Karen – A Wink and a Smile


It was a very old house, lost in the middle of Scotland’s countryside. Karen had bought it a couple of years ago, and discovered that it was hiding some secrets a few months earlier.

From the living room, she dropped a vase while dusting it, and the sound it made when hitting the floor, indicated that something hollow was beneath the thick carpet. She looked for the answer, ripping the carpet off, and under a false floor, she discovered a trap. With excitement, she opened it. Under the floor was a hole in the ground, about 7 meters in diameter, and barely 1.5 meter high. There were a few bags and one wooden box. It was locked with an old padlock, all rusty, which gave up easily with the help of a screwdriver. Inside the box were two old books and something that looks like a clock.

She carefully brings the box in the living room and with great care, removed the books and browsed through them. Both books were written in what seems like very old English and she had to go to the library to find references to decode it. The smaller book was a diary, and the biggest one, a book of magic formulas.

It turned out that the house once belonged to a witch or something like that. That person had been punished because she had used her powers for the wrong reasons. The clock had been her punishment. It was a countdown clock. Her powers were removed until the clock was back to zero. Her punishment had been for five years, but it seemed that she became ill, and the last entry of the diary was made about one year before the end of her punishment, shortly before she apparently died.

Karen tried to say a few of the formulas, but since she wasn’t a witch, none of them worked. A few weeks later, she was again trying some formulas, without success, when she closed the book and gently glided her hand of the symbol carved on the leather cover and said “I wish I had some powers like that”. At that instant, the symbol illuminated. The light followed her hand, and soon, her whole body was enveloped in a blue aura. She felt tingling all over her body, then the glow gently disappeared, and she was back alone with the book. Then she heard a voice. 

Use your powers for the good of others, otherwise you will be denied of them.

For the good of others. Yeah right. She would make sure that her own good was getting fulfilled first. But her first concern was to know what kind of powers she had. 

She tried to make things appear and disappear, but with not much success. She tried to change things, but not more success either. The only thing she was able to do was to modify their shape, but she couldn’t, for example, change glass in gold. 

She tried a few of the formulas. Some worked, some didn’t. She thought that, probably she wasn’t from a family of witches, that the powers she received were not fully functional

She was hearing the voice from time to time, always saying the same thing.

Use your powers for the good of others, otherwise you will be denied of them.

With time, she discovered that she could move objects, and that her powers were getting stronger everyday. But nothing to make things appear or disappears, nor any harmful powers, like paralysis or burning.

She always loved to wear tight jeans, but to have them as tight as she would have wanted, proved to be impractical as she couldn’t sit, and unfastening them to go to the bathroom was out of the question, since she couldn’t get them back on in the small booth.

But with her new discovered powers, she could. At first, she took her already tight jeans, and once on her, had them shrink. It wasn’t long before they gave up. They were too tight for the strength of the denim. 

With time and experimentations, she discovered that when modifying objects, the total matter in the object was staying the same.  If she took a glass and made it bigger, it would get thinner, and thicker if made smaller. She tried with her jeans. When they made her shrink, the denim became thicker. She had an idea. She bought a way too large pair of jeans and has them shrink beyond skintight. The result was a twice as thick denim, and overwhelmingly tight. They looked awesome, and had become an object of curiosity at the University, nobody understanding how she could get into jeans that tight, and sit comfortably, when she simply stretched them as she sat.

Her clothing style added leather, always tight, and even vinyl. At home, she even wore latex clothes, bought too large, and shrunk to perfection to get a better thickness.

She even played with mummification. She would take large plastic bags that would cover her and would shrink them. So she started with bondage, tightening rope or leather straps at will.

The only drawback was that at the first thought of getting free, the restraints were getting larger and releasing her.

That’s where she started to learn more about the punishment clock. The dials represented years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. It was to be setup as a countdown timer.  She tried it for one minute at first, and for that minute, she couldn’t use any of her powers. Then for 5 minutes. Same thing. For the time set at the clock, her powers were gone. So she used it as a bondage timer. She would bound herself, then use her powers to move objects to move the dials of the punishment clock. For the time set, she couldn’t get free, and when the time was up, she simply used her powers to lose whatever restraint she had on.

It was the weekend, and she decided to have a real go at it. She told every one of her friends that she was leaving town for the weekend, going to visit some aunt. That way, she was sure that no one would call or knocked at the door.

The setup.

First, a latex catsuit, shrink to perfection, engulfing her body from neck to toe. Then a denim catsuit which she didn’t tighten right away. 5 inches spiky leather boots, pull-up style were put on. Then she took her collection of bags, four of plastic and two of PVC. She took a latex hood and carefully put it on over her head. It had a breathing tube protruding about two inches out. 

Each bag was long enough to cover her from head to toe. She put one bag feet first, the second over her head, punching a hole and passing the breathing tube out. Then another feet first, and another head first. Then the same thing with the two black shiny PVC bags. She carefully laid down on the bed, placing the bags, layer on layer, working from the outside in. Then she relaxed for a few minutes and started the adjustment. First the boots were shrunk tight. There was no way to remove them. The denim catsuit was next. She shrunk it tighter than she ever did, then the plastic bags. Everything, as they tightened, became thicker, stiffer. During the procedure, she heard the voice again.

Use your powers for the good of others, otherwise you will be denied of them.

“The hell with it” she said to herself.

The tightening was complete. She was a sleek mummy, unable to move, unable to escape. She started to get quite aroused and would immediately free herself to have a go at it, but she controlled her impulses. She concentrated on the clock, on the desk. She moved the dial for the hours: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… she hesitated, then went to 6.

That was it. She was stuck in her mummy wrap for six hours. At the same time the voice was heard again.

You were warned.

It was all she heard. What she couldn’t see is that the punishment clock had started to glow green, and the dials moved. The “6” moved from hours to… years before the glow disappeared.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2002

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