Karen – Old Friend


This is a fictional story. If any of the events depicted here happened to you or to one of your friends, then please, write to me… with the details!

It was five years ago. Lynda was visiting a long lost friend, Karen, who was living on the other side of the country and was working for a jeans boutique. They both were now in their mid-twenties, and had lost sight of each other since high school. Karen had told Lynda that she would have the possibility to shop at discount prices in the boutique, and she was quite eager to do so.

 They met at the airport.

“How will I recognize you?” had asked Lynda. “You do have a recent picture of myself, but I don’t have one of you.”

Karen had a laugh.

“Well, just follow where all the men will be looking. I’ll be there.”

Lynda had found the answer strange, but Karen wouldn’t bulge. She was not going to send any picture of herself. Once at the airport, she was looking around, trying to find her long lost friend when she realized that many boys and men were kind of all turning their head in the same direction. Lynda remembered what Karen had told her, to follow where the men were looking, so she went. She was expecting to see something quite sexy, but not like that at all.

There, standing up, holding a small sign with “Lynda” printed on it, was a very tall and slim woman, with mid back length, curled, light brown hairs. She had light make-up on. She was wearing a dark blue top, with an oval shaped neck, and long sleeves. It was awesomely tight fitting, revealing her voluptuous curves. Even though the small sign she was holding at waist level was blocking part of the view, it was obvious she had quite a small waist. That small waist was appearing even thinner by a pair of extremely tight faded blue jeans, with a high rise. The jeans were moulding her buns and legs to perfection. Not a single wrinkle. Not a single misplace pinching. The jeans were smooth and tensed down her leg. The seams appeared ready to explode.

Her long legs ended with 5 inches spiky heels sandals, making her stand almost six feet tall!

Lynda thought of herself as being pretty boring, with her baggy jeans, extra-large T-shirt and tennis shoes.

Karen spotted her and smiled, putting down the sign and walking to her, opening her arms to hug her.

“Hello Lynda! Gee, I’m so glad to meet you.”

Lynda couldn’t take her eyes off the gorgeous woman that was walking toward her, with her heels clicking on the hard tiled floor of the airport, and with all the men looking at them, or rather at Karen, wiggling her tight butt in their face, as if they weren’t there. She was speechless.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Forgot your tongue in the plane?” asked Karen, jokingly.

“Euh, no… Wow, you look…”

“Fantastic, yeah, I know. Boy, I’m so glad to see you. Come, I’ll buy you a coffee.”

They walked to a nearby coffee shop. Karen was all smiling, happy to meet her good friend again. She didn’t seem at all disturbed by the fact that she almost had to slide under the table to sit, being unable to sit straight because her clothes were too tight for it. She ordered the beverages and they were quickly served. Karen laughed while taking a sip.

“Gee. You should see your face. I knew I was going to get your attention, but not that much.”

“Well, you’re not dressed as I would expect, that’s all. I was expecting something in the line of a dainty dress or skirt, but not tight jeans, and certainly not that tight.”

“Well, it’s a rather long story,” she said, rubbing her tightly encased thigh, “but I’ll try to make it quick.”

She leaned on the table, crossing her arms. The fabric on her sleeves got clearer, indicating that it was extremely tight and stretching so much that the fibers were being pulled apart.

“I was hired to work in a jeans boutique. At the time, I was wearing rather loose fitting jeans and sneakers. Then came the owner, and I noticed that he was always talking to the other girls, but not always the same. He appeared to be choosing always the one with the tightest jeans of the group. Of course, he barely addressed myself with my loose fitting ones. I mentioned that to the other girls, and they confirmed that the boss had a tight jeans fetish, and that’s why they were all wearing tight jeans. Well, at that time, they appeared tight to me. Now, they’re barely snug.” She said with a wink.

Lynda was all ears. Karen continued.

“I thought that the fact that I had a MBA will be enough to attract his attention, but it wasn’t. So, I started to wear tight jeans, as tight as the other girls were wearing. They were snug to skin tight, but nothing more. Of course, the owner was pleased. He would have loved more, but he couldn’t ask anything or offer anything on the ground that one girl was wearing tight jeans or the sexual harassment law would fire into action. The funny thing is that by having all of us wearing tight jeans, the business grew. We were selling more jeans than the competitors, and we were considered good counsellors as the right fit to choose. In less than a year, 4 more boutiques had opened, and we were barely seeing him anymore. We missed him because he was a great boss and we loved having him hanging around. I could see that he was having difficulties managing the 5 boutiques. He needed help. That’s when I went to see him.”

