Karen – Wrong Decisions


She was a real bitch, and she knew it.

She was a real bitch, and she liked it.

As the Director of Personnel for the big company she was working at, Karen’s biggest pleasure was to fire people. Laying off? No, that term was too soft. She was firing them. And she was most often laughing at their sobbing face.

She had spent the last week with the suits of the company, trying to figure out a way of cutting expenses. The easiest way was to fire workers. She had told 15 that their job was gone. Most of them were women. Most of them got out in tears.

It was Thursday afternoon. She had taken her Friday off to prepare for her big meeting on Monday, where she would meet the president of the company, which would offer her a job of vice-president. She had made her way to the top by stepping on other people’s heads, but she didn’t mind. She was at the top, and the next step would be president. Nothing was impossible.

She was getting down in the underground parking lot, to get into her expensive car and drive to her expensive condo. She was wearing her designer business suit, walking with her head high, and with firm steps. She crossed many people. She ignored them, and they ignored her. She didn’t care. She was perfect. In her job, and in her way of life. She had the perfect body that all men dream of, but she was keeping it for herself, until she found the right worm to worship her.

Yes she was a bitch, and she liked it.

As she opened the door of her car, she heard swift sounds behind her, but before she had time to react, a thick pad was put over her mouth as her arms were held by firm hands. She was getting abducted. Thoughts flew fast in her mind. She would give her abductor the best sex he ever had, so he would lower his defenses, and when she’ll get free, she would suck the life energy out of it. Prison was not enough. She would crush him. She tried to resist, but he was too strong. She was struggling to get free, but rapidly dozing off from the effect of the chloroform.

“That’s it, sweety. Let yourself go.”

The last thought that went through her mind was: that’s a woman’s voice.

Everything was a blur. She blinked many times, trying to see better. She tried to rub her eyes, but her arms were restrained, spread over her head. She tried to get up, but her feet too were tied. She figured that she was in some kind of spread eagle position. Something huge and hard was filling her mouth, and she could produce only some muffled garbled sounds. She tried to take a deep breath to calm down, but found it difficult, as if she couldn’t expand her lungs. Her vision was still blurred, and she realized that she had lenses over her eyes that produced that effect. She heard faint footsteps, and a black shadow bent over her.

“So you’re awake, said a muffled voice. It’s about time. I guess we exaggerated a little with the chloroform.”

She tried to say something, but only mumbling came out. The captor woman laughed.

“Don’t worry, dear, you’ll get to talk later. But for now, we have to get you acquainted with your new… clothing style.”

She felt strong hands taking hold of her wrists. She tried to resist, but was still too weak from the chloroform. There was another woman, but she could only make out a dark shadow. Her back was raised, and although she resisted, her wrists were fastened in her back. She was then put on her back again, and as one woman sat on her, the other untied her ankles from the bed and tied them together. She then felt wide straps being tightly pulled over each knee. She was then positioned in a sitting fashion on the side of the bed. She felt that her ankles would go slightly apart, but her knees were joined together. She felt a hard pull on her shoulders and elbows as more straps were applied, joining her elbows together. It was painful, and she tried to complain, but all she got was laughing. By now, she had figured that her head was covered by some sort of rubbery hood, and a stiff collar was limiting her head movements. Also, she was wearing a complete rubber outfit, very tight, and her breathing was restricted by a long and stiff corset.

There was a strong pull on her collar, forcing her to get up. She felt unsteady. She was wearing incredibly high heels, much higher than she ever wore.

“Ooo. Unsteady. Not used to wearing 6 inches heels, hey? Well, better getting used to it. Soon, that will be the only thing you would be able to wear.”

More laughter.

She was pulled in front of a mirror. Then, one of the women went behind her and unfastened the lenses that were giving her the blurred vision. What she saw shocked her as much as it astonished her. 

The two women were dressed identically, wearing gleaming black rubber catsuits, their faces hidden behind black rubber hoods with only eyes and mouth holes. They were wearing contact lenses, changing their eye color, to purple for the one on her left, and red for the one on her right. Their lips looked artificial, big, pulpeous and bright red. There was no way she would be able to recognize them, to identify them. But what astonished her was her own look. 

