Karen – Dressed For The Part


Another beautiful and sunny day ahead. A perfect day for a walk downtown.

Karen looked at the clothes laid on the bed and smiled. It was going to be a very good day indeed. She first started with her silk, fire engine red, panties. Next, came her favourite pair of jeans, Guest, non-stretch, and way too small for her, but that was the way she liked it. She fed the jeans up her lower legs, then took the next items, a pair of knee-high, lace-up platform boots, made out of black kid leather. She laced them tight, and with somewhat of an evil smile, put a small padlock on the small portion of her ankle, between two lacing holes, locking the boots in place.

She pulled the jeans up to her hips, pulling hard on the tight jeans legs that were already compressing her thighs pretty heavily. Then came the next item, a denim corset. It was designed to be worn as an outside garment. It was covering her almost from the crotch up to her armpits, and had shoulder straps. She placed the garment and wiggled around for it to fall into place, and started to lace it shut. Slowly, the garment squeezed her torso, highly compressing her waist. She was alone to do it, but she had tricks.

When it was getting a little too tight to tighten by hand, she placed the loops of the lace on a door handle, one loop on each knob, and walked away from the door, pulling the laces tighter.

She would give a pull, then with her fingers, work the laces to get rid of some looseness, raise her arms and wiggle the corset in place before going for another pull.

Slowly, the corset was constricting her already thin waist, squeezing her to a wasp shape, pushing some flesh down to her buns, and up to her chests, filling the moulded cups of the corset.

When, finally, the two sides of the corset met, she tied the laces together. The last item was to put the jeans in place, and that would be even more difficult than the corset.

She pulled the jeans up over her hips. The flesh pushed to her buns by the corset was producing rounder buns that still had to be squeezed in.

She laid on her back on the bed, and proceeded to fasten them. She was using a special kind of pliers, which were pulling the two sides of the zipper toward each other, with great force. All she had to do was to pull the zipper, but even with that mechanical help, it was a hell of a job.

The seams, having not been reinforced by Kevlar threads, would have ripped open in no time. When she was finally done, she got back up, almost as stiff as a wood board, and fed a nice white leather belt on the waist belt loops of the jeans. The belt appeared somewhat stiff for leather. That’s because it incorporated a hardened steel core, and the buckle was lockable. Once in place, it was impossible to remove. But what if she had to go? Since she would be unable to put the jeans back in a public restroom anyway, she simply was very careful about what she ate, and arranged to be away no more than 6 hours. That was the plan, and so far, it worked fine.

She looked at herself in the mirror: she was stunning. Her long slim legs were tightly encased in the denim, her rounded butt cleverly exposed, and her thin waist astounding in the faded blue denim corset. Her boobs appeared bigger and overflowing the corset cups. She shook her head, making her curled brown hairs float in the air. She applied little make-up, she didn’t need, more she was a natural beauty, and headed out, downtown.

She took the bus, obviously, being unable to sit in a car. She walked her way on the long sidewalks, her heels clicking on the concrete, her buns twisting to walk, her corset softly creaking with every move. She was attracting attention, and she liked it. She had a killer body, and killer dressing habits. It wasn’t long before she was, supposedly discreetly, followed by a group of drooling men, watching her every move. She teased them by playing the I don’t see you scheme.

She turned the corner, and there was a crowd gathering. She got closer. Was it? Yes, she recognized the setup she saw on TV a couple of days ago. It was a stunt organized by a beer company and a TV station. It was a challenge: a big rope, about 75 feet long, was held vertically by a big crane. The rope had big knots every two feet or so. The goal was to climb to the top in less than 30 sec, which meant a climbing rate of about 2.5ft per second, which could be achieved by an athlete. But the trick was that the last half of it was covered with grease. Many had tried, and no one ever succeeded. So much that the contest organizers were starting to get in trouble: if they couldn’t prove that it was feasible, they would be fine for fraud, because the grand prize of $50 000 would never be won. They needed a winner and they couldn’t change the rules by now. So, for that last day, they raised the prize to $100 000. 

