Karen – For Rent


As a student, Karen needed all the money she could save. So, when she saw that ad for a three bedroom apartment for only $100/month, she was interested, although she felt a trap, so she phoned in.

“No, this is no misprint.” Said a lady with a soft voice. “It’s just that the previous occupants had, hum, modified the apartment a bit, and I prefer renting it for a lower fee than pay to renovate it.”

Karen arranged for a visit, and a few hours later, she was at the door of that huge house on an immense property.

“Gee, whoever lives here, she doesn’t need that extra-money from the rent.” Said Karen to herself as she passed the huge forged steel doors that had opened upon her arrival.

She felt out of place with her platform sneakers, thigh stretch jeans and dark blue T-shirt as she walked to the huge oak doors. She pushed the bell button.

A lady, wearing a pair of incredibly tight black leather jeans, high heels shoes, what looked like a white satin shirt under an equally tight black leather jacket opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Karen. We talked over the phone for the apartment for rent.” she timidly said.

“Yes, of course, Karen. Please come on in.” she said, waving her to enter with her leather gloved hand. “Would you like a cup of tea?… Oh, how rude of me. I’m Lynda.” She said, offering a hand that Karen shook.

“Err.. that would be nice.” Said Karen, a little unease in this huge mansion, decorated with rare and rich woods, expensive art pieces and mushy carpets.

Lynda led her to what Karen believed was ONE of the many living rooms of the house. A tray with hot tea and two cups was already waiting. Lynda poured the tea and offered a cup to Karen.

“It’s my maid’s day off.” She said, “So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask a few questions. I’m sure you will understand that I don’t want anybody to rent that apartment.”

“Yes of course.” Said Karen.

Lynda went on with the usual questions, where she was coming from, where she was studying, if she had a lot of relatives, and so forth. She seemed quite interested to learn that Karen was a lonely child and that she barely hears anymore of her divorced parents, of which she didn’t care much anyway. She had no boyfriend.

After the chit-chat, Lynda invited her to visit the apartment. It was located in the basement of the mansion, and was as richly decorated. That’s when they entered one of the bedrooms, twice the size of the others, that things changed. This one had dark walls, and was filled with all kinds of weird equipment, bondage equipment. There were rings fixed everywhere. A leather covered table with countless straps, an X frame, a treadmill with more anchor points, and a strange looking bed.

“I guess it’s pretty obvious by now that the previous couple was rather kinky.” Said Lynda with what could be interpreted as a devilish smile.

“I guess.” Answered a troubled Karen. “But why don’t simply lock that room and rent the apartment for a fair price?” she asked.

“Because the rest of the apartment has hidden… features.” She said, leading her to the living room.

Karen followed her, secretly admiring her tightly imprisoned butt in her incredibly tight leather jeans. She thought that her stretch jeans were tight. Compared to that, they were as loose as a dress…

Once in the living room, Lynda showed that in one corner, hidden behind a large tree was a D ring on the floor, behind a frame at neck level was another D ring and on the ceiling, was another one, currently used to hold a plant.

“And that’s not all.” She said, showing the restraints concealed into the armrests of the lazy chair, more rings under the sofa’s cushions, and in the kitchen, there were concealed attachments to bound someone to make meals.

“I hope all this doesn’t disturb you too much. Now, you know why I ask so little for it, and why it would cost too much to fix it.” She said, waving her arm around, her leather creaking.

Karen felt all… disturbed, but she was not disgusted, on the contrary.

“So, to make it clear, for $100 a month, I get all this, with all the furniture, is that right?”

“Yes.” Said Lynda “with all the weird furniture.”

“Well, I don’t really mind.” She said, getting $100 cash and handing it to Lynda. “I take it.”

“I’m glad you were able to forget the weird stuff.” She said, “Of course, I have a renting contract. Would you please come with me to sign it?” asked the smiling Lynda.

Karen followed her upstairs, not believing that Lynda’s leather jeans were so tight that she effectively had a hard time getting up the stairs. Her five inches spiky heels probably didn’t help either.

