Karen – Outfitters


Part I – The Bowling Club

Karen put down the magazine with a smile. She walked to her closet and picked up the desired clothes and laid them on the bed. She kicked off her 4 inches heels slippers, and proceeded with the first item: a leather bustier corset. It was made out of fine black leather. She put it on, and pulled on the laces at the back. She felt the corset embrace her and hug her tightly. It was not a very constricting corset, it was just enough to give a good feel without the discomfort. After all, she was going to play bowling.

Then went the pants; Fine, supple black leather, jeans cut pants, and very tight. She pulled and tugged on them, pulling on one leg, then the other one, and smoothing up the legs with her hands, sliding them slowly from the knee up to her hips. Before fastening them, she bent and proceeded to put on the five inches stiletto boots. They were bright red and again made of the finest leather. They were just over the knee high. There was no zipper, these were pull on boots. Only a small string behind the knee was breaking the otherwise smooth leather. 

Once the boots were in place, she laid on the bed, held her breath and pulled on each side of the pant’s zipper and closed it. It was rather difficult, as the leather jeans were so tight. Once done, she could breathe again, sort of. She got on her feet and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

 She looked absolutely stunning. Her already thin waist made even slender by the leather corset, her tight leather jeans showing every curve of her round and firm butt, and the high heels boots giving her even longer legs, while forcing her to take a posture showing her butt and her ample breast. 

She turned to look at her profile, while rubbing her right hand up to her breast and down to her thighs. She smiled. She applied light makeup and grabbed the last pieces of clothing: a pair of elbow length black leather gloves, which she put on slowly, letting each finger gently slide in place, and a bright red leather bolero jacket that would complement perfectly her red boots. The sleeves of the jacket were already tight, and with the gloves, even tighter. Again she looked at herself in the mirror. The front of the jacket was opening just enough to show her generous cleavage encased in the black leather corset, and her black gloves made the perfect contrast. She let her long blond hairs float over her shoulders, picked the magazine and headed for the bowling alley.

She attracted a lot of attention in the parking lot. Her heels clicking were making men’s head turn, and her stunning look was making their jaws drop. Only their wives seemed not to approve. Inside the building, she was making head turns. Finally, she reached the counter, where the clerk hardly believed what he was seeing. Obviously, she was not exactly dressed the usual way to play bowling.

“Err… Hi. May I help you?” he asked out of a trembling voice.

“Oh yes,” she said with a soft sultry voice “My name is Karen, and I have made an alley reservation.”

“Humm… Yes, right here. Okay, what shoe size?”

“Show size? For what?” she said, knowing perfectly what the question was for, but she wanted to tease the guy.

“For bowling shoes” he answered, showing a pair of the silly looking white and red flat shoes. “You need to wear those to play.” He added.

“No way I’m putting these ugly shoes on. I’m playing with what I have now.”

“Sorry miss.” He said with a smile and repressing a laugh, suspecting a prank, “you have to play with those shoes. It’s regulations. Besides, high heels would only damage the floor.”

“But, don’t you have the new SupraII flooring here?”

“Yes miss, state of the art.” He said, almost proud of saying it. That’s where the magazine came into play. She opened it and showed it to the clerk.

“Then, what does that mean?”

There was an ad, of the SupraII flooring. A picture showed a gorgeous woman, dressed with denim shorts and tank top, wearing spiky white high heels pumps, holding a bowling ball. The slogan was saying “It’s so hard, you could play in high heels!”

The clerk looked perplexed, not really knowing what to do. A line up was also growing behind Karen, and people were becoming impatient. The manager of the club, probably through the security camera, saw that something wrong was happening, and went to give a hand to his employee. He showed him the magazine ad, and explained that she wanted to play in high heels.

“Would you come to my office, please?” Said the manager.

Karen followed, and many eyes followed her as her heels were clicking on the hard tiled floor, not to mention that, covered in leather as she was, every move was making the so familiar leather creaking noise. She entered the office, and sat in the leather chair that the manager offered. He didn’t seem very happy.

“What kind of stunt are you trying to pull off here, miss…”

“Karen. You can call me Karen, and this is no stunt. I want to play bowling. The ad stipulates that the floor is resistant enough for high heels, and I want to play in high heels.”

“Come on, miss. You can’t do that. That’s only marketing stuff. No one would play in high heels. Much too dangerous to start with… Have you ever played bowling before?”

“Yes, a couple of years ago.”

“So, you realize the flexibility needed for the game.”

“Yes, I do.”

“So, you should be aware that wearing high heels is not the best choice, and that you seem rather… stiff in all that tight leather clothing. I don’t think you would appreciate the game.”

“Listen.” She said, getting up, generating a burst of creaking leather noise, bending forward and putting her leather gloved hand on the manager’s desk. “I know how to play bowling, I know how I’m dressed, and I know that I want to play now, as I am. Now, YOUR ad, as it is YOUR bowling club that is on this ad, states that one could play in high heels. Now, either you let me play, or I’ll make a fuss about fraudulent advertising.”

He was stuck. If she was to make trouble with fraudulent advertising, that could be bad for business. If he let her play, in a few hours, she’ll be gone, and all this would be forgotten. He chose the second option.

“Okay, I’ll let you play. I believe you have a reservation?”

“Yes, I took the hourly rate.”

“Very well.” He said, thinking that in an hour, it would be all over.

“I reserved for three hours.” She added.

His heartbeat stopped and his mouth opened, but not a sound was heard. Then, thinking fast, he was sure she would not be able to cope with three hours of bowling dressed like she was, and what is paid in advance is non-refundable. So, she had made a good choice.

He escorted her to her alley. She was getting angry looks from other players who were sure she was going to destroy the alley, wide eyes looks from most of the men, and disapproving look from most women. She picked up the ball, inserting her gloved fingers into the holes. All of the nearby alleys had all stopped, and were looking at her. Karen looked at the manager, still behind her, and winked at him. She aimed, made a few steps, slid her leather sole boots like a pro, bent forward, feeling her corset biting her, and her tight leather jeans pinching her crotch, threw the ball and made a strike. A round of applause burst in the bowling club. She looked again at the manager and winked.

“See, not a scratch.” She said, pointing at the floor, which was as shiny as before.

For three hours she played. Sometimes making great scores, but most of the time making not so great ones. It appeared that her strike at the first ball was more luck than real precision. At many occasions, she got the help of men, who were more than glad to approach her, and with some disguised gesture as if they were telling her how to throw the ball, could touch her tightly encased butt and legs. Many were offering drinks, but she refused all of them.

She noticed a man, two alleys down, that was constantly looking at her when he was not talking to the woman at his right. When Karen was looking back at him, he would simply smile, but not look away. His alley time ended, and instead of going away, he stayed along with the woman. They were both looking at Karen from a distance.

Finally, Karen’s time was off. She was exhausted. Her feet were hurting, her hips, her waist. She was aching everywhere but she loved every minute of it, every move, every sensation. She was surrounded by men offering a ride home, but she dismissed all of them, stating that she came with her own car, and that she was not here to find a boyfriend, but to play bowling. She walked out, but came face to face with the man and the woman.

“Err.. Excuse me,” said the man, “my girlfriend and I would like to talk with you a little. Is it possible for you to meet us at a more… private place?” he said, pointing at the herd of men behind the blond bombshell.

“We can go to a restaurant, but I believe I would be followed.”

“In that case, we know where to go.” He said, handing her a business card. 

That made the herd of men wanting to hand their phone numbers too. Karen thought that, after all, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea to have come to the bowling club, now she would have to get rid of these leeches. She looked at the card. Written in plain letters was “Sheena and Paul, Fetish Outfitters”. That looked rather serious, and she knew of nobody who would give business cards like that as a joke. Going back home, she would undoubtedly be followed. She flipped the card, and there was the address of a restaurant. She decided to give it a try.

Part II – The Offer

She made the right choice, as she was followed all the way. The restaurant looked small, and very fancy. She would certainly be out of place dressed like she was, but then again, she was at the bowling alley and she didn’t mind. She entered the restaurant, and was greeted by a man in a tuxedo, looking quite snobbish.

“May I help you, miss?” he asked with a British accent.

She handed him the business card. His face immediately changed to a more convivial one.

“Of course, miss. Please, follow me.”

At the same time, five men entered the restaurant. The man stopped.

“May I help you gentlemen?” he asked from his snob voice.

“We… We would like a table.” Answered one of them, immediately approved by the others.

“Do you have a reservation?”

“No… But we’re… we’re with her.” Answered one of the guys, again approved by the others.

“Sorry gentlemen, but Miss is alone. If you do not have a reservation, I would ask you to leave.”

Heads down, the men went. Karen was relieved.

“Thank you, Mr…”

“Call me Harry, Miss.”

“Well, thank you, Harry.”

He led her to the back of the restaurant, in a booth isolated from the others by a thick drape. The man and the woman she met at the bowling alley were sitting there, having a drink.

“Nice of you to come.” Said the woman. “What would you have to drink?”

“A… A Martini would be fine, thank you.”

“Harry, a Martini, please, and bring the Crab Entrée for all of us.”

“Of course, Madam.” Said Harry, replacing the thick drape. Karen sat there, not very sure what was going on.

“I am Paul, and this is Sheena. And you are?”

“Karen. My name is Karen.”

“Pleased to meet you, Karen” Said Sheena. “It was hard not to notice you at the bowling club. Was that a stunt, or you really are like that?”

Karen was surprised by the question. It was direct and to the point.

“Err. No, it wasn’t a bet or something like that. I wanted to have some fun, but I think I got a little more than I bargained for.”

“Yes, it was to be anticipated. Do you go out dressed like that often?”

Since they were straight and direct, she decided to be the same.

“As a matter of fact, yes. I have no shoes with heels lower than four inches, and all my clothing has a very tight cut.”

“Do you wear dresses?”

“On occasion, but I don’t really like them because they’re not tight around my legs.”

“I see. But do you go often like that in public places?”

“I go to work and shopping in high heels and tight jeans, but rarely do activities, because of the trouble, like what I had tonight.”

“We understand,” said Sheena. “That’s why we wished to meet you.”

Harry came back with the drink and a big bowl of crab legs, the meat already removed from the shell, and accompanied by 5 different dips. Paul took one and plunged it in a salsa like dip.

“Go ahead. I do hope you like seafood.”

Karen smiled. “I LOVE seafood.” She said while pulling on her leather glove.

“Keep the gloves. It’s okay.” Said Sheena. “That’s why the crab legs are without their shells.” 

Karen picked one and dipped it in one of the bowls.

“I’ll be right to the point.” Continued Sheena. “Like our business card said, we’re Fetish Outfitters. We’re one of the very few on this planet to do that. We have a small tropical island that is nothing but fetish. There, one can practice almost anything. We have indoor sports, outdoor sports, water sports as well as every activity conceivable.”

“Sounds great” cut in Karen, “but I doubt that I have the money needed to even spend a weekend there.”

“That’s the beauty of it. It wouldn’t cost you a penny.”

“Yeah, right.” Said Karen, preparing to leave. “I’m not into your scam, sorry.”

“No, wait. Don’t go. You pay for your stay by working for us.” Said Paul.

Karen stopped.

“What do you mean?”

“Please, take back your seat.” He said, gently.

She complied, her leather creaking as she bent to sit back.

“We do have paying customers, but we also need staff.”

“And why would I make a good staff member?” asked Karen.

“Most of our customers want to live a fantasy.” Started Sheena. “They’ve been dreaming about it for years, and want it realized. But once it’s done, they’re through with it, and want to try something else. They’re not the ones who would wander around in their fetish fantasy. Either they don’t have the guts to do it, or their job prevents them. You live your fetish on an everyday basis. You told us that you were going to work and shopping, dressed in tight jeans and high heels, but you would not do other activities because you’re rejected at the site. As a staff member, you HAVE to wear your fetish outfit all the time, and you HAVE to perform every duty, including activities, with it.”

