber was as shiny as a mirror and was molding her to perfection. Eyes and mouth holes were cutting the otherwise perfect black coating. Pete turned his head to look at her.

“Wow! You look stunning, as always.”

“Thanks,” she said, “how are things going?”

“Pretty much as planned. I was about to call you. I’ll be ready to set you up in a few minutes. You’re sure you want to go on with that?”

“Yes, I do. For the test phase at least. I’ll reconsider next week, as planned.”

“As you wish. This is your dream after all. I’m just making it come true. There, time for you to step in.” He said while leaning the back piece against the workbench, angled at 45 degrees. 

Karen approached. The thin rubber was creaking with each movement, each step. She found it exciting, and Pete, seeing this sculptural form gleaming in the harsh light, moving toward him in sexy moves was giving him a hard-on. Only the small wires dangling from her crotch cut the soft continuous lines.

 She turned her back to the carbon fiber mold and slowly stepped on it, placing her feet on the 5 inches arched soles of the mold. 

Her body fit snugly inside the mold as she gradually took place, rocking her hips gently from side to side so slide in. The creaking of the rubber against the carbon fiber cocoon was filling the garage.


“Yeah. Seems right” She answered. 

The outside measurements of the mold were her exact body size, so she had to squeeze in about a quarter of an inch all around, which made it, after all, quite tight. He helped her get her head in place, sliding his hand between her ears and the mold, so that the built-in earphones would make a perfect seal. That would make her almost deaf, but just to be sure she wouldn’t hear any noise from the outside, the earphones would send her a constant white noise.

He then pushed hard on her head, to make it sink into the tight mold. He proceeded slowly to push her in the mold, from head to toe. He came back to the waist, which was still bulging at the sides.

“This part is going to be a tight fit,” he said.

“Yeah, I know, and I’ll be the only one to blame. You already told me that.”

“Sure you don’t want to put on a corset first? I mean three inches is a lot.”

“No, I don’t want to wear a corset first. It’ll squeeze in.”

“As you wish.” He said while grabbing the wires bundle at her crotch and plugging it into a small plug, linked to the back box. Karen twitched.

“Is the power on, on this thing or what?”

“You know it doesn’t use a battery. It’s an inertial generator, and it’s been accumulating since I learned the mold. Sorry for that.”

“Don’t be…” she said with a wink.

With a smile, he carefully placed the wires, and closed the cover of the back box. He then grabbed the front-end piece, and placed the top of the “foot” in place, using it as a hinge.

“Last chance to back off.” He said, perfectly knowing Karen’s answer.

“Go for it” she said with a smile “see you in 16 hours.”

Seeing him was quite the right thing to say. He slowly lowered the top piece in place. Karen squirmed to position herself, working her arms into the arms of the mold like a stiff pair of gloves. When the head arrived, she opened her mouth wide. There was a huge rubber ball hanging from the inside of the mold. Pete put it slowly in place, as she worked herself into it with small squirms. 

The two sides were touching each-others by their overlapping section. It was now time to fasten it in place. 

He took nylon ratchet straps and applied them almost everywhere on the mold. He then proceeded to tighten them in order, starting by the waist, which had the most to go.

 A few clicks at the waist, then at the chest, then the left thigh, right thigh, left lower leg, right lower leg, right arm, right forearm, left arm, left forearm, the neck, mouth position of the head, and eyes. Slowly, click by click, the mold closed. 

Karen sucked her stomach in as much as she could, but he mold asked for more, and the force of the ratchet straps were not giving one single fraction of an inch. She felt her body being compressed, her waist being reduced by 3 inches, her chest being crushed in, her head being slowly encased and isolated from the outside world. 

Her body became stiff and rigid. The face of the mold was pressing hardly against her own face, cushioned only by the rubber hood. The gag was now fully inserted, and filling her mouth. 

Her eyes were now two tiny holes, covered by dark lenses. She could only see directly in front of her, and only if there was bright sunlight, through the center of the painted blue eyes of the mannequin. Right now, in the dim light of the garage, she was seeing black.

The mold was closed, but needed to be fastened. Pete flipped it so the face was now against the bench. He took a small electric screwdriver, and proceeded to screw in small screws, about one every inch, on the side of each seam. He had the whole mold to do.

Twenty minutes later, the mold was fastened and the straps removed. For anyone to tell, it was looking just like any other mannequin you would find in boutiques display windows. He dressed the mannequin in the latest teenage fashion, including thick platform running shoes. The heel height of the shoes didn’t reflect the real height of which Karen’s feet were arched, but that was the point. Seeing a mannequin wearing spike heels in this situation was not exactly the right thing to do. 

