Karen – From Worse To Revenge


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The Sequel to: Karen – From Bad To Worse

Karen had learned a lesson when her supposedly well-planned stunt turned into a nightmare. She swore that it would never happen again, that she would stay on the safe side.

So she joined fetish parties, and made a couple of fetish friends. She did similar stunts, even more impaired by dark lenses and higher heels, but someone trusty was always following her in case of trouble, and she herself served as the safe person a few times for friends.

After close to six months, she had gained confidence, but she also talked a lot about what happened to her.

It turned out that those two girls, Suzy and Lynda, were well known to the adult sex industry as real brats that would scam their customers: while one was getting screwed, the other would sneak in and take money from the client’s wallet, or take note of his credit card and buy a few things through the internet, etc. In short, they had a bad reputation.

So when she suggested that it was time for them to pay back, they were all ears, and were willing to pitch in.

So everything was prepared, and one evening, two customers got a hold of them, and chloroformed them.

When they woke up, they were strapped to a 3-side pyramid shaped frame. They were stretched, their hands joined over their heads and their legs wide spread at the base of the pyramid.

They were welcomed back by apparently a mistress, dressed in a tight leather dress and thigh high spiky boots. The whip at her hips, she smiled at them as they rolled the pyramid frame out on the stage.

The girls startled at the applause. Of course, the lighting was directed to them, blinding them from seeing anyone seated, but it appears to be a rather large crowd, mostly men.

“Yeah, good for them!” yelled someone at the back

“Can I do to them what they did to me?” said another one, closer.

“Everything in good time.” Said the mistress. “Well, you all know why you are here, except for our two stars.” She said, pointed at the naked woman, except for silk underwear.

“Well, Lynda and Suzy, you know who you are and most important, what you are. You have scam quite a lot of customers, so it is now time to pay back. You’ve been sold to pay back what you stole, and tonight, we’re going to prep you for shipping.”

There were cheers in the crowd, mixed with boos. Suzy struggled against her bonds, and tried to tell her disapproval, but the large rubber ball gag prevented it. The Mistress approached with a syringe. 

“This, is an anaesthetic. It will render you totally paralyzed, but the fun part of it is that we can put you in any position we want, and you can’t do anything about it.” She said as she injected the drug into Suzy’s arm. Almost instantly, Suzy lost the feeling on her body. She seemed weightless. The Mistress proceeded to untie her and placed her center stage, legs slightly apart, and arms raised.

“The customer that bought you is Egyptian, so he wants a mummy. We’ll give that to him.” She said, producing a few rolls of grey duct tape. “Oh, I was forgetting, yes the anaesthetic has a time limit, and sorry for you, it hurts like hell when it is releasing its effect.” She said with a devilish smile.

She proceeded to wrap Suzy’s legs individually, the tape directly on her skin. She wrapped the legs very tightly, leaving only the feet. Then she proceeded with the arms, taping the hands in a pointing position. Again, she taped everything very carefully to avoid wrinkles, and very tightly. Then she proceeded with the torso, doing three passes over her waist, pulling on the tape with maximum force, creating a built-in corset. Her boobs were carefully wrapped to preserve the shape, and her head was wrapped tightly, not taking care to avoid her long hairs that ended up entangled in the tape. Holes for the eyes and mouth were kept, where the red ball gag was visible, as well as holes for the nostrils. 

Then, with the help of someone else, Suzy was raised and put on a table where the taping of her feet was completed, keeping them in a standing position.

The Mistress then produced a roll of white vinyl tape and approached Suzy’s face.

“Well, I don’t believe a real mummy would look metallic grey, so white tape is in order to complete the mummification.”

She then joined both of Suzy’s legs together and started to wrap them, going upward. Her aid held Suzy’s feet in the air as she proceeded with the lower torso, again very, very tightly.

By now, Suzy was almost panicking and breathing in very short gasps. Then her assistant slid Suzy’s back on the table and he pulled her head and upper torso over the edge so that the Mistress could continue the wrapping. She crossed Suzy’s arms on her stomach, each hand on the opposite shoulder, like the classic pose for a mummy, and proceeded with the wrapping, going as tight as she could.

She finished with the head, wrapping it three times, this time covering the mouth, leaving only the nostrils and eyes.

