Karen – Lost And Found


It had been a hellish trip. The worst of her life, although that trip to a tropical paradise was to be… heavenly.

First, her flight was cancelled and she was bumped to another flight, with numerous stops. In the middle of all those stops, her purse got stolen, but she was lucky enough to have her plane tickets and passport in a pocket of her leather jacket. Then, once arrived at the island, she learned that her luggage did not follow. When she got to the rental car counter, she learned that she was too late for her car, and it had been given away and that there was no one left.

She had called her credit card company who assured her that everything would be fine by the time she’ll reach her hotel: she would have a replacement credit card and cash money waiting for her at the counter. But hell doesn’t stop there.

She had a message to call her credit card company at the hotel: their computer got infected by a virus, and they’re picking up the pieces. They had clear things with the hotel, so she had a room and the meals would be provided, but she had no cash and no credit card. And the best prognosis? 5 days…

All she had was her jeans, T-shirt and her leather jacket. She couldn’t even go to the beach, having no swimsuit. She couldn’t go visit anything, having no money. She was stuck.

The clerk at the hotel desk told her that her luggage should be there within the next day. It was some relief as she had a couple of traveler’s checks.

But the next day, she received nothing. By the third day, her clothes were starting to stink, and she heard the good news: her luggages was found and were waiting for her at the desk. She quickly picked up her suitcase and ran back to her room. There she undressed, put all her clothes into the cleaning bag and put it by the door. Next it was into the shower to remove all the stinking odour her dirty clothes had left on her.

Out of the shower, to the suitcase. She opened it and froze! In disbelief, she browsed through the clothes, or rather the items laying in front of her. She picked up one of the garments.

“This is not my stuff.” She said, feeling the garment she picked up. “What is this, rubber?”

She searched through the luggage.  There was nothing else than rubber garments, underwear, pants, shirts, catsuits, high heel shoes and boots, and a bunch of much more personal and weird… equipment, ranging from vibrating dildos to leather collars and cuffs. Even padlocks!

She quickly opened the door to get her dirty clothes back, but the bag was gone. She quickly called the desk.

“Yes miss. Your clothes were sent to the cleaner” said the clerk with a very strong accent.

“But I need them today.” She said.

“Yes.” Said the clerk. “Two day.”

“No, wait. Not in two days, I want them today, as in now.” She yelled to the phone.

“No can do. Cleaner only comes in two days.”

“But… never mind.” She said, hanging the phone.

Desperate, she let herself drop on the bed, face first, sobbing. Depressed and exhausted, she quickly fell asleep.

When she woke up, a while later, she realized that she had rolled over some of the latex garments laying on the bed. At first, she found it uncomfortable, with the rubber sticking to her bare skin, but as she removed it, the previous cold material had become warm and silky. She surprised herself at rubbing some of the now warm rubber, along her thighs, and finding it quite… interesting.

“No, forget it girl. That’s weirdo’s stuff.” She said, throwing it back in the open suitcase. 

She got up. The only thing she had to wear was the hotel provided cotton bathrobe.

She didn’t know why but she felt attracted by the new material. She picked a pair of panties in her hands and felt them. It was smooth and silky. She felt the urge to try them.

She started to slide them up her legs but she soon discovered that it was to be impossible without some kind of lubricant. Of the three suitcases that composed her luggage, or rather what should have been hers, she opened the smallest one to discover an assortment of lubricant and a bottle of talc powder.

She applied some on the panties, which slid easily up her legs. They appeared to be a wee bit small, but she liked the tight feeling.

Once in place, the black rubber moulded her mounds, producing sensations she had never felt before. She surprised herself at rubbing her crotch with the tip of her finger.

Soon, she was putting on a black latex bra. She took place on the bed, squeezed her latex covered breasts and fondled at her latex covered crotch. Her breathing became faster, shakier. Within a few minutes, her hips were rocking up and down faster and faster as the pleasure built up more and more until she exploded.

She laid there, panting, trying to figure out what had just happened. Can two small pieces of rubber create that feeling? Her common sense said no, but her guts said… she had to find out.

She browsed the suitcase. She got out a latex catsuit along with a latex hood with eyes and mouth holes. She grabbed the talk powder and proceeded to put everything on.

The catsuit proved to be a tight fit. She didn’t know if it was because the woman to whom it belonged was smaller than she was, or it was the way it should be, but she liked it. She smoothed the rubber, and discovered a bottle of rubber shine in the small suitcase. 

Standing in front of the mirror, she shined the black rubber suit to perfection. She admired her long gleaming body in the mirror. She couldn’t believe how hot she looked and how hot she felt. The feeling was reinforced when she put on the hood. She seemed to drift into another world, her hearing deafened by the rubber.

