Karen – The Law


“Come see me at my cabin… yeah right… It will be fun… yeah right… It’s easy to find… yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy to find, my ass.” Said a pissed off Karen totally lost in the small and narrow forest roads, looking for indications of where she was.

She was driving while looking at a map unfolded on the passenger seat of her small economical car. She made a turn right, then a left… no, wrong way. She turned back, made a left, then another left… where the hell was she?

“That’s it! I’m lost. Totally lost. Now, all I need is a phone booth.” She said, looking at the low batt sign on her cell phone.

She entered the small town without realizing it. She was so distracted looking at the roadmap that she didn’t see the name of the town, nor the warnings.

The sudden change in light and going from the noisy gravel to the paved street grabbed her attention. A quick look in the mirror, and she saw that the dense forest was stopping abruptly, leaving a wall of trees and vegetation. What she had in front of her was a small town, with little buildings. She was without a doubt in “Small Town” and on the Main Street.

The street was somewhat narrow, a little over two cars wide. There were a couple of people walking on the sidewalk. But then again, at 8 in the morning, she didn’t expect to see a crowd.

She was totally lost. There was no city indicated on the map. Where the hell was she? The general store looked open, so she parked in front of it, blocking of course half of the street.

She got out of the car and entered the store. The clerk, a young woman, looked stunned behind her counter.

“Err. May help you, miss?” she said, and frantically looking everywhere as if she’s seen a ghost.

“Yes, I’m sorry to bother you,” said Karen “But it appears that I’m lost. My friend Lynda gave me directions to get to her little cabin on the lake, but I definitely got confused somewhere and I don’t have a clue of where I am. Could you point the location of this small town on my map, here?”

“Err… well, I don’t know if I can.” She said, appearing very nervous.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Karen, starting to think that there was a robbery on the way or something, and that the clerk was in a very tense situation. “Can I help you with something?” asked again Karen.

“I.. I think you better go. ” answered nervously the clerk, looking outside, at the street.

“I want to go.” Answered Karen, sarcastically “but I need directions.”

“Just… just go back from where you came from.” Said the clerk, almost frightened. On that, the door opened.

“I swear I did not help her.” Said the clerk in a hurry, raising her hands. Karen turned around, expecting to see robbers.

On the door were standing two police officers, women. That was nothing new, but their uniforms were: there was the classic blue shirt, with the shoulders pads and insignias, but this one appeared to be made of shiny spandex, and the cut was very tight. The pants were blue, but were definitely jeans, and like the shirt, were extremely tight. And to top it off, or rather to bottom it, they were wearing black, 5 inches spiky heels, thigh high boots. They were looking more like dominatrix than police officers. Karen smiled at their uniforms

One of the “officers” grabbed Karen by the arm, and before she could react, she was handcuffed.

“What the hell….” started to say Karen, but she was cut short.

“Miss, you’re under arrest for disorderly dressing, according to the city law 32. You have the right to remain silent…”

“What the hell is this?” asked Karen, trying to get free from the handcuffs and the officers. “What kind of sick joke is this? Disorderly dressing? I can’t wear shorts here or what?”

“I think you better shut up and listen.” Said the officer before continuing to read Karen her rights.

She was dragged out of the store, across the street to the police station, where she was put in jail.

“The judge will see you tomorrow.” Said the officer.

“Hey! I’m entitled for one phone call.” Yelled Karen.

She watched the officer get out of the cell room. She noticed that she was wiggling her butt from side to side, just to be able to walk. The jeans appeared extremely tight, and she wondered how it was accepted as a police uniform.

The officer came back a few minutes later with a cordless phone and handed it to Karen through the bars. Karen quickly dialed Lynda’s cell phone number. It rang and rang, but she ended-up on her voicemail.

“Lynda, it’s Karen. Look, I’m in prison in that weird city where they arrested me because I’m wearing shorts or something. I’m lost, I don’t know where I am… ” she looked at the officer “What is the name of this place anyway?”

“Tightjeansville” answered the officer, coldly.

Karen was staring at the officer then she spoke on the phone, as if she had been struck by lightning “I’m in Tightjeansville… wherever that is.” She said before pushing the end button. The officer extended her hand to take the phone back. Karen noticed the spandex on her arms. It appeared to be very thick, about three times as thick as the spandex leotard she ever wore, and extremely tight. She handed the phone. The officer left, leaving her alone in her cell. She had nothing to do but lay down on the bed and wait to be seen by the judge. And she hoped that Lynda got the message.