The Mistress’s assistant then rolled in a wooden box and helped the Mistress place the rigid body of Suzy in it, strapping in place. He then nailed over the cover that was covering everything except shoulder up, and then filled the box with packaging foam peanuts.

There were cheers of approval amongst the audience. Someone even offered to pay double of the original buyer, whatever was that price, but the Mistress ignored him.

“Very good for this one. I’m sure her buyer will be quite happy. For Lynda, we have another kind of order, since he wants a latex slave.” She said as she approached with the syringe. Lynda was injected with the product and froze on the spot.

The Mistress approached with two huge dildos, covered with tiny rubber spikes and showed them to Lynda who went wide eyes. She then ripped Lynda’s panties and applying very little lubricant, shove the dildos into her lower orifices. She then tore off her bra, and produced a rubber bra, with the inside of the cups filled with rubber spikes. Everything would be quite uncomfortable.

Then Lynda was released from the frame and brought center stage. She was fed into a very thick and tight latex catsuit with built-in socks and gloves. The rubber was smoothed up her legs then her arms fed in. The suit appeared rather small on the body length, pulling hard on the dildos. The Mistress appeared to struggle a lot with the zipper, the suit being extremely tight, but she succeeded nonetheless. A thick rubber hood was applied. Lynda’s ball gag was removed. She tried to scream but was unable to produce a sound. To her dismay, the rubber hood included a built-in blow-up gag, that was pumped to its fullest before the pump and the release valve removed.

She could see through small holes punched in the hood, and breathe through the hollow center of the blow-up gag.

Next came a rubber corset, covering Lynda from her hips up to her neck, ending in a neck corset. It was tightened on her, crushing her waist of almost five inches! 

She was then brought to the table where her footwear, knee-high ballet toe boots, were laced on.

She was brought up again, standing unsteady on her ballet boots. A rubber arm binder was produced and her arms fed in. The arm binder was tighten fully, and rendered her arms totally unusable. 

She was again put on the table, but in a kneeling position this time. Straps were tightened around her knees and ankles then a wide leather collar applied. A strap was attached to the front D ring of the collar, and it was linked to the knee strap and tightened, forcing her to bend, position rendered difficult by the tight corset.

A strap around her wrists was tied to her ankle strap and pulled tight. She was getting tied in a compact ball.

The shipping crate was then produced: it was a wooden box. Ball-tied as she was, Lynda would fit very tightly in it.

The mistress and her assistant helped lowered Lynda down the crate, and it was filled with packaging foam peanut.

Under a cheering round, the cover was brought it. The Mistress kneeled and talked to Lynda who reacted by a loud moan, then the cover was nailed in shut.

The Mistress then approached Suzy’s crate. Before applying a last piece of tape over her eyes, she approached her and said:

“Do you remember, last fall, a woman in a bondage situation went by you, and you decided to give her a wee bit more challenge that she was hoping for? Well, that was a very bad decision. Very bad.”

Under the tape, Suzy became wide eyes and tried to speak. Yes, she recognized her now, that was her, under that clear latex hood. Now she knew who was behind all this as her world became black with the last piece of the crate being nailed in under the cheers of the assistance.

Once the last nail was in place, the crates were rolled out, and the lights opened, to reveal that they were in fact in a dungeon, merely the size of a large living room, with only about 4 or 5 people, merely attending lighting console and a audio tape players that when stopped, rendered the cheers silent.

“Very good job, boys.”

“Any time, Karen.” Said the audio man. “That was really fun.”

A man approached. Karen didn’t remember him.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“Yes, My name is Christopher. I heard about that little show by Phil, the fetish shop owner, and I wanted to have a look at it. Very nicely done.”

“Well, thank you, but how can I be of any help?”

“You said that they were sold?”

“Yeah.” Said Karen with a laugh. “That was just part of the whole setup. Actually, we’ll drive them around for most of the night, then early tomorrow morning, we’ll bring them home and open Lynda’s crate. With a little bit, okay a lot of struggle, she’ll be able to free herself then free Suzy. I’m sure that by then, they’ll get the message.”

“I see, very interesting. You see, I’m representing a client that would be interested in really buying them. He’s prepared to pay a fair price.” He said, producing a check with a rather large amount.

“Really?” said Karen, thinking.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 10, 2005

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