Karen – The Cruise


She had been lucky, so lucky. She got, all for herself, the big lottery jackpot of 25 millions dollars.

She was quick to dump her boyfriend. Oh, he wasn’t that bad. In fact, he was pretty much average, with an average weight problem, average hair loss, and average IQ, but with 24 millions in her purse, it would be very easy to find someone over the average.

She gave him 25 thousand dollars and told him to get lost. She had always bought the lottery tickets alone. He never offered to take a part in it, never bought one with her. He didn’t believe in the lottery, so she decided that he deserved nothing from those millions. Even the 25 grans were quite a big amount.

She wasn’t sure what to do next. Of course, she wanted to leave her little, stinky and dirty apartment and buy herself a big house on a huge property, probably a ranch or something, but where? Canada? USA? Europe? Australia? Oh, she would take a tour of the world and decide what and where she’ll buy.

Then, out of nowhere, the luck continued. She had responded to every available sweepstakes she saw, and seems she got lucky there too. A cruise. She had just won a Pacific cruise, leaving Vancouver, Canada, then a stop in California, then to Hawaii, then back to Vancouver. 

Living on the East Coast, that would give her an idea of what’s on the other side of the continent, and going to Hawaii, was next to being a dream. And all this for free! She quickly answered and a few weeks later, the tickets were in the mail. Even her airfare to Vancouver was paid. This was just too much.

She bought herself a few nice bikinis and sundresses. She would pack lightly. Who needs heavy clothes in such beautiful weather? And what the hell, if she ever needs anything, she could buy everything.

The six hours flight to Vancouver went without an itch. She checked-in at the hotel located on the docks.

“Hello Miss Karen.” Said the clerk with a large smile, while punching the reservation number. “Your boarding is at 2:30.” She said with a smile. “You’re already checked-out. You’ll just have to go to the boarding ramp. It’s from the sub level two of the hotel. Just follow the dark purple arrows.” She said, handing her the tickets.

“2:30 tomorrow afternoon? I thought the ship was leaving tomorrow at noon?”

“Sorry, miss. It’s 2:30 in the morning, we’re on the 24 hours clock.”

“Thank you.” Said Karen while going to her room. “Gee, boarding in the middle of the night. It must be a huge ship to board that early to be able to depart at noon.” She said to herself, smiling, already dreaming of the large pools, casino halls and large concert halls, not counting unlimited food.

She was already a little mixed up by the three hours time difference, and having to board the ship in the middle of the night, she grabbed a quick bite and went to bed.

The alarm clock woke her up by 2:00. Still relatively sleepy, she dressed up, took her suitcase and went down to the sub level 2. It looked like the service floor of the hotel, with walls of crude concrete blocks and harsh light. She walked the corridor, following the dark purple arrows. She also noticed that on her ticket, instead of a room number was a dark purple dot sticker.

She was alone. She didn’t see anyone else. At one point, she wondered if she was at the right place. She had expected to see a lot of people. 

Then, finally, she saw the boarding ramp. A woman was crossing it. An officer directed her to a door. Well, she was not alone. Perhaps she was simply very early.

She crossed the boarding ramp and entered the ship. Again, she had expected to be received in a huge atrium or something like that, but instead it looked more like the engineering section of the ship. The officer, a woman, received her with a smile, took her boarding pass then directed Karen to a door at the end of the corridor.

It was a classic ship steel door, heavy and hard to push. With difficulty, she pushed it open. A big sign said to close the door fully and to turn the wheel. She complied, putting her suitcase on the floor, turning around, pushing on the door, which closed with a loud clunk and proceeded to turn the wheel.

She never saw the strong built men arriving behind her silently. Quickly, before she could react, they grabbed her arms and applied a wet pad on her mouth. Karen tried to scream, but the muffled sound quickly faded as she fell asleep.

She woke up dizzy. Her mouth felt full as if her tongue had swell, but when she tried to lick her lips, she realized that her tongue had not swell, but that there was something in her mouth, and it was going down her throat. She also felt something hard going up her nose.

She opened her eyes. She was in a brightly lit room. She could see the thick steel frame of the ship. When she tried to move, she couldn’t. She was held, securely tied down, on what looked like a gynecologist chair. She was strapped from everywhere. She tried to talk, but only some garbled sounds came out. She felt strange. Her brain was going full steam ahead, but when she asked her muscles to move, they were doing it in a sluggish kind of way. Nevertheless, she could very well feel the tight straps encircling her legs at the ankles, under and over the knee, at the upper thigh, at the waist, chest, wrist, under and over the elbow and at the shoulders. Even if she had all her strength, she would never be able to do anything.

