Karen – Mannequin


Get yourself a new lifestyle. Renowned artist is searching for a mannequin. No experience required. Sent pictures and personal info.

Karen had applied. She never expected to hear about it anymore, but she got a letter. It said that she should present herself to a specific address for a test shoot.

She was thrilled! Even if she’s not the one kept, she would have been chosen anyway! That was enough for her.

She got to the address, a warehouse in the industrial district. She entered and was surprised at the number of display window mannequins there was. All were very lifelike, and all were adopting very natural positions, something she never saw before. She approached one: she really looked alive and she was almost sure that her pupil reacted to her presence. Amazing what technology can do nowadays, she said to herself.

“Hello, you must be Karen.” Asked a man entering, showing a very strong Italian accent. My name is Roberto. He said.

“Roberto? THE Roberto?” asked Karen, all surprised.

“Well, yes.” He answered, almost shy. “I must admit that my reputation is much overdone.”

“Overdone? Gee, I wish I had enough money to buy all your collection! You have such a way to make your clothes fit a woman’s body, it’s like they’re moulded on one.

“It’s pretty much what it is, my dear.” He said, looking at her from head to toe, asking to turn around slowly.”

“Very impressive. Very slim and fit body. Congratulations, Karen.” He said with a soft, very friendly voice.

“Coming from you, Roberto, it’s quite a compliment. Thank you very much.” She answered, blushing.

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you how I proceed.” He said. “If you’re interested in working for me, of course.”

“What? Of course I want to!” she said, rushing to get back to him.

He led her to a small room, rather dark, with what looked like painting equipment.

“Okay, the procedure is quite simple. I spray your naked body with a compound that I made. It’s similar to rubber, but once cured, it’s very rigid. Ten I use it as my mannequin. That’s how I got that life-like look, and that’s how I can design my clothes so precisely, since I have real body measurements. He said.

“So, I have to get naked?” asked Karen.

“Yes. Don’t be shy, I’ve seen women before.” He said with a wink.

Karen didn’t wait and removed her tight stretch jeans and T shirt.

“And the underwear too? “she asked softly.

“Yes, you will put these instead.” He said, giving her a pair of rubber panties.

Karen startled. The crotch portion of the panties were occupied by two huge dildos.

“Err… What are those for?” she asked.

“You see, I discovered that the woman’s body changes when aroused. The breasts become firmer, the position changes, etc. So, by wearing this you will get aroused, so the mannequin shell will take that perfect shape. That’s the secret of my clothes.” He said with a large smile.

Not very sure, Karen applied a large amount of lubricant and slowly inserted the dildos in place. Oh, she had fun before with a vaginal one, but she never inserted a butt plug before.

She found it disturbing, yet interesting. Roberto then gave her a pair of black platform mules with a two inches platform and a seven inches heels. She had worn high heels before, but never as high.

He instructed her to take place in the middle of the room. He took the spray gun and started to shoot the black liquid. It was rather warm. He put it everything, making sure everything was covered. He even combed her hairs with the stuff, giving it a real look. Karen never had a thought at how it would be removed from her hairs.

Roberto put five thin coats. It was all completed within half an hour.

“Very good. It will be dry to the touch in about 20 minutes. In the meantime, try not to come in contact with anything.” He softly said.

Twenty minutes later, Roberto touched the suit.

“Still going well. Now it’s dry to the touch. It will fully cure in about an hour. What I would now like you to do, is to act naturally. Walk around, look at things, etc. All this to get the suit to work with your body, to adjust, because right now, it’s still soft and if I was to take it off, it would simply collapse like a lump of dough. When done, it will retain your body features. Since I want your body to be aroused, walk around to get those dildos moving inside of you… That’s it.” He said to Karen starting to walk.

It was a new experience for her. Walking tightly encased in a rubber like substance, wearing high heels, and more important, the plugs.

She browsed around, looking at the different devices, and some books. When she passed in front of a mirror, she was stunned. The substance seemed to conform to all her features, down to her eyebrows! She didn’t look like catwoman, but rather like a woman with a deep black skin.

“Roberto, it’s been close to 45 minutes now. I don’t want to complain, but I’m getting bored of turning in a circle. When will it be ready?” she asked.

“You’ll feel it, no doubts. Want to make yourself useful? You see those boxes over there on those shelves? Would you please bring them to that corner, close to the door, I need to get them in my car.”

“Yes, sure.” She said, walking to the boxes. 

She picked the first one and walked to the other side of the room, putting it down. She became immediately aroused. That walk and bending had worked the dildos and it showed.

She picked the second one and did the same. On the third one, about half way through, she went from feeling okay, to feeling really bad. All of a sudden everything seemed to have stopped. She couldn’t move. Trying as she might, she felt her muscles tighten, but nothing moved. What was going on. She screamed through her mouth, partially opened.

“Yes, I know, it’s scary. The suit just cured and became rigid. That was expected.”

Karen relaxed. So, that’s how he got those real poses, as the model freezes doing a normal activity. His would be used for women carrying boxes as she has her hands extended in front of her to hold a large box. The only thing she could move was her eyes, although she could not close the eyelids.

