Karen – Alternate Worlds



Karen was sitting at her desk, working. She was the general manager of a manufacturing plant that was producing plastic containers of different sizes.

Lynda, her secretary, knocked at the door.

“Come in.”

“Hi Karen. Here is the production schedule you asked for.” Said Lynda, extending her arm to presenting the file.

At the same moment, there was some sort of light flash. For an instant, Karen felt dizzy and nauseating. Lynda was still in front of her, holding the file, but something had changed. Well, everything had changed. Although it was still Lynda in front of her, she appeared to be wearing a bright red rubber catsuit, very tight. Her waist was without a doubt highly corseted under the rubber suit. Her head was held erect by a stiff posture collar. Her head was free and her long brown curled hairs were floating freely. A leather strap with a ball gag was hanging around her neck.

Karen hesitated for an instant. Her hand was picking the file, and she realized that her own hand was itself encased in tight shiny black leather. She suddenly smelled the aroma of the fabric as well as heard the creaking as she grabbed the file.

“T… thank you… Lynda.”

The latex clad woman acted kind of surprised, quickly removing her hand.

“Errr. Of course… Mistress.”

She turned around and left. Karen then noticed that Lynda was in fact walking on pointed ballet toe boots, without heels. She was balancing from one foot to the other on the highly polished black and white tiled floor until she left the room, closing the heavy door behind her. 

Karen was frozen. Where was she? What was happening? Everything around her was covered with fine leather, or rubber. She felt compression on her body. She got up to realize that she was wearing an extremely tight fitting leather catsuit. It was also obvious that under that leather suit, she was corseted. 

She was also wearing 5 inches spiky thigh high leather boots. Her, who totally hated high heels, was surprised to find the boots… comfortable. She made a step forward and there was another flash. She steadied herself on her desk. She was back to “normal”. With her old chair and the totally worn out vinyl floor covering. She was dressed with jeans, t-shirt and sport style safety shoes.

She walked out of her office. Lynda was at her desk, looking disturbed.

“Is everything alright?” asked Karen to Lynda.

“Euh… Yes… I believe so. Are you okay?”

“Not sure. Maybe I should go for a walk. I admit that the cafeteria food is not perfect, but it’s the first time it gives me hallucin… never mind.” Said Karen walking out to the production floor.

She walked between the molding machines, waving a hand and saying hello to her employees, mostly women. Only a few men were employed, simply because there weren’t enough women to fill all the jobs. It was basically a woman’s owned and run business. She knew most of them on a first name basis, and she made sure she was called by her name, not miss or madam. She was Karen.

There was another flash of light. Another moment of dizziness. After she blinked a few times, the mill had changed. They were not making plastic containers, but odd shaped plastic parts, and the workers… Karen stopped dead. They were all wearing black rubber catsuits that appeared even tighter than the one she saw Lynda in, and all were totally encased in latex, including the head where spherical glass pieces were over the eyes, and even those were dark. 

And each employee was wearing ballet toe boots, and were restrained. A small chain was linking their ankles. A longer chain was linking their wrists. A wide steel band was tightly encircling their waist and linked to the machine they were working on with a chain, and their high collar, also of steel, was linked to an arm over their head. They also appeared gagged. 

They were working, not looking elsewhere, not even at Karen. When Karen tried to approach one, she stopped, looking almost panicked, placing her hands on her chest as if she wanted to protect herself. Karen walked back and the employee, or rather the slave, went back to work.

Karen walked through the floor. Her high heels clicking on the concrete, her tight leather suit creaking with every move. She noticed that some “slaves” appeared to be stronger than the others until she discovered that they were men that have been transformed into women, according to the body shapes anyway. She surprised herself at… liking it. Liking the tight embrace of leather, and liking the sight of all those slaves. 

She felt sick. She went through the door to go back to the administrative wing of the plant when there was another flash of light. She was back to… normal. She walked to the bathroom, and splashed some cold water on her face.

“Happened again, right?”

Lynda was there, looking terrible.

“What?… What happened again?”

“The… horror movie, for a lack of a better explanation. I was wearing some kind of rubber suit and those… boots that had no heels… And you were there too.”

“Wearing a leather suit and high heels?”

“Yes. You were my Mistress and I was your slave. In fact, we were all your slaves.”