Then she saw her skin. It was pitch black and very shiny. She quickly realized that she was wearing some kind of rubber suit, covering from head to toe. But why? What was going on? She had been abducted while boarding the ship? 

A nurse, or at least, someone looking like it, approached. Her face appeared to be as if it was waxed, and she was wearing a rubber nurse outfit. Karen then realized that her face wasn’t covered in wax, but transparent rubber. Her head was completely shaved. She was approaching Karen with hair removal spray.

“No.” said a women’s voice behind Karen. “She’s to keep her hair.”

The nurse turned around. The nurse that was behind Karen turned to face her.

“Hello. I see you are awake.” She said.

Karen pulled against her bounds.

“You can try all you want. You’ve been drugged, and you’re quite secured in the chair. My name is Mistress Monica. You shall call me Mistress, but then again, when we’ll be finished with you, you won’t be able to call anybody.” She said with a devilish smile. “Now, shall we proceed with the rest of the procedure?” she said, producing what appeared like a long and large dildo with tubing. “This is to plug your butt hole. To evacuate, you will need enemas from now on.” Said the nurse as she positioned herself between Karen’s opened legs. She felt something greasy being applied then the dildo was forced in. She tried to resist, but even her butt muscles were too sluggish. 

The nurse disappeared behind Karen and returned with more tubing. She raised a catheter.

“This is how you’re going to pee from now on.” She said as she shoved the tubes up her urethra. Karen then felt she was somewhat rubbing the area, and she disappeared again behind her. When she returned, she had a loose latex bag.

“You’ve probably noticed the tubes in your mouth and nose by now.” She said. “It’s for breathing and feeding. It’s now time to cover your pretty face, my dear.” She said as she approached Karen to pull the rubber bag over her head. It was thin and very stretchy. The nurse fed her long brown curled hair through a hole on top of the hood, then pulled the rubber down her face. It was very tight fitting. The mouth and nose hoses were fed to similar holes in the front of the hood. She could see through large holes. The rubber was carefully smoothed and any wrinkle removed. 

Then the nurse applied what looked like a bead of black silicone on her gloved finger and wiped it where the hood met the collar of the catsuit. She applied the same stuff around the mouth and nose tubes.

Karen made wide eyes when the nurse came back with a huge syringe and headed for her mouth.

“Relax, this is just to fill your blow-up gag.”

Blow up gag? What the hell was she talking ab… Karen soon felt something inflating in her mouth. It grew bigger and bigger, pushing her tongue down, reaching the back of her throat and pushing on her cheeks. When she thought her mouth was going to tear open, the filling stopped.

She moaned, trying to tell the nurse it was too much, that she wanted to be released, but it did nothing.

“Don’t worry, it’s shrinking a little as it cures.” She said. “Now, it’s time for the final hood.” Said the nurse, producing what appeared to be a very thick rubber hood. Dark lenses were visible over the eyes. The hood also had holes matching the tubes holes of the first hood. But before putting it on, she took the silicone tube again.

“This is rubber paste.” Said the nurse as if she had heard Karen’s question. “It will ensure that everything has a perfect seal and is impossible to remove, like the rest of your suit.”

Impossible to remove? Karen tried to get free again but her muscles did not respond. What was going on? Why were they doing this to her? The thick rubber hood was pulled down on her head. It was a very tight fit and the nurse had to use all of her strength to put it in place.

The lenses were dark, and were giving her limited vision. She felt her head highly compressed, but the worst part was that it pushed in on her swollen cheeks, putting more pressure in her overfilled mouth. Sounds, that were already faint, completely vanished under the thick rubber. She heard some cracking in her ears.

“The only thing you’ll hear, from now one, is what we will want you to hear.

Everything went silent.

Karen was ten lifted up and brought to her feet. Her hands were tied over her head and her feet linked to D rings on the floor. Again, she tried to resist, to struggle, but her limbs did not respond.

A rubber corset was produced, and laced tightly around her waist. Karen felt her stomach getting squished. Her breathing became shallower as the garment was pulled tighter and tighter. Then it stopped.