Tightjeansville, she said to herself while taking place on the small bed. Strange name. Then she felt the fabric of the bed sheets. She turned around to have a better look.

“I don’t believe it. The bed sheets are denim? What is that place?”

A few hours later, another officer, another woman, but still wearing the incredibly tight uniform, got her lunch. She ate the salad and pasta slowly, before going back to the bed, laying down staring at the ceiling.

She didn’t knew what time it was, since she had been stripped of any jewels, but someone came in the cell corridor. She looked up. The officer was there with Lynda. Karen jumped on her feet.

“Good, Lynda. You’re here. What the hell is going on here? Please, get me out of this crazy city.” She said, then she realized that Lynda was also wearing incredibly tight jeans, with a long sleeve spandex and cotton top, also very tight fitting. Her feet were on top of 2 inches platform shoes with a spiky 6 inches heels. “What…”

“Relax.” Said Lynda. “Calm down. Right now, I can’t do anything for you, until the judge sees you tomorrow. That’s the law here. I haven’t anticipated that you would end-up here.”

“But… but… What is this place? What is this law?”

“Calm down, will ya? The city is called, as you now know, Tightjeansville. It’s a small private city with their own laws. It’s perfectly legal, as far as they say. The big law of the city is that every woman 18 years old and over, have to wear very tight jeans, a tight fitting top with long sleeves, and high heels. And this law is strictly enforced. You were wearing shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. That’s why you got arrested.”

“But I came here by mistake. I was lost. How could I know…”

“There’s signs and warnings everywhere upon entering the limits of the city. Haven’t you read any of them?”

“I saw no signs anywhere….”

“Where were you looking? At the sky?” asked Lynda in disbelief.

“I… I was looking at the roadmap… while driving.”

“Well, I would say that you asked for it, and the judge might not grant you the immunity.”

“Grant me immunity? Hey, how come you know that much of this city?”

“Because my cabin is just outside of the city limit, and thus is the closest one for me to go for my groceries.

“So, you dress like that… often?”

“When required, and then some.”

“You mean that you like that?”.

“Ever tried it?”

“Hell no.”

“Well, you will.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” asked Karen, defiantly.

“I’m pretty sure you will be found guilty. I’m leaving you the surprise of the sentence…”

On that, the officer came back to take Lynda away.

“See you tomorrow at the trial.”

“Find me a lawyer.” Yelled Karen as the door to the corridor was closed.

Karen went back to bed. She had nothing else to do. The dinner was brought by another tight jeans-clad women. She didn’t sleep well that night.

The next morning, by sunrise, breakfast was bring. Then, an hour later, she was handcuffed and directed to the second floor of the police station where the judge was waiting for her. Karen found it surprising that the courtroom was pretty full, even for that early hour, and for a case as stupid as that. She was presented to a woman, wearing also a very tight spandex and denim outfit, but black. She was introduced as Suzy, the lawyer that the city had appointed to her.

The judge, a man, took the papers and read them out loud.

“Miss Karen. You are charged for disorderly dressing according to the law 32 of the city of Tightjeansville. How do you plead?

“I’m sorry, your Honor, but I didn’t have time to review the case with my client. Can you give me some time? I was just appointed to her 15 minutes ago.”

“Very well.” Said the judge. “I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

“Thank you, your honor.”

The judge got up and left.

“Ten minutes? That’s a joke…” started to say Karen, but she was cut short by her lawyer.

“Better shut up.” said coldly Suzy. “Now, have you read the signs and the warnings before entering the limits of the city?”

A little embarrassed, Karen told her about the roadmap distraction.

“Well, I’ll do the best I can. Just stay put and don’t say a word. This judge is very picky.”

The judge came back and took place.

“So, miss Suzy, have you entered your plea?”

“Yes, your honor, my client pleads guilty.”

“What??” said Karen, who was signaled to calm down by Suzy.

“But to her defense, she would like to point out that she was lost and was looking at a roadmap rather than the signs on the road.”

“Very well, it’s noted. Considering the fact that she was distracted doesn’t erase the fact that she broke the law. She should pay better attention to the road. Reading a map while driving is not very safe. But I’ll go easy on her. I hereby sentence you client to one week of community services to be performed in Tightjeansville. She will be provided the necessary clothes by the ci…”

“What? What kind of law is that!” yelled Karen, standing up. The judge stopped his phrase short. Her lawyer grabbed her by the arm.

