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Karen introduced herself to the receptionist, handling her the letter. The receptionist read the letter and smiled.

“Welcome to Micro Technologies Research, miss Karen. You are to be directed to the CRF, that’s the Clean Room Facility. Take the next corridor and continue to room 167. There you will meet Lynda who will introduce you.”

Karen thanked the receptionist, giving her a handshake, and walked the corridor. And what a corridor. It was quite long. About two thirds of the way, she had to go through automatic doors. On the other side, everything was sparkling white. She figured she had entered the clean area. She was used to that kind of environment. She might be just graduating from University with a master in particle physics, she had worked in numerous clean rooms, where the air is filtered so that no outside particles could contaminate the experiments.

She found the door 167, but as she was about to knock, the door slid open, disappearing into the doorframe. The office was still all white, and with the minimum furniture. Behind the white desk was sitting a young woman, long brown hairs, wearing the classic white lab coat. Fortunately, the lighting was not too bright.

“Hello Karen. Can I call you Karen? Good. I hate formalities. Call me Lynda. Your curriculum vitae is quite impressive,” she began, inviting Karen to take a seat with a gesture, “but what impressed me the most is your graduation papers on anti-matter. By using only available information, you came to the same conclusions that we came to, but it took us two years.”

Karen blushed.

“I… I assure you that I haven’t stolen anything…”

“No, you haven’t. We checked that, and we did a thorough background check on you, and you’re all clean. The better for you, I might add.”

“You did a background check on me? Isn’t that a little invasive?”

“You’ll understand in a few hours, and believe me, after that, you won’t mind, because it is this paper that made you hired. You seem to have a way of thinking that is all yours. You come to understand things that are impossible for most of us. You’re some sort of Einstein. But enough talking. I should show you the workplace. But first, you must wear the proper attire.” She said, handling a white vinyl bag. “Take this. You can go change in the room just on the other side of the corridor.”

Karen went, and within a few minutes was back into Karen’s office, holding what looked like a deflated white rubber doll.

“What is this, a joke?”

“No,” answered Lynda most seriously, “that’s your clean suit. I know, all the ones you’ve seen so far are baggy suits, but what we research here is unique, and we learned from experience, better say accidents, that even a minute outside particle could ruin an experiment, or even blow up the lab. This is a rubber suit, so no fiber particle could detach. To minimize rubbing, and thus wear, it is tight fitting. It covers you from head to toe. Everyone working in the clean room wears it.”

“And how about these?” added Karen, showing a pair of six inches spiky heels platform shoes.

“Like I said, we have to minimize friction, and that includes the floor. By wearing high heels, we lessen the surface contact of the foot on the floor. There’s really nothing wrong with that.” She said, getting up, and revealing that she was wearing the white rubber catsuit with the high heel shoes under her lab coat.

“Well, I guess it’s okay, then.”

“Sure it is. One little piece of advice, powder a lot, it helps.”

With that, Karen walked back to the changing room. She powdered the inside of the suit as well as her body, and started to put on the suit. It had attached feet and gloves. The fit was quite tight, and the foot pretty much popped in place. Then she pulled the white rubber up her legs, smoothing it, and stretching it. 

When it was at waist level, she put her arms in the sleeves. Again, they were very tight. Finally, it was up to her shoulders, and all she had left to do was pull up the zipper. As she did, she was afraid that the rubber would tear out, as the suit appeared too small. Once all zipped up, she felt all compressed in a too small garment. She moved around, and surprisingly, the rubber slid on her body, and gradually took its place. It was either more comfortable, or she was getting used to it. 

When she bent to put on the shoes she had a shock. The tight rubber simply ran up her crotch, but she didn’t felt discomfort, but rather pleasure. She quickly calmed down, put on the shoes and awkwardly walked to the door, not used to the high heels, and the massage the tight rubber was giving her, especially at the crotch and the breasts, where her nipples were becoming sensitive. 