She lowered her head.

“What’s wrong.”

“There was a strange feeling, like if I was… invaded.”

“Invaded? You were controlled by some other entity?”

“No… privately invaded, you know, as if there were toys inside of me.”

“Toys?” asked Karen puzzled.

“Sex toys, like dildos or something. Huge and inside both orifices.”

Karen was mouth opened.

“And… I liked it. Everything. The rubber, the boots, the corset, the dildos, everything. It felt so weird.”

“You can say so. I was liking it too, my tight leather suit, my high heels, me, who is totally disgusted by anything constrictive or uncomfortable. I liked the feeling, and I liked to watch the others.”

Lynda put some cold water on her face and wiped it off.

“But what was all that? Could we be day dreaming?”

“With both had the same dream or nightmare, at the same time?” said Karen. “That would be quite a phenomenon, and as far as I know, we never had any fantasies about those sorts of things, didn’t we?”

Lynda nodded no. “I’m pretty much classic.” She said.

“Well, I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems that we can make it out from both… worlds, so I suggest we try to grab as much information as we can on this strange world where I wear…”

There was another flash of light.

“… those silly sports shoes and you that awful dress…”

“Yes… Mistress.” Answered Lynda, bowing slightly with the corset.

Another flash.

Karen had wide eyes.

“It seems that we’re doing the same thing over there too. We have to find out if it’s only happening in the mill or outside too. You’re coming?”

“You bet. I’m not leaving you.”

They walked outside. The sun was shining and the weather was warm and dry. Quite comfortable as it turned out. They walked toward the small park on the other side of the street where workers from other factories in the area were having a break.


Karen was walking on the concrete sidewalk, with Lynda on tow. She had her ankles restrained by wide leather cuffs and a one-foot chain. Her hands were tied with more leather cuffs at the wrists and elbow, on her back, elbows touching. She was gagged, and Karen was dragging her on a leash. She stopped and approached Lynda.

“You… you okay?” she said preparing to remove the gag, but Lynda backed off. “Right,” whispered Karen, “that’s the way in this world”.

When she turned back, she was shocked. Where there were workers relaxing, there was now a bunch of latex clad slaves, tied up, suspended in many ways throughout the park. It was a punition stand. Their misbehavior and punishment were indicated on a small card attached to their chest. Karen approached the nearest one. It was a woman, heavily bound, suspended by her feet, with a weight hanging from her neck collar. The note said “not fast enough. Punishment: 6 hours”.

Karen could see she had trouble breathing, that she was severely corseted, her garment running from the crotch to her neck. The boots, thigh high, appeared somewhat boned and very stiff.


Lynda was besides Karen, coming back to the real world. Their real world anyway.

“Well, it’s not limited to the mill” she said.

“What’s going on here?” asked Karen, looking around. She had to come up with a plan.


They walked back inside and entered Karen’s office. Karen took a street map of the area.

“Okay. Let’s start by looking around here first. Is there any high tech facility in the neighborhood?


They were in Karen’s office but Lynda, instead of standing besides Karen was kneeling on the floor, still bound and gagged, her neck collar linked to a ring on the floor, and her wrists cuffs linked to her ankle cuffs. Karen searched in her new memory for the reason. She found it. In this world, it’s inconceivable for any slave to be positioned higher than the master. 

Karen, the master was seated, so Lynda had to be kneeling. It made sense. She had a little sense of excitement from the situation. Lynda was lightly moaning, probably enjoying her toys.

They browsed through the map. It was surprisingly the same companies, as far as they knew. Lynda moaned louder, more tried to say something through her gag.

“Found something?”

She nodded yes as much as her stiff posture collar allowed. She pointed with her eyes.

“Ah, yes. Neurosic. A research lab.”

 They didn’t know much about them, but they were mixing neurologic and psychic research. That was the best bet.

Karen untied Lynda and they headed to the Neurysic lab. 

“Excuse-me…” began Karen before stopping. 

There was a receptionist alright, but it was more part of the furniture than a real efficient one. At closer look, she was furniture, molded in heavy rubber in the form of a chair. She was in a seated position, forming a chair with her legs. Two false legs were holding her straight. Her arms were forming the arms of the chair. The rubber was thick and rigid. She couldn’t move. Just her face could be made out from the back rest. Eyes and mouth were visible.


