Karen – From Bad To Worse


Karen had been preparing that little, well extended stunt for weeks, walking the path of the streets she would have to go, looking at the lighting, access, obstacles, the time needed to cover each section. Everything has been checked and re-checked and over checked four times. She was all set, physically and mentally. All she needed was the right weather at the right season.

The season was fall, with the early sunset, the darkness was coming in early, and daylight arriving late, giving her the maximum hiding time. Then there was the weather: rainy. She could cope with heavy rain, but she wished for more constant light rain.

And that day of November proved to be ideal:  Soft to mild rainfall throughout the night and dark by 18:00 and light only by 06:00. Pretty much twelve hours of darkness.

She was getting ready. She had already put on her latex panties equipped with a double dildo, vibrating. It was set up at random. Already, walking with both lower holes plugged was a challenge, having them vibrate was a blast!

Following was a rubber bra with tiny spikes inside the cups.

Next was a thick latex catsuit with attached feet and gloves. The suit was fitting her very tightly and it was a struggle to put on, even with all the talk powder in the world. Getting the zipper up was a struggle as well as an arousal as it squeezed her stomach in and pulled on her crotch seam, pushing on the dildos.

A thin clear rubber hood covered her head. It was tucked inside the high collar of the catsuit. More would be added later, but for now, only a wig covered everything. Yes, her face would appear shiny, but on a rainy day, one expects to see someone with a wet look face.

Next came the boots: thigh high, lace up platform-ballet toe boots. They were as high as ballet boots, but with a platform heel and sole, making the walk easier. Then she placed two large leather cuffs on her ankles and over her knees, buckling them tightly before locking them. She did the same with her wrists.

Finally, she put on a long black leather corset that was fitting her from the hips up to her breasts, with beautifully embroidered breast cups and large shoulder straps.

She tightened the corset to its maximum, using a ring screwed to the wall to attach the string while she walked away to pull it shut.

Her breathing became shallow and shaky as the tight embrace of the corset enveloped her, squeezing her, binding her, holding her in its tight embrace.

She knotted the corset in front and had a last look at the mirror. She slowly caressed her leather-encased boobs, her constricted waist, down to her rubber covered thighs. She smiled. She made sure she would not remove the corset by wrapping her waist in a wide leather belt, and locked it.

She put on her floor length black vinyl raincoat and walked to her car, wiggling her butt while walking down the stairs from her second floor apartment to the basement garage.

She drove off, crossing the city hot district, and stopping on the opposite residential area. There she parked the car in a parking lot, in a dark corner where the lamppost had been damaged and has not been repaired. It was time for the last setup.

She fondled in her bag of goodies and picked up a penis shape gag with a clear strap and lips painted over it. She pushed the gag in her mouth and moaned at the invader, placing her tongue to be comfortable. She buckled it at the back very tightly, then locked it. The lock was invisible under the wig.

Next came a severe posture collar, which she wrapped tightly around her neck before locking it. It was hardly showing under the high collar of the raincoat.

Everything was of no-return, since she had no escape key with her. She put a one feet long piece of steel braided wire between her two ankle cuffs and locked it. The wire would prevent any clicking sounds as she walked. The rings of the cuffs had been taped to reduce the noise. She didn’t want to attract any attention. She linked her knees with a six inch wire.

She hobbled out of the car, the keys in the ignition. She pulled the large hat attached to her raincoat over her head. She took a deep breath and closed the car door.

She was set. The only way back home was on foot.

She had kept her hands free, in case she would trip and fall or if anything unplanned happened. In her first draft of the stunt, she was to tie her hands to the waist belt, but in reality, she had chickened out.

She started to walk toward the first dark backstreet, hobbling her way on her tied 7 inches heels. She was breathing rapidly and felt stress build up as she approached it.

Clear. There was nobody, and the pathway was open. With a muffled sigh, she relaxed and slowly walked her way down the street. The whole trip should take her between two to three hours. Already, the random firing dildos were giving her a hard time, but she concentrated on walking, and not let herself stop and play with them, after all, her hands were free.