“You would work for us” continued Paul, “meaning that you earn money. Since we provide for all your needs for lodging, food and all fetish clothing, the paycheck is not that high, but with no other expenses, it’s rather good. You will have to work on activities as well as on factories.”

“Factories?” she asked.

“Where we make the fetish attire that we also sell around the globe.”

“You know, this is so…”

“Unbelievable? Yes. Listen. We’ll do the same thing we made to all our employees. Come in for a week, at our expenses, and make your decision after that. Do you have some time off you can take?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then come and see for yourself. When do you think you can come?”

“Anytime, I just have to call my manager.”

“Very good. Just give us a call when ready.”

“But… Why are you offering that to me? I can be just a joker, maybe this was just a stunt.”

“We know you are a serious fetishist, simply by the fact that you turned down every drink, every proposition that all the men, and the few women made to you. You were not there looking for sex, but to experience your fetish. And that’s why we’re offering you that.”

Karen thanked them and they parted. Once home, Karen thought about all this. It seemed so weird, yet so appealing. Maybe it was just a trap, but then again, Sheena and Paul haven’t put too much pressure on her. She had to make her decision.

A week had passed. She hasn’t heard from them since the bowling night. Was it because it was just a joke, or because they don’t put pressure at all. She gave them a call.

“Oh Hi, Karen, how are you?”

“Very fine. I was wondering, is your offer still on?”

“Always on. If you still don’t feel ready, we’ll wait. It’s for you to decide.”

“Well, I’m ready to have a look, as you said.”

“Very well. And as we already said, for this week, it’s free. After that, you either have to pay or work for us.”

“I understand. Is there a place left for next week?”

“There’s always places left.”

“What should I bring?”

“Your favorite outfits. We’ll provide the rest. A courier will bring you the plane tickets within a few hours. See you there.”

Part III – The Flight

Sunday afternoon. Karen got out of the taxicab with her suitcase at the small private airport. She was wearing tight jeans and 6 inches heels, 1,5 inch black platform shoes and a tight black leather jacket over a dark blue stretch velvet shirt. The jeans were not her tightest ones, as she was to sit in an airplane for a few hours, she wanted to keep the blood flow in her legs. 

It was a small executive jet. She was invited inside by the flight attendant that was wearing a tight fitting dark red vinyl catsuit and 6 inches heels black patent thigh high boots. That gave Karen a hint that she was boarding the right airplane.

“My name is Mary, and I’m here to fulfill your every need. It won’t be long until we depart,” she said, as she helped Karen with her luggage, “we’re waiting for a customer to arrive.”

A few minutes later, a dark van parked alongside the airplane. The sliding door opened and two men went inside. For many minutes, Karen could see the van slightly rocking from side to side as things were moved inside. Then the men came out, escorting a woman figure. She was wearing an extremely tight latex catsuit that seemed awfully thick. Her head was encased in a latex hood, and only two dark tinted lenses were covering her eyes. Tubes were coming out of her nostrils and one from her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging as if she had her mouth full and her head was held straight by a thick leather collar. She was making small steps on ballet toe boots, her ankles being linked by a six inches chain, and her arms were tightly encased in her back in a single glove arm binder, coming up to her shoulders. 

They helped her climb on board. It was obvious that she was heavily corseted. Karen noticed the seat on the other side of the airplane. It had a hole on the back. They installed her, feeding her bound arms into that hole, then proceeded to strap her in place. A metal cuff, two inches wide, at her wrists was secured to the floor. Her feet were fastened together, bent straight and again, linked to a D ring on the floor. Her stiff collar was attached with two leather straps, one on each side, to the sides of the seat. Heavy straps were drawn over her chest and waist, and tied to their maximum. Finally, another wide leather strap encircled her knees, and it too was put on very tightly. Karen could see her chest rising and falling regularly, and rather calmly. 

The flight attendant took what looked like a cigarette lighter.

“Do you hear me, Lynda?”

The latex form wiggled in her bonds.

“Are you ready for take off?”

Again the form moved, definitely from front to back, making a distinctive yes”.

The door was closed and the plane took off. Karen saw at many occasions the latex form wiggled. She asked the flight attendant if she was sure she was okay.

“This isn’t her first trip, we’re used to that now. She has… inserts, if you know what I mean, that react with altitude and vibrations. In fact, she’s having quite a ball in there.”

“And she’ll be like that for the whole flight?”

“All five hours of it, yes. Would you like to try some restraints yourself? As a guest, you are entitled to it at no cost.”

“What do you mean?”

“We can put you in a similar situation, without the latex outfit of course, for the duration of the flight. You have three choices, soft, medium and heavy.”

“What are the differences?”

“Soft is basically handcuffs and collar, medium add more leather restraints, and heavy is the full package.”

“And how about the… inserts?” asked Karen.

“Heavy package only.” Answered the flight attendant as if Karen had asked the content of the complimentary peanut bag.

“May I ask you a personal question? You work for them, right? How is it?”

“Wonderful, for a lack of a better word. I do what I like, being a flight attendant, I can do it with my fetishes,” she rubbed her tight vinyl suit, “and more, I help others fulfill their fantasies. So, what would it be?”

Karen had another look at the latex woman, wiggling at her inserts.

“I’ll go with the heavy.”

“Very good,” said Mary. “The inserts are available in the bathroom. I suggest you do all you have to do, because we won’t untie you for the rest of the flight, being slightly over four hours now, unless there’s a medical emergency, and having to go isn’t one of them.”

Mary led Karen at the back of the airplane, and showed them the different inserts. She chose the same ones as the latex woman. After emptying her bowels, she lubricated the inserts before inserting them, and pulling back her tight jeans in place. 

The jeans squeezed the inserts even further in, and she had a hard time walking to the chair Mary indicated to her. There weren’t any armrests, but an awful lot of straps. Karen sat, pushing the inserts still further in. The seat has leg rests, which maintained her feet slightly off the floor. Once seated, Mary approached her with a wide leather posture collar, which she fastened rather tightly around Karen’s neck. Then came the ball gag. Karen was not expecting that and at first was reluctant, but then decided to try it. The hard ball was pushed deep in her mouth, and the strap tightened tightly around her head. The harness was going under her chin, then at her forehead, where encircling it tightly. 

The head strap was secured to the head of the seat, preventing her head from moving at all. Her arms were strapped to the sides of the seat with wide straps at the wrist, over and under the elbows. She was strapped in at the chest and waist. 

Straps at the hips were going under her butt, at the crotch, and were pulled in tightly, followed by wide straps on her thighs, over the knee, below the knee and at the ankle. Once done, she couldn’t move a muscle. Mary then snapped thick padded blindfold on the head harness, blocking her vision, and she felt her insert earplugs to cut sounds, but before putting in place the last one, she said:

“I’ll turn on the inserts now. See you back in, oh… 4 hours and 15 minutes.”

Karen couldn’t answer. Her hearing was cut off. And she felt the inserts coming to life, slowly at first, but as each pocket of airs were felt, as every turbulence was passing by, the inserts were put back to life, vibrating her, and giving her small shocks. Karen couldn’t move. The stimulation was different depending if the plane was climbing, or descending, or on air pockets, or even on turns. At pauses, she would have desperately rubbed her crotch, to make the feeling last, to increase the pleasure, but she was at the mercy of the devilish devices… and the atmospheric turbulence… for the next four hours.

The biggest jolt came when the plane touched down. Looked like all the energy left in the insert was given away, then nothing. Mary untied her. Karen was exhausted. Two men were taking care of the latex lady and helping her get off the plane. Paul and Sheena were there to meet Karen.

“So, how was your trip? I see you’ve tried a few of our options?”


“Your face still shows the marks of the head harness, and your jeans are wet.”

Karen realized that she was still carrying the inserts.

“Oh, gee. I have to return those.”

“You keep ‘em. It’s a gift to you. And you’ll learn that they work on all airplanes.  Oh, How rude of me. Welcome to Fantasy Domain.”

Part IV – Fantasy Domain

It looked absolutely fantastic. The weather was warm and comfortable. She could see the small village some distance from the airport, with its cute brick pavements. She heard horse footsteps coming from her left, and turned in the direction. 

A chariot, pulled by two latex clad ponygirls, was coming their way. They were booted with hooves, raising their feet in the air, but without heels. The sole of the boot had a metal horseshoe, like the real ones, making realistic sound. Their hands were tied in their back, and the poles of the chariot were fixed to the side of their harness, at waist level. A horse like hood covered their head, and a large horse bit gag was in their mouth. They were wearing a corset, but didn’t look tight. It was there mainly for the look. Everything was red trimmed. The wrists, the collar, the corset, the boots. Everything had a small red trim, including a half inch band running down the sides of the suit and the arms. The driver was pulling the reins. 

The driver was wearing a tight fitting leather skirt with thigh high boots, and a leather jacket. Her black hair was held in a ponytail. The driver stepped down and put Karen’s luggage at the back of the chariot, while Karen and Sheena took place in the back seat. She walked back to her driver seat, and from a snap of her whip, the two ponygirls pulled on the chariot. They went along a curvy road cutting through the dense vegetation, before coming out in the open of the village. There were a multitude of small houses, no more than 500sq ft and bigger buildings.

“This is the administration building” said Sheena, pointing to the biggest of all, but still no bigger than a standard family house.

“You’ll learn each building and their function as you’ll go along. There’s a detailed map in every house.”

The chariot stopped in front of a house with the number 14.

“This will be your house for the next week. Your roommate should be there.”

“Roommate? Asked Karen.

“Yes. You’re two per house, and since we’re all fetishist, there’s no need for individual homes. You do have your private room, but you share the kitchen and the living room.”

“It would be like in college.” Said Karen with a smile.

“That’s the spirit! I think that by now, you would like to change.”

Karen blushed.

“Don’t be shy. It’s perfectly normal… here anyway.”

The driver had carried Karen’s suitcase to the house and was walking back, her heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk of the house.

“I’ll be meeting a guest at the airport in an hour and a half. If you want to come, you’re welcome.”

“How will I get there? It’s about a mile away.”

“You can walk, if you feel up to, or just call for a cab, all the numbers are next to the phone, and a vehicle will pick you up.

“Thank you, Sheena.” Said Karen, while walking to the house. She was suddenly feeling again the dildos within her, and she wanted to take them off. When she opened the door, she was greeted by a black woman form.

“Hi! You must be Karen. Welcome to Fantasy Domain. My name is Carrie.” She said offering a hand that looked covered by thick rubber. Karen shook it.

“Hello. Excuse me for being so bold, but what is that you’re wearing?”

“It’s my business suit… No, seriously,” she said, still giggling, “it’s neoprene, like the scuba diving suits, except it’s much thicker… and tighter.”

“Ah, I see.” Said Karen.

“The usual neoprene is 5mm thick. This one is 8mm thick, and is about… 3 sizes smaller than my regular size would be, so quite tight, and I like it that way.” She said, turning on herself to show the outline of the suit. Her feet were encased with the same neoprene on shoes with wedge platform soles. Karen estimated the real height of the heel to be close to five inches.

“Come, I’ll show you your room.” She said, picking Karen’s suitcase. Karen’s room was the back one. She was surprised to see the setup when she entered.

“Don’t be surprised, this is all standard… furnishing.”

