Karen – Housemaid: Frozen Future


(Housemaid III)

Short recap from Karen – Housemaid II – Induced Addiction.

Karen’s perfect rubber suit appeared to have a drawback: it created an addiction. That was until she found out that Thompson had used on her a drug creating the addiction, with the project to spread his drug so he would sell more and more long term rubber suits.

But when Karen tried to go to the police, she was quickly stopped and encased in her own rubber suit, with steel corsets and restraints, and shipped to Europe to become a display stand.

But things took an unexpected turn when an asteroid shower hit the Earth and Karen’s plane, which sent her and her steel confinement/travelling tube into a poodle of freezing water.

The aftermath of the asteroid disaster:

A 50 years nuclear winter followed the asteroid shower. Then the earth slowly got warmer. Karen’s location on the glacier had slowly moved south, where it was warm enough that the ice was gradually melting. Sixty years later, the ice cover over the Northern Hemisphere had recessed at pretty much the same coverage than what it was at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Early in the spring of 2117, a satellite picking an unusual metallic signature on the side of a glacier sounded the alarm, and Karen’s travelling tube was extracted from ice 2 meters thick and brought to a research center on a small island of about 100 square kilometres, that had been a lot larger and known as Great Britain.

* * *

It was hurting like hell. The sensation was the same as when one of your limbs gets numb and the blood starts to flow again, but this time, she felt it all over her body. As swiftly as she had regained consciousness, she was out again.

She was breathing, she could feel her heart pounding, but when she tried to move, she was incapable. She felt heavy, as if a weight of many tons were resting on her. She opened her eyes. She could see light. It was blurry, but it was light. Where was she? Who was she?

Slowly, her brain started to process information, her memory worked. She remembered the lab, the rubber confinement, the shipping case and then the violent shock and the tumbling. The plane went down. That had to be it, but why? Was it part of Thompson’s mischievous plan?

She heard someone coming in. Heard? But she was deaf, her ears filled with rubber. She felt the gag in her mouth. It was still very there, but…

Someone leaned over her, blocking the light. Karen could see a shadow but nothing much until a bright light was shone into her eyes. She blinks.

“Yes, she’s awake. Can you stand up?” asked a feminine voice.

Karen tried to lift her shoulder, realizing at the same time that her arms were not restrained in her back anymore, but laying on her sides. Slowly, she was able to rest on her elbow. The woman helped her slide her legs off the table so she could sit. She felt weak. Only her stiff corset was holding her straight.

Her eyesight was getting better. The shadowy shape was taking form. It was a woman, dressed with a blue lab coat. Then, from behind her appeared someone else. At first, Karen couldn’t figure out who it was, or what it was. As it got closer, it appeared like a robot. With jerky moves, it approached Karen and put one hand on each of her shoulders. The artificial face got to her eye level.

“Thank you, Christine. Karen? Is that you?” said a voice that sounded slightly artificial.

Slowly, she nodded yes as best as she could.

“Wow. I can’t believe that you’re still alive after all those years. I’m Lynda. Remember me?”

Karen nodded yes gently. She remembered someone named Lynda, but it was no robot.

“Gee, do I have a long story to tell you.” Said the robot.

She explained to Karen what had happened while she was on the plane, the meteor shower, the awesome destruction that the Earth sustained, etc. She explained that at the end, she was working at the lab. When the asteroids stuck, it was havoc. Neither the lab nor the mansion sustained a direct hit, but suffered from the massive power failure. All the rubber slaves were released, and she started to look for Karen. That’s when she knew what happened.

She also learned about the drug that Thompson had developed and that was injected to Karen. Fortunately, the stock was minimal and it was quickly destroyed.

She swore that she would find her and release her, even if it was her dead body. The lab, with its microbiology research, had shifted its research into helping people. Lynda was close to 60 years old at the time, and they were ready to test a new cyborg technology. At about the same time, while coming to work from home, the bus that Lynda was riding got hit by a big truck, and she was deadly injured. On her dead bead, she asked to be used to test the cyborg technology.

