Karen – Housemaid

  1. The Choice

The ad promised a high salary. Karen was in need. She was still going to the university, or rather wanted to, but she was out of money, and her parents, alcoholics divorced without a penny, couldn’t provide. That job seemed like the luck she had been waiting for.

She presented herself at the address mentioned. It was a huge mansion on an even bigger property, pretty much alone in the mountain. Just the cab fair cost her a fortune, for what she had left in her wallet anyway.

A tall woman, wearing a tight fitting leather suit opened the door and invited Karen to follow her into a small office. Karen could see the butt of the woman wiggling in the very tight leather, her feet balancing on skyscraper heels. When she sat, the leather creaked in unison with the leather covered chair. She crossed her hands in front of her, hands also covered with tight fitting leather gloves. Karen noticed that her leather jacket was also very tight, especially the sleeves. She was puzzled by all that, but what was to follow was even weirder.

“Welcome. I’m Michelle. Please, read this and sign it if you agree. After that we will continue.” She said from a soft but cold tone.

Karen started to read the paper. It was a simple letter stating that from now on, everything she would learn, see or hear within the property, should not leave the property. If she discloses anything out of the property, criminal charges will be filed and jail time is to be expected.

“What… why?” she asked, hesitantly.

“Simple. What happens here, stays here, and should never get out. It’s that simple.”

Karen re-read it. She had no problem with that, but after she had written her first name, she stopped.

“Just to make sure, I do not accept the job with this, right? I do not get myself into any kind of trouble?”

“No.” answered Michelle. “You simply agree not to disclose anything outside this property. We’ll talk about the job after, and then you’ll have more papers to sign.”

Karen put her last name and handed the paper back to Michelle, which confirmed Karen’s signature with her credit card and driver’s license.

“Very well. Let’s get to the point. Mister Thompson, the owner of all this, has very specific rules and is very strict about it. All employees must follow those rules or disciplinary sanctions will be taken. Because the uniforms you will be wearing are very expensive, you’re bound to work for at least six months. After that, you can leave anytime with a two weeks notice. So, in clear, you sign in, you’re… stuck for six months. Understood?”

“Yes, six month minimum.” Said clearly Karen.

“Good! Fast learner. I like it. Now the dress code: tight is an understatement. Very tight is rather it. The only fabric allowed: latex. Also, all employees must wear high heels shoes with a heel of four inches minimum. Everything will be provided. And finally, to work on some areas, some restraints will be applied, like handcuffs, gags, etc.”

“Say what?” asked Karen.

Without twitching, Michelle took a photo album and showed it to Karen. It was filled with women wearing gleaming tight fitting rubber suits, some with their head free, some with their head covered, some with their hands tied in the back and a serving tray attached to their waist, all wearing high heels and corsets. Some had wedge high heels and had been photographed outside, taking care of the many horses there was on the property. Karen got closer to one of the photographs, looking at the woman’s feet.

“What… is that?” she asked. “Looks like she doesn’t have feet?”

“It’s Lynda and she’s wearing her ballet toe boots. Well, the salary varies according to the level of difficulty. The tighter the corset, the higher the heels, the higher the pay. Same with the restraints. The more restrained, the more money you make.”

“This is so weird. Are you sure you’re not leading me on a wild goose chase? Is this real?” asked Karen.

“That question was expected. Come with me. Remember the first paper you signed.” She said getting up and waiting for Karen’s approval, which she did.

Michelle let her out of the office and through huge solid oak doors. There, Karen startled. Just as she entered, two maids came by. They appeared to be wearing some clear latex catsuit under a classic French maid uniform, but made of more latex. They were gagged with a huge red ball. Their arms were tied in their back at the wrists and their elbows were touching. Their waist was heavily corseted and a tray was attached to it, the far end of it, linked with chains to the front ring of a wide leather collar. They were walking on pumps with a spiky five inches heels. And their ankles were linked with a short chain, forcing them to hobble.

