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With a sigh, she dropped the contest coupon into the mailbox. Get your chance to become the new In-Fashion model read the ad. She had always dreamed of becoming a model, and modeling for the In-Fashion stores was a great opportunity.

In-Fashion stores were recognized by the fashion industry for cutting edge designs and literally cutting edge manufacturing, since they had developed a machine that made custom made clothes, in-store, in less than an hour! So the cut was always right, always flattering, since it was cut exactly made to measure. The price also was right, and she was sad that she was never fortunate enough to be able to offer herself one of their wonderful clothes.

So, this contest was a big chance. They would choose 10 women. They will fly them to New York for the Fashion Week. Of those 10, one will be chosen at random, the night of their show, to have her clothes made on the spot, and she will model them.

But she had to be one of the 10.

Two weeks later, she had a call. She had been pre-selected, and should report to a hotel for further selection. Which she did, and lucky enough, she ended up one of the 10 that would fly to New York!

And today was the big day. She was there, at the show, with 9 other anxious women, waiting to know who would be chosen.

Philippe, the main designer, introduced the show.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen. As you already know, In-Fashion is launching a new line of denim and leather clothes. To lunch that line, we hope to launch a new modeling career for our lucky winner. I will draw her name in a few moments, but first let me explain what will happen:

The one chosen will go through our fitting and manufacturing process, also known as FMP. While her clothes are being manufactured by our unique machine, we will go on with our new collection, which should take about 45 minutes. Then, our lucky winner will come on stage to present the new denim and leather line that was ready made for her tonight!”

There was a round of applause, and Karen felt butterflies in her stomach as Philippe reached for the bowl containing the name of the finalists.

“And our lucky winner is…. Karen!”

She jumped off her chair and literally flew on stage to hug and kiss Philippe, who was quite amused.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the In-Fashion collection!” said Philippe, as the music started and the models started parading with the latest designs.

Karen was taken backstage and presented to Lynda. She was instructed to strip down to her underwear, and to step into the measurement box.

“Keep your eyes closed my dear. The laser is about to scan your body.” Sand Lynda.

She heard a buzzing sound, and within the time she took two breathes, the buzzing stopped and she felt the door open.

“That’s it honey.” Said Lynda. “The FMP will take care of the rest. It should be ready in half an hour. In the meantime, you can wander around if you like.”

“That was fast! Thanks Lynda.”

Lynda answered with a warm smile as a machine nearby started to make all kinds of mechanical sounds, as it was cutting her two outfits for the evening, one of leather and one of denim.

Meantime, the show continued, and Karen was amazed at the quick pace at which everything was happening backstage, as the numerous models came back and forth, changing for their next outfit, and getting back on the runway.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Lynda.

“What’s wrong?” asked Karen.

“We have a small problem with the machine. Sometimes the program hangs, and we have to restart it. We’ve been searching for the source of the problem for months. We thought we had it fixed, but apparently, it’s not. Don’t worry. Give it time to reboot, and everything will be just fine. Just a small delay.” She said, waiving Karen to move away.

She complied, returning her attention to the fashion show. She was amazed at how beautiful all those clothes, dresses, skirts and pants were, and of course, perfectly cut for the wearer.

“There! It’s done.” Finally said Lynda. “Quick Karen, get dressed, we’re almost late. I’ll ask them to drag along a little while you get these on.” She said, handling a set of denim and a set of leather clothes.

“Which one do I wear first?” asked Karen.

“Denim. Keep the leather for the big finale!” she said with a wink. “And don’t forget to zip the jacket up to your breast!” she said as she walked away toward Philippe.

Karen got to the dressing room. The denim was faded blue, with a beautiful “worn-out” pattern emphasizing the hips and buns, and a lovely broidery on the bottom of the slightly flared legs. The waist had a mid-raise, and the denim was non-stretch. Who would need it to stretch for comfort when they were tailored to measure?

When she started to pull the jeans up, she felt there was a problem. They stopped at the hips.

“Err… Lynda?”.

No answer. So, she started to pull on them. She had to pull very hard to get them to pass the hips. They were perfectly cut all right. Perfectly skin tight. She tucked her white blouse in, and she started to struggle to fasten the zipper. It was no easy task. Notch by notch, she got it up. She let out a sigh when she fastened the button.

“Gee. I wonder if they’re supposed to be that tight.” She said to herself. “Lynda? Are you there?”

Still no answer. So she picked up the jacket. The sleeves were enhanced with a wonderful broidery, and some sparkling. But she had the same problem when she started to put it on: it was very tight. She fought to get her hands past the wrists. She wiggled her shoulders to fit it into place. Getting the zipper closed proved to be a challenge, but she did it.

She was panting, and feeling stiff from the knee up. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was stunning. The cut was of course perfect. No budging, no pinching, not a single wrinkle. But the legs of the jeans were too long.


