Karen – Payback



Brad carefully pulled his latex tights back in place, carefully placed his white shirt over it, pulled up his dress pants, and closed everything. He made sure in the mirror that nothing was showing before coming out of the bathroom. Nobody could tell that, under his executive suit, he was wearing rubber, from neck to toes. That was his fantasy, and he was living it daily with his lovely wife Karen. 

He casually walked to the conference room, where he sat in the Big Chair. After all, he was the chairman of the company. With time, he had become extremely wealthy and he had work for it. His fortune mainly comes from the stock market but also from a few good deals he made, buying a few companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy, putting them back on track, and selling them back at 10 times the price. The rest of the executive staff took place and the meeting continued. Brad managed his business with a steel fist. He knew exactly what he wanted, and accepted no mistake from anyone.

The meeting went well, and after an hour, Brad was back in his office. Suzan, his secretary knocked on the door.

“Sorry sir, but I just received this package for you. It’s from Pacific Novelties. There was a note with it saying to give it to you as soon as possible.”

Brad displayed a smile.

“Very good. They finally did it. Yes, yes, give it to me.” He said, almost drooling.

“Anything else, sir?”

“No Suzan. That will be all for now. Thank you”

Suzan went, as Brad nervously searched for his letter opener.  Pacific Novelties was a company he bought 5 years ago. One of their products is latex goods. At first, they were making mainly surgical gloves and things like that, but Brad, with his fetishes, gradually included the development and manufacturing of a full range of latex goods. The latex outfit he was secretly wearing was made by P.N. But what was in this box, he had been waiting for it for years. He had a quick glance at it, touched it with his fingers, made a wide smile, closed the box, and headed for the door.

“Suzan, I’ll take the rest of the day off.”

“Very well, sir.” Said the secretary. Another round of golf she said to herself.

Brad had left the house. Karen had kissed him, and waved him goodbye. As soon as he was gone, she went back to the bedroom, and looked at herself in the mirror. A perfect body of gleaming black rubber. She grinned. She hated that, so she did what she had been doing for the past 5 years. She took off the rubber catsuit, and put on cotton clothes. She knew that Brad never comes home early, and when he does, he always calls ahead, and each time, she has enough time to put the rubber suit back, and make him believe that she had been wearing it all day, like he wanted. The thing is that she hated the latex. She hated the perspiration that came with it. She hated its tightness. She thought of Brad as a weirdo, but he was loaded, and that’s what was important.

Just after he was gone, she kicked off her 4 inches heels pumps, the lowest heel he liked her to wear, peel off the thin molded rubber catsuit, removed the latex underwear, and put on cotton underwear, a light dress, and sneakers. The only time she was keeping her latex wear, is when the cleaning lady was in, which was two mornings a week. Today, she wasn’t in, so she hasn’t had to wait until noon to get dressed the way she really liked.

She went to her study, and had a look at the half finish painting she was doing. She was quite good at it, and Brad had promised to expose her work when she’ll have enough. She figured that with three more paintings, it would be just right. She grabbed her brush, carefully chose the color and started to spread the paint.

She heard the door and startled. Who was that? What was going on? 

“Honey? Where are you, dear?”

She kept silent. What was Brad doing here, not having called before? And she wasn’t wearing any latex at all. Of course, when she has to go out, she won’t wear latex, but he likes her to keep the rubber underwear, or at least, wear long legs pants, so she could wear latex tights or something, and her running shoes? 

She still kept silent. Maybe he would believe that she’s gone downtown, do what he came to do, and left. After all, if he came without calling first, it must be an emergency, so he won’t stay long.

“Karen? Where are you?”

She heard his footsteps coming closer. The door handle turned, and the door opened.

“Ah, Karen, I was loo… Why aren’t you dressed in latex, like when I left this morning?”

“Well, I… I was about to go…”

“And what are those sneakers?”

“It’s not important, dear,” she said, walking toward him to embrace him. He stepped back.

“Wait there. If you were about to go, why the wet paint? And where is your latex underwear?”

What to do, what to tell him. She decided to let go, and tell everything. After all, she had put enough money aside to live without him for a while.

“Well, Brad, the fact is that I don’t like wearing this rubber stuff, and I don’t like your weirdo’s fetish either.”

“But, you said that you liked it, and that’s why I offered you to come live with me. It was all a lie?”

“Yes, it was. I don’t like that rubber, and I don’t like you.”

Brad swallowed the last phrase with difficulties.

“Okay” he said calmly “so may I assume that you came to live with me only for my money?”

“You can say so” said Karen, arrogantly.

“I must say that I’m very disappointed. You knew what I wanted in a girlfriend when I offered you to come live here.”

“Yeah, yeah. Spare me your good intentions. Now, it’s done, I breake up. There, I said it. Now, get out of my way.” She said, passing by him.

With a kick of the heel, he slammed the door on her face, stopping her from leaving.

“Hey! Let me go.”

“Not that fast, Karen. We have a few things to settle first. Do you know where you’re going to live? You don’t even own your own car. If you leave, you’re on foot, with no place to live. Your will be forbidden to my bank account. You’ll have nothing. Why don’t you stay here for a few days, while I look at what I can do. You could stay in the guest house.”

Karen thought quickly. Looks like he didn’t even imagine that she could have put money aside on her own bank account. He was so dumb for personal business. She thought that she might have a chance to get away with a substantial amount of money, so why not stay here a few more days. After all, she wouldn’t have to live with him, not wear his stupid latex clothes.

“Okay” she said “I’ll wait.”

“Thank you. Perhaps we could try to work it out?”

“Yeah, we might try, but I doubt it would work.”

She walked past him, opened the door and went. Brad went to his study, picked up the phone and made a few phone calls. Four days later, Friday, a big box was delivered to his office, along with a bunch of documents. At the end of day, he packed everything in his Mercedes and rode home. Things were going as expected. Even better.

Once at home, he went to his study, and set up a video camera to shoot at his desk, put most of the documents he had received on the desk, opened the big box, and looked at the packing list, and got out one smaller cardboard box, that he put slightly aside. He stored the big box at the back of the room.

He called Karen at the guest house, and invited her for dinner, saying that he had cleared his things with his lawyers, and that he was ready to discuss an agreement, after dinner. She accepted. She thought that if she was wearing something to tease him, she might get even more, because she tried. So she put on a latex bodysuit, black with dark red abstract pattern, the tightest jeans she could find, and 4 inches pumps. When he saw her, Brad was definitely turned on: latex, tight jeans and high heels were his three biggest fetishes. He acknowledged the nice attempt from her to put him to sleep, but he had other plans.

The meal was sumptuous, as always. Expensive seafood, luxurious desserts, and a sublime bottle of wine. It was in the middle of the meal when Karen started to feel dizzy. Before she could realize that Brad had put sleeping drugs in her wine, she fell asleep.

SkinSuit I

She woke up a few hours later. She was sitting upright, much too upright for her tight jeans to normally allow. When she tried to move, she realized she was tied up, heavily fastened with leather cuffs at the ankles and over the knee to the chair.  Leather straps were wrapped around each thigh, and were pulled tight against the back of the chair, making her sit totally upright, but forcing her tight jeans to bit cruelly into her hips. Another leather strap was encircling her waist and upper torso. Her arms were tied to the chair arms at the wrist and over the elbow. She could feel her neck stiff from a wide collar, and she couldn’t make a sound, her mouth being filled with a ball gag.

She blinked her eyes a few times, trying to come out of the fog as fast as possible. Brad was there, sitting in front of her, slightly toward the side. She looked at him with angry eyes, and muffled something.

“Don’t waste your energy my dear, you’ll need all of it. And, no, what I did is not illegal. Now, for your enlightenment, if you look straight in front of you, you’ll see a video camera. It has been taping the whole scene since I brought you here. The purpose of that is not to have incriminating things against you. This I already have. But to provide proofs in case you decide to go to the police saying things I haven’t done.”

“Like I said earlier, I talked to my lawyers. Here’s the conclusion we came to. When I asked you to come live with me, I made it clear about my intentions, and my fantasies. You said that you didn’t mind, that you were in love with me, and that you very much liked latex, tight clothing and high heels too. But to my surprise, I learned a few days ago that it was all a lie that in fact, you were with me just for my money. We did a check of your bank account, and I must say that you’ve been quite clever to put aside that much money. $250000 is quite a lot, especially when it’s been stolen.”

Karen muffled.

“No need to explain how you got it, we figured out, and it’s illegal. Yes, I told you that you could spend as much as you want, but that was not including transferring money to your personal bank account, so that money will be taken back, with interest.”

Karen grinned.

“Now, you’ve been with me for 5 years. To be exact, 5 years and 4 months, but I round it up to 5 years. We added the lodging, the food, the advantages, well pretty much everything. Since your stay with me was not for love, but only for the money, I estimate that you owe me back what I gave you. We calculated the debt at $500000.”

Karen screamed through the gag.

“No, it’s not exaggerated. Like I said, I calculated it with my lawyers and accountants, and everything I say here is legal, and would stand in front of any judge. So, I give you two options:

Option 1, you give me back the $500000 within 5 days. Remember that you no longer have the $250000 from your personal bank account. This was fraudulently acquired.

Option 2, you’ll become my personal property for the next five years. In other terms, I will own you for the next five years. Being that, you will be forced to do whatever I ask you to do. I will have total control over your mind and body. The only restriction that I had to comply with is that no permanent physical or psychological damage will result. In the advent of that occurring, I will have to pay whatever it costs to cure you, or support you.”

He paused for a few seconds to make sure the information had sunk in. He continued.

“If you chose to get the 5 days of grace to pay me, but instead run away, be sure that I will find you, and that you’ll spend the next 15 years in jail for fraud, and after that, I’ll make sure that you’ll have a living hell. You’ll never find a job. You’ll never be able to rent anything. You’ll be a total zero. Now that you’ve carefully listened to what I had to say, I will untie your arms. You have the two offers on the table there in front of you. I leave you half an hour to decide. The reason you are tied-up is that I want to make sure that you’re not about to run away before signing any of those.”

Brad approached her from the back, and unlocked the padlock fixing her wrist cuffs to the chair. She tried to hit him, but having foreseen the gesture, he had taken proper action.