The bed was a single platform bed, currently covered with satin sheets. There were rings about every six inches all around the framing, as well as rows of rings at the headboard. There was an X frame with a dozen straps fixed on the opposite wall, and a bunch of straps, chains and cuffs hung beside it. On the entrance wall, was s single row of horizontal straps attached to the wall, and there was the closet door. Carrie put the suitcase on the bed and opened the closet door. There were a few items in it, mainly leather cuff and collars.

“There, make yourself at home. I’ll be right here if you need me. Once you’ve changed, I’ll give you a tour. See ya.”

Karen could hardly believe what she was seeing and experiencing. Everything that was taboo was all right here. It was strange. She undressed and took a shower, then proceeded to dress up with fresh clothes. She put on a cotton shirt, long sleeves, that was some kind of stretchy, but not that much, then followed by a pair of acid wash jeans, but before she pulled them up, she put on her favorites six inches heels, black platform shoes. She then lay on the bed and started to pull the jeans in place.

“Oh shhhhiiit!!”

She had said it louder than she wanted to, and Carrie heard. She came knocking at the door.

“Something wrong?”, she said, slowly opening the door. “Can I be of any help?”

“Well, unless you can make my body lose a few pounds in 30 seconds…”

Carrie entered the room. Karen was trying to pull close the zipper of the jeans, but there was no way she would achieve it.

“I decided to buy new jeans before coming,” explained Karen “and it was a last minute decision. I didn’t have time to try them, so I simply called my usual store and asked them to put a few pairs aside for me, that I could pick them up on my way to the airport.”

“And they packed the wrong size, right?”

“Well, yes and no. The label indicates the right size, but it looks like these babies are made somewhat smaller than what the label says, and I can’t squeeze my tummy enough.”

“Hummm. Perhaps a corset should take care of that. Do you have one?”

“Err. Yes, but it’s more a fashion corset than a constriction one.”

“No problemo. I’ll fix that.”

“No, thanks a lot but don’t bother with that. After all, I’m terribly out of place here.”

“No you’re not. What are you talking about?”

“My fetishes. They seem so… insignificant compared to the others. I mean, what are my tight jeans compared to Lynda’s bodysuit? All I’ve seen so far is extreme fetishism; ponygirls, latex bondage, human cars, even you, you’re covered from head to toe in tight neoprene. Mine seems so… dull.”

“Come on. You’re not the only one that is not into the extremes like some of us. You’ll see. There was even that girl, what was her name… never mind. She was wearing normal… city clothes, except she was constantly wearing ballet toe boots. She worked at the administration building.”

“You’re talking at past tense. Where is she now?”

“She’d gone back to her country, Germany I believe. She felt that she could live her fetish in the open world, and went back home. I’ve heard that she now owns a fetish store and sells our products. She still wears ballet toe boots everyday. You see, you may stay here a long time, as well as a short one. One advantage you have is that you can wear tight jeans in public, and it doesn’t make much of a difference. I don’t see myself selling beauty products dressed like that.”

“Like I said, my fetishes are rather dull.”

“Nonsense. Let me take care of that.”

She walked back to the kitchen and came back with a measuring tape. She took Karen’s body measurements at waist, hips, and chest. It started to puzzled Karen when she took measurements at her shoulders and neck and crotch.

“Why do you need those for a corset?”

“Just trust me. It’ll be fun. I’ll be right back.”

She heard Carrie calling someone on the phone.

“Hi, it’s Carrie, on number 14, I need a corset… No, not for me, for my roommate. She’s on a visit for a job… Do you have any President left? … Yes, of course, the measurements…”

She hung up the phone shortly after and she came back to the bedroom.

“You’re in luck; they have one that should suit you perfectly. A courier will bring it within 5 minutes. Now, where were we?” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed. Karen could see the tight neoprene getting tenser as Carrie bent her hips to sit. It really looked awfully tight.

“How long have you been here?” asked Karen.

“A year and a half, now, and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon. And, I’ve been wearing this kind of suit all along. Of course, the first ones were not as tight.”

“And what do you do?”

“I currently work at the factory. We all do at first, but I would like to work at the barn with the ponygirls and ponyboys. Especially the latter one!” she said, giggling. “But these jobs are the most asked for, and I have to wait for my turn.”

A knock on the door interrupted them.

“Ah, your corset. Wait here.” Said Carrie before leaving the room and coming back less than a minute later with a rather large box.

Part V – The Corset

Carrie opened the box and got out a long piece of leather which, to Karen, didn’t look at all like a corset.

“That’s perfect.” Said Carrie holding the garment in the air. “Let’s try it.”

“That’s a corset?”

“A very special one. Hey, aren’t you the one who said that you found your fetish rather light? You gave me the idea of getting a corset a little more… extreme. Now, try it.”

Karen rolled down her pants to her ankles and proceeded with the corset. It was opening only from the back. Carrie slipped it over Karen’s head. The corset was covering her from the hips to the neck, with a rather high collar. She fed her arms through the holes as the corset slid down. There were molded breast cups that appeared a little too small for Karen’s full breasts. There were even a couple of D rings on the sides.

“Looks like a bondage garment.” Said Karen.

“It’s a little of that. Now, lets see if those measurements were right, shall we? Empty your lungs and hold it there.”

Karen complied. She felt the corset close on her body. The first pull was not that bad, as she was used to some compression with her jeans and her fashion corset. The second pull made her feel like she had on her tightest jeans. The third pull was a killer. She had no breath at all, and the corset was also compressing her chest, making the breathing more difficult.

“Well, I have a small problem, here. I still have one inch to close, but it won’t go.”

“Just leave it as it is. It’ll be fine.” Panted Karen.

“No way. It has to be drawn in all the way. I know…”

She went to the closet and returned with leather cuffs that she put on Karen’s wrists, then attached the cuffs to chains coming down from the ceiling. She went to a small control box and pressed a button. A winch, hidden in the ceiling was heard, and her arms were pulled up. Karen didn’t say a word. It was a stretch from what she was used to, but it excited her. When her feet didn’t touch the floor, the winch stopped and Carrie proceeded with the corset, then lowered her gently on the ground and removed the cuffs.

“How does it feel?”

“… Tight.”

“That was expected. Now the jeans.”

In the process, Karen had forgotten everything about those, and the thought of adding them gave her a rush. She tried to bend to pick them up, but just couldn’t. The corset had rendered her body stiff from the neck to the hips. Carrie laughed and picked up the jeans. Both of them pulled on the jeans to put them in place. They were really tight, but with the help of the compression of the corset, they went in place. Carrie took the pair of pliers and while Karen pulled the two sides together, she zipped then up, then fastened the button.

“Wow. Look at yourself!” said Carrie, closing the door, revealing a long mirror. Karen walked to it, a stiff stick from the knee up. She looked stunning. Straight, erected, a slender body like she had never dreamed of. The black shiny leather contrasting with the pale acid wash denim was stunning. The collar of the corset was hanging loose. Karen grabbed it.

“Is it supposed to go this way?” she asked.

“Oh no,” said Carrie “let me fix that.”

She grabbed the collar, and pulled the buckled closure tight. The collar was rather high and quite stiff, forcing Karen to raise her head. Carrie tightened it a little too tight to her taste.

“I can’t hardly swallow. Can you lose it a little?”

“Out of the question. That’s the way it goes.”

But Karen didn’t like it, so she tried to undo it. When Carrie saw that, she rushed to her room to return as fast, before Karen had time to loosen it. Karen’s hands were pulled away, and before she could react, she heard a distinctive click. She fumbled with her fingers and startled.

“What the hell have you done? You locked it?”

“Yes dear. It’s on, it stays. You thought of your fetishes dull, that should fix it.”

She felt Carrie work on the back of her corset, and she heard three more clicks.

“I locked the corset too. I’ll help you get out of it tonight.”

She walked in front of Karen.

“Hummm. A nice belt should add just the right thing.”

She walked again to the closet and came back with a half-inch wide red leather belt and fed it through Karen’s belt loops.

“That should make a nice contrast.” Said Karen. “I like it… Oh shit. Now, I do not.”

Carrie had taken a locking belt, and it was now secured in place. She could not undress at all.

“How is that for feeling a little helpless.” Said Carrie with an evil smile. “I hope you haven’t drank too much, because you’ll have to hold it for a few hours. Well, you better call a cab or you’ll be late for A.D.’s arrival.”


“The guest Sheena is expecting. If you want to see extremes, go see her.”

Karen made a few steps and stopped by the door.

“Geesh. I can’t walk. I’m so rigid. I can’t take a cab, I can’t sit down.”

“Better call the vertical cab. It’s there for those, like you, who can’t sit. But I should warn you, the ride won’t be what you expect.”

Right now, she was not expecting anything, because everything was more than she expected. She walked to the phone, in the kitchen. She had to rock her hips from side to side, and twist her whole body to be able to make each step. She was panting heavily, but of short gasps of air, when she reached the phone. She looked at the number and called for a vertical cab. As she was hanging up the phone, Lynda came rushing into the room.

“You forgot your gloves and jacket.”

Carrie had seen those on the bed. Karen was so tightly encased, she didn’t give a damn about those, but again, Carrie insisted, and Karen was in no position to argue. She put on the shoulder length kid gloves, and then went the denim jacket, with its tight, TIGHT sleeves. They had to manage quite a struggle to put it on. Once all done, her arms were as stiff as the rest of her body.

“I feel like a robot.” Said Karen.

“like it?” I have to get prepared. I’m working tonight. I’ll be back around midnight.

She smiled. Nothing more had to be added. A few minutes later, the cab was at the door. Karen walked, painstakingly, to it. The driver, a woman wearing a leather catsuit and thigh high stiletto boots helped her in. There was no seat, just a row of straps. The driver casually pushed her to a wall, amidst the straps then tightened one around her waist. Once that one done, she kneeled and tightened one around her ankles, then below the knees, over the knees, hips, re-tightened the one at the waist, then below her breasts, and over her breasts and around her neck. On the straps at the hips and upper body, were attached smaller straps, where Karen’s arms were tightly fastened. Once done, she couldn’t move at all. The driver looked at her and smiled. Karen smiled back at her.

“Carrie told me that it wasn’t going to be what I would expect… and she was ri.. mmpff.”

Before she could end her phrase, a gag was stuffed in her mouth as the driver was nodding no with her head while putting her index across her lips. Karen realized that she should have remained silent. Now, she would.

The only part of her body that she could somewhat move was her head, a little bit from side to side. It was enough for her to see outside. It was obvious that she was not heading straight for the airport. At the next corner, the vertical cab stopped again, and the driver helped another passenger to get in. This one was wearing a full body corset, with separate arms and legs. It covered her from her high heeled boots, tightly laced, up to her thighs. Karen could see the boning all around the legs. They were attached, with more laces, to the body corset, which looked awesomely tight. Karen figured the subject waist at about 18 inches. She had long leather gloves, boned, and laced tight up to her shoulders, where it was linked to the body corset. Her head was covered with a thick leather hood, laced at the back, and also linked to the body corset. There were just two small breathing holes at the nose. Her eyes were covered with dark lenses, and blinding flaps were hanging at the sides. There was no way to tell what kind of boning it was, but Karen assumed it was steel, since she was so rigid. She was backed to the wall, and strapped to a similar fashion as Karen.

“So, Judy.” Said the driver as she snapped the blinding flaps on, “going to the mountain again? You’re really a tough one.”

To the mountain? Was she mountain hiking dressed like that? Karen made a mental note to find out, as of right now, she was unable to ask the question. The bus continued and made another stop. Again, the driver helped another to get in. It was a man this time, completely wrapped up in duct tape. He was wearing wedge high heels boots, all wrapped in duct tape. His hands were taped in a fist. All of his skin that could be seen was his eyes. Deep blue. Karen smiled at him through her gag, and she had the impression that he smiled back at her. He was strapped next to Judy.