No answer. She opened the door, and spotted Lynda near the stage entrance. Lynda saw her, and waved her to come out, but Karen nodded no, and signalled her to come instead. Lynda complied, grinning. Karen got out of the changing booth as Lynda approached.

“What do you w… Oh my god! What the hell is this? That’s not right. Not right at all. Oh my, and Philippe that is still talking… And those legs are way too long. I’m… Oh my god.” She said, turning around and walking to Philippe.

He stopped talking while Lynda whispered in his ear.

“Oh dear.” He said to the microphone. “My fault, ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to give them the shoes… I’ll be right back.” He said from his singing designer voice. But the tone changed as soon as he was backstage.

“What are you talk… Oh my god! What happened? 

“Software crash.” Said Lynda.

“She… She can’t go like that. Find another one. A thinner one.” He said, but Lynda quickly brings him back to reality.

“We can’t do that, Philippe. Should we cancel instead?”

“Absolutely not. It will give us a devastating review. We have to come up with a plan.”

A model arrived with a pair of 6 inches heel platform shoes.

“There, Philippe. I think these should cover for the extra length.” She said.

“Oh dear. What am I doing?” He said, while putting the white kid leather platform heels on Karen’s feet, and fastening the “Y” strap around her ankle.

“I know I can’t go back, but I can’t present this either. This is not our new line.” He said. “No, I think we should cancel. Tell them the machine had a problem. No, don’t tell them that. Say that we ran out of fabric… No that’s not good either…”

“Excuse me?” politely asked Karen.

“Yes? You have a suggestion, a plan?” said Philippe, sweating like a pig.

“Well, How about my opinion on this cut?” asked Karen, making a gesture including the other models. “I for myself, find them astounding. Yes, a little hard to get on, but they are the most comfortable tight jeans I’ve ever worn. And I think they look just marvellous. What do you think?”

“Yes, she’s right. They’re very good looking, and I would very much have a set for myself.” Said a tall skinny black woman, the same one that had brought the high heels platform shoes.

“You’re sure of that, Kathy?” asked Philippe.

“Me too.” Said another one.

“I can’t wait to see the leather kit.” Said yet another one.

“What do you say, Philippe?” asked Lynda. “We let her go. If it’s a flop, well, the design will be but not our machine.”

“You really mean it girls?” asked Philippe.

They all nodded yes.

“Then we go on.” He said, heading back for the stage.

“Sorry for the delay. Ladies and gentlemen, the In-Fashion denim and leather line!”

Karen entered the runway. For a moment, it was dead silent, and only her heels clicking on the wooden floor could be heard. Then, as she turned around, showing how perfect the fit was, how nice the crease below her buns were with each step, how flattering the tight line was, people started to chat, and nod approvingly. 

Philippe, whose heart had stopped beating for a few seconds, started to breathe again, as the rumour became louder and louder, and broke up into cheers and applause.

As Karen started to walk, she discovered new feelings. The squeezing of her buns, mixed with the rubbing at the crotch the tight garment made, was making her very much aware of hidden desires. She was getting hot.

She made 4 lengths of the runway before exiting to change to the leather kit. It was also very tight fitting, but the stretching of the leather made it quicker to put on. And again, the perfect cut, adding to the wonderful design and the broidery at the lower leg, made a total success.

Karen, along with all the other models, made a last walk down the runway, surrounding Philippe, who was all smiling and all happy. But Karen did not hear the cheers. All she realized is that she was having an orgasm, there, live on stage, simply from wearing tight jeans. But apparently, no one noticed, apart maybe Kathy who tap her on the shoulder with a smile and a wink.

They all went for a nice dinner and a dancing night. Karen had kept, much to Philippe’s delight, the leather kit on. It made sensation to the disco they went to, and Philippe received promises of buying from many models and even some celebrities.

That’s where she noticed that Kathy had changed clothes, and had put on very tight Guess jeans and high heels.

Karen had a blast. Dancing in these tight leather jeans was giving her sensations like she never felt before. It was awesome, and she was pretty sure she had had a couple of orgasms while dancing. The rubbing at the crotch was simply awesome. She headed back to the hotel, totally exhausted, but totally satisfied. She even slept in the kit.

The next morning, Lynda knocked at Karen’s hotel room. She was bringing her old clothes, and she also had a briefcase.

“You were wonderful last night, and you literally saved the show. Thank you very much.” She said, handing her the paycheck for the evening, part of the prize she had won. But she also had another document.

“Philippe would like you to become his spokesperson for the new denim and leather line. It would mean that you will have to wear the collection for public presentation, fashion shows, TV ads, and billboards shoots. It’s a very demanding schedule, and it’s a lot of time to spend in these very tight clothes. Would you like to do it?”

Karen didn’t have to think it over. She smiled.

© Pete / monsterp63, March 23, 2005

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