“We’ll wait for a while, giving time for your organs to find a new place to move. We’ll start again in an hour or so. You still have 2 more inches to go.” She heard in her earphones.

Karen opened wide eyes, but under the dark lenses, it didn’t show, no more than her muffled cry.

The nurse approached another girl, naked, they had just brought in. She had obviously been drugged, but was asleep, probably as Karen was when she was brought in.

The woman was fitted with a thin rubber catsuit which included gloves and socks. The tubes were also inserted in her nose and mouth, before she was securely strapped down to the chair Karen was a few minutes earlier. Then the same procedures were applied for the tubing for the enema and peeing, as well as the two hoods. The nurse then came back to Karen to tighten the corset even more. The nurse pulled so hard that, if Karen hadn’t been linked to the floor, she would have lifted off the ground. 

She couldn’t believe how tight the corset was, engulfing her from the chest to the hips. She was almost fainting, not able to breath, taking short and rapid breaths.

Her feet were unlinked from the floor, and she was pulled upward, her feet leaving the ground. Another nurse came with a pair of boots. They were knee-high, lace-up, and were having a two inches platform sole with a seven inches heel, higher than anything Karen had ever seen.

The boots were laced tight around her legs and feet, after what she was lowered fully on the ground. It felt weird for her who thought that 2 inches were skyscraper heels. She was starting to feel some tingling on her limbs. The drug was probably wearing off. Her hands were untied from the ceiling then leather cuffs were put on her wrists and over the elbows. Her arms were placed in her back, and the cuffs linked together, which forced her elbows to touch. It hurt like hell. She tried to protest, but what she received was a slap behind the head.

Cuffs were also put at her ankles and linked by an 8 inches chain. Finally, a wide collar was put around her neck, and tightened. She almost couldn’t swallow.

A leash was attached and she was led toward the back of the room, where she was instructed to sit on a straight wood chair, and her collar was linked to the wall with a short chain. So short that she couldn’t move from the chair.

There, as she watched more girls get “prepared”, her limbs started to hurt badly as the drug wore off.

She didn’t have a clear idea of how long she stayed there, but it was a couple of hours, judging by the number of other girls that undergo the procedure. Surprisingly, some looked eager, and even seemed to enjoy it.

Finally, a woman with a very sharp look, wearing a black leather ensemble, came to Karen and untied her from the wall. She pulled hard on her leash, leading her to another room, where she was fitted with a serving tray. It was attached with a large belt around her waist, and chains were linking the far end to her collar. A dozen glasses of alcohol were put on the tray.

“Go serve the drinks.” Said the woman from a very cold voice through a small microphone.” And don’t come back until all you have is empty glasses.” She said, pointing a door at the other side of the room they were.

Karen struggled to the door. She wasn’t used to wearing anything tight, not used to wearing high heels, not used to having her vision impaired, not used to being commanded like that. She didn’t know how to react. If this was a joke, it was a really bad one.

The door, linked to a motion detector, opened upon her arrival. She hoped for a few seconds that, when someone would see her like that, they would have pity on her, but to her surprise, most of the guests were wearing, either leather or rubber outfits, and she was not the only “slave” of the room. In fact there seemed to be all kinds of slaves, some doggy-like, others encased in a latex tube, her arms completely immobilized under the thick and tight rubber. Others were bound and used as serving trays, furniture or simply decorating the room.  Many of those “slaves” were stamped with a shield with the letters HG. There was even what appeared to be a woman being the center point of some kind of turnstile leading to the buffet.

People were taking drinks out of Karen’s tray as if she didn’t exist. She tried to moan, to gesture to some people that she didn’t belong there, that it was against her will, but no one reacted. After a few minutes where she was completely ignored, probably because she stayed put in a remote corner, she returned to the prep room. She hoped that the joke was over, and that she was about to be left out, but she was in for more surprises.

The lady in leather approached her and started to unload her tray, when she made an angry face.

“What is that?” she said, showing a glass still full. “I said to come back when ALL your glasses would be empty.” She said angrily. “I think you need a lesson.” She said, removing her tray and pulling hard on her leash. “Come!”

Karen had no choice to follow, but the leather clad woman was walking fast, and she had a hard time keeping up, unused with high heels, and with the hobble chain. She tripped and fell on the floor. The lady pulled hard on the leash, practically lifting her off the ground by the collar.

