Karen – Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, there was a lonely Princess. She was very beautiful, but she was alone. Her father, the king, often held parties in her honour, but although many princes were always attending, no one ever proposed to her.

She was a rather beautiful girl, slim, tall, and in great shape, but perhaps the way she dressed was unattractive. The long and expensive silk dresses were perfect according to her Princess status, but were far from sexy.

She asked her fairy godmother to help her.

“Dress like anyone would in the street, and you will get your prince.” She said before vaporizing in a cloud of sparkling dust.

The Princess was left to herself, wondering.

The next day, she asked her father to go out downtown, to meet the people. That’s where she learned about T-shirts and jeans. But she couldn’t buy any, as she was followed everywhere she went.

Once back at the castle, she had a plan. She went to one of her personal maids and asked her to go downtown to buy what she needed. She wrote a paper with her dress size and shoe size, and asked her maid to keep it a secret. Her father was not to know anything about it.

By the end of the next day, the maid delivered a package to the Princess’s room. The princess immediately started to look at the new garment, of a faded blue, with a red tag with the name Levis on it.

“This feels strange.” She said, “It is quite a heavy fabric, and doesn’t seem stretchable at all.” She said, “Are you sure it is the right garment? Asked the Princess.

“Yes, my Lady.” Asked the maid. “I was told by the sales lady that it was the finest.”

“Very well. Let’s try that.” Said the Princess as she put them on. But it became obvious that they were not the right size.

“Are you sure you asked for the right size, Suzy?” asked the Princess?

“Yes, my Lady. The sales lady told me to take this size, that it would be even better. She warned me that they would appear too small, but to go on putting them on.” Said the maid.

“What was the name of that sales lady?” asked the Princess as she struggled to get the jeans passed her hips.

“She said her name was Karen.”

“Well, be sure to go see her and tell her that I am very disappointed with her choice of size.” Said the Princess. “This is way too small.”

“It should fit that way.” Said the maid. “Please, don’t give up, my Lady. I will help you if you don’t mind.”

The Princess accepted the help, and together, they were able to get the jeans until the crotch seam rested firmly on the Princess’s crotch.

“Now, my Lady, if you would please lay on your back on the bed.” Asked softly the Maid.

The Princess proceeded, and the maid was quick to kneel over her, sitting on her thighs. She grabbed the sides of the zipper, and as she pulled them together, she asked the Princess to pull the zipper up with a pair of pliers she provided. After much struggling, the zipper was up and the waist button closed.

The maid asked her to stay put as she put on the platform shoes with a six inches spiky heel on the Princess’s feet. Then, she asked her to stand up.

“That’s so tight, I can barely move.” Said the Princess.

“Just walk a little around the room.” Said the maid. “You’ll get the real feeling of them.”

The princess walked across the huge bedroom, and it was on her way back that she started to feel something between her legs.

“Oh my lord! This is so disturbing.” Said the Princess, putting her hand on a wet spot on the jeans crotch.

“Yes it is, my Lady, but you’ll learn about controlling it with time.”

“How do you know all about that, Suzy?” asked the Princess

The maid answered by lifting her own frilly dress, showing that she was wearing very tight jeans and high heel platform shoes underneath.

“I wear this all the time, my Lady.” Said the maid.

On the next following nights, the maid taught the Princess how to control her urges, and how to walk gracefully perched on the high platform heels.

The next Saturday, she informed her dad that she was going out downtown to meet friends, and hopefully meet some prince. She left by the back entrance of the castle with the maid, so no curious bystanders would see them. After all, she was not wearing anything worthy of a princess, by the aristocratic rules. 

As they rode in a cab stopping in front of a dance club, the Princess had to make a few more adjustments.

“I don’t want to go in as the Princess.” She said “so, for tonight, I give you permission to call me by my first name: Lynda.”

“As you wish my La… Lynda.”

They got off from the cab and entered the dance club, followed by countless eyes, watching the tight jeans gals heading for the dance floor where they met Karen. Lynda then learned that Karen and Suzy were friends of many years.

A handsome man approached, all smiling.

“Hello ladies. You’re so gorgeous, you look almost like princesses. Can I be your prince for this evening?”

Lynda smiled. If only he knew…

© Pete / monsterp63, August 6, 2004

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