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I have known Karen for a long time. We went to school together, and while at university, we shared the same apartment. Needless to say that, we stayed together and got married. 

Karen has and always had a slender body, which she liked to show, but not from a very provocative manner. She particularly loves tight jeans and high heels. In college, it was the trend, and most girls were wearing tight designer jeans. Once at the university, Karen kept the style, adding high heels. The highest she wore at the time, which is now her standard heels, were four inches. The jeans she was wearing were very, and I mean very tight. The kind that you have to be two to zip the zipper. 

She loved the tight embrace of the denim, but that posed some problems. So I designed her a pair of special pliers: I took a standard Vise-Grip and welded on the tips, at right angle, two plates about one inch wide by 4 inches long on which I made dozens of small spikes, no more than 1/16 of an inch thick. Once the jeans would be as high as it would go, she would put one jaw on the pliers on each side of the zipper. The plates were sitting fully on the denim, and the spikes grabbing a strong hold. She would squeeze the handle to get what she needed to close the zipper. The locking mechanism provided her with both hands to pull up the zipper. It was such a success that I received orders to produce two dozen of them for Karen’s friends.

After University, she continues to wear her tight jeans and high heels. I was the only one to know that under her actual wedding dress, she was wearing tight jeans! 

She’s a software designer, and now works from home most of the time, through the internet, giving her the opportunity to spend her whole day in tight jeans and heels. That would make her hotter and hotter, and when I come home, she’s usually ready to jump on me. Needless to say that our sexual life is at its best since from my point of view, tight jeans and high heels are some of my most powerful fetishes… And she knows it!

The other day I came home. As always, she came to me, hot and ready. We almost ran to the bedroom and made love. It was passionate. We were laying in bed when she showed me one of those women’s magazines. There was an article about corsets.

“They say in the article that corsets are making a comeback, mainly in the fetish community, but also on the fashion runways. They say that the modern pendant of the corset is the tight jeans.” She said with a smile

“Really?” I answered. “That’s interesting.” I knew where she was heading, and I was not the one to say no to that. But I waited for her to bring it up.

“I… I think I would like to try one. What do you think?”

“Sounds wonderful,” I said, repressing a too large smile. “Why not try it? You like jeans tighter than I could imagine. I bet you’ll love corsets.”

She kissed me like a young girl kiss when she just received a beautiful present.

“Thank you!” she said with a big smile.

“Do you know where to find one?” I asked?

“I bet the fetish store downtown will have something off the rack. We’ll see to find a real shop if I need a custom made one.”

We had a nice dinner with wine. I was wearing my bathrobe, but Karen was back into her tight jeans and heels. I wondered how she managed it.

Two days later, when I came home, she didn’t run to meet me. I carefully approached the bedroom and saw her struggling with the laces of a white satin corset. It was covering her from the hips up to her breasts, where they were enclosed in satin and lace.

“Need help?” I asked, knowing perfectly the answer.

“Oh, darn. I wanted to make you a surprise, but getting this thing on is harder than I thought. Yes, I’d appreciate some help.”

I went behind her and grabbed the strings. She showed me some lacing instructions, and I complied. The corset was getting very hard to close.

“Gee.” I asked, “How small is this thing?”

“Four inches smaller than my normal waist. They say that it’s the basics.”

“I still have about an inch to go. They say here in the instructions to let the body settle, and to re-tighten.”

“In that case, make a knot there and let the body settle” she said while turning around and giving me a deep kiss. 

I quickly made a knot, and dropped my bathrobe. It was the first time she was making love while constricted. She always had to remove her jeans. It was a new experience for her, as for me. It was something like we never felt before. It was more intense, more powerful. After we settled, I put on my bathrobe and was leaving her, as always, as she puts back on her tight jeans, but she called me back.

“Honey, I guess the body has settled by now.” She said while rubbing her tight satin waist. 

I grabbed the laces and pulled hard. The edges of the corset finally met. I knotted the laces and rubbed Karen’s shoulders to tell her it was done. She turned around and was looking at me with wide open eyes.

“That feels awesome. I wonder how it will feel with the tight jeans.”

“You’re nuts.” I said, “but I love you that way. Need any help?”

“I’ll try it alone. I’ll call you if I need to.”

