Karen – Birthday Present


She was finally getting 18. She would be able to do what she wanted, like she wanted it. She was becoming independent. She would have the legal age.

She would be able to vote.

She would able to order alcohol

She would be able to go on with her fantasies.

That all started about 3 years earlier. Karen was 15. The teachers had decided to let all the students go after only one hour or teaching as a protest following a decision from the school director. So, she came home early. Too early. 

She surprised her mom, dressed in the most bizarre fashion, tied up in the basement, with a key ring suspended by ice cubes over her tied hands. She was wearing a black rubber catsuit, thigh high, high heels black leather boots, gloves and a ball gag. Her waist was tightly compressed by a leather corset, black with red trimmings. Her feet were tied to a ring on the floor and her hands over her head. Those were locked, and the key hanging a few inches out of reach.

Her mom looked horrified, when Karen saw her. She signaled her to reach for the keys and release her.

“What is going on here, mom. Did dad do that to you?”

Her mom had to explain that it was partially her dad that did it. He set her up like that with the ice cube release, but it was on her own demands. She asked to be bound, and she ends up like that three days a week. Only, she had always time to free herself before Karen went back from school… until that day.

“But why?”

“It’s hard to explain, Karen. You’ll learn it when you grow up. It’s a sexual thing.”

She explained to her all the facets of the setup, about bondage and fetishes. She also made it clear that it was not to get out of the house. Karen asked if she could try it, but her mom said that she must wait to be older.

But of course, one weekend where her parents were away, she searched the house for the desired items. There was a locked closet door in the basement. With her ID card, she was able to open it, and she was amazed by what she found:

Shoes, boots, even strange looking ballet toe boots, rubber catsuits, pants, shirt, skirts and dresses, rubber hoods, gags, leather, rubber and satin corsets, leather straps and cuffs, collars, and vibrating dildos!

She started to feel the latex garments, rub her face in them, smelling them. They were cold to the touch, yet so warm at the same time. She was smaller than her mom, but she tried a few items anyway. She tried the dress with thigh high boots, catsuit with platform shoes. She tried a few hoods and gags. Somewhat, she was attracted by all that. 

Then she found the panties. They had rubber tubes that were obviously going inside, but were too soft to do, until she grabbed a dildo. She gradually pushed them in. Gee, they were going in so deep. She didn’t reach the end of it. She was afraid of puncturing herself. She turned them on.

She almost fell on her knees. The pleasure built up very fast, and before she knew it, she had an orgasm, the most powerful she had ever felt.

She tried the corset. Once fully close, it had merely a two inches reduction, but she liked it. She tried a hood. It was of very thin latex and fit tightly around her face. She inserted an inflatable gag and pumped it up. She didn’t make it too big. She was afraid to choke.

Then she inserted the dildos again. The pleasure built up, but it was different. She preferred it, but that gag, it was too small. With one hand working the dildos, she pumped it up. Again. And more until her mouth felt totally full, and even that was not enough. She would have wanted her head to be tightly compressed.

The orgasm came. It was awesome.

She spent the night dressed in rubber. The feeling was good, but since the catsuit was too big for her, it was just not right. She wanted her own catsuit.

The next day, she cleaned up and put everything back in place, erasing all traces of the infraction of her mom’s secret closet. She would have to make her own secret closet.

She was 16 and crossing the kitchen when her mom noticed something.

“Gee Karen, I think you need some new jeans. These look very small.” 

“Err, no mom. They are just fine. In fact, they are brand new, I bought them yesterday.”

“Gee, they’re really tight. Well, if you like them that way, it’s your choice. It’s your money after all.”

Yes it was her money. She paid her extremely tight jeans with them, along with her rubber panties and bras she was wearing. But those last two items, she was the only one to know, until she inadvertently dropped them in the laundry basket.

That evening, her dad was gone to a football game, and Karen was alone with her mom.

“Say, Karen,” said her mom “Do you remember a while ago when you saw me in… the basement?”

“Well, somewhat.” She lied. “Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you haven’t… if you… well… maybe…”

“Spit it out, mom!” said Karen.

She produced the latex underwear.

“I was referring to this.” She said, “They were in the laundry basket this morning. Want to talk about it? There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She said.

Karen lowered her eyes.

“To be honest, I do clearly remember when I saw you tied up in the basement. Remember the weekend you went to visit Uncle Albert and I stayed home? Well, I managed to open your locked closet, and, well, I played with the stuff.”


“I liked it. I never felt anything like that before. I wanted more, so I started to build my own secret closet.” She said. “All I have so far are these underwear a hood, a pair of high heels and some cuffs.”

“Cuffs? Did you try bondage?” asked her mom, all smiling.

Karen finds reassuring. She was not being yelled at. On the contrary, her mom seemed quite interested. She felt welcome to open up.

“Well, yes, but it didn’t feel right.” She said, looking at her feet.