“It’ll be fun, Judy. You’re traveling right next to your instructor.”

Karen was astonished. She felt more and more that anything was possible. She struggled in her tight embrace, and felt some pleasure from it. She might enjoy it being more restrained than what she was used to.

The bus headed for the airport. Karen was unfastened from her seat and the gag was removed.

“Behave, now. Have a nice day.” Said the driver before leaving. 

She had left Karen at the entrance of the airport. She didn’t know where to go. She looked around. She remembered disembarking from the far left of the landing field, about a thousand feet from where she was. She began walking. She had to make tiny steps as she rocked her body from side to side. Her arms were of not much help to balance her, as the tight denim jacket limited their movements. She heard horses’ sounds behind her. She stopped and turned around, all in one block. Sheena was coming on a chariot pulled by two ponygirls. Sheena waved to her as they passed by and continued her way. 

Karen resumed her walk. She saw the plane approaching on the horizon. The small Learjet landed and stopped at Sheena’s position. Karen was still 250 feet away, and walking slowly. When she arrived, the flight attendant was guiding two men carrying what appeared, at first, to be a rather large box. Then the box was out, Karen realized that it was in fact a cage, and that someone was inside. She approached to have a closer look. Whatever was inside was acting like a dog. A rubber covered dog. Once on the ground, the cage was opened, and the dog rushed out. It acted like a dog and was walking on all fours, but it was without a doubt, a woman. Her face had a long dog nose, and she had pointed ears.

“Hello A.D. How was your trip?” asked Sheena.  Karen approached, and the dog came to her.

“Is there really a woman inside this?”

The back legs of the dog were folded at the knee, back on themselves. They looked wrapped into some kind of single sleeve, and the foot was pointing up. She was walking on some sort of thick knee pads, and her hands were also ending with flat round pads. Her back looked surprisingly rigid, and her head was constantly up.

“Yes, it is a woman. Her name is Australian Dog, or A.D. Her real name is of no concern. Here’s her file.” Said Sheena, handing a document to Karen, who took it with some difficulties from her stiff arms. 

She took it and lifted it high in front of her eyes, being unable to bend down her head. She learned that A.D. ‘s body was encased, from head to hips, into a carbon fiber shell. The same with her folded legs. She had been first coated with two coats of rubber, then the carbon fiber shells were applied. Her legs were encased into a carbon fiber shell that extended to the tip of her toes. The only joints that could bend were her hips. The body shell encased her head, keeping it in the right position so she would always look straight ahead. A swivel joint allowed her to turn her head from side to side, but no up/down motion was possible. Her mouth has been filled with a latex gag, and she is tube fed, hence the need for a straight head, so that she can reach the feeding tube. She also has been intubated for body waste, and has to eat specially formulated low waste generating food. After the shells were secured in place, she was dipped five more times in liquid rubber, giving her a thick protective coating. Her hands are folded into a fist shape, and she’s actually walking on her fist. Gel pads, within the rubber feet helps soften the impacts. The dog nose was in fact, solid rubber, where the feeding and breathing hoses passed through. The ears contained small microphones, linked to earphones in her real ears. Those could be turned on or off at will, with the proper control.

“Must be quite a hassle to go through all this every time she is taken out and back in.” said Karen.

“There’s nothing like that going on. This is permanent. She has been like this for the past two years.”

Karen startled. She browsed the document, and found that in fact, the setup was permanent, that she specifically asked for everything, but every six months, she iss asked three questions: Do you want to get the suit off, do you want to go back to normal life, and, do you want to continue. If she answers yes to any one of the first two questions, and/or no to the third one, she is taken out of it. So far, she’s decided to continue. She also noted that all the procedures were performed here, at Fantasy Domain.

“That… that’s the most extreme fetish I ever heard of.” She said, looking at the woman dog, at A.D, acting like she was indeed a dog.

“How long is she staying here?”

“Six to eight weeks. Her mistress had to go on a business trip, and we’re acting as her dog pound.” Answered Sheena with a smile.

A.D. hopped on the chariot besides Sheena and they were off, the ponygirls pulling on the chariot, and making their hooves slammed heavily on the pavement. When they were about 500ft away Karen realized.

“Hey! Wait! How do I get back to the village?”

“Did you ask your cab to come pick you up?” said the flight attendant who heard her?”

“No. I didn’t think about that. I… I don’t know what I expected.”

“Learning the hard way is the best way. You should have either asked the driver to come back in a specific amount of time, or write a note and hand it. The driver will never ask you. That’s a way to put you in some sort of involuntary predicament. Now, all you have to do is walk back to the village. Good day.” She said, closing the airplane door back on her, as the engines were fired. 

Karen was alone, a mile from her residence, and having to walk the tiny steps that her tight outfit allowed. 

“Well, better start now.” She said to herself, promising to be more careful next time… and to ask for the rule book of the village.

Part VI – The Return Home

Three hours. That’s the time it took her to walk the mile from the airfield to her home. She was exhausted. She was aching from every muscle of her body, who tried desperately to work, but were prevented by the tight clothes. She strode to her room and collapsed on the bed. Her body wouldn’t bend, and since she was locked in, there was no way for her to get released until Carrie would be back. It was only 7pm. She was hungry. 

She walked to the kitchen and had a look in the fridge. There were a few microwavable dishes. She was hungry, but she felt her highly compressed stomach wouldn’t take much. There were tubes, similar to toothpaste tubes. She took one, and saw that it was a highly nourishing paste, intended for those with digestive impairment. It was her case, so she took one. 

Taking the tube with her gloved hand wasn’t that bad, but bringing it to her mouth was another story. Her arms, tightly encased in leather and denim, would not bend more than 90 degrees, the tight denim prevented most rotating movements from her shoulders and her high collar prevented her head to bend down to reach the tube. She was able to get a plate from one of the cabinets.  

She put the tube on it and pressed on it so the goo would flow onto it. But, to her despair, even with the plate on the counter, she couldn’t bend her waist nor her hips enough to reach it. She browsed the multiple drawers, and found the only other solution: a straw. She felt humiliated having to eat through a straw, and at the same time, that aroused her. The stuff tasted like chocolate. She ate the whole tube and drank some water.

But that only took half an hour. She had still more than 4 hours to go before Carrie’s return. She walked back to her bed and lay down on her back. She was able to rock her hips up and down, which aroused her. She was glad she could reach her crotch. She thought that, although she couldn’t remove the jeans, she could get the zipper down. She tried, but nothing moved. Her gloved fingers prevented her from feeling right, but she guessed that the locking mechanism of the belt also took care of the zipper handle. 

There was a pair of wrist cuffs on the night table. Karen had a look at them. They had a locking strap. Once on, she would not be able to remove them. But as she was, one more item wouldn’t hurt. She wanted to feel the tight embrace on her wrists. 

She put them on, and tightened them at the last possible notch, then locked them. She liked it. She put her hands in her back, wanting to feel what it would be like to have her hands tied there. 

There was also a padlock on the table. Of course, no keys were in sight. She figured that she could put it on, but not lock it. That way, she would get the feeling, but could get out of it easily. 

She rolled on her side and put the padlock through the D rings of the wrist cuffs. She turned it to the closing position, but did not push it, then slowly rolled on her back. That position put pressure in the back of her corset, forcing her hips to rise, putting more pressure on her pussy.

She moaned, and slowly started to rock up and down, stimulating her tightly encased lips and clitoris. The tight denim was rubbing gently between her legs. She was doing it slowly, savoring every moment until she felt something on her back. She stopped and rolled on the side working with her hands. The padlock had locked. 

Now, she was really stuck in it. After the moment of panic, she decided that she better makes the most of it, and rolled again on her back.

It was past midnight when Carrie arrived. She expected to have Karen waiting for her, eager to get the corset off, but what she found was a sleeping bound girl. Being careful not to make sounds, she grabbed two more leather cuffs and fixed them on Karen’s ankles, linking them together, and linked a leather strap from the ankles to the foot of the bed. 

Then she took a large ballgag, and by slowly awakening Karen, stuffed it in her mouth as she was yawning. Karen struggled, but she couldn’t do much, realizing that her ankles were now tied to the bed. After Carrie has tightly fastened the gag, she smiled at Karen.

“I expected that you would like your outfit, but not that much. Since you seem to be eager to go heavy on your first night, I figured I’d give you a hand, hence the gag and the ankle strap.”

Karen tried to protest. What she wanted most of all was to get out of it, but she couldn’t tell it, not even gesture it. She nodded no as best as she could, but Carrie understood it wrong, or most probably, she was toying with her.

“Yes, I know, you don’t want to be all that loose. I’ll take care of that.”

She grabbed two more leather straps and hooked them to D rings on each side of her collar, then to the head of the bed, at each corner. She went back to the ankle strap, undid it, and pulled on it as hard as she could, putting her feet on the bed for more strength.  Karen moaned for her to stop, but she tightened it as hard as she could. Next came more leather straps, which she attached to rings on the side of the corset, pulling her denim jacket open. 

One was fixed at waist level, the other at chest level, and that on both sides. As she did with the ankle strap, she leaned against the bed to draw them as tight as she could, effectively pinning her down on the bed. Then, approaching gently, she smiled and applied a leather blindfold on Karen’s eyes.

Karen lay on the bed, tightly encased in denim and leather, tied so tight she couldn’t move a muscle.

“Nighty night, sweetie.” Said Carrie. Karen struggled and tried to scream to get released, but she heard the light switch being turned off. That was way more than she expected. For a first night, anyway.

Part VII – Good Morning.

The morning came after a long wait. Her bladder was ready to explode, but she still couldn’t move a muscle. Finally, after what seems like days, she felt someone working over her and the pressure decreased on her body. Her legs and her neck were released. The belt on her jeans was unlocked, the pants unfastened and she was turned over to her stomach. 

She was still gagged and blindfolded. Her arms were released, the denim jacket was pulled off, with some difficulties, the leather gloves removed and she felt the lacing of the corset being undone. Finally, she was able to breathe, but it was painful. Her stomach and chest were complaining of the pressure they had to submit to for the past hours. Karen moaned and rubbed her waist as the corset was removed. Finally, the blindfold and gag were removed, and she was looking at a smiling Carrie.

“Good morning, dear. Slept well?”

Karen pushed her aside and rushed to the bathroom, hobbling on her jeans that were tangled at her ankles and having to cope with the fact that she still had her high heel shoes on. She was glad to get some relief. She was aching everywhere, and her skin showed traces of the ordeal. 

Seams marks were visible all along her body. Marks of the corset seams, of the tight jeans all along her legs, seams of the gloves, enhanced by the tight jacket sleeves. She came out of the bathroom much more relaxed, and came face to face with Carrie’s smiling face. Karen looked at her with angry eyes.

“You bitch! You’re gonna pay for that.”

Carrie smiled even more. Karen would have swore that hole in the neoprene hood actually went oval.

“I certainly hope so, dear. Listen, it’s 6am. Get a shower and get some real rest. We’ll go for a tour of the island after lunch. I have to go prepare something. I’ll be back around 1pm. See you then…” she said, turning away and leaving the house before Karen had time to add another word.

She sighed, rubbing her aching skin. The shower was welcomed, and revived her. She felt the satin sheets of the bed quite comfortable and fell asleep almost instantly. She woke up around noon and put on the satin bathrobe that was hanging behind the door. 

She went to the kitchen and had the intention of preparing herself a really good and full meal. Then she remembered that she had nothing to wear other than her too small jeans, and she was not in the mood for another day in the dreadful corset. In short, she had nothing to wear. She waited for Carrie’s return.