Next she put on the rubber hood. It had two clear lenses over the eyes. The nose holes were blocked and there was a one inch round hole at the mouth. It was also a tight fit, and she worked hard to tuck her long hairs in. She looked at herself in the mirror. She felt weird, but at the same time, aroused by that white sleek female form looking at her.

She returned to Lynda’s office, feeling out of place. Lynda had removed her lab coat, and had put on the hood, but hers was smooth over her head, no bulges of hairs like Karen’s. She handed Karen a tube. It was about two inches in diameter and had two flexible hoses going out, making a circle. On the opposite side, was what looked like a mouthpiece. Lynda held the mouthpiece in the air to show it to Karen.

“This is the filtration unit. It filters what you breathe, as well as what you expel. You put the mouthpiece in your mouth. It’s a struggle through that small hole, but it is there to ensure a tight seal.”

Karen complied. The mouthpiece was similar to a snorkel mouthpiece. Karen put it in place, placing it so it’s most comfortable. Then Lynda helped her with the filter box, passing it over her head, and down between her shoulders where it was inserted into a rubber pocked attached to the back of the suit.

“There all set. Just follow me.”

Karen followed Lynda down some long corridors and through an elevator where Lynda hit the –24 button.

“Yes, we’re going 24 floors down. Impressive, hey.”

Karen tried to answer, but not used to talk with a rubber piece in her mouth, only a mumbling came out.

“Don’t worry. In time you’ll be able to talk with it.”

The door opened, and Lynda led Karen down more corridors and through a red flashing sign indicating the location of the clean room. There they had to go to an airtight chamber where they were sprayed with some sort of oily substance.

“It’s actually a lubricant. It removes all impurities from the outside of the suit, and allows much ease of movement since the rubber will glide on itself, at the same time, minimize the risk of wear and tear.”

Then they entered the actual clean room where a dozen or so white latex clad persons were working. It wasn’t difficult to make out the women from the men. The suit was revealing everything.

The day was long and difficult. Not only she had to get up to date on the research level she was going to work on, but she also had to cope with the fact that the latex suit was exciting her, and that every move was awakening her sexual pulses. But she had to admit that Lynda was right on the research. It was her dream come true. True pure research on matter, anti-matter interaction. 

At the end of the day, she was with the rest of the women in the changing room when she revealed her soaked underwear. Lynda approached her.

“We all make the same mistake the first day. Fiber underwear under a latex suit is not a good idea. Better wear either nothing, or rubber underwear.” She said with a wink.

Karen blushed. She was not used to being talked as straight as that, and the idea of being completely naked under such a suit was disturbing. Then to her dismay, Lynda removed her hood, revealing a bald head. She laughed at Karen’s face.

“Yeah, I should have warned you. You’ve probably noticed how your hairs come off all dirty and filthy, and how they all entangle under the rubber hood. Well, we fix that problem by shaving our heads. All of us. We had our hairs put into a wig that we wear for… public exposure.”

Karen was impressed, but made it clear that she was not ready to shave her head.

“Your choice, but if you change your mind, come see me first.”

After a week of soaking her cotton underwear, and starting to feel rashes from it, she had to decide between the two alternatives. 

She stopped in front of a fetish store. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do. She never considered herself as a fetish freak, nonetheless a latex freak, but there she was. She had to admit that the rubber catsuit she was wearing at work was arousing her, and she had better orgasms at home, when she played with herself, when she thought about how she felt with the suit on.

With a sigh, she pushed the door. She was immediately struck by the strong smell of rubber. Somewhat, she liked it. She started to browse some racks, discovering a vast collection of latex clothing, from classic catsuits to dresses and skirts. The clerk approached. She was wearing a long thick and tight fitting black latex hobble dress. She was making tiny steps on six inches heels pumps. She had a 2 inches wide leather collar with chromed studs around her neck, and a ball gag hanging in front, as a necklace.

“Hi. May I help you?” she asked, cordially.

“Err.. Yes, I’m looking for… p… panties.” Said Karen, shy.