“May I help you?” asked the black haired clerk with a large smile.

“Yes. My name is Karen, and here is my assistant Lynda. We manage the plastic plant about one block down, and since this morning, we’re experiencing… strange things, for a lack of explanation, and we were wondering if your lab could be responsible for it.”

“I’m sorry, but our research is secret.  But if you feel like it, you can file a complaint. I’ll give you our lawyer number.”

“No, no, I don’t want to complain to a lawyer, I would just like some explanation…”


“… something weird is happening, and I think it may come from here. I’m sure you have access to some control under that rubber confinement, and that someone else is probably hearing all of this…”

A tall, white rubber clad woman approached.  With her high heel platform boots, she was towering six feet tall. Her long blond hairs were held in a tight ponytail, floating down to the small of her back. Her open white rubber lab coat was revealing that she was wearing a very tight fitting white rubber catsuit. She had a severe yet soft look.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Rugten.” She said, offering her white latex covered hand. “Come with me. I think we need to talk.”

Dr Rugten led them to a small office on the 5th floor, furnished with white and green leather. She invited Karen to take a seat. At her right, there was an O ring on the floor, where Lynda took the kneeling position, as Karen linked her collar to the ring, then returned her attention to the Doctor who had unfolded a map of the area.


“Is your office located here?” she pointed to a building?

“Yes, that’s the one.” Answered Karen.

Dr. Rugten walked to the window. “Is it the one we see here?”

Karen got up and looked. “Yes it is, and we can see my office windows from here. But why?”

“Are you seeing it too?” she asked looking at Lynda.

“Yes. Both of us, but we seem to be the only ones.”

“Probably, yes, unless there was someone else with you two when it happened.”

“No, we were alone, and WHAT happened?”

Dr Rugten invited them back to take a seat.

“As one of our research, we’re trying to read the spirit, the soul of the human. Read his dream, his fantasies. We have made a device that is on the right track, but still needs some, I would say, fine tuning. Follow me. You’ll understand.”

They took the elevator again, and went two stories up. There, they were on top of the building. In fact, the last 6th and 7th floors were fused into a single huge one. They were on a balcony on what would have been the 7th floor, looking down. Although from the outside, the building looks all black, from the inside the walls were all windows. There were a dozen huge instruments of all sizes and shapes on the floor, and what looked like a big gun, merely 20ft high.

“What is all that?” asked Karen.

“That, is the dream device. When we project the beam on a subject, he can see his dream, his deep thoughts. Only problem is that at the moment, only the subject can see it, so it’s pretty useless.

“Okay, but I don’t see what has to do with us.” Said Lynda.

 “This morning a jet passed by, much lower than usual, or legal for that matter, and shattered some window while we were projecting the beam on a test platform. The falling glass, which as you now know is a one way mirror, reflected the beam. And your building was touched. We had calculated that only a few buildings were touched by the beam, and it can not penetrate anything opaque. Your office was the only windowed wall within the beam path, and it seems that you were in the office. That’s why you are affected. As for the result dream it was an average of what both of you thought”.

“But it happened elsewhere. I mean just a few minutes ago in your office,” Said Karen, “and at the plant, we… dreamed at the same time, but were in totally different places.”

“Thought has no frontier, and walls don’t block it. Your thoughts have been merged.”

“But what causes that? Why are we still dreaming as your device is non-functional, judging by its state.” She said pointing to the cannon, surrounded by technician, obviously damaged by the falling glass.

“It seems to be a side effect”, continued Dr. Rugten. “It’s known to weaken with time. For our test subjects, which were submitted directly to the beam, it lasted up to a week. But for you, I assume that tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. Now that everything is settled, I would ask you to go back to your place and leave us with this research. I expect you to keep our research secret.”

“Yea, sure, no problem, whatever” said Lynda, “I just have one last question: what were we dreaming exactly?”

“Your two thoughts were mixed together. What you saw is the merge thought of your perfect world.”

Karen and Lynda stared at each other with a grin.

Dr. Rugten led them outside. Karen decided to take the rest of the day off, and gave the same to Lynda.

Once home, Karen came face to face with Phil, her boyfriend, or rather her ex-boyfriend. He was there to pick his things before leaving. They had broken up two days earlier as she caught him cheating. They didn’t exchange a word, barely looking at each other. 