Lynda produced a few papers, looking like standard renting agreements. Karen didn’t read them, she was used to seeing them so she simply signed.

“When can come in?”

“Right now, if you wish.” Said Lynda, handing her the keys.

Within two hours, Karen’s stuff was packed in her little Toyota Echo. She was eager to leave her roommate. Not because she was hard living, but because she always wanted to be on her own, but could never afford it, now she could.

The bed was lined with fine black satin sheets. She sat on it and rubbed the silky fabric with her hand, then proceeded to unpack her stuff. She started to put her underwear into drawers of the large desk. She stopped when she opened the last drawer: there were a few sets of leather cuffs, and what looked like a collar. She took them, admiring the beautiful work of the red trim over the fine black thick leather. They were lockable, but obviously, there was no key around. The same with the collar. She put it around her neck and felt its tightness, the restriction it commanded, and the feeling of being held tightly. Again, the only way to close it was to lock it, but she had no keys, so she held onto her idea.

In the closet, there was a pile of rubber. With a careful look, she startled.

“Gee. Those are bed sheets! They were sleeping in rubber sheets!”

Unnoticed by her yet, she was starting to get slightly wet, aroused.

Once her stuff was all unpacked, she threw herself on the bed, on her back, admiring the wonderful handy work of the sculpted ceiling. She couldn’t believe she was in such a rich environment for so little.

As she stretched her arms upward over her face, she noticed something in the sculpted lines of the headboard. It looked like a secret door, about the size of a matchbox. She pushed on it, tried to open it. She saw it slightly move, proving that it was in fact something that could be removed or opened. She looked everywhere, then on the left side of the headboard, almost at floor level, she found a little control box. There was a dial and a button. She pushed on the button, and the little door opened, dropping a set of keys held by a chain just long enough for the keys to reach the mattress. Inside the hole, was another key, magnetically held to it. She took it and reached for the cuffs in the drawer: it worked. That was the key to get free. She tried it a few times to make sure, and before she knew it, she was locked in them, her hands in front of her.

Tingling of excitement ran through her. She was somewhat disturbed by all this, and she wanted to know more, to experiment. She laid on the bed and before long, her linked wrists were playing with her crotch, under her tight stretch jeans. To her surprise, she had an orgasm, all dressed up, with only her wrists tied up. That discovery was quite interesting.

Stretching her arms over her head, she hit something. She looked for a closer look: yes it was a D ring on the headboard, and the cuffs were made to link with it. It means that she could lock herself on the bed, but how to get free? The box with the chained key, of course. But she couldn’t reach the button if she was bound. 

A close inspection revealed that the dial was a timer. The inscriptions indicated that each notch was incremental: 5 minutes, 15, 30, one hour, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 24, and R. She wondered what the R stood for. She put the chained key back into the box and closed it, but it kept opening by itself. She remembered that the free key was magnetic, so she put it inside the box. This time it was held close. She turned the dial for five minutes and pushed the button. She heard a click. She tried to push the button again, but nothing worked. That’s when she realized that she was still cuffed. She hoped that after 5 minutes it would open.

It did, and the keys dropped down with the chain. If she had been locked to the headboard, she would have been able to take the key and release herself. It was a nice self-bondage device. She ought to try it.

She set it up for half an hour and tied her wrists together. Once locked, she slowly squirmed in her bonds. It was good, but it was not enough. She needed to be restrained more. Once free, she looked at the foot bed: yes there were more D rings where she could tie her ankles, with the same set of straps. She tried it for one hour.

It was a blast, but although she was sleepy, she didn’t feel up to spend a night bound up. But she kept the cuffs and added the collar for the night.

The following day, she didn’t have classes in the morning, so she stayed, lazing around. She explored the dungeon room, examining the instruments. Of course, nothing was meant to be used in self-bondage, but she tried to imagine what it would be like.

The doorbell rang. It was a delivery man.