“Please follow me.” She said, making an inviting gesture of her arms, covered with shoulder length black rubber gloves. “We have different models,” she began to explain upon reaching the rack. “Do you want them with dildos or plain?”

“Dildos?” startled Karen. “No, no, just plain.”

“Very well.” She said, picking a pair. “How is this?”

“Should do it.” Said Karen. “Oh I almost forgot, I also need a bra.”

She was shown the goods. She tried them for fit and off she went, although she was feeling less odd after a young couple came in, asking for latex garments with dildos, and realizing that the clerk answered them as she had answered her. It didn’t make a difference. No one was a weirdo.

The next morning, she put them on before going to work. She liked the feeling of the rubbing rubber on her crotch and her nipples as she rode the bus. Her latex underwear was noticed when she put on the catsuit.

“You finally did it!” said Suzy, a fellow co-worker. She was wearing herself latex biker shorts under the catsuit.

Days went by. And each one of them got Karen more and more addicted to wearing latex. She was eager to come to work to spend her day in the tight latex catsuit. She had bought more latex underwear but, apart from some high heels for her own, nothing more. She was afraid. And to top it off, she had no occasion to wear them outside her apartment.

But she couldn’t deny the pleasure and arousal she got from wearing the panties, so much that it was now the only kind of underwear she was using. She was bold enough to buy herself a dildo, which she was wearing during the night or her solitary evenings.

Then one morning, she didn’t know what crossed her mind, she decided to wear the dildo to work. It was easily concealed under the rubber panties. So she spent the day getting stimulated with each move.

It had been almost two weeks of continuously wearing the dildo. She was in the restroom, and had finished peeing when someone else entered the room. With the draft it created, the door of her toilet booth swung open, revealing her in a position where she had half inserted the dildo. She startled and gave a sharp blow on the door to close it.

“Karen? What are you doing?” asked Suzy, almost laughing.

“Err… Taking a leak?” she answered.

“Well, better take that dildo off before peeing, it will be easier.” Said Suzy.

Karen slowly opened her booth door. She was dressed up, but her bright red face was very noticeable with the white catsuit.

“I…. I… Please, don’t tell Lynda.”

“What for? Do you think you’re the first one to do that? Do you think you’re the only one?”

“You mean…?”

“Yeah, I do it myself, but Lynda is even bolder. She has two, and they’re vibrating.”

“You… You’re kidding right? You’re making fun of me?”

“No, I’m dead serious. Next time you’re close to her, listen carefully. You’ll hear them hum.”

The very same afternoon, as Lynda was working close to Karen, she listened, and effectively heard them hum. She looked surprised as Lynda who answered with a wink. Karen blushed and went back to work.

That Friday, after work, Lynda went to see her.

“Say Karen, if you’re not doing anything special, why don’t you join me at my place for a little girls only evening?”

“Gee, I don’t know…”

“Good, we’ll wait for you then.” Said Lynda as she left. 

Karen went home and had a light dinner. Then she dressed up with a T-shirt, her tight stretch jeans and sneakers, and went to Lynda’s place, an apartment in a luxury building. She knocked on the door and she startled when it opened.

“Hi Karen. Nice of you to come.” Said Suzy. 

Karen walked in behind Suzy. She was wearing a tight fitting bright red rubber dress that was ending at mid thighs. She was walking on black thigh high boots with what looked like a six inches heel. As she reached the living room, Lynda was there, wearing a shiny black rubber catsuit and a black leather corset with red trimming. She was walking on knee high, tightly laced pointed toe boots! Karen blushed.

“Gee, I feel kind of out of place.” She said, looking at her tight jeans.

“We had thought about that.” Said Lynda as she handed a shopping bag. “Just go to my room to change.” She said.

Not really realizing what was happening, Karen went into the room. She emptied the bag on the bed. There was a red rubber bra with little rubbery spikes inside the breast cups, a pair of dildo panties, a black leotard with long sleeves, bright blue rubber jeans and 6 inches spiky clear platform shoes. Everything was brand new as they were still sealed into their respective bags.