“And that’s where he asked you to wear this.” Said Lynda with confidence.

“Not exactly.” Answered Karen. “In fact, I was the one to propose. When he realized that I had a MBA, he said that he couldn’t afford paying me the salary for that job. I proposed to him a deal: I will try for one year with my actual paycheck. If things didn’t improve, he had the choice to fire me, or send me to my old job. If things did improve, I would get a raise based on a percentage of the increased profit. Again, he wasn’t very hot to the idea. So I said that I would wear the tightest clothes he had ever seen, every day. That was a bold offer from me. I had planned to wear very tight jeans for a couple of weeks, then slowly go back to the snug fitting ones, and he would see nothing. I haven’t planned to get hooked on like that. Now, I can’t wear anything else, 7 days a week, days and night.”

Lynda went wide eyed.

“You mean that you sleep dress like that?”

“Pretty much, yes.”

Lynda stayed silent for a moment, drinking some more coffee.

“I must admit that you look gorgeous dressed like that, but I doubt that I could cope with it.”

“Dare to try?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“We still have time to get to the boutique before it closes. Come on.”

Karen was so joyous that Lynda couldn’t say no. She followed her, finding difficult to believe that Karen was actually enjoying the hassle of tighter than tight jeans and high heels, not counting her extremely tight spandex shirt. 

Karen hailed a cab and they reached the boutique within half an hour. The display window impressed Lynda. All the mannequins were enveloped in tight denim and spandex. She was even more impressed when she entered the store to discover that the girls working there were dressed as tight as Karen.

“This is our trademark.” Said Karen to answer Lynda’s silent question. “We are known for fitting tight clothes, and doing it right. Oh, here’s Sandy. She’s the best.”

“Hi Karen. I wasn’t expecting you today.”

“I had not planned to come here today either, more tomorrow, but things change. I come for my best friend here, who came to visit me and would like to know how it is.” She said with a wink.

“Of course.” Answered Sandy, taking Lynda by the hand and dragging her toward the back store. “Let’s take your measurements.”

Lynda followed, giving Karen an unsure look.

“Don’t worry Lynda, everything will be just perfect.”

She was taken in the back store where Sandy took a measuring tape and started to measure Lynda from head to toe. When it was done, she was told to wait. A few minutes later, sandy was back with a spandex shirt, a pair of jeans and high heels.

“Here. Put this on and come out.”

She put the spandex shirt first. It had a high neck, long sleeves, and appeared to be moulded to fit a woman’s curvy forms. It was like a second skin. Tight but just right. Next came the jeans. She expected them to be very difficult to put on, but to her surprise, they glided easily. She had to tug a little bit to put them in place, and the zipper was hard to close, but overall, they were fine. Then she stepped on the 4 inches heels pumps that were there. She had worn high heels a couple of times, and those were pretty much the highest she had ever worn. She made a few steps to steady herself, then had a look in the mirror. She was stunning. The tight jeans and shirt emphasized her waist, and the high heels elongated her legs. She walked out and that’s when things changed. The way the tight denim pinched and rubbed her crotch was all new and disturbing, and the change of posture for the high heels added more. Involuntarily, she smiled, and was caught by Karen. 

“Good, already liking it.” She said.

Lynda opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

“Simply perfect, Sandy. As usual, the right cut. So, go for the usual, and put it on my account.”

“I, I, ma’am.” Answered joyfully Sandy.

“Okay Lynda, just put back your old clothes. We’ll do the rest at home.”

Lynda wasn’t sure what the rest was, but she was eager to see.

They took a cab. Lynda had an apartment on the 5th floor of a 15 storeys apartment complex. Upon entering, Lynda headed for the elevator.

“Where are you going?”

“To the elevators, why?”

“We’re not taking the elevators, but the staircases.”

“You want to walk five flights of stairs?”

“Absolutely. Don’t you?”

“No, not really, but I’m with you. Go for the stairs.”