She too was encased in a thick and shiny black rubber catsuit, from head to toe, her feet ending in 6 inches stiletto pumps. Her legs appeared long and slim. Her waist was constricted by a long rubber corset, covering her from the hips to her neck. It was black with red lacing, and red trimming. Her waist was naturally thin, but this made it even smaller. She found the look stunning. She turned sideways to have a better look. Her wide collar made it difficult for her to turn her head, but it was enough to see how wonderful she looked, and also the fact that the cuffs holding rubber covered hands were securely locked. There was no escape.

The purple eyed woman tugged on her collar, so she had no choice but to turn in her direction.

“You have to get some practice on those heels to look pretty. Don’t worry, we have what it takes.”

She was led to a treadmill. She was pushed on it then a harness was secured tightly on her head. The top ring of it linked to the ceiling with a strong chain. A body harness was put on. A wide belt was applied to her already thin waist and pulled on tight. There were numerous rings on it, and each one was linked to part of the treadmill or the ceiling, and even on the floor, so she couldn’t suspend herself.  Once done, there was now way she could get off from it. A 3 inches chain was put between her knees, and a six inches chain between her ankles.

“The trick is to make small steps, ” said the red eyed as she started the treadmill at a slow speed.”

She had no choice but to walk. And she couldn’t take any long steps because of the hobble chains. Restrained as she was, she had no choice but to walk. The pace was okay, about one step every second.

The two women left, laughing.

She was alone with herself, panting, wanting to take deeper breaths. She had been walking on the treadmill for a long while. She had no way to tell. The women had been back, but to her dismay, not to free her, but to speed the treadmill up. Now, she was at two steps a second. Her feet were hurting. She wanted relief. She was collapsing, but the many chains simply held her in place. By the end, her feet were moving, but it wasn’t her doing it. She was exhausted.

She felt the treadmill stopped, and was being held by four hands. She was ready to pass out. She was carried to her bed, and tightly tied in the spread eagle position. This was a relief, but taking the shoes off would have been way better. But they were left on. She was feeling her feet swelling in the shoes. She lost it.

She was awakened, feeling her bonds being loosen.

“Come on. You must need to relieve yourself by now, said purple.”

Karen mumbled affirmatively. She needed to go, and she was quite hungry too. She was untied from the bed, and the arm tying procedure was done again. The blurring lenses were back on. She was let out of her “room” for the bathroom, where the crotch zipper of the suit was opened and she sat on the toilet, her two captors keeping an eye on her. 

Once it was done, she was led back to her room. Her collar was linked by a chain to the ceiling. Her legs spread about 3 feet apart by a spreader bar. The bar was linked to the floor. The crotch zipper, still opened, was letting sweat run down. Then she felt fondling in her crotch, and something huge was pushed inside her. It didn’t take long for her to realize it was a dildo, and it was huge. She tried to resist, but it was forced in. 

She screamed when she felt another being pushed into her rectum. She had no choice. The zipper was closed back, and the tightness of the suit held the intruders in place. While she was in this position, her gag was removed. She had been warned that if she was to say anything, the gag was going back, and she would receive no food. She complied. A straw was put in her mouth, and she was instructed to suck.

“Don’t worry, it’s a diet milk shake.”

She recognized the texture and the taste of it. That stuff was part of her daily diet to keep slim. She felt her stomach full before she reached the bottom of the glass.

“Already full? Those corsets make wonderful things, don’t they?”

Karen didn’t have time to answer. The gag was back in place, and felt tighter.

“Okay,” said the red one, “while removing the blurring lenses, you learned to make steps in those shoes, now you have to learn to walk properly.”

She was untied and backed to the wall. A book was put on her head. With her posture collar, the only way she had to keep it balanced, was to move her whole upper body, already stiffed by the corset.

She was ordered to walk. She felt the dildos quite disturbing, and it surprised her. The book fell off right away.

“Getting used to your toys, hey? Having fun yet?”

The book was placed back. She started to walk again, slowly. After four steps, the book fell on the ground.


She received a sharp cane slap on the butt, which made her straighten up, and turn away, but she was quickly grabbed by Red and put back in place. Purple was holding the cane.

