Karen – Latex Mate


Part One – The introduction

Chapter I

Phil had first spotted her at the dance club that Saturday night. It was the first time he saw her there. Well, every man in the bar saw her. She was hard to miss. She was wearing a black PVC bolero jacket over a tight white PVC bodysuit, what looked to be extremely tight shiny black leather pants and 7 inches heels, 2 inches black platform boots. 

Phil was sitting in a remote corner, and was looking at her in between the numerous men that were trying a hit at her. To Phil’s surprise, she rejected all of them, even ones that he even found gorgeous. A few women had a try, hoping she was lesbian, but returned empty-handed. Phil was looking at her, at her clothing. The way they hugged her body with their tight embrace, because it was obvious that everything was extremely tight, perhaps 2 to 3 sizes smaller than what she should have worn. At one point, their eyes crossed. Phil slightly bowed his head and slightly raised his glass in a salute gesture. She turned away. After all, who was he to win a sexy girl like that? 

At one point, she got off to the dance floor. Phil followed her with his eyes. Her every move, every wrinkle of her tight clothes were a real turn-on to him. He tried to hide his erecting cock by crossing his legs, but that was a bad idea. He gently stroked it by slowly running his hand over his jeans. 

When she quit the dance floor, she slowly walked toward him. Phil tried to sit as upright as possible, but his hardened cock made it difficult. She was looking straight at him, and he thought that he made it too obvious that she turned him on, and she was shocked. She stopped at his table, leaning over with her black gloved hands resting on top.

“Hi” she said in a soft voice. “I’m Karen. Can I join you?”

Phil startled. Why did she choose him? He had in front of him the girl of his dreams and he was mute. He gestured to her to take a seat, which she did with a laugh. 

“Hi… I’m Pleased… I mean I’m Phil.” He managed to say.

Although the music was loud, he could almost hear the creaking, or rather the screaming of her tight clothes, ready to tear open, as she sat which didn’t bring any relaxation to his hard cock. He had to have his question answered. With a shaking hand, he approached her thigh.

“This… this isn’t leather, isn’t it? It’s rubber, right?”

She smiled. “How about a little walk? I need some fresh air.”

Phil couldn’t believe his ears. He agreed and a few minutes later they were far from the smoke filled air and the loud music. They could talk at normal voice level, but all that Phil brain could pick was the clicking of her high heels on the concrete sidewalk, and the creaking of her PVC and latex clothes with every move she made. Phil was walking besides her, but dreamed that he could simply follow her, looking at her tightly encased body wiggled in the latex and PVC clothes.

“Have you lost your tongue?” she asked with fun in her tone.

“Err. No, I’m sorry, I was… daydreaming.”

“Well, better not dream, this is real.”

Phil stopped. He was so confused.

“How did… Why did you…”

“I think you need some strong coffee. Here, let’s go in.” She said, pointing at a nearby small restaurant. There were only a few people, but she sure turned all their heads. One woman slapped her fifty-something years old husband for looking too intensely at the shiny clad woman. Karen smiled. They took a booth in the far corner. Phil was shaking.

“Come on. Relax. Never been on a date before?”

“No… I mean yes, but not with a woman such as you.”

“What’s so unique about me?”

“Your clothing. It’s… Wow.”

Karen laughed. “I knew you were different. I saw you looking at me tonight. You were looking with different eyes. You were not seeing the same thing as the others. You were not looking at the sex. You were looking at the fetish. You are a true fetishist, aren’t you?”

“Well… yes. I love rubber and PVC and everything that is tight fitting. You wear all of this, and your pants are simply awesome. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like that.”

“That’s because they’re one of a kind. I made them myself. I used the thickest rubber I could find. But it was dull, so I glued one thin extra-shiny latex layer over it, cut it jeans style, and voila, latex jeans.

“They do look incredible. You… you dress like that often?” he asked with hesitation.

She giggled.

“Don’t be so shy, and would you please relax? Yes, I dress like that quite often, unless I have to go somewhere that this kind of clothes would really be out of place.” She said with a smile. Then, looking at the clock, she lost it.

“Oh shit. I really have to go. Sorry to cut it short.” She said, getting up. Phil was caught by surprise.

“Would you like a ride home or something? My car is just one street down.”

“I… Well, usually I would say no, it’s just part of the game, but for you, okay.”

Phil rushed outside to get the car. He asked himself what the game was, figuring he would learn in time whether he was a fool or not. She was following as fast as she could, but dressed like she was there was no running possible. Phil got to the car and started the engine. She was still 4 houses away. 

He drove to her. She sat in the car, and Phil couldn’t resist a hard-on when he saw the streetlight reflecting on her stretched thighs. He quickly snapped back to reality and drove off. Karen showed him the way. They ended up in front of a huge mansion with an electric fence. Karen reached into her purse, activated a remote control and the gate opened. Phil drove the car through the massive door, and Karen rushed out before the car had fully stopped. She climbed the five stairs to the door, quickly unlocked it. By this time, Phil had rejoined her. She rushed into the house to the alarm system keypad and deactivated it, then tried to run to the living room. When Phil arrived, she was fondling what looked like a safe on the wall with a clock on it. It showed 1:01.

“Shit! One minute too late. Well, it’s gonna be tomorrow then.”

Phil was totally confused, and Karen realized that he was in the house with her. After the initial surprise, she laughed.

“You’re the first one to know about that.” She said.

Phil raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t have a clue of what I’m the first one to know.” He said, nodding his head.

“Well, since you’re here, why don’t you come in and have a seat.” She said, pointing at the sofa. “Would you care to help me remove my jacket?”

