Karen – Home Theater


“How do I look? She asked while entering the home theater room.”

I looked up and smiled at the sight. A perfectly cut and maintained woman’s body encased it tight and shiny black latex. Every curve was reflecting light, gleaming in the half darkened room, emphasizing her voluptuous figure. She was perched on 6 inches platform boots, laced tight up to just below the knee. A latex corset was constricting her already thin waist into a marvelous wasp shape. Only her head was uncovered, but that was soon to change.

“You look awesome, as always. Ready for the big night?”

“Oh yes, she said. I’m trembling with excitement.”

She made a large and sincere smile. Oh yes she was eager to try the new device I had made. She knew that, coming from me, it was going to be a hell of a satisfying evening, and probably totally exhausting.

I invited her to take place. It was a chair, specially designed and constructed by both of us. It was body contouring, and had been made custom for her body, with those boots. She took place. Sitting in the soft padded leather pushed deeper the huge dildos inserted in her. She softly moaned as I fed the wires coming from a tiny hole at the crotch, behind the chair where they would plug into my little black box. That was the new device she was going to try that night. The wires were not only coming from the dildos and electrodes she had “downstream”, but also from electrodes and vibrating clamps she had on her tits.

There was leg support that ran down to her feet, separating each leg by about one foot. Carefully, she slid the heel of her boots into the special pockets, which would hold the boots firmly in place, but we had made it much more… efficient.

I proceeded to buckle her legs in place. Although the heel was already secured, there was another strap going over the base of the foot, then at the ankle, below the knee, over the knee and at the thighs. Each strap was pulled very tight. That’s how she liked it. She tried to move, but her legs, bent at about 45 degrees, didn’t move at all.

I fastened the waist belt over her corset, and then she placed her hands on the special armrests. The end of it was consisting of thick leather fingers, fixed on the armrest, in which she would insert her own fingers. Then a strap was pulled tight around her wrists. Her hand was totally trapped. She couldn’t even move her fingers. More straps were tightened on her forearm, and over the elbow. 

I asked her one more time if she was ready to go, and she answered yes, so I put the tight and thick latex hood on her head. It was a struggle to pull it down, but it finally popped into place. And the zipper wasn’t pulled down yet. Once done, she felt as if a vise was compressing her head, but that’s the way she liked it. Then came the gag. The center of it was hollow, allowing for easy breathing. The hollow tube was also vibrating. The outer layer was a blow-up layer. I inserted the gag, and pumped it. I made sure she was okay with the pressure, but she asked for more. Twice. I complied.  Then the rigid posture collar was added, forcing her head in a straight position. It was fastened tight so she couldn’t move it. I ran the wires from the gag down the back of the chair to the black box.

I put the remaining straps, below and over her chest, at the shoulders, neck and forehead. Once totally strapped, she couldn’t move a muscle. She was totally immobile.

I then put the TV glasses over her eyes. Those were LCD TV screens. With that, she had no choice but to watch the movie. That also permitted that she could be positioned besides the TV set, so I can keep an eye on her, while watching the movie, instead of having to turn my head sideways.

Headphones were added.

Everything was plugged and powered on.

Now, the operation of the black box was quite simple. Audio from the movie was sent in. Depending on the volume and frequency, the dildos, electrodes and gag would fire or vibrate. Of course, the louder the sound, the more power was applied to the devices. Usually, the loudest and lowest frequencies are in action scenes, where there is pounding sounds, special effects, etc, were the ones producing the strongest effect on all the devices. Medium frequencies were making light action, as high frequencies were not making anything at all. 

I had also added a gadget of my design, but she was not aware of it, and I couldn’t wait for her to discover it.

We had agreed that there would be 2 movies. One of her choices and one of mine. Of course, she wouldn’t know my choice before the start of the movie. It was going to be a surprise.

Her choice was “Blended” with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The movie, which is good by the way, is also relatively soft, except for some kind of action here and there, like the parachute scene.

The movie began, and I heard soft faint moans, as the many devices faintly went into action. She fought her bonds, but there was no hope for her to get free. She was totally secure and immobile. Only the creaking of her rubber suit on the leather padded chair could be heard. 

It was at the first action scene that she discovered how evil I could be.

Now, let me explain something first. She was a screamer. She couldn’t have an orgasm without screaming as if she got a root canal performed. In fact, if we were doing it with the windows open, the whole neighborhood knew it, and we would have weird smiles from neighbors the next morning.

The devilish device I had put in was a tiny microphone inside the breathing tube. If she screamed, every signal was cut-off for 15 seconds. Now, she couldn’t have an orgasm without screaming, and she couldn’t scream to have it. Tough situation.. Evil situation. Although she was gagged, it didn’t prevent her from making small screams through the breathing tube. She was not totally mute.

The first time the signal was cut, she was surprised and thought that something was wrong with the setup. The second time, she pretty much figured it out, and then did a test scream, followed by a low pitch grunt. She hated me.

The movie ended, and she was still quite hot, and not exactly satisfied, although very frustrated as her screams had cut her short of climaxing.

It was now time for my movie. I removed Sandler’s DVD and put mine into the player.

She grunted heavily and tried desperately to get free when the movie began and she saw the title: Jupiter Ascending.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 2004

Updated March 2016

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