Karen – Horseback Riding


“Are you serious?” asked a wide eyed Lynda.

“Yes I am. You rode a bicycle before, didn’t you, and you liked it, right?”

“Well, yes.” She said, blushing, remembering how turned-on she ended up, and how wet the jeans were at the end of the ride.

“Well, riding a horse would be just as fun, and perhaps even more, with the slow rocking motion it makes while walking.” Said Karen with an evil smile.

“You’re nuts, you know that?” asked Lynda.

Karen simply laughed. The point was that it was going to be fun.

“Very well then.” Said Lynda. “I’m in.”

“Good, I’ll set it up for next weekend. It’s a holiday, making it a 3 days weekend. You’re up for camping? We can ride up in the mountains Friday, spend Saturday there and come back Sunday. What do you think?”

“Works for me. Geesh, look at the time. I have to go now, it’s already too late.”

“Yeah, I have to hit the bed too. See you Friday morning then.”

“I’ll be there.” Said Lynda, pulling herself out of the soft leather sofa she was sitting on. It was not exactly elegant to watch, but with jeans as tight as that, she had no choice than take hold of the armrest, and pivots herself while getting up. They were faded blue Levi’s, high rise, non stretch and so tight that just putting them on was quite a struggle. Finally she was up, finding her balance on her 5 inches spiky black leather pumps.  She pulled back her long curly golden hairs and smiled at Karen who was getting out of a similar situation in her tight white Guess jeans.

“Oh, by the way, how tight are you going?” asked Lynda.

“Probably red.” Answered Karen after thinking for a few seconds.

“Red? You’re nuts. You won’t be able to get on the horse with those.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure I’ll want to.” Said Karen with an evil grin, which Lynda understood immediately the meaning.

“You’re going to add toys on top of that?”

“It will be fun. What were you planning to wear?”

“I was thinking more about green, yellow at most.” She said, “But never the red ones. Better bring a spare pair in case you rip them open.”

They had a color code to indicate the tightness of the jeans. White was for the stretch jeans. They would wear those of occasion where they absolutely needed full freedom, which was very rare. Then came the blue tag. These were non-stretch snug fitting. Those too were rarely used, only in situations where almost all freedom was needed. Green was the next tag. It was for average tightness, mostly day to day wear, shopping, long seated trips, etc. The yellow tag was the very tight jeans. To put them on, they had to lay on their back and use all their strengths to pull them on. That’s what they had on at the moment. And finally, there were the red tagged ones. They were so tight that a special device had to be used to be able to pull the zipper shut. The seams were reinforced and the denim extra-thick. They would usually wear those for sex play or around the house.

They waved goodbye. Karen immediately changed for her pajamas, an extra-heavy, stretch denim catsuit, about three sizes too small. She liked it tight. She tugged herself comfortably under the denim bed sheets and fell asleep.

Two days later, Lynda was knocking at Karen’s door. When she opened, she immediately knew that Lynda had gone for the yellow tag Diesel jeans. She had a cotton T-shirt under a tight fitting brown leather jacket and was also wearing 6 inches spiky heel boots with a 2 inch platform. The boots were lace-on, and were put under the leg of the jeans.

At the same time, Lynda went jaw dropping on Karen’s outfit. She had indeed tight Guess jeans on, definitely red tags. She had put on black thigh high leather boots with a 5 inches spiky heel. She also had denim shirt. Lynda knew it was made to appear like a standard loose fitting shirt, but it was only the visible portion. Underneath, was an extremely tight layer of stretch denim. She had put on a tight fitting non-stretch denim jacket to top it off.

“Hi Lynda. You look stunning today. Ready for the ride?”

“Yes I am. And as for you, you look… like you’re going to be way over your head dressed like that. Do you already have the toys in?”

“Yeah, thrilling isn’t it? That’s the fear factor. Gets the adrenaline pumping. Brought any spare?”

“Yes, a pair of green tags, just in case, and another pair of yellow, plus the usual. And you?”

“I also bring 2 spare pairs of jeans.”

“Red tags? You’re nuts.”

