Karen – Easter Bunny


            Karen entered the chocolate store of her good friend Lynda.

“Hi Lynda. I’m here. Let’s get on with it, will ya?” she said in a sad tone.

“Hey! Cheer up! I won that poker game fair and square. So what if the loser has to spend the day dressed as the Easter Bunny.”

“Because it’s hot and sunny outside, and I can’t see myself standing in that bulky fursuit for the whole day. I’ll suffocate.” Said Karen.

“That’s because you haven’t seen the new suit I had made, especially for you.”

            Karen raised her eyebrows.

 “Follow me.” Said Lynda, leading Karen to the back store. “We have just about time before I open the store to get you suited-up.”

             On a table, was a furry light purple and pink bunny suit, and on the floor, some cardboard boxes. Lynda got one of the boxes while Karen touched the suit.

 “That’s gonna be hot… hey, isn’t this denim?”

             Lynda only answered with a devilish smile, producing a pair of latex panties with two huge dildos.

 “This is just the beginning.” She said.

             Not really sure if she had to be glad or worried, Karen took the panties and went to the washroom where a bottle of lubricant was on the counter. She undressed and carefully inserted the dildos pulling the rubber panties up, pushing on them. She closed her eyes as she welcomed the feeling. She added the matching latex bra with the inside of the cups filled with little bumps. As she walked back to the other room, she grimaced.

“What’s in those dildos?” she asked.

“Loose steel balls. Liked that?”

 “Interesting.” She said.

             Lynda produced a thick black rubber catsuit, complete with hood, gloves and feet.

“What the hell?” asked Karen.

“Well, you’re going to sweat a lot in this suit under this sun, and I don’t want you to soak it in perspiration. That’s all.”

“No way. Just that fluffy suit is enough.” Said Karen.

“Remember the deal.” Said Lynda. “You have no choice.”

            As she took the suit, already all powdered, she grunted. “Me and my big mouth.”

She put on the suit. It was extremely tight and she had a hard time pulling it on. Lynda helped her, pulling on it, getting rid of wrinkles, helping Karen put her fingers in the too small attached gloves.

The hood had eye, nostril and mouth holes. It closed with a zipper down the back. Lynda pulled it over Karen’s head and zipped it shut. Karen felt the rubber stretch over her head, becoming very tight, and she also felt something click. She quickly turned around and fondled at the back of her neck.

“You locked it on me?”

“Well, I want to be sure that the suit wouldn’t unzip by itself, so I linked the back zipper with the hood zipper. All I had was a padlock, so…”

“Yeah, right.” Said Karen, not believing a word, but more sure it was all part of her setup. “Now what?” she added as she saw Lynda approaching with a three inch wide leather collar.

“Well, I wouldn’t want those locks to damage the suit, so better cover them. Don’t worry, it won’t be locked on, otherwise I would have to cover it with another…”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’ll get my revenge soon enough.” Mumbled Karen.

“Can’t wait for it.” Joyfully answered Lynda.

            The collar was pulled tight. Karen would have complained but she knew that it was of no use. The next item was a black spandex catsuit, this one with attached feet and gloves.

“Now what’s this one for?” asked Karen.

“Come on. As if you didn’t know. It would be impossible to put the suit over rubber, it’s too sticky. So you will wear that spandex suit so that the bunny suit will glide smoothly on it.”

            Karen closed her eyes. She knew she had no way out of it. This one was a tough job to put on as it was sticking to the latex suit, although more powder was used. Finally the suit was on and zipped shut, the high collar covering the leather collar. It was obviously cut on the very small side.

“Now the bunny suit.” Said Lynda, picking the fluffy suit. 

The zipper was opened in the back, going from the neck down to the waist. When Karen put the first leg on, she knew there were problems ahead.

“Tell me, Lynda. Which size is this suit?”

“Just perfect for you, Karen.” She answered with a laugh, pulling hard on the suit bottom.

            It wasn’t tight. It was excruciatingly tight. Karen had a hard time, even helped with Lynda, to pull the “pants” portion on, and when she reached her waist, it was obvious that it was a no fit.

“Too bad, Lynda. I can’t get in the suit.” Said a hoping Karen.

“I had thought about that happening and prepared a solution.” She said, producing a denim corset. 

Karen rolled her eyes.

“You’re not serious.” She said.

            But she was. Soon, she felt her waist, already compressed by the tight rubber suit and the spandex suit, being crushed by the corset that Lynda was fastening with expert hands. Her breathing became shallow as she had to breathe in small gasps.

“There, done.” She said as she knotted the last laces, but Karen also felt something else being added: another lock. She didn’t say anything. It was useless.

            With her waist reduced by four inches, the bunny suit was pulled on again, but it was still a tight fit. She had to struggle a lot to put her hands into the too tight sleeves. She was glad for the spandex suit which made them glide more easily inside the denim sleeves.