Michel didn’t say a word and led Karen out the back. They crossed more maids along the way, but those were wearing simpler outfits, although all in latex. Outside, one maid was cleaning the pool, wearing a clear latex catsuit complete with hood and some scuba mask linked to air bottles on her back.

“Safety precautions in case she falls into the pool. She has her own air supply.” Casually said Michelle.

They reached the stable where the horses were. There, more maids, but those wearing wedge platform boots, were at work, cleaning the stalls, taking care of the horses.

“How many employees are working here?” asked Karen.

“Currently, 15, but one will be departing in two weeks, so we need a replacement.”

“I see. This is all so… weird.” Said Karen.

Michelle led her back to the office. 

“Take your time to make your decision. And remember, do not discuss anything about what you’ve seen here to anyone. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am. Who would believe me anyway.”

“That’s the spirit.” She said, leading Karen back to the door.

Karen got out, and then remembered that she had to call a cab. She turned around and stopped. Call a cab? For where? For what? She had no job, couldn’t find anything for the past six months, was out of money, and couldn’t pay her tuition for the university. She looked at the information sheet, listing the pay of this job. In one year, she would have enough to pay for the one year left she had to study to become the microbiologist she was heading for. And that’s with the lowest pay of all. She looked at how much were getting the all bound maids and did a double-take!

She turned around and knocked back on the door. Her choice was made.

  1. Introduction

Michelle welcomed her back to her office and immediately gave her the enrolment form. Karen read it carefully and stopped at the home address field.

“I’m currently living on the campus, but since I’m not going there anymore, I don’t have anyplace right now.”

“That’s no problem. We can provide you with a room. Actually, most of our employees stay with us.”

“Cool. How does it cost?”

“In money: nothing. But, you have to follow the rules of the house, even when you’re in your room. You’re subject to surprise inspection and for every failure, there’s disciplinary sanctions taken.” Answered Michelle.

Karen finished the contract, thought about it for a moment and signed.

“Very good.” Said Michelle. “Now follow me, I’ll provide you with your first uniform.” She said, leading the way to a room opposite to the office. It looked like a huge changing room.

“You see that door?” she said, pointing to a bright yellow door on the opposite side of that same room. “Nothing but high heels and latex pass this door. It is a very strictly applied rule. If you have to go downtown for some reason and you want to change, you come here, then change then go out. When you return, it’s the reverse. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Answered Karen.

Michelle then browsed through some racks looking at Karen’s figure. She was tall and slim with ample breasts. She came back with a clear rubber catsuit. It had attached feet and gloves.

“Here.” She said, handing the catsuit and a bottle of lubricant. “Just put it on. Oh, by the way, you’ll quickly note that you’re better off with your pussy shaved, if it isn’t already done.” She said.

Karen blushed. This was so bold. When she put on the suit, which was very tight, she quickly discovered the whys as she quickly noticed the discomfort of the crotch zipper with her hairy pussy. She took the shaving cream provided and shaved it off. Once the suit was on, she walked back to Michelle. It felt weird. Cold and hot at the same time. She found the rubbing of the rubber along her body with each move, disturbing. 

Michelle instructed her to sit so she could find the right shoe size. 

“Very well. Now that you have your shoe size, you can choose it in the rack. You can come and change it if you want, anytime. Again, the higher the better the pay.”

Karen, not used to wearing high heels, went conservative and chose a pair of classic black pumps with a four inches heel.

“Do you want a corset?” asked Michelle.

“I… I don’t know. Never wore one before.” She said.

“Ever wore tight jeans? Did you like it?”

“Yes… okay, I see the point. Go for the corset.” She said.

Michelle came back with a long rubber corset. It was constricting yet somewhat stretchy. It was compressing her waist about two inches. She felt everything weird, yet arousing. She had to take a new position when walking because of the heels and because of the corset, which was pushing her already ample breast even more outward.