“Sit down and shut up.” she whispered to her.

“No way…!” said Karen.

“Two weeks.” Said the judge, slamming his hammer hard on the desk.

“Two weeks?” Yelled Karen, even more pissed off and becoming reddish by the second.

“Two weeks and the type-one outfit.” Said the judge, slamming his hammer one more time “and I suggest you shut up now.” he added.

Karen was speechless. She looked at her lawyer, who was pulling hard on her arm to get her to sit, then turned to the crowd and searched for Lynda, who was heavily gesturing her to sit, while the others appeared smiling, liking the sentence. Reluctantly, Karen sat.

“You have no idea what kind of shit you put yourself into.” said the lawyer, while taking her paper away. “Next time, just sit down and keep your foul mouth shut. I’ll see you in your cell in half an hour for the details.” She said, leaving looking pissed off.

As she was being handcuffed again, she turned to look at Lynda, who was nodding in a slow motion meaning the “you are so stupid” gesture.

She was put back in her cell, then 15 minutes later. Suzy entered.

“Now, please, for the rest of your stay, behave.” She said as she entered the cell.

Karen sat on the bed, but Suzy stood up, which put her waist at Karen’s eye level. She couldn’t believe how tight her jeans appeared to be. The zipper appeared ready to pop open. The seams of the high rise jeans were being pulled apart, revealing the darken denim underneath. Every fiber was pulled to the breaking point. The crotch seam appeared to have been sewed a couple of times. The jeans were extremely tight from the waist down to just over the knee where it flared slightly down to her high heels shoes.

“Okay, I’ll be quick since I’m still pissed off. You will have to wear the type-one outfit for two weeks, that’s 14 days, and that’s for 23 hours per day. Since the outfit is provided by the City, you will have to pay, either in cash for $500, or by extending your sentence by 2 days. Also, since your meals will be provided by the City, you have the choice of paying $250 or staying one more day, making the grand total of 17 days. You have until the 14th day to decide. You will have to perform the duties you are assigned without complaining, otherwise bad attitude points will be given to you. For each 10 points, you get one more day. Is this clear?”

Clear? Not really. She was not fully realizing what was happening. She was being arrested and sentenced to wear a type-one outfit, whatever that was, because she was not wearing the right clothes? What kind of “fashion police” was that? What kind of sick city was this?

“Yes, I think.” She answered from a very faint voice.

“Very well, sign here.” She said, handing her a document. “Someone will be here to get your measurements. You should be going through our sentence in about 2 hours.” She said as she left.

Karen was left to herself, alone in the cell. A few minutes later, another woman, still clad in the tight spandex-tight-jeans-high-heels outfit entered the cell, and took measurements of Karen’s body. Of all parts of the body, and she took them extremely tight, pulling on the measuring tape until it would not give anymore. Except for a few words asking Karen to turn, or stretch, or bend, nothing else was said. She left.

A little over an hour later, an officer came to bring her to the fitting room as she called it. It was a rather large room, with mirrors on two walls, with a bar hanging from the ceiling, like those used by trapeze artists in the circus. Karen was asked to take place under it. In addition to the officer, there was the fitting lady and the lawyer.

The fitting lady opened a box and got out what looked like a denim leotard, but then Karen noticed the heavy boning and the lacing at the back.

“Here, put your bodysuit on, please” she said as she handed it.”

“This, a bodysuit? Looks more like a corset to me!” said Karen.

“I suggest you shut up and get what you deserve in silence.” Said a strong male voice.

Karen turned around to see the judge. He was looking straight at her. She lowered her eyes, and picked up the garment.

It was made like a leotard, but even had attached gloves. She had to put it on feet first. The corset portion was loose. The denim was thick, but yet appeared stretchy. As she fed her arms in the sleeves, she had the confirmation that it was in fact stretch, but so tight that she was stretching it pretty much at maximum. And then, it became obvious that the torso portion wasn’t stretch at all as the fitting lady started to tighten the laces.

Karen felt her stomach being compressed more and more. She was glad she had a light breakfast that morning. Each time, when she thought that it was the end of it, she received another pull, squishing her even more. The fitting lady told her to stretch her body as much as she could with the help of the bar. Karen did, but seems it was not enough for the corset. Finally, she felt the fitting lady tied a knot in her back.