“That’s the punishment for dropping the book. Just be careful. The first drop was a freebee”.

The book was placed back on her head. 5 steps and it fell off.


Karen grunted. But at the same time, she felt the whipping aroused her with the dildos.


“Any misbehavior is punishable.”

It went on and on. When they stopped, she was able to make four lengths of the room, back and forth, without dropping the book. Her butt was burning, and she was burning hot with desire. But she was left stone cold. She was put back on the bed and tied in the spread eagle.

“I think that’s enough for now. We’ll call it the night. See you tomorrow morning.”

With that, the lights were turned off, and the two women left. It was pitch black in the room. No window. No way to tell what time it really was. She knew one thing, is that she was hot, and wanted relief. She tried to move as much as her restraints allowed it. She managed to rock her hips up and down slightly, enough to give her pleasure. After a long climb, she climaxed. She fell asleep.


There was a knock. Then another, louder. Karen opened her eyes. It was Phil, her face pressed on the car’s window.

“Karen? Are you okay?”

She awoke from her sleep, and lowered the window half way.

“Yes, I’m fine. Looks like I fell asleep.”

Phil’s look changed.

“Err. Yes. Well, better be quick. I’m used to being late at meetings, but not you. It’s your big day, today. Well, it should be. Well, gotta go. See you up there.”

“Big day? What…”

She looked at her watch, but she didn’t see her watch. What she saw was gleaming black rubber. She looked down, and she was wearing all rubber. She turned the rear-view mirror to her. Her head was uncovered, but the rest of her body wasn’t.

“What the hell…” she said, opening the door to get out. She almost choked. Her legs were encased in thigh high ballet toe boots. She quickly got back in her car and closed the door. She noticed a card on the passenger seat.

Hello dear Karen. It’s your big day today. Yes, it is Monday, the day you’re supposed to get your promotion anyway. As you can see, we’ve left you with your favorite outfit on. We thought it would be just perfect to impress the suits. Have a nice life. – Red and Purple.

Karen laughed. If they thought it was going to stop her, they were wrong. She was prepared. She made sure no one else was in the parking garage, and quickly got out and ran to her trunk where she picked her emergency suitcase. She always had a suitcase full of clothes in case something happened. She surprised herself at how easily she appeared to walk with the ballet toe boots. 

She entered the building, taking the emergency staircases. She knew there was a bathroom just next to it on the third floor. She climbed the stairs, the suitcase on her left, and her briefcase, holding her future, on her right. The dildos, still inside her, were making the task difficult. She had to use a lot of concentration not to climax. 

She was on the 3rd floor. A quick glance around, and no one was in the corridor. Three paces and she was in the bathroom. She locked herself in one of the booths. She tried to remove the boots. It was impossible. The laces had been soaked in some kind of resin and were now as solid as rock, and all glued together. Frantically, she looked for the back zipper, but couldn’t find any. She got out of the booth to have a glimpse in the mirror. There was no back zipper. The suit appeared to have been glued, including the crotch.

“The hell with it, I’ll dress over it. I think I have a long enough skirt that could hide those boots.”

But another surprise was waiting for her in the suitcase. Her designer clothes had been replaced by rubber and pvc clothes: dresses, skirts, catsuits, masks, hoods, along with collars and restraints.

Appearing like that in front of the suits, she would lose all credibility, not counting it would be very embarrassing. But they were intelligent. She was sure they would understand. She would simply explain what had happened, that she had been abducted. She was strong. She had always been. She will show them.

Head up, her briefcase in her right hand and her suitcase in her left hand, she got out of the restroom and headed for the 15th floor. For the head office.

Everywhere she passed it was dead silent followed by whisperings behind her. She opened the door of the meeting room. Everyone turned toward her, and a heavy silent fell on the room. Karen took a deep breath.

“Hello everyone. Good day Mr. President. Sorry for being late, and for what I’m wearing. It’s a long story that I’ll be glad to explain later. Let’s just say that I have been abducted this weekend and forced to wear… this, in an attempt to discourage myself to attend this meeting. I must say to my opponents that they failed. I’m here, and I will present my files to the President.”