“What? You’re not dressed yet?” she said as she entered the house, her arms full of boxes and bags.

“Don’t you remember that all I have is too small?” answered Karen, getting pissed off by Carrie’s attitude that seemed a little insulting at times, and she had answered with a harsh tone. Carrie got it.

“Sorry Karen, maybe it was a little too heavy for your first day, but you are in a fetish place, so be prepared for this kind of thing. Now tell me, honestly. You enjoyed it, didn’t you.”

Karen blushed. The answer was yes. Yes she enjoyed it. She enjoyed the tight embrace of the corset, the limited movement it provided mixed with the tight jeans. She enjoyed being bound, and although she would not admit it to Carrie, she actually had a few orgasms when she was bound on the bed.

“Yes… I might.”

“Come on.” Said Carrie. “Don’t you think I haven’t heard you moan while you exploded in this thing last night?”

“W… Was it so obvious?”

Carrie only smiled.

“There, take these.” She said, handing the boxes and bags. “I got that for you. You may prefer to wear this for today, as there’ll be a lot of moving around.”

Karen opened a bag, and it looked like latex. She went to the bedroom, and laid it all on the bed. There was a black catsuit, a pair of blue pants, which if she hadn’t touched it, would pass as being somewhat shiny denim jeans, a latex jacket, again imitating the denim, and gloves. Out of one box was a heavy latex hood, and in the other box, was a heavy posture collar.

“You’ll have to wear it all.” Said Carrie.

“What? Including these?” she said holding the hood and collar. The hood had a built-in blow up gag, and dark eye lenses, and the collar was very wide and looked quite stiff. “But, why?”

“Because we’ll go in some areas where the identities of the persons there should remain anonymous, as well as visitors. That’s why the hood completely covers everything. As for the gag, well, why not. The collar is because you’ll be on a leash, so that you don’t venture on forbidden areas. Yes, a narrow one would do, but then again, why not a posture collar. And there’s more, if you wish to.”

Karen raised an eyebrow.

“Now what?”

“Well, a visit is always boring. Nothing is preventing you from having some pleasure while we tour around. Why not put back your dildos?”

Karen blushed. “I… I don’t know. I’m not used to wandering around with things like that.”

“There’s no better place to start. Here, I’ll help you.” She said, producing a tube of lubricant and helped her put the huge dildos in place. Karen was already aroused only by her presence.

 “How do you put all this on?” she said, taking the catsuit in her hands. 

Carrie went and gave her a hand. The suit was made of medium weight latex. First, Carrie instructed her to powder everything generously. Then she instructed her to get the gloves on first, followed by the latex suit. It was a tight fit, and they both worked hard to put it carefully in place, while removing the wrinkles. The waist was much tighter than the rest, acting almost as a corset. The back zipper was closed until it reached the shoulder blades, which pulled the crotch of the suit deeper in, pushing on the dildos. Karen moaned. Next came the jeans. They were made of extra-heavy rubber, and again, cut very tight. Sliding them over the other layer of latex was somewhat easy. 

Then while Karen pulled hard on both sides, Carrie worked the zipper. Once in place, they were really second skin jeans, and added more pressure to the inserts. Out of another box, came a pair of white lace-up platform boots with 6 inches heels. Karen sat on the bed, not without a little scream when her butt touched the mattress, but the latex jeans being so tight, she had to struggle to stay upright while Carrie laced the boots

 “You’re sure you give the maker these wonderful clothes the right measurements?” asked Karen.

“Yes, yes, I did. I gave it exactly what I had measured yesterday. They should be good, as the corset was the right fit.” She said with a wink, knowing perfectly that the corset was a tad too small also.

Karen smiled but quickly lost it when she saw the hood coming up. First, Carrie inserted the deflated gag into Karen’s mouth then rolled the hood over her head. She tugged hard on the closing zipper, as again, the hood might have been a wee bit too small, placed the large yoke under the catsuit and pulled up the zipper. . Once done, Carrie helped her put on the latex jacket. 

Again, it was a very tight fit and they had to pull a lot to have it fall in place. Finally, came the dreadful collar. Carrie placed it on and buckled it tightly. Again, Karen started to panic and tried to remove it, or at least to loosen it. But she was too late, as Carrie snapped a padlock in place.

“No tampering.” She said with a smile. 

She went to the closet and came back with two pairs of wide leather cuffs. She put on a pair at Karen’s wrist, the other just over the elbows. Then she turned Karen around, and locked the wrists in her back, followed by drawing her elbows together and locking the second pair. Karen struggled, as her elbows were not used to that kind of treatment. She felt her shoulders would pop off. At the same time, she felt her breasts being pushed outward. She grunted and complained in her hood.

“That is to make sure you don’t touch anything. I told you, you’ll be visiting a restricted area of the complex. I see that I’ll have to use all devices.” She said while picking up the pump of the gag, and giving it a few squeezes. 

Karen stopped talking as she felt the rubber bladder inflating inside her mouth, filling it more and more, pushing her tongue down. It was now filling her mouth completely, and she moaned Carrie to stop, but that only made her give two more squeezes. Karen felt her mouth would explode. But with her hands tied in her back, her mouth full and unable to move her head at all, she gave up trying to ask for being released.

A leash was snapped to the front ring of the gag, and Karen followed without any resistance. A ponygirls chariot was waiting up front but to Karen’s dismay, she was not to ride in. Instead, her leach was attached to the back, and Carrie took place in it. Karen had to follow, walking. She was glad her ankles hadn’t been restrained.

Part VIII – Guided Visit

Carrie slapped the reins and the chariot rolled, with the noise of the metal horseshoes of the ponygirls. She was following pretty close, as her chain was no more than three feet long. The speed was a little fast for Karen, but she quickly got the pace. However the dildos were distracting her to say the least. She was on the constant verge of an orgasm. She followed like a robot. So good in fact that at the first stop, she was not prepared and she rear-ended the chariot.

“Gee, careful Karen. We don’t want you to be hurt.” She said with a laugh. “Anyway, you have the playground at your right, where some people seem to have a lot of fun.”

Karen couldn’t answer as she was having some fun herself, as the sudden stop fired an orgasm. She tried to control it the best she could, trying to hide it, and she turned her whole body in the direction indicated, her stiff posture collar preventing her from turning just her head. At first, it looked like a child playground, but she recognized A.D. running in a circle, like a happy family dog. On one post was securely bound by multiple straps what she thought was Lynda from the airplane, with her tight latex catsuit and the tubes from her hood. Under the suspended ladder was a man, suspended by the feet, balancing, his head 6 inches from the ground. He was concealed into some kind of rubber sack. A little farther, on the grass, was a green leather clad woman, hogtied. She seemed to be struggling to get out of her bounds. She wasn’t gagged, yet she was not asking for help. 

The last one on the playground, she almost overlooked, because it looked like a table, but upon closer look, it was obvious that the central post was in fact a woman, in a tight hogtie. The design looked familiar to her, and she remembered seeing it on the House Of Gord website. Perhaps it was one of his works… on vacation.

Carrie ordered the Ponygirls to continue, and Karen didn’t wish to move, but she couldn’t resist the tug on her chain, and at her first step, she had an orgasm that made her bend down. Carrie made the chariot stopped, and left Karen having her fun. She lay on the chariot, while panting heavily. She would have loved to be able to rub her crotch, and look with desperate eyes to Carrie, who couldn’t see any of it through the thick dark lenses. Nevertheless, she smiles, understanding what was going on, but no helping at all.

 The visit continued, and Karen followed the chariot. They went along for a long time, and, between bursts of pleasure, Karen thought the neighboring quite familiar, until she reached, for the second time, the playground, and stopped at the corner just next to it. Carrie had been toying with her, and had been turning in a circle for the past half-hour or so. The chariot stopped, and this time, she managed not to hit the chariot.

“Here we have the swimming pool.” Said Carrie, pointing to the left. “Of course, we do not let anybody go to the water in any kind of restrictive conditions, that’s just too dangerous.”

In the Olympic size pool was a bunch of people, both men and women, dressed in a variety of outfits, ranging from full Lycra catsuits, to cotton clothes (one woman wore jeans, much to Karen’s pleasure), to various latex outfits. Right now, Karen would have loved to take a dip, to cool off a little.

The chariot started again, and Karen had to quickly adjust, leaving the pool and concentrating on her walk. For the first time, they left the brick walkways and took a gravel trail, just wide enough for the chariot. 

It was a long twisting uphill trail, and when they finally reached a wider area, Karen was simply exhausted, having had another orgasm on her way up. She was sweating heavily under the thick layers of latex, and her feet were aching from the ordeal, having in addition, to keep her balance without using her arms. The chariot turned around and stopped, but Karen had time to notice that one of the ponygirls seemed to be in pain, having problems walking. 

Once stopped, she was keeping all her weight on her left foot only. Carrie disembarked and untied Karen from the chariot, but not before placing leather cuffs with a foot long chain on her ankles. She then led her to one side of the trail, where the cliff was going down straight. From that vantage point, she could see the whole village.

“Be careful not to trip and fall down. It’s a very long drop.” Said Carrie. “I’m gonna have a look at that ponygirl.”

  Karen could not look down as much as she would have wanted to, but the sight was nevertheless amazing. There were about one hundred buildings composing the village, and she could see the playground, the main building, and her home. There was also what looked like a horse track field, with obstacles, walls and sandpits. Perhaps it was for the ponygirls. She could see the barn in the distance, with its row of chariot all lined up, and some ponygirls being harnessed to one. Carrie went back to her.

“I’m sorry, but it looks like she hurt her ankle. I’ll have to take her back to the barn, and come back with another one. There’s no way that one single ponygirl would carry all three of us. Just wait for me here, and I’ll come back to pick you up.”

Karen wasn’t approving of it, but she had no choice. The injured ponygirl took a seat besides Carrie, and the remaining one pulled the two of them down hill. Karen followed their departure. That’s all she could do. 

With her arms tied and her legs hobbled, she was in no position to take a hike in the forest. A few minutes later, she was looking at a place to sit, and had bent down at the waist. That put her head in just the right position to see the chariot stopped at the junction of the brick pavement and the gravel road. 

The injured ponygirl was getting off, and took her place back in front. Carrie fastened her in place and took back her seat, and was carried to her home, after what the chariot, with no driver, returned to the barn.

That bitch had played again with her. There was no injured ponygirl. But now, she had to go back home, on her own, wearing high heels, a hobble chain, two layers of tight and hot latex, her breathing impaired by the gag, and the dreadful dildos.

Slowly, painfully, but at the same time, pleasurably, she started to walk down the small gravel trail leading at the bottom of the hill, back to the village. She often had to stop to let an orgasm go. 

She did trip a few times, but always managed to stay upright, despite her arms tied in her back, affecting her balance, and the high heels that were sinking in the soil. But this time, she didn’t manage. Her right foot stumbled on a rock, her left heel sank into the sand when she tried to compensate. She pivoted to her right and still rotating, landed on her right shoulder and knee. It hurts. She felt a stinging on her knee and the blow, on her already forced shoulder, hurt like hell, but the blow somewhat managed to trigger an orgasm. After the wave had worn down, she sat for a few moments. 

The posture collar prevented her from lowering her head enough to have a look at her knee, but she felt the breeze, indicating that she had damaged the rubber suit. To what extent and was she bleeding, she didn’t know. By folding her left leg under her and bending forward, she was able to get back on her feet to discover that she had probably strain her left ankle in the process. She walked with difficulties. Her left ankle was hurting, her right knee didn’t feel right, and her right shoulder was pounding.

Nevertheless she managed to walk back to the house. Carrie welcomed her with a large smile until she saw the physical state she was in.