Phil walked to her and grabbed the jacket. It was very tight, and it was a struggle to take the sleeves off. He wondered how she could have succeeded on her own. It revealed the white bodysuit to have full-length sleeves and a pretty high collar. It looked very tight, and on closer inspection, it wasn’t PVC, but thick latex, like the jeans. The sleeves were very tight, and under it, judging by the bulge, the black latex gloves were shoulder lengths, making three layers of thick latex with the bolero jacket. The body suit had a zipper at the back, starting in the small of her back, up to the high collar. The handle of the zipper seemed to enter a small chromed box at the back of the collar, about one inch square and about a quarter of an inch thick.

“What’s that chromed box on your neck?” he asked.

“That’s the lock, and the keys are on the timed safe.”

“A lock?”

“Yes. It’s a special design. It’s magnetic. The key is a block that fits over that box. It has magnets placed in specific places that activate small plungers within the box, lifting them. When the proper ones are lifted and the rest untouched, it unlocks. The timed lock opened the safe from 00:50 to 1:00. We got here at 1:01.”

“And I assume that the key was inside the safe.”

“You’re right, and the next opening will be at 12:50, tomorrow, meaning I’m stuck in these until then.” She said with a broad gesture showing how she was dressed.”

“That’s what you meant when at the restaurant you said something about being part of the game.”

“Did I mention that?” She asked, a little embarrassed. “Well, yes, it is a game that I play with myself. I put myself in a situation where I don’t have full control.”

“A little like self bondage.” Said Phil with a low voice.

“As a matter of fact, a lot like that. I do practice self-bondage on a rather heavy basis. I use the timed lock safe for release time as well as the other classic methods like ice and stocking, or the key held in wax on a light bulb. The only drawback is that I can not put myself in a totally helpless situation, as I have to be able to get out of it.”

Karen was being so direct and so honest, Phil was beginning to loosen a little and started to open up.

“Well, I… I do some self bondage too, and I’m faced with the same problems you have.”

Karen smiled.

“Wow! A really true fetishist and one who likes bondage too. Hummm. Seeing someone?”

“No, not at the moment. My love life is pretty empty. I had a few girlfriends, but they were not into any fetish, and I was missing it. I preferred to live alone with my fetishes than with someone else without them.”

“I perfectly understand your feelings, as I feel the same. I know it’s quite early and we barely know each other, but would you like to stay for the night?”

“I.. I don’t know. I don’t want to be of any trouble, or taking someone else’s room.”

“There’s room enough, I’m alone.”

“You mean you live alone in this mansion?”

“Yes. I got lucky a few years ago on the stock market. I don’t have to work anymore, and I have a pretty comfortable life.”

“I say you have. Well, in that case, it’s okay, but I’m not the kind of guy who would do it on a first date.”

“Even if you were, you’re in a dead-end.” She said with a giggle, pointing the chromed box on the belt of her latex jeans.

“So, you’re totally trapped in this until early afternoon. Let’s say I’m in, what kind of setup would you like?”

“Well, the only way I was able to tie myself at night was with my hands crossed in front of me, with a combination lock. As long as it was dark, I would not be able to see the numbers, thus free myself. I usually tied my feet and collar to the bed so I wouldn’t be able to get up to look for light. So, basically, any way other than that would be just fine. But it’s best to show you. Come with me.” She said as she got up and went upstairs to a large room. 

On one wall, was a huge bed made with massive oak. The room was richly decorated with velvet drapes. The bed had pink latex sheets.

“There are a few anchor points here and there.” She said pointing at the foot and the headboard. Phil had a look at it.

“Not much possibilities. Only a spread eagle position is possible. Do you have any cuffs?”

“Yes, in the closet to your left.” She said. Phil felt nervousness in her voice. He opened the closet and almost had a heart attack. It was a huge walk-in closet, as big as his own bedroom. It was filled with clothes, shoes and boots, and all imaginable restraints. He walked slowly, his eyes wanting to catch everything.

“Impressive, isn’t it?”

Karen was leaning on the doorframe.

“Yes. Indeed. But why such a variety if you practice only self-bondage? Most of the stuff here needs two persons to be applied.”

“I wanted to be prepared, so I bought everything on the market.”

“It’s very useful when money is not a problem.” Answered Phil. He came across a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs. They were made out of stainless steel, two inches wide, and had the same magnetic lock she saw earlier. The ankle cuffs had a square hole.

“They are made to use in this very specific situation” said Karen while bending and raising the bottom of her latex jeans, revealing a magnetic lock on the inside of her boot. 

“The boots are locked on. A standard leather cuff would apply pressure on that box and would become quite uncomfortable after a very short period of time. The hole in the stainless steel cuffs is made to go around it.”

“And the magnetic key to remove them is the same that is in the safe?”

“Yes. One key opens them all. To your next question, yes, once they are on, there’s no removal. And there’s more locks in the white box on your right. They’re made to go over standard non-locking belts and lock them.”

Phil took the metal cuffs and walked out. He asked Karen to lay on the bed, and proceeded to put the ankle cuffs on her. They had a simple hinge, and only one closing position that seemed too small for her boot.

“Yes, they’re made a little too small. Just go ahead and push hard. You’ll lock it.”

Phil complied, and he heard the distinctive click indicating that they were locked. The same with the wrist cuffs who were also quite tight. Karen then stretched on the bed, taking the spread eagle position.

“Don’t you prefer to go to the bathroom before the night?” asked Phil

“No, I’ll be fine. I have a catheter and a dildo in there. If you look carefully at the crotch, you’ll see a quarter of an inch hole. That’s where the tube is going out. I simply have to press on both sides at the same time and it would open the valve. I can even fix a tube if I’m in a situation where I can’t go to the toilet. As for the more solid stuff, I have another dildo in place, but I eat special food, like the one used by astronauts, which makes very little waste. I can go on easily for a week without having to go.”

“And when was the last time you went to the bathroom?” he asked while going back into the closet.