Shaking, Karen went on putting everything then slowly walked back to the living room.

“Wow! You look stunning!” said Lynda and Suzy in chorus.

“Well, thanks, but how much did all this cost?”

“Don’t worry, it’s on company expenses.” Said Lynda.

They all sat, and Karen got the explanation that Lynda and Suzy have both become very close friends, and had developed a very strong fetish for latex. They were meeting every Friday night for an evening of rubber. They felt that she was feeling the same, so they invited them to join their little private club.

Karen was feeling relieved. She was not a freak after all. There were others that were thinking the way she thought, feeling the way she felt. They went on expressing their feelings on latex, what they liked, what were their fantasies.

“Honestly” said Karen, as the wine was untying tongue, “my wildest fantasy would be to be stuck in rubber for a weekend, unable to take it off.”

“Funny.” Said Lynda. “That, we do, and we get paid for it.”

“Say what?” said Karen.

“We work overtime on weekends from time to time. When we do it, we lock ourselves in the clean section for the weekend. That way, we have no choice but to wear the latex catsuit all weekend.”

“Wow. Can I…”

“Of course. Next weekend will be perfect. But in the meantime, you have to get prepared.” Said Lynda.

“Prepared? What for?”

“We have a little… initiation routine… to get into our private club.”

“And that is?” asked Karen, suddenly frightened.

Without a word, they both pulled off their wig.

“You mean I have to shave my head too?”.

“Yes. The feel of the latex hood after that is awesome. So if you want to work with us on weekends, that’s the condition.” Said Lynda, very seriously. “And don’t make that face. It will grow back… assuming that you’ll want hair to interfere with the feeling. We had our hairs made out as wigs. Nobody outside the clean room staff saw it. We wear the wig all other times, unless in meetings like that. So what do you say?”

Karen thought about her look, but also about her feelings, and since she was already spending most of her time in tight rubber, why not go all the way. And as Lynda put it, it will grow back.

Almost ceremoniously, she was prepped and shaved. Then a latex hood was applied, and for the first time, she really felt it. She rubbed her hands over her smooth head. The latex was thin and very stretchy.

“Awesome. I never thought it would feel like this.” She said while looking at herself in the mirror.

Lynda and Suzy had also put on a latex hood.

“Come on.” Said Lynda. “We’re not about to spend the whole evening here. Let’s go dance.”

“What?” asked Karen, stopping dead, “We’re going out, dressed like that?”

“Yeah. What? Are you afraid someone will recognize you?”

Not really sure of herself, Karen followed them to a dance club, but as the evening and the night went on, she became more and more confident, spending most of her time on the dance floor. The latex outfit was making her hot as hell, and she could do pretty much anything under the privacy of her latex hood.

A few men approached the group, but they were all turned away. The girls were there to have fun together.

Weeks went by. Karen had now her wig and a full wardrobe of latex garment. She was spending more and more time wearing them. She even wore the latex jeans in public. After all, there’s not that much of a difference between a pair of leather jeans and a pair of latex ones.

There were a couple of those “special weekends” where the three girls locked themselves in the lab to work, and appreciate a full weekend of latex wear. They were now doing it one weekend out of two. That was awesome, but the work also progressed quite rapidly.

Then they planned a very special weekend of rubber and work. They decided to go bold for it.

First they inserted catheters. They would be prisoners of their rubber confinement, and so they needed a way to evacuate the waste.

Then they put on their rubber bras lined with little rubbery spikes, and their panties with double vibrating dildos, but hollows to allow the passage of the evacuation tubes

Followed a thin black latex catsuit. Its zipper was looking like those of zipper sandwich bags. A lot less bulky, and providing a complete seal. 

That was of course followed by a similarly thin black latex hood, carefully smoothed over their shaved heads.

Then they added a thick rubber corset, which they laced very tightly. It was so tight that two girls were needed to lace one.

A thick rubber collar, three inches wide was put on. It was closing with tiny laces.

When it was time for the footwear, Karen had wide eyes: ballet toe boots, but without any heels!