To have some fun, she decided to get closer. Her arrival drew the attention of many bystanders. Although she was at the back of the crowd, the show host saw the crowd move, and wanted to see more.

Karen, already tall, and even taller by her high heels platform boots, was easy to spot. The host took the opportunity.

“Gee, look what we have here. Come over, lady, and have a try. Aren’t you interested in winning one-hundred grans?” he said. “Please, make her some room.” He said, waiving the crowd to make some kind of a channel. When his view was clear, and he saw her from head to toe, he couldn’t help himself.

“Ooo! Mama! Look at that awesome babe!! Come on in, darling. Come see Crazy Jack” He said, waving at her.

Karen was blushing. It was not her intention to try it, but she had kind of no choice but to get to the show host. She will probably be able to talk herself out of it. With the camera following, she approached, accompanied by cheers of the crowd, but it appeared to be coming more from the men than the women.

“Wow, you look wonderful. What’s your name?” asked the show host.

“Err… Karen.”

“Well, Heelllooo Kaaarrreeennn!” he yelled in his microphone. The crowd cheered.

“Want to give a try to our rope from hell?” asked the show host.

“Well, I’m not exactly dressed for that kind of thing.” She said, softly, getting red.

“Nonesense. You would be perfect. Sure you don’t want to try it? Hey, nothing prevents you from removing your jeans and high heels!” Said Crazy Jack, getting more cheers from the crown.

Karen blushed. Even if she wanted, she couldn’t. She leaned forward to speak to him in his ear.”

“I can’t I’m locked in.” she whispered in his ears, but he had been faster. No one was to tell any secret to Crazy Jack. Before she could realize it, the microphone had been placed to her mouth, and her secret was now out in the open. Everybody had heard it.

“You’re locked in? Well, talk about a chastity device from hell! You give a hard-on to every men in this city, but it’s don’t touch!” yelled Crazy Jack. More cheers.

“A hundred bucks she doesn’t make it to the grease!” yelled a man from the front row, waving a pile of $20 bills.

“Two hundred!” yelled another one.

It was suddenly getting out of hand.

“No, wait.” Said Crazy Jack. “We can’t put bets on her like that…”

“Then, I give her my two hundred dollars if she simply tries it.”  Said the second man.

Karen didn’t know what to do, nor Crazy Jack.

“You want to pay her just to try it? That’s wonderful. What do you say, Karen?”

“That’s very nice, but…”

“I’ll add one hundred more!” yelled the first man.

“I add a fifty!” yelled another.

“Oh, gee! I’m gonna get jailed for that!! Karen, if I can collect $1000, would you give it a try?”

Karen was stunned. A thousand dollars! She would have tried it for the first $200, but she didn’t want to. She was sure that he was not going to raise the amount, and apparently, that’s exactly what he was counting on, to get out of that uneasy situation. Karen agreed.

“Yooouuu heard it, folks! One gran and the nice lady here will give it a try to our rope of hell.”

To her dismay, and Crazy Jack’s, not only the money was raised in less than thirty seconds, but it went up to $2000! She had no choice. She couldn’t back up.

Reluctantly, she turned around and faced the rope. The crowd was cheering like hell. The safety harness was put around her thin waist. The timer was set up, and up she went.

She grabbed the rope with her hands, and tried as best as she could to grab the knot between her high heeled feet. She slipped and fell back to the ground. She was about to let go and turn around, after all, she had tried, but the cheers of the crowd was just too much. She gave it another try. This time, she felt the knot locking between her boots. She could actually use her arched feet to grab it, and the sturdiness of the platform soles made it easy. Once done, she grabbed a higher knot and pulled. Up she went. She bent her knees to get her feet to the next knot, and pulled. 

It was easy. Surprisingly easy. It seemed that the very fact that she was stiff from her tight jeans and the corset, was exactly what was needed to climb easily. She had almost reached the greased portion of the rope when the bell rang, and she was lowered gracefully to the ground.