“This afternoon, just before getting dressed like that. You know, it’s the first time I’ll be in a situation where I absolutely need outside help to get out of it. It is a little frightening, I should say. I mean, I don’t fully know you. I do thrust you, but it makes me a little nerv…Oh no, not that.”

Phil was holding a head harness with a huge red ball gag.

“I feel you’ve been talking way enough for the night.” He said while fitting her with the harness. She tried to remove it, but Phil was quick to draw her hands in her back and tied them there with a quick link. He put the gag in place and tied it tight. Way much tighter than Karen would usually do. He then would tightly tie all the remaining straps around the forehead and below the chin. 

Once it was done, he fitted her with a matching stainless steel collar that also had the hole to allow the magnetic lock at the back of her neck to go through. Karen protested but it didn’t stop Phil. The collar fit snugly, the clicks indicated that it was indeed locked in place. He then took small magnetic locks and put them on the buckles of the head harness. Karen felt him work on the buckles and heard the clicks. She mumbled in her gag and tried to get away.

“Yes, it’s locked on. Now, it’s too late to change your mind. Now, I’m going to untie your wrists. You’ll then have to take the spread eagle position.”

Karen nodded and took the position. Phil took long leather straps and linked her wrists to the corners of the massive queen size headboard. He tied them at the same notch. He then went to the ankles and linked them to the foot of the bed with leather straps. He pulled on it, getting more force by placing her feet on the side of the bed. He pulled until it wouldn’t give anymore. Karen was twisting and was trying to tell him that it was too tight, but he didn’t listen. He did the same with the other feet. 

Once done, Karen was stretched so tight, that he could have removed the mattress and she would have stayed in the air. Karen was twisting, trying to adjust to the tension. She was nodding no, trying to tell him to loosen the straps, but before she knew it, he had put more magnetic locks on the straps. There was no way to lose them now. 

Phil approached her slowly, rubbing his hand on her tightly encased thigh, and raising it slowly to her crotch, putting pressure on the dildo deep within her. She moaned. While kissing her on her ball gag, he snapped padded blindfold on the head harness. She was in darkness. All she could do was hear, and she heard him going back to the closet, then worked close to the headboard. Then she felt him adding more straps around her upper thighs and an object applied on her crotch. Then the object started humming and vibrated. Karen moaned.

“I’ve put on your mushroom shaped vibrator. It should give you something to think about. I plugged in the wall outlet and put it on a timer: myself. I’ll turn it off when I wake up tomorrow. Good night.” He said softly while kissing her on the cheek.

Karen was left alone. She had always dreamed to be in a helpless situation, bound, gagged and pleasure tortured. Now this was it. It was perhaps a little more than she expected for a first time, but she would make the best of it. She had full confidence in Phil. Her sixth sense told her that he was the right choice.

Phil found another bedroom. Karen never showed him the guestroom, but since they were alone, any other room would do. The bed on this one had dark blue satin sheets. He undressed and slid under the soft sheets. He thought about the evening, about what he did and about what was lying on the bed in the next room and masturbated. It didn’t take long before he came, after what he fell into a deep sleep, not hearing Karen occasional moaning, each time she had an orgasm.

 Chapter II

The wake up was somewhat brutal. Karen was surprised to have even dozed off. The fatigue had the best of her. It was Phil, shaking her shoulder.

“Karen, quick. I overslept, and the safe is ready to open, but I don’t have the code? We have only a few minutes left.”

Karen’s arms were almost numb, having been stretched for that amount of time. Nevertheless, she managed to indicate the numbers: 51163. Phil rushed out of the room. She was still blindfolded. He came back a few minutes later.

“Bad news. I was too late. Looks like you’re stuck there for another twelve hours.” He said while unplugging the vibrator, which gave her some relief.

Twelve hours! Now way. She struggled, trying to get free, but she was bound too tightly. She tried to tell Phil to cut the leather straps, that she didn’t care about those, that she could always buy new ones, but the message wasn’t obviously clear enough. And she had to pee. Desperately. 

She felt the vibrator being removed, and something was being attached to the tube. Soon after, Phil pressed on both sides of the tube and the urine flowed out, down to a bucket. Karen relaxed. He was taking care of her. Once done, he lay beside her and gently started to glide his hand over her body, rubbing her thighs, stomach and breasts. He could feel how tight the rubber was. He kissed her on the ball gag. She tried to respond as best as she could.

“You must be hungry and thirsty.” He said. Karen nodded yes. He came back half an hour later with a tube of food and some water.

“Okay, feeding time. I’ll put the end of the food tube on the side of the gag and squeeze. That’s the best I can do.”

Karen nodded.  He pressed the tube against the side of the ball gag and the food managed to enter her already filled mouth. Each time she swallowed, the tight collar gave her a hard time. After a few squeezed, she shook her head. Phil paused for a minute then gave her water through a bottle with a long tube. Then more food, and water. He did that three times. Karen signaled him that she had enough.

“I have to go home.” He said. “I’ll be back in about two hours. Do you think you can manage?”

She nodded yes. What else could she do? She was in no position to prevent him from going. He could leave her there as she was and never come back. Her thoughts were taken away as Phil reinstalled the vibrator and powered it on.

When Phil came back a few hours later, Karen had had many orgasms and was already exhausted. He removed the vibrator, then for the first time in hours, the blindfolds. Karen startled. Phil was standing in front of her, wearing a shiny latex catsuit and a full hood, with only eyes and mouth holes. He gently laid over her, kissed her and started to stroke. That produced movement of her dildos that no vibrator could produce, and she reacted to it, having another orgasm at the same time Phil had his. He rolled over to her side, panting. Karen was pleased. The fact that he went home to get his own fetish attire indicated that she had made the right choice. Phil was looking at her in the eyes, trying to make out if this was real.