“Package for Ms Smith.” He said, presenting his pad.

“Sorry, I think Ms Smith was the previous occupant. You will have to take that back.” Said Karen.

The guy looked at his pad.

“Well, everything is paid for, and I have no return address. I guess it’s yours now. It’s either that or I throw it in the nearest trash can. Sign here, please.”

Karen did. It was not hers, but the curiosity had the best of her, and she could use the excuse that she was looking for some kind of return address inside.

It was wrapped in plain brown paper. It was a DVD. There was an invoice.

Dear Ms. Smith. Here’s the final conversion of your video tape into a DVD. We hope everything is in order.


Transfer and Conversion Inc.

There was nothing more. No address for that Transfer and Conversion company, nor any other phone number or anything else.

Curiosity had the best of her, and she popped the DVD into the player linked to the giant screen TV filling an entire wall of the living room.

The DVD started. It surprised Karen that she recognized the place: it was here. It was some kind of home video. Feeling it was personal, she was about to stop it when someone entered the field of view, but it was no ordinary people. It was definitely a woman, but completely covered in rubber. She was walking on pointed shoes, like ballet shoes. Her head was completely covered by a rubber hood, leaving only a small hole for her mouth where a tube was protruding.

Her eyes were only bulbous dark lenses. She looked like an insect. Her arms were strictly linked in her back. She was walking slowly, making tiny steps on her incredibly looking shoes, her ankles linked by a very short chain.

She was obviously panting, her waist tightly constricted by a rubber corset, and her head held erected by a large collar. There was a leash attached to the front ring of it, and it was getting pulled at regular intervals.

The plan changed. The camera was now in the dungeon. A latex clad woman, wearing a different hood, entered. She was standing on thigh high boots with spiky heels. She was the one pulling on the leash. Slowly, the slave for lack of a better description entered the room.

She was led to the bondage table, where she was securely strapped, her legs slightly apart. Then a pole was put between her legs and appeared screwed in something hard at her crotch.

“Shit” said Karen out loud. “She has dildos, and she’s screwing the rod to it!”

The rod was then linked to a box at the foot of the table. By the sound it made, it was obvious that the rod was vibrating.

The slave moaned through her gag, evidently taking great pleasure. Unconsciously, Karen had put her fingers to her crotch, and startled when she realized that she was wet. She was liking it, and she wished she was that slave getting vibrated.

That night, she bound herself to the bed, ankles and wrists, and set it up for 8 hours. It was a tormenting night, but she loved it.

After her day at the university, she was eager to come back to her little horny place as she started to call it, and she was eager to watch the rest of the DVD.

After the slave was released, she was tied facing the wall, hands over her head, then the mistress went to the opposite wall and pushed at a specific place. A door, unseen before, opened! A secret room! Karen stopped the playback on the spot and rushed to the dungeon. She carefully looked at the wall where the mistress had pushed, and she discovered a small notch on the varnish wood wall. She pushed on it, and the wall facing her opened, revealing a large closet, full of equipment, but mainly rubber garments. Tons of them. She guessed that Lynda never saw that room before. Well, not having seen the DVD first, she would never have seen it either.

She browsed through the racks of clothing: catsuits, pants, shirts, socks, hoods, gloves, gags, dildos, everything was there, including some intimidating looking steel chastity belts, and even more scary looking cages and boxes.

She took a few garments in her hands, feeling the latex, how cold it is at first and how warm it becomes. She took a ball gag and put it in her mouth, feeling it. She didn’t tie it. She put it back in its place and picked a blow up gag. She fastened it around her head and slowly pumped the air in, feeling it expand, filling her mouth. She pumped and pumped. She laughed at her cheeks bulging, and pressed on them. She closed her eyes, feeling how impaired she was, not able to speak.

She let the air out and removed it. She approached a rack of clothes. The full rubber catsuit obtained her attention.

It was a full suit, with attached feet and gloves. It also had an attached hood that had eyes and mouth holes, although the eyehole was rather small and more of a vertical slit than a hole.