Pete approached her, and looked inside her right eye. There he could see a blinking green light that Karen was operating with her fingers, stating that everything was okay, and that she was ready to proceed. 

He lifted her on a trolley and carried her to his van. Just doing that triggered the inertial generator, and sent electrical impulses to Karen’s crotch implants. But for now, it was just small jolts that were probably more disturbing than pleasurable. 

From Karen’s point of view, it was pure torture. The small jolts only excited her more and more, but without giving her what it took for her to explode. He tied her on the wall of the van and drove off. It was still dark, but he had only about a half an hour before the sun would show, and people from the fair would come in. The faire does not open before 10am, but people are there to check on the equipment.

Pete drove to the spinning wheel, and carried the mannequin out. He placed her on the defective compartment, then went to the back, and proceeded to fasten her in place, driving screws to the back black box. He then screwed screws from under the grilled floor of the wheel to the thick sole shoes, knowing where Karen’s foot really were. The mannequin was secured in place.  He gave it the final touch by placing a wig and screwing it in place, so it wouldn’t fly away. For everybody but him, this looked like a lifelike teenage girl, wearing the latest fashion, waiting to be spinning around. He put the holding bar through the mannequin hands, like she was holding on to it. The boss of the fair came by.

“Hey, nice idea! Where did you find it?”

“Someone I know.” Answered Pete. The boss would never guess that he made it, and what was… filling it.

“You’re sure it will hold on, without breaking apart? I wouldn’t want any flying debris hitting someone.”

“No problem, boss, it’s carbon fiber, and for the next week, I’ll take it off every night to check for cracks. If there’s none, it’ll stay there.”

“Very good. Keep me posted.”

The boss walked away, and Pete was ready for the first test. He went to the control panel and put the wheel in motion, a full session. The wheel first slowly got to speed, spin flat for a few seconds, and slowly raised in the air until she reached close to 90 degrees, stayed there for one minute then came back to it’s horizontal position, then up again for another 30 seconds, then flat again, slowing to a halt. Pete walked to the mannequin, and had a look at the eye. It was blinking green. She was okay. In fact, Karen was in paradise. The spinning made the gravity generator accumulate energy. When the wheel stopped, the energy was sent back through random firing of the pleasure buttons covering her double dildo, hidden in her crotch. She was having orgasm after orgasm. When fully charged, there was enough energy to keep her going for one hour. The spinning Pete gave her, charged the device for about 10 minutes. The thing is that the only time she would be able to relax was when the wheel was spinning, so about 5 minutes at a time. Since the charges were adding themselves, within 12 spins, she would be full charge, so when the wheel would stop, she would have one hour of electrical jolts before she could rest.

Karen was reaching the end of her session when the owner of the amusement park passed by. He looked at the mannequin.

“Nice job, Pete. She looks real at first sight.”

“Thanks boss.”

It was true that with her dark red, dark blue and black hairs, the latest teenage fashion clothes, she looked like another youngster having a ball on the spinning wheel. She was having fun, all right, but it was no teenager, and it was a different fun…

Pete was satisfied with his test. So the day went on with Karen secured to the ride. Late in the night, when the park was closed, Pete proceeded to remove her from the ride. Her boss came by.

“Why do you remove the mannequin? You can leave it there. Fastened as it was, no one can steal it.”

“Nah, it’s not that. It has never been stressed like that, and I want to examine it for cracks or something. I wouldn’t want it to fall apart while the wheel is spinning, wouldn’t you?”

“No, no, you’re right. You already told me that this morning. As long as you have a solution to block that space.”

“No need to worry, sir.”

He left them. He carried the mannequin in his van and drove home. There, he installed her on the workbench and proceeded to unscrew the two halves. He slowly separated the top part. A smell of hot rubber mixed with sweat filled his nose. Hi grinned. Karen was there, but she didn’t seem to be really there.

“You’re okay?” he asked.

“Ahn, han…” she answered from a very low voice.

“How was it?”

“Fantastic… but exhausting.”

He helped her to get out. She walked weirdly on her way to the bathroom where she removed the intruders, the latex suit and took a shower. She slept without adding a word. 

The next morning, Pete was back at the fair, installing the empty mannequin. His boss was pleased to see that the mannequin had sustained the ride. He heard that many teenagers would come back to the park, for that ride in particular, just because they wanted to see the life-like mannequin. Karen didn’t use the mold again, saying that her fantasy had been fulfilled. That was until Pete came from work with an interesting proposition.

“They’re having a 60 hours non-stop festival coming in two weeks, from Friday 10:00 to Sunday 22:00. How would you like to live it for 60 hours non-stop?”

Karen smiled, and Pete knew the answer. He went to work in his garage. He had some modifications to do on her original design to sustain a living person for 60 hours…

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2001

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