Heartbeat racing, quick breathing, she crossed the first street and into the next backstreet.

She had a shock! One of the lamppost nearby was for some reason, off, putting the alley in even more darkness. That was getting better and better.

As the rain fell down heavily, she continued. Next street: empty. Next backstreet: empty. She was relaxing. She was slowly entering the trance she was hoping for, realizing a dream, of being helpless out in the street, left to herself and her own stunt to get free.

One more dark alley. She almost tripped on a pothole filled with water she hadn’t seen. That sudden move, added to the coincidence of the dildos firing had been very disturbing, yet pleasurable.

But right now, she was approaching downtown. There, there was someone, whatever the time of day. If she could stay out of the main streets, she would be fine. One street crossed and into the dark alley. She was hearing voices, but they came from either apartments with open windows or farther away. She walked quickly. Two more lengths of the hot district to cross. That’s where she got her first unforeseen obstacle.

Apparently, the city workers had worked on the next backstreet she had to take, digging a huge hole that was now partly filled with water. She had no way to go through, not impaired as she was. She would have to walk around. She could go to her left or to her right. On both sides were streets, but none were very busy.

On all the tests she made, she had walked both streets, and not once has she seen someone else, not at this time. She chose to her right, going farther away from the much busier streets. She turned the corner and almost froze. About two buildings from her were standing two women, obviously hookers, waiting for customers. She could go to the other side of the street, but that one had only one sidewalk. She would look odd to walk on the other side, and the two hookers would surely have a long look at her. Heart pounding, she decided to give it a go, and walk past the two hookers. She hoped that, since they were standing in a rather dark area, the lamp being blown out, she would not get noticed

Strolling rapidly, she walked past them. She heard them talking about how dull it was that night, that they were getting cold and wet for nothing, standing there on this deserted street, but it was to avoid the cops that were patrolling their usual corner.

Nervous, panting, she walked in front of them, but breathing only through the nose and, only through the small nose holes of the clear rubber hood, was producing unnatural sounds.

“Are you okay?” asked one of the hooker, but Karen just continued her way.

“Hey, you could at least answer!” said the other one while grabbing Karen’s left arm.

Karen made a swift move to break free, but that sent her rain hat backward and twisted her wig.

“What the…” said the hooker, not letting go of her hold of Karen’s arm. “What have we here?” she said, pulling Karen closer. She was fighting, but couldn’t do much, her waist constricted by the corset, unsteady on her bound high heels feet, her neck stiff. She was in no winning situation.

“Gee, look at that? Looks like a rubber hood… and a gag… and a collar…” they opened Karen’s coat.

“Wow! Nice corset, and nice setup. So, playing kinky tonight hey?” said the second one. 

Karen nodded yes, hoping they would let her go.

“Your boyfriend left you on the other side of the city, and you have to walk back to him to get free, hey?”

“Karen nodded yes and tried to walk away, but the hooker held her grip.”

“Gee, Lynda. I don’t know what you think, but that setup isn’t right. She has to have her arms bound too.”

Karen tried to nod no, but the two hookers grabbed her and pulled her toward an apartment.

“We’ll fix you right.” Said the one called Lynda. Right Suzy?

They both laughed.

Karen was brought inside. The apartment was a real dump with clothes everywhere, pizza boxes, it was filthy and disgusting. While Lynda kept a good hold on Karen, Suzy disappeared into what Karen believed to be the bedroom and came out with a roll of duct tape.

Karen tried to struggle, but they were obviously used to struggling slaves and it took her no time to put hands in Karen’s back and taped them together. Karen thought it was it, but she was wrong. Dead wrong. Another piece of tape was applied at her elbows, and drawn tight, until the elbows touched. Karen moaned. It was hurting, but it didn’t stop them. They wrapped her arm three times, from the tip of her fingers to her shoulders, in duct tape, then smoothen it out.

Karen’s arms were now totally useless.

“What’s that sound I keep hearing?” asked Lynda.

She ran her ear up and down and found the vibrating dildos.