Karen was sitting on her leather couch. Each move was making her leather suit rub against the leather of the couch, making creaking sounds. She liked it. From the kitchen, came something like a robot, but she soon recalls it as Phil. He had been cheating on Karen, and he was paying the price, 

His body had been transformed into a woman’s, but not surgically, by molds and devices. His manhood was pushed painfully backward and up and held up in place by thick rubber briefs. His whole body was covered by a thick layer of black rubber. It has been sprayed on him, so there was no way to remove it. His feet were encased in plastic ballet toe boots. Karen recognized the plastic as the one made in her own plant. The boots were going up to the crotch, giving him two stiff legs. He was standing only on its pointed toes as there was no heel.

Another piece of black shiny plastic was encasing his torso, covering from the crotch up to his neck, compressing his waist to a crushing size. The boobs were huge, but pretty much empty. But they were getting filled. All this skin and fat compressed had only one place to go: the empty boobs.

There was another piece of plastic, this one engulfing his head and was linked to the upper torso. A slipping ring allowed him to slightly turn his head, but no up or down movement was allowed. 

The hard plastic hood included a huge inflatable gag that had been filled with liquid rubber instead of air. By now, it should be pretty hard, and totally impossible to remove without cutting his mouth open. Tubes for breathing and feeding were coming out to a connection block on the front of the helmet. He could see through tinted lenses, but although the lenses were big, his vision was greatly impaired. The lenses were cut in a way that what he was seeing was deformed, and the colors all mixed up. As for his hearing, it was all-artificial. Every sound had to go through an electronic device where it was altered to give an electric sound, then fed to his earplugs. He was totally cut from the reality of the outside world.

Only his arms didn’t have restraints, apart from the large plastic cuffs on his wrists and over the elbow. But the rubber covering was tight and heavy. He lacked dexterity. The cuffs had D rings as well as his waist and ankles. They were to tie him up when not needed. After all, he was not a man anymore, nor even a slave. He was an object at Karen’s service.

She looked at him trying to clean a spill that Karen made on purpose. She was smiling, and slowly rubbing her leather covered crotch, and realized at the same time, that she was wearing a dildo herself. She stimulated it and slowly fell asleep.


The sound of the door slamming woke her up. Karen found herself back in the real world.  Phil had left. She smiled thinking at what she had just dreamed. It was the last event of the evening, or the night. The next day, she was at work, as usual, with Lynda. She too had a nice dream last night, of course at the same time as Karen’s.

But in her dream, she was the slave, stuck in that thick latex covering. She had been prepared for the night by her mistress, which was gone by then. She was tied up to an X frame, held tightly by numerous leather straps. She had been fitted with a vibrating gag, and wires had been plugged to her nipples, as she discovered that under the latex, electrodes had been applied. 

Her dildos had also been plugged, revealing their most devilish mode. The X frame was suspended 3 feet off the ground, and everything switched on. 

It was a blast. She was getting massaged from every part of her body, but unable to move to follow the rhythm. She would have loved to rub her crotch with her hands, compress her sensitive breasts. She had an orgasm, then another, before she was abruptly dragged back to reality, all sweating, and pretty much hot and wet, on the couch. She was stretched, as if she was on an X frame.

After they had both shared their latest dream, they sat, wondering what to do next.

“I didn’t have a clue I could have those fantasies.” Said Lynda. “But I have to admit that I really liked it. But it’s impossible to live a life like that in this world, unless you’re loaded and have nothing else to do. In any case, one cannot go like that in public.”

“I think you’re right,” said Karen, “but… we can give it a try… in private. I mean, I… we both agree that… we… well…”

“We loved it. Yes. We have to admit it. You loved being a mistress, and I loved being a slave. I would say that Dr. Rugten was right when she said that the device was getting our deep thoughts. She didn’t even suspect it but we have to face the fact that we love it, and we want more.”

The phone ringing brings them back to reality. It was back to business. Within a few hours, they were back to their normal working schedule. At the end of the day, they said goodbye to each other. An hour later, they bump into each other at a fetish shop.

“I never thought that…” said Lynda.

“Neither did I.” Said Karen. “Shall we shop together?”

