Karen – Coming Out


It was a nice cottage house, lost in the forest, one hour drive from the city. It was on a huge domain, one kilometer wide on each side, and 2.5 kilometers long from the back of the house. It was covered with a full grown forest.

She was stretching on her bed after a long restful night. Her spandex covered hand removed the soft bright red satin sheets from her body, revealing an ultra heavy weight, two sizes too small black spandex catsuit. Although the sun was shining, her vision was quite dark, as her face was covered with an equally thick and tight spandex hood. Her legs were covered by thigh high, ballet toe boots, made of fine kid leather.

She slowly glide her hands around her aroused breasts, down to her waist, compressed by a double layer of the heavy fabric, acting more like an extra tight girdle rather than a corset. Her hands slipped to her crotch, when she opened her legs and let her fingers play freely, touching, and making the dildo, deeply pushed in her pussy, vibrate. She rocked her hips up and down, with the beat of the pleasure, moaning softly, drinking every second of pleasure until she climaxed.

She walked to the bathroom to take a long hot shower. She was still surprised at how easy it was for her to walk in ballet toe boots. She had heard that it was practically impossible, yet she didn’t find it very hard. Maybe it was because she was doing the same routine every day, getting in what she called her pyjamas and doing a 2 miles walk on the treadmill with the ballet toe boots, before going to bed, keeping them all night, until her shower the next day.

She sat on a small chair and proceeded to unlace the tightly wrapped fine leather. She was playing with her feet, making the leather creak again and again. She liked the sound, and she liked the smell of the leather.

She still had the spandex suit on when she entered the shower. The feeling of the running water, striking her hard nipples made her horny again. She could feel the water slowly find its way through the layer of thick spandex, as hundreds of little fingers, tingling her. She shivered. Again, her hands found the way to her crotch, and soon after, she had another one.

She slowly pulled down the back zipper, letting the water rush in, adding to the tingling feeling. She removed her hood, combing her long, buckled brown hairs with her still spandex clad fingers. Slowly, progressively, she removed the suit, taking much pleasure at turning, pulling and pushing the dildo when she reached it.

She sat down in the shower booth to play some more, while the water was still running hot on her. And she had her third one since she woke up, about an hour earlier.

She stopped the water and dried herself, then calmly went back to her bedroom, opening her closet, pushing away the skirts and pants, revealing a hidden door which was leading to a bigger walk-in closet, filled with an incredible array of fetish clothing, from spandex to leather to latex to satin to plastic and PVC, not mentioning the incredible collection of footwear, none of them with a heel lower than four inches. It made an incredible contrast to her “normal” closet where only straight and boring clothes could be seen.

She was quick to choose. She already knew what she was going to wear. The picked up the different items and spread them on the bed. She had to make 2 trips to the walk-in closet. Then she proceeded, one item at a time.

The first item was a pair of black rubber panties with two dildos. They had nothing electric, but a bunch of ripples and small rubber spikes that would stimulate her just enough. She pulled the panties up to her thighs before applying lubricant gel to the dildos, then inserted them, very slowly, doing some back and forth movements. Not so they were easier to put in, but to have some fun with them. She was horny all right, and she liked it.

She slapped the panties in place and removed any wrinkles that would have subsisted. 

The next item was a black rubber bra. The cups were covered with small rubber spikes. She put them in place, and made sure her large breasts were comfortably being stimulated by the spikes. She pushed on her breast with her left hand, while her right fingers were playing with the dildos. She felt every spike stinging her, sending stimulating waves. She stopped short of an orgasm. Not now. Too soon, she thought.

The next item was a thin clear latex catsuit with feet and gloves, and no hood.

That suit was very special. First, a resin body cast of her body, wearing a corset, had been made: the shell. Then a resin was poured inside that shell to make a copy of her body. That body mould was then put in a special solvent until about 2mm of the resin had gone off all the surfaces. Clear latex was then sprayed over the body mould, creating a perfectly shaped rubber suit of thin clear latex, skin tight to perfection. Then the two moulds were put together and black (or coloured) latex was poured in, making a prefect 2mm black rubber suit that was tight to perfection.

She lubricated her body with gel and slowly pulled the thin clear latex suit, her skin suit as she called it. She was doing it slowly. The latex was very thin, about the same thickness as surgical gloves.

She carefully pulled the zipper from the back. That zipper was like the ones on sandwich bags, without any teeth, and made of clear rubber. It glided smoothly and was hardly noticeable.

She rubbed her gloved hand over her now glistening skin as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. The suit was invisible, apart from the back zipper line following her spine, and was making her look as if she was all oiled up. Her black underwear could clearly be seen under her shiny skin, creating a riveting contrast.

The next item was a corset. A mild one per her standards, with a waist reduction of 4 inches. It was of Victorian style, made of canvas, with steel boning, all that coated with black rubber. The edges of the rigid corset were taper making the joints between the corset and the catsuit, almost invisible, apart from the color contrast.

She laced it slowly, rocking softly her body as she tightened it. For this corset, she was able to tighten it by herself. For her more strict ones, she had to use the tightening machine.

Gently, slowly, she made the two back edges touch, and made a knot. She took a small padlock from the stuff on the bed, and expertly passed it through two eyelets at the back, at waist level. With a click, she was locked in, and there was no turning back for the next 18 hours, until the keys, stored in her safe with a timed lock, would get available.

