Karen – Ponygirl


The sun was still low over the horizon, but already Karen could see some daylight through the planks of her stall. It’s been a long year, and not at all as expected.

She rolled on her haystack to get to her knees. Her arms were tightly secured in her back with leather cuffs at the wrists and elbows. Her thick rubber suit prevented her to be stung by the sharp hay.

Walking on her knees, she reached her water bucket and plunged her hollow hard rubber ball gag, what was known as her night gag. She sucked in some water and let herself sit on her knees, waiting for her trainer to pick her up and prepare her for the big day.

She recalls when it all started. It was a very good lesson to read everything carefully, and not be so sure of yourself.

She had read an ad about ponygirls. She always wanted to take care of horses, and of course, ponies which were so cute, so she presented herself to this farm, where she met the owner, a strange looking woman dressed in tight black leather and strolling on thigh high spiky boots. Karen had found it weird, but then again, when you have enough money to breed horses and ponies, you can be a little eccentric.

“I’m here to become a ponygirl” she had joyfully said.

“Really?” had answered the woman. “Are you sure it’s really what you want?”

“Yes.” Answered Karen. “I always wanted it.”

“Very well.” Had said the woman, leading her to her office, where she offered her a contract, to which Karen started to sign immediately.

“Don’t you read it first?” asked the Lady.

“Why? Your ad is pretty straight forward: Become a ponygirl for free. First year of work pays for your training. Lodging and food included. High income possible after the first year. That’s all I need to know.” She said, continuing to apply her signature.

The Lady suddenly threw a book over Karen’s papers.

“Ponygirl’s Handbook? How nice. I’ll read it tonight before going to bed.” Had said Karen, putting it apart and looking for the other dotted lines to sign.

“I strongly suggest you take a look at that book before you sign, lady.” Had firmly said the woman, but Karen was over that. She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t care about some rules. She would learn. She checked the box that said “I have read and understand the implications…” without reading fully the phrase. She was eager to sign in.

The Lady stopped her before the last signature.

“Listen Karen. You are not enrolling to what you think. You have one more chance to back off. Please, take a look at the book before signing.” She said with a firm tone.

“No sweat, Ma’am. I know my way around horses, my uncle had one at his farm.” She said as she applied the last signature to the papers.

“Very well.” Said the Lady. “That might be very interesting.” She said as she took Karen by the arm.

“Come with me so you’ll be prep.”

“Gee, that fast? Even better.” She said as she followed along, although she wondered why the Lady was holding her with such a firm grip.

She was led into another room. There was an exam table, numerous medical equipment, and lots of straps hanging from the ceiling. Karen was impressed that they had such a medical facility on a farm.

A woman approached to meet them. Karen had a puzzled look. That woman was wearing a complete white catsuit, with platform spiky high heels boots, going just under the knees and tightly laced. She was also wearing what looked like a leather corset, white with red trimmings. Her catsuit was shiny, almost oily. Her head was covered with the same fabric, and although her face appeared oily, Karen could see the color of her skin.

“Hello Martha. A new one for you, but she doesn’t know what she got herself into.”

“Say what?” asked the white woman.

“She signed and refused to read anything.”

“What’s all the fuss? It’s just to take care of some horses. Geesh…” said Karen.

The white woman had an evil smile.

“This will be fun.” She said.

Karen felt the black lady gripping her left arms even firmer and then grabbing her right one and swiftly pulled them in her back. Before she could react she felt metal cuffs being wrapped around her wrists.

“Hey! What are you doing?” asked Karen, fighting to get free, but before she could react, the woman in the white catsuit had applied a wide leather collar around her neck and had fastened it very tightly, almost choking her, before linking it to one of the many chains hanging from the ceiling. Then she operated some controls and the chain was driven upward, pulling on Karen’s neck until her feet were barely touching the ground. Karen was fighting, but was strangling herself so she stopped. That gave time to the Lady and the “nurse” to grab her feet and applied leather cuffs on her ankles. Then, as she was slowly released, her legs were pulled apart until she was firmly on the ground.

“What the hell is going on here? I want you to untie me immediatgmrfff..”

The nurse had inserted a rubber bag into her mouth and had started to pump air in it, inflating it in Karen’s mouth. She tried to spit it out, but it was too big. She made wide eyes as she felt it inflate more and more until she was sure her face was about to rip in half.

She fought her bonds, mumbling her disapproval. The lady in black leather approached.