It worked. For her anyway. Nobody could figure out why, but all the other tests ended up in a miserable failure. She was the first one, and is still the only one alive, so to speak.

The lab has been long closed, but she had never abandoned her quest to find Karen back, and today, 110 or so years later, she found her, amazingly still alive!

Karen closed her eyes. Meteorite shower? Lynda a cyborg? 110 years?

“We have new laser technology.” She heard Lynda say “so we were able to punch a hole into the rubber of your ears without damaging your tissues. We will be able to get you out of that suit, but we have to make some tests first.

Karen opened her eyes? Out of that suit? When? Quick!

“The problem is that, although your metabolism was pretty much frozen, it wasn’t completely dead, since you survived. So your cells have been exposed to the rubber addicting drug for 100 years, and there are still traces of it in your blood. We will have to wait until it completely disappears before removing the suit otherwise you will have to get into another one just as quick.”

Karen lowered her head.

“But we have new technology that could make it possible to talk. We can implant devices that will sense your speaking thoughts and output them through a voice box, like I do now to talk to you.”

Karen agreed. Painlessly, the devices were implanted in her brain, poking through the rubber coating with a laser. The voice box, half the size of a dice. Was put into her hard rubber gag, in a cavity bore with the laser.

“Ca… can you hear me?” said Karen, all surprised to hear the voice, that was not hers.

“Yes we can, Karen.” Said Lynda from an equally artificial voice.

Now What?

Three weeks have passed. Karen was now running around like she was naked, much to the disbelief of Caroline who couldn’t conceive someone dressed and restricted as she was, could move like that… and enjoying it.

That morning, Karen entered Lynda’s lab to see the progress on the feasibility to remove her rubber cocoon.

“I’m afraid I have really bad news.” Said Lynda.

“Still too much of the drug in my blood, right?”

“Something like that. Come here.” Said Lynda.

Karen approached, her pointed toe clicking on the hard stone floor of the lab. She was a stunning sight as the bright lights of the lab reflected on the permanent shine of her thick and tight rubber suit. The many curves of her body were emphasized by the glare. She stopped inches from the table.

“I need you to look down at the table.” Said Lynda.

Karen being unable to bend her neck had no other choice than to back off a little. Lynda took a little sealed bottle filled with a clear liquid and sipped some of it with a syringe, then placed a small drop on a glass plate.

Within 15 seconds, the liquid started to boil and transformed into a smoky thick substance.

“This is the toxin I extracted from your blood. It’s simply allergic to air…”

“Say what?” asked Karen.

“I don’t know what happened in your body but it seems that the drug kind of muted into a toxin. It might be from the combined effects of the tight pressure of your suit, the confinement, the freeze or the century you were exposed to it, I don’t know. Of course, this is a concentrate of the toxin, but the fact remains that if I remove your suit, you’ll turn into that gooey stuff within 24 hours.”

Karen stayed there in disbelief, taking the little bottle of toxin in her hand.

“But hey! There’s some empty space in this bottle, and I’m sure it’s not vacuum, and the toxin is not turning black.”

“You’re right. It’s filled with the only gas I found to stop the reaction: pure ammonia.”

Karen’s hopes fell on the floor. Ammonia was deadly at very little doses.

“Now what?”

“Well, we’ll have to continue the testing to see if the level of toxin drops in your blood and we will be able to estimate the time frame.” Said Lynda. “Sorry, that’s the best I can do.”

“Don’t be.” Said the artificial voice coming from the black rubbery female form. “I’m quite used to that suit, and remember that at first I’m the one that wanted to find a way to wear it for prolonged periods of time. Don’t worry about me. You bring me back to life, that’s more than I could have hoped for.”

They tried to hug each other, but hugging a robot is not exactly… humanoid.

“I… I’d have a request.” Said Karen.

Making the best of it.

The padlock clicked in place.

“Are you okay?” asked Christine.

“Yes, perfect.” Said Karen, testing the bonds holding her arms tightly in her back. She walked with small steps, struggling against the short hobble chain linking her ankles. Finally, when she was about 6 feet from the wall, she felt a tug on her collar.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” asked Christine. “I mean, this is rather… weird.”