“Am I dreaming?” he asked.

No, she nodded, and smiled. At least, that’s what the gag made him believe. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, shortly followed by Karen who didn’t get much sleep the night before.

When she woke up, it was dark, but she soon realized that Phil had put the blindfold back. Her legs and arms were aching from the stretching, and she was eager to be free. Perhaps another few more hours. She heard silence. If Phil was in the house, he wasn’t near the bedroom. 

She slowly started to move her hips, up and down, moving the dildos inside her, which brought back pleasure. She wanted the vibrator back, or at best, Phil on her. The movements were not enough to excite her, and too difficult stretch as she was. She dozed off. She was slowly awakened by a gentle rubbing hand. She tried to raise her head, but was prevented by the stainless steel collar.

“More bad news” he said with a soft voice. “After three attempts, the safe locked me out. Seems that I took the wrong numbers. Can you tell me them again.”

Wrong numbers? The safe in safety mode? Maybe he still had time to punch the override code, and then the correct code. She started to give numbers with her hands.

“5… 8… 2… 2… But that’s totally different from what you gave me earlier, you gave me 51136.”

Karen nodded no. How to make him understand that she was giving him the override code.

“Anyway, Karen, the lock is in safety mode. Do I need an override number or something?”

She nodded yes aggressively, then started to give the numbers.

“Oh, that was the override numbers. So, it’s 5, 8, 2, 2, 5, 8, 2…”

Karen nodded no, and was starting to feel that he was awesomely dumb. She started again.

“5… 8… 2… 2… 9… 1. Got it. Then I type the code 51136?”

Karen nodded a desperate no and started to give numbers again.

“Oh, 51163. Sorry. Well, I’ll go check, but I doubt that I still have time.”

Karen was furious. How could she have fell for a stupid guy like him, who couldn’t open a simple combination safe. She had put herself in a more dangerous situation than she had thought. When he came back to the room, he gave her the bad news. He was there too late. She would have to spend another 12 hours in the same position. She was too tired and aching too much to argue. Phil installed the vibrator back, not acknowledging her protests, and left her for the night. It was a long and painful night, as she didn’t take real pleasure at the stimulations.

She was still blindfolded, but something was happening. Although she didn’t have much feeling left in her limbs, she was feeling them relaxing, as if they were being untied. She couldn’t move them. Yes, she was being untied, because her arms were gently brought to her side. Her head was raised and she felt the lock being removed from the head harness. A few seconds later, the gag and blindfold were removed. Phil was there, smiling. She wasn’t. She was moving her jaw in all directions, trying to get some feeling back.

“Sorry to wake you up this early,” he said “but perhaps you don’t have to work, but I do. I’m going to the mill for my working shift.”

“But… What time is it?” she asked, her jaw still aching.


“But the keys? The safe wouldn’t open until 13:00.”

“Don’t worry. I got the keys the first time. When I told you that the safe was waiting for the code, I lied. There was still time to go. When I went down to get your dinner, the time came for the safe to enter the code, which I did, and I retrieved the keys. The rest was just for fun.”

“Well, it wasn’t. That was not what I had planned.”

“But isn’t it exactly that, the thing we miss when doing self-bondage? Unplanned things? I suspect you will need a few hours to recuperate. The key is on your night table, along with a note with my address. When I will get off from work, I will go home. If there’s nothing from you, you will not hear from me again. What you allowed me to do was a dream come true. Of course, I would like to do much more, and I would like to be in a helpless situation myself. I’m ready to go on. What is missing is your answer, and I don’t want you to take it now, as you’re probably not in the best of moods.”

He kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t respond.

“Good day.” He said before leaving. 

Karen stayed on the bed, waiting for her limbs to come back to life before being able to remove everything.

She took a shower put on a satin bathrobe and headed for the kitchen. She was craving a real meal. He had made her a nice breakfast before departing that was waiting for her in the kitchen. She went back to the bedroom and walked in the closet looking at all the stuff she never got to use, but was dying to use, some of which can be quite painful. But since Phil was himself a fetishist, and that he clearly said that he wished he could be in a helpless situation, she could get even.

Later that day, a black luxury car parked in front of Phil’s apartment building. The door opened, and one hand grabbed the roof while the other grabbed the top of the door. Karen pulled herself out of the car. She was wearing tight denim jeans with 5 inches pink pumps, and a hot pink halter-top. She went to Phil’s address. It was a small one-bedroom apartment. He obviously wasn’t having a big income. She already had a clue of that when she had a ride home on his 10 years old beat-up car. She made her final decision.

Phil came home to an empty apartment. Everything was gone. He thought he had been cleaned-up, which wasn’t the first time. What he hated the most was losing his fetish gear, but he was fortunate as they were still in the trunk of his car. On the kitchen wall there was a small note and an envelope. He read the note.

“Leave the key on the counter. Your landlord had been advised. Take the envelope, I’m waiting for you in your new home. – Karen.”

Phil opened the envelope. Inside was a Polaroid picture and a magnetic key. The picture had been taken in his apartment and showed Karen wearing the white bodysuit with the locking collar, extremely tight jeans with the locking belt and her five inches pumps with a locking ankle strap as well as stainless steel cuffs on her wrists. On the white strip at the bottom of the picture was written: ”I’m all tied up at home. Come rescue me.”

Phil smiled. His dream was coming true.

Part Two

Chapter I

Phil entered the mansion and rushed to the bedroom to find it empty. Now, where was she? He didn’t know much of the house. He toured all the bedrooms of the second floor, and didn’t see her anywhere. Back on the first floor, he heard something coming from the living room. Karen was there, behind the sofa, in a hog-tied position. She was wearing the same outfit as in the photograph, plus the stainless steel collar and a simple ball gag. 