“I said COME!” 

Karen squirmed like a fish on the end of the fishing rope, trying to get back up. The leather lady was still pulling on her leash. Karen pretty made the last 100ft on the ground, just trying to get up. She was pushed into another room, where she froze in horror: the walls were covered with straps, chains, whips and paddles. She was tied in the middle, spread eagled, her feet lifted off the ground. Then the Lady approached what looked like a paddle wheel. She went to the wall, and selected an assortment of 2 whips and 2 paddles, and installed them on the tip of each paddle of the wheel. The machine was then placed behind Karen and secured in place. It was turned on, and the lady left.

Karen didn’t need an explanation for the purpose of the device. Immediately, she was getting slapped on her butt by the paddle, then the whip, then the paddle, then the whip. At first, it was not that bad, the rubber absorbing most of the blow, but as the time went on, and became more and more painful, until it was pretty much unbearable. She was about to faint when the machine stopped.

“I believe you learned the lesson” she heard in her earplugs.

She was untied and the Lady brought her back to the service floor, with the same tray, and with the same orders. When she returned, all her glasses were empty.

She spent most of the day like that, serving drinks then sandwiches. As for herself, she didn’t have anything to eat or drink since she boarded the ship, and she was craving for some food, especially after she saw all the seafood being served.

She still believed that it was all a sick joke, and that she would be released that night, but it was otherwise.

Instead, she was led to a room where she was tied, her neck linked to the ceiling, her arms still in her back, and her ankles linked together, and chained to a ring on the floor. She was not going anywhere. The Lady entered the room. She went to the large desk and browsed some papers before picking the microphone.

“Okay, I think it’s time for some presentation. My name is Mistress Black, but since you’ll never be able to pronounce it, it doesn’t matter much, doesn’t it.” She said with an evil laugh. Karen tried to protest but with no result.

“How you got into this, I don’t know and honestly I don’t care. But I have legal papers stating that you’ve been sold to me by your former owner, someone named Phil.”

The brat! He sold her? On what right? She never signed any ownership papers with him? It was all a mistake. She struggled, trying to talk, but it was no use.

“So, you’ll be one of our slaves for this two months trip. But I don’t really need you with me. So, during that time, you’ll be put up for auction, and the highest bidder will leave with you at the end of the cruise.”

Again, Karen squirmed as much as she could.

“I’m afraid that, according to the papers you signed, whatever your protests, we have to go on. You’ll be sent to your… room, now.” She said, leaving.

Two strong men arrived and untied her. She struggled as best as she could, but they were too strong. She was brought in front of what looked like a fitness center locker. The small door was opened and she was pushed in, backed against the wall. That was her room? 

One of the men bent down and plugged hoses to her crotch, and more hoses to her nostril and mouth. The door was closed shut and locked. Suddenly, she felt compressed, as if the locker was getting smaller. She soon realized that the walls were getting inflated. She was to be squished in the middle of a big balloon!

The pressure increased, more and more, until she couldn’t move. She thought it was going to never stop!

She felt the fresh air going down her lungs, then she felt her stomach being filled. That was welcomed. She was given something to eat, although she couldn’t taste it. She thought about the seafood she saw earlier.

Exhausted, as she was falling to sleep, she had a thought. The forms she signed for the cruise. She thought that there were an awful lot of them, and even one written in a foreign language. She didn’t check to have it translated, and didn’t try to call to have a new one. She signed it. That was probably the form in which she agreed to be sold to Phil. She felt so dumb. But she would get her revenge. She swore.

The two months of the cruise went rather well. If abstraction is made of the fact that she was used to serve drinks and sandwiches, to wash dishes, clean the floors, and even as a food display tray on two different setups.

In one, she was severely hogtied, her legs and feet pulled upward, linked to the ceiling, so much that her back was arched. Fresh fruits were put in the small of her back. She stayed like that for four hours.

On another occasion, she was tied on her back on a table, her legs and arms tied to the legs of the table, in a backward manner. A bowl of punch was put on her stomach, balancing, and she had to be very careful not to tip it.

She also spent many other hours in the whipping room for misbehavior. Any reason was a good one, from walking too fast to waiting too long with her empty tray before coming back for a refill.

Finally, the cruise was over. She was brought back to the small office, tied up as in the first time. Mistress Black was there, browsing the papers. She took the microphone.