“That’s because of the lab suit.” Explained Lynda. “Remember that the feet and hands are included. We can’t puncture it, and of course, there’s no way we would wear these boots outside the rubber. The leather and the laces would produce just too much dust. So, we’re gonna put those on, then the final suit.”

“But… I never walk with anything remotely close to that.” Said Karen, still wide eyes at the thought of wearing them, and more at the thought of standing and walking in them.

“Really easy, you’ll see.”

Karen took place, and the boots were tightly laced up her legs. Then she took turns helping Suzy, who helped Lynda. They walked around, accustoming themselves to a whole new way of standing and walking. 

“Okay ladies. If you have something to say, better say it now, ‘cause we’ll be mute for the rest of the weekend.” Said Lynda, producing three blow-ups gags.

“Why those?” asked Karen.

“Well, you’ve never had a full rubber experience without it.” Said Lynda. “Don’t worry, I’ve passed all our food through a blender, and it will go through that small hole easily. I’ve done it quite often myself.”

Suzy nodded. Apparently, this was not new to them at all, so she accepted the gag. Then Lynda pumped it, but not with air.

“It’s a gel. Don’t worry, it won’t harden, and if you puncture the gag, it won’t harm you, although it doesn’t taste very good, but it gives more feels to the gag that simply filling it with air.” Said Suzy, as she pumped the gel into the gag.

Karen felt it expand, filling her mouth. She had tried a gag, but never that much. Her eyes grew wider as the balloon expanded. That was enough. She would not take it any more. She grabbed the pump to stop it.

Suzy unplugged it, but not before giving a last quick squeeze, increasing the pressure even more. Karen looked at her with you’re gonna pay for this eyes. Suzy and Lynda laughed.

“Call it the initiation.” Said Lynda. “Don’t worry, in a few minutes, you won’t notice it.”

The same procedure was applied on Suzy and Lynda, then another thin black rubber hood was applied.

Finally, the final white rubber suit was put on. Since it was already tight, it appeared even tighter with the already 2 layers of rubber, and the corset. Putting it over the boots proved difficult, but with a lot of panting and sweating, which rendered the suit slippery from the inside, increasing the pleasure, the final suit was put on and zipped shut.

It was time to go to work. They walked by the cleaning/lubricating airlock and went to work.

The sight was astounding: three wonderful females, tightly wrapped in very tight white rubber, standing on pointed toes, buzzing around the lab. They worked for the day, then slept into rubber bags for the night. There was no way they would remove their suit. 

Well, come to think of it, why would they? They lay down but sleep was rather short, as they spend most of the time playing with themselves.

They were back to work early Sunday morning on Sunday. At about 10, there was a flash at Suzy’s workbench. Quickly after that, the substance Suzy was working on started to glow very intensely as it slowly levitated about one feet over the workbench. The three of them couldn’t keep their eyes off of it. It was so amazing. Then, in a very fast bright flash, it disappeared into thin air.

Suzy walked back to her bench, looking for it. She made the size of the sphere with her hands: about six inches. But it was gone, nowhere to be found. The only explanation, was that she had created a reaction between the matter and anti-matter, and that it vaporized itself.

It was a great breakthrough, and they were all jumping around. Lynda gestured that it was an incredible breakthrough, but they really needed to discuss it. So she called it quits on their rubbery weekend. 

They headed for the changing room, and entered each one a changing booth, only to get out a few seconds later: no one was able to find the zipper of the outside rubber layer!

On close inspection, it appears that the zipper was gone, vaporized. In fact, a quick feel confirmed that all the metal parts of their outfit were gone. They couldn’t feel the eyelets or the hooks of their corsets. 

They took good note of it, and realized that their only way out of the suit, was to cut it open, which they tried… and failed!

They took the sharpest blade they could find, but it would not scratch the surface of the white rubber.

They appeared to be stuck. They had to find what happened and see if there was a way to reverse the process. But then again, were they really eager to get out of their rubber suits?

© Pete / monsterp63, August 26, 2005

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