Karen – High School Reunion


Karen put back the letter on the desk, and leaned back on her chair. “High school reunion” she said to herself. That can be interesting. “What should I wear? There’s no dress code specified”

She browsed through her wardrobe: about two dozen pairs of tight jeans of different models, a few dresses and skirts, high heels shoes… “I know” she said “I will dress for the time period when I was there:  80’s. Tight jeans, satin shirt and high heels sandals. Now, where will I find that?”

She searched around, then one day, she was passing time in a flea market, when she noticed a pile of used clothes for sale. She looked at the piles, and there they were. Original Sergio Valenté, tight cut, bright white stitching, almost in perfect condition, except for the zipper that was broken. 

“I guess they were worn very tight” she said to herself.  

Then, one table away, a bright yellow satin blouse. Just under that table, a pair of boots, beige, under the knee length with high heels, the exact kind that was worn in that period. She tried them on. A little small, but they will do. She grabs the stuff with obvious joy, and went to the cash register.

“Disco Fever hey” said the lady at the register.

“Yeah” answered Karen. “High school reunion… Let’s go back to the good ol days”.

“You sure got the right attire. Okay, you noticed the zipper is broken on the jeans right? Okay, $2.00 for those, $5.00 for the blouse and… hum… $10.00 for the boots. Is that okay with you?”

Karen couldn’t be more pleased. She got all her reunion outfit for less than $20! And thinking that some will buy fancy dresses for a couple on hundreds of dollars.

She left the jeans at a repair shop and the blouse at the dry cleaner on her way home. Two days later she went back to pick them up. She decided not to wear them before the reunion day, to surprise herself as much as the others.

Saturday: reunion day.

The schedule included a dinner, then dancing, followed by anything that might happen. So, in the afternoon, about an hour before the time to go, she got dressed. She first put on the blouse, rather loose fitting. She liked the feeling of satin on her skin. Then came the jeans. The lady at the repair shop had anticipated that they were going to be worn tight, so she put on a heavy duty zipper… and it came handy. Karen had to twist, jump around, and try every move she knew to put on the jeans. They were REALLY tight. At one point she thought that she wouldn’t fit into them. Finally, they were over her hips, and the crotch was as high as it could go. The high cut waist actually made it easier. Now, the zipper. She took her handy-dandy pliers and started to pull. She sucked her stomach in, and took small breaths. Slowly, the zipper was going up. After almost 45 minutes, it was up. The button was fastened easily. She tried to get up. She was stiff, hardly bending at the waist and hips. Those were the tightest she had the chance to put on. She rubbed her hands on her thighs, and felt how tight it was. Every seam wanted to explode. The zipper was stressed to its limit. Then she realized that she had forgotten to put the boots on before fastening the jeans. Unzip it? Now way. Much more fun to do it like that. 

So, she struggled to put the boots on. She put them over the jeans, like it was the trend at the time. Finally, she was ready. She walked around. 

“I wonder how I’m gonna dance in these, much less have dinner”.

She realized rapidly that there was no way she could drive her car, she wouldn’t be able to sit behind the wheel. So she called a cab.  She had an amused smile at the driver’s face when she leaned on the back seat.

When she entered the ballroom, almost everybody stopped talking and looked at her. She was the only one with jeans. Everybody else was in a tuxedo and evening dress. Arrived Christine, the party host. 

“Hi Karen. Nice to see you!” then with a lower voice “didn’t you see the note about the formal dressing code?” 

Karen blushed. 

“No, I’m sorry. There was nothing mentioned, so I thought coming dressed like we did in those days…” she said, while getting the invitation out of her purse.

“You sure got the disco look” said Christine, while looking at the invitation. 

“Well, I’m sorry Karen. Seems your invitation had a misprint. The whole section about the dress code isn’t there. Well, since everybody saw you and you couldn’t know the dress code, let’s not make a whole big fuss about it. If you don’t feel too weird, just come in!”

“But of course”, said Karen with a big smile, knowing that every guy’s eyes were on her, or rather her butt. 

And the topic of the discussion suddenly changed. From “I’m now a doctor… ” to “Remember when my tight jeans ripped off in the classroom?”.

At the end of the evening, Christine approached Karen. 

“I have to confess: you look gorgeous, and I have to admit, you saved the party.”

Karen looked puzzled. 

“How come?”

“Before you came in, everybody was trying to impress everybody with how well they’ve done after graduation. It was looking like a contest, and the ones who did average, were having a bad time. Now, all they talked about is what was going on in those days, and that’s the fun in those reunions. Remembering funny stuff. Everybody is talking about making another reunion, Saturday in two weeks. Dress code: 80’s. You’re invited, and I don’t think you’ll have problems finding the right clothes.”

“Great!” said Karen ” I’ll be there!”.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 11, 2002

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