Phil froze for a moment then rushed upstairs, leaving Karen frustrated. He came back a few minutes later with a handful of stuff Karen hadn’t time to see before he dropped them on the sofa. He quickly went to her and unlinked her wrists from her ankles with the mag-key.

“No, no, no. I’m very unhappy with that kind of behavior.” He said while untying her ankles. 

Karen was trying to follow. Isn’t this what he wanted? To have a helpless woman at home? Before she realized it, he had installed a one-foot long chromed steel spreader bar between her ankles. He removed the mag-lock holding her wrists together, turned her on her back before putting another one-foot long spreader bar between her wrists cuffs. He snapped a chain in the o-ring on the center of the bar fed it between her legs and up to the back ring of her stainless steel collar. The length of the chain was such that her hands would not go higher than chest level. Only then did he help her get up. Karen was puzzled.

“That’s no way to welcome the man of the family.” He said from a harsh tone, but Karen could see that he was trying his best not to laugh. “I’ve been working hard all day. I’m expected to have a full meal ready, waiting for me. Now, get to work!” he said, slapping her butt, “and I want my steak medium-rare.”

Karen didn’t move. She certainly didn’t expect that. She was expecting more caresses, and sex play. At first, she was disappointed. But then she thought that, deep down, she always wanted it. Now, she was Phil’s slave, and she better obeyed, or she would be punished. She made sure she was going to be.

She hobbled to the kitchen. It was not easy reaching for some steaks in the freezer with her arms limited in their movements. Each time she extended her arms the chain brushed on her crotch, reviving the dildos which were teasing her quite a bit. But she was forced to move, to twist, to walk, to bend, and the dildos deep inside her were driving her crazy. On many occasions, she had to stop to let the orgasm go on. Finally after an hour, she was putting down the plate in front of Phil. The steak was too cooked and as hard as a tire, and the potatoes were burned and tasting like shit. Obviously, Phil hated the meal.

“You should learn to cook, Karen. For that, you shall be punished.” He said.

  Karen lowered her head and looked at the floor, submissive. Then Phil hesitated.

“Err. You probably have a dungeon or something similar somewhere here?” asked Phil, realizing that he didn’t know anything about the mansion. Karen nodded no.

“All you have is the bedroom?” he asked, to which Karen nodded yes.

“Do you have an office of some sort, where I could write or draw?”

Karen nodded yes and indicated to follow her. He took great pleasure at seeing her hobble on her spreader bar, looking at her tightly encased butt having to twist with each step her hips to work harder than usual. She led him to a small office.

“Do you have any tools and hardware at all?”

She nodded yes and indicated the basement. He went in, and came back fifteen minutes later with a hammer and some screws. In the office, he climbed on a chair and reached the ceiling. With the hammer, he probed the ceiling. When he found the right spot, he screwed in place a 2 inches steel O ring. He placed Karen right under it and, after removing the chain linking her wrists to her collar, raised her hands and attached the chain to the newly installed O ring. 

Karen was now hanging from the ceiling. Without a word, he went to the desk, took a pad and started to draw, write and compute numbers on the small calculator. Karen could not do anything else than staying there. Although it was somewhat boring, it was also exciting, as she had absolutely no control on her situation.

After three hours, Phil was done. Karen’s feet were aching, and her arms were getting numb. Phil untied her and led her to the bedroom. He took pleasure to tie her hands in her back and watch her struggle to get upstairs with the spreader bar still linking the ankles. She almost fell backward a few times, but Phil was always there to catch her. 

Once on the bed, he removed all the restraints and helped her get undressed. Karen didn’t try to stop him. She even didn’t say a word after he removed the gag. She knew what he wanted. After he undressed himself, he slowly and carefully laid on her, caressing and kissing her entire body. They made love like they never did before, neither of them, on any circumstances. At that moment, they both knew they were made for each other.

After making love a few times, they both fell asleep, exhausted. In the morning, Phil got dressed ready to work. They were having their breakfast together.

“You know, Phil, I can provide for the both of us.”

“Yes, I know, but I also know that we can’t judge a lifetime in just a few nights. If things don’t work out, I have to have some income. So, I’ll keep my job for now, and I’ll advise in a few weeks, okay?”

“Yes, my love. Take your time. Maybe I’m rushing things a little.”

“Hum. Maybe not. Perhaps I am” he said, handing the pile of paper he had prepared the prior evening. 

There were drawings and instructions.

“If you’re willing to, these are plans to build the ultimate dungeon. You have enough room in the basement to construct it, with space to spare. It will not come cheap, and since it’s your money, better make the decision.”

“Whatever the price, I want it.” She said giving back the papers without even looking at them. “Do what you want, I’m giving you full freedom.”

“Very well, I’ll make a few phone calls today to find a contractor to do the job. Gee. I’m gonna be late for work. I have to go. Have a nice day, Honey.” He said, preparing to kiss her.

“Hey, wait. You’re not leaving me like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not even tied up?”

Phil smiled.

“Sorry, not used to that… yet. But I have no time for it today. I promise I’ll make it up tomorrow.”

“Then go to work with it.” She said, handing him the mag-key. “I’ll take care of myself, and I’ll be waiting for you.”

Phil kissed her before leaving. This was way beyond his dreams. He was ready to quit his job, but he feared that it might be just that, a dream.

He had difficulties concentrating on his work. He couldn’t stop thinking about Karen, and in what kind of situation she had put herself, waiting for him. And that didn’t help to plan for the construction of the dungeon. Finally, he was off, and heading for the mansion. 

As expected, Karen wasn’t there to greet him. He looked for her and found her in the office. She was suspended by the arms, her feet six inches off the ground, a chair lying on its side not far. She had obviously climbed on the chair to hook her wrists to the O ring he had installed the day before, then kicked the chair away, so she would not be able to get off. That obviously worked. What he had in front of her was a complete shiny black female form. 