She was quickly back on the bed, playing with herself. The pleasure grew, and she exploded, again, with more force than the previous time. That was too good to be true. Either she had undiscovered desires, or these garments were possessed by some devil. 

Or both.

After relaxing for a while, feeling her perspiration grow underneath her rubber covering, providing lubrication and allowing the suit to glide even more easily, she got up and browsed the suitcase again in search of more… she didn’t know what but she wanted more.

At the very bottom, under leather cuffs, rubber gloves and stockings, she found another rubber suit. This one was complete with attached feet and gloves. The rubber appeared very thick. The hood was completely closed except for a tube at the mouth. From the inside, there was something like a rubber bladder, and from the outside, just a hole and in the center of it, a valve, like the one found on tires. She looked again in the suitcase and found a little hand pump with a length of tube, ending with a plug that apparently screwed on the valve. She tried it and pumped. The bladder inflated. She looked puzzled as this bladder had nowhere else to go than into the mouth.

She operated the small release valve and the bladder emptied. With a devilish smile, she thought that she had nothing to lose, and she proceeded to put on the suit but not before choosing a pair of panties with two vibrating dildos and carefully inserting them, passing the dildos through the crotch zipper of the first suit. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing it.

It proved quite a struggle. The suit was very tight, and being very thick, was not very stretchy. She quickly discovered that applying a rubber lubricant found in the product suitcase was making the whole process a lot easier, although still struggling.

After fifteen minutes, she was panting heavily. The suit was on, and the back zipper up to her shoulder blades, thanks to a long strap like the one on surfing wetsuits back zippers.

There was still one suitcase that wasn’t opened. She decided to have a look before continuing, just in case there was something interesting to try. And she found it!

In the suitcase was an assortment of shoes and boots. She picked fine leather ballet toe boots. She looked at it with amusement, wondering who would wear that, and laughing at the thought that she was going to. She also found a leather corset.

She tried the boots. They were apparently the right size. Then again, her shoe size was pretty common. She carefully and tightly laced up the boots. She tried to stand up on them. It proved difficult, but she was surprised at how quick she managed. She took the corset and wrapped it around her waist, already compressed by the heavy rubber.

She drew the laces as tight as she could, but not knowing how to tighten it, it stayed rather loose. Nevertheless, she kept it and took place on the bed.

She flipped the thick hood over her head and pull down on the back zipper. Everything went black and silent. All she could hear was her breathing, flapping the rubber bladder that she had kept deflated. She pulled up on the strap of the suit and closed the zipper over the large yoke of the hood, sealing herself.

She let herself drift into a strange dream, hearing only her breathing and her heart pounding. She started to rock her hips up and down, feeling she was missing something.

After a few minutes, she sat on the bed and fondled around until she found the pump for the gag. She screwed in place and started to pump, feeling the bladder expand in her mouth. She pumped it more, until it filled her mouth and stopped. That was enough.

She laid on her back on the bed, gently rocking her hips, one hand on her breast, the other at the crotch, feeling the touch on the tight latex. She was entering another world, isolated from all the city noise and stress.

She stopped breathing. She didn’t know how long she had been like that, but she thought she had heard something. She tried to listen, but with the two layers of rubber covering her ears, she heard nothing, although she was sure someone was beside her.

Slowly, she got up to stand on her elbows. That’s when she definitely felt someone getting on the bed. Panicking, she tried to get up and get the hood off, but whoever it was, was quickly on her, pinning her down on the bed, sitting on her stomach, with their knees on her arms.

Karen felt fondling at the gag and felt the pressure increase, more and more. She squirmed, trying to get out of it, but the pressure only continued. The rubber bladder was now filling entirely her mouth and pushing out on her cheeks. She tried to scream, to beg to stop, but it just increased. When she thought her mouth was going to explode, it stopped.

Whoever was on her grabbed her arms and put wide cuffs on, probably the leather cuffs she had seen earlier. Then, having not prepared the move, she didn’t have time to react, she was flipped on her stomach, and her arms drew in her back and linked together.

Cuffs were also applied on her ankles and tied together.

She felt her corset being unlaced, then retightened. A lot tighter than what she had been able to achieve.

She felt her waist being compressed. Some of her organs were moved upward, restricting her breathing, and some were moved downward, putting more pressure around the still vibrating dildos.

She couldn’t believe that, in a situation like this, where someone else was having complete control over her faith… she got aroused.

Once the corset was tightened, more cuffs were applied over her elbows and they were painfully drawn together. Then her legs were bent at the knees and the ankles linked to the wrists in a strict hogtie position.

A strap was attached to the D ring on top of the heavy rubber hood and tied to her elbow cuffs, and drawn tightly, forcing her head up.

Karen complained, squirmed and fought her bonds, but nothing changed her situation.