“Calm down and listen.” She said with a firm and dry tone. “I urged you many times to slow down before signing in, and to read the ponygirl handbook, but each time you refused. I clearly told you that it was not the ponygirl work you thought it was, but you wouldn’t listen. I urged you to read the contract carefully before signing, but you said that you didn’t need to, that all contracts are all the same. So, let me enlighten you on what you sign on.” She said, producing the ponygirl handbook, and opening it on the first page. Karen went wide-eyed.

There, right there, on the first page, was a picture of a woman, wearing a rubber catsuit, harnessed like a horse, pulling a cart. Karen made wide eyes and began to struggle against her bonds.

“THIS is what WE mean when we talk about ponygirls.” Said the Lady. “I guess this is NOT what you had in mind.”

Karen nodded a definitive no.

“You don’t want this.”

Again Karen nodded no.

“Well, too late, you signed the contract.” Said the Lady, on which Karen began to fight, mumbling.

“Oh yes, I know what you think. According to the law, you have 30 days to cancel any contract, right?”

Karen nodded yes.

“Read here, the place you checked the square WITHOUT READING IT FIRST”. Said the lady, putting the contract in front of Karen’s eyes.

I have read and understand the implications of becoming a ponygirl. By checking this line, I also give away my right to cancel a contract within 30 days as specified in the law. There’s no way back. No cancellation possible.

Karen’s eyes were getting filled with water, asking for mercy.

“Prep her.” She ordered the nurse before leaving the room.

“Very well, Mistress Michelle”

First, she was shaved. Her whole body was completely rendered hairless by some hair removing cream. Then her measurements were taken. She found the measuring tape drawn way too tight for her own liking, but she could do nothing about it. Then she was plugged. From now on, an enema would take care of her waste disposal, and she would urinate only when the proper hose was connected to her vaginal plug. And those plugs were huge, almost painful.

She was then given what they called a temporary suit. It was tight fitting rubber, but was pulling in some place. It was not cut for her. A hood with only eyes and nose holes was put on. Finally, a wide four inches leather collar, very stiff, was forcing her head up, and the frond D ring was very useful at tying her to almost anything. Then she was put on five inches stiletto heel boots, and had to walk the treadmill. That was to get her accustomed at wearing high heels, and learn to cope with the feel of her plugs. And that was only the first day!

Soon, she had to take the carrousel, and feel the whip if she was not getting her legs high enough. Her arms were always secured in her back with leather cuffs at the wrists and the elbows. Each day, the elbows were dawned a little bit toward each other, until after about a month, they touched.

But within two weeks, she had received her own suit: very thick and as she expected, very tight rubber. It was thick so it would last through the work she had to do. Her first temporary suit had torn out quite a few times and was repaired with standard duct tape.

The footwear was unique: it looked like horse’s hooves. She had her heel high in the air, and her toe end was ending like a horseshoe, extending a little to the back so she could rest her feet, like a suspended high heel shoe. The horseshoe was made of steel, and it sounded loudly on the rocky trails. It sounded like a horse!

But the suit was not all. She was corseted. Heavily corseted. The tight leather corset was covering her from the hips up to the neck, rendering her stiff, and very slim.

When she received her harness, she was relieved to notice that the collar was much lower, only three inches. She had to learn to work the horse bit gag, and live with it for 12 to 16 hours a day.

The training went on, day after day. She learned to trot like a very good horse. She learned ways to pull carts uphill, and slow it down when going downhill.

Oh, she was not perfect, she misbehaved quite a few times, but she quickly learned that misbehaviour means punishment, and that Mistress Michelle, the black leathered lady that hired her, was very strict and had only one word and one punishment. Once a punishment was ordered, it was carried. Period. That’s how she spent two days suspended by the feet, or that other day ball tied, or the worse, when she learned that her plugs and inside bra were carrying electrodes, and when they were fired, it was no pleasure at all. That went for three punishments, each one day long. Mistress Michelle was giving punishments no less than one day.

But she improved, and decided to make the best of it. She didn’t want to do this, but with time, she began to like it, to love the tight embrace of her latex cocoon, the stiffness of her corset, the rewards she was getting when she was doing fine. She liked her bondage, the total control strangers had over her. She never knew she was that kinky.

She liked it so much, and she improved so much that Mistress Michelle decided to register her for the monthly race, something that is usually done for ponygirls that had stayed for the second year, not in the training year. And she did good, finishing fourth. Not bad for a first race. With that result, Mistress Michelle decided to work on Karen’s racing training. Her corset got reduced to an underbust corset.

