Karen – Mascot


Sitting on the bench, she cheers as the Wild Cats, their home high school team scored another touchdown in this football game. She was a cheerleader, and was glad to be. It was just not her turn yet. She was a backup, and tonight, although she was all dressed up and ready to go into action, she was not needed as every other girl was present.

They were not a big successful football team. They were winning sometimes, but losing most of the time. They were not the last one, but not far from being there. Nevertheless, she liked it, and especially Phil, the star quarterback of the team. She watched him as he ran back toward the bench for a much earned rest. He was so cute, in his tight fitting spandex pants, and extra-wide shoulders pads. But he was not hers. He was Suzy’s of course, the cheerleaders’ team leader. It was always like that, in movies and in real life apparently. And as all the movies, she better keep off her lovely Phil.

She was only a backup, and she didn’t have to show up very often especially since, like in the movies, Suzy hated Karen, and made sure that she would not get into the team as long as she would be the leader or she really didn’t have any choice. But Karen could wait. She knew she’ll get her chance next year as half of the cheerleaders would go away to universities around the country. In the meantime, sitting on the bench, she shook her pompons in the air with the cheers of the crowd as the team mascot was entering the field for her touchdown show.

Karen was glad she was not the mascot, Kitty, as she felt it was pretty humiliating, especially since the costume got destroyed in a fire. All that was left was the head. They didn’t have the money to order a new costume, so for a few games, they didn’t have a mascot. Then Mister Smith, the owner of a local store promised to get a new costume, on the condition that for the rest of the season, the mascot will wear his clothes, along with the original mascot’s cat head. The school agreed, and since then, Lynda had to wear all kinds of clothes, from jeans to skirts with the darn cat head, while doing her show. She quickly became the laughing matter of the crowd, but Lynda kept her head high. After all, it was not her choice, it was the school director’s orders.

And since they were both outcasts, they became friends.

The game ended with a big cheer! They had won, which meant that they were heading for the series! Karen was happy and jumping around, rejoining the rest of the cheerleaders. The first game was the next Friday evening.

*   *   *

The week had gone by quickly. It was now the first game of the series. As the players were getting their last instructions, Kitty the mascot, was doing her show, inviting the crowd to do the wave, fooling around with the cheerleaders, in short, doing her mascot job. For this game, she wore thick platform sneakers, jeans and a leopard skin spandex leotard. Yes it was humiliating for her, and Suzy seemed to enjoy it very much. She made sure the mascot tripped and fell as she walked close to her.

“Oops?” said Suzy. “Better pay more attention as to where you walk, looser!” She said, laughing, joined by the other cheerleaders.

Lynda didn’t answer, but stayed there, rubbing her ankle. When she tried to get up, unaided by any cheerleader of course, she dropped back on the ground, grabbing her ankle.

Karen ran to her.

“Are you okay, Lynda?” asked Karen.

“No. I think I sprained my ankle.” She said, still rubbing it.

Karen helped her get up.

“Ooo. The little kitty got hurt.” Said Suzy, encouraged by the laugh of her followers.

“Don’t listen to them.” Said Karen.

“You don’t have to tell me.” Answered Lynda. “I’m paying as much attention to them as a pile of dunk.”

They hopped back to the locker room where Lynda could sit and remove the cat head. Carefully, Karen helped her remove her shoe. The ankle was swelling rapidly. Karen rushed to get some ice and applied it on.

“Thanks Karen.” Said Lynda. “I don’t think I’ll be able to do all my usual dances tonight.” She said.

“Are you kidding? You’re not going back out tonight. You should not walk on it for a few days.”

“But I can’t. I have a show to give. We have an engagement to fulfill.”

“So, what’s a night off? That won’t kill you.”

“No, but it will kill the sponsorship.” She said, lowering her head. “Mister Smith had made it very clear. If the mascot was to miss one game, the deal was off. You see, I have no choice.”

“But you’re hurt, you can’t. I know, I’ll do it. They don’t need me tonight anyway, so I’m available.”

“You would do that for me? Oh, Karen, you’re so sweet. Thank you. We better call Mister Smith right away so he can bring the clothes in your size. I don’t think you’ll fit in those since I’m skinnier than you.”

They did that, but Smith was nowhere to be found. Not at the store, not at home, not even answering his cell phone. The game was about to begin and the mascot was needed to greet the team on the field.

“Well we have no choice. And I’m not that bigger than you are. Give me your clothes.” Said Karen. 

But she was quick to find out that in fact, Lynda was a lot skinnier than she was.

“Gee that leotard is quite tight. Good thing it’s spandex.” She said, pushing her arms in the tight and thick sleeves.

“Yeah, I thought so myself. Seems that Mister Smith likes tight spandex.”

“Yeah, just look at his wife. She looks like a bimbo.” Said Karen, laughing, but she stopped when she put the jeans on.