She let her suitcase drop and violently put her briefcase on the table and opened it. She lost a heartbeat. She didn’t verify if they had put anything embarrassing in it. To her relief, everything was how it was supposed to be. She took the file and handed it to the President, still trying to figure out if he was dreaming or what. She stayed there, leaning on the table with both hands, looking at the President.

“Euh… If you would take a seat, please, miss… Karen.” He said while looking at the file.

Karen walked to the far end of the long table, the last place available, just facing the President. The thick rug muffled the clicking sound of her heels, but the creaking of leather and rubber appeared louder in the dead silent room. She slowly sat, creating more creaking noise when she tried to slide her rubber covered legs on the leather chair.

The president looked at the file. At first, he had a surprised expression, but then he frowned and started to read with great care. That reassured Karen who felt the President was impressed by her document.

“That is… really impressive, miss Karen.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.”

“But not in a very good way, he added”

“Excuse me, sir? Asked Karen, quite surprised.”

“You see, seems that your abductors have modified your file…”

“The bastards, give me that back. I have a good copy in my office.” She said while getting up.

“Sit down!” Ordered the President, looking straight in her eyes. Karen froze and sat down slowly.

“I can’t say that I approve their way, but they did a very good job. I have here all your results of your past years with our company. Looks like you did an awesome job in saving expenses.”

“Well… euh.. Thank you Mr. President. I did indeed save the company a lot of money.”

“Oh yes you did, and you did it primarily by firing employees.”

“Some people are way too expensive for what they’re worth, Mr. President.”

“Tell me. Do you recall Brad Thompson?”

“Thompson? Oh yes indeed. He was engulfing money in his department like it was a bottomless pit. I believe that by firing him I saved about a quarter of a million.”

“Yes, that’s what your file reads. But do you know where Mr. Thompson is now?”

“I bet he’s looking for a job, she said with an arrogant grin.”

“No. Mr. Thompson had been hired the very next day by a competitor, who gave him his research money. The device he had developed is very successful. In fact, that competitor has eaten 54% of our market share in that field, thanks to mr. Thompson’s research, a 80 millions loss. Now, is the name Patsy Smith rings a bell?”

“Yes. She was working with Thompson. She was not giving good enough results, so I fired her last week, she said, but with less assurance.”

“Guess where she is now. Yes, working with Thompson.”

“But… okay, perhaps this one was a mistake, but I did save the company a lot of money by…”

“By firing key people that were getting paid too much, according to your point of view. Simply by browsing at this file, with official records where key people you fired went, I expect that we lost business opportunities close to 150 millions.”

“But… but…”

“Shut up.”

The room had been silent, but now it was ice cold. The president read the file to the end, which took close to an hour.

“I guess the administrative staff has to have a little talk. Please, miss Karen, go wait in the next room.” Said the President with a very cold tone. 

Karen complied, creaking her way to the waiting room. She thought of leaving, but the only exit of that room was through the meeting room. She stayed there for half an hour before she was called back in.

The President took the lead.

“Your file is filled with bad business decisions, but also with easily provable situations of fraud, bribing, extortion and threats. This could easily send you for 10 years behind bars. Needless to say that any administrative job is out of the question.”

Karen’s jaw fell on the floor.

“Your abductors seemed to have had a lot of fun with you. I do not exactly approve of their practices, but there is one suggestion that, after consulting my staff here, will be submitted to you. The choice is yours.”

The President had the papers glide all the way to the other end of the table. With shaky hands, Karen read it. She almost went into shock. The deal was simple. She will get the janitor work. She would never be able to have another job. She was signing for 10 years, 7 days a week. If she was missing one single day, the company would press charges, and she would go to jail for 10 years, firm. If she refuses, the company would press charges immediately.

The fine print included that she had to come to work dressed as she is now. She could get in more restrained, but not less. The company had the choice of chaining her to anything if they wanted. There were no minimum hours, nor maximum working hours. The company was taking all the decisions, and she would have to follow. No talk back.

“Are you nuts? She said. This is insane.”

“Do we have to assume that your decision is the trial?”

“Yes, she said with conviction.”