“Oh, naughty. Bad attitude. I’ll be back in half an hour. Take your time, the rest of your life depends on it.”

He walked to the door. Just before he closed it, he turned toward her.

“Oh, I was forgetting. If in half an hour, you haven’t decided, I’m entitled to take the decision for you.” 

Then he closed the door, and locked it. Karen was left alone with her choices. With her hands trembling, she picked the first paper. It was the payment offer. Perhaps by calling all her friends, she would be able to get the money. But then again, all her friends were in fact his friends, and they would never help her now. She put the paper down. The ball gag was getting painful. She reached at the back of her head to remove it, but she was not surprised to find that it was locked. 

With a sigh she took the second document, much thicker, and started to browse it. By signing that she would become nothing less than her slave. He could do whatever he wanted to her, or with her. There was even a punishment clause. She read the document, but without really reading the words. What she remembered was that she had two choices: a living hell for the rest of her life, or 5 years as a slave, then freedom. And if she played her cards right, she might be even able to sue him and get compensation for any psychological problems she might have, or rather imagine, after the 5 years. She thought that it seemed the less harsh of the two, and with the better possibilities. Nonetheless reluctantly, she signed the slave form.

Brad, who was watching what the camera was recording from the adjacent room, was pleased. It was what he hoped for. She would pay back. There was still 5 minutes left to his deadline. He gladly gave her, watching her having second thoughts. At the deadline, he entered the room, walked silently to the desk, looked at the documents, made sure the signature was real, put everything aside in his safe, and went back in front of her.

“Okay, Karen. Now, just in case you haven’t understood all there was in this document, let me enlighten you. I’m authorized to do whatever I want to do with your mind and body for the next five years. I however do have rules to follow, so that no permanent damage is inflicted. But you too have rules to follow. That means discipline. Each misbehavior will earn a punishment. The number of days your punishment will last is the number of the misbehavior, multiplied by 2. So the first one gives you one day, the second one, 4 days, the third one, 6 days, the 10th one, 20 days, and so forth. Now, each day you spent being punished, does not count toward your 5 years, so you have to take them back at the end of the five years… plus interests. At the end of the five years, we take all the punishment days you’ve had, and multiply it by two. That’s the number of more days you’ll have to stay. Since it is reimbursements on punishment days, if you misbehave during that period, the same number of days will be added for each punishment. In other words, behave, and you’ll be here for 5 years. Misbehave, and you could be here for quite some time.”

“Now, I’ll give you 5 chances to start with. The first three, you will get warnings only. The next two, you’ll get one punishment day for each. But none of these 5 chances count in the punishment computations talked earlier.”

“Also, this is not Club Med. You’re paying me back what you took from me, so be prepared to work. You’re not going to stay here, at doing nothing. You’re going to work, perhaps harder than you ever worked.”

“And finally, as stipulated, for these next five years, I’m responsible for your well being, meaning clothing, feeding and health. Let’s start with those first shall we.”

He walked to the back of the room and picked the large cardboard box and dropped in on the desk. He fondled it, and got out what looked like an extremely thick latex catsuit, complete with gloves and feet. The latex was surprisingly clear, as if it was clear plastic wrap.

“This is the newest invention of Pacific Novelties. I asked them to develop it. It is still in its early stage, but should do fine. You see, it’s breathable latex, meaning that a person could wear it for days, if not weeks or months, without having to take it off to let the skin breathe. The only problem they have at the moment is that it has to be about 10 times as thick as a surgical glove to work properly, that’s why it’s so thick. So you’ll be part of the test team. But before putting this on you, there are a few things that you need to be fitted with.”

He went to her chair, tied her hands in her back, released her ankles from the chair, and put a 6 inches hobble chain between them, then removed the remaining straps. 

Karen almost couldn’t stand up. Her legs had become almost numb, the blood flow cut by the tight jeans, and her upright sitting position. Brad snapped a leach on the front ring of the collar, and pulled on her. She felt humiliated. He led her to the next room. It has been fitted with medical equipment, and Karen almost panicked. What was he going to do to her? A man in a white jacket appeared. She recognized him as Brad’s personal doctor. She wished that he would free her, but he seemed to be on Brad’s side. After all, he’s the one who was paying. Brad tied the leash to a hanging ring, forcing Karen to stretch her neck. Then the ankle cuffs were removed, and her jeans and underwear. Her arms were untied. She taught for a moment that she could try to struggle free, but that would lead her nowhere. Her latex body suit was removed the easy way, by cutting it. Next, she was laid on the exam table, and her wrists tied on each side, as well as her ankles. The doctor proceeded with a complete medical exam. She came out with flying colors, much to the pleasure of Brad. Then the doctor approached with a bunch of tubes and catheters. He unfastened a clip at the feet of the table, and he pivoted Karen’s legs apart, giving wide access to her personal anatomy. The doc started to insert tubes in her urethra and rectum.

“Relax, Karen. In fact, this is for your own good. You see, since you’ll be sealed in the suit, there will be no zipper to allow you to go to the bathroom. The tubes and catheters will allow automatic… cleaning. The liquid will be allowed out, and for the more solid matter, an enema will do the trick.”

Karen felt the tubes being inserted, the bladders inflated. What was left was a few bits of rubber tubing protruding out of a rubber yoke. Then the doctor proceeded to remove the gag, and was preparing to spray something into Karen’s mouth, when she clamp it shut.

“There’s two ways of doing that, Karen” said the doctor. “There’s the easy way, and there’s the hard way. Which one do you prefer?”

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and the doctor sprayed a local anesthetic at the back of her throat. He then proceeded to push in the breathing tube through her nostril, as he was explaining everything at the same time. The feeding tube will go through the mouth. Two breathing tubes were inserted, one through each nostril. The end of the tubes were made thicker and chinched within the nostrils. They had a rubber yoke covering the underside of the nose. A soft sack with a hose going through the middle of it was then inserted in her mouth. The tube was going down to her stomach. Again, a rubber yoke, molded as lips, was ending the tube at her mouth, and was covering it completely. The oval exit of the tube was slightly visible through the latex lips. The doctor then approached her with a huge syringe with a scary needle. She tensed up.

“Relax, this is not for yourself, but for your gag.” He said while inserting the needle close to the tubing, in the mouthpiece. He slowly pressed the handle. Karen began to feel her mouth being filled.

“I’m currently filling the sack you saw with latex paste. It should fill your mouth completely. Just relax and let it go. You’ll have about 2 hours to work it into place before it hardens.”

Karen felt her mouth being filled, more, and more and more. She started to moan when he stopped. She was feeling her cheeks ready to pop. She chewed on it as hard as she could, and tried to spread it the best she could with her tongue. It made just a slight difference. But why all this? How long she was going to be with all these inserts. She would know it in a short time.

She was untied from the exam table, her collar, which hasn’t been removed yet, tied again to the hanging ring, and her arms tied in her back. Brad came back with the thick transparent suit, and unrolled in it in front of her. Karen had wide eyes. She would never fit in this! This was way too small! Almost like Brad caught her thoughts.

“Looks too small, isn’t it? Well, that’s the whole point. I wanted it to be tight, and I think it’s gonna be just fine. Get your right feet up, please.”

She complied. The inside of the suit had been coated with a slipping gel, and her leg went in easily, for the first foot or so anyway, then the struggle began. While Brad was working up the latex, the doctor was gently pulling on it. Inch by inch, it went, and her feet finally popped in place. When she put it on the ground, it felt weird. She couldn’t lay her feet flat on the ground.

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot to tell you about the feet. The sole is made of resin as hard as steel. It has been pre-formed so that the only shoe that could be worn must have a 5 inches heel. In the meantime, if you don’t want it to hurt, just stand on your toes.”

Karen complied. 5 inches. She would have to wear that too? She started to regret her decision. The same process was repeated for the left leg then the suit slowly pulled up. She felt the tight pressure going higher and higher. They took special care when they reached the point where they had to fit the crotch tubes through the crotch holes of the suit. Brad took a towel, and wiped clean the inside of the suit around the holes, as well as the tubes yokes, then applied another gel. The suit was finally pulled up, and Brad took again much precautions to smooth out any wrinkles at those points. Karen didn’t understand the reason for that, but was in no position to ask. The arms were put on, again with much struggling then it was time to fasten the back.

It was no standard zipper. It looked more like a zip-lock bag zipper. Again, brad wiped it clean, before applying another gel. Then, as the doctor was pulling on each side of the suit, Brad was pulling with all his wits at the handle. Karen was not cooperating enough for them, so Brad looked at her.

“That’s one chance gone. Now, cooperate. Suck in your stomach, and let all your air out.”

This time, Karen complied. Pulling the zipper proved to be hard, but they managed. Karen could feel the extremely tight embrace of the latex. Her stomach was too compressed for her taste. Compared to that, her tight jeans were loose. Although the suit had molded breasts, each breath, each expansion of the breast, demanded an effort. Finally, the zipper reached the high neck of the suit and she felt the tight collar embrace her neck. The zip handle came off, leaving only a almost invisible seam. Then the doctor took clippers, and started to shave Karen’s hair. She cried.

“Don’t worry, dear, they’ll grow back. One interesting thing about this latex, is that hair can grow through it. In a few weeks, you’ll have your hair back.

The hood was pulled on her head. It had no zipper, and a rather long collar. Although there was a lot of lubricating gel on it, they struggled quite a lot to put it on. Finally, it slipped into place. Karen felt her head compressed, her mouth forced shut, increasing the pressure in her already filled mouth.  Her vision was just slightly distorted. Using cotton swabs, Brad cleaned the inside of the nostril holes, and the hole of the breathing tube. He turned inside out the collar, cleaned it, and applied everywhere he had just cleaned, more gel, then smoothed everything back in place.

“The glue should set in a few minutes.”

Karen panicked. Glue? Did he say glue? He glued me in? She struggled, but her hands, now tied to the hanging ring, prevented her from doing anything.

“Now, let me enlighten you on this suit. Like I said, that latex breathes, or at least, is supposed to. It’s going to be your new skin suit. You’ll be wearing it for your time here. Yes, the whole five years, and even more if you do what it takes. You should take good care of your skin suit. As if it was your own skin. In fact, each damage to it, either accidentally or intentionally, counts as a punishment. If we have to replace the suit because it’s too damaged, it’s an automatic 1 month punishment. Of course, if it’s normal wear, you won’t be punished.”