She had to wear her rubber suit, hood, corset and hooves every day, except for four hours on Sundays, which was the exam and cleaning days. And each time, she felt a void. She was missing her rubber suit and the corset. Each medical exam proved that she was in perfect health.

But this weekend was special. She had been cleaned and prep on the Saturday, so she would be ready for Sunday’s race: The championship. Ponygirls from all around the world were there to compete for the prestigious prize of Best Ponygirl, and she was expected to win.

A few moments later, Amanda, her caretaker, came in, wearing her usual latex jodhpurs and jockey boots.

“Hello Karen. Ready for your big day?” she asked as she took Karen’s leash from the hook and pulled on it.

Karen followed, taking a few steps to steady herself on her high heel hoofs. She was led to the prep station, where her corset and hoofs boots were taken off. She was thoroughly cleaned and her latex suit buffed to a perfect shine. Then her new competition corset was applied. It was an overbust corset made of white leather and with bright red trims and steel boned. It was two inches smaller than her regular one, emphasizing her already slim waist. She knew that breathing would be hard but she had been training for that in the past months. She knew how good she looked in it and she was proud of wearing it, fully closed.

Her boots were replaced by another set of hoofs boots, but those with a heel height of five inches instead of her usual four. That was to provide her more push force as she would lean forward while pulling the cart. These too she had practiced a lot in them for the past months.

Then her racing body harness was put on. It was made of fine leather, covered in silver and gold studs. Two inches wide straps were going over her shoulder, where they were padded, and were doing a V shape down to her waist, where another 3 inches wide strap was tightly encircling her waist, the back of it contained four screws protruding to the back. Two more one inch wide straps were going between her legs in a V shape. Two chromed steel rings were encircling her breasts, linked by more two inches wide leather strap, riveted to her shoulder straps and buckled at the back. Everything was pulled very, very tightly.

Next, her usual and worn out two inches leather cuffs were removed, and replaced by stiff rubber lower arms cuffs that were completely wrapping her lower arms from the elbow to the wrist. They were put on very tightly. The position these cuffs held her arms was not new, but racing with them would be.

Her caretaker took her arms, folded them in her back and pulled them upward in the reverse-prayer position. Then a steel rod was slid into small metal loops located throughout the full length of each cuff, linking them together like a hinge. They yield no movement whatsoever.

Her ball gag was removed, and her reins harness was put on. It was made of fine one inch leather straps. One was going around her forehead, one at jaw level where it held the horse bit gag. One strap was going from the front down to the nose where it split in two going on each side of her nose down to the jaw straps. Another strap was going under her chin, and another one from her front, up over her head and down the back until it reached the jaw strap.

Again, everything was buckled very tightly, even her gag was drawn in one notch tighter than usual. That was to ensure she would receive the slightest commands from the kart driver. 

A 3 inches wide studded collar was applied and a link was made from the back ring of the collar to the wrists cuffs rings, pulling her hands further upward. Now, she couldn’t move them at all.

The crotch straps were tightened further, pushing upward her inserted dildos.

Finally, the horse mask was put on. Made or thick leather, it gave her head the look of a horse’s head, with side flaps and ears. Dark, slightly blurring lenses were embedded in the mask. It would impair her vision, making her rely even more to the driver as she will have difficulties distinguishing obstacles. That will test the trust relationship both have.

Next, the caretaker led her outside, so she would be attached to her kart. The long rods were made to fit her extremely thin waist. A half-circle of steel was joining the two pulling rods. That three inches wide steel band matched perfectly with the shape of her waist belt. It was fastened with nuts to the already protruding screws of the belt. The rods were swivelled on each end of that steel plate.

The kart was now secured to her waist. And she was ready to race, but first, she had to warm-up a little. The caretaker took place in the seat, and snapped the reins.

Karen pulled the kart forward, obeying to the driver’s orders, to go faster, slower, turn, stop. Everything was tested.

After an hour, she was led back to the barn where the kart was detached. There, she lay to rest for about two hours before her caretaker was back to fix her for the final race.

Although deafened, she could hear the cheering of the crowd as she entered the central ring. She was the second one to arrive. Her caretaker put her in position and ordered her to stay.

A few minutes later, Mistress Michelle was getting on the Kart, as well as all the other drivers. A man wearing a rubber tuxedo holding the start up gun went into her sight.