She looked at herself in the mirror, gently gliding her hands along the smooth and rigid corset, presenting a tiny waist and pushing her breasts outward.

She played a little bit with her crotch, but not too much. It wasn’t time to have another one.

The next item was a moulded shiny black rubber catsuit with attached feet and gloves, and a high collar. She pulled on the heavy latex, getting it up her legs then her waist popped in. The arms were put into the sleeves. The hard part was to make the hand pass the tight wrist. Finally, they popped into place, and what was left was to pull the back zipper up to the top of the collar, which was reaching the base of her skull. The handle was special, as it could be removed, without making the zipper open. Which she did.

She put a two inches wide soft leather collar around her neck, and buckled it tightly at the back. The buckle had a locking mechanism, and once set, she was stuck in it.

The last item was a pair of knee high, patent leather, platform boots. They had a 5cm platform and a 17 cm heel. She laced the boots tightly around her legs, then took four little padlocks. Put one between two holes at the ankle, and the other at the top of the boots. She did the same for the other boot.

She smiled. She was locked in. There was no way for her to remove anything… until around midnight, if all went well.

There was a catch. The clock on the safe was special. It needed a special key to be turned every 4 hours to continue its countdown. Right now, it was set to open in 16 hours, but the countdown hadn’t begun yet. She had first to get the key. That key will be released from her treadmill, after she had walked for 5 km on it.

She walked to the exercise room, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. She stepped on the treadmill. There was a box fixed with a chain to one of the rolls of the treadmill. As she walked, the mechanism inside started working, slowly pulling a small pin which would open a small trap, letting the key fall on the floor, when the 5kms would have been reached. But that box was not very precise. It has been known to let the key down after 4 km, but also after 6 km.

She picked a fairly fast pace. The corset forced her to breath in short gasps. Soon, she was sweating like hell, the tiny drops of sweat, making their way through the tight latex, producing tingling sensations. Her crotch too was wet. She had set a goal not to do anything before the key was released. It proved hard.

Finally, after close to two hours, the key was released. She walked as fast as she could to start the clock. She looked at the time: if all goes well, she would get access to the keys around 30 minutes past midnight. She rubbed her crotch, making the dildos move. She was still hot from her 6.5 km walk on the treadmill, and it didn’t take much effort for her to kneel on the floor, having another orgasm.

Her next goal was to get the second key. She had four hours before adding time to the total of her ordeal.

For that one, she had to go outside, behind her house.

That key was hidden at the bottom of a barrel. It was taped to a piece of foam. To access it, all she had to do was open the barrel, but that one could only be opened from the inside. How? By filling the barrel with water, the mechanism, which had a floating arm, would release the cover. To fill it, she had to pour water in a one inch hole. The only bucket she had available was a one litre container. Since the barrel holds 200 litres, and the mechanism will operate at about 180 litres, she had basically 180 trips to do, assuming that she wasn’t losing one drop on her way. She had to go to the house to fill her container, and walk 50 meters, on loose sand, including a 3 meters high sand dune, before reaching the barrel. 

It took her over three hours, making 300 trips to release the cover, then grab the key. 

But she still had to wait. Turning it before it was due was no use. She had to wait for the first countdown to end before turning the second key.

 She was hot and exhausted. The weather was hot, and she had some regrets about her next challenge. She had to walk in the woods, 2 miles away, climb a tree and get the key from the branch before coming back. The trick was that there were no make up trails. She was to walk in the wild forest.

It was now noon, and she needed something to drink and to eat. A diet milkshake took care of it.

Then she took a dip in the pool to cool off.

As she was about to leave for the forest, the phone rang. She let it ring and waited for the answering machine to pick it up.

It was Lynda, the President’s assistant of the company where she worked as vice-president of marketing.

“Karen? Karen, if you’re there, pick up the phone. It’s very important. Are you there Karen?”

It sounded quite urgent, and it was not Lynda’s habit to phone like that. She picked up the receiver.

“Hi Lynda. What is so urgent?”

“Phil has been fired. He had been caught doing illegal transactions on behalf of the company, and he had been fired on the spot. They want you in right now.”

“Me? For what? I’m in marketing. They just have to call the VP of finances.”

“That’s the problem. He was in with Phil. They want to name you President. Can you imagine?”

“Errr.. Yes, I can imagine…” she said, catching a glimpse of what she looked like in the mirror.

“They’re waiting for you this afternoon, in… well, in two hours. You have enough time to drive here.”

“B.. But I can’t. I mean.. I…”

“Oh, come on. Get away from that darn pool. Come in with your bikini on for all I care. It’s not a formal meeting in front of the shareholders. They just want to sign you in.”

“But why me? Brad, the VP of operation, has better experience.”

“They want new ideas, and they believe that you’ll bring in some fresh air, a new directing style”

It was the chance of a lifetime. She was not about to miss it for some fetish clothes.

“Okay, I’ll be there in about two hours.”

“Great! Can’t wait to work for you.”

She hung up the phone.

“So, they want a new directing style.” She said to herself, while looking at her gleaming black reflection in the mirror, her long legs made even longer by the platform boots. “Well, that’s what they’ll get.” As she grabbed her purse and headed for her car. 

She smiled at the thought that the board of directors would get perhaps a little more than what they bargained for.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 22, 2003

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