“Now, as I said, it is now your skin. That means that you have to get dressed. You’ll find your wardrobe waiting for you in your room. You have the remainder of the night to get some rest. I need you as a maid tomorrow morning at 5am. Be dressed and ready by the table. Oh before I forget…” he said while taking a remote control the size of a key chain in his hand and pressing a button. Karen felt an excruciating pain in her belly.

“This is my insurance that you won run away. I have the capability to trigger it from anywhere, and if you go outside, farther than a radius of 100m, the pain will start, light at first, then stronger and stronger.”0

He untied her hands.

“Now, go to your room.”

They watched her walk away, uneasy on her tiptoes, the plugs in her crotch and rectum were also disturbing her.

“You’re sure you’re not going too far?” asked the doctor.

“Why should I care? She didn’t when she stole my money… and my heart. By the time she will be able to leave, she wouldn’t want to get that suit off. She learned that pain could be inflicted. She doesn’t know about the pleasure version of it.”

She walked to her room. It had been modified, and was creepy looking. The bed was covered by latex sheeting. She could see rings everywhere around it, which should be used to restrain her to the bed. There was a St-Andrew’s cross on the opposite wall, as well as half a dozen rings fixed to the ceiling. On the left wall, there was a weird looking device, with metal cuffs, opened in two halves, molded footrests, and strange looking arms that seemed to spring out of the wall. She figured that it was her feeding and relief station. She’s sure that if she doesn’t figure out how it works, Brad would gladly show her. 

She went to the closet, and by now, she figured out what was in it: latex clothing. Nothing but latex clothing.

She found the maid outfit. There was also an impressive assortment of shoes, all with 5 inches heels, from pumps, to sandals, to platforms, shoes, and boots.

She walked to the bed, slowly slid between the latex sheets, and turned off the lights. Sleep was hard to find.

The next morning, she woke up startling. She tried to catch her breath. Each breath was painful, and she had to make an effort to battle the tight skin suit. That wasn’t a bad dream. That was real. Anyway. 

He wanted her to be there as the maid at 5am. But… What time was it? She looked for a clock somewhere, she saw none. How could she be ready on time without any time reference? 

Judging by the height of the sun, she figured she was about on time, but she had to get dressed first. She went to the closet and picked the maid outfit. She put the long black rubber stockings, but when she tried to put on the maid dress, it was obvious that it was a no fit. It was way too small. Knowing Brad, it had to be intentional. She looked in the closed and her fear was confirmed. She reached and got out a rubber corset. She put it around her waist. Yes, it should do it, but it would compress her a good four inches, as if her darn skinsuit was not tight enough.

She positioned the corset. It was quite high, covering her from the hips to her armpits, with molded breast cups. She started to pull on the laces, and gradually, the corset closed, tightening on her already thin waist. But as she drew the strings, it was obvious that she would never close it, not without help.

There was still a good two inches to go, but it wouldn’t bulge. Well, that was the best she could do, so she tied the laces in a knot at the back, put the maid dress but left it unzipped, then slipped on the hated five inches heels pumps and got out of the room.

Getting downstairs was not easy. She hated high heels, and 5 inches was all new. She got to the kitchen. Brad was already there, with an empty bowl of cereal in front of him.

“Hum. Late on your first day, and not properly dressed. You’re gonna use your freebees quite fast at that rate.”

Karen grumbled. She had no alarm clock, and she was unable to close the corset. She tried gesturing the situation.

“Ah, I see, no alarm clock to wake you up. Well, in fact, yes, you have one, but it’s my fault, I haven’t shown you how to use it. I’ll show you tonight. And the corset. Yes, I see the problem. I haven’t thought of that.” He said, picking up the laces and drawing them tight.

Karen thought her ribcage was going to cave in. This was really tight. Too tight. She had to breathe in really short gasps, yet the corset tightened again. It stopped when she was sure to faint. Then Brad pulled the back zipper of the maid outfit up, and realized that alone, Karen would have not be able to do it.

“I have to apologize. There’s a few things that need adjustment.” He said, “I’ll see to that in the next few days. So, no fault here.”

He got up to the counter and came back with leather cuffs and padlocks. He put cuffs tightly around her wrists and ankles before linking them with 8 inches chains.

“It’s your first day, and I don’t trust you enough, so this should slow you down. Okay, I have to go to work. Your list of chores is on the counter. Have a nice day.” He said as he got up and walked out the door, carrying his briefcase.

As he was about to close the door, he turned around.

“Don’t forget. If you get too far away from the house, it’s gonna be quite painful, and if your chores are not done by the end of the day, you’ll get misbehavior points.”

The door was closed. She heard the car engine start and rolled away. She was alone. She let herself drop on a chair, and put her face between her shackled hands. She cried.

Reluctantly, she got up and picked the chore list and had a look at it. It was pretty basic: sweeping the floors, dusting the furniture, vacuuming the carpet, and preparing dinner. She put the list down. She would not do it. She was worth more than this. She hobbled to the living room and sat on the luxurious leather sofa to watch some TV after kicking the high heels pumps away. She would protest.

But after a few hours, she got quite bored, and the tight corset was getting painful. She had to get out of that suit. She knew. She would walk out of here. It was still early in the morning, and she would have plenty of time to walk to the main road.

She put on a pair of Brad’s slippers and headed for the door. With a sigh as big as her corset allowed, she opened the door and walked out.

The bright sun immediately started to heat her. Wearing a black uniform didn’t help. She headed for the driveway. Well, rather a private road. The house was secluded, being about 2km off the road, accessible by a tortuous dirt road. But even that road, 2km away, was not the main one and rarely used. They usually had to drive another 10km before reaching the main road. That is what she would have to walk to find help. And there was a fence surrounding the whole property. 4m high. She will have to walk 2km to the entrance, go over that fence then walk at maximum 10 more km before finding help. Oh yes, he would find her, and send her to jail, but 15 years of jail was still better off than even a week in this situation.

With an assured pace, she walked toward freedom.

A few minutes later, a sharp sting in her crotch made her stop. She had forgotten everything about the proximity device. She was probably reaching the 100m radius. Well, if all she had to cope with was that stinging from time to time, even for a few hours, it was worthed. So she walked again. Quickly, the sting came again, but stronger. She stopped for a few seconds and started again. Almost immediately, the sting was back. Then again 10 seconds later. The further she walked, the sooner the next sting was. When she was getting the discharge every 2 seconds, she stopped. It was already too much, and she feared that it would be continuous very soon. She walked back until there was about 15 seconds between stings. Maybe if she waited long enough, the batteries would drain.

She sat on the side of the road, on a boulder, in the shadow of a large tree. By then, she was covered in sweat and the gleaming rubber gliding on her skin sent rather disturbing signals. No it was impossible that she liked it. She hated rubber.

Although the stinging was only every 15 seconds, it became quickly unbearable. She tried to run toward the fence, but she collapsed, holding her crotch. She was in deep pain. She got back up and walked back to the house. She would have to give up. That proximity device was too strong. She was stuck.

Slowly, as the pain faded, she walked back to the house, only to find the door locked. She hadn’t thought of it, the doors had automatically locked. She looked for the spare key, but it was gone. Apparently, Brad had foreseen that possibility. All she could do was sit and wait. 

After a while, she started pacing around. She had no clock, so no way to tell the time it was, but judging by the sun it was close to noon. As she walked at the back of the house, she discovered that she had access to the pool. A quick dip cooled her off, but the feeling of the water on her rubber suit was something new. No, she couldn’t like it. It was impossible. It proved difficult to swim with the chains at her wrists and ankles.

So she spent the afternoon resting beside the pool until she heard a car drive in. it seemed too early for Brad to come back. Maybe it was someone else, someone that could help her. She rushes to the driveway, but to her dismay, it was Brad. 

He got out of the car and looked at her, rather disappointed.

“Well, I expected you would try to walk out, but not on the first day.” He said, “Well, you want to learn the hard way, so be it. Come.” He ordered.

She had no choice but to follow. She would get punished, but she still had freebies. She followed him into the house. He led her upstairs where he tied her wrists to a ring on the ceiling then operated a winch, lifting her until her feet were not touching the ground. 

“Okay. So you got out without permission, you tried to leave, you didn’t do your chores and the meal is not ready. If I’m not mistaken, that’s 4 misbehaviors. You had 2 freebies left, so all your freebies are gone, and 2 out of your 5 punishments without day counts are done. You earned punishments, so you’ll get them, but first, let me fix you up properly.” He said, opening the closet and picking a pair of lace-up platform boots. The platform appeared about 1.5 inches high, but the heel was a skyscraper.

“The heel will arch 6 inches. Well, you removed the heels you had on this morning. I guess you need something more difficult to remove.” He said, picking her leg and feeding it into the boot. He laced it tight, very tight, before doing the same thing on the other feet, then he put the leather cuff back. With the cuff, even if she managed to undo the lacing, she would be unable to remove the boots.

He lowered her on the floor. She had to steady herself with her new height. After all, she was close to 8 inches higher than what she used to be. He put her hands back in front of her but tied a chain to the wrist link, fed it between her legs and locked it at the back of her collar. The highest she could raise her arms was at head level. He spun her so she would face him.

“Now, go prepare my meal.” He said. “I have more stuff to do in your room.”

She hobbled her way down the stairs. It was not easy. She was unsteady on her heels, and her tied arms prevented her from easily grabbing the handrail of the stairs. She got down, one stair at a time. She was so slow that Brad had enough time to get down, go to his car and go back up carrying a huge cardboard box while she reached the last step.

As she heard power tools being used, she made her way to the kitchen. She had to prepare his meal. The recipe was there. She went to work, as best as she could, impaired by her tied arms. An hour later, the meal was ready and Brad was back in the kitchen. He tasted the meal.

“Good, but a wee bit more salt should do it. Oh, that’s right, you can’t taste.” He said, laughing. “Well, it’s about time you have your meal.” He said as he finished the last bite. “Come with me.”

She followed him to her bedroom. Climbing the stairs, although difficult, was easier than getting them down. Once in the bedroom he directed her to the spidery looking device. He gave her instructions. 