Bang! Start of the three laps race! Karen quickly went up to speed, but as she tried to go faster, she felt her driver pull her back, forcing her to slow down. Karen complied. That allowed four other karts to go before them, but that didn’t seem to bother Mistress Michelle. As Karen kept her steady pace, she approached the third position, and within a lap, she was ahead. 

On the second lap, Mistress Michelle wanted more speed, but not that much. She was conserving Karen’s energy for the final lap, but Karen doubt that she could win. The first place was almost a third of a lap ahead. Nevertheless, by the end of the second lap, Karen was in 2nd place. That’s when Mistress Michelle asked her to give everything. Karen was glad to have kept a slow pace. She had a lot of energy in reserve. Like in practice, she gave up everything she could, running like a champion. She quickly joined the first place, but that driver was not to give up that easy. She pushed her ponygirl to give more. For a third of a lap, they were head to head. Karen was panting heavily. Her lungs wanted air. Her waist wanted to expand. Her arms were hurting, as well as the too tight bit gag. She was looking at the finish line and was well into her second wind when her co-racer seemed to disappear. She was alone when she crossed the finish line. Her co-racer collapsed of exhaustion and did not finish the race. But Karen won, and that’s what was important.

After a few minutes rests to catch her breath, Mistress Michelle made the victory tour. Karen could hear the applause and the cheers. After her victory tour, she was led back to the barn where her arms were released from the reverse prayer, but quickly tied back with the usual elbow tie. She was also given back her night gag, regular corset and hooves, and was led to her stall. She was there to rest until the next day. She needed it.

The next day, at dawn, much to her surprise, Karen was led in the house, a place she hasn’t been since she got her regular rubber catsuit. She was led to the same dreadful room where she was first fitted with her now everyday suit, but she was not tied up. Instead, her bonds were removed, then her corset, hooves and finally her rubber suit. She was gently led to a regular bathroom to take a relaxing bubble bath.

After half an hour, Martha came back to pick her up. Karen was sure that all this was a reward, and that she would quickly go back into her rubber ponygirl suit, but it was not the case. The nurse led her to a bedroom where a pile or regular clothes were waiting for her: a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of platform high heels shoes. Karen was puzzled. She put on the jeans. They were tight fitting stretch jeans, and they were a struggle to put on. Next she put on the shoes. Those, she was glad, because she could barely walk with her feet flat on the ground anymore. Finally she put on her t-shirt. A look at the mirror and she was stunned to see herself bald. Then she noticed the nice wig, with long brown curly hairs waiting on a mannequin head. She put it on, then took the make-up kit provided and drawn in some eyebrows, as well as applied some lipstick.

A few minutes later, the door opened, and Mistress Michelle entered.

“Hello Karen. How are you today?”

“I… I’m fine.” She said hesitantly, not having spoken a word for quite a while. “Why…?”

“Yes, it was expected that you would lose track of time. Your first year is done. Actually, it was done a week and a half ago, but I wanted to keep you for the race.”

“Done? You mean…”

“That you’re free to go. Your training year is paid, and I must say with resounding success.”

“Well… Now what?”

“Usually,” she said, sitting on the bed, her tight leather pants creaking, “ponygirls come here voluntarily. Generally, they want to work as ponygirls, so they are put for sale, but you were not here exactly voluntarily.”

“Yes. I know. I got what I deserved. So what do I do now?”

“Well, that’s the question I ask myself. According to the contract, you’re free to go. That was the deal. But you’re also free to stay and put yourself up for sale.” She said “assuming you liked that ponygirl life, which was not exactly what you had in mind when you came in.” she said with a corner smile.

“But because I kept you over your one year period, I owe you compensation as well as the prize money that came with winning the race. You did very good there! I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you, Mistress. How is that other girl?”

“The one who fell? She’s okay, just some bruises, but Mistress Sonia got what she deserved. That bitch had been winning the race non-stop for the past five years by pushing her ponygirl to the limit of exhaustion. She needed a lesson in racing, that running as fast as one could is not exactly the winning way. You provided that. I immediately noticed at the start of your training that you had a great lung capacity and you were very tough on the long run, and could sprint quite fast. That was the perfect combination. The winning combination. And you proved it. 

So, all these… supplements add to this.” She said, producing a piece of paper with more zeros that Karen ever hoped for.

“And that’s just for winning the race?”