They browsed at the different equipment and clothes as if they were experts. They knew exactly what they wanted. Gags, cuffs, straps, rope, latex and leather suits and dresses, high heel shoes and boots. They bought so much that the owner locked the door to continue to serve the two ladies after the regular opening hours and he gave them a huge discount. They used that discount to order custom made catsuits and some other garments.

“Better come to my place.” Said Karen to Lynda. “It will be more private than your apartment.”

Karen owned a nice house in the suburbs. They drove there, got all the stuff out and started to dress like two kids playing in mom’s closet. Within a few hours, Lynda was encased in a tight latex catsuit with five inches stiletto boots, her hands hanging from the ceiling. Her waist tightly compressed by a rigid leather corset. Her legs were held spread out by a chromed steel spreader bar. 

Karen, wearing a tight leather catsuit with six inches platform boots, was walking around her hanging slave, canning her, hitting her hidden dildoes. Lynda tried to scream, but the ball gag muffled the sounds.

When the suspension session was over, they stimulated each other, and they climaxed until they collapsed totally exhausted.

That went on for about a month and, at the same time, Karen received many times a man in her office, and Lynda was forbidden to be present. Then Karen started to take some days off, not telling Lynda what she was doing.

About two months after the incident, Karen called all employees for a general meeting. Even Lynda was unaware of the agenda. Lynda and Karen were seated at a long table, along with the mystery man and a few other people. Karen started:

“Hello to all of you. This is a great and difficult day. I have built this company starting with pretty much nothing. What I have now is a profitable plant with wonderful workers. But with the global market of today, it’s not enough. I have decided to accept the proposal of Mr. Brown, here, to sell the company. You will join a big corporation. I know that from an individual point of view this is not joy, but that’s what has to be done to keep this plant open, and your job, otherwise the plant would have been shut down within 5 years.

At the same time, I’ve decided to retire. Thank you for all these wonderful years we spent together. I leave you in the hands of Mr. Brown.”

There was a huge round of applause as Karen left the stand. She bent toward a stunned Lynda saying:

“I’ll be at my place. Come join me when you’ll get off from work.”

Lynda answered with an angry look. The applause stopped as Karen exited and Mr. Brown took the stand.

“Dear member of the great Brown International Corp….”

His speech lasted over an hour, presenting his staff. Lynda was getting nervous. She wasn’t seeing herself with that bunch of suits. When all the procedures were done, Mr. Brown approached Lynda.

“Hello. Lynda, I believe. Would you please come see me in my office in half an hour? Thank you.”

Lynda went to her office, but there was already another woman taking place, emptying her drawers in a large box. Lynda was devastated. How could Karen do something like that? Mr. Brown came in and invited her to follow him.

“I’ll be brief, miss Lynda. I already have all my staff and arrangements have been made with Ms Karen. I’m sorry to tell you that I will no longer need your services. If you would sign the formal papers, here, so I can give you your severance check. You can leave when ready.”

Lynda was in shock. She signed the paper, not reading it at all, then he handed her the check. She almost dropped dead when she saw the amount.

“A mill….”

“Ms Karen was a harsh negotiator, and she really believes you deserve it. And she must like you quite a lot. Anyway, good luck in your new job.”

With a handshake, he showed her the door. Lynda didn’t know how to react. She was angry, on the other hand she had one million dollars. She drove to Karen’s place. She almost crashed down the door, opening it.

“Karen! How dare you do something like… What the hell happened here?” she said, looking at a totally empty house, except for a wooden box in the middle of the living room.

Karen appeared from a bedroom. She was wearing her mistress outfit. She slapped the riding crop at Lynda’s butt.

“Shut up slave, and get ready to move.” She said, pointing at the wood box. 

Lynda approached to find her latex catsuit, ballet toe boots and a bunch of other stuff laying inside.

“Come on. Hurry up. You have one hour.”

Lynda put the dildo panties and the catsuit on, followed by the boots. The hood was next, and then Karen fastened the ball gag very tightly before putting the wide collar on, also very tight. She ordered Lynda to kneel into the box. The bottom had been lined with foam. There were straps attached to the bottom. 