10 years of jail. For good behavior, she would get out in 6 or 7 years, even earlier if she has a good lawyer. The president stood up.

“I want you all to be a witness of this. Karen had chosen the trial over the agreement. Miss Karen, say yes if you want the trial.


“So be it.”

Karen had 2 choices: either to spend the next 10 years mopping the floor dressed with ballet toe boots and latex, or go to jail for a 10 years sentence, from which she would get out in 6 years for good behavior. The second choice was appealing. That had been her choice.

Only one week had passed since the whole ordeal. Since her decision. She was still glued-locked in her latex suit and ballet toe boots, and was eager to get out of it once in jail.

The courtroom was half empty. On her side, there was beside herself, her lawyer. No one else was present. Not even any member of her family. She was paying for treating them as trash because they didn’t have a decent job, per her standards. Her dad was working in a factory, her mom was a housewife, and her brother was a police officer. But it was not enough. No one has a prestigious job, like a doctor or a lawyer, or was in high management. She had pretty much shit on them. Now, no one was there for her.

On the other side, the seats were pretty filled up. Besides the lawyers of the company, a good number of people she had laid off over the years were there to assist at her sentencing.

Repeating offender. That’s the conclusion the judge came to. For her lack of true regrets, for the happiness she felt when firing someone, and the fact that she pretty much sent her lawyer back to his office because he was not aggressive enough, the judge concluded that Karen was glad of what she did, and that she would do it again. Coming from a judge, and a woman on top of that, was a slap in the face. But the judge added that Karen would surely do the same things, unless there was re-training done.

For that, she was sentenced to 10 years, firm, into a rehabilitation center.

A rehabilitation center. That ought to be much more interesting than jail, thought. And she was sure that after a few years, with good behavior, she would get out. Her faith was sealed with the bang of the hammer.

Under the applause of the fired employees, she was taken by guards and brought out of the courtroom.

She was expecting to see some kind of chemist approaching her with some kind of solution to break down the glue holding everything to her skin, but instead, a woman guard, dressed in black leather, with spiky thigh high leather boots, approached, holding a ball gag and a slave collar. Karen protested, but firmly held by the guards, she had no choice but to accept the collar and the gag, both pulled very tightly. Wide leather cuffs, locking her arms in her back replaced the standard handcuffs. More cuffs were added to her ankles, linked by a six inches chain. A leach was fastened to the front ring of the collar, and she was pulled away, walking in small steps. To her dismay, she was led back to the courtroom, where she was paraded in front of all the people, still waiting. They were laughing and pointing at her, wishing good luck, but in a very bad taste. Even the judge was smiling. She simply couldn’t believe it.

She was put into a transport van. She was secured to her seat by wide straps over her waist. Her hobble chain was linked to the floor. The back of the seat was not very high, and her arms were passed behind, and linked to the floor. She couldn’t move. Finally, a blindfold was applied. She tried to protest, but no one responded. She was led to the rehab center. She wondered what kind of center it was going to be.

What seemed like hours later, she was unloaded from the van, still tied up and blindfolded. She followed the tugs on her leach. Heels were clicking on the hard floor. She counted hers plus two others. One was probably the leather clad women she saw at the courtroom, the other, she had no idea. She was led into a room, her wrists and ankles were untied, then she was laid on her back on a table. She felt straps being fastened around her legs at the ankle, knee, thighs, wrists, elbows, waist and chest. Another strap was put around her forehead, locking it in place. Then her collar was removed, along with the gag and the blindfold. She could see the leather clad women standing besides her, within her field of view, along with what would be a nurse, all dressed in white, but white rubber. Her face appeared to be covered with clear latex, and her hairs totally removed.

“Welcome to the new rehab center, Karen. You will stay here for the duration of your sentence, which is 10 years. Any misbehavior will bring punishment. Your stay is for 10 years. Not one hour more, not one hour less. Misbehavior will not lead to having your sentence prolonged but will make your stay a lot harder and painful.”

“What the hell is that pla…”

Slap! The woman had slapped her hard in the face.