“Well, we received many offers for you. You impressed many people. The highest bid was won by Mister Thompson.” She said as someone entered the room.

A man walked in front of her, taking a good look at the merchandise he had just bought. Karen was shocked. That man was about 30 years old! He made more appreciative gestures and talked with Mistress Black, but Karen was left out of the conversation. He left, and Karen was taken down to be led to the shipping department.

There, her legs were tightly tied together, and her arms were kept in her back. She was then put into a large plastic bag. She was then forced to kneel in a wooden crate, lined with plastic. Leather straps encircled her, pinning her into this kneeling position. The lid was screwed in then she felt something cold around her. It was expansion foam. The gaps of the wood crate were getting filled by it. She felt the pressure increase. She felt crushed as if in her locker, but it was worse. The pressure didn’t stop, and bent as she was, it was getting painful. 

Finally, the pressure seemed to stop, and she laid there, for an unknown amount of time, before she felt being picked up.

She was put into a truck and drove away with the rest of the goods that came with the ship. She was moved and changed trucks a couple of times.

Suddenly, she felt banging, and she saw light. She was getting released! She was too weak to get up by herself, so she was helped, but it didn’t feel as strong as when she was put in. It felt more like a woman’s hands. Perhaps she would be released completely. She hoped

But her hope was short lived as, just before she fainted from exhaustion, she had the chance to have a glimpse of the helpful hands. It was two women, faceless, whose body were black and shiny.

When she woke up, the sun was shining brightly through the window. Her hands and feet were free, but her collar was locked to a ring on the headboard of the bed. She sat. The bed sheets were bright metallic blue rubber, and the curtains amber rubber sheets with a colorful flower pattern. Every piece of furniture was coated with rubber. She slowly looked around. She noticed quite a number of attachment points, everything to secure her if needed. She was still a slave. She had been sold.

The door opened and a woman entered. She was covered in black latex from head to toe. Her face showed only two small holes, one at the base of the nose and one at the mouth. The eyes were covered by spherical dark lenses. The hood was smooth over her head, indicating that she didn’t have any hairs underneath. Her body was slim and obviously constricted by a tight corset, but no visible sign was visible. Her long and slim legs were ending in pointed toe boots, without any heels. She seemed quite at ease to walk with them. On her left shoulder, was printed in deep blue, the number 3

She was bringing a tray with a syringe, obviously a nourishing paste. She sat beside Karen and gently caressed her on the shoulder, then took the syringe and plugged it on her mouth plug. Karen felt the paste going down her stomach. It was welcomed. With gestures, she was told to relax, before “3” left. Karen grabbed her arm. She pointed at the woman then at the number 3 on her shoulder and made the number 3 with her fingers.

“3” nodded yes, then pointed at Karen and made with her fingers, the number 4. Karen repeated the number 4. “3” tapped her on the shoulder and left. Karen was amazed at how easy it was to walk in those shoes. She didn’t know she would soon find out how it was.

What seemed like about an hour later, the door opened again, but this time, the man entered the room. He approached a microphone to his lips.

“Hello 4. How are you? Welcome to your new house. You’ll like it here, and you’ll be among friends, as I have 3 other latex slaves just like you. You life will be easy, well if you want it to be of course. All misbehavior will be punished.” He said with a wink.

“But for now, I have to get you out of that cheap suit and put mine instead. I’m having all the equipment ready at the moment, so we should be on our way in about 2 hours. In the meantime, just take this time to relax.” He said, caressing her shoulder.

Karen grabbed her hand and hold him. She pointed at her face and nodded no. She was trying to tell him that it was all done against her will, that she had not freely signed those papers. But her swiftly removed his hand.

“Later my dear. The pleasure is for later.” He said as he left the room.

Karen stayed there, depressing.

A few hours later, “3” was there again, but this time to unlock her and to bring her to the basement. There, her rubber catsuit was removed. She was eager to have her gag removed, so she could tell the truth, but to her dismay, the gag stayed there. Only the dildos were removed. She was then tied to a gynecologist chair

“The gag Mistress Black puts in is quite good and doesn’t need to be replaced. On the other hand, I much prefer my choice of inserts and my rubber suit is much better.” He said, picking the two dildos.

The inserts were pushed fully in, but this time, instead of being inflated with air, rubber paste was forced in. Next, her hair was removed, and a cream applied. She was told it was a special cream that prevents hair from growing again.