“No need to be ashamed of that. You like it, or you don’t. There’s no right or wrong.”

“No, I like it, what I mean is that I was never able to tie up myself properly.”

“I know what you mean. In time, you’ll find someone to help you.”

Karen opened her eyes as wide as she could.

“Are you going to help me?” she asked.

“I’m afraid no. Not until you’re 18 that is. You’re still a minor, and if words gets out that your father or I tied you up for sex, we’ll end-up in jail for sure. Once you’ll be 18, then it will be your choice.”

“Oh… But I won’t tell anyone…”

“No, Karen. We will never get involved with you in any kind of sexual relation until you’re 18. The same applies to get you in our sexual games.”


“No but, Karen. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from giving you money. Then you buy what you want.”

Suddenly, her allocation went up, and a few catalogs were put on her desk, along with some magazine articles about tricks on self-bondage. Her parents went away very often on weekends after that, leaving her to her game, but safely knowing that if she gets stuck, they will be there to get her out of whatever predicament she put herself into. That happened once when the key fell from the ice block and slid under a desk, out of reach. She only had to spend four more hours than predicted in her hogtie.

Her parents never commented, but Karen knew they were glad she liked it. One weekend, only her dad went away. She went to the basement to find her mom, suspended to the ceiling in a hogtie position, slowly balancing, blindfolded and gagged, softly moaning, her dildos humming.

Karen ran her finger along the tight latex along her mom’s thighs and arms, doing little circles around her erect nipples under the thick latex. Her mom reacted to it. Did she know it was Karen or did she think it was her husband?

Lynda decided to take part in it. She put on the little latex she had, her underwear and some leggings, her hood and a gag, got her iced cube keys and tied her arms to the ceiling, like when she saw her mom for the first time.

When her dad came back home, he had a shocking surprise, finding two women tied up in his basement. He untied his wife, but left Karen to her predicament. He simply looked at her, smiled and kissed her on her gag.

Later, at dinner, her dad asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

“A full bondage session.” Answered Karen.

“That’s quite unusual.” Answered her mom. “Don’t you prefer clothes, iPod, CD’s, something else?”

“No. I’ve been waiting for that day for three years. I want to be dressed in latex, very tight, then tied up and left there for a long time.” She said, looking her mom straight in the eyes.

“We’ll see what we can do.” Said her father.

The birthday.

All her friends were there. The house was filled with young women, wearing very tight stretch jeans. There was dinner, and the gifts. Her parents gave her a little package.

“An iPod! Wow, thanks mom, thanks dad.” She said, happy, but disappointed at the same time.

“There’s more to it.” Said her dad as he was kissing her.

“Listen to track one, the rest of your gift is there.”

Puzzled, she put the earphones on and listened to the track one. She opened her eyes wide!

“You’re serious?” she asked, all wide eyes.

“What? What’s the rest of the gift?” asked the girls almost with a single voice.

“That’s… private.” She said.

“Let me hear!” said one as she tried to pick the iPod out of Karen’s hands. She let it go.

“I have erased it already.” She said, “I told you, it’s private… and very nice.” She said, all smiling, looking at her parents. “When?”

“Next week-end, if you want.”

The next weekend. She told all her friends that she would be unavailable from Friday evening to Monday morning. This was going to be a weekend to remember.

She ate little at dinner. Not because her parents advised her to do so, but she was so nervous that she simply couldn’t eat anything. Then she was led to the basement, where on a table, a pile of latex goods and other items were waiting.

“This is all for me?” she asked.

“Yes, all yours. If you’ll get rid of your tight jeans and T-shirt, we will proceed.” Said her dad, “Unless you changed your mind.”

“NO! Absolutely not!” she quickly answered.

“Now listen very carefully Karen.” Said her mother. “A lot of stuff is going to go on tonight and for the weekend. At any time, if you don’t feel okay, you feel sick or for whatever reason, you want out, just say the safe word or do the safe sign you already know. If you don’t want something, just say so. We’re not going to force anything on you. You’re okay with that?”

“Oh yes I am.” She said, getting down to her latex underwear.

The first item her dad produced was the latex panties with the dildo inserts. She almost went wet on the spot. Carefully, her mom showed how to insert them, fully, both of them.

“Do I turn them on now?” she asked.

“No, otherwise you’ll be a wreck by the time we’re finished.” Said her mom. 

“They have a small magnetic switch. I can start or stop them through your latex clothes with a magnet.” Said her dad.

Then they had her put on a rubber bra with small metal plates inside the cups. Wires were running through the shoulder straps to the back. The following item was a black rubber bodysuit with long sleeves and a high neck. The wires from the breasts metal plates were run along her spine, down to her crotch where they plugged into the dildos. The latex bodysuit also had a small hole at the crotch giving access to one more plug.