She had to put her back to it. There were special footrests where she would place her feet. There was a flat one for when she had shoes on, and another one when she was barefooted, which kept her feet in a high rise position. 

Once she pushed her back against it, the metallic belt would close around her waist, as well as metal bands around her thighs, below the knee and at the ankle. Then an arm will rise from the wall and plug into her crotch tubes. Air pressure was actuating valves in her bladder, allowing her to pee, while the enema was getting performed.

To get food, she would have to stretch her arms upward until they were inside metal rings. Then the rings would close at the wrists, over the elbow and at shoulder, holding her arms still. Another metal ring will encircle her over the chest.  Another arm would get down from the wall, holding her head, but plugging into her feeding tube at the same time.

She was tied up like a fly on a wall, plugged everywhere. She would then be allowed to pee, and to eat. An enema will be performed every two days. She would stay like that for at least half an hour when no enema was being performed. An hour and a half when there was an enema.

It was the first day, so Brad made sure that she would receive everything. He left her to her predicament.

Feeling her stomach full was welcomed, but feeling her belly being filled, was another story.

An hour and a half later, Brad was back in her room as the feeding and cleaning station, as he called it, released her. He then showed him a new device he had installed: the corset tightener. He showed her how to feed the laces to the machine. It would do the tightening automatically.

Karen was exhausted, and it showed. So he gave her the evening off, but she was not to be lazy around. If she was tired, she needed rest. He showed her the wake up device. She would have to plug wires at her crotch, and to be effective, she would have to tie herself up. There were chains with quick fastening hooks hanging on each corner of the foot of the bed. She would spread her legs and tied them there. Next, she would have to stretch her arms to holes on the head of the bed. When both hands stayed there for 10 seconds, fastening devices got a hold of them, and pulled, stretching her. 

“When the right time comes, you will be released, and awaken up. You’ll see how it’s done soon enough.”

She found sleep. Not because she was sleepy, but because she was exhausted.

She was in bed with Brad. But not that one. The other one. The Star: Brad Pitt. He was so good! He had a way to excite her, to stimulate her. He had a very special way to vibrate… Wait a minute. Vibrate?

She woke up, still bound, but her dildos were gently vibrating. She closed her eyes. Gee it was so good. Just a little more and she would climax. She pulled against her bonds, and it made the feeling even more wonderful, the fact that she couldn’t reach her crotch. She would have loved to push on the dildo, work with them. That frustration was a real turn-on. When she was on the verge of having an awesome orgasm, the vibration stopped, and her wrists were released. She stayed there, panting and frustrated. She used her fingers, tried to make it pulse, move, but it’s as if it has lost all life. It was disturbing, but nothing enough to help her get back on top of the mountain.

If that was the wake-up call, it very well woke her up, but it was frustrating as hell. Her dressing was not long, since she had slept with her maid’s outfit. She stumbled on the extreme high heels. She had forgotten about those.

She needed some relief, so she took place on the feeding station. Her bladder was relieved, and she was fed some water. Immediately after, she was released. If this was going to be her life, better make the best of it. Until she finds a way to get out, that is.

She went downstairs, and prepared breakfast. It was relatively easy since she was not tied up this time. When Brad came for his breakfast, wearing rubber pajamas, it was ready.

He was pleased, but she didn’t get a break. He gave her a list of chores to do for the day, and a three course meal to prepare for dinner.

Of course, she was tied up like the day before.

She did her best to do the chores, and prepare the meal. The hardest part was not being able to taste it, not even smell it. That proved very frustrating, from the cooking point of view, and from the pleasure of taste point of view.

When Brad arrived from work, he was pleased with her. He didn’t complain about anything she had cooked.

After dinner, he sat in front of the TV, sipping a glass of cognac. Karen took place besides him. An evening of TV watching was welcomed.

“What are you doing?” he asked her. 

She gestured that she was about to watch TV.

“Well, you’re not part of this family. You’re only a helper. You don’t have the right to watch any TV, nor any other leisure.” He said as he got up, picking her up at the same time. 

He led her to the corner of the living room, just beside the TV set. There, he untied her wrists from the front and brought them to the back, linking them together. Then he added more cuffs over the elbows, and brought them painfully together before locking them. Then he got her feet together and locked them to a floor ring. Finally, a chain went from her elbows cuffs up to the ceiling. 

She couldn’t move. But the most frustrating part was that she could clearly hear what was on the TV, but not see anything of it.

After a while, her feet started to hurt, not mentioning her shoulders, forced backward by the elbow cuffs. She started to squirm, trying to relieve some pain. Suddenly, she heard some fondling at her crotch.

“Sorry, Karen, I’ve forgotten this.” He said, as the dildos suddenly came to life.

“You see, you’re getting punishments when you do bad things, but also rewards as you do good things.”

Suddenly, her shoulders didn’t hurt anymore, as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, softly moaning.

She hadn’t a clue at how long it lasted, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. Brad led her upstairs where he removed the cuffs, the maid outfit, the corset and the boots. He helped her get spread eagled on the bed for the night. She would have preferred to sleep untied though.

“There’s more where that came from.” He said as he kissed her on her rubbery cheek.

As soon as the light was off, the dildos started again. It was promising to be a very good night after all.

The following weeks went on pretty much as expected. She would get up, get her corset on with the help of the machine, and get the chores he had listed done. Then she would be tied up for the evening, but not always the same manner. She found herself laying on the floor, suspended by the ankles, tied spread-eagled to the wall, ball tied, hogtied, but each time, it was a blast, and she couldn’t wait for the next evening.

Since her skinsuit was transparent, she used it as if she was naked. She chose different outfits, from the basic maid outfit, to more elaborate setup with shirts and pants, or short skirts. It teased Brad and he liked it. She even got hooked on wearing corsets. There were different lengths, from basic waist cinchers to the dreadful full corset that was made of leather, had shoulder straps, and was painfully rigid. But she liked them all. So much that she started wearing one while sleeping. She felt the stimulation being stronger when tightly constricted.

Three months later, she was led in the same room where she was first fitted with the outfit. Her skinsuit was removed, and also the gag and the dildos. She was completely naked, and was undergoing a medical exam. 

“All I could say is that everything is fine.” Said the doctor. “The skin is in as good condition as if it had been exposed to the air the whole time, so the breathing effect of the skinsuit is working fine. I only noticed a small atrophy of the back muscles. But this was predicted as it’s a direct effect of regular wear of a corset. It could be taken care of by regular back exercise. Otherwise, they will slowly atrophy, and a more rigid corset will be needed to compensate, until the muscles are built back.”

“Thank you, Doc.” Said Brad, obviously happy. “Well, Karen, you have the “night off”. You’ll be put back into your next skinsuit tomorrow morning.

She jumped off the table and ran into his arms, kissing him passionately. She couldn’t speak, having tubes running down her throat for the past 3 months. He slowly pushed her away.

“Listen Karen. That you hated the latex stuff before, and that you like it now, was predictable, and actually expected. But that you didn’t love me then, and that you love me now, ia hardly believable. You said that you deeply loved me when you first entered my life, but turned out that it was only for my money. How do you want me to believe you now? Sorry, but the sentence will be carried on.” He said, turning and leaving her with the doctor to wrap-up the exam.

She was locked in her room for the night. She didn’t need to be tied up. On the desk, rested a pile of cotton bed sheets.

She touched them. The first time she had touched anything other than rubber for weeks. She felt a void. Can it be possible? No, he hated that stuff, but the last months had been so intense, so powerful. By browsing in the drawers, she found a pair of dildo panties. Looking around as to make sure that nobody was looking, she carefully put them on, sliding the dildos deep in place. Then she put on a latex catsuit. It was not as tight as she would have hoped for, probably one of her old ones, but it would do. Next, she put on 5 inches pumps and ankle restraints, before tying her feet on the corner of the latex covered bed. With a shaking sigh, she put her hands into the head holes, but nothing happened. The system would not lock. 

Frustrated, she grabbed what she could and pulled, giving herself the sensation of being tied up, then she gently rock her hips up and down.

It was good, but not as good as… Oh shit! She was becoming a damn latex bondage freak! She stopped dead, but the need was too much. She was eager to go back into her skinsuit.

SkinSuit II

She was back in the exam room. Brad was carrying a large box.

“We analyzed your last skinsuit. As with our test samples, it breathed perfectly, but it was also quickly degrading. Within a month, it would have started to disintegrate. So, you’re gonna test the new version, it is made somewhat thicker, so it will be more constricting. We’ll see the result in three months.”

She underwent the tube and dildo insertion one more time, then the suit was fed on. It was extremely tight, as the hood was. But she liked it and welcomed back the tight embrace. She was led back to her room to dress up. She found a new collection of clothes and especially corsets.

“Those are one inch smaller than the previous ones to compensate for your muscles atrophy. Well, you have your daily chores to do, better get dressed.” He said as he left with the doctor. She was back alone in the house.

She chose a medium corset, slid it over her skinsuit and went to the tightening machine. She welcomed the tight embrace, and was pleased when it grew tighter than what she was used to. Slowly, she rubbed her breasts, sliding her gloved fingers down her waist, feeling the tensed corset, then to her hips. Her hands slowly made it to the crotch, where they fondled with the tubes plugs, making the dildo slightly move inside her.

She had a look at her new wardrobe. There was quite a change. The first thing was that the maid outfit was gone. She had the choice from catsuits of different colors, some with colorful patterns, to dresses of different length and skirts, to even what looked like a pair of rubber jeans. She chose that one. They were dark blue, with the back pockets, apparent stitching and belt loops. Included was a white rubber belt. She chose a black rubber t-shirt.

The rubber jeans were very tight, as expected, and were giving her an incredible look with their slightly flared legs. The latex shirt was just perfect, with long sleeves. But the jeans legs were long, very long, and it was obvious that the only footwear that would do the trick was platform shoes.

She chose a pair or white platform sandals, with a Y strap at the ankle. A long look at the mirror, and she loved it. Yes, she loved the look, and she loved the feeling. She had changed. She loved rubber now, and deep down, she loved Brad. If only she could prove it to him.

Days went by, and the routine installed itself. Karen was pleased with her new wardrobe, as well as Brad who loved the look. 