“Oh my god, what the hell happened? You tripped and fell?” she asked, to which Karen nodded yes the best she could. She was hoping that she would remove the armbinder and collar so she could have a better look.

“Gee. Your knee is bleeding, and the latex at your right shoulder is damaged. Anything else?”

You could remove the fucking gag was thinking Karen, sure that that would help. But all she could do was wiggle her left foot to show that her ankle was also hurt.

“You sprain your ankle too? Okay. I should get you to the medic center quickly. Listen, I’m really sorry. Maybe I went a little too heavy on you for the first time. Please forgive me.” She was saying while phoning for a chariot, but leaving Karen in her bondage state.

Karen wasn’t finding that amusing at all. They rode to an all white house. A latex clad nurse came with a wheelchair and carried Karen back inside. She was eager to get out of the suit, to have her arms free, her mouth emptied and her boots removed. Instead, a latex clad doctor examined her still all suited up and bound.

“I’m gonna have to give you some sedative, as this may hurt when we’ll remove the armbinder. I’m afraid that your shoulder might be dislocated. Carrie had done the right thing by keeping the armbinder on.”

The last phrase lowered the hate that Karen was starting to grow toward Carrie. She relaxed. The injection was performed through the suit, on her butt, and she quickly fell asleep.

Part IX – Rest & Recovery

She was lying on her back. She opened her eyes, but her vision was blurred. She felt something soft filling her mouth that she recognized as a rubber gag. She tried to move, but couldn’t. It felt strange, since she wasn’t feeling tied up. Paralyzed! She panicked and struggled to move, and she felt something. She felt her muscles responding, but as if she was in some sort of cocoon. 

She opened her eyes again and blinked a few times. Her vision was getting better. There was a white form hovering over her. Her brain was still in a mushy state and she couldn’t figure out what it was. 

She closed her eyes, and calmed down. When she re-opened them a few minutes later, she had a better vision… and she understood. She was looking at a mirror, and the white form was herself… completely encased in a body cast, from head to toe. The cast was molding her every contour. She was laying flat, on her back, legs slightly apart, and arms also slightly apart on each side of her body. Her head was fully covered except from a small hole at her mouth where a tube was protruding, two small holes at her nose and two holes for her eyes. 

Someone entered the room and approached. She immediately recognized the neoprene-clad woman. She tried to tell her that she was pissed off, but nothing came out except a mmmpf.

“Hello Karen. How are you doing? You’ve been sleeping for 8 hours, do you know that? Of course, you can’t move much, and it is my fault. I want you to know that I’m deeply sorry. You were not so badly hurt after all. It was only a scratch on your knee, and your shoulder only showed a bruise. As for your ankle, it was hurt, but nothing serious. It was decided that it was perhaps best for your ankle if your foot were kept in the boot. But since only one boot would have looked stupid, we left the two of them on.

Only scratches and bruises? Thought Karen. Then why the hell the body cast? She tried to tell, and Carrie got the question, or she supposed it was it.

“Right, the body cast. Well, this is a very limited medical center here, and the only bandage they know is full body cast. But don’t worry, they say you should be out of it by tomorrow morning.”

Tomorrow morning? Karen’s eyes expressed her dismay. Carrie smiled or as Karen better felt it, she was amused.

“Well, you can’t just lay there all day” said Carrie. “I’ll get some help and install you at the window”.

She went out of the room, returning with two strong built men, dressed in white latex nurse uniforms. They grabbed Karen, one on each side, and carried her to the bedroom window. They settled her on the floor. She could feel her weight on her feet, and detected the real presence of the boots. A cable was hooked on her back, to a ring fixed on the body cast, and she was hoisted until about she felt half her weight taken off her feet. She was almost but not suspended.

“Don’t worry,” said Carrie, rubbing Karen encased head, “I’ll come visit you from time to time. Make good use of your rest period.” She said while leaving.

That was it. She was alone. All she could do was look straight ahead. She couldn’t move a single finger, as they were plastered separately.

She was facing some kind of park. There, she could see four other people in a similar situation. All in body casts, one, a man, was in a sitting position on a bench. Another one was standing up and being held in place by a pole fixed to his back. The third one was a woman in a hog-tie position, on a concrete platform, and the fourth one was a mommy-like package lying on the ground with its feet on a rock, making her feet higher than her head.

She could do nothing. She couldn’t ask for anything. All she could do was stay there and wait. She had no way to tell time. No reference. The people on the park were motionless and the few nurses that would come and go were not regular.

How long has she been there? An hour? Two hours? She closed her eyes and quickly dozed off. Someone knocked on her cast head to wake her up. It was Carrie.

“I hope I haven’t been too long, sometimes, 15 minutes could seem like hours.”

Fifteen minutes? It couldn’t be. It really felt like hours, but then again, she had nothing to compare to. She could see from the reflections in the window that a man nurse had come with Carrie, pushing a trolley. It had a steel wire frame, the shape of a human body. He turned a few knobs, and it was made to the right measurements for Karen’s cast body. She was lifted then lowered on the trolley, then secured with much more too many straps, from Karen’s point of view. She couldn’t move, so she found way overdone the four straps on her legs, arms and body. Twenty straps. She was sure not to fall off.

She was carried out into the park, and then hung the same way she was in her room to a tree.

“I thought it would be much more interesting for you to grab some fresh air. I’ll be back in a few hours. Enjoy.!” Said Carrie, turning her back and walking away. 

Karen tried to tell she hated her, but all that came out was some mumble. She waited there. Under the tree, the sun was casting moving shadows. Suddenly, she felt a burst of energy within her. The electronic dildos! She still had them on! And they seemed to fire at random, sending pleasures waves she wasn’t expected but were welcome. She could see that the sun was shining on her with the tree moving along with the wind, and that each time a sunbeam was touching her, the dildos were reacting. She figured there was some sort of sensor on her cast that was triggering the dildos. 

Karen had totally lost track of time. The dildos had been firing on and off at random for a long time, and she had had many orgasms. 

Finally, Carrie showed off. She was taken back to her room and laid on the bed. Concentrated food was pumped into her stomach through her feeding tube.

“There.” Said Carrie as the nurse removed the feeding syringe. “That should make you last until the removal of your cast, tomorrow morning. Have a good and nice rest for the night.”

The rest was welcomed. After her strenuous afternoon, she was glad she could relax, and perhaps sleep… Until the moon came in sight through her window, it’s light hitting the sensor and triggering the dildos. Karen was on for another few hours. Finally, the moon moved out the window and she was able to get her much needed sleep.

In the early hours of the morning, she was rolled to another room where her cast was removed. It was cut in half, along the side of her body, leaving two halves. She was shown the way to the bathroom where she could shower and freshen up. The warm water was welcomed, and it allowed her to be able to look at her injuries, merely scratches and a bruise on her shoulder. 

And it was also the first time in the last three days that she was free to move all her limbs and muscles. She was handed a satin bathrobe and offered a generous breakfast then instructed to go back to her room. Carrie was there, and when Karen saw her, she was ready to jump at her throat.

“Calm down, will you? Don’t tell me it was that bad, that you didn’t have any pleasure.”

Karen blushed

“Well, no, it wasn’t THAT bad. It’s just that it’s quite heavy compared to my now very dull tight jeans and occasional corset.”

“Good!” answered Carrie with a smile. “It means that we can continue then.”

“Yes.” Admitted Karen, “But please go easy.”

“I can’t promise you anything like that” she said with a wink “but I’ll do the best I can. That’s the rule of the island. Now, for today, I think you wanted to see the barn?”

“Err. Yes, I’m curious about it.”

“Then we’ll go, but first you have to dress up. Your choice.”

“Well, how about a plain outfit this time. How about a simple catsuit?”

“Then a catsuit it is. I’ll order it and come back in a little while. Just wait here.”

Carrie left and Karen used that dead time to try to catch more sleep, but Carrie came back within 15 minutes with a large carry-on bag.

“Okay, I have everything here.” She said while getting out a bottle of talc powder and the black rubber catsuit, neatly folded. Karen applied the powder on her body and into the inside of the suit, and proceeded to put it on. It was thin latex, but a tight fit. It had feet and gloves attached to it and had a back zipper and another small crotch zipper. It fit her like a second skin, and was quite comfortable. Once on, Carrie helped her remove any trace of powder and buff it to a shine. Carrie reached again to her bag and produced a pair of 6 inches heels wedge platform, knee high patent leather boots.

“There’s a good chance that you’ll have to walk on soft ground, even mud. This is the best thing to wear.”

She helped Karen put them on and laced them tightly.

“The glossy finish of the patent leather will help keep them clean. How do they feel?” 

“Nice. I like them.”

“Yeah, their inside sole is similar to running shoes. Okay, now, you have rules to follow to go there. Since you’re a visitor, you can’t touch anything, nor talk to anyone.”

“Fine with me.” Answered Karen while crossing her arms in front of her and clamping her mouth shut.

“That’s nice, but not enough to the like of the barn directress.” She said, reaching again into the bag and producing a long rubber tube with lacing on its length. She slid one side of the tube to Karen’s right arm. The tube was going up to her elbow. She turned her around and, with her arms now in her back, put her left arm into the tube.

“Now work your arms inside the tube until each hand touches the opposing elbow. Good.”

Karen now had her arms folded in her back in a box-tie. Carrie proceeded to lace up the tube tight. When she had finished, Karen’s arms were now a single rubber tube going from one shoulder to the other, bending at the elbow. She tried, but there was no way to get out of it, as it had been so tightly laced. 

It wasn’t over. Carrie fished again into the bag and got a head harness ball gag which she inserted deeply into Karen’s mouth before fastening it tightly at the back of her head. The finishing touch was the addition of a two inches leather collar with D rings on the front and sides. Finally, leather cuffs with a one-foot chain were placed between her ankles.

“Okay let’s go.” Said Carrie, pulling on the leather leash attached to the front ring of the collar.

Part X – The Pony Stables

Karen thought it wasn’t that bad, since she was not wearing a corset, the collar was not a posture one and she didn’t have the dildos to distract her. Her movements were limited and the huge ballgag was bringing some discomfort, but she could cope with it.

Ironically enough, they took a ponygirl driven chariot to go to the barn. The ground was dirty and muddy in some places, and Karen was glad she had wedges on, as she saw Carrie struggle with her stilettos, near missing quite a few time to end up face first in the mud. Karen would have laughed, but was in no position to do so, and she wasn’t sure how Carrie would react. Finally, they reached a strong built woman, wearing a white blouse, beige latex jodhpurs and black rubber riding boots.

“This is Karen” said Carrie. “She’s here as a visitor and a potential employee. She wanted to have a look at the barn. Can you take her for the day?”

The big woman smiled.

“But of course. I’m always in need of a good hand.”

Good hand? Thought Karen. I can’t even move my hands. But she couldn’t argue nor comment. The leach was handed to the big woman and Carrie went back.

“Have a nice day, Karen. Olga will take care of you.”

“Come here… Karen” Said Olga. “It’s funny to call someone by its name. I’m used to numbers. Okay, I do have a job right for you here. Take 11 and 19 here, and bring them to the cleaning barrack.”

She pulled two ponygirls. Their black latex catsuit was soiled by mud. Her arms were still secured in their back, and they still had their horse bit gag. A tail was protruding from their back, and it was also soiled.

Olga attached the reins of the two ponygirls to each side D-ring of Karen’s collar and left her. But where was the cleaning barrack? She turned and mumbled to Olga, trying to ask the question.

“I know you will find it. And don’t count on the ponygirls. They won’t help you a bit.”