“That’s because you don’t know what you’re missing.” Said Lynda’s artificial voice. “I do miss it too.”

With that, Christine cut-off Karen’s hearing and her speech simulator. Suddenly, everything became silent inside Karen’s head. She closed her eyes as she struggled to get on her bed and lay down, reaching the limit of her leash.

“Come.” Said Lynda to Christine, leading her out of Karen’s room. “She’ll be fine.”

“But a full week without checking on her.”

“She’s been bound 110 years, what is a week.”

Meanwhile, Karen welcomed back the inner feelings of her rubber enclosure, or her tight and rigid stainless steel corset and posture collar. Laying on her stomach, she was able to rock her hips, enough to make the catheter press against her labia and induce something she hasn’t felt for a century, literally speaking.

One week later she was released, her hearing and speech restored.

“Okay in there?” asked Lynda.

“Couldn’t be better.” Answered the artificial voice.

“I just can’t see what’s the big deal with it. I mean you’re enclosed in rubber, almost blind, deaf, mute, and unable to move much for a week and you feel great. I just don’t get it.” Said Christine.

“Perhaps, you ought to try it.” Said Karen.

“There’s no more rubber fetish nowadays, Karen.” Said Lynda. “We won’t find any latex anywhere near.”

“I see… Well, you have replicators that can replicate almost anything. How about my suit?” asked Karen.

“That’s an interesting idea.” Said Lynda. “Come.”

She led Karen into a lab where she positioned her hand under a scanning device.

“It should take about 10 minutes.” She said, turning the computer on.

The scanner hummed for 10 minutes then shut off. Lynda looked at the data on the display screen. She turned her robotic head toward Karen, nodding.

“Yep! It got it. We can manufacture some. So, Christine, care to try?”

“Gee, I… I don’t know. What if I don’t like it and I end-up stuck like Karen.”

“No worry, we’ll make it with a zipper, not sprayed on like she was, and you won’t have any of the steel restraints either.”

“Well… okay.” She faintly said.

Lynda, helped with Karen, produced the rubber. Over the next two days, it was a matter of cutting it and fusing it to make a catsuit. They also made some other items. If facial expressions could have been seen on Karen’s rubber covered head and on Lynda’s mechanical head, it would have shown a devilish smile.

It was time for Christine to try it. It was a very tight fit and she had to struggle a lot to put it on, but when it reached her hips, she stopped.

“Looks like there’s something in the way. Have you forgot to cut moulding thingy or something?”

“No.” said Karen. “Just open your legs and let them make their way. Don’t worry, they are already lubricated.” She said, pulling on the suit.

“But I don… I mean they seem quite big… I… I… Ooooooo.”

Artificial laughter came out of the two helpers as Christine put both hands at her crotch.

“Interesting, isn’t it? Now put your arms in the sleeves, will ya?.” Said Lynda.

The suit was pulled tightly over her and the zip shut off at the back. For the first time, Christine could feel the tightness and confinement of the rubber. First the cold feeling then the warming up. Things got really interesting when she started to walk.

“Wow! That’s…”

“…Something, isn’t it. Like it”

“Well, it’s more… disturbing than pleasurable but very interesting.” She said walking around, but even without noticing it, she started to walk on her toes.

“I think we forgot the high heels.” Said Karen.

“Looks like it, but high heels are nowhere to be found anymore.”

“I think I can carve a piece of polymer or something to give me the proper shape. Care to help?”

Within a few hours, they had made her a pair of nice wedge platform heels with a heel raise of 5 inches. Christine stepped on them while Karen fastened the ankle strap. The first steps were unsteady but she quickly coped with it.

“Geehs! I would never believe those shoes would emphasis the feeling of the, how do you call them, right, dildos, that much.” Said Christine, turning in circle, her hands at her crotch. Karen and Lynda looked at each other.

“Yes she needs it.” They said at the same time.

“Need what? Hey what are you doing?” she had the time to say before Karen grabbed her arms and tied them in her back with a piece of wire. She then took another piece of wire and started to pull her elbows together.