She was released from the chair. A thick rubber tube was put over her torso. It was covering her from the hips up to her armpits. Cups were cut to allow for her breasts. It was thick and rather rigid, but not exactly tight. That was until industrial dryers went to action. She felt the sleeve contract, crushing her stomach in a corset like vise. It was getting smaller and smaller, compressing her hips, her waist and her ribcage. She was panting in short gasps. She started to squirm around when it finally stopped.

Next, they came up with spray guns, and began to spray her. Two coats were applied. Then the molded ballet toe boots were put on her legs. They were made of carbon fiber, and they were snapped together around her leg, covering her up the knee. Dark lenses were applied over her eyes and 3 more coats were applied. She was totally covered, sealed in latex, unable to speak, unable to run, unable to get free. She had no choice. Her best outcome was to follow orders as best as she could. She was not looking forward to any punishment.

She quickly learned to work efficiently, even with her impaired walking, and eyesight. Mr. Thompson was very proud of her. She was rarely getting punished, and he liked that. He became very fond of her.

That lasted for seven years. Then, one day, Mr. Thompson called her to his office.

She was sitting there, not bound, in his office. Something that never happened before. Mr. Thompson browsed some papers. He got a legal format page and showed it to Karen.

“Four, I have disturbing news. Do you recall someone named Phil?”

She nodded yes.

“Well, he was apparently your previous owner, the one who sold you to Mistress Monica, which sold you to me. Well, his lawyer died in a car accident last month. His papers were sent to another lawyer. That lawyer, while browsing his files, got across a strange document, written in German or something, that you apparently signed. Recognize this?” he asked.

She had a look at it. Yes, it was the form in an unknown language that she signed, that she believes is the reason why she is in this predicament. She nodded yes, pointed to the paper and nodded no. It was not easy to speak with simple gestures only.

“Okay, one step at a time here, Four. Do you recognize this form? Did you sign it? Did you do it of your own free will?”

To each question, she answered yes.

“Do you understand what is written on it?”

She nodded a definite no.

“So, you blindly signed a paper that you didn’t know the content.”

She had to admit it. She nodded yes, looking down as much as her stiff collar allowed to. She grabbed a pen and started to write, but her latex covered hands were too bulky for that. She faked typing.

“Would you like to type me something?”

She nodded yes. He moved from his chair and offered her the computer, ready on the text processor. It was long and difficult, typing one letter at a time, but she did it. She was able to explain her situation.

“You did not volunteer for this? You did not want this? That Phil never owned you?”

She answered a resounding no.

“T… Thank you. You can go back to your duty. No. Go to your room and wait there.” He said while picking the phone.

Two days later, she was entering surgery. Her latex suit had been removed, but removing the hardened gag and inserts needed surgery.

She had to endure six months of physiotherapy to learn to walk without pointed toe boots. The lower she could manage was 4 inches. She could not live without a corset, but she found a nice alternative with tight jeans. The gag having disfigured her, she received a new face through cosmetic surgery. She was in Mr. Thompson’s office once more.

“Again Karen, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t know.”

“You had no way to know, and I had no way to tell. Perhaps next time, you should ask these questions straight and forward before buying her.”

“Yes, but sometimes, it is part of their game.” He said. “But I’ll try to be more careful. Good thing I got you, and that you did not end up in some sex slave farm.”

“Yes, and I must say again that I, we, were treated with respect, in the context that this choice of lifestyle is ours.”

“So, what are you up to now?”

“I have to find Phil, get my money back, and plan some revenge.”

“Yes, I bet you’re holding a grudge against him.” He said, smiling. “Any plan so far?”

“No, not really. Why?”

“I think I may have something interesting. He tricked you, why not trick him. You lost 7 years, I believe it’s fair to make him lose 7 years.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, killing him will do you no good. Going to court against him and he’ll be out of jail in six months. But what if…” he said, explaining his plan.

Karen’s smile grew larger with each word. They shook hands and parted, promising they would see each other soon.

The house was luxurious. She knocked at the door. A very pretty young woman, wearing a bikini opened the door.

“Hi, my name is Sandra from Channel 4 News, is hum… Phil here?” asked the lady, dressed in a short dress and spiky high heels.