“Wow, even better that I thought, but there’s something missing.” She said. While Suzy held Karen, she disappeared into another room and came out with a length of chain. 

She tied one end with a screw-link to back of her waist belt, fed the chain through her crotch and tied it to the front ring of her posture collar, but so short that when Karen would be standing up, she would pull on the chain, pushing her dildos way deeper, creating a very disturbing situation.

“Don’t you think it’s better that way?” she asked, laughing as she fastened back Karen’s raincoat in place.

“Hum, her arms don’t look too natural now.” Said Suzy. “I have an idea.” 

She came back a few minutes later with armfuls of grocery plastic bags, and she started to stuff Karen’s useless raincoat arms with them, giving them a realistic position and putting them into the coat’s pockets.

“There, all set. Sorry, we didn’t want to delay you for too long. You better be going now” said Lynda, opening the door, and inviting Karen to get out, but without offering any help at climbing the 10 stairs from the basement.

Struggling, learning to walk with her hands in her back and her neck linked to her crotch, Karen went on. She was only half way home…

The rest of the ride proved quite uneventful, apart from the disturbing pull of the chain, and her arms, tied so tightly that they were hurting. She had to walk very carefully, she didn’t know if she would have been able to get back up if she would fall.

Finally, her neighbourhood. The last street. Red and blue flashing lights!

From a distance, Karen watched. There were four squad cars, all lights on, parked in the area in front of her house! Now what? The sky would start to glow in about an hour, she was a few hundred feet from home, but the street was filled with cops! Not the best way to stay incognito.

She decided to go by the next street, and reach her building by crossing a few properties.

Following the darker corners, she hopped closer to her building. Hiding, kneeling behind a bush, she heard the cops and witnesses them talking about the event.

Apparently, there was a robbery in the building across the street from hers. The cops believed the robbers were still in the area and were combing it with… search dogs!

She heard one bark not very far from her. She tried to hide in the bush, but only managed to fall face first on the ground. Now she was stuck. She rolled as deep as she could under the branches of the bush and waited, nervous, heart pounding. She didn’t want to be discovered. Not like that. All her neighbours would see her. She heard footsteps and then saw the dog, a big German Shepherd, sniffing all around. He stopped at Karen. Her heart stopped.

He smelled her, but didn’t pause. Karen was glad about her rubber covering. To the dog she must have smelled like an old tire. Somewhat fortunately.

But she was not out of her ordeal. The cops were still searching the area, and she was on her stomach. She bent her legs forward as much as she could and tried to kneel. It took her four attempts to succeed. A last effort and she was up. Nobody was looking. In the incident, she had lost her rain hat and her wig, but she didn’t care. She hobbled up to a nearby shed, where she rested against it, making the point, looking for a path she could use, but tied as she was, that would be difficult, she couldn’t open any door.

As she made a step forward, something held her back. She closed her eyes, sure it was a cop that had found her, but it was only her raincoat stuck to a nail.

That was it! She walked back to that nail. It was bent downward, but could be useful. At this point, she didn’t give a damn about her raincoat. She took a hold of the nail and pulled, ripping her raincoat. Then she positioned herself so that the nail was poking at her taped hands, and worked from there.

Slowly, inch by inch, she was able to cut off the tape. She was getting free.

After what looked like half an hour, the last band of tape gave up and her arms were free again.

Now, only wearing her rubber catsuit and corset, although her legs were still bound, she felt freer to move. She crawled amidst the small bushes and trees up to the back entrance of her building. The cops were still around, but no one saw her.

Carefully, she walked the stairs, and walked to her apartment. The corridor was empty. Her door, still unlocked, opened easily. She closed it and let herself dropped on the sofa.

Yes, she had finally done her stunt. Nothing had gone as planned, but it had been a blast.

With all the stress gone, the next firing of her vibrating dildos sent her to seventh heaven.

She took a shower and slept through the day. By early evening, she had taken a cab and had brought back her car. She had driven in the street where Lynda and Suzy had some fun with her. They were already there, waiting for customers.

Perhaps some payback was in order.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 7, 2005

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