Karen got the lead. Lynda couldn’t believe, looking at the struggles Karen had to make to climb the stairs, that she was actually enjoying it.

“It looks like a pain in the butt, dressed as you are. Sure you don’t prefer the elevators?”

“Pain in the butt?? Absolutely not, it’s rather…  pleasure in the crotch… You’ll understand soon enough.” She said, answering the question mark that had appeared in Lynda’s face.

Once in the apartment, Karen showed Lynda the guest room, and invited her to try her new clothes. She came out a few minutes later, holding a denim looking leotard in her hands.

“That’s not what I bought.”

“Yes, it’s what you bought, it’s simply not what you tried. What you tried were fitting clothes. These are the actual ones. Go on, and call me if you need help.”

She almost called her immediately. The bodysuit, which was made out of thick stretch denim, was about three sizes too small. It was far from the spandex leotard she tried at the boutique. As for the jeans, she could barely pull them up her thighs.

“These do not fit, Karen. It’s too small.”

“Nonsense. Here.” She said, handing her a pair of weird looking pliers. It was a kind of ratchet pliers. 

There were long and narrow plates at right angles with the jaw of the pliers. The underside of those plates were covered with tiny spikes. 

Karen grabbed Lynda’s jeans by the side, and she tugged hard on them, almost lifting Lynda off the floor. After a lot of twisting and pulling, the crotch settled in place. Lynda looked at the wide gap at the waist.

“These are going to squeeze me to death.” Said Lynda, staring at the gap.

“Stop worrying, and apply those” said Lynda, pointing at the pliers. But first, she put a hook in the zipper handle and asked to hold the attached string in her hand.

They got the pliers, and placed them at the base of the zipper. Karen squeezed the handle many times. Each time, the ratchet clicked a few notches, and the zipper was slowly coming along. Lynda felt her lower belly getting squished. When the zipper was closed, Karen signalled Lynda to pull on the string, working up the zipper. When it stopped, Karen removed the pliers and placed them higher, and started back the cranking process. Again, the string was pulled. The last step, fastening the waist button, was rather easy.

Lynda was panting, breathing in short gasps.

“I… I can’t… breathe.” She managed to say.

“Me neither.” Said Karen “but I got used to it.” Why don’t you go in the kitchen and get the shoebox.”

Lynda made her first step and stopped. It was actually the first time she was walking with jeans that tight. She proceeded to walk again, her legs stiff, twisting her hips to get one foot in front o f the other. She got the shoe box, and when she was back at the door of the bedroom, she was panting, and her face was bright red.

“I think I just climaxed! How can you spend the whole day in it.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Now, let’s try the shoes.”

They were bright red sandals with a 5 inches heel.

“That’s way too high for me.”

“Don’t worry, they feel just great with tight jeans.”

“Sorry, but I don’t call those tight jeans, but corset jeans. So, what now?”

“We have to make your body settle in. We’re going for a walk.”

“What? No way.”

Fifteen minutes later, they were downstairs. It took Lynda 10 minutes to walk down the 5 storeys. She climaxed almost on every floor. They walked slowly, one trip around the block. To a normally dressed person, it would have taken 20 minutes. It took them, or rather Lynda, close to an hour and a half… and she had to walk up 5 flights of stairs! Once she was back in Karen’s apartment, she collapsed on the sofa.

“I can’t feel anything from the waist down, except my crotch, which is extremely aroused. What do you do for that?”

“A little massage.”

“A what?”

Lynda showed her “the bar”. It was a stand with a metal rod going up, and on top of it, a velvet covered piece about two inches wide by a foot long. It was rounded. Karen asked her to take place, one leg on each side of the “beam”. Then she adjusted the pole until it was firmly pushing her up at the crotch.

“Rest all your weight on it. Feels comfy?”

“Disturbing is more the word.”

“That’s only the half of it.” She said, getting on her knees.

“Hey, what are you doing? Tying me to this thing?”

“It’s more a protection against falling than bondage. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Karen fastened wide leather cuffs around Lynda’s ankles. With that, she couldn’t take her feet off the ground. Then Karen went back to the base of the stand, and flipped a switch. Lynda reacted immediately.