It was topped by a classic French maid outfit, with the little frilly skirt and the long gloves, all made of black rubber with white frills.

“That’s very good. Since the day is already advanced, I’ll let you walk around for the rest of it, and you’ll start your training tomorrow. Just follow the rules of each room.” She said, showing a row of pictograms. “I think they’re pretty straight forward. This one for example, is clearly indicating that a ball gag is mandatory. This one, that heels of five inches are required. This one, restraints, etc.

Remember that you have four inches heels. There’s no warning, only disciplinary sanctions. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand.” Said Karen, eager to go and have a look.

Michelle opened the door and let Karen go, giving her room number: 24. She also gave her last instructions as meal time and bedtime, and where and at what time she should be ready the next day.

Karen explored the mansion. It was huge. She was not allowed at many places. Most rooms required either tighter corsets, higher heels or restraints. One room really did get her puzzled. According to the pictograms, the only one allowed had to wear some kind of hard helmet with hoses leading to a breathing pack or something similar. She had to wear a very wide collar, as well as a corset with a six inches reduction. She also had to wear those pointed toe boots she saw in one of the pictures. Also, she had to wear some kind of balloon mittens, and her wrists and ankles had to be linked by a short chain to leather cuffs. And there was something that looked like a cross section of her suit. If she  understood it well, the person allowed had to wear something that, all layers added, was 5mm thick! She wondered, dressed like that, what anyone could do.

She continued outside. That was pretty much the only place she was allowed to visit dressed as she was. The maid cleaning the pool was still working, but was now cleaning the pool deck with a garden hose. A little further, another one was taking care of a flower arrangement. Karen approached her. It was one of the only few that was not wearing a full rubber hood. Her long brown hairs were floating on her rubber covered shoulders.

“Hi. I’m Karen.” She said as she got besides her.

“Oh hi, I’m Lynda.” Said the other while getting up. She was dressed with black rubber jeans, knee high lace-up black leather platform boots, and a red rubber jacket. She removed her thick rubber garden glove before she shook Karen’s hand with her transparent gloves. “You must be new here. I never saw you before.” She said.

“Yes, I am. I just got hired about an hour ago.”

“Welcome to the family. Are you staying here or at your place?”

“Here, room 24” answered Karen.

“Hey! Great! Just next to mine, I’m in 26. Well, I’ll catch up with you later.” She said, getting back at work as if Karen was not there anymore.

She figured out that their working schedule was quite strict, and were not allowed to chit chat a lot. In fact, she noticed that, although many worked in a team, none appeared to be talking together. Puzzled, she approached a team wearing bright green catsuits, along with thigh high black wedge platform boots. They were working around what looked like a vegetable garden. They were both turning their back on Karen.

“Hi there.” Said Karen.

Both maids turned around. They had complete rubber hoods, and tinted lenses over their eyes, probably to protect them from the sun rays. But there was no mouth slot. Only a small hole and their mouth appeared full, as if gagged. One of them put her finger to her mouth in a silence gesture.

“Sorry,” said Karen, “I’m new here.” She said, turning around. She walked to the barn, where more maids were taking care of the horses. They were wearing black leather catsuits that appeared very tight. They had weird looking high heel cowgirl boots. Two of them were brushing horses. They too were gagged over their transparent latex hood with bright red ball gags for the closest of the two and a black one for the other. Karen waved then hello and they responded, but immediately went back to work.

Karen got the feeling that it was no leisure place. Work had to be done, and it had to be done, even if silencing the maids was required.

She spent the rest of the afternoon walking outside, around the house, and got back inside around 5pm, where she crossed a maid vacuuming a corridor. The vacuum hose seemed to be a part of her suit, an extension of her right arm. She was heavily hooded and gagged. She had some kind of bulbous goggles over her eyes, and was standing on pointed toe boots.

Karen carefully walked around her and headed back to the changing room, and then back to Michelle’s office, where she knocked on the door.

