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Author’s note: I’m in one of those silly happy moods today, and I came up with this totally wacky story. I hope the (famous) people I mention in it won’t get mad at me for including them in this… thing. I had fun writing it tho…

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the annual fetish fashion show. I’m Karen and with me today, is our usual analyst, Joan…”

“Mfff mfff.”

“… Carefully gagged, or course otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say a word. Glad you’re with us, Joan.”

“Mfff mfff mmm ffmff.”

“Oh, yes, of course, I’m just too excited. Joan is wearing a wonderful dark blue short latex dress with a zipper on the back. As footwear, she chose white patent leather granny boots with four inches heels. As jewelry, she’s wearing wonderful gold plated wristlets and anklets, as well as a two inches wide gold plated collar with six diamonds embedded in it. Very beautiful. These were of course provided by the Bondage Jewellery Boutique. Are you sure you’re okay with your hands in your back like that? Good. Oh, yes, I complimented her wonderful makeup with a yellow hard rubber ballgag.”

“I am myself wearing a golden latex catsuit with hands and feet and black rubber panties with built-in double dildos. I have on black platform sandals with six inches heels, a black rubber corset with silver studs and a matching 4 inches leather collar.

“Mfff mfff mmffmf”

“You’re welcome, Joan.”

“Mff fffff mmm”

“What? Oh, the show is starting. Our first model is on the catwalk. She’s… Well, it couldn’t be anyone else than Naomi with a waist as thin as this… Where are the darn fact sheets?”

“Mffff mfff mmm”

“Oh, thanks Joan. Don’t laugh! Next time you hide something on purpose I’ll hang you by the feet.”

“Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm”

“Yeah, right. So, we have Naomi on the catwalk, wearing a pretty basic black rubber catsuit and thigh high black kid leather boots with a five inches stiletto heel. The main attention is focused on her waist. It’s the latest in corsets. It consists of a steel mesh that could be drawn to any size by a patented tightening system. That corset is a one size fits all. Naomi here was able to achieve an astounding 8 inches waist reduction! Wow. Impressive, don’t you agree?”

“Mfffffffff fffff”

“Here comes Vanessa. She’s wearing a beautiful rubber hobble dress. It is basically white and has a wonderful flowing pattern of blue and red, looking like fresh running paint on her. It has wide shoulder straps and a high collar, but with a keyhole just between her breasts. Her arms are covered with dark purple shoulder length latex gloves, and she’s walking on 6 inches black leather pumps.”

“Mffff mf mfff”

“Yes, Very pretty, Joan. And here’s Pupett.”

“Mfff mmm”

“Pupett is wearing a bright red catsuit, along with built-in boots with a six inches spiky heel. She also has a tight fitting rubber hood with glassine holes and a built-in blow-up gag. Her arms are held in her back… but wait! She has no restraints”

“Mfrfffr mffmfmffm”

“You’re absolutely right, Joan. Pupett is currently sealed in her suit and her arms are held together by the newly patented time-release superglue. That’s a glue that after a fixed amount of time, disintegrates, releasing her bond. It is available in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 days holding time.”


“Yeah, I heard it too that apparently the time-lapse product in the glue is not very reliable and is often off by 25%. On the good side of course. I mean that you get stuck in your suit longer…”

“Mff… Mff… Mff… Mff…”

“Here’s Susann and Marcus. Suzann is wearing a white catsuit under a purple latex jacket and a matching purple short skirt. She has a nice full head hood showing only her eyes. Her neck is complimented by a two inches wide black leather collar with chromed studs. She walks on knee high boots with a thick platform and buckle closures. Fabulous. And she has Marcus on tow by his nose ring. He’s wearing the latest in blow-up catsuit. The rubber is very tight and there’s not a lot of space between the inner and outer layers, allowing for an increase of the air pressure of 25% compared to the other suits. Amazing. He seems to be having a hard time walking on his platform spiky boots linked by the short hobble chain… And there’s a pull on the leach from Suzann!”

“MffMfff MfffMffmf mfmfm”

“I agree completely Joan. That was a heck of a show. Thank you.”

“Mff Mf Mfff Mff Mffmfmf”

“Now can someone give me my blow-up hood with the built-in penis gag? Thank you, and yes, the wrist cuffs… Oh, you want to tie me up to the ceiling rings? How nice of Yofmmmmfffmf…”

© Pete / monsterp63, March 22, 2006

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