Her ankles and knees were attached to them. Then she sat on her ankles, and another strap from the bottom encircled her thighs. She was then forced to bend down. Karen put cuffs to tie her wrists and elbows, and then the last strap from the bottom encircled her at the shoulder blades, crushing her on the bottom of the case. She filled the empty space with foam packing peanuts, and hammered down the cover.

Not a single word of explanation was added. And Lynda didn’t ask. A slave doesn’t ask questions.

She stayed like that another half an hour before she felt the case being moved. She was being carried elsewhere. Wherever it was, she was sure to like it.

She was loaded into a truck and the trip began. She couldn’t say how long it lasted, but it was long. Very long. In reality, it lasted 3 hours. 

She was unloaded, but stayed put again close to an hour. After a total of almost 5 hours in this position, she was totally exhausted, so she didn’t react much when Karen opened the top cover and released her. She didn’t fight much when she bind her arms in her back with leather straps and made her lean against the wall, while she attached a chain to her collar.

“Welcome to your new home.” Said Karen. “Well, I decided to retire, bought this little mansion and have it converted to our… needs.”

She produced a piece of paper that Lynda recognized as her 1 million dollars check and tore it to pieces. Lynda, angry, stepped forward but was quickly stopped by her neck chain. She muffled something that Karen recognized at not being very friendly.

“Oh, naughty girl. Those were bad words. Now, would you please relax and listen?”

Lynda grunted.

“I sold the company for 58 millions.”

Lynda’s eyes widened.

“Yes, that one million is yours, but if you had looked carefully at the check, it had no value. It was just a symbol. The money is already in your bank account. Also, I assume you haven’t read a word of the papers you signed, right?”

Lynda nodded no.

“I thought you wouldn’t. Well, in the contract it states that by signing it, you accept to become my slave, and that I will have total control over your life.”

“MFFAAAT?” Lynda screamed. Karen laughed.

“Don’t worry. You can quit when you want. In fact, it states that once a week, I’m to put you into a situation where you can easily communicate and ask you if you want to stay or quit. If you chose to quit, you go, and you can profit from your million. It will stay at your disposal, but only if you chose to leave. As long as you stay, you can’t touch it, nor can I for that matter.”

“For now,” continued Karen, “I’m sure you want to relax, so I’ll leave you for an hour, the time for me to start unpacking my stuff. See you.”

Lynda struggled. Relax? She was in no position to relax. Ballet toe boots, arms tied, and her neck tied to the wall too high for her to sit down, not even kneel. She’s gonna pay for that.


The van was parked on the other side of the street where the employees of the warehouse were getting out of work. The windows of the van were dark and it was impossible to see inside where strange things were taking place.

Behind the wheel was a black leather clad woman, with six inches stiletto boots and a very tight catsuit. She smiled as she turned toward the back.

There was a female form, in a sitting position. It was made of very shiny black hard plastic. She was standing on a single shaft bolted to the floor of the van. Her feet were ending in pointed toes, like a ballet dancer. Her arms were bent as if she was sitting on a chair, but there was no chair. The head had tubing coming from where the mouth would have been, running down to a black box bolted on the floor. The eyes looked more like binoculars than real eyes.

“Got him yet, Lynda?”

The plastic form pivoted slowly to the left. The lenses over the eyes moved. Lynda was zooming on the people getting out. She spotted the target. With the twist of one finger, about the only part of her body slightly moving, she made a green light lit on the dashboard. A small television screen, also on the dashboard, zoomed on one person.

“Yep, that’s him. Don’t lose him. I think that two or three more days, and we’ll have pretty much his schedule, and you’ll be able to get out of this mold.”

The green light flashed three times, meaning yes. And yes she was eager to get out of that mold. She had been in it for the past month, as they were watching Phil’s schedule. At the same time, she was field testing the numerous devices of the mold, breathing, feeding and cleaning, and they worked fine, but she longed to move her limbs. The mold was very tight and she loved it. But she had been totally immobile since she was sealed in, and was ready to get out.

Another mold, or set of molds, were waiting at home, but they weren’t for her, nor Karen, but for the new slave to come.

Karen had decided to make Phil pay for his cheating, and she decided that what she saw in her dream would be just perfect.

“Just a few more days, dear.” Said Karen. “Just a few more days and you’ll have your pet.”

The green light flashed frantically.

© Pete / monsterp63, 9 jan 2003.

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