The crowd was wild, cheering up and asking for more, and apparently Crazy Jack was very impressed by Karen’s performance.

“Thank you very much for that wonderful try.” He said, giving her the envelope with the money. 

“Thank you.” She said, preparing to leave, but she couldn’t. More hands were in the air with more money. They wanted to see her again! Even Crazy Jack didn’t know what to do. She had a flash.

“I’d like to try it again, but for the contest this time.”

“Err. Sorry, folks, but the rules clearly state that only one try is allowed…”

“Yeah, but I didn’t try it for the contest. I was paid by the crowd to do it. Now, I want the real try, a try for the grand prize.

“I… I…” Crazy Jack was stunned. He didn’t know what to do. He put his hand to his earphone.

“Well Karen, apparently you’re right. You’ve tried the rope, but never signed the contest contract.” He said as an assistant brings in the pad with the paperwork. 

Karen signed on the dotted line, and approached the rope to be prepared. The safety harness was put on again, and the counter reset. And up she went.

Immediately, she got a good hold of the first knot with her boots and pulled hard to get up. The crowd was cheering. The moves it created was pushing her butt outward, rendering the men crazy. She was struggling, but apparently, her moves were very sexually arousing. She had reached the greased portion. She grabbed a good hold of the knot, and pulled. Her boots were doing all the work. She was getting up, higher and higher. She extended her arm and pushed the button. The light turned on, and the bell rang. 

She had done it! With half a second to spare. She was lowered to the ground. Her perfect outfit was now stained by grease. She had a line of it from her chest, between her boobs, down the center, to her crotch and between her legs. She was given a towel to wipe it off. Crazy Jack was astounded.

“Wow! I never saw that before. What do you do for a living?” he asked. “Circus freak?”

“I’m studying marketing.” She said as she wiped the grease off her thin waist. Now, all she wanted was the $100 000 prize money, and get out of here.

“Very interesting. Well, you sure know how to get the attention of viewers.” He said, the crowd laughing. “Cheers to our winner of $100 000!!!”

Then, he put his hand to his left ear, pushing his earphone deeper in to hear well.

“What?… Are you serious? Arr…. We have to take a short commercial break, and we’ll be right back.” He said, then turning his microphone away, he turned to Karen “Wait here, baby, you may get even richer today.”, before going to the TV station broadcast trailer.

Karen stayed there, like on display, in front of that crown, waving dollar bills, and asking to see more. She simply walked back and forth, and that was enough to get the crowd more excited. The darker grease line had made a very interesting pattern on her jeans. 

Pieces of paper with phone numbers were starting to fly in. Karen didn’t know what to do. She was way over her head in this, and there was no way she could get out of there alive if not escorted by security guards.

Crazy Jack was back a few minutes later, his microphone still pointing away. He approached her.

“Well, it seems that you made quite an impression. Apparently, the makers of your jeans were impressed, and since this is an awesome publicity stunt. They will pay you $50 000 to try it again, as long as you reach the grease line. And if you succeed at going to the top and turn the light on again, they will give you another $100 000!”

That was a heck of an offer. Yes, she already had a hundred grans, but she was not about to let go of twice as much. That first try had been exhausting, and she wondered if she could do it again. In any case, she got the hang of it and knew that she could reach the grease, so the $50 grans was hers. But was it all true?

“I want that in writing.”

“Sure!” said Crazy Jack, “They’re faxing the offer right now. Come with me.”

She was led to the trailer, the crowd cheering at seeing his tightly encased butt wiggling away, and struggling to climb the few stairs to get in the production trailer.

“Please sit down.” Said a man as she entered, but Karen didn’t move.

“Why don’t you… Ah, yeah. I see.” Said the man. “Here it is, pretty clear. You get to the grease, it’s $50 grans. You lit the light, it’s $100 000. The Guest Jeans Company reserves the right to use any of that footage for publicity, etc, etc, etc. The usual legal mumbo-jumbo. Sign here.”