Michelle made her come in.

“What can I do for you, Karen?” she asked cordially.

“Well, I don’t know anything about the habits of the house, meal time, where should I go, when am I allowed to go to my room, etc.”

“Yes, of course. It totally slipped my mind. Since it’s your first day, you’re allowed to go to your room as soon as it’s ready, and it’s been ready for about two hours. So you can go there now. All the answers to your questions are there.” She said gently but firmly escorting her back outside her office.

“See you tomorrow morning for your training.” She said, closing the door.

Karen went to her room, crossing a dusting maid, with her arms tied up in her back, and dusting feathers protruding from her mouth.

Once in her room, she had a look around: everything was either in rubber or coated with it, even the bed sheets. She saw, on the clear rubber covered oak desk, a laptop computer with a file named Maid Manual opened. She took place and started to read.

She learned the meal times and place. She also learned that the duties are assigned in the prior evening, and that in the morning, the maid should present herself dressed for it, or with everything to be dressed if assistance were required.

She also learned that any trainee, for their first day of training, should wear a complete rubber catsuit with feet, gloves and hood, have leather cuffs on their arms and legs ready to be used and a yellow ball gag around their neck. In addition, the trainee must wear a three inch wide collar with trainee clearly printed, identifying it.

She read the rest of the rulebook. She learned more about the hard helmet she saw. This outfit was required to enter a laboratory. The helmet consisted of an inner rubber hood with a built-in blow-up gag. The center of the gag was hollow to allow breathing. Lenses were over the eyes. They were coloured red, so that everything in red would not be seen by the maid, keeping well guarded secrets.

The helmet also included earphones. She would hear only when needed. Finally, the gag breathing tube was fed to the air tanks on her back, providing her with her own air supply, so she would not breathe anything from the laboratory. She would have absolutely no clue about the smell of it.

 Then there was another hood of neoprene, over which the helmet was fitted. But the helmet was sized so that the proper fit would be without the neoprene hood. This was increasing the pressure it put on the head when it was put on. It was screwed in place, and included a large rigid yoke collar, ensuring that the head would not move at all.

It was similar with the suit. At first, an underlayer suit, containing vaginal and butt plugs were put on, then a neoprene suit, and then another heavy rubber suit. And all this was over a full upper body length corset with a six inch waist reduction. With that on, the maid could barely move her upper body.

Hands were strictly tied in the small of her back, folded and joined by a rubber sleeve tightly laced, and her feet had to be encased in knee high pointed toe boots, and her ankles and knees, linked with short chains.

What would anyone like that do? Well, a tray was hung at waist level. She would simply carry whatever was put on it where she was instructed to.

Shifts were for 16 hours. Only the best ones were allowed to apply for that job. And she learned that the “best ones” were not necessarily the ones with the best productivity, but rather the ones who can cope the best with all the equipment required.

She was a microbiologist. At least she wanted to become one. She would inquire what she should do to work there, if possible.

Dinner time. She met the others in their own dining room. Lynda waved her to come by, and they sat at a table together.

“So, what do you think of this place so far?” asked Lynda.

“Interesting yet so weird.” Answered Karen.

“Yeah, but it’s fun and it pays well.”

Lynda told her that she had been there for about a year, and that she intended to stay another one. She too was here to pay for her university, but the pay was so good and she took her courses through the internet. It took longer, but in the meantime, she had a great job and very good pay. She figured that she could postpone everything one more year.

Karen asked her about the different levels and how high she went.

“Well, the way you saw me today was rather my loose day. I’m usually more heavily equipped than that: heavy rubber catsuit, hood, gag, etc. I even started to wear pointed toe boots.”

“Ever went to the lab?”

“The lab? Hell no. The ones that go there had spent over three years training to get the required corset size, be at ease on pointed toe boots and able to move around fragile equipment with their sight impaired as it is. Do you know that they see only in red, and that their field of view is about the size of a pen?”