She thought she heard metallic sounds for a while. Then, as she was about to doze off, she was untied. Her ankle cuffs were removed.

Strong hands took her and had her stand up and walk. She didn’t know where she was heading, and she couldn’t do anything about it. She was stopped a few steps farther. Then whoever was guiding her took one leg and lifted up straight, forcing her to bend her knees. She lost balance and found some metal frame with her hands in her back, that she could grab. 

Her leg was lifted about a foot and then down about 6 inches where it rested on some kind of platform. Her other leg was tugged on. Karen grabbed a hold on the metal frame and put her weight on her already lifted leg. Her other leg was put at the same level that the previous one. She figured she was getting on some kind of pedestal or something, her legs spread apart by about two feet.

She was pulled by the collar and forced to bend forward, then her arms unlinked and the cuffs removed. Then each arm was stretched up, and she felt them passing through some loops.

When both hands were up, she heard, or rather felt, something like a ratchet, and a wide strap closed around her wrists, binding them to whatever frame she was. They were drawn very tightly, and the straps appeared very wide, covering half her lower arm.

Cuffs on her ankles were also tightened with a ratchet like device. Then a belt was put around her waist. If she thought that her corset was tight, she hasn’t felt that one yet. When the tightening stopped, she was sure she was about to be cut in half.

Then more cuffs were tightened around her thighs, upper arms and her neck. A strap linked the D ring of her hood to something over it and was drawn tightly.

Then she heard more ratchet sounds and her arms and legs were pulled in opposite directions, stretching her on the frame until she felt as tense as a bowstring. Then her arms and legs were spread apart, opening them wide in a spread eagle position. She squirmed in her bounds, surprised to find it arousing. She couldn’t move at all. 

She felt some fondling at her crotch, on both dildos. Then she felt something heavy being put over her breasts. Then silence… until.

The dildos started moving in and out in one after the other. Not much, merely an inch, but the feeling was awesome and Karen twitched on the frame as the movements aroused her. Then something started to squeeze her breasts. Each one after the other. It was too regular to be someone. It had to be mechanical. She figured that she was tied to some kind of frame, being screwed and pumped by some machine.

She bit on her blow-up gag as one orgasm came soon followed by another one, but before she exploded for that one, everything stopped. Then everything started again, but this time, all at the same time. Both dildos were pulled at the same time both her breasts were squeezed. It took her some time to get the beat right, to have the pressure go on until… it stopped again, and started into another sequence, leaving her frustrated.

And it went on, again and again. Sometimes she had time to explode before the change of sequence, sometimes not. She got very frustrated, and at the same time, aroused like hell.

Finally, everything stopped, and she felt some liquid being poured through the breathing tube of the gag. Water. It was welcomed and she drank it avidly. Shortly after that, everything went black as she drifted into an induced sleep.

She shimmered. A cold breeze was brushing over her body. She opened her eyes, fuzzy and disoriented. It was still dark but the sun was peeking over the horizon. What had happened? Has she been drugged? Had she dreamed all that? The aching in her jaws and her very sensitive clitoris told her that it had been real.

She got up, finding it strange to get her feet flat on the ground. She opened the lights. Everything appeared normal. Everything was where it was supposed to be, including her suitcases. Her suitcases!

She quickly opened the larger one, hoping to find the latex garments, but there was nothing but her own clothes. What the heck happened?

She walked to the bathroom and startled when she entered. On the mirror was a message written with lipstick. On the counter, a bunch of Polaroid pictures, showing a woman, dressed in a shiny black rubber suit with ballet toe boots, tied to a strange steel frame, all spread out, evidently enjoying it. That was her!

The message read.

“Hi. I think our suitcases were mixed up somewhere in some airport. When I came to give yours and take mine, I found you in the rubber catsuit on the bed, enjoying yourself. As a sales representative for The Frame, and as I was already late for my demo, I decided to use you as my model, since you were already suited up. So I tied you on the frame and had my customers examine The Frame.  You give a heck of a show and I sold twice as much as I expected. I know I never ask you for your permission, but unless I am mistaking, you quite enjoyed the experiment.

As a thank you present, I leave you what’s in the bathtub. I hope to hear from you again,

 Sincerely, Lynda. Sales Representative.

P.S. Please, don’t deny what you felt, it would be such a waste.”

Along was a magazine with an ad for The Frame. Karen turned around and looked into the bathtub. There was the heavy rubber suit, the ballet toe boots and the panties with vibrating dildos. Karen, all shaking, took everything and went back to her bed. The sun was getting higher in the sky.

“Nah. It’s not the right time to enclose myself in rubber, but…” she said as she browsed in her suitcase, getting out her tightest pair of stretch jeans and picking the vibrating dildo panties, “I wonder how they would felt under my jeans for a morning walk on the beach.”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 17, 2005

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