Karen did, without hesitation. Meanwhile, Crazy Jack was talking to what looked like the executive producer. By doing it once, Karen had ended the potential lawsuits, and if she does it twice, that will be a blast of publicity for the station.

When done, he accompanied her back to the center stage.

“Laaaddiiies and geeeentlemeeeen!. Here we have her again. Karen will attempt one more time to climb the rope. No, no, keep your money, this try is brought to you by our wonderful sponsor, Guest Jeans.”

The crowd were cheering their lungs out. Karen took place, and once more, the safety harness was put on. The timer was reset. Again, she climbed the rope, using her high heels boots to push her up. This time, she did it more sensually, more slowly. She didn’t care if she reached the light or not. The crowd wanted the view, they got the view. The jeans company wanted the sight. They got it, as the cameras frantically moved around, to catch any possible angle of the climb.

She stayed suspended at the grease line, wiggling, waving and balancing her butt. Letting go of her feet, simply grabbing the rope with her hands. She raised her legs and grabbed the nearest knot between her thighs, and rested her crotch on it, as the rope balanced and twisted. 

The crowd was getting wild. She was sure that by then, the bell would have ring, but it was still silent, the crowd cheering, and Crazy Jack, a hand to his earphone, waving her to continue, to climb on. Her arms were starting to hurt, but she continued to climb, doing all sorts of crazy moves, twisting the rope around her left leg, and lifting the right one while the rope turned on itself.

One more knot, then another, then finally, she was able to reach the switch, and turned on the light.

The crowd cheered, as she was lowered to the ground, even more stained, but smiling. She had fun, and she was, by now, $152 000 richer.

The show was completed, and Karen escorted to Crazy Jack’s private trailer. He invited her to sit, but first she was afraid to stain the couch, and secondly, it was not easy to do so.

“I don’t care. Lay down if you want. Boy, that was a hell of a show you put on there! How does it feel to have a quarter of a million in your pocket?”

“What? I don’t have a quarter of a million dollars, I didn’t turn on the light within the time limit.”

Crazy Jack laughed.

“Who talked about any time limit. The contract simply stated that you had to turn on the light. And with the show you put up there, they’re all crazy about you. You say you’re studying marketing. Well, let me say that you already have a job with Guest when you’ll have your diploma. Their director of personnel wants to meet you as soon as possible. You have to call her at this number first thing tomorrow to set up a meeting.” He said, handing her a piece of paper.

“Gee. Thank you.” Said Karen, not really believing what was happening.

“Oh, and if you want, the station would like to have you on board. You would make an awesome weather woman.”

“Gee. I don’t know. I never did that before.”

“Hey, people won’t give a damn about the weather, they will want to see you. What do you say?”

“I’ll think about it.” She said.

A few minutes later, a limousine, hired by the station, was there to pick her up and drive her back to her apartment. The driver made sure to lose any one following them, so she arrived home safely, without a bunch of crazy men waiting for her.

The next morning, she called Guest Jeans. They wanted her in marketing, but also as a spokesperson while she gets her diploma. They offered an interesting paycheck. She agreed.

She now had a quarter of a million in her bank account, and a well paying job. What about the weather woman offer? Well, it would bring in more money, she would get to dress more often like she loved it, and would still tease men.

She smiled as she picked up the phone.

Meanwhile, Crazy Jack was eager to do that rope from hell publicity stunt. Now that everybody knew that the only one who did it was wearing tight jeans and high heels, it was obvious that it was THE way to win it.

He was already imagining the line-up of good looking babes in tight jeans and high heels, wanting to try it. They could even go with semifinals and… and… 

© Pete / monsterp63, December 2004

Author’s note: I know the real brand name is Guess, but I didn’t want any trouble with a registered trademark, so I used Guest as the brand of Karen’s jeans, since I directly involved a company.

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