I left her dealing with her dressing and went on to prepare the dinner. It was my job. Well, I simply like making nice meals. I setup the table, lit the candles and poured the wine while the meat was slowly cooking.

“Honey, can you come here?”

When I arrived, she was laying on her back, on the bed, panting. She was moving her toes.

“Could you get me my shoes? I can’t bend.”

“Sure, hon. Which ones?”

“The preferred ones.”

I went to her closet, where there were two dozens of high heels shoes and boots, and grabbed a pair of white platforms. The platform was two inches thick, and the heel 7.5 inches. The real heel height was 5.5 inches, and it was the height she preferred. The ankle strap was a standard “Y”. I slowly put the shoes on and fastened them. She rolled on the bed and tried to get up, but it looked like she was going to roll on the floor instead. I grabbed her hand and pulled. She was as stiff as a steel bar.

“Wow!” she said when she finally steadied herself with a hand on my shoulder and a hand on the wall. “Feels great!!”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t feel quite practical.” I answered.

She made a few tentative steps, and I could see in her face that she simply loved the sensation. She had to rock her whole body from side to side to walk. The corset was stiffening her body from the chest to the waist, and the tight jeans from the waist to the knees. The heels were not helping much. She walked to the dining room, then to the living room. Her walking was getting smoother with every step. She was finding ways to move more easily. She turned around in the living room and started to walk back. When she reached the doorway of the dining room, she stopped and grabbed hold of the doorframe.

“Problem?” I said rushing to her.

She looked at me with a strange, but quite happy face.

“No… no problem… I just… had an orgasm.”

“By walking?”

She nodded. She said that she was okay and it was time for dinner, but she had a surprise. She was unable to sit in this, and removing any item was out of the question for her. She wanted to keep everything on for the whole evening. She ended up kneeling on pillows to eat at the table. She didn’t eat much. The tight corset and the jeans were squeezing her stomach. She ate what she could, and had a glass of wine. After dinner, she invited me to go to the bedroom again. Once there, she threw herself on the bed, reached under it from her side, and produced a shopping bag. She emptied it on the bed. There were leather cuffs, rope, padlocks and a ball gag. I looked at her with surprise.

“The clerk at the fetish store said that if I already like walking around in jeans that tight and heels, and that I wanted to try a corset, that I would love bondage games. So I bought a few items. Would you care to put them on me?”

I always had a weakness for bondage games, but never asked her, so she didn’t have to ask me twice. I carefully put the leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists, tied a piece of rope on each leg of the bed and tied her in a spread eagle fashion.

“Tighter.” She said.


“I want you to pull on the ropes so it’s tighter. I can move.”

I tightened the ropes. I had to do it three times before she was happy. The last time, I had my foot on the bed and pulling with all my strength. Now she was there, laying spread in front of me, covered only with her white corset, tight jeans and high heels. She looked awesome and helpless, ready to be taken. She was definitely hot and ready to explode. I took off  my bathrobe and slowly climbed on her. The feeling of the tight denim on my thighs, of her tight satin corset between my hands, I started to caress her. She was moaning of pleasure. Carefully, slowly, I grabbed the ball gag, and as she was taking a gasp of air, I put it in her mouth. She startled, then I lifted her head so I could fasten it. Twice I had to tighten it as it was not enough for her taste. I continued to caress her. I lay down on her, my hard cock on her denim covered crotch. Her spread legs were making the crotch seam screaming to tear off. I gently rubbed my cock on the tight denim. Evidently, the rubbing excites her as well, as she started to moan more and more through the gag, drooling. She was pulling on her bonds, and squirming. Finally, much to my surprise, I came, spreading the white goo on her jeans. She came. Once, then another, before she started to relax. I laid beside her and removed the gag.

“That… was… sublime.” She said while catching her breath.”

I got up picking a towel to rub the mess I had made on her jeans. When I started to wipe it off, she started to moan again. I stopped, and she looked at me with disappointment. I replaced her gag, and started to rub her jeans again, gently, then more vigorously. She came three more times. At the end of the third one, she fell asleep. That was way too much for one night. I carefully removed the gag and untied her. I couldn’t remove either the jeans or the corset for her, as they were too tight. She was sleeping so well that I left her there and slept on the couch.

She woke me up in the morning, still wearing the heels, corset and stained jeans.