“Gee. No, I didn’t know that. They don’t specify it in the manual.” She said.

“Why are you asking me that? You’re interested in getting there?”

“I might. I’m studying to become a microbiologist, so…”

“I see. Well, good luck.” She said taking a sip of her soup but her hairs fell in her face.

“Ah, the heck with it.” She said, picking her hairs and removing them, revealing it was a wig.

Karen startled.

“You’re bald?” exclaimed Karen, 

“Yeah.” Said Lynda, laughing. “And so you will be soon. You’ll quickly learn that wearing a rubber hood with your hairs is a hassle. You’re better off with your head shaved. And if you want to go out, you can always put on a wig. I put it today to protect my scalp from the sunrays, instead of wearing a hat or something like that.” She said.

After the meal, Karen and Lynda went to their room. As a trainee, it was okay for Karen to receive Lynda, but once she would be fully briefed, it would be against the rules, except on weekends.

Lynda showed her where to go on the computer to apply for a post, or see where she was assigned for the next day. She also showed her where she had to go to take her classes. Karen browsed quickly to find that hers was also there. She might take it.

“And remember. As long as you’re on the property, you have to wear your clear basic catsuit and high heels. Corset and hoods are optional, but the gloves and feet are mandatory, thus they’re built-in to the suit. You’re only allowed to take it off one hour, each day, as you shower and get ready for your day’s work. In fact, it’s not a choice, but mandatory, otherwise you end-up with damaged skin if you keep it on all the time.”

“You mean I have to wear it to sleep? Even the heels?”

“Yes, and they check on you. Better do it.” Said Lynda with a severe tone. But she knew that Karen would test it, and that she would get disciplinary sanctions. But she had to learn.

  1. One year later

Time flies when you’re having a good time, they say. Well, it did for Karen. She loved her first year there, although she didn’t like all the… disciplinary measures she had to endure for stepping out of the rules. She clearly remembered the full day she spent, mummified in white tape, then tied on a post in the middle of the garden, or that other time where she was hung upside down in the barn. But her goal was still out of reach. Yes, she still wanted to work in the lab, and she had taken every step for it. She was now, after only one year, at ease with the six inch reduction corset, so much that she was wearing it all the time. She was also at ease with the pointed toe boots. She even spent at least one day a week wearing the full neoprene suit and helmet to do her usual chores, just to get used to the suit.

Her efforts had been noticed and rewarded as she was the highest paid of the recruits, but she was far from becoming a lab maid. Problem was, there was a waiting list. Only three maids could work there, and only one at a time: three days in the lab, and two days doing normal chores. They were getting the highest pay check of all, and were not willing to let it go. She figured that, at least, she would have to wait five years.

She pretty much continued her training, but knew that her goal was out of reach. In the meantime, she was still taking her internet courses, and was doing extremely well. But for that final year, she had to get out more, to visit real labs, and get hands-on experience. Then she had to undergo a six month training in a real lab. She had to see Michelle to ask permission to leave her job for six months, or if she could work on weekends and still live here, and so forth.

“What are you studying, again?” she asked,

“Microbiology” said Karen.

“I’ll talk to Mister Thompson and I’ll get back to you.” Answered Michelle.

Two days later, she was called into Michelle’s office. But to her surprise, before she could enter, she was fitted with a blindfold and her arms were tied in an elbow tie in her back. She was led to the office. She was asked to stand as she felt links being attached to her ankle cuffs and another link attached to the back ring of her collar. It was gently pulled until the cable became tight.

“Good morning, Karen.” She heard a man say. She figured it was Mr. Thompson. She was very careful with her answer.

“Hello sir. Are you Mr. Thompson?”

“Yes I am. Michelle here told me about your quest for a six month training. You’re studying microbiology, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“And I could see that you have excellent results so far.” He said.