Karen did some mishaps, but mostly on purpose. She wanted to be tied up, to be punished. Yes, it would add days to her sentence, but what are a few days or even months after five years.

Her worse punishment came when she broke a vase, this one totally accidental. But it happened to be Brad’s preferred vase, which came from her great, great grandmother. She was spread in a vacbed, suspended upside down, and as a motorized clapper was hitting hard on the butt, she was receiving electro-shocks on her boobs. She hated that one and promised herself never to go that far again, not even accidentally.

Then one day, her world flipped over. Brad came home with another woman. Caroline was her name, and she was pretty, and exactly what Brad was looking for: Always wearing extremely tight denim or leather jeans, skyscraper high heels, too small shirts or spandex top. Karen was able to watch her from afar, as she was not introduced to her, and she was kept secret.

When Caroline was coming, Karen was confined to her room, generally tied up and stimulated. But it pissed her off. She thought that she would win back Brad’s confidence and love, but that was a bitter defeat.

One day, Brad came home from work pissed off. He had lost on a bid, and it had cost him a couple of millions.

“If I ever get the sucker who gave the information away, I think I’d kill him.” He said as Karen put the meal plate in front of him.

Yes, he was pissed off, like never before, and Karen suffered for him.

She ended-up ball tied, suspended over her bed for the night. No pleasure, and no release until early in the morning. Then, aching from every parcel of her skin, she still had to make him his breakfast. Yes, the egg yolks were fully cooked and the toasts burned, and she should have deserved to spend the day tied up, but Brad barely ate it. His mind was elsewhere.

The very next day, Karen was doing her chores when she heard a car entering the driveway. A quick look at the window, and she startled when she saw Caroline arriving, alone. She was wearing a frilly dress and flat sole sandals. 

She had to hide, but where. She had no time to climb the stairs. She was in the room next to the office. She quickly hid in the closet.

She heard Caroline coming in, and heading for his office. His office? He never gave that key to anyone, not even to her when she was his girlfriend. She still doesn’t have access now, so how come she has it. She pushed her ear to the wall.

She heard paper being shuffled and drawers opening and closing. Then she picked up the phone.

“Hey Sam, how are you this morning… Yeah, he never saw it coming… Oh yes, he was pissed off, but I don’t care, I’m now 1 million richer… What?… Yes, I’m looking for those right now… Let me see… Yes, he’s preparing to offer $23.56 a share. Yeah, that’s darn aggressive…. Yes honey…. Love you too, bye.”

She hung-up the phone, then looked at the paperwork.

“I’ll have you completely washed out by the end of the year, Brad.” She said with a sadistic tone. Then she walked out of the office, went to the kitchen and got a beer before leaving.

Karen was outraged! She was driving him to bankruptcy. Well, she was in no situation to compare, but she never stole him that much. She wanted to live on his money, not dry him out. She had to warn Brad.

Unfortunately, when Brad arrived, she had no time to try to explain. He quickly got her into her room and tied her spread eagled to the wall, before plugging the cables to the inserts. Caroline was coming for dinner, and he wanted Karen out of sight.

The evening lasted long. In fact, Caroline stayed there for the night, so Karen was stuck on the wall for close to 12 hours.

Finally early in the morning, Caroline left, and Karen was finally alone with Brad. He came to untie her.

“Sorry about that. I guess I will have to introduce you really soon, otherwise you’ll spend every night like that.” He said, helping her get back on her feet.

She tried to say something, but he was in a hurry.

“Sorry Karen, I have no time. I said I’m sorry. I’ll remove two punishment days for that. I have to get to the shower and leave. I have an important meeting this morning. This deal looks promising.”

And he was off. She desperately needed to go, but if she did, she would be stuck for an hour and a half on the feeding station as she was overdue for the enema. By then, Brad would be long gone. She had to write him a note. She looked for a pen and some paper. She found the pen, but no paper, and like usual, the office was locked. So, she grabbed the first thing she could find, a 3 inches wide leather collar. She wrote the note on the inside, and stuffed it into his briefcase. Then she rushed to the feeding station.

The relief of the bladder was welcomed. She heard Brad leaving. She closed her eyes. She hoped he would see it.

The Stolen Deal

She heard a car in the driveway around noon. She had no time to check who it was, so she ran and hid upstairs. The door opened.

“Karen, come here now!” She heard Brad say. And he seemed pissed off. 

She walked downstairs on her six inches spiky heels thigh high boots and black with a beautifully blue swirl pattern catsuit. When Brad saw her, he opened his briefcase and showed her the collar.

“What the hell is this? Good thing no one was looking at my briefcase when I opened it, it would have been quite embarrassing.” He said.

She tried to explain that she didn’t find any paper, but he was too mad to listen.

“Do you realize the seriousness of what you’re saying there? I was in a position where I could postpone the meeting to this afternoon, so I did it. It better be good.”

Karen reached for his briefcase and took the note pad along with a pen. Now she would be able to clearly communicate. She wrote to him that she saw Caroline coming into his office the day before, and that she phoned someone named Sam.

“But she doesn’t even have the key of the house, even less the key of the office. I never gave her the k… but she asked me to borrow my car last week, and these keys are part of the key ring. So she did. Let’s see.” He said, heading for his office.

Karen stayed at the door. She was forbidden to enter. He browsed the papers, and looked at Karen’s story.

“Yes, that’s the amount I was prepared to offer for today’s deal. But who is that Sam?” 

Karen gestured to look at the phone, but he didn’t understand. So she transgressed one of the rules and entered the office. She took the pad and the pen and wrote: “look at the last number dialed.”

He did.

“That’s Thomas and Thomas’s office. The bastard! Well, that put that deal into a brand new perspective. I’ll see if all this is true or it’s a setup by you to make me get rid of Caroline soon enough. I’m meeting back with the client in two hours.” He said, looking at her.

“If this is true, I will forgo the fact that you entered the office without permission. If it proves false, you’ll get punished.” He said, harshly.

Karen quickly walked back out of the office and closed the door. She headed back to her chores. What she never knew, is that Brad had an extensive security system, and that hidden cameras had recorded everything. He looked at the tape. He saw Caroline coming in, with her frilly dress and not tight jeans. He listened to her conversation on the phone. He had all the proof needed.

He left a short while later, saying to Karen not to prepare any dinner because he’ll be out late.

And late he was. Karen had already gone to bed by then. It was like that for the next few days then it was back to normal. She never heard of Caroline, and never asked Brad about it.

One week later, Brad arrived early, and with a bunch of workers. He led them to a guest room where they work non-stop for four days. All this time, Karen was confined to her room. Finally, the workers were gone.

The very next day, Brad was again early, and asked Karen to step away from sight as a delivery was made. It was a huge wooden crate, about six feet high, and two feet on the sides. It was left in the living room. When the delivery guys were gone, he invited Karen to see it.

With a hammer, he removed the front planks, and removed the packaging. Karen startled. Inside was a black woman shape, securely tied in the box. She couldn’t move.

“Karen, meet Caroline, or rather what she had become.”

Karen’s Toy

“Quite a story here Karen” started Brad as he began to untie the latex female form. “Turned out that Caroline here, well it’s just one of her many names, was on the list of the FBI most wanted. She was not to her first prank. In fact a couple of years ago, one of her pranks backfired on her. The only way out she found was to kill all that were involved, 9 people in all. But she did not simply kill them, she tortured them for about a week. They pretty much died of exhaustion and pain. The FBI had never been able to have a hold on her until recently.

She was heading for the electric chair, but I had a deal with the judge. He seems to be into kinky things, since he agreed. So for the rest of her life, she will be my slave. Now, let me enlighten you on her little setup here.”

He pulled on her leash, and she awkwardly walked out of the box, perched on ballet toe boots. Her ankles were linked by a four inches chain and her arms firmly tied in her back, elbow touching.  Karen was all awe.

“The first thing you probably notice is her thin waist, rigid torso and ballet toe boots. First of all, she was dressed in a thin rubber suit. All the rubber is the breathable kind, but the black ones are practically indestructible, compared to your clear one.

So, the thin latex suit, about twice the thickness of surgical gloves, was put on. Then the inserts and tubes were put in, and their inflatable bladder filled. But contrary to yours which are filled with soft resin that hardens but stay mushy and can be liquefied back for removal with the injection of a solvent, hers are filled with hardening resin. Their only way out is through surgical procedure.

Next was put on her corset. It’s made of 2 halves of carbon fiber and glued together. Her waist reduction is about 6 inches. Not bad for a first time wearer, right?”

Six inches reduction? Karen was at 5, and although she liked it, she had started at 4 inches, not six. Brad continued.

“The corset covers her upper body from the hips with a crotch band, up to her neck with a stiff collar. Even her breasts are covered. That way, she will never be able to squish them to get any kind of pleasure. After all, this is no pleasure suit, this is her prison. So, she has her body totally rigid from the hips up to her neck. Next came the boots, ballet toe with 8 inches heels. They are also made of two halves of carbon fiber and have been glued together.

Carbon bands were put at the wrists, over the elbows and over the knees.

Next came the final suit. Very thick and very tight, about 5 surgical gloves thick and 2 sizes smaller than her actual measurements. The underside had been coated with powerful glue, so now all suits are fused into one single suit. It took three guys to close the back flap. That’s how tight it is.

As you can see, the hands are thumbless mittens. Once the suit was glued on, rings were screwed on specific places on her carbon fibers rings, boots and corset. Each screw could hold 4 times her weight. There are four screws per D ring, so needless to say she’s not ripping them off.”

Karen felt the suit. It appeared really tight. She had a closer look at her head.

“She’s deaf, and she sees what I want her to see. It looks like lenses over her eyes, but in fact, it’s small television screens. Tiny cameras are embedded in them. The signal is fed through the black box at the back of her neck, where it’s processed. I can choose to make her see real life, or alter color, clarity of the image, or simply feed her any image I wish to. The same with her hearing. Small microphones feed earphones. I have full control over what she hears. Right now, she’s hearing white noise, and her screens are blank.”

Suddenly, Caroline’s body twitched for a few seconds. Karen startled. She could recognize that she had been stung.

