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Things have changed in the 21st Century. A lot of things. It all started around 2034 when nanotechnology experienced its greatest breakthrough. 

Nanotechnology: The art of making extremely small autonomous robots, a fraction of the width of a human hair. All these robots could work together, creating more complex entities. They can be programmed to do anything, from destroying a cancerous tumor, getting rid of pollutants in cities wastewater, or fixing a bent car fender.

Karen had her own little idea on their purpose. She was working at Nanotex, a company using nanotechnology to manufacture intelligent textiles, especially self repairing ones, where the nanomachines would detect any tear of the fabric and come to sew it back together.

She always loved tight jeans, but the process of putting them on, as tight as she liked them, was difficult, if not problematic. So, she had a plan: what if she took nanomachines and programmed them to close a gap. As a safety, she set up the nanomachines not to exceed a specific tension level. That would prevent to either rip apart the garment, or cut the blood flow. She estimated the tension and input the data into the program. Then, after a final check, she downloaded the program to a lump of nanomachines. A lump was their term for the size of a golf ball. In the thick paste, zillions of nanomachines were being programmed.

Her jeans were already on. She had cut them open along the side, from the waist down to the knee. She had taken tight fitting jeans and had removed about half an inch more. The nanomachines will have that gap to close, bringing the two sides of the jeans together. The tension should be just right.

She took the lump and cut it in two, then applied each half to each side of her waist, where the gap was starting. After a few moments, the goo seemed to spread by itself, engulfing the hole. She felt a strange tingling sensation, and rapidly, the nanomachines started to work, pulling the sides of the slit together, closing the gap, tightening the jeans beyond anything she would have been able to achieve.

The tightening process had begun. She felt her waist being crushed, then her hips being engulfed in the denim, getting tightly encased. It was becoming tight. Very tight. Perhaps too tight. She wondered if her safety margin was not too large, but it stopped, and the goo, now pretty much invisible as the nanomachines spread along the opening, was still working, closing the gap along her thighs.

She closed her eyes, feeling the jeans becoming tighter by the second. Her breath became shaky as she couldn’t resist putting her fingers to her crotch. In less than two minutes, the gaps of both legs were totally closed. She was encased in extremely tight fitting jeans, beyond skin tight. She walked around on her spiky platform shoes with a six inches heels. The feeling was incredible. The tightening was perfect, no budging, no pinching, just smooth denim from the knee up.

Then she felt some tingling moving up, as if the nanomachines were spreading all over the jeans, but it lead to her crotch. For a moment she panicked, then she laughed, as she witnessed the machine continuing their work at the crotch. 

Apparently, there was some gap in her programming. The zipper was not denim, so the nanomachines were removing it, replacing it by pulling the jeans even tighter. Karen closed her eyes. She thought that she was getting crushed. She never felt anything that tight. She wondered if the jeans would survive or simply rip apart.

But they held. She continued to walk in the laboratory. Each step was bringing new sensations. She couldn’t help rubbing her crotch, feeling how tightly her buns were encased. Feeling the jeans move at the hips with each step.

She moaned, softly. Her left hand was rubbing her crotch, the other her thigh. It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm, more powerful than what she ever had.

That was perfect. She decided to go for a walk in the technology park gardens. She grabbed her denim jacket and headed for the elevator to go out.

As the elevator was riding down, she felt as if someone was pulling at the back of her jacket. She turned around, but there was no one, but the pull increased, and seemed to move to the sides. In surprise, she realized that her denim jacket was now attached to her jeans.

Somehow, some nanomachines moved from her jeans to her jacket, and were closing the gap. She quickly realized in horror that it was totally unplanned, and that her jacket was not suitable for it. 

It was cut in a way that it barely reached the top of her jeans, and it wasn’t made to fasten as there was a two inches gap at the chest and a four inches gap at the waist. And to top it off, there was a one inch band all along the sleeves that was nylon mesh. The sleeves were not tight, but there was not an inch of play.

But before she could react, the nanomachines had started to work, linking the jacket to the jeans, and started to close it.