“I’ll never be able to put these on. They are way too small.” She said, nervously pulling on the jeans to get them past her hips.

“If you can’t do it, I’ll have to go do it myself.” Said Lynda.

“No way. We’ll find a way.” She said, jumping around, and pulling the front, then the back, then the sides. She sat on the backrest of a bench, resting her crotch on it to pull them higher. Finally, the crotch seam got as high as it could.

“Well they’re on, but not closed.”

“Just lay on your back, Karen. I think Ì have an idea.”

Karen did. Lynda kneeled over her legs.

“Okay, I’ll pull the sides together, and you try to pull the zipper up.”

It was hard, really hard. If someone was to enter now, he would find two women, one in her underwear, on top of another one, fondling at her crotch.

Notch by notch, the zipper got up, slowly bringing the two sides together. The button was quite easy to fasten.

“Gee! I can’t breathe in those. They’re so tight and so thick.”

“Yeah, he said they were the latest. The thickness will make them difficult to wear out, he said.”

“Well, for now, I just hope they will hold together. Can you give me a hand with the shoes?”

Fortunately, those were the right size. Once done, Lynda helped Karen to get up, still standing on one foot.

“Gee. I felt compressed and as stiff as a wood board.” She said, heading for the stadium, as the team was ready to get out. Then she turned around, having forgotten the darn cat head. She got it, and walked back toward the field, then stopped, putting a hand to her crotch.

“What’s wrong? They ripped already?” asked Lynda.

“N… No. It’s just that… well, I think I’m gonna orgasm before I reach the field.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Ever wear jeans that tight before?”

“No, too uncomfortable.”

“Well, I didn’t either, but I have read stories about girls getting quite horny in them, and I think I’m getting there.”

The discussion was cut short as she heard the house speaker announcing the mascot, Kitty. She threw the cat head on, and started to run out. It was a sight to see, and pretty much… sexy.

The crowd burst into cheers when their beloved mascot entered the field, and the guys went wild when they saw her in such tight jeans. She was wiggling her butt around, trying to jump and dance, but the jeans were simply too tight, so she decided to do the best of it, and show her butt as often as she could.

Suzy went mad. Kitty was stealing the show. Oh yes, they were pretty sexy in their skimpy dresses, but she was attracting all the attention. Every time they faced the crowd to do their routine, Suzy quickly noticed that most men were looking at the damn mascot.

Then, as Karen did a little routine, much to the delight of the crew, Suzy made so that she tripped, falling head first, hitting the ground pretty hard. She was expecting laughs from the crowd, but what she received was boos! She was astounded. Her, the pretty girl, the favourite of the cheerleaders, the star quarterback girlfriend, was being booed in favour of a darn cheap mascot in tight jeans wearing a stupid cat head?

Karen got up, but didn’t make a fuss about it. Her arm hurt, but she was okay. After a few minutes to recover, she was back, leading the crowd to another victory of the Wild Cats!

Karen was exhausted. Her hips were hurting, she barely felt her legs, her feet hurt, but she was in heaven. She was hot as hell, and the crowd loved her.

Of course, the guys of the team had noticed her, and rushed to take her with them for a victory parade. As Phil approached her, Suzy got in the way, and managed to push Karen away, so that Phil will see her. But to her dismay, he grinned at her and helped Karen get back up.

“Gee, Lynda, I never thought you would pull a show like that.” He said.

Karen removed the cat head.

“I’m not Lynda. She’s over there, she sprained an ankle while rehearsing before the game. She asked me to take her place.”

“Well, good job. I’m sure she would have been looking as good as you.” He said.

“I should have broken your leg too.” Said harshly Suzy as she pushed Karen away to take her place, facing Phil.

“You what? You hurt Lynda on purpose?”

“Well,” she said on a defiant tone, “Who need that stupid looking mascot anyway. It’s just a stupid girl wearing a stupid cat head.”

“Goodbye, Suzy.” Said Phil, taking Karen by the arm.

“I’m sure… Wwoooooo!” said Karen, as the team picked her up on their shoulder pads, making a little victory parade. 

Karen could feel their hands, touching her tightly encased butt, and evidently, some were fondling a little farther, but she didn’t complain. She liked every minute of it. She spotted Lynda in the shadow, smiling and applauding. As for Suzy, she was crying, being consoled by her teammates. Well two of them. The rest were running along the team, as the crowd was cheering.

There were some changes for the cheerleaders at the next game. Suzy and her so-called friends were not there anymore. They had been dismissed by the school board after the incident was reported. Instead, Karen was put in charge, along with Lynda. As for the mascot, well, they decided to mix the cheerleaders and the mascot as one. They were now all wearing cat ears and makeup, wearing a leopard print leotard, and the tightest jeans any girl could put on.

They won the crowd, and the team won the cup! 

The End

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2005

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