“Sure.” Said the young woman no more than 22 years old, chewing her gum, “Phil!!! It’s for you!!” she yelled. “Come in.” she said, letting the journalist enter before closing the door.

Phil appeared in a swimsuit, still dripping wet from the pool.

“That’s Sandra from Channel 4.” She said, before leaving.

“Thank you, baby.” He said, slapping her on the butt as she passed by. Sandra twitched.

“Hello babe. How may I help you?” he said, pretty much arrogantly.

“Hello mister. I’m doing a special on lottery fortunes, and I would like to include you in my report. Would you be interested?”

“Hey! Of course babe. Come on in. We’ll discuss this in more detail.” He said, leading the way. “Do I get something back for that?” he asked.

“Oh yes, a lot. People always get something back.” Said the journalist.

They sat by the pool, and the journalist explained what her project was. She was interrupted numerous times by the very young women splashing the water on them. They looked like kids. They were kids, but Phil liked that. He loved pretty women, and he preferred them very young.

They agreed on the content, and what could be film of his estate. Then the journalist got some paper out of a briefcase.

“I need you to sign these forms, that’s the usual legal mumbo jumbo, that you allow us to do what we want to do, etc.”

“No sweat, baby.” He said, picking the pile of papers and signing them, without reading them.

“You don’t read them first?”

He laughed.

“What can you do to me that could be that bad? Film me naked?”

“No, nothing like that at all.” She said as she picked the papers and verified the signature. It was okay.

“Is the name Karen rings a bell?” she asked.

“Karen, no not real… Oh shit!”

He didn’t have time to react. She had sprayed him with a powerful anesthetic, and he was quickly losing it.

“Yeah, Karen. I’m back for some revenge.” She said before he lost consciousness.

He was feeling dizzy. His brain was all foggy. He stretched, feeling weird. Slowly, he reached to scratch his groin… but didn’t find it! Startled he sat straight on the bed.

He was in some medical clinic. He looked between his legs, but his groin was missing, then he noticed the huge breasts he suddenly had.

“What the heck is going on?” he said, surprised by the higher pitch voice. He got up and looked at himself in the mirror. It was still him, he recognized his face, but this was not his body, as he ran his hands over his ample breasts, slim waist and crotch. 

The door of the room opened.

“Hello hum… Karen, right? Well, I must tell you that the operation went very well. By all means, you’re now a woman… without the reproductive system, of course.”

“What? What the hell is that? I never asked for that?”

“That’s strange sir…err miss, because I have all the paperwork signed right here.” Said the doctor. On that, the door opened and entered the journalist.

“Hi Phil. How are you doing?”

“Karen! You did this. You tricked me. How dare you?”

“What?” she said laughing. “You ask me what right I had to do this to you? I figured that since you thought you had all the right to take 7 year off my life, by selling me as a rubber slave, I was in my right to ask for some payback. Don’t you agree?”

“But… That’s not the same… I mean.”

“Shut up, Phil.” Said Karen. “It’s my turn. The papers you signed asked for a sex change. That, you have now. It also contained a full confession to what you did to me, and it includes that you accept to pay back those 7 years by… becoming yourself a rubber slave for the next 7 years.”

“Oh no. No way. Doc, she tricked me. That’s not true. I don’t want this.”

“Neither did she.” Said the doctor. “Now, Phil-Karen, please sit down as we have to proceed.”

Phil pushed him away and tried to flea, but as he was passing by Karen, he felt a sting on his back, and immediately his legs stopped to respond. He landed face first on the floor.

“This is a paralyzer. Don’t worry, you’ll be fully conscious throughout all the procedure.” Said the doctor. 

He was carried on a wheelchair to a waiting van and drove to an unknown place where a woman he recognized, was waiting for him.

“Hello Karen. I’m Mistress Monica. I think we met a couple of years ago when you sold me a very nice woman, also by the name of Karen. But if I recall, you were a man at that time.”

Phil tried to talk, but only managed to mumble unintelligible garbage.

“We should have had that drug in the old days.” She said. “It’s so wonderful. Well, shall we begin?”

Karen-Phil had to undergo the same procedures Karen had been subjected to. He will pay back by living the same life Karen had lived, with one little difference. He was not to be own my some stranger. Yes, he had been bought by Mr. Thompson, but he gave her away to… Karen. But only for the next 7 years.

© Pete / monsterp63, May 2005

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