She picked it off the rack to examine it. She startled. It also had two dildos! She brings it to her bedroom, grabbing one of the multitude tubes of lubricant on the way.

Shaking, she powdered herself and applied lubricant to the dildos, then she proceeded to put the suit on.

It was tight, very tight. So much that she wondered if it was the right size for her. But the feeling was so good. She tugged on the latex and got the suit up to her crotch. Inserting the huge hard rubber shafts was a rather new experience to her. She gulped at how far they were entering her, and shivered at the feeling.

Pulling the rest of the suit was also hard, especially the back zipper where she had to use a string to pull it up.

The hood was fitting snugly around her head, and impaired much of her vision.

She looked at herself in the long mirror: she was stunning, but something was missing. She walked back to the secret closet and headed for the shoe rack. There she picked a pair of 6 inches heels on a two inches platform sandals. But even with them, something was still missing. She walked back to her bedroom and opened the drawer where the cuffs were. She put on the wrists and ankle cuffs, and then the wide collar that fit tightly around her neck. 

She was now locked in, as she was unable to undo the zipper now stuck under the wide collar.

She put the release key back in its box and turned the dial to two hours.

She went back to the living room to watch more of the DVD. Perhaps she would learn even more stuff.

The movie continued. The mistress was in the closet, choosing some equipment. She came back with a whip and she started to stroke her slave who reacted with every stroke, as well as Karen.

Without realizing it, her hands were at her crotch, gently pushing the dildos in, squeezing her buns to enhance the feeling. 

Finally, the slave was released from the wall and led out of the dungeon, but not before another rod was screwed to her dildo, the bottom end of it attached to straps at her knees. With each step, the rod tugged on her dildos. That’s where the video ended.

This was simply too much. Karen walked to the dungeon and again to the hidden closet. She knew what she was looking for: a long rod with a screw at the tip. She found it, and rushed to the table. She quickly realized that she was unable to setup herself on her own. She returned the rod to its place, and noticed some other rods, including the one with the knee straps. It appeared to have the same locks than her cuffs, meaning that once in it, she wouldn’t be able to free before the timer resets. She smiled.

She quickly fixed herself up. Walking became a whole new experience, a whole new challenge. She reached her bed and collapsed on it. By moving her knees, she was able to move the dildos.

It wasn’t long before she exploded. She had never felt anything like it before. It was so powerful, but she was still stuck in her bonds as the keys wouldn’t be released before half an hour.

The hell with it. She fixed her ankles with the bed restraints, and before locking her wrists to the headboard, she cranked the timer to 8 hours.

She opened her eyes, feeling dizzy. She tried to reach her head but couldn’t. Her hands were tied all right, but to her side! What the fuck? And her mouth? She was gagged? She saw something move and tried to look toward it but even her head was heavily restrained. She saw it, or her: it was the same mistress as in the video. Was she dreaming? She couldn’t have come here, she had changed the locks. Is this a haunted house or what?

The mistress approached her. Karen tried to speak, but it did nothing. The mistress took the pump and Karen felt the gag inflate even more in her mouth. More than when she had tried it. Again and again. She squirmed, trying to get free, but to no avail. 

Finally, with a smile, the mistress stopped and unscrewed the pump from the gag before applying a blindfold over Karen’s eyes.

She was in the dark, tied up, unable to move at the mercy of this stranger. Then she felt something fondling with her dildos. She felt something being screwed then it started to vibrate!

She was tied up to the bondage table, and being subjected to the torment the slave was given in the video. The vibrations were awesome, amplified by her tightly constricted waist… She was wearing a corset! She tried to rock her hips up and down, to get the vibrating dildo move, but it just stayed there, frustratingly vibrating but not moving.

She felt the pressure build inside her, she felt the orgasm growing up and finally exploding, but that didn’t stop the vibrations that kept filling her. She felt another orgasm building, then another one. She pulled as hard as she could on her bonds, but nothing yielded. She was at the mercy of the mysterious mistress.