“Call me daring. Okay, let’s go.” She said, grabbing Lynda by the arm and pulling her out of her apartment. 

They took the elevator down for the 16 stories they had to go. Usually, they stop at the 6th floor and do the rest using the stairs, but they were in such a hurry, that they forego that usual treat.

Karen took a seat in the driver seat. She had difficulties squeezing on the seat, her hips didn’t have enough room in the extra-tight jeans to sit properly. But she was used to it. She started the engine, and off they went.

They drove for close to two hours before reaching the little ranch up in the mountains. By that time, the vibrations on Karen’s toys had turned her pretty horny. It was about time they got there.

They were greeted by the rancher’s wife who looked surprised at their choice of clothes.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome. I think you will need to change before the ride.” She said.

“No, that won’t be necessary.” Quickly said Karen. “We’ll go like that.”

“Err… that’s your choice, but I advise not to. These jeans are way too tight to be comfortable, and those heels are no good for walking in grass.”

“We don’t intend to walk in grass, Sarah, but to ride horses.” Said Lynda.

“Right.” Said Sarah, trailing off. “Whatever, it’s your choice, and I’ve warned you. Ever ride a horse before?”

They both nodded yes.

“Good. Here are your horses. They’re all saddled and ready. But before you go, I need you to sign the contract, and I will give you a map of the trails. You’ll be back by Sunday, right?” She asked as she led them to the office.

“Yes. We plan to be back by 4pm.”

“That’s very good. If I haven’t heard from you by then, I’ll send a search party. Just in case, here’s your emergency radio.” She said, handing them two walky-talky style radios. 

They signed the papers, and got the map. Sarah indicated the camping ground on a flat in the middle of the mountains. They walked back to their horses. The emergency radios were made to carry on the waist belt, but their outfits were too tight to do so, so they put them into the saddlebags pockets.

Getting on the horse proved to be quite a challenge. They could barely get their leg high enough to put into the stirrups, even less getting on the horse.

“I think you should change clothes.” Recommended Sarah one more time.

“Nah, we’re used to that kind of struggle. We’ll manage.” Said Karen.

Lynda, who’s jeans were less tight got on her horse first, she then helped pull Karen on. They waved Sarah goodbye.

They started on the trail leading deep into the mountain. With each step, their tightly encased buns were getting hit by the bouncing saddle. Karen got the most out of it, as with each slap her dildos got pushed deeper in, and then slightly receded as her butt bounced upward, then pushed again as it hit the saddle. She was literally getting screwed by the horse. It was quickly becoming unbearable.

Lynda, on the other hand, with her slightly less tight jeans, and the fact that she didn’t have any toys inserted, found the ride much more enjoyable, although she was pretty much floating on the saddle, her jeans being so tight that she bounced like an overblown balloon.

“Stop it.” Suddenly yelled Karen, two hours into the trek.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lynda turning her horse around to come back to Karen who had stopped dead on her tracks.

“I can’t take it anymore. My crotch is gonna explode if we continue.”

“I think we can have a break, but remember that we have at least four more hours to go before reaching the campsite.”

“I… I won’t make it.” Said Karen, panting, her face deep red, and shaking.”

“I told you these were too tight. I’m not turning back for you. I will continue alone if I have to. I plan to enjoy this trip.” Said Lynda. “Go back, change and come back here. You should get to the campsite before sundown.”

“It’s not the jeans, it’s the dildos that are causing the problem. I’m getting fucked over and over again, but with all that butt slapping, I can’t come.” She said.

Lynda started to laugh.

“Oh, so the horny little girl can’t get satisfied by a horse.” She said, still laughing. “Wait ’till I say that to the other girls…”

“Very funny.” Said Karen, not amused.

“Well, just take the damn toys off. If you brought other jeans like that one, you also brought the tightening device.”

“Yeah, yeah, I have it. The problem is that I can’t take them off before we reach the campsite.”

“How come?”

“Because I locked myself in. And the key is at the campsite. I asked one of my friends who was coming for a ride here earlier this week, to bury a small box up there. The key is in that box.”