“Okay.” Said the fitting lady. “We’ll take a short break on that to leave time for your internal organs to find their new home in there. In the meantime, we’ll proceed with the rest of it.”

“What th…” started to say Karen, but cut it short when she crossed the angry eyes of her lawyer. The judge was still there too.

The fitting lady returned with three more boxes. She got out a pair of jeans. They looked pretty standard to Karen, except that the legs appeared quite small. Her apprehensions were confirmed when they started pulling them up her legs.

“I’ll never fit in those.” Said Karen with a low voice. The fitting lady simply looked at her without saying a word. They pulled the jeans until the waist band was at her hips. Then, she started to roll up the lower portion of the legs until they were over her knees. Next she picked up the next box, and produced a pair of black, lace-up platform boots with a heel of about 6 inches. Karen went wide-eyed.

“You’re not put…”

“Shut up, will ya?” said the lawyer. “It was nice enough for the judge to allow wedge heels on these boots, making it easier to walk on grass, than forcing the stilettos one. Take your punishment and keep it shut. Geesh.”

Karen had a look around, but it seemed that the judge had disappeared as quietly as he had appeared in the room. Still standing up, Karen fed her feet into the high heel boots, keeping her balance with the suspension bar. They were tightly laced by the fitting lady. Once done she got up.

“Okay. Let’s try another pull at the corset, shall we.”

Karen fought hard not to add a comment. This was already so tight, that she felt that she was going to be cut in half, but the tightening continued. Finally, the fitting lady took a measuring tape.

“Five inches. Not so bad for a first wear.”

“First wear? What do you mean?” asked Karen.

The fitting lady laughed.

“You’re gonna get hooked on that, lady. You’ll want more. That the worse part about that setup.”

“No way.” Said coldly Karen. “No way.”

The fitting lady simply laughed as she left Karen in the middle of the room, and went to a door on the other end of the room to get two strong built men. Amusing they’re not wearing tight jeans. Thought Karen as the two men approached. They took position on each side of her, and at the same time, both took hold of the waistband of the jeans and pulled, lifting Karen off the floor. They made Karen jump in place as they shook her into place, pretty much as one would try to get something in a too small bag. Suddenly, Karen felt the crotch seam touching her. She was resting as low as she would go in those. She didn’t knew how, but it seemed that the men felt it too, and stopped. Then, one of them grabbed a wide string ending with a steel hook and fed it on the hole of the zipper handle. The other grabbed the side of the jeans and pulled hard on them, while the first one pulled on the zipper.

Karen didn’t think she could be squeezed even tighter, but up the zipper went. When they fastened the waist button and let go of her, she was breathing in small gasps, feeling as rigid as a wood plank. Then, to her dismay, the fitting lady opened a third box, producing a denim jacket.

The two strong men grabbed the jacket. Karen knew why when she tried to pull her arms through. It was awesomely tight, and non stretching at all. Again, she was pretty much lifted off the floor as they fed her into the tight garment. Once placed over her shoulders, she could barely lift, even less bend her arms. But what she saw in the mirror was awesome: a tall, slender woman, with a sculptural body, extremely thin waist, with soft clothes, without any wrinkles. She had her first surprise when she tried to walk. It was a new experience. The height on the boots changed her center of gravity, but the locking denim outfit forced her body to move as a one-piece.

But then, the disturbing, totally unexpected rubbing on the crotch. It turned her hot immediately. With each move, her buns were getting squeezed, and her crotch gently rubbed. As she breathes in, the only place her breasts could go was upward, creating another rubbing, pretty much like someone’s hand was gently squeezing it. She opened her eyes wide, and her mouth wider, but nothing came out. Just a soft, low pitch grunt.

“I think she just discovered the devil inside the suit.” Said the lawyer. “But it’s no time to have fun. You have work to do. Come, follow me.”

Karen did, as best as she could. Every step was a stimulation, and although she was quite impaired in her moves, she didn’t mind at all.

Her first job was to clean the park of the flying papers. It appeared that they have been put there on purpose. She was given a 2 feet long pole with a nail on the tip of it. It was still too small and she had to find a way to crouch down, get the papers and get up. Proved very difficult, and very stimulating. Four times she almost came, and she took some time off to cool down, but as soon as she was starting to walk again, there it was.

Lynda paid her a visit.

“How is it going?”

“That… devil.” She said, breathing heavily. “Do you know what this can do to you?”