Karen was tested right off, as she reached the end of the reins, she couldn’t move. She tried to pull, but the ponygirls refused to move. She made a fast move, making the reins snap and the ponygirls responded by following her. She didn’t know which direction to go. She went straight ahead. That led her to another alley where there were small barracks all aligned side by side, on each side of the alley. There were six on each side, but none were identified. She approached the first one. There was one ponygirl in. She was secured to a bench, bent at 90 degrees, her upper body safely strapped. Her hands were tied to each leg of the bench. Her left foot was tied to the left leg of the bench, while her right one was suspended in the air by a chain and linked to the ground by another chain. A man wearing a brown latex catsuit was working on her hoof, replacing one of the horseshoes. It was obviously the blacksmith, and so, not the right one.

She continued to the next one, having to snap the reins to have the ponygirls moving. On this one, there were two ponygirls being prepared, having their harnesses put on. For the moment, they were held in place by chains on posts on each side of them, linked to their collar. They looked docile and waiting for their turn.

On the next one appeared to be the right one and Karen headed for it. There was a ponyboy being cleaned with a pressure hose. At the sight of it, the two ponygirls that Karen was carrying started to jump around and then run away, pulling Karen with them on their reins. She tried to stop them, but they didn’t respond. She was able to follow them for a short while, but quickly lost balance with her hobble chain and fell face first on the mud, being dragged by the two ponygirls. They dragged her in the mud for what seems hours but was in fact less than two minutes before Olga grabbed a hold of them. Karen was covered in mud and was trying to get back up with her feet restrained and her arms tied in her back. Olga took the reins and dragged the two renegade ponygirls, not taking into account that Karen was still hooked at the other end. She was just getting up when the pull on the reins almost made her plunge again in the mud, but she reacted in time. Olga didn’t look happy at all.

“What a lousy job you did, Karen. If you decide to work for us, I don’t want you working here. You’re not even able to accomplish the simple task of bringing two ponygirls to the cleaning shack.” She said while handing the ponygirls to the cleaning man.

“There, Bill, and make sure they get what they deserve.” Then, turning to Karen and leading her to the field ”I can’t be there to check on you every minute and I can’t send you back as I have to take care of you until Carrie comes to pick you up. So, I’ll put you where you will have exercise, and yet at the same time, little chance of goofing up.”

Karen would have loved to explain, that it wasn’t really her fault, that she didn’t know where to go, and was sure that ponygirls were always behaving, but the gag, now covered with mud, was preventing her from doing so. 

To her dismay, she was led to the carousel. There were already two ponygirls on training, going in circle their collar linked to a long rod on top of a rotating post. There were two more positions that were free. Olga stopped the carousel and fixed Karen’s collar to a free rod before turning it on again. Handicapped by her hobble chain, she had to make small steps at a rather fast pace to follow. The link to the rod was rather small and pulling hard on her collar. Olga stopped the ride and removed Karen’s ankle cuffs.

“You will be better off without them. After all, you’re not running away from this rig.”

And the carousel started again. Fortunately, Karen thought, she didn’t have to walk with her knee up in the air, like the ponygirls had to. The ride went on, and on, and on. Karen was getting really tired of turning in circles when a helper came and stopped the ride. She was looking forward to a little rest, but after the helper had removed the two ponygirls, he started the ride again.

“Sorry, but Olga told me to bring the two ponygirls. She said nothing about you.”

Karen protested, but the ride went on. Her feet and ankles were hurting. The soft ground sure absorbed most of the shocks, but at the same time, made her ankle twist. Her feet were not as well protected as the ponygirls hoof boots.

It went on for hours. At the end, the rod was more or less dragging her. She was taken to the stable and her collar was attached to a ring on the wall.

“Now that you had plenty of exercise, have some rest. I’ll check on you in a few hours” said Olga, while leaving.

Karen was exhausted, aching, and she didn’t have anything to eat for hours. She was thirsty and hungry. But all she could do at the moment was stay on the straw mat that was covering her booth. Surprising ever herself, she was able to doze off. She was awakened about an hour later by Olga, which didn’t seem quite happy.

“Well lady, I don’t know who you really are, but it seems that you have some highly connected people around here. The orders come from Sheena herself. You’re allowed to wander free everywhere. Of course, you have to stay gagged and bound as you are. The anklets could go unless you want to keep them.”

Karen nodded no, turning her head from one extremity to the other. Olga laughed.

“Okay, I got the message. No anklets. Now, I have no authority to remove your arm binder, but I do for your gag. I’ll remove the gag if you promise not to make a single sound. Then we’ll go shower you a little. It’s the high-pressure hose you saw earlier. Don’t worry, it’s warm water.”

Karen’s gag was removed, but not before she had reached the cleaning shack. She was hosed down carefully, making sure all the mud was gone. It was in fact warm, if not hot water, and the tickling it made through the latex suit was somewhat unique… and pleasurable. 

It was like a massage, and Karen would have taken hours of it, but it lasted only a few minutes. 

The gag wasn’t put back. Instead, she was led to another small shack where she was allowed to go to the bathroom. Relieved, she was then offered a copious meal, which she ate gratefully. 

Only then her gag was put back, and to her dismay, tied as tight as before. But at least, she was able to move freely around. And she used her freedom to visit the different shacks. She witnessed the process of a ponygirl being hooked to a chariot, training of new ponygirls, and also the punishment shack where the two renegades were receiving their punishments. 

They were standing up, facing each other, their hands folded between their shoulder blades in the reverse prayer position, a rope linking their wrists to a ring on the ceiling. The rope was drawn tight. Their heads were encased in blow-up hoods, inflated to the breaking point, their mouth filled with an inflatable gag. 

Only small Plexiglas lenses allowed them to see each other. Their feet were held apart by a four feet long spreader bar, the center of it attached to a plank in equilibrium over a pivot in the center. At butt height, there was a motor with four stiff rubber paddles. For each one quarter of a turn, the paddle would slap their butt. There were sensors under each tip of the plank. One side was triggering the ponygirl’s motor, the other side was triggering the motor of the other ponygirl. When one was losing balance, one motor was triggered. But at random, which sensor was triggering which motor was changing. So, when one ponygirl was triggering her right sensor, her motor would turn on, slapping her hard on the butt, making her lose balance, and hit the same or the other sensor, triggering again the motor. But each time the motor could be different. So one could trigger the other’s motor, making her loose balance and trigger her own motor, and so on.

All Karen could hear was the motors going Slap! Slap! Slap! And their moaning. There was a clock on the wall, running backward. They had still a little over two more hours left to their punishment.

She continued her visit, passing the exercise carousel, which she had already experienced. This time, it was occupied by four ponygirls, hard in training with Olga. When she saw Karen, she stopped and approached her. For an instant, Karen feared that Olga would make her join the others, but realized that all four positions were taken.

“I was thinking” said Olga “perhaps you would like to experience what it is to be a ponygirl. I talked with Sheena, and she told me that if you wanted to try it, you could.”

Karen raised her shoulders in an attempt to say that she wasn’t sure of the idea.

“Oh, don’t worry, it would just for one day.”

After thinking about it for a moment, she nodded yes.

“Very well. Meet me at the prep shack in two hours.”

Olga returned to the trainees, whipping one that seemed, to her anyway, not doing her best. She had two more hours before being transformed. The thought had already made her wet. She continued her visit, searching for the prep shack.

Part XI – Pony Rides

Karen was brought to the prep shack, where she would be fitted with what she would need to be a good ponygirl. Olga was there. She was carrying a black rubber suit with blue trim. Karen’s gag had been removed.

“Hello again, Karen. You will have to follow all the rules of a ponygirl in training, meaning wearing all the gear.”

“I understand.” Replied Karen with a smile. In fact, that is what she wished for.

“Very good. But, I was told that you had to keep the catsuit you are wearing right now, so you will have to put the ponygirl suit over it. Since the training suit is made out of extra-heavy latex, you’re gonna have quite a thickness on.”

At the thought of being tightly embraced by rubber, she became wet.

“It’s okay. I’m ready.”

“Very good. Now, that was the last words you were allowed to say for the rest of your ponygirl life. You will be gagged most of the time, and at those few moments where you will not be, it’s total silence or punishment. Understood?”

Karen nodded, making sure she didn’t make any sound. Olga smiled.

“Very good. Usually, the trainees respond with a yes ma’am or something similar. You were quick to catch on. That’s 10 bonus points.”

Bonus points? Karen asked herself, almost saying it out loud.

“Very good! Again, most trainees ask what those bonus points are. Maybe that’s because you know, or you’re very disciplined.”

Karen opened her mouth to answer that she didn’t know anything about bonus points, but clamp it shut before making a mistake. Olga smiled.

“20 more bonus points. It didn’t happen often that a trainee was at 30 bonus points before the first item had been put on. You’re one of the few who managed it. Time to dress up.”

Her wedge platform boots and the collar were removed, and the catsuit put on. It was indeed heavy latex, and quite tight. So much that Karen was sure they had the wrong size.

“Yes, I know, it seems too small.” Said Olga as if she knew the question that was on Karen’s mind, “but it’s the normal size for this suit. Of course, it was not anticipated that you would have another suit under it.”

It was a struggle to fit the arms through the tight sleeves and Karen had second thoughts about the fact that she would fit in the suit. Finally, it was time to pull up the zipper. Olga had to get some help from the horseshoe guy who pulled on the sides of the suit while Olga zipped. Karen felt all the air in her lung escape as the zipper went up to her neck. Breathing was difficult, as she really had to force her thorax to expand.

“That’s to build lung power.”

“Yeah, but in the meantime, I can’t breath” thought Karen, panting. She was glad the corset was only for fashion purpose, and not really tight.

Next came the boots. They were made like horse hooves. She slid her feet in it, and found it quite comfortable, the sole having some kind of soft gel padding. They were laced tight up her legs. She estimated the heel height to be around five inches. 

Next came the head harness, a complex web of straps, including a wide collar, that encircled her head, and held the horse bit gag, which was pulled a little too far in for her taste. Side flaps prevented her from seeing nowhere but in front of her. 

Once all strapped in, she could barely move her head, but when the reins were pulled, she immediately knew which one was pulled, right or left. Her hands were tied in her back with black leather cuffs with a blue trim. She was then brought to a bench, bent over, her feet tied apart on one side, and her neck linked to a strap, low on the other side. The zipper of her rectum was opened. Then Olga produced a pony tail… attached to a huge dildo. She showed it to Karen while lubricating it. Karen tried to avoid the huge insert, but it was futile. The dildo was inserted into her rectum, and the zipper closed around the tail. There was no way she could push it out. She was untied. Olga took the reins and pulled on them. Karen’s first steps in hooves were not graceful. She had to learn a new way to balance.

“Hummm.” Said Olga “looks like you’re in need of some walking training.”

To her dismay, she was led to the carousel, where she was attached to one of the rods, and the carousel started. She immediately got smacked.

“Higher! Lift your knees straight up, at 90 degrees… That’s it. Good girl.”

Karen was making each step, lifting her knee so the upper leg was horizontal, which was pretty much the maximum she could do, the suit, being so tight, were not allowing more flexing. The huge intruder in her anus was not helping either; making her uncomfortable at the same time it stimulated her. 

Hop! Hop! Hop! One step after another, she learned to stay straight and lift her legs high at each step. Of course, a couple of whip cracking helped convince her. After an hour, she was exhausted, panting, her chest screaming for some air to breathe without constriction. She was led to the barn, in one of the stalls. Her gag was removed. She took care not to say a word.

“The attendant will be here shortly with your meal. If you speak, you’ll be gagged for the night. See you tomorrow morning.”