“Hello love of my life. Could you spare a hand?” she said while turning her back on me, showing the entangled laces. “I’d like to take a shower, but I think I made a mistake.”

It took me three minutes to untangle the lacing, undo the knot and loosen the corset. She let out a short pain moan.

“What an effect! I like it. I think I will become a regular corset wearer.” She said.

“Just be careful of the situation. I don’t see you kneeling at a restaurant to eat.”

“Don’t worry. Dress like that, I can’t eat.”

I dressed up to work, kissed her and went. I knew she would be in tight jeans again the minute I was out the door. When I came home, she was in the bedroom, again trying the corset.

“You want to do it again tonight?” I asked.

“Oh yes, and again, I want to keep everything all night long.

The evening came out exactly like the previous one, but this time, I had put on a condom, so not to stain her jeans, because she made it clear that she didn’t like it. But I rubbed her crotch, and she came a few times. But this time, instead of falling asleep, she stayed awake, and had another one of her nuts ideas.

“Keep me tied up for the night.”

“You’re sure? I don’t really mind, but the couch is not quite comfortable.”

“No, I wasn’t thinking spread eagle, but simply my legs together and my arms in my back. I want to test something. And since you’ll be just here, put the gag too.”

I agreed. After all, I wasn’t forcing her at all, and the thought of sleeping with someone bound and gagged besides me was a turn on. In the morning, let me tell you that it’s strange to wake up to your wife bound and gagged, looking at you with angel eyes. I removed the gag.

“How are you feeling?”

“Need to go to the bathroom.”

I untied her and she went. When she came out of the bathroom, she was all showered, but was back with the corset.

“You really want to wear that now?”

“Oh yes. So, would you..?” she asked with her puppy pleading eyes. 

I smiled and again, I compressed her in the corset, helped her with the jeans and the shoes. She put over her top a long sleeved dark red velvet shirt, which was tight fitting. In fact, she had bought it the day before, and I suspected that she bought it two sizes too small on purpose. The look was stunning. I was finishing my breakfast and she went back to the bedroom. I grabbed my coat and was going to the bedroom to kiss her goodbye when she surprised me. She had put on the ankles and wrist leather cuffs and way laying in the spread eagle position on the bed.

“Would you tie me up before you go to work?”

“W… what? But that would mean that you would stay like that for eight hours, without any close help.”

“Yes, I know. I did spend the last two nights in corset and tight jeans, and the last one tied-up. Each time was about 10 hours, so a small 8 hours should be fine. But instead of sleeping, I’ll be wide awake to enjoy it.”

“But what if…”

“Stop your what ifs.  Please, just tie me up.”

I complied. I tied her up, as tight as the two nights before. I was about to leave when she said.

“You’re forgetting the gag, hon.”

“You’re not serious. What if there’s something wrong and you want to call for help?”

“Honey, the nearest neighbor is half a mile away. Even without a gag he will not hear me.”

I put the gag in place, tightening up as she asked and went. All day, my thoughts were with her, hoping everything was fine. I became very nervous when 15 minutes before leaving, the boss came to my office saying that we were going to dinner with very important clients. I told him that Karen was not feeling very well and that she would not come, and that it would be better if I was with her, but it didn’t change his mind. He felt sorry for her, but I had to be at the dinner. The clients wanted to meet me. I am a mechanical engineer, and I would be the one in charge of their project. So I complied, but tried to get free as soon as possible. The sooner came at 23:00, and I got home around midnight. Karen had been tied up for almost 18 hours now. She had wide eyes when she saw me enter. She was on the edge of panic.

“Sorry. Terribly sorry. I knew this was a mistake, I had no choice, the boss…”

I didn’t have time to finish my phrase. As soon as she was free, still with the gag on, she rushed to the toilet. She came out a few minutes later, looking exhausted and relaxed.

“One more minute and it was all in my pants. What happened?”

I told her the story.

“We have to find a way so that something like that won’t reproduce.”

“W… what do you mean? You want do do that again?”

“Oh yes. Often. Not that long, though,” she said with a smile “but yes, I want to do it again.”

“How about your work?”

“Yesterday I worked enough to be two days in advance. So even if tomorrow I don’t work, I will still be on time. I can do that from time to time, to allow me these wonderful days.”

  The future looked promising.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 3, 2005

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