“In fact, yes. Interesting, hey? Well, honestly, I haven’t tried the level-one outfit, I was rather sentenced with the classic one.”

“You were sentenced for the same thing? How come?”

“A few weeks after I bought the cabin, I needed some groceries, so I came here. I read the signs, but thought they were a joke. I was caught up, trial and sentenced as you were, except that I behave more… properly.”

“And you liked that?”

“Well, don’t you like it at this very moment?”

Karen blushed.

“Better leave you to your work otherwise, you’ll get an extension if I disturb you too much. See you tomorrow.” She said while waving goodbye.

After spending the day grabbing loose papers and leaves, she had to place books on shelves at the public library. By this time, her day was over. She was lightly fed. She couldn’t eat much in this outfit anyway.

“I will probably have to go to the bathroom. How will I do that?” she asked the officer that was bringing her food in her cell.

“Someone will be here in half an hour to help you for that.” She said as she left.

Karen ate the meal then waited. She lay down on the bed. She was slowly raising her stomach up and down, rubbing her crotch with her denim covered hand, finding it quiet arousing, when someone entered. It was the fitting lady. Without a word, but with a smile of understanding, she opened the cell and unzipped Karen’s jeans. Then she opened the crotch zipper of the bodysuit. Then, Karen could sit on the toilet and do her job. When it was done, the fitting lady fastened everything back in place.

“I thought that the strong, and beautiful, guys were going to come to fit me back into those. How come it was so easily put back?”

“Because your body adjusted. You were off just a couple of minutes, not long enough for your organs to take back their original places. If you take them off lounger, you will have to go to the same process as this morning.” She calmly said.

“So I guess I will do it again tomorrow, right?”

“Tomorrow? Why?”

“Well, tomorrow morning, after the night. I’m not keeping those to sleep, aren’t I?

“Oh yes you do. You will have half an hour off tomorrow morning, then it’s back in the suit. Longer than that and it’s the whole procedure again, and no one has time to do it.

“I sleep in this?”

“Yes. That’s the law.” She said, leaving.

Karen was left alone. She tried to sit, but couldn’t. Her body was simply too stiff. She had to lay down. She turned on her side, then on her stomach. Feeling her weight on the tightly encased crotch was just too much. She started to slowly rock her butt up and down, rubbing with her fingers. Within minutes, she came, and then shortly fell asleep. It had been an exhausting day.

The door of the cell corridor opened. Karen frantically ran back to her bed, covering herself with the bed sheets. Only one person came in. Karen heard the clicking high heels approaching.

“Hi, Karen. Not up already?”

“Oh… hi Lynda.” Said an obviously embarrassed Karen. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I thought I would come to see you, I was curious as to how the first night had been… what is that black string under your bed?”

“That? Oh… that’s nothing.” Said Karen, getting her arm from under the sheets to push the string further behind the bed. Lynda started to look afraid.

“You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t remove your outfit.”

“Well…” said an even more embarrassed Karen, “not all of it.” She said as she got up, revealing that she had removed the boots, the jeans, the jacket and had loosen the bodysuit corset.

“Oh, gheesh! What the hell have you done? Can’t you listen for once?” said Lynda, visibly pissed off.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep, it was too tight, I… I…”

“Shut up and come over here. I’ll try to fix you up before they come to take you.” Said Lynda.

Karen, almost crying, went to the door and turned her back on Lynda so she could grab the laces of the corset through the bars. She started to pull, but it was not easy.

“Arghh! I don’t have enough place… to.. work!” she said as she struggled to tighten the garment. “Grab hold on the top bar and stretch yours…”

The door opened, revealing the officer, the defense lawyer and the judge.

“Hello miss Kar… What’s going on, here, ladies?” asked calmly the judge.

“Well… I… Let me ex…” started Karen.

“The… the corset had loosen and I was trying to… err… fix it…”

“So, you got out of the prescribed outfit,” said the Judge looking at Karen “and you’re helping in the cover up.” He said looking at Lynda. “Very well. I want her back in the suit right now. I don’t think that extending your sentence will do you any good, so lock her in, and I want her cuffed for the nights. As for you, miss Lynda, please come by my office.” He said softly before leaving.

The officer opened the door of the cell, and Karen grabbed the boots, jeans and jacket and followed the lawyer. Not a word was added.