“That thing vibrates! It… it’s… wow…”

Lynda immediately understood the use of the straps. Having not been tied to the post, she would be already laying face first on the floor. She put her fingers at her crotch, and started rubbing.

“That… thiIINng… is… dev…v…viIIIilishhhh, you knooOOOow… that? Is …it… it…IIIIIT for ….saAAAle?”

“Yes, available in our boutiques” said Karen, repressing a laugh.

Karen settled on the sofa, and turned on the TV. While watching, she produced a battery powered vibrator, and proceeded to rub it against her tightly encased crotch. But to Lynda, it was another story. She was moaning loudly, even letting out a scream from time to time.

Lynda got up and disappeared in her room for a few minutes, then came back holding something in leather.

“You know that you’re making a lot of noise?” said Karen.

“Gee… sor..rrr..rRRYY. I… I just caaAAAN’t..t..t.. help my… oooOOOWEEEEEeee… seeelllfff.”

Karen raised her arms, and Lynda saw what it was.

“A ballLLLL gag? No waAAYYy.” She said, but it was too late. Karen had already stuffed it in her mouth, and was tightening the leather strap. Immediately, Lynda tried to remove it, but to her dismay, Karen was quick to grab her arms and put leather cuffs on them, linking them in her back.

“There. This way, you won’t disturb the neighbours.”

Lynda moaned something, and Karen laughed.

“Don’t you think I don’t know it’s even more arousing like that?”

Two hours later, the humming of the vibrating bar stopped, and Lynda let out a sigh or relief. Karen removed the gag. Long strands of drool were staining Lynda’s mouth, throat and upper bodysuit.

“Gee, what a mess. Better take a shower” said Karen.

“This? That’s nothing compared to the mess in my underwear, believe me.”

She went on for a shower. It took a long time. When she came out, she was all smiling, but exhausted. She had put on a soft satin bathrobe.

“You do that often to yourself?”

“I use the vibrating bar on a regular basis. But unless there’s someone else with me, I can’t tie up myself like you were.”

“Want to have your turn at it?”

“With your actual state of mind, I don’t think so. You’ll want to exert some revenge and you’ll leave me there for the night. No thanks. Maybe some other time.”

“Very well. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed. Good night”

The next morning, Karen phoned in to take the day off. Then they headed for the park. They took a walk along the sinuous paths. With the numerous curves, and hills, her hips were constantly working, pulling on the tight denim. Their crotch got their share of rubbing. Lynda regularly slid her hand along her tightly encased thighs, forced her fingers into her back pockets or felt the single crease at the base of her buns with each step. 

They took a rest on a bench, near a pond where ducks were quacking their way.

“I’m really getting the hang of it. I think I’m hooked.” Said Lynda.

“Welcome to the club.”

“But I will be only a weekend wearer. I can’t go to work dressed like that. Not into a lawyer’s office.”

“You’re specialized in commercial law, right?”

“Yes, business, trading, those sorts of things.”

“I might have something for you.”

“Still, it’s not the kind of job you wear tight jeans to go to work.”

“Leave that to me, will ya.” She said, gently pushing her. Lynda pushed back. Then Karen. The first thing they knew is they were up, and pushing harder and harder on each other. And then, you guessed it, one of them, Karen, fell into the pond. When Lynda tried to help her, Karen dragged her into the pond too. So, they ended up soaking wet.

The sun was high and strong, so after a few minutes off the pond, the jeans started to dry… and shrink. When they got back home, they could barely walk.

Karen put on another pair, but it was Lynda’s only pair. They were quickly put into the washing machine while they were having their dinner. Lynda was eager to step back in them for the evening. Once she had everything back on, the stretch denim bodysuit, the tight jeans and the high heels sandals, she took place on the vibrating bar, and started to moan.

“Oh really? Already? And making loud noises? You asked for it.”

Karen setup Lynda, fastening her ankles, and linking her wrists in her back, but she didn’t put the ball gag. She went again to her room instead, and came back with a large leather strap.

“Open.” She said, presenting the leather strap with what looked like a deflated balloon on it. Karen took the rubber in her mouth.