“Ah, I see. So you wanted the I’m stuck situation. Well, you got it. Since you deliberately put yourself in that situation, I don’t see why I should feel sorry for you. Come on.” Said Lynda as she moved forward. Karen was pretty much in tears, but she had no choice.

“You’ll pay for that.” Said Karen.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Answered Linda, laughing.

The ride ended up pretty joyful for Lynda, but devastating for Karen who reached the campground one hour later.

“Quick, bring me the fucking key.” Said Karen while she wasn’t off the horse yet.

“What key?” asked Lynda, playfully.

“Don’t play smart. You have it, right?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Why? You haven’t looked for it?”

“No, I guess you forgot to tell me its location.” She said with an evil smile.

“You brat! You purposely didn’t ask me that detail, right?” said a pissed off Karen as she tried to dismount the horse. 

Easier said than done. Her legs were pretty numb, and her butt was on fire, not counting her crotch. A large wet spot could clearly be seen as she tried to get her leg over the horse’s back. She was so exhausted, she couldn’t hold herself, and she fell on the ground with a soft thud.  The horse slowly walked away, but was quickly grabbed by Lynda who put it near hers, before helping Karen get back on her feet.

“Okay.” Said Karen as she wiped off the sand that stuck to her wet jeans. Do you see a large oak?

Lynda started to laugh.

“This is an oak forest, girl. It’s full of large oaks!” She said, laughing her head off. “That so call friend got you good!”

“Very funny.” Said Karen, not amused, looking around, searching.. “He said behind the large oak, at the right entrance of the uphill trail.” She said, walking toward the trail in question on the other side of the clear patch of the campground. “It’s supposed to be stuck under a big root.”

She walked there, her high heels sinking deep into the soft soil, her butt wiggling under the constraint, and the large moist patch on her back, unmistakable now that it was all covered with dirt.

“You look like the back of a deer.” Said Lynda laughing. “This is so funny!”

Karen said nothing, except for a scream of victory as she produced the small box in question. She quickly opened it, took the key and undid the locking belt that was fastening her jeans in place. She then sat on the ground, and removed her boots. Lynda gave her a hand at pulling off the damp, overtight jeans sticking to her thighs. They proved hard to pull off, but when they did, Lynda ended up thrown backward, on her back. When she got back up, Karen had already removed her dildos and was fighting to remove her tight shirt/bodysuit. The skin on her crotch was bright red.

“I need to cool off.” Said Karen, getting up, and walking toward the nearby little fall. She didn’t test the water for temperature. Within seconds, she was completely naked and swimming in the cold spring water, letting out long moans of relief. 

Lynda watched from the beach, laughing.

“How does it feel?” she asked between two laughs.

“Good, actually. You should take a dip yourself.”

“Probably tomorrow. For now, we need to setup the camp. I think that the rain is not very far away.”

“Go ahead, I’ll be right there.”

“Yeah, right.” Said Lynda, not believing her.

Lynda had barely unpacked the tent when, to her surprise, Karen showed up, shivering, her arms crossed on her chest.

“Gee, I’m cold. I’m freezing cold.”

“That is to expect when you take a dip in cold spring water.” Said Lynda. “Help me with this, will ya, it should warm you up.”

Karen put on her denim underwear. It was out of the question to try to put the tight jeans back. Her skin was too damp, it wouldn’t go, not the red tag anyway.

Half an hour later, the tent was all setup, and Karen was back into her extremely tight jeans, both enjoying the small campfire. The site would have been beautiful, but a deep overcast was hiding the wonderful field of stars.

They went to bed, in their sleeping bags, outer shell of denim of course. They slept all dressed up, tightly rolled into the small bags. They were sound asleep when the first thunder broke the silence of the night. Then the rain started to fall. The sky suddenly lit with flashes of lightning bolts, and the ground shook with the thunder. They now had their eyes wide open, looking at the light show, with some fear in their face. They were holding each other. They heard the horses in a slight panic, but they couldn’t do much. They couldn’t bring the horse into the tent. After all, these animals are used to nature’s hiccups.

After close to half an hour, the thunderstorm was over, and they eagerly went back to sleep.

