Karen – Stuck


She was athletic, and she simply loved sports. Especially single sports, like cycling, jogging, roller-skating, and hiking. She just loved the outdoors, quitting her bank clerk position as soon as possible to be on wide-open spaces.

Then she had an accident where she hurt a knee. She was not about to slow down her activities, so she had to wear a soft knee brace. Noting excessive, just a neoprene sleeve that fit over her knee. That’s what got her started. She liked it. Not the injury, or course, but the neoprene, its tightness, its smell, its feeling.

She had never been attracted by water sports. She felt it was too much trouble to get all the equipment, and drive where you can do that sport, and wait for the right weather. But her new love of neoprene gave her a little kick, so she bought a windsurfing board, and of course, a wetsuit. She was not really interested in the sport. She was glad to be able to have her body covered with neoprene all day long. 

With time, she had ordered a custom made wetsuit. Somewhat thick, but very smooth and shiny. She had ordered it the right length, but the rest was about 5% smaller. She wanted a very tight fit.

She would have worn it all day and all night. She simply loved her deep black shiny one-piece neoprene suit. But in order to do that, and not be out of place, she had to spend her whole day at the beach, or out of sight in her small apartment. She wanted to do more, cycling or hiking in it. She simply had to come up with a plan where she would be stuck to wear it all day, and her explanation would make sense.

In the meantime, while she waited for the perfect setup, her fetish had evolved. Neoprene led her to rubber. Now, with no one knowing about it, when she was going wind surfing, she was wearing more than her wetsuit: she was wearing a full rubber catsuit underneath it. She had devised a way to wear it all day: she would put it on first thing in the morning, and take it off only when back home. She would not bring any other clothes with her to her trip to the beach. The clerk at her usual gas station was now used to see her coming on Saturday morning, wearing her wetsuit, for a fill-up and a cup of coffee. She would then hop on her Jeep and drive to the beach, 3 hours away. Oh, there was beaches nearer than that, but she wanted the farthest, so she would keep her suit longer.

Putting the two suits proved troublesome with time. She had the perfect plan. She ordered a latex catsuit with specific measurements. There was a crotch zipper, and a back zipper slightly shorter than her wetsuit back zipper. She then put her catsuit on, coated it with adhesive, then put on her tight neoprene catsuit, and zipped it up. The adhesive needed four hours to cure. She kept both suit on for eight hours.

Then she unzipped each back zipper and peeled off the now single suit, with a neoprene exterior and a latex interior. Carefully, she cut the latex suit zipper off, leaving only the neoprene suit zipper. She carefully glued the edges of the rubber catsuit to the neoprene. Then, she opened the latex crotch zipper, and slit open the neoprene suit. She carefully sealed the neoprene sides. Now, with the suit on, although the neoprene was cut, with the crotch zipper closed, the latex suit was keeping the edges together, and it was totally invisible. With that, she could keep the suit on for an extended period of time. 

The final touch was the addition of a fine stainless steel band inside the wetsuit collar. Under the Velcro strap, she would grip the zipper handle, then using a small padlock, locked it to the stainless steel band. Once that locked, she couldn’t get the suit off without tearing it, which was out of the question. The Velcro strap hid the lock. She would go surfing and locked herself in, leaving the key at home.

The first trip she made to the fetish shop led do more visits. At first, she was disgusted at even the thought of wearing high heels, but after seeing the clerk so at ease with 6 inches heels, and the look it gave with her red latex catsuit, she bought a pair of platform shoes with a 6 inches spiky heel. Of course, it was out of the question for her to wear that to the beach, but the new trendy wedged sandals offered a similar heel height. They were hip, and they were fashionable, but she couldn’t wear them with her wetsuit in public, which would have been too weird. Nothing was preventing her to wear them at any other time, or to them to drive, though. That led to acquiring more high heels shoes and boots.

Her vacation time was due. She had planned two weeks of outdoor adventures. Windsurfing, of course, but also hiking and cycling.