“That’s not going to do much to silence me.” She said from behind the leather. Then Karen produced what looked like a hand pump and screwed it in the front of the gag, and started pumping. Immediately Lynda’s eyes widened, as the balloon inside her mouth expanded, more and more. Her cheeks were starting to bulge. She tried to raise her hands to stop Karen, but they were tied. The pressure grew again and again, until her eyes looked ready to pop off. Then Karen stopped.


“Yes, try as hard as you can. With this one, no sound will come out.” Said Karen as she bent to start the vibrator. She put the adjustment one notch higher, and Lynda reacted immediately. Her eyes started to roll, and her head turned and fell on all sides. Karen went back to her room and came out with a large leather collar.

“This should help you support your head.” As she applied the thick and wide collar, and fastened it tightly. The vibrating bar pulsated as the vibrator changed speed and power in sequence.

Karen took place on the sofa and watched TV for three hours before releasing Lynda.

“You’ll pay for this, you know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll talk about that later. Now it’s time to go to bed. I have to go back to work tomorrow.

The next day, Karen left early. Once she was gone, Lynda quickly entered Karen’s room, and looked around. If she had leather cuffs, and blow-up gags, she must have more kinky stuff. She found it, and a plan took shape in her mind.

When she was back, she had news for Lynda.

“I talked to my boss about you today. He had told me a few weeks ago that he was thinking of hiring a lawyer with just your field of knowledge. His business has grown and he needs constant advice. Paying by the hour is costing him a fortune. He would like to see you tomorrow at 10. Is it okay with you?”

“Really? It means that I would go to work in tight jeans?”

“Hey, we are a tight jeans store chain. Of course, you will have to come to work in tight jeans.”

That evening, once again, Lynda spent it tied up and gagged on the vibrating bar, but revenge was just a couple of hours away.

In the morning, just after breakfast, Karen suddenly felt bad.

“Gee, I don’t know what’s happening, I feel so dizzy… Oh, you brat. You druuuugged mmmmeee”.

Lynda acted quickly. She knew the effect of the drug was barely one hour. She dragged Karen in the bedroom and removed her jeans. She opened Karen’s closet and came back with two huge dildos. She applied lubricant and inserted them into Karen’s lower orifices. A wide flange prevented the dildos from entering completely.

Then she pulled back the jeans. Putting jeans that tight on a sleeping body proved very difficult. Time was passing. She then dragged her to the vibrating bar and put her in place. She tied her arms in the back with cuffs at the wrists and over the elbows, getting her elbows to touch. She put one book, about 1.5 inch thick, under each of Karen’s foot, tied the ankle cuff, and raised the adjustment bar until the legs were nicely extended.

By this time, Karen was coming back to her senses.

“What are you doing… Listen Lynda, I know you want revenge, but it’s not a good time, my boss wants to see both of us by t…”

She didn’t have time to finish, Lynda had stuffed the same blow up gag she had to cope with two days before, and she started to pump the balloon, until Karen’s eyes were ready to roll… then gave one more pump before removing it. Karen was squirming. It was way too much.

Lynda then enveloped Karen’s neck with a high and severe posture collar, forcing her head up and immobile. She then applied a padded leather blindfold, but left it on Karen’s forehead. She stepped back.

“Hi Karen. Yes, it’s time for revenge. You see, your boss called me yesterday afternoon, so I already knew about today’s meeting before you announced it to me. At the same time, I asked him, in the case that you were not feeling too well to come to work today, if it would pose a problem. He said that it was okay for him… as long as I give him all the details at the interview.

So, I’m going for that interview. By bus, it should take me an hour to get there, then the interview, out of which I will surely get the job. Of course, we’ll go to lunch together, I will have some paperwork to do before I finally come back here. So, see you in, oh, 6 hours or so? Have a good day.”

Karen tried to get free, but she could do nothing. With that, Lynda removed the books from under Karen’s feet. Her feet, already in very tall heels, were standing about half an inch over the board, so all her body weight was resting on the vibrating bar, and on her crotch, pushing the dildos deeper. Having read the instructions, Lynda knew that the setting 5 was the most extreme setting, varying speed, power… and time. It was completely random. If Karen survives the treatment, she would be in a hell of a shape.

Lynda pulled down the blindfold, hiding her pleading eyes, and went.

She would have a good job.

She would dress all day long in tight jeans.

She would have to pay back that stunt to Karen.

She smiled.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2005

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