“Yes, as I said, this is no pleasure suit, but he prison and her torture suit. She’s denied all pleasure. Her inserts do not have the pleasure function, but only the pain function, and every 15 minutes, she gets a discharge. Twenty-four hours a day. That’s to remind her of the 9 murdered people.” Said Brad with disgust.

Brad took what looked like a tablet computer and showed it to Karen.

“Here, you have access to her many functions, from sight to hearing to punishments functions. By the way, right now, she’s nothing, so her name is no longer Caroline but Zero. Now, let me show you her room.” He said, pulling Zero’s leach, dragging her toward the guest room where workers worked for a few days.

The room was pretty bare. There was only the feeding station that Karen easily recognized, and a bed, or rather a board, with numerous straps.

“That’s where she’s going to sleep from now on.” Said Brad. “or you can simply tie her to the ceiling like that.” He said, picking a hanging chain and linking at the back of Zero’s collar, then tying her ankle chain to a ring on the floor. Immediately, a winch entered into action, and lifted her off the ground, stretching her in mid air.

“Don’t worry, she’s being lifted by her whole torso corset.” Said Brad. “I’m sure you’ll have fun with her. I’ve ordered a carriage, so you will be able to hook her as a ponygirl and go for a ride on the property, or use her to pull the garbage cans.”

Karen looked at Brad, puzzled. She?

“Yes, sorry I think I went too fast here. I’m giving her to you. It’s your toy. Do whatever you want with her. Her entire life is in your hand. You can even kill her if you feel up to it. For the system, she’s already dead. Well, I have to get back to the office. See you at dinner.” He said, before giving her a kiss on the forehead and leaving.

Karen looked at her new toy. She noticed a plug in the module on her neck, and a fitting cable plugged to a nearby small TV. She plugged it. She was able to see what Zero was seeing, and even hear it. She had a look at the menu of the tablet: she could make her world monochromatic, distorted, negative, very small or very big, dark or bright, and she could reverse the image, either mirror or upside down! She could even interchange the right and left view screens. That would very much mix-up the brain, she thought with a smile. She could also play with the sound, from total deafness to distorted sound or noise. 

She browsed the punishment menu, but she doubted that she would use it. It was not her duty to punish her. After all, Zero had done something bad to Brad, not to her.

Since Karen couldn’t talk, she let the sound at the White Noise setting, and turned on the monitor. She could type tho. That’s what she did.

“How do you feel?”

The only answer she got was Zero twisting in her bonds, obviously asking to be released. Karen nodded no. She carefully approached Zero, and gently rubbed her hand along her torso, feeling the tight latex, the rigid carbon fiber corset. Then to her thighs where she could feel the straining muscles under the extra-thick latex. She operated the winch and lowered Zero to the ground. She unlinked her collar.

Zero was unsteady on her ballet toe boots, but surely the fact that they were rigid up to the knee was helpful. Karen snapped a leash on her front ring and pulled Zero along. She was about to give her a tour of the house.

Zero followed, but was constantly pulling on the leach. At one point, Karen got angry and gave the leach a strong pull. That put Zero off-balance, and she fell on the floor.

“I guess you need some training, Zero. Come with me.” She said, but Zero wouldn’t get up. She was protesting by staying on the floor. Karen took the palm and went to the punishment mode.

“She looked for it.” She thought as she selected a function. 

Immediately, Zero rolled up into a ball. It lasted a few seconds, but Karen was sure it had been excruciatingly painful. After a few seconds rest, Zero struggled, her arms tied in her back, to roll to her knees and get up. Karen watched, but didn’t offer any help. Once she was up, she was dragged to the exercise room. There, Karen installed her on the treadmill. She tied a leather strap from the front handrail to Zero’s belly ring. Then each side handrails to side rings. Finally, she tied her collar to the ceiling chain. Then she turned on the treadmill. Zero had no choice but to walk.

The following day, Karen used Zero to tow the small trailer, so she could take care of the lawn. She had put on wedge platforms, but Zero was struggling on the soft grass with her ballet toe boots. It appeared rather exhausting, but not for Karen, who took it easy.

A few weeks later, Karen received the ponygirl cart, and was eager to strap Zero on. They strolled along the rocky path of the lot. Karen loved to look at Zero’s tight butt struggle as she pulled the cart. 

Things were going fine with Brad. He was less heavy on her bondage in the evenings. On the other hand, Zero was in more strenuous situations.

Each night, on her view screens, were played the images of the people she murdered, while they were alive and having fun. Then their funeral. Then followed a succession of freedom images: ocean shores, forest, deserts, people taking walks in the woods, in short, everything to remind her that she was trapped, and that she would never live free anymore.

A few months later, Karen was un-harnessing Zero from the pony kart when she ran off. She had gained a lot of experience on her ballet toe boots, and was running away awesomely fast. Karen struggled with the panic to get the palm computer and go to the punishment menu. In one selection, she had turned off the hearing, the sight and had sent a powerful sting at every electrode.

Zero stumbled and fell on the ground, unconscious. Karen ran to her. She just hoped she was okay.

Brad arrived as Karen was struggling to get Zero to a trailer. Karen explained what had happened. He helped her get Zero back to the house, where she was taken to her bed and strapped in. 

Surprisingly, Brad didn’t appear mad, he was almost happy. He left Karen and Zero and went to his office, making a few phone calls.

The next morning, he didn’t go to work. Instead at around 9, a van pulled up at the door. Came out two men. Karen was about to get out of sight when Brad told her to stay. When they entered, one of the guys had wide eyes, and the other his jaw opened.

“Finally, I can see you! Wow, you look wonderful, Karen. I’ve heard so much about you. I’m the one who fabricated your skinsuit. How do you find it…”

“Luke… She can’t talk, remember?” said Brad, laughing.

“Oh dear. That’s right. Well, you look wonderful.”

The other man was speechless, looking at that gleaming latex body was a blast.

“Karen, my I present you Luke, the head scientist of the research department at Pacific Novelties, along with Pete his assistant.”

She shook their hands.

“That’s not the one you were talking about, right?” asked Luke.

Brad led her to Zero’s room.

“Oh geesh. And you want to add… yes, she deserves it.” Said Pete.

While Zero was untied from the bed and hung up on the ceiling hook, the guys went back to the van and carried a large number of boxes and cases. They started up installing a bunch of equipment, ranging from UV lights to what looked like a spray paint gun.

Luke got two pieces of carbon fiber that were making a tube. Karen quickly realized what was going to happen. Luke applied the two halves over Zero’s left leg, It linked the top of the ballet toe boot and was reaching her crotch. She was getting thigh high rigid ballet toe boots. But the carbon fibers parts were getting installed over her existing latex suit. As if Brad understood her question, he answered.

“We can’t cut just one layer of rubber, since it had been all fused together. So, this part will be fixed over her current rubber suit, and coat of rubber will be sprayed on. It’s a new process, but can only be applied over an existing rubber suit, because if applied directly to the skin, it merges with it and is then impossible to remove.”

The carbon fiber parts were put in place. The halves were drawn together with ratchet straps. Just before they were about to click lock, they applied a strong adhesive. Then the straps were cranked to close the gaps. It appeared really tight. The same procedure was applied to her right leg. Then her arms were fitted with molded, pre-bent pieces, trapping her arms from the tip of her fingers to the shoulders. When her arms were drawn to the back, the preformed shape puts them elbows touching, ready to be tied up.

Brad was happy with the fit, along with Pete and Luke. The rubber coating was sprayed.

“It gets about 25% of shrinkage with the UV lights” answered Brad to Karen silent question. They applied that coat everywhere, linking together her arms in the back. They would never move from there. They were now totally useless.

Once the spraying finished, Zero was left there to dry. It was an awesome sight.

With Zero’s stiff legs, the only thing she could be used for was pulling the karts. Karen made sure she was using her every time. Zero never tried to run away again.

The Loss

Life went on. One year and half had passed. Brad was still single, enjoying the sight of his rubber girl. Caroline was gone. She had decided to kill herself three months earlier. She systematically refused to get on the feeding machine. She literally starved herself to death. It was her choice. She simply committed suicide. She was buried somewhere on the property. Once dead, her orifices had been filled with liquid rubber. Brad had a devilish smile, thinking at archeologists, finding her a hundred years from now, pretty much conserved and mummified, cast in rubber in and out.

Then one evening, although Karen had prepared a very nice meal, Brad didn’t show up. It was not like him. He would usually call and leave a message so that Karen could know. She didn’t see him in the evening either.

The next morning, she toured the house, but he was nowhere to be found. A car drove up the driveway. Karen didn’t know it, so she hid. The man entered the house and called her.

“Karen? I know you must be here somewhere. Brad had instructed you to hide, but I must see you. This is important. My name is William. I’m Brad’s lawyer.”

Karen got out of her hiding and approached the lawyer carefully. He looked surprised.

“Well, Brad had told me about the setup, but I’ve never actually seen it. You’re okay in there?”

Karen nodded yes.

“Err…yes, of course. Well, I have some bad news. Brad had been the victim of a violent car accident yesterday afternoon. He spent the night in the ICU, and unfortunately, died this morning.”

Karen instinctively put her hands to her mouth. She sat in the nearest chair.

“There’s a few legal matters to attend, and I need you to sign some documents.” He said while opening his briefcase. He put a few forms in front of Karen who signed it without reading.

“Thank you, Karen. Since Brad is dead, your… sentence is suspended. The doctor should be here when you’ll be ready to get you out of your rubber suit, unless you want the other option. Again, my deepest condolences, Karen.”

Karen started gesturing. Of course, William was not used to her way of talking.

“What’s wrong, Karen, I… I don’t understand… Ah yes, the other option.”

Karen nodded a very obvious “yes” and drew in the air a big interrogation sign.

“Okay. I guess it will be rather rough to hear, but here it goes. Brad had named you the sole heirs of his whole estate and fortune, which sums at about 350 millions…”

Karen put her hand to her face, and searched for the nearest seat one more time.

“But there’s a catch.” Continued William. “If you chose option 1, which is to simply get out of your latex suit and go on with your life, you will get a one time settlement of $100 000. If you chose to go with option 2, meaning staying in latex, you get the whole deal.”

Karen stayed there, and gestured an obvious “That’s it?”

“Well, yes…”

Karen continued gesturing, but William obviously couldn’t understand sign language. She reached for a pad and a pen on a nearby table. She wrote.