“Well, it’s a grand prize. If you were to be bought, the price would be lower as well as the pay, but then again, it costs you nothing since clothing, food and lodging is provided. But right now, you have enough for a comfortable life until you find yourself a decent job.” Said Mistress Michelle.

“I… I don’t know. I would have to think it over.”

“I expected that. I’ve reserved a room for you at the Grand Hotel. I paid for a week. If you want to keep it longer, it’s at your expenses. Go and think about it. In any case, you’re always welcomed here, as yourself or as a ponygirl.”

She shook Karen’s hand with her leathered covered hand and gave her a hug.

“A cab is waiting for you downstairs.” She said before leaving.

Karen stayed there for a few minutes and walked out to the cab. She went to the hotel. She had another surprise when she entered the room. On the bed was a denim corset along with non-stretch jeans that Karen immediately noticed as cut very tight, as well as leather cuffs and a ball gag. She smiled and put everything in the closet and went for a walk.

She felt it weird to feel the wind on her skin, to feel her hairs float as she walked. She stopped by the newsstand and picked up a few newspapers and magazines. She had been out of the loop for a year, she had to get herself up to date. As she walked she liked the feeling of her tight stretch jeans, but something was missing. She walked back to the hotel room and picked up the non-stretch jeans and the corset.

She put the jeans on first. They were extremely tight and a hassle to pull on, but she soon realized that the only way to fasten them was to wear the corset, which she welcomed.

It was as tight as what she was used to wearing, and she laced it tightly before fastening the jeans. The corset had built-in breast cups and could be worn by itself, which she did as she went on for more walk.

She made head turns. She grabbed a healthy salad for dinner before heading back to the hotel room, where she began to browse the newspapers and magazines. She was looking for a job.

The very next day, she was out, hunting. When she came back, she was depressed. The only thing she could find was minimum wage dead-end jobs. She had a diploma, but no experience.

That night, she felt a void. Sleeping naked was not comfortable, so she was sleeping with her tight jean and corset. Something else was missing. She put on her wrist cuffs and then fastened the ball gag tightly before linking her arms in her back. She slept like a baby.

In the morning, she had to face the reality: she loved to be outside. She was missing her latex catsuit, her corset, her hooves, gags and restraints. She wanted to be a ponygirl.

She took a cab back to the ponygirl institute. Mistress Michelle appeared glad to see her.

“Welcome back Karen. What can I do for you?”

“I.. I want to come back.” She said, right up front.

“That’s very nice, and I will not disapprove of your choice.”

“Yes, so as I understand, I have to put myself… for sale?” she asked, a puzzled look on her face.

“Yes.” Answered Mistress Michelle with a laugh. “Actually, the ponygirl institute handles everything, posting the ad, etc. But for that, you have to sign a contract.” She said, looking at her straight in the eyes.

“Oh yes, I will read it all.” Answered Karen, which she did and then signed it.

“That’s interesting, but what a ponygirl does all this time?”

“Well depending on the master, just hang around, pull a kart here and there. Sometimes, they are used as domestics and servants.”

“That suits me.” Said Karen.

“Very well. I already have a buyer for you.” Answered immediately Mistress Michelle. “Here’s the contract.”

Surprised, Karen picked it and looked at it, reading it carefully.

“Okay, just to be sure, this is a five year contract. There’s no turning back possible once it is signed, and I will get this amount of money at the end of it.”

“Not exactly. You will earn that amount of money yearly and it will be given to you in five years, plus all prizes and rewards accumulated during those five years.”

“Wow! And who is that buyer?” she said, looking at the name at the bottom of the form, then wide eyed looked at Mistress Michelle. “I hope it’s not some sadistic bozo that… You?…”

“Yes. You made me proud. You will be the flagship of this school and hopefully, win many more races. I believe all this is worthed. What do you say?”

“Knowing how you treat your ponygirls, the choice is easy.” She said, signing the form with a decided gesture.

“Welcome back, Karen. I think you know the way to the prep room.” Said Mistress Michelle.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 1, 2006

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  1. No fair! The Ponygirl Farm gets and keeps the best ponygirls to themselves! How can the rest of us acquire one to cherish and play with? Only by paying a vast sum, or an expensive hire-for-a-weekend and the like. Mumblemumblemumble.

    1. LOL.
      I believe that one has to be a member of TPS (The Ponygirl Society) to be able to get or rent one. I would gladly give you the contact information but… hum… my… my cat ate it…

  2. I would love to get to work with you I will do needing for you I would love to get to be a star in movie or video

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