She was expecting Roberto to come in with some kind of saw, the kind used to remove plaster cast, but instead, he approached her with some kind of tank filled with a black liquid. He carefully put a mask around her nose and mouth.

“I’m now going to fill you. It will be panicking at first, but it will be fine. This is a special compound I made. It will fill your lungs, stomach, intestine, etc. It will provide you with everything you need to survive for six months, air, nutrients, etc, and it doesn’t produce any waste. At that time, I will simply need to be… refilled.” He said. Putting the pump in action.

Karen felt the warm liquid get inside her. She choked as it filled her lungs. She felt it go down her stomach.

“It should take an hour to fill everything completely. I’ll come back later.” He said, leaving the room.

Surprisingly, although her lungs were filled, she didn’t feel the need for air. She was quite relaxed, her stomach feeling full.

Roberto came back and removed the mask. He wiped off Karen’s nose and mouth. He then thoroughly cleaned her with alcohol before approaching with another spray.

“This is a clear coating. It will render the shell very shiny as well as protect it. It will also prevent your eyes from moving. They will react to light though.” He said as he started to spray the hot liquid.

When it covered Karen’s eyes, it stung quite a lot, but the bad feeling disappeared within a few minutes, and Karen’s eyes couldn’t move anymore. She was a complete, rigid mannequin with life-like features and unique eyes.

Roberto then applied paint on her face to give a skin tone, and some painted make-up. When done, she was astonishingly beautiful.

By the end of the day, she was carried to the display room where she joined a dozen or so life-like mannequins and left there.

That’s when reality struck her! She was completely bound, unable to move, to speak, to ask for help. She was displayed in the face of everybody, and she couldn’t ask for help. Yes she wanted to be a mannequin, but not like that.

The following day, a young pretty woman entered the warehouse and approached Karen. She marvelled at how life-like the mannequins looked and especially the eyes.

Karen did all she could to warn her, to turn away, but like she did herself the day before, the young woman met Roberto and followed her to his painting room.

By the end of the day, another mannequin was added to the collection.

It went on for about 10 days. Then, the mannequins were packed and shipped. Karen ended up on a display window in a high fashion store in Paris. She could see the Eiffel Tower from her location. Every few days, she was dressed with the latest Roberto’s fashion, clothes she could never afford. People were staring at her on the street and were marvelling about the clothes and at how the mannequin was lifelike. If only they knew.

That was Roberto’s way of business. His lifelike mannequins should not stay in the same place for more than one month. Since each mannequin had a unique posture, it seemed logical not to bore potential customers.

She stayed in Paris for about a month before being moved to Sweden for another month. Then it was to Spain, Italy and back up to London before being flown back to North America where she was displayed in New York until she was brought back to the shop for a refill, after which she was back on the road to Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, etc. Every time, she was placed in a very nice place where she had a wonderful view of the surroundings. She was always dressed with the latest of fashion.

Finally, she went back to Roberto’s shop and left there. About 12 days later, she started to feel dizzy. She felt some itching in her lungs and throat. She wanted to cough, but her lungs were still filled with the paste, but suddenly, her lungs started to work again, and she coughed out some kind of crust, although she couldn’t move. At about the same time she found out that if she was trying hard enough, her mould would crack. With all her will, she cracked open her shell, and collapsed on the ground. After all, she had been immobile for one year.

Roberto heard the noise and came to the little room Karen was put in.

“Hello my dear. Nice to see you’re out of the shell. I suggest that you rest a little on the bed, here.” He said pointing to the queen size bed that was filling the room. 

Karen tried to talk, but couldn’t. As he helped her get on the bed, he continued.

“Yes, I know what you want to say, that it was unfair, that you were misled…”

Karen nodded yes, and put on the angriest look she could.

“Well, I promised you that you would become a mannequin, that you would wear my clothes in the biggest boutiques, that you would go to many big cities around the world and that I would give you your paycheck at the end of the year. So, here it is.” He said, putting an envelope on the table by the bed.

“You can try to go to court if you want. Some did it before you, but the judge couldn’t prove that I haven’t fulfilled my part of the contract. Your clothes are in the pantry. You can leave when you feel you’re well enough. There’s coffee ready and some light snacks in the next room.”

He then left her alone. Karen stayed there for many hours. When she ventured out of the room to grab a snack, it was dark outside. She looked at the calendar: it was the exact same date than she arrived, one year earlier. Roberto had kept his contract: mannequin for one year. 

She grabbed a few snacks and returned to her room where the dried fragments of her cocoon were still covering the carpet, and slept on the bed. She thought about all the big cities she “toured” encased in her mould, facing many landmarks. She had received a trip around the world and was paid to do it. Of course, she didn’t visit any of them, only stayed on the display window, but she could see and could hear. Some cities she liked. Some not. With the money she had, she could pay herself a nice real trip around the world, but she hasn’t visited all the big cities, and if she could have more money…

The next morning, she heard someone walking. She opened the door and was facing Roberto.

“You’re still here? I thought you’d be long gone and far away by now, like all the other girls. How come you’re still here?”

“Well, I’d like to know if I can sign up for another year, but this time, I’d like to choose the cities myself…”

© Pete / monsterp63, March 8, 2006.

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