“That’s it? All I have to do is stay like that? For how long?”

Brad browsed into his briefcase, and handed her an envelope. Karen frantically opened it and read.

Dear Karen. If you read this it’s because something happened to me which renders me incapable of taking care of myself. If I’m dead, well, everything is settled then. William, or his replacing lawyer, probably told you about the two options. The option 1 is that you get out of your current rubber suit and receive $100 000. That’s final. The option 2 is a little more committing. You have to stay in rubber, but in the sprayed rubber skin. As much as I can tell, they still haven’t figured out how to make it temporary, so once you’ll be in the suit, it will be permanent. You will be allowed to get out of it once they will find a way to do it (assuming that you’ll want to) and keep everything.

If you take option 2, you get everything. You will get the entire value of my shares, estate and properties, and you will become the sole owner and President of Pacific Novelties. The lawyer in front of you probably already told you the fortune in question.

I know it is a tough decision, and that I don’t make it easy. I love you, and apparently, you somewhat love me, but the fact is that you cheated on me. That you can’t deny. I was not to leave it easy for you.



Karen shed a tear. 

“How much time do I have to make my mind?” she wrote William.

“Five days. I’ll be back then.” He said, shaking her hand and leaving.

She was alone in the house. She slowly walked all around, feeling the void, the emptiness. She walked upstairs to her rubber room. She laid on the bed. She was free if she wishes, and with $100 000 to start a new life. Or she could stay in rubber, for an unknown period of time, and have a real fortune. But how would she be able to profit from the fortune if she was to be stuck inside the house, sealed in rubber. This was nonsense.

As she stretched on the bed, her right hand fell into the restraining hole. She slowly slid her left hand along her rubber encased body, down to her crotch, where she fondled with the dildos. Was she willing to give this for freedom? Was she willing to give freedom for this?

She spent the rest of the day doing pretty much nothing, just wandering, sitting and doing nothing except thinking, weighing both options, trying to find a way out. Maybe that $100 000 was enough for her to buy P.N. That way, she will get an income, and would have access to the rubber gear.

The next morning, she emailed William. Unfortunately, not only P.N. was out of reach financially, but she was forbidden to buy it, by any means and with any association.

Two days later she e-mailed him again. She said that she would take the fortune, and was ready to sign any paper necessary.

William arrived the next day with someone else, a woman called Lynda. He introduced her. He said that he was not at ease with all this rubber thing, and offered Lynda to follow the proceedings. Karen agreed. Once William left, Lynda went straight on.

“I’m so happy to meet you, Karen. I’ve heard about you and I wanted to see you badly. You see, I’m also a rubber fetishist.” She said, getting her skirt slightly down, showing her black rubber panties. “Tell me, how is it?”

“It’s hard to describe.” Wrote Karen, “But I like it, and I want to go on with the liquid rubber procedure.”

“I’ve done my research, and I must say that P.N. is quite interesting… and my supplier of latex goods.” She said with a wink. “So I understand that this procedure is permanent, right? You can’t remove the suit afterwards.”

“That’s what Brad told me. The guys from P.N. should be here in half an hour. We have to go through the procedure, and I would really like you to stay.” She wrote.

“I was hoping for it.” Said Lynda, all smiling. That reassured Karen. She would be in good hands.

The Android

Phil and Pete were there. They explained to Karen that so far, the sprayed rubber, once applied to the skin, will almost make one with it. It is totally impossible to separate from the skin afterward. They don’t have a clue how to remove it, and doubt that they would ever find one. Of course, they never had a full test conducted, and don’t know how her body would react. It could be fine, or it could be deadly. Karen said that she understood the risks, and was willing to take them.

She also gave them a list of items that she wanted with the suit. Both men were wide eyes with her specifications.

“You’re sure you want to go on with that? There will be no turning back, or if we try, there’s a very good chance that it will be excruciatingly painful.”

Karen said that she understood, and that it was what she wanted. If she was to do it, it was to be all the way. They said that everything should be ready in one week.

Today was the big day. Her old skinsuit had been removed and she had been shaved. Hair growing inhibitor cream was applied everywhere except on the head. Her hair would grow through the liquid skin suit. That was one of its characteristics, in addition to being breathable.

She took place, sitting on the exam table. A coat of pitch black rubber was sprayed on the soles of her feet and let to dry, about five minutes. Then she stood up and a coat of rubber was applied everywhere. She blinked her eyes and exercised her mouth as soon as that coat was over, so they would not glue shut everything. Part of it was wiped off her crotch and rectum. When Pete finished with the first coat, he sprayed the palm of his hand.

Now that the rubber was dried, he peeled it off. It was about the thickness of a surgical glove. He took another piece of regular rubber.

“Here’s why this rubber is so different, Karen.” He said while picking the square rubber piece. He put his fingers deeply in and pulled to stretch it. It didn’t take long for the rubber to tear apart.

“Now, here’s the Compound 15.” He said, picking what he had peeled off his hand. He stretched it as much as he could, but it didn’t tear off.

“You see, it’s very resistant. In fact, only a very sharp knife would go through it.” He said, while picking a knife and cutting a small corner off. It seemed difficult to do.

“Now the bug resides in the chemicals that made it that way: they react with UV lights.” He said, picking up a small UV lamp and exposing the piece of rubber to it, holding it with a pair of pliers. It shrank quite a lot. When the shrinking stopped, he picked up. It was as flexible as before but had somewhat thickened. Now, he tried punching a hole with the knife, and simply couldn’t.

“You see, now it’s practically indestructible, but it has shrunk about 20 to 25%, and if it had been in contact with the skin, it would have glued itself to it. So, if you want to be able to remove it, stay in the dark. As soon as you’ll expose it to UV rays, it will react to it and you’ll be stuck. Do you understand the implication of it, the shrinking, the reaction to UV lights?”

She nodded a definitive yes.

“Do you want to continue?

Again, a definitive yes. Pete picked a body form, made of black carbon fibers. He approached Karen.

“This is the body mold you asked for. As specified, it has a 6 inches waist reduction. Is it what you asked for?”

She nodded yes. She was used to 5 inches, so 6 inches was the next natural step, and since she would be stuck in it for an indefinite amount of time, better go for the tightest option. Pete continued.

“As it can be seen, it will encase you from the crotch up to the neck. Even your breasts will be encased in them. There will be no access to any part under the mold. Is that what you asked for?”

Karen nodded a yes and smiled. Yes, she wanted it. Pete pointed at the collar.

“I’d like you to notice the collar. It’s rather thick but it doesn’t have the electronic control box at the back of the neck. We were able to spread the electronic components around it. Do you like it that way, or do you prefer the thinner collar with the box at the back?”

She pointed at the thick collar and nodded yes. Then Phil picked two carbon fiber tubes.

“These are the boots you asked for. They’re ballet toe boots, reaching just below the knee. The heel has been made so that it could be totally removed. Rubber would fill the hole when you’ll be satisfied with it. Is that okay?”

She nodded a definitive yes. She was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, looking at all the devices, and expecting their installation.

“Okay,” said Phil “now the last items: the inserts. You’ll have breathing hoses through your nose, a blow-up gag with a feeding tube in the middle. The gag will be filled with rubber foam. It will expand but once cured, will pretty much keep a neoprene like texture, being somewhat mushy. It will be removable, but with a lot of effort, by chewing it from the inside, piece by piece. The dildos have tubes to allow for urine and FC’s to exit through enemas. They will be inflated with the same rubber foam. Your ears will be plugged with earphones, and you’ll have small view screens over your eyes, of which you already know the operation. Is this all okay?”

She nodded yes

“Do you really want to proceed with it, Karen, knowing that there will be no turning back?” asked Lynda. “If that’s so, please sign these papers. They put in writing all that Phil, Pete and myself have said. Plus it confirms that this whole session is video recorded, and that you do it from your own free will.”

Karen took the pen and hesitated two seconds before signing it. In fact, she was closing her fate

Pete gently approached her and asked her to open her mouth so he could spray a local anesthetic. The tubes and the gag were inserted. The gag had a flange that was carefully spread over her lips, sealing them. The same with the nose tubes. Pete explained that the flanges are made with the Compound 15, and that it will become one with the suit.

Then he inserted the dildos with the necessary tubing and inflatable bladders. The flanges were carefully spread over the first rubber coating. The earphones were inserted and the wires let loose toward the back. Spherical lenses were put over her eyes. The inside was black, and will remain like that until all the procedures are over. He asked her if she was ready to go, and she gave two thumbs up.

Another coat was sprayed. Then, the body mold was put on. It was a very tight fit, and ratchet straps were used to close it until both sides met and click-locked together. For an instant, she thought that perhaps she should have stayed with the 5 inches reduction, but it was too late to turn back. With the crotch portion, she felt her dildos being pushed deeper in. Her neck became stiff, forcing her head up. Breathing was difficult. The mold didn’t allow for any expansion. She felt her breasts being compressed by the slightly too small cups, but that’s what she asked for. That would ensure a good contact of the vibrating pads embedded inside. The carbon boots were put on. The inside had been filled with liquid rubber, so that once in, no air pocket will destroy the tight feeling, and will also provide the perfect fit. Again, ratchet straps were used to bring the two sides together. She heard a cracking noise in her ears.

“Do you hear me?” she heard Lynda. Karen answered by two thumbs up. “We’re proceeding with the final coats.” She said, two thumbs up again.

Three more coats were applied. She was then giving a last chance to back-off before the UV lights were turned on.

Immediately she felt the rubber shrink, encasing her even more tightly. She loved every second of it, wanting more. She felt her arms being softly crushed, her legs the same. The feeling on her head was awesome. She was ready to orgasm, but she held herself. After a few minutes, the shrinking had stopped.

“It’s done for now, Karen” she heard Pete. “There’s going to be more shrinking when you’ll go under the sun. Its UV rays are way more powerful and will reach deeper within the layers. Now, I’ll help you to sit down, and I will remove the pieces of tape protecting the camera lenses and turn the power on.”

Two thumbs up was the answer. She was led to a chair and invited to sit. It was an all new experience. Her upper body was totally stiff, and her legs tightly encased were hard to bend. She loved it. She saw a flash of light, then what appeared to be some computer booting. After a few seconds, she saw. She focused on it. Lynda, Pete and Phil were there, all looking at her in amazement.