She had to undergo the same treatment as the day before to get all the clothes on, but this time, when it was over, the police officer came with flat braided steel cables, about an inch wide. They had some kind of locking device at the ends. Karen discovered that there was a hollow pocked that was making the wrist of the denim jacket. The braided cable was fed through, and both ends went into a small box, locking them in place. The same thing was repeated for the other wrist. Then a longer band was fed through the belt loops of the jeans and locked in the front. The locking box was in the shape of a “T”. Into the base of it, the handle of the front zipper was inserted, which locked it. Finally, small padlocks were inserted in holes at the narrowest point of the ankle of the boots.

She was securely locked into her outfit, and was sent for her day’s chores. Still more street cleaning. Then she had to take care of the kindergarten. She loved taking care of kids, but dressed as she was, it was no easy task running after them, picking one up, getting things on the floor, etc.

The night came with exhaustion. She realized that Lynda hadn’t come to see her at all that day. The last time she saw her was this morning, leaving with the judge. She hoped she had not been sentenced to something too harsh.

When it was time to go to bed, the officer came in and cuffed her hands in her back. Karen really wondered what difference that would make, since she was locked in her clothes, and locked in her cell. She soon find out. Once laying on the bed, she find it very difficult to stay on her back. The only comfortable position was on her stomach. She slowly started to rock her butt up and down, without realizing it. It wasn’t long before she wished there would be more stimulation, that’s where the cuffed hands in her back became a problem. She grunted. She would never be able to satisfy herself.

Days went on. She spent the days helping everywhere, doing cleaning chores for the city, helping at the library, etc. By the end of it, she somewhat liked her “job”. The outfit was another story.

Two days before the end of her sentence, the fitting lady came back with another pair of boots.

“These are made of polyurethane.” She said as she removed the soft kid leather she had been wearing for almost 2 weeks. “Their main characteristics is that they will not get damaged by water, and they have a thin heel instead of the wedge one you had.” She said as she locked them back in place.

“Why that change?” asked Karen.

“Don’t know, but the judge has probably some cleaning to do someplace… wet.”

And wet it was. She had to clean the beaches of the river crossing the city. With the wedge heels in the wet and easy sinking sand, it would have been a challenge. With the thin heels, it was hellish. She fell into the water a couple of times, ending up soaking wet under the bright and hot sun, shrinking everything even more.

Finally, the day she was set free came. She was led back in front of the judge. For the first time in two weeks, she was able to see Lynda. She was glad to notice that she was not looking too pissed off.

“Well, you’ve started on the wrong foot, but now you learned to behave like a good person. I’m glad your stay here made you learn something. With that you’re free to go, but remember the law. I wouldn’t get out of that outfit within the city limits, if I were you.” He said with a slam of her hammer.

“Yes, and thank you, your Honor.” Said Karen as she turned and walked toward Lynda.

“Can we get out of here, now?” she asked.

“Yeah, come with me.” Said Lynda. Karen wasn’t sure if she was happy. They hopped into Lynda’s Jeep. The passenger seat was quite reclined, but Karen found out that it was the only way she could sit in the car, the jeans were simply too tight.

They didn’t talk much on their way to the cabin. Once in it, Lynda pointed to a room in the corner.

“Your new clothes are there. By the way, the bill too.”

“New clothes? Why new clothes? Hey, these are jeans? They aren’t tight, aren’t they?”

“Oh yes they are, as tight as the law prescribes.

“But I won’t go back to that city, anytime soon. Why have you bought them?”

“Because you need them here. Otherwise, do you think I would still be wearing them? I would be in my swimsuit, running to the pier.”

“I … I don’t follow you, Lynda.”

“Simple. Because I helped you, I was sentenced. I had a choice though. Either sell my cabin and never again come in the area, or they were extending their city limits to include my cabin. I chose the second option.”

“That means…”

“That you have to wear tight jeans when you’re here. That’s the law. So, no swimsuit.”

“But that’s great! I like it! In fact, I was about to ask you if it was okay if I was keeping that outfit on.”

“You what? You’re hooked on that much?”

“Oh yes. Come to think of it, those boots are made to go into the water! Coming?”

Lynda didn’t have time to answer, Karen was already running, or rather wiggling her butt in a fast way, toward the pier and jumped into the water.

“The hell with it…” Said Lynda as she ran toward the pier, laughing.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 15, 2004

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  1. I am absolutely in favor of intrducing that law in our city, the only dress code that makes sense! And the way they enforce the law by making offenders addictive to follow it is very smart, Thank you you for another sexy and clever story!

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