The songs of birds and the sun shining through the trees woke them up. They stretched in their sleeping bags, then opened the tent to get out. The air was full of the fresh rain smells, awakening the perfumes of the vegetation.

“Wait a second.” Said Karen, pulling Lynda back in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just want to have a little more fun, that’s all.” She said, producing two locking belts and four locking steel bands.

“You want us to be locked in? Let me guess, the other keys are downhill, in your car, right?”

“No, I have them right with me, well almost. I put my key into your horse saddlebag, and I put yours into mine, so no one could unlock herself without the consent of the other. That could be fun, right?”

“Yeah, that could be really interesting.” Said Lynda, knowing perfectly that she was better off in her jeans than in Karen’s. “Okay, I’m in.” she said, taking the appropriate belt, passing through the belt loops of the jeans, pulling it tight and locking it. Then she took two of the locking steel bands and wrapped them around her booted ankles, locking the boots in place. Karen did the same.

They crawled out of the tent.

“I’ll go get some wood to make the fire.” Said Lynda. “I’m in need of some coffee.”

She walked the edge of the forest in search of small dry wood. It was still pretty damp from the rain of the night, but she managed to find some that were protected by rocks. It was not easy to walk in her high heels platform boots in the soft soil, and bending to grab the few pieces of dry wood was not easier. Finally, she walked back to the fireplace and dropped the wood in the stone circle

“Did you get the coffee… Karen? Where are you?” asked Lynda, looking around.

“Over here!” said a voice in the forest. “Have you seen the horses?”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re gone… and the coffee with them!”

“Gone? How come? They were tied, right. You tied them to the pole, right?”

“Me? I thought you were doing that.” She said, getting back into the clear area. “You mean that you didn’t attach them?”

“No… I thought you were doing it.”

“That means that they were free. They probably ran off when the thunderstorm struck. No problem. Where are the emergency radios?”

“In… the… saddlebags….” Said Lynda, opening wide eyes.

“Oh shit! Now what do we do?”

“We’ll have to walk out of here.”

“It’s a six hours ride by horse. It will take us days by foot, and dressed as we are. High heels and tight jeans do not go well with hiking.” Said Karen. Then, looking at her own locked belt, she had a twisted smile.


They were turning in circles, searching for a solution when they heard the horses. The sound was coming from above their heads.

“I see them. They’re up there, on top of the fall. Let’s go get them.” Said Lynda.

“W…What? Get them? It’s a vertical rock face, Lynda. A good alpinist would do it with the proper equipment. We are no alpinists, and we don’t have any equipment.”

“No need, someone forgot his rope. Come on.” She said, pulling on the rope and starting to climb the rock. The thick soles of her boots didn’t make things easy. Most of the time, they didn’t fit into the small crevices that would otherwise give the perfect edge. She reached a small ledge, about a quarter of the distance, and stepped aside.

“You go and you bring the two horses back. I can’t continue with those boots.”

“But… but, I’m in no better position, I have the red tag, remember.”

“Okay, I’m still with you, but this time, you go first.”

Karen took the lead. From underneath, Lynda had a clear view of the tightly encased butt, looking for a place to move, as Karen was searching for the best foothold. The seams were ready to tear open, and she had to twist and wiggle her butt from side to side to get the most mobility. Lynda was turned on by the stimulation that those moves were giving to her, and looking at Karen’s butt, was not helping to cool off, as she knew what she was experiencing.

They could see the horses. They were looking back at them, as if they were enjoying them struggling to climb that rock face. They could have taken the trail, but it would have meant a 2 hours walk, and in their situation, would have probably ended up being a 4 hours hike.

“Look at them looking at us. They seem to enjoy it. I’m sure they are males disguised as females.” Said Karen, “and they enjoying the view.” Added Lynda.

Finally, an hour later, they were reaching the top of the 75-foot cliff, totally exhausted, their legs and feet aching, not counting their scorched hands. The horses were there, waiting, wagging their tails and eating the soft grass.

They hopped on the horses, almost collapsing.

“Okay, do you know the way to get back to the camp?”

“No, you?”

“Of course I don’t Lynda. Now stop playing smart, and give me the map.”