She heard a buzzing sound and felt something drop in her hands. She opened her eyes. The orange glow of the sunrise was flooding through her bedroom window. Karen was panting. What the heck had happened? She fondled a moment with the keys and finally released her bonds. Within a few minutes, she had removed the collar and the hood.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling the dildos being pushed in, she stayed there, panting. Did she dream all this? Did she imagine all this? It seemed so real, yet there she is, tied as she was 8 hours before, the release key in her hands. Nobody could have opened the small box, nor reset the timer.

The only possible explanation was that she had dreamt all of it.

She took a shower. Her pussy was extremely sensitive. But then again, she had never spent 8 hours with a dildo, and if she had dreamed that hard, she must have moved a lot, working the long pole linking the dildos to her knees.

She had classes to attend. She took a copious breakfast and went. At the end of the day, there was a package at her door: another DVD. Again, not much more information apart from the note that stated that it was the “second DVD” that had been made.

She eagerly took place to watch it. There she witnessed the slave being put in some kind of rubber bag, then vacuum applied to it. The slave was effectively vacuum sealed! She stopped the video and went into the dungeon. She quickly found the vacbed in question.

Shaking with anticipation, she dressed with a rubber catsuit and took place into the vacbed, a gag with a protruding tube installed and ready. She worked the timer which had a 5 minutes delay, and waited.

Suddenly, there was a sucking sound, and within a few seconds, the air was sucked out and she found herself totally helpless, stuck between two sheets of rubber. She could barely squirm and she wished she had put on some vibrating dildos or at least, put her hand to her crotch before the vacuum started.

It lasted for one hour. She got out and tried to concentrate on her homework. She finally called it quits and went to bed, of course, plugging and tying herself up.

Again, she felt dizzy as she woke up. But where was she? She couldn’t see, and she was feeling a gag in her mouth. Before she could react, she heard a sucking sound and she was quickly immobilized. The vacbed! But how come was she in it, since she was tied in bed? Dreaming again probably. She fought her imprisonment until she felt some vibration over her. Someone was there. Someone was slowly dragging a vibrator over her sealed body. 

Karen moaned as the vibrator approached her crotch. The pleasure build very fast and she exploded yet again, shaking in her confinement. But that didn’t stop the vibration nor did it release her. It continued again and again.

A buzzing sound and the keys falling in her hands. She couldn’t believe how powerful those dreams were. She quickly fixed herself a breakfast and ran to school. But she had started to change. She was no longer wearing her platform sneakers, but high heels pumps and her jeans were even tighter.

As soon as she got home, she watched more of the DVD. This time, it showed the slave into some kind of harness, suspended in mid air by huge springs. The harness appeared to be plugged everywhere. The slave was twitching, but it didn’t look painful at all.

She looked everywhere for that harness, but never found it. She figured that it was perhaps in some other dungeon, but she swore that one day she would try it.

It was the weekend, so on that Friday night she went out with some friends, only to come back past midnight. She didn’t tie herself, nor did she put anything on. She fell asleep almost immediately.

She woke up dizzy again, but she was feeling weird, as if she was floating. Her arms and legs were wide spread. Her head was covered with some kind of mask, and tubes were running down her throat.

Then she felt a small electric jolt on her pussy then she felt her breasts being sucked up. She opened her eyes wide and realized that she was facing a mirror. She couldn’t believe it! She was in that strange harness, suspended in mid air! The dildos started to vibrate; she received small shocks on her breasts and felt them sucked on. She felt as if she was being abducted by some kind of strange creature. She closed her eyes as she felt being taken over, and let go of the pleasure.

From time to time, she felt something cool or hot reaching her stomach, either water or food. She also felt her bladder being emptied and an enema performed. She was coming in and out of reality, but then again, what was reality?

In a small room of the mansion, two people were sitting, looking at a TV monitor. They could see a woman fully strapped and suspended, evidently enjoying every minute of it.