She had on a tight black latex catsuit, thigh high lace-up ballet toe boots, a thick rubber posture collar and a full hood, obviously with a blow-up gag, and without any other hoses that the breathing tube coming out the center of the gag. 

Her feet were held together by lined two inches heavy leather cuffs. She obviously wasn’t aware of Phil’s presence. 

He gently rubbed her left thigh and hip. She responded by tenderly twisting and moaning. He put his hand between her legs, at the crotch and strokes it a few times. She reacted instantly, indicating that she had also put the dildos. She tried to raise her legs, in an attempt to grab him, but he simply went away. He had left. She stayed still and waited. A few minutes later, she felt he was back, doing something close to her feet. She felt him fumbles around her ankles then a yank pulled her down. She tried to resist, but it was no use. Phil had added a floor ring and had tied her ankles to it. 

Now she was stretched between the floor and the ceiling with no possibility to move. She felt something hard being put between her thighs, against her crotch, then a wide leather strap was tightened just over her knees, and drawn tight, pushing the solid object even higher. After a few seconds of silence, she moaned. The hard object was a vibrator, and Phil had just turned it on. 

She wiggled, trying to get it off, but it was held too strongly between her latex encased legs, tightly held together. She tried to lift her feet, but only increased the pressure on her wrists. All she could do was twist and turn. The vibration found their way to her dildos, which increased the simulation. She moaned, and let herself have the first of many orgasms while Phil got dressed in his own latex catsuit and hood. He came back, sat at the desk, and drew a few more pages. He was often looking at the suspended latex female form in front of him for many minutes, gently stroking his shaft.

After close to two hours, he stopped the vibrator, approached the chair and unhooked Karen from the ceiling, helping her getting seated. She still had her ankles tied to the floor. She was so weak, she didn’t even try to resist when he tied her wrists in her back, then with another strap, joined her elbows together. He bent her so that her neck was touching her knees and tied her collar to the knee strap. Then, removing the chair, he helped her kneel on the floor. He had her crouch down, linking her ankles to her wrists. She was in a ball-tie, still attached to the floor. Then the vibrator started again. She could feel the vibration throughout her body. She tried to move without success. She moaned. She wanted it to stop, as much she wanted it to continue.

She couldn’t tell how long she stayed like that, having orgasms, one after the other. She was totally exhausted when Phil finally untied her, and carried her to the bed, laying her gently on the latex sheets. 

She was still gagged and blindfolded. He began to caress her again, rubbing his hands along her latex encased body, from her head, to her heel. Then he slowly parted her legs, opened the crotch zipper and removed the dildo. She then felt something more soft being inserted. Phil was in her. He started to stroke gently, taking his time, while still caressing her breasts and kissing her on her latex hooded head. She moaned and she tightened her arms around his body, clamping the two of them together. They made love. Again, like they never did before. After a short rest, he helped her remove the gag and the hood. They kissed.

“Wow”. That’s all Karen could manage to say.

“Well, that’s a wow for two.” Added Phil.

Chapter II

They slept well that night. The next morning, Phil didn’t seem in a hurry to go to work.

“Aren’t you going to be late?” asked Karen, dressed in her dark blue and green latex pajamas.

“No, I took the morning off to meet the contractor. I’m afraid that I will not be tying you for the next few days, as I don’t want them to wander free in the house, feeling they are… kind of alone… and my boss doesn’t want to give me the week off.”

“How sad.” Said Karen. “I really enjoyed my predicament yesterday, and what you did with it. I had a few more in planning.”

“Well, when the dungeon will be finished, you’ll have a lot more possibilities. So bare with me for a few days. Most of the work will be done by Friday. I have a couple of things that had to be custom made, and they will be installed within a month.”

“Then, in the meantime, how should I dress-up?”

“How did you dress when you had a repairman in to fix something?”

“Teasing…” she answered with an evil smile, remembering the time she received the plumber with a short hot pink latex skirt, hot pink halter top and hot pink 5 inches pumps and no underwear. The poor guy almost set himself on fire when doing some welding: he raised his head to end up almost his nose in her pussy, dropping his propane torch. All she was doing was picking up scraps of material, bending down straight at the hips, her back, or rather butt, aimed at the guy.

Phil kept silent for a moment, not knowing anything about the plumber story, but very well imagining his own.

“Well, if you dress too sexy, they won’t work, but only look at you, and I know that you’ll be unhappy to dress, well, casual. So, I think I better fix you up.”

Karen smiled and shivered. She was anxious to know in what situation she was going to end-up.

“Okay, I have an idea.” He said after a moment. “Go get yourself into something you’re willing to spend the next twelve hours while I get everything ready.”

“Twelve hours?” she asked.

“The contractors are going to work 12 hours days for the next four days. They should be here at 8am, and would only leave at 8 tonight.”

She shivered on the thought to be bound in the same position for at least 12 hours, because she wasn’t sure that Phil would free her immediately after that. She felt her pussy get wet. She went to the bedroom, chose an outfit and got dressed. Meanwhile, Phil had run down the basement and had rush upstairs to the guest room. When Karen came in, it was all ready. The guest room bed was a platform bed, so the center of it being hollow, he attached a number of O rings on the inside frame. Karen got the feeling that she was going to spend the next 12 hours tied up under the platform and the mattress of the guest room bed. 

Phil had a look at her. She had on a clear latex catsuit over which she had put a bright red long sleeve latex bodysuit, black gloves and thigh high 6 inches red patent boots.

“That’s it?” he asked. “Not much restrictions.” He said.

“Hey, you asked me to choose something I was willing to spend the next half a day tied up in. I chose this.”

Phil left and came back a few minutes later. Karen protested at what she saw.

“Oh no. You’re not putting this on me.”