She frantically pushed the buttons to go back up, but the elevator would not answer before its travel down had ended.

During that time, her jacket was becoming tighter, compressing her chest and waist as if in a dreadful corset. It was becoming too tight. By then, her safety margin should have kicked into action, but it didn’t. It was tightening. 

Then the nanomachines reached her arms and started to tighten the sleeves. Karen was breathing in very small gasps, her chest and waist heavily compressed. She was sure she was about to faint. 

The elevator had stopped. Panting, she reached for the sixth floor button, but she barely managed to reach it. Her arms were becoming bound in the tight denim, She was barely able to bend them.

By the time the elevator reached the desired floor, the nanomachines had ended their work. When the door opened, a spectator would have seen a rigid female body, tightly sculptured to an incredibly thin elongated form, with wide eyes, panting heavily.

Karen walked out of the elevator. She had to rock her whole body from side to side to walk. She was one stiff tube from the hips up. She couldn’t bend. She could barely lift her arms. Well, for one point of view, she had reached her goal: she was encased in tighter jeans tighter that she would have achieved normally, but she needed to get out and quick, before the nanomachines found a reason to tighten even more.

Once at the floor, she rushed back to the lab. She had to get out of the outfit. She took a pair of scissors, but where to cut. The jeans were now so tight that just trying to poke through it would be enough to cut herself. She had to get the freedom back to her arms, so she aimed for the sleeves at the wrist. She started to cut, pushing painfully the scissors between the extremely tight denim and her skin. She had a few inches through when she felt tingling on her wrists.

The nanomachines were there! They were closing the gap behind the scissors blades! The jeans were self repairing! It meant that she couldn’t cut herself out.

She was stuck and she had to find a way out, quick! The answer seemed obvious: stop the nanomachines by reprogramming them, but how? They were made to be programmed within their paste, in a small ceramic bowl. She had nothing to lose. She made another program, instructing the nanomachines to stop and send the transmission. She took the small antenna, 2 inches wide, and started to move it along her body, hoping the program would reach the nanomachines. She did it for many minutes, until suddenly, the nanomachines appeared to have stopped moving around.

She sighs. Finally, it was over.

Her forehead dripping of sweat, she took a towel and wiped it, wiping her hair in the process. She stayed there, the towel on her head, breathing deeply.

That’s when she felt the nanomachines suddenly move up, to her collar and wrists. She tried to remove the towel, but couldn’t. It had been attached to her jacket’s collar, and to her jacket’s wrists! The nanomachines were sewing them together!

She tug hard on the towel, to get it loose, but only managed to rip it apart. Now she had a piece of it hanging in the back of her neck, and a peace on each wrist.

In amazement, she witnessed the nanomachines starting to work. They were sewing the piece of the cotton towel to her denim outfit, and transforming it into denim. It grew fast, covering her hand. She spread her fingers, and they were covered individually. At the same time, she felt her head being covered, and the tight denim rising up her face.

Within a few minutes, she was completely covered, hands and head, with extremely tight denim. Now, she couldn’t see, and could hardly breathe. 

She found her way back to the programming computer and sat at the keyboard. She fondled to find it and placed her fingers on the keys. She knew the keyboard so she figured that she would be able to write something, write some kind of termination program. She couldn’t figure out what went wrong with her last update.

Her idea was to program another bunch of nanomachines to destroy the ones in her suit. She went to work, programmed another batch and spread the goo on her catsuit.

She felt the nanomachines spread all over her body. She had made a lot of them, three times as many as the first time, to be sure that they would get every rebellious ones. But maybe it was because she hadn’t seen what she was typing, maybe what she typed was totally incorrect, they didn’t behave as predicted. Instead, she started to walk back to the programming station, but she wasn’t walking. The nanomachines had taken control of her denim encased legs and were moving them, directing them. She was seated at the console, and her arms brought to the keyboard.

She started to type, again. It was not her, but the nanomachines. She concentrated on what they were typing and held her breath. They were typing an artificial intelligence program. They would take full control. She would become a nanomachine.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 3, 2005

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