She was left there, her collar attached to the back wall of her stall by a leather strap, and the door locked. Her ankles linked with a one feet chain. She sat on the straw. Fifteen minutes later, a man, wearing a complete catsuit with green trimmings entered. Karen then realized that she was not alone in the barn, as the man opened and closed many doors before finally opening hers. Without saying a word, he put down a bucket full of grains and another bucket filled with water then locked back the stall door.

She looked at her meal. She still had her hands tied in her back. The only way she could feed herself was dipping in it. She looked at the dry grains. It looked like a morning cereal with corn flakes, nuts and dried fruits. She ate slowly, drinking water often but in little quantity. She was in no situation to pee at will.

About an hour later, the man came in again, and removed the buckets. He approached Karen and unzipped the crotch zipper at the front.

“In case you have to do something. Like any horse, just do it on the straw. G’night.”

He walked out and the lights were turned off. She could hear the other ponygirls moving in their stalls, settling for the night. Karen did the same, the best she could. She didn’t know if they were all tied up, or just because she was a trainee… or because she was Karen.

The next morning came early. Too early. She was given a small breakfast, this time the cereal was in milk, her shackles removed, re-gagged, and brought to the chariot shack, where she was fitted on a chariot with another ponygirl. The number 31 was printed on the side of her head harness, and she had red trimmings on her suit, which indicated that she was a graduate. 

“Okay ladies,” said Olga with a crack of the whip “Sheena is waiting for you. You’ll be at her disposal for the day.”

With 31, she pulled on the chariot. To her surprise, it seemed easier than what she had thought, and the hooves actually made it easier, as her feet were constantly in a pulling position. She took great care to lift her knees as high as 31 would. After all, they were going to meet the directress of the domain. Karen let 31 drive, as she knew much more her way around the village. 

They stopped in front of a house and waited. Half an hour later, Sheena walked out of the house. She was wearing a long purple hobble dress with 5 inches heels pumps. The dress had a high collar. Her long buckled red hairs were floating on her shoulders. She climbed on the chariot, took the reins in her latex-gloved hands and snapped them.

“To the administration building.”

Karen and 31 pulled on the chariot. It was more difficult this time, especially having to take the time to raise the knees high. The administration building was only two blocks away, and Karen was sure that Sheena could have walked there. But then again, this was a fetish village. They stopped at the front door. Their reins were tight to a post. Karen and 31 were left there, standing and waiting. They waited, standing up, not being able to sit at all. 31 was rather calm, but Karen’s legs and feet were aching. Having to stand up in 5 inches heels was already a challenge, but with the extremely tight rubber suit she was wearing, the blood flow was difficult, and her muscles were definitely lacking oxygen. She started to stand on only one foot, and bending the other one to make the blood flow again, then alternated with the other leg. 31 just stayed there, not moving, as if she was not aware of Karen’s difficulties. Finally, after what looked like an eternity, Sheena came out and hopped on the chariot.

“Okay. It’s time for my survey. On the mountain, please.”

Once again, 31 led the way, and to Karen’s horror, they took the direction of the mountain trail, the one she had to climb on foot with Carrie. At least, the first time she was being pulled. This time, she was pulling a chariot.

The climb was difficult, but gave her legs much needed exercise. As for her arms, she had lost all feeling in them a long while ago. She was panting heavily, struggling to get her chest to expand enough to take in as much air as possible. 31, although she was also panting, looked much less affected, probably because her suit was not as tight as Karen’s.

After much effort, they reached the top of the hill, and led Sheena to the edge of the cliff. Karen welcomed that rest, but it was way too short for her taste, as less than five minutes later, Sheena was ready to go back to the village for her daily tour.

They led her down the hill, which was much easier and allowed Karen to catch her breath, then started the tour. She passed all the streets, stopping in a few places to have a look in some house, have a quick check on the many setup in the playground, making sure everybody was okay, went by the medic center where a dozen people were enjoying the sunshine in full body casts. 

The next step was to go to the manufacturing plant. It was a first for Karen, as she never saw it before. They strolled for five minutes on a small road. The plant was as big as two houses, and the outside wall was all windows, allowing seeing in and seeing out. A few curious people were looking in. There was a woman in a full bright blue latex catsuit, another one with thigh high ballet toe boots, black leather skirt and a black leather jacket. A man dressed in tight leather was also having a peek. 

The chariot stopped at the front door, and Sheena went inside. Karen was able to have a look. She could see people, all dressed in latex, working on different machinery. Then a tray, that appeared to move by itself, went by, stopping at each station, where the operator was either picking stuff, or putting something it. She realized that the moving tray was actually a person walking of all four.

She was able to turn her head to the right a little, just enough to see another setup. There was a conveyor that was moving boxes around. She almost choked when she realized that the belt was actually made out of bodies, embedded in rubber. They waited there for another long period, and Karen was beginning to feel weak. Sheena went out and instructed them to drive her to the administration building then to go back to the barn for feeding.

Karen was glad she had returned to the barn, and was looking forward to some rest. Olga was there when she was untied from the chariot. Her feet couldn’t take it anymore, and she collapsed on the ground, trying to catch her breath.

“Well, I think our newbie had it for the day, didn’t she. Very well, store her for the rest of the day.”

Two men picked her up. She let them carry her. They dragged her to a shack where she never saw the inside as the doors are always closed. Inside was a few large X frames. One was laying on the floor. She was brought to it, and was laid out, arms and legs stretched on the X. She was then strapped tightly by a number of 1.5 inches wide leather straps about every 6 inches. Then the X frame was lifted off the ground, traveled along a track on the ceiling, and inserted into a tight space on one of the walls. She had been stored!

It wasn’t much comfortable, but at least, she could rest a little. But didn’t Olga say: for the rest of the day? What time was it? And she didn’t have any lunch. Finally, and to her surprise, the fatigue got the best of her and she fell asleep.

She was woken up when her frame started to move. It was lowered to the ground, and she was unstrapped. Olga was there and looking without saying a word as Karen was stripped of her ponygirl attire. She was much relieved when the huge dildo-tail was removed.

“Tomorrow is your last day, as you’ll be departing at sundown. Go back to your house. A chariot will bring you there. Have a good night or rest. You have an important decision waiting for you tomorrow. I know you’ll choose the right one. I hope to see you again.”

Karen was about to say thanks, but she repressed it, thinking of the gags. Olga laughed.

“It’s okay, you can talk. Nobody will do anything to you until you make a decision.”

“T… Thank you, Olga. It will be a difficult decision, indeed.”

Olga helped her get on the chariot and within fifteen minutes, she was home, taking a shower. She was alone. Carrie was nowhere to be seen, but she feared that she would show up at the least expected moment and have her into another predicament. But she was too exhausted for that. She laid face first on the bed, and before she knew it, she was sleeping.

Part XII – The Decision

She woke up slowly, her body still aching. It was the first time she was able to sleep unrestrained for the past five nights. It felt good, but at the same time, it felt like there was a void. She had almost wished that Carrie would have sneak on her and tie her up. She got up and put on the same satin bathrobe she had on her first morning.  Carrie was nowhere to be seen. There was a note on the dining room table.

Hi Karen. I will not be with you today, as it is YOUR day. It’s your day to make a decision, without any outside help or pleasure. Take all the time you want. You’re free to go anywhere in the village. If you feel like you want a body cast, just make a scratch on a finger and go to the medic center. They’ll be happy to help you heal. Your plane leaves at 5pm. Sheena will be there to meet you and take your final decision. As for me, I’m out of your life, unless you come back. In any case, it was nice and fun knowing you.

Regards, Carrie.

So, that was it. She went back to her bedroom and opened the closet. All that she had worn in the past days was there, her own stuff of course, as well as the corset, latex catsuits, including the ponygirl trainee suit, and all the shoes and boots. Everything had been cleaned. 

She took her too tight jeans and put them on. To her surprise, she was able to fasten them. Either she had lost weight, or her body was accepting tighter clothes than before. She put on her semi-stretch long sleeve velvet shirt, denim jacket and her platform shoes. She dressed entirely with her clothes. 

She walked out. The sun was shining, as always. She took a walk in the street. She reached the playground where she could see A.D. playing ball with a latex catsuited woman. They didn’t made notice of her presence, and continued to play. In the city, even dressed as conservatively as she was, she would have drawn some attention. 

A chariot passed by her, carrying a man in full body cast, in a seating position. Her walk brings her to the top of the mountain, on the edge of the cliff, where she could have an overview of the village. She walked back to the barn, but Olga was not available. To the administration building, where Sheena was also unavailable. 

She was alone, and she had to be alone to make the decision. She took a chariot for the ride back to her house. The sounds of the hooves clicking on the hard pavement bring back some souvenirs. She found herself wet. She tried to put on the ponygirl trainee suit, but with the zipper at the back, and the suit being so tight, she was unable to reach the zipper. Same thing with the heavy corset, she was unable to close it alone. She put on her gifted inserts and the thin latex catsuit and lay on the bed, gently stroking her crotch and rubbing her breast. She was missing the restraints. She was missing the tight embrace of the way too small clothes. She was missing the tasks she had to perform. Back home, she was alone. She couldn’t put on any of these items all by herself, and finding someone to help her, who was not a pervert but a true fetishist, would be close to impossible. And more, she couldn’t wear any of that for work, or for a long period, except on weekends. She fell asleep.

She woke up suddenly. What time was it? She searched for her watch. Almost 4:30pm. She had to be at the airfield for 5pm. In her rush to dress, she put on the jeans over the latex catsuit. When she realized why they were so hard to pull, instead of removing the jeans, she pulled harder on them.

“The hell with it. I’m keeping it.”

Except for the latex catsuit, she was dressed the same way she was earlier in the day. She called a chariot and headed for the airfield. Sheena was there, waiting.

“You’re almost late.” She said with a smile. “Had some fun?” she said, pointing at the latex collar coming out of her velvet shirt.

“Well, I was wondering…”

“Yes, you can keep it, whatever your decision. As a matter of fact, everything that was in the closet is yours, since they had been custom made for your body.”

“Yeah, right, like the ponygirl trainee suit. That was way too small for me.”

Sheena laughed, and from a movement of the head, threw her thick hairs back.

“Let me explain something to you. Everything you had was planned. Carrie was your roommate, yes, but in reality, she’s our evaluator.”

“But she said she worked at the plant.”

“It was said to hide you the truth, so that you wouldn’t change your way of reacting. She was there to put you through tough situations, to evaluate if you were really a true fetishist, or just a fake one, and how far you could go.”

“Did I pass?”

“Oh yes indeed. Way above the average. Carrie put you through the toughest situations I’ve seen for a visitor for a long time, and you went through it with flying colors.”

“But I was so exhausted.”

“That was perfectly understandable. So, if you want to work for us, you’re more than welcome. If you chose to return to your city life, that’s your choice. If you change your mind, just call me. You’ll always be welcome here, and you’ll always have a place with us.”

“I… I still don’t know. It’s so different. Can I have some more time?”

“Take all the time you want. Evidently, you will have to go back home to close everything there, your apartment, your job, anyway. So, go home, and just call me.”

Sheena hugged her.

“It was great to have you here. I hope to see you soon.”

Karen waved her goodbye and stepped on the plane. She was the only passenger. She decided to ride without any restraints, so that she could think clearly, but her inserts had a life of their own as soon as the plane took off. It was a pleasurable five hours flight.

She entered her apartment and sat in front of the TV. She felt her life void. She rubbed her tight hips, stroked her crotch, reviving the insert. She came.

She spent the whole weekend at home. She did some self bondage, but nothing compared to what she had experienced. 

On Monday morning, she called her boss to tell him that she was quitting. She called her landlord to cancel her apartment, call movers to have everything put in a container and stored for an indefinite time, then made her last phone call to Sheena. She was coming back.

© Pete / monsterp63, November, 2001

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