Phil was holding a long black leather corset. It was made to fit from the crotch up to the neck where it ended in a boned high collar. It would cover completely her red bodysuit, except for the arms.

“And why not” he asked, putting the other stuff he had on the bed. Karen rolled her eyes at what she saw. A heavy molded latex hood, a single strap ball gag and lots of leather cuffs.

“That thing is deadly. It’s so tight, I only managed an hour at a time in it, and it wasn’t even fully closed.”

“I understand. Okay, give me your wrists.”

She did and he put on two inches wide lined leather cuffs, which he locked with the maglocks. He added more cuffs over her elbows, then to her ankles and over the knees. He fastened them all very tightly. He then took the ballgag and approached Karen.

“You don’t need to put a gag with that hood.” She said nervously, and backing up a little. 

Without saying a word, he grabbed her wrists and hooked them to a new chain hanging from the ceiling. She tried to get loose, but did not succeed. She protested when Phil approached with the gag, but that didn’t stop him. He put the gag in place and yanked it tight. He got on his knees, opened the crotch zippers of the suits and inserted a huge dildo with wires hanging out of it. He then took the corset. Again, Karen tried to tell him no, but Phil stayed of ice. He removed her right arm from the ceiling chain fed it through the right armhole of the corset and tied it back up. He did the same with the left arm. He slowly tightened the corset, yanking the crotch strap tightly. When the corset was snug, he took the heavy latex hood and forced it on Karen’s head. She tried to move her head away, but within a few seconds, it was on, compressing her head, blinding her, and putting extreme pressure on her jaws. The hood was tight enough that no gag was required, so the added bulge of the ball gag was making it stretch more, and feel tighter. Karen moaned. 

Phil continued with the lacing of the corset. He went from the bottom up to her neck, tightening the collar, which was stiff and high, forcing her head erect, and immobilizing it totally. Karen wasn’t at her worse, and she knew it. She had worn that corset, and knew it wasn’t at its tightest.

The doorbell rang. To her relief, Phil stopped the lacing.

“Just wait here. I’ll be right back.” He said closing the door. 

Karen grumbled. Of course she was going to wait for him there. She was blindfolded, gagged and tied up to the ceiling. Where else would she go? She evaluated her time there at close to an hour. During that time, her body adjusted to the corset, which seemed less tight. She even surprised herself at almost dozing off, but Phil quickly brings her back to reality when he pulls on the lace. He put his knee in the small of her back and pulled hard. Karen felt that all her internal organs were being squished. Her breathing became short, panting heavily. 

She didn’t have room for her ribcage to expand. The air was whistling through the small nose holes of the thick latex hood. Then, as Phil tightened the neck collar, swallowing became hard. This was too much. She wanted to be out. But how to tell him. Not a single sound was getting out. When he untied her hands, she felt too weak to even struggle. He led her carefully to the inside of the platform bed where he laid her on her back. At least, she wasn’t going to be standing up. He stretched her legs to the corners before tying them with leather straps. Then her arms were stretched to the opposite corner and tied there too, not before he had removed any slack there was in the straps, and even more. 

She felt him fondling on her corset. He had attached more straps to the multitude of D rings on the sides of her corset and was tying them on the sides of the platform case, binding them tight. The final one linked the D ring on top of her thick latex hood to the headboard. Her neck was stretched out, removing a little bit of pressure from the tight neck corset.

“Okay in there?”

Karen tried to say no, but nothing moved.

“Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve locked the corset on you and put the key in the safe. So, everything from the hips up will stay there until 01:00.”

With that, and with Karen struggling to get free, he plugged the vibrating dildo. She jolted, surprised by the sudden movement in her tightly encased body. Phil put the top board on the bed, followed by the mattress. If someone would listen carefully, he could hear the humming sound of the vibrating dildo. Phil smiled at the thought that she was going to be like that for the next 14 hours or so.

Chapter III

Karen squirmed as much as the restraints allowed, trying to find the most comfortable position possible. The vibrator, firing at random, was hellish, but it was nothing compared to the tightness of her situation.

After a few hours, everything was aching, and she was desperate for release. This was way too much. Phil, as good as he was, will have to go much more easy on the setups. She blamed it on her inexperience. After all, she knew exactly what he was thinking, being a self-bondage enthusiast herself, she often had these dreams of tighter, longer, tougher.

She was faintly hearing the power tools working their way in the basement, building what Phil called the ultimate dungeon. Her attention was drawn back to the building orgasm, fueled by the vibrator.

Phil came back right after work, and had a look at the progress of the dungeon. But things were not happening exactly as planned, and he had to have a long discussion with the contractor. Everything ended late. Way later than what he had planned.

He rushed to the bedroom and removed the top of the box, to find an unconscious Karen, the vibrator still humming.

He quickly untied her and brought her to her bed, where he undressed her and cleaned her. She was breathing normally. He sat on a chair beside her for the whole night, blaming himself that he had gone too far. It would not happen again. He swore it.

A soft rubbing on her chin woke him up. He opened his eyes to find Karen, looking at him, smiling. He ached as he straightened up on the chair where he had fallen asleep.

“Karen! Are you all right?” he asked, getting up.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks. I think it was a wee bit too heavy of a setup.” She said.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do this again. Do you forgive me?

“Of course I forgive you.”

They kissed and embraced. While rubbing her back, Phil could still feel the marks left by the tight corset on her skin.

“Okay, you plan your own setup today. I’ll do it as you want it.” Said Phil. “If you want nothing, then it’s okay with me.”

“What? Nothing? Are you nuts? You’re not about to leave me unrestrained in this house, especially with all the workers.” Said Karen with an evil smile.

“We don’t have a lot of options, as long as the dungeon is not finished.” He said. “It’s either a simple tie on a bed or something with the door lock, or you go back into the bed box.”