“You are not to speak unless allowed. Besides, you will not be able to speak for the duration of your stay. We have total control over you. The only thing we can’t do is to terminate you. You have to get out of here alive. But then again, alive doesn’t specify in which condition you are living.” she said with an evil grin.

Karen would have said something, but she decided to go along. That must be only a trick to test the character of new inmates. 

“Good. Fast learner. I like that. Now, I will explain what will be done to you. Whoever did this to you did a pretty good job, saving ourselves a lot of work. What will be done now is that your head will be shaved, then a hair growth inhibitor will be applied. Ear plugs will be inserted. They have small amplifiers built in, so you will be able to hear only what we want you to hear. It doesn’t use any batteries. Energy from your muscles is enough to provide the necessary power. Following that, a feeding tube will be inserted down your throat, and two breathing tubes will be inserted through your nose. A gag will then be applied. It’s a blow-up gag, with a hole in the center for the feeding tube. It will be filled later with liquid rubber that will harden in a few hours. . A latex hood will be glued on. A new collar will be put on. Finally, your dildos will be replaced with ones with catheters, to provide for automatic cleaning. This should take a little over an hour. We’ll talk more after that for the remainder of the sealing procedure.

“What? No, you can… Mgggrllrrg”

She couldn’t say more. The ball gag was put back in place. The nurse spread a cream on her hair, and Karen felt them fall off. Her head was thoroughly cleaned and another cream put on. She was left there for a few minutes for the growth inhibitor to settle in. Ears plugs were inserted, followed by the nostril tubes. A jaw spreader was used to keep her mouth opened while the feeding tube and blow up gag were installed. Then her forehead was released. A tight latex hood was put in place. Karen fought it, but the nurse was not impressed. The hood felt gooey, probably the glue, but it glided easily in place. Each tube end was fed through the proper holes of the hood, cut flush and more glue was applied. Her forehead was secured back in place. Karen panicked when she saw the huge syringe approaching. The nurse put the opening of the syringe just on the side of the feeding tube. Karen felt the gag inflates in her mouth. She tried to chew on it, but there was no way to stop the filling of liquid rubber. She felt her mouth full. She felt her cheeks expand, like balloons. She tried to make her stop, but the filling continued, the pressure increased. Then it stopped. She couldn’t believe her mouth could be filled that much. It was already hurting like hell.

Dark spherical lenses were applied over her eyes, glued all around. They dimmed the light by 60%. Finally, a wide collar, very stiff, was applied around her neck and fastened tightly. The nurse had shown it to her before putting it on: it was made of hardened steel sandwiched between two layers of rubber. There was no buckle, only one way locking pins. Once in place, it was impossible to remove without power tools.

She was unstrapped from the bed. Her arms were tied together in her back, elbow touching and her feet linked by a six inch chain. She struggled to keep her balance as the black leather lady came back. She snapped a leach on Karen’s front collar ring and pulled. 

She followed, making small steps on her ballet toe boots. She wondered how she would be able to cope walking too much with them. She was led down a long corridor. It was filled with small doors, about the size of a standard closet door. She was led in front of the door marked C211. The door was unlocked and opened, revealing a very small space, all lined with rubber. There was only a shaft protruding from the back of the closet.

“This is your room” said the leather lady, much to Karen’s dismay. “Step in!” she ordered. 

Karen was turned around so that her back would be facing the opposite wall of her room. She was placed with the rod between her legs. The back wall had a hole allowing her arms to recess into it. The rod was about two inches in diameter and had two small tubes going up from it.

With the help of a remote, the leather woman made the rod rise, and aligned Karen so that the tubes would mesh with her hollow dildos, then continued to lift it until her feet didn’t touch the ground.

Karen was balancing, her whole weight carried on her crotch, pushing hard on the dildos.

“This is a no activity prison” she heard in her earphone. “You stay here one week, then you exercise for a day, and have a medical exam, then it’s in your room for another week.”

Karen struggled but the door was closed. She figured that if she can lean sideways, she would relieve some of the pressure or better yet, get off the pole, but she soon felt her space shrinking. The walls, made of rubber, were inflating, engulfing her, imprisoning her. Within a minute, she couldn’t move at all, crushed by the inflated bladder.

She missed mopping the floor.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 2006.

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