            Then it was the struggle to get the zipper up. It was a really tight fit and Karen felt her breasts being squished buy the tight suit, which pressed the small rubber bumps inside her bra on her sensitive breasts. She moaned.

“I knew you were going to like it.” Said Lynda with a devilish smile.

            Karen only grunt.

“Only the feet, hands and head to take care of.” She said, picking a rather large box from under the table.

            She produced a pair of rabbit feet and asked Karen to lean on the table and lift her leg. Karen complied, realizing that it was barely all she could do. She was so stiff from the corset and the tight suit that she suddenly wondered how she would be able to walk back and forth in front of the store to attract customers. Then her eyes widened as she felt her feet slid into the rabbit feet.

“It conceals a high heel shoe? Shit, how high?”

“Nothing, only five inches. Clever design hey? It doesn’t show at all.”

“You want me to spend a day in five inches heels?”

“You already do it in four inchers. What’s one inch more?”

            The “boot” was put on, and it concealed some a strap around the ankle. Lynda was quick to lock it on, before placing the fur over it so that it doesn’t show as it was held by a patch of Velcro.

            Karen steadied herself on her footwear. She was already hot and sweating and she was not under the sun yet. The next part of the suit was the hands. Lynda presented it as if presenting mittens to a kid. Karen pushed her hand inside it and fondled.

“Wait, I think I missed the thumb.”

“It’s okay, there’s none.”


“Well, a bunny doesn’t have any thumb. Why should you have one?”

           Karen had nothing to add.

“And now the helmet. I think you’ll love it.” She said, producing another box.

            This one contained a bunny head, complete with the pink nose, the whiskers and the long ears. She picked it up from the box and put it on the table before asking Karen to turn around.

“It’s a rigid head in two halves with a hinge on top. I’ll put the back portion first then lower the face part. Ready? Here I go.”

             She opened the head in two and placed the back portion on Karen’s neck, pushing it on her head. Holding it, she moved to face Karen and slowly pulled down the front part.

“Open wide!” said Lynda.

“Wharthrhthgggh” said a startled Karen.

“Well, a bunny doesn’t speak. I had to make sure you were silenced, hence the gag. And it has a small tube inside with which you’ll be able to drink some water. Clever, hey?”


“You’ll thank me later. And have you noticed the nice eyes of the bunny? They are tinted so the sun won’t be too bright for your eyes. You see, I thought about everything.” She said, closing the clips holding the two halves together. The clips were ratchet like and pulled the helmet very tight over Karen’s head. She felt as if she was in a vise.

“Don’t worry, the helmet is locked on too. I wouldn’t want you to scare the kids by removing it.”

            Then, she reached at the back of the helmet and inserted her finger into a concealed hole and pushed repetitively.

“Mmmmmmfffffffff mfffmmfffff!” muffled Karen as she felt the blow-up gag inflating.

            Lynda gave it many pushes. Karen stayed there, not moving, trying to assimilate everything: the dildos, the rubber catsuit, the corset, the tight suit, the high heels, the crushing helmet, the gag, the impaired vision. It was just too much.

“Come on! Kids are waiting for you!” said Lynda grabbing Karen by the arm and pulling.

            Karen followed, trying to find balance on her wedge high heels, coping with the weight of the suit and its stiffness. The moving dildos proved quite disturbing to say the least.

            Lynda dragged her outside, on the sidewalk, in front of her chocolate store and put a bell in her rabbit hand.

“Here. Shake this thing and get people to notice you and the store. If you want water, just suck on your gag, the hose is linked to a water bottle. See you later.”

            Karen didn’t quite know what to do. She felt so out of place, but the amused look of the people passing by and especially the kids warmed her (as if she was not hot enough). She shook that bell and made a lot of noise, attracting the attention of many customers that gladly entered the store. She kept pacing back and forth for about an hour before Lynda went to her.

“Gee! I never had so many people at the same time. This thing is working. So much that I have more job for you.”


“It’s quite simple.” She said, taking away the bell and putting the handle of a large basket filled with Easter eggs in her hand. “The office building on 31st asked to have this basket delivered to them. It’s only three blocks away. I’m sure it will be a blast for you.”


“Don’t be mad. You’ll want to do it again next year, I’m sure.”

            If Lynda could have seen Karen’s eyes, she would have seen fire in them. Reluctantly, she started to walk toward the building. She recalled how it all began, at that darn poker game a few weeks earlier.

“I have a deal for you, Karen.” Had said Lynda. “We play poker. If I win you get to tie me up. If you lose, you’ll be my Easter Bunny for the store.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Remember the pictures I took of you when you were playing with the vibrating dildo a few weeks ago? I’m sure your father, the Mayor, will really appreciate it to see that on the Internet.”


© Pete / monsterp63, April 13, 2006.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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