“To be honest, I loved my stay in the bed box. We just have to do it a little less heavy.” She said, walking to her fetish closet.

“Go take a shower, and I’ll be ready when you’ll be back.” She said.

When he returned, Karen had put on a heavy black rubber catsuit, a black rubber corset, and was holding a thick rubber hood with an inflatable gag in her hand. She already was wearing the cuffs with the maglocks.

She led him to the bed box, and handed him the hood. It had no eyehole. He gently put it on her head and closed the back zipper, using a maglock. He then pumped the gag until she said to stop, and did not add a hint of a squeeze more.

She took place inside the box, and he tied her in the spread eagle position, until she signaled that it was tight enough. He put the vibrator in place and plugged it. He kissed her on the cheek before putting the top of the bed in place.

That proved to be much more comfortable, and that’s the way she spent the rest of the week.

By the weekend, the dungeon was all done.

Early Saturday morning, Phil made her tour it. Karen was astounded. Every fantasy could be fulfilled in this place, from the mild to the heavy.

“But why are you showing me this that early, Phil? We have all day.”

“Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention it, I have to go to work today.”

“But it’s Saturday.”

“Yes, I know, but the boss told me that if I was not making it, I would lose my job.”

“Then, so be it.” Said Karen, angrily. “I said that I could provide for the two of us.”

“I know but you also know how I feel about this.”

“Yeah, I understand. Come on, let’s have some breakfast” she said. “We’ll look again at all this when you’ll return.”

He followed her upstairs. He had another hard-on, looking at her body, wrapped in a tight gleaming clear latex catsuit and clear platform sandals, twisting to get upstairs.

He prepared some toasts as Karen poured the coffee. They sat and ate while discussing their first use of the dungeon. That’s when Phil started to feel strange.

“Gee, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t feel too well.” He said, putting his toast on the plate.

“I’m sure it’s all okay.” Said Karen with a smile.

Phil made wide eyes, looked at his coffee then at the smiling Karen.

“Oh shit!” he said before dropping on the table, asleep.”

Chapter IV

Phil was slowly coming back to his senses. He felt that he was no longer at the breakfast table. His breathing was difficult. He felt his ribcage strongly compressed. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was wearing a latex catsuit with a very tight corset. His head was encased with a thick and tight rubber hood, his mouth filled with a blow-up gag pumped to its maximum.

Right in front of him, a large mirror was conveniently located for him to appreciate his predicament:

He was tied, spread eagled, on a cartwheel. He was not tied with leather straps, but rather with stainless steel straps, screwed very tight. And he was pretty much covered with them.

To top it, his head was encased in a gas mask, with only two circular windows to look outside. He noticed the tubes running from the mouth position. He perfectly knew that these tubes were running through a breathing device.

A humming at his crotch attracted his attention as the vibration took place, sending waves of pleasures through his erected cock. He breathed more heavily, and that’s where the breathing device kicked into action by cutting the air flow. 

He squirmed around, in a panicked state.

Karen moved in his viewing angle. She was wearing a red latex catsuit with black kid leather thigh high boots with a five inches spiky heel. Her waist was emphasis with a black waist cincher. She had on elbow length black rubber gloves, and a shiny chromed 2 inches wide collar. Her hairs that he always knew loose on her shoulders, or stuck inside a rubber hood, were held into a strict bun. Along with her heavy make-up, she looked like a fierce dominatrix.

“Oh, hi honey. I can see you’ve awakened… finally. Sorry, I think I went a wee bit too heavy on the sleeping pills this morning in your coffee.”

Phil squirmed in his bonds, but nothing yielded. 

“Panicking, isn’t? Well, isn’t it you who said that the unplanned things were the things missing when doing self bondage?”

Phil grunted.

“Well, you’ll be served. After all, you have some payback to receive. You had quite a ball with my setups, didn’t you?”

Phil grunted more, and squirmed.

“Oh, right. Your job. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re out of. I called you sick this morning and that Suzy told me that you didn’t have to present yourself Monday morning. She’ll have your stuff sent. Was she your boss?”

Phil nodded yes.

“Well, quite a character I might say. She sounds like a real bitch.”

Phil let go of the struggling. He had nothing to gain. Karen was in full control of his life, like he was when he kept her tied up the previous weekend. He chose to enjoy it instead of fighting it.

“Good boy.” Said Karen. “Well, I have some shopping to do. You have to have something else than that this single catsuit to wear. I should be back by the end of the day. Bye!” she said, waving her latex covered fingers before flipping the motor switch. With a jolt, the cartwheel started to rotate, one revolution every minute.

Phil closed his eyes as the vibrator started its random firing.

What time was it? How long has he been there? Phil had no clue, but he knew that his cock, kept erect all this time, was starting to hurt really badly. As the cartwheel reached for the countless time the upright position, it stopped.

Karen appeared in his view again, this time wearing a purple bodysuit with long sleeves and high collar, and a dark blue pair of latex jeans. She was standing on “airplane frame” platform sandals.

“Hi sweetie. I’m back. I guess you need some serious relief.” She said, rubbing his hard cock inside the latex catsuit.

Slowly, she undid the zipper and removed the vibrator. She gently stroked the large member and then started to lick it.

Within a minute, Phil was exploding in her mouth. He was suddenly very relaxed.

Helped with a battery powered screwdriver, Karen undid the numerous stainless steel straps that were holding Phil to the cartwheel. Exhausted, he carefully stepped on the basement floor, but before he could do anything, she had fastened his wrists in his back.

“I’m pretty sure you need to go. You know where the bathroom is. When you’re done, come back here, your ordeal is not over… yet.” She said with an evil tone.

In Phil’s mind, a setup for vengeance was forming. Next time, it would be her turn…

© Pete / monsterp63, September 22, 2005

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