Next came the corset in black leather. It was pulled tight. It was the first one she ever wore, not considering her tight jeans as hidden corsets. It had a four inches reduction. She felt her waist getting smaller and smaller with each strong pull of the laces by her father. She closed her eyes. All this felt so good. She ran her fingers along the corset, down to her crotch, where she started to play with the fully inserted dildos.

They had her put black latex gloves, shoulder length. Next came a hood of thin rubber that molded her face to perfection. A thick latex catsuit was brought in. It was very thick and very tight. It was a struggle to put on, and it gave all explanations at having the corset on before the suit: even with the corset, it was difficult to close.

“We noticed that you bought jeans two sizes smaller than your actual size, so we ordered this suit two sizes smaller. We figured that you liked it very tight.” Said her mom.

“Han… Han..” was all she could answer. She was overwhelmed. It was beyond any dream she ever had. She had heard of sensory deprivation. This was sensory overload.

The next item was the footwear: black kid leather platform boots with a six inches heel. They were put on and laced tight up to below the knee. She frowned when she saw the next item, not realizing exactly what it was.

“This is the extreme latex hood, Karen. It is very thick and fits very tightly.” Said her mom, showing the tightening straps. “It has no eyes hole, and render you pretty much deaf. It has an inflatable gag with a breathing tube, but if someone wants, food and water can be pushed through it. There are two small tubes that go into your nostrils for about half an inch to help breathing. Do you want to go on with it, or would you prefer just a simple ball gag over your existing hood?”

Karen took the hood in her hands, feeling the thickness of the rubber. She put it on her head and nodded yes.

His father proceeded with tightening it. He tightened each straps to its maximum. Then, inflated the gag until she said enough, then gave it one more squeeze. Karen then felt a wide and stiff leather collar being applied. It forced her head straight. She was led to a wall and helped on some wood blocks. Then she was tied in a spread eagle position. There were straps everywhere on her arms, torso, waist, hips, legs and ankles. Then the wood steps were removed and all her weight was carried by the restraints.

She moaned. All she could hear was her breathing and her heart ready to explode. She felt her dad plugging something in her crotch. That’s when it started: the humming in her belly, and the tickling on her nipples. She arched as much as the restraints allowed it. It was awesome! Then it stopped and left her frustrated.

“Karen, do you hear me?” she heard faintly through the two layers of rubber over her ears.

She nodded yes as much as she could.

“We forgot to tell you. If you stretch your arms out, you’ll feel two buttons, one over each arm. Try to push them.”

Karen stretched and easily pushed both buttons.

“Those are the emergency release. When you press any one, a light lights up upstairs, and one of us will quickly come back to free you. Do you understand?”

She nodded yes. She felt secure, checked, in good hands.

“Very good. Now the frustrating part: the dildos and the electrodes are on random firing. You will hate it.” He said with a sarcastic tone. “See you in four hours, unless you give up before.

She made two thumbs up, then the vibration started again. Her parents looked at her squirm and struggle in her bonds, then suddenly, the stimulation stopped, and they could see that she was very frustrated.

“This is devilish, you know?” asked the father.

“Yes, I know how frustrating it gets. That’s why I chose this setup for her first experiment.” She said.

Four hours later, there was a wreck hanging on the wall. Karen was taken down, and her heavy hood removed.

“How do you feel?”

“Exhausted.” She said, out of breath. “Gee this is good…. Is that all?” she managed to say.

“Well, we hope not. Ready to continue, Karen?” asked her mother.

She nodded yes.

“I think you need a good night’s sleep first.” She said “well, fetish style.”

She was carried to her room. There her arms were tied in her back with leather cuffs, her feet were linked with more cuffs at the ankles and the knees. The ankles were linked to the foot of the bed, and her collar to the head. A simple soft rubber ball gag was put on for the night.

“Good night sweety.”

“Gook Gnaaakk” she muffles through the gag.

They left her and went to their bedroom. A few minutes later, Karen’s father was sitting on the bed.

“Did you hear that? Looks like Karen is screaming.”

At that same instant, a small muffled scream could be heard, but it was not a distress one, more like an enjoying one, followed a few seconds later by a frustrating one.

“You were supposed to turn off the dildos. Did you do it?” asked Karen’s father.

“Well, you just said it, I was supposed to do it, not that I had to do it.” She answered.

“But with the random setting, there’s enough power for…”

“The whole night, honey. For the whole night.” She said, kissing him on the neck.

They didn’t sleep a lot either.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2005

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4 thoughts on “Karen – Birthday Present

    1. Thank you.
      Actually, that one, having a father tie up his wife and daughter, is quite risky and a little bit touchy to write. Although… darn, that just gave me an idea. Hold that taught!

    2. Wonderful parents, taking care that their daughter will be a happy selfconfident and selfdetermined woman. I love this story, as it gives a good example how parents should be.

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