The first day was setup as follow: she would prep for windsurfing, putting on her wetsuit and driving to the beach. She would lock the suit on her, but since she was going to be many days far from home, she carried the key along.

 Then, in the afternoon, she would get up a nearby mountain where she knew there was a lot of interesting hiking trails. The road to get uphill was rough, and she had to use the four-wheel-drive abilities of her Jeep to get there. At one point, the road became too narrow for her Jeep. Only ATV and motorcycles could go there, or someone on foot. Still wearing her beloved wetsuit, she put her hiking boots on, took her camping gear and climbed still higher up the mountain, then at a point she has previously marked, she turned left and entered the forest. There, she followed a long lost trail up to a small, clear and leveled area no more than 30 feet in diameter. It was the perfect spot to setup her tent. There was a sand box, a little higher than the rest of the area, where the tent would stay dry and over any water flow. It was obvious that this spot had once been regularly used for camping, but hasn’t been used for a good number of years. There, she was far enough any trails or road that neither motorcycle nor hiker could see her. She was isolated, and could wear her wetsuit for all day, and go hiking with it, and no one would see her. There were very few hikers that high up the hill anyway, and she would hear any motorcycle way before they would see her, and would have enough time to hide.

It was time for some fun.

She took her wedge platform sandals and put them on, then started to fix her tent and camping gear.

Once done, she felt she was on for a little ride. She had seen a trail large enough for her Jeep, a few miles down, a trail that was leading close to the river. She would get her water reserve there. There was a small creek about half a mile from her campsite, but she needed an excuse to drive the Jeep with her fetish gear. She would bring her hiking boots with her, in case she met someone. She would take off her sandals and put the boots back on. As for the suit, she was simply going to remove it “in the water”, to rinse it at the same time. That was a perfectly good excuse.

But then again, that would be a good excuse only on her way to the river, not back from it. And she thought about how slim the chance of meeting someone was. She went back to the tent, plunged her hands deep into a bag full of clothing (for the show), and pulled out a pair of black patent, knee high, lace-up, platform boots. The heel was 6.5 inches and a platform of 2 inches. She put them on, lacing them tightly. As a matter of fact, it was the first time she was wearing them, having been bought only 2 days earlier. She smiled as she put a small padlock at the ankle and another at knee high, linking two opposites lacing holes, effectively locking the boots on her. What if someone sees her? She couldn’t care less. She was in paradise.

So, wearing locked-on high heel platform boots and a very special wetsuit, she walked down to her Jeep and drove to that other trail. Suddenly, the trail became narrower. She was on the side of a hill, with a 200-foot drop, almost vertical, toward the river. Seems that there was some kind of landslide there, and part of the road had disappeared. She drove the Jeep as far as possible then got off to see how she was doing. The driver side was almost rubbing on the side of the hill, while the passenger side wheels were on the edge of falling down the ravine. It was too risky. She would have to back up and find another place to go through. As she was going back to the jeep, the edge of the road gave up, and, she witnessed her beloved Jeep slowly slide, roll on its side, plunge down the ravine, and disappear into the river. She ran to the edge. It was too late, and her Jeep had completely disappeared in the water. She was crying. She had lost her Jeep, all her standard footwear were in it, and the key to unlock her wetsuit collar and her boots was part of the key ring in the ignition switch. She was stuck in her wetsuit and high heels until someone finds her, which wouldn’t before 10 days, when she was supposed to call her friend to confirm that she was back.

She looked at her neoprene covered arms and high heeled feet and smiled. Maybe it wasn’t that bad after all. Her whish was coming true. She was going to have no other choice but to spend the next 10 days with all this stuff on. She started to walk, heading for her campsite, smiling.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 22, 2003

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Stuck

  1. I like the story very much. And the challenges that the leading actress voluntarily faces are also very vivid and stimulating.
    I ask myself how will she make it out of there?
    Will she get help for the rescue?

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