“How do…”

“I can get anything, Karen. I even have your last term papers. Impressive, but may I ask why this research about microbiology on rubber?”

“Well, sir, I was wondering if there was a way that someone could wear a latex garment for prolonged periods without damage to the skin.”

“That’s very interesting. Any particular… personal interest?” he asked.

“Well, sir, honestly I would like to be able to spend much longer in my latex catsuit, and if possible remove the bulky zipper. If it could be glued shut or anything else, it would remove that discomfort.”

“Glue shut or anything else? What is the else?” he asked.

“Well, maybe sprayed on, or something.” She answered timidly, knowing perfectly that it was unrealistic, “and I also would like to make the rubber much more resistant to tearing”.

There was a silence.

“You know Karen, I like your way of thinking. This lab has been searching for a solution for those same problems for five years, and your papers, the one that I have here, are ahead of us! You would be a very nice addition to our staff or researchers. Would you be interested?”

“Yes, working in the lab was my goal, sir. That’s why I practice with the helmet and the…”

“Yes, I understand. Unfortunately, the maid’s uniform doesn’t allow them to do anything else than carry a tray from point A to point B. I want you to be able to work. The dressing rules for lab researchers are a little different: you have to wear latex and high heels, but you’re free to choose them. The only rule: it should not slow your work down.”

“I’m okay with that.” She said.

The deal was sealed. After Mr. Thompson left, she was untied and her blindfold removed. She was offered a contract which she happily signed.

The very next day, she had to change rooms, to go from the maid side, to the staff side. None of the maids knew where she went, and the ones working in the lab couldn’t identify any of the workers because of their impaired vision.

Karen went to work, at first wearing pretty much standard rubber catsuit, but she soon went heavier. Within a month she was going to work wearing the heavy neoprene suit, the six inches reduction corset, the pointed toe boots and hood, but without the helmet of course. She worked day and night on her project. One day soon, everybody would be able to wear tight rubber for a prolonged period of time.

Comfortably seated in his leather chair, Mr. Thompson was looking at the progress of the research and smiled. It was getting better and better. Karen was in fact making research on two fronts without knowing it. The first one was to make a rubber suit that could be worn for long periods, the second goal, was to make a substance that, when taken, would change the chemistry of the skin, making it so that wearing a rubber suit was the only cure! Like a drug!

His large smile turned to an evil one as the latest data arrived. The substance was ready. All that was left was the rubber suit.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 3, 2006

Housemaid II

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Housemaid

  1. I have a French Maid’s outfit (satin) which I wear to reduce the tedium when vacuuming, along with a corset and a plug and a gag, but alas, I can’t stand in my ballet boots as yet. Something has to stretch a bit more. I can only do the job when in my 5″ high heels. So much for dreams. Dear Karen takes to the heels and the tight corset and all like a natural-born, and I’m envious.
    In London I made some enquiries at a hotel that welcomed crossdressers and the like for stays en-femme (as a base say, between parties/excursions) and I recall the manager grumbling about the difficulty in finding staff. I suggested that surely, some visitors would be happy to dress as a maid and do some work, but he said that no, they’re not much use, because all they really want to do is dress up and flounce about, not actually engage in real work for hours on end as is required. I was tempted to offer, but timidity prevailed.
    Clearly, there would be no allowance for Karen to slack off work. Indeed, any slackness would soon result in tightness!

    1. Well, “fetishism”, like all things, have many different levels. Some are just dress-up games, prelude to sexual activities, role playing, and then there are those who wish they could live the way their alter-ego would live. I for myself, would gladly go to work in full rubber, heels, corsets and some restraints and have to do my job within the same constraints as being “normalized” dressed. (and to think that I work in an industrial rubber manufacturing plant…). Of course, I might not be as effective as normally dressed (I mean, corsets, heels, cuffs kind of interfere) but I would do my best. Or… do the general maintenance of that hotel in full gear and I would be productive my whole shift.

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