The woman, dressed in leather turned to the man, dressed in a delivery man uniform.

“I think she’s ready.”

“Yes, she is. She will make a nice addition to our staff.” He said.

Karen woke up, aching from everywhere. Yet, she was in her bed, as naked as when she fell asleep that Friday night. She took a shower and sat at her computer screen. It was Sunday evening! What the fuck… She had slept the whole weekend, dreaming of that creature that tormented her? That was way too much. It was inconceivable.

Another knock at the door. It was the delivery man again, bringing another DVD! Karen took it, not realizing that a delivery on Sunday evenings was very unusual.

She couldn’t help it. She had to watch it. She popped it into the DVD player. It showed five latex clad women, working in some kind of workshop, making adult toys. They were chained to their workbench, their face completely covered. The Mistress was there, supervising the work with the cropping cane. They had a large white number printed on their chest. She counted one to five.

Disturbed, she put on her double dildos panties and rubber catsuit, tied herself to the bed and went to sleep. She dreamed of being one of those slaves.

Dizzy, she woke up. She was no longer tied up, nor dressed in latex. She was completely naked, standing in the middle of a dark room, only herself brightly lit by an overhead spot.

“Hello Karen.” Said a somewhat familiar voice. “So, you like rubber. Would you like to become a rubber slave?”

“I… I don’t know… Maybe.” She said, trembling. But it was not feeling right. Deep inside, she knew that she was lying. She knew what she wanted. She knew that she would love to become a rubber slave.

“Take your time.” Said the voice as more lights were lit, revealing a row of rubber slaves somewhat fixed to the wall, numbered 1 through 5. There was an empty post numbered 6.

“Your place is ready. We were waiting for you.” Said the voice of the Mistress.

“Yes.” Faintly said Karen.

“Yes what?” asked firmly asked the Mistress.

“Yes I want to become a rubber slave.” Softly said Karen.

“Very good then.” Said the mistress.

A man approached her, covered in a black rubber suit. He took her by the arm and led her to a small booth. There she was coated with cream.

“You have no use for hairs as a rubber slave, so we’ll remove it.” Calmly yet firmly said the Mistress.

The hair removal cream was rinsed and Karen saw her long brown curled hairs drop on the floor of the shower booth. She was dried up and another cream was applied.

“We just want to make sure no hair would grow back.” Said the Mistress.

Karen was then led back to the middle of the room. A thin but tight rubber tights with attached feet was put on her. The waist was high, stopping just below her breast and had holes at the crotch. A thin rubber hood was put over her smooth head. It had holes for the ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth. It was smoothed down. Then an equally tight and thin rubber shirt was put on. It had long sleeves and attached gloves.

The shirt was going down to her hips, making two layers from the bottom of her breasts to her hips. She felt cold metal plates around her nipples. The waist portion of the shirt was folded back on itself then adhesive was applied before putting it back in place. The same was done with the high collar of the shirt. She was effectively sealed in rubber. There was no way to remove that suit without tearing it open.

The two layers of rubber were slightly compressing her stomach, but it was nothing compared to what was about to be added.

The mistress gave a thick rubber tube to the man. He asked Karen to step into it, and he pulled the tube up until it reached the bottom of her breasts. It was not a good fit at all, but the man then took an industrial heat gun and started to heat the sleeve which shrunk with the heat.

The Mistress ordered Karen to suck in her stomach as much as possible, which she did, but even then, the constriction if the heated rubber was stronger, compressing her even more.

The edges of that tube were taper so they joined almost seamlessly with the rest of her suit.

The man then approached with a thick pad that he glued small boxes, the size of credit cards, and as thick heavy cardboard, all around that corset tube.

“These are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.” Said the Mistress. “They will power your devices.” 

The battery plate had two golden squares in the small of her back, about half an inch wide each.

The Mistress approached her and looked at her straight in the eyes.

“Do you want to become a rubber slave for the rest of your life?” she asked, calmly, and firmly.