“I don’t have it. It’s in the tent.”

“We’ll find the way.” Said Karen, heading the way.

They found the way. In fact they found many ways, most of them not leading back to the tent. Their asses were burning, and they desperately needed to go. But they couldn’t. Karen realized when she tried to unlock her belt that she had only think about putting the keys into the saddlebags. In fact, they were simply in her purse… in the tent.

Finally after 3 hours of searching, they reached the camp. Lynda was the first to unlock herself and jump into the cold lake by the fall. Karen followed a few minutes later.

“I’m never gonna go along with your stupid stunts anymore, Karen.” Said Lynda, visibly pissed off. “I’m gonna put my green tags on for the rest of the trip.” She said.

They started another campfire and dried themselves near it. Lynda went to her horse to retrieve her green tags jeans, but Karen was quick on her tail.

“No, you won’t. Give me that.” She said, trying to grab the jeans away. They fought over the jeans, each one trying to snatch it out of the other’s hand. Then, as Lynda did a hard pull, the jeans slipped Karen’s fingers, but Lynda was so surprised by it that she lost them. They flew in the air and fell right on the hot burning campfire. They immediately started to burn.

“Now, I’m really pissed off. “Said Lynda fuming.

Karen laughed. 

“You’ll get over it.”

The day was pretty much over. That night, they were able to stare at a star covered sky. After all, Lynda didn’t find it that bad being back in yellow tags. She liked the tightness, and if it was not for riding the horse, she would have gladly worn red tag ones.

That night was uneventful. They woke up again to the songs of birds. They had a nice breakfast before packing everything back. Karen disappeared to the side of the forest to come back a few moments later, smiling and walking funny.

“You didn’t put your toys back in, don’t you.”

“Well, of course.” She said, all smiling. “Wouldn’t you?”

“You found it unbearable on the way in, and you want to do it again? But now, you have nothing to prevent you from removing them, since you have the keys.”

“Not unless I give them to you. I know you want some revenge. That would be a good time.”

“That’s an idea. But I need more. Where are the rest of the locking belts?”

“In my saddlebag, why?”

Lynda didn’t add a word. She took the other long belt and fed it under Karen’s crotch, pulling it tightly, before locking it.

“That’s deadly, you know that? Now, I will have the lump of the belt pushing on my dildos.”

“That’s the goal. Now, your feet.” She said, as she locked a steel belt around each ankle, making sure she won’t take her boots off. “And your wrists.” She said, locking her denim jacket in place.

“Now give me the keys.” She said, extending her right hand. Karen put the small key ring in her hand.

“Now, the spare ones.” Said Lynda, extending her left hand. With a sigh, Karen put down another set of keys.

“Thank you.” She said, and before Karen could react, she threw the keys into the campfire.

“You realize that the only other spares I have is at home.?”

“Yes I do. Now, let’s finish packing up. “

They packed the rest of the stuff, and finally, extinguished the campfire. Karen searched through the ashes in hope of finding some keys intact, but what she found was twisted pieces of metal. She was stuck. She had to admit that she somewhat looked for it.

“Let’s go. We should be home in a few hours. ” Said Lynda, taking the lead. 

Karen followed. She knew perfectly well that the few hours will look like days to her. Already, the belt was working the dildos.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2004

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Horseback Riding

  1. I love this story, so full of great ideas and humor. I especially like the color code scheme. My goal is to reach the red tag level, but for that I need a detailed description of the special closing tool, that seems to pull the two sides of the zipper together, so the zipper teeth don’t get torn off when trying to pull it up. It happened often on my attempts to go red. So how does that tool work, can I buy it, or is it a DIY device?

    1. Thank you.
      That tool is totally made up. I’ve never seen one. However, I do believe it can be build. There are ratchet operated pliers, crimpers and cutters in my field of trade (electrician), so it would be only a stretch to fix hinged plates with “spikes” on them. All one need is a good machine shop…
      And it would take one hell of a good sturdy zipper and very sturdy stitching to achieve the tightness of the red tags, something I doubt exist.

      But the thought is there 😉

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