“Do you see us? Are the colors okay? The focus?”

Two thumbs up.

Phil went on with many checks. He handed her a tablet.

“It’s wireless, linked to the cell phone network plus to your collar. What appears on the palm also appears on your left view screen. In addition, you have a third camera, located on the bottom of your goggles. It looks down. If you hold the palm computer normally, you’ll be able to see it, again on your left view screen. The right one always points right in front. It also shows the battery status, which is recharged by the feeding station.”

She took the palm and typed “Wonderful” and was surprised to hear the word.

“Well, I thought that you would like to be as autonomous as possible, so a speech synthesizer has been incorporated.” He said with a large smile.

Karen selected a smiling emoticon on her palm computer. This was way better than she expected.

First Order Of Business

Everybody went away, and she was left alone, as she requested. She got out in the harsh sun. Immediately, she felt the suit tighten even more, especially the layers under the carbon fibers molds. She closed her eyes as she put her arm to her crotch, only to find the hard carbon fiber thong. She grinned. It was frustrating, but it’s exactly what she asked for, so she would not be tempted to finger herself all the time.

She walked along the rocky path. She was surprised at how easy it was to walk with the ballet toe boots. She had practice with the standard leather ones, and she had become quite good at it, but those, being rigid, provided more support and were easier to walk with.

With each step, she felt her bun getting squeezed by the tight latex. Each bending of the knee, each bending of the arm was requesting an effort due to the thickness and tightness of the rubber. She loved it.

Back inside the house, she plugged her palm into the personal computer and accessed P.N. She browsed their website to have a better clue of their merchandise. She thought it was funny that, after all, she had no clue of their collection. In the end, it proved to be pretty standard, latex catsuits, pants, tops, skirts, hoods, vacuum beds, sleeping bags, bed sheets etc, plus a couple of leather goods and restraints. It was quite easy to figure out why they were not standing out in the market, and why their share value was not getting off the ground. 

She had to find a way. She first had to find why people were not wearing latex all the time. As for her, it’s because she didn’t like it at first, but now, she would wear it anywhere, giving she was not molded into a suit.

Lynda said she was a latex fetishist. Maybe she would have the answer. She had her come over. She came in, dressed in a dark blue tweed jacket and skirt with “lawyer” shoes bearing a 1.5 inches heel.

“Well to begin with, I can’t go to work dressed with latex.”

“Why?” asked Karen.

“It wouldn’t be proper for the firm. I have to dress accordingly to the politics of the lawyer firm I work for, and latex is not on their list.” She said.

“Why don’t you keep your catsuit under your jeans? Under a jacket, it doesn’t show?” said Karen.

“It would not be comfortable. Pretty much all fabric sticks to rubber.”

“If I was asking you to dress in rubber while you are in the house, would you do it?”

“Well, I don’t know, I’ve never shown myself in rubber in front of anyone…. Right. Why am I concerned?” She said, letting her arms drop.

After Lynda was gone, Karen went to work on her computer. She had a chat with Phil and Pete asking them to build something specific.

“And start to work on a clear version of Compound 15” she said.

Three days later, while she was discussing legal matters with Lynda, Karen received an e-mail. It was ready, and they were willing to drive to her place to show it. Karen told them that she was coming, instead. 

“Lynda, grab the jeans I asked you to bring and drive me to P.N.”

Lynda, who was wearing a tight knee length bronze latex dress with 6 inches platform spiky heels headed for a bedroom to change.

“No need to change, Lynda. We’re going where they make this stuff after all.”

“You’re sure you want to go out like that?… Yeah, right.” She said, as Karen showed that she had dressed up, adding a bright red latex skirt to her catsuit.

They got a lot of double take on their way, and created many near-accidents as other drivers and passengers were in awe on what they saw: two latex clad ladies, one being completely covered, driving along the driveway.

They made quite an impression when they arrived at P.N.

“Hi… Oh gee! Wow. I’m Suzy, the receptionist of Pacific Novelties. May I help you?”

Lynda introduced them.

“Well, I’ve heard about you, but I thought it was only a legend. Wow. This is so… unreal.”

They were shown the way to the lab. Pete and Phil could hardly conceal their obvious hard-on when both latex clad ladies walked in.

“Very well boys, show it to me.”

Phil came with what looked like a very fat life-size rubber doll. The height was right, although the arms and legs seemed a wee bit long, but it was big.

“Perfect.” Said Karen. “Lynda, can you lend me the jeans, please?”

Karen picked the jeans and handed them to Pete.

“Okay guys, I want you to turn these jeans inside-out, put them on the rubber doll and inflate it so that the jeans are stretch to their maximum.”

“Right… I think I see where you’re heading.” Said Pete. “You want us to spray it with Compound 15, right?”


“What for?” asked Lynda.

“Well, you can’t wear latex leggings under your standard jeans because it shows. If the rubber is glued to them it won’t show. Problem solved.” Said Karen.

Pete applied two thin coats of rubber to the jeans, let it dry, deflated the rubber doll and removed the jeans. They all wrinkled up, the stretch denim taking back its shape, but held by the rubber. He then submitted them to UV rays, and the rubber shrank. The jeans took its shape back. He turned the jeans inside-out again and handed them to Karen who looked at them, satisfied.

“Would you care to try them?” asked Karen, handing the jeans to Lynda.

All smiling, Lynda pretty much ripped the jeans from Karen’s hands and immediately started to remove her latex skirt. Both guys had their jaws on the floor. Lynda stopped. If Karen could have laughed, she would have done so loudly, but it was obvious nonetheless by her shoulders shaking.

“What guys? Never saw a woman in latex underwear before?” she asked, before putting talc powder to the jeans and pulling them on with difficulties.

“They look quite difficult to put on. Maybe we should try with less latex.” Said Karen.

“No, they’re fine.” Cut in Lynda. “You asked me to bring the tightest possible stretch jeans I could find. Since I fear that what I had would not meet your specifications, I went and bought another pair, three sizes smaller.” She said as she struggled and jumped around to get them up.

Finally, they reached the crotch. She fasted them with the help of Phil, otherwise she would not have done it. She slid her hands on her thighs, feeling her tightly encased thighs and buns. She walked slowly around, feeling how it massaged her crotch, how she had to twist her hips to move, and how the hot rubber felt on her.

“This is wonderful!” she exclaimed as she stepped back on her high heels platforms. She looked at herself in a long mirror. Her look was simply stunning. But she had only a rubber bra for the top.

Karen asked for a halter top to be delivered, and a few minutes later, Lynda was all set.

“Would you go out like that?” asked Karen.

Lynda looked at herself in the mirror again, admiring her shapely body encased in tight denim and with a shiny dark blue halter top shirt. She was stunning, but inside the feeling was awesome.

“Definitely.” She answered firmly. “But that would be only to go out to dance clubs and bars, not to work. To work properly, the clothes have to be tight fitting, which the classic dress pants are not.”

“You’re right.” Said Karen. “But ever tried spandex under your business suit?”

“Yes I have, but it’s not the same.”

“But it doesn’t show, right?”

“No, but it’s not rub… I’ll be right back!” she exclaimed before picking her purse and running out of the lab. Neither Karen, Phil or Pete had time to react. They could only wait.

Half an hour later she was back and literally throwing her shopping bag to Phil.

“Here, coat this with rubber, and make it three coats!”

Phil and Pete looked at what she had given them. It was a black spandex catsuit. It was exactly what Karen had in mind. Phil turned the suit over and put in on the rubber doll before inflating it to stretch it. Then, as requested, he applied three coats before letting it dry and exposed to the UV rays. Lynda was quickly out of her tight rubber/denim jeans and halter top and quick in her rubber/spandex catsuit. It was also a tight fit.

“Perfect. I can’t wait to try it with my business suit.” She said, jumping all around the place. “This is so cool.”

And the purpose had been achieved. Lynda started to wear her rubber/spandex catsuit all the time when she was not at Karen’s place, where she would wear total rubber, and her rubber/denim jeans for parties. She loved it.

Three weeks later, Phil e-mailed Karen to announce that they had succeeded to make clear Compound 15.

“Very well.” Wrote Karen. “I want you to find the body measurements of all big stars, Lopez, Spears, Aguilera, Twain, Simpson, Duff, you name it, and send them a set of jeans and jacket in three configuration: black rubber in, black rubber in and clear rubber out, and clear rubber out only. Tell them it’s a gift and we would like their opinion. Make sure the P.N. logo is clearly visible.”

The Payback

Most of the stars didn’t answer, but a few did say that they loved them, and started to wear them at press conferences and asked for more. It wasn’t long before P.N. started receiving calls from jeans outlets to distribute their new shiny jeans.

In the meantime, Karen being proactive, had asked P.N. to make about a hundred rubber dolls, and prepare the necessary equipment to spray the jeans as needed. No, they were not going to sell the rubber coated garments, but sell the equipment to make them. They will make their money on the patent, and on the Compound 15 sales. Plus, that free publicity would make people wonder who is P.N., and once found out, could increase their normal latex sales, before some stars that loved the rubber coated jeans, quickly switched to pure rubber garments.

A new fashion trend was on the way. Karen had made the front page of many magazines, and not only on the fetish scenes. Her story shocked many, but pleased quite a few. 

But the most important was that rubber was now in fashion and that the shares of Pacific Novelties were now a very hot seller, having grown by 100 their original value. 

Back home, Karen had returned to her paintings. She was creative and quite original, and quite a few magazines were asking to print one of her numerous paintings.

A quick look at her model: a female form, tightly encased in shiny black rubber with pointed toe boots and a stiff body, spread-eagled on the wall like a fly on a piece of tape.

The female form moaned as she slightly moved in sync with her vibrating dildos. She wanted to work for Karen, and only for her. She would be willing to wear latex all day long. So Karen made a deal: she would have to be in the same situation as she was: totally sealed.

“Try not to move, Lynda.” She typed, adding laughing emoticons.

“Want to trade places?.” appeared on Karen’s left viewscreen.

“I’m the artist, you are the model.” Answered Karen.

Lynda moaned as the dildos fired into action. She didn’t care to be the model after all.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 26, 2005

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