“Yes, I do.” Softly answered Karen.

“Do you realize that once the process is completed, you will never be free again.”

“Yes I do.” Answered Karen after a short hesitation.

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yes, I want to continue.” Answered Karen, this time firmly.

“Very good then.” Said the mistress.

The man approached with what looked like two large dildos, but Karen knew what they were: catheters. She was fitted with them. One would provide an exit for her urine while the other will allow enemas to be performed. Once in place, only tubes were hanging off her crotch. The man then inserted two really large dildos that were hollow. Karen had a glimpse at what appeared to be metal plates on them, electrodes. The tube was fed in the center of the dildos, and they were pushed deep. They were ending with a large flange that was glued around the crotch holes. They were then filled with rubber paste, inflating them until Karen figured that they were incredibly huge. The inflating effectively closed the gap between the tubes and the inner hole of the dildos.

The man then concentrated on her head. Two tubes were inserted up her nostrils down to the back of her throat for breathing. Another tube was inserted in her mouth down to her stomach for feeding. The nose tubes were ending in flanges that were glued to her rubber hood. A hollow gag was put into her mouth, the feeding tube going through the center of it. The man then approached her mouth with a large syringe and proceeding into inflating the blow-up gag, until her cheeks were bulging. Like for the dildos, the inflating of the gag sealed the tube hole. 

Small earplugs were inserted into her ears then rubber paste was applied to ensure a complete seal.

Spherical lenses were put over her eyes. They were clear, but she will soon learn that they could be controlled at will. The lenses were glued in place.

Small flat wires, about the thickness of a sheet of copy paper, were running from the crotch, the eye lenses, earplugs and her breasts to the battery pack.

Once in place, the man put another shrinking tube over the battery pack, and shrunk it in place. Her torso was now one stiff constricting tube.

More shrink tubing was applied around her neck, at her wrists, over the elbow, over the knee and around her waist. All had attached chromed D rings.

He led her to a table, where she was laid down. He applied adhesive over her foot, up to just below her knee. He took what appeared like a fiberglass pointed boot. It had no heels, only a pointed toe. It was in two halves. He pressed them around her foot, binding in a stretched position before screwing it in place. He did the same with the other foot. The boots had D rings at the ankle level.

She was covered with adhesive and another two piece suit was put on. This one was very thick and had small holes for the tubes and her lenses in addition to a slit for every D ring present on her undersuit.

Standing up was a whole new experience. She had to balance from one side to the other. She heard a cracking noise in her ears.

“If you hear me, raise your right hand.” Said the Mistress voice.

Karen raised her hand.

“Very good. From now on, you will be known as six. Karen has no meaning to me, to you or to anyone else.”

At the same time, the man approached and applied a large white 6 over her left breast.

She was led to the number 6 stand. She was strapped to it, her hands in her back on each side of the beam at the wrists and elbows, her legs tied to it at the ankles and knees. More fasteners were linked to the D rings on her waist and neck. The tubes were connected and she was lifted off the floor for about 2 feet and put slightly slanting forward.

“Rest well during the night,” said the Mistress voice, “you’re starting your first work day tomorrow.” She said.

And everything went black, her lenses now completely darkened.

Work. She was tied to her working station for 16 hours a day. It was okay since she was fed and relieved on the spot. That was not counting the reward she was receiving if she was working well. Once her work was done, she was to walk to her sleeping post and she was fixed for the night. One day a week they were allowed to go outside, at the back of the house, where they could take a dip in the pool, or take a walk in the woods. All six of them were getting along very well. 

Karen, or rather six, quickly learned that if she worked well, her rest time was filled with pleasure, but if she worked badly, it was painful and uncomfortable. She once spent that day suspended upside down, constantly electrified. 

She didn’t know how long she’d been there, but they all had a lot of work, and they appeared to be falling behind schedule. Then one night, there was something new in the common room. One more post had been added with the number 7 printed on it. Karen figured that the apartment was, once again, for rent.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 30, 2005

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