“Stop, that hurts.” She said, and Karen stopped.

“You’re not used to having your elbow touching. I’m sorry, I got carried away.” She said, looking at the gorgeous black gleaming body in front of her, her arms tied in the back were pushing her breast outward.

She struggled in her bonds but although they were rather basic, she couldn’t get free. As she walked, she became redder, biting her lips, then Lynda approached her and put her robotic arm at her crotch and started to play with her finger, making it almost vibrate.

“Oh shit! Oh my god.” Said Christine, throwing her head backward. “Woaaaaarre mmmfmffff”

“Too noisy.” Said Karen. “You need to be gagged” she said as she pulled on the straps pushing a hard rubber gag down Christine’s mouth.

Lynda continued to play with her robotic arm as Karen was slapping her hard on her rubber coated butt. Quickly, she exploded and almost collapsed on the floor. Karen was quick to grab her and drag her to the nearest chair where she sat, her arms still tied in her back.

“Mmrrfflfmmf” she said or rather tried to say.

Karen removed the drooling gag.

“Oh God! I never felt anything even remotely close to that before.”

“Now, do you understand why I like it here?” said Karen.

“Yes I do… Can I keep it?”

“Of course.” Said Karen, laughing.

A few weeks later, Christine entered the lab carrying a large box and put it on a table before starting to empty it.

She got out various bulbous lenses, catheters, and many containers of liquid rubber.

“You said that your rubber could be worn for long periods at a time? I’d like to experiment with it.” She said with a devilish smile.

“That’s very nice,” Said Karen, “but this kind of confinement has to be carefully planned in advance. Remember that the suit, if sprayed, could be very difficult to remove, even with your advanced lasers”

“Errr. Yes of course.” Said Christine. So, what now?”

“First, the footwear. You have to keep in mind that you will wear those shoes 24 hours a day. It took me months of training before being able to walk in those pointed toe boots. You’ve been wearing high heels only for 3 weeks, and only on occasion.”

“There’s also the corset issue.” Said Lynda, picking up the corset still in the box. “You will be stuck with it for a long time. Be careful about the size you choose.”

“And there’s the whole intubating gig: you won’t be able to go normally to the bathroom, you will have to rely on enemas, and being tube fed means that you won’t taste anything. Having your mouth filled all the time is something that needs getting used to, not counting the impaired vision and hearing and talking. Do you realize all this? Are you sure you want to go on with it?” asked Karen.

Christine was red by then.

“Oh my god. I’m so horny just listening to all this.” Answered Christine, short breath.

“She’s ready!” said Karen and Lynda in unison.

They worked for the next few days preparing a seamless corset and boots according to Christine wishes. Basically, they were the same platform shoes she had been wearing, but with a spiky heel instead of a wedge platform. Also, the leg of the boot, going just below the knee, had to be rigid, as well as the corset, engulfing her from the hips to the neck, similar to Karen’s.

She liked the bondage part too, so cuffs were planned at the ankle, over the knees, wrists and elbows as well as a wide posture collar.

Of course, in her case, they were not to be made out of stainless steel but new age polymers that allowed for easier fit and installation.

After Christine was thoroughly shaved, the first coat of rubber was applied and dried with UV lamps. She felt it shrink over her body and her breathing became shallow and rapid. She welcomed the sensation.

Next, the corset was put on. The polymer was as soft as ordinary rubber. It was pulled in place from over her head since the corset had shoulder straps. It also incorporates, like Karen, rings on the shoulder straps as well as at the waist, one on each side.

Then the cuffs were slid in place and she finally put her new boots on, with a two inch platform and a heel height of 8 inches, making a net heel raise of 6 inches.

The UV lights were used again. This time, the garment shrunk to a tight fit, but also became as rigid as steel. The amount of shrinking was proportional to a chemical embedded in the garment. For the corset, a higher chemical proportion was used at the waist. It crushed Christine’s waist by almost 6 inches. She was used to a four inches corset and thought that she had mixed the right proportion to achieve that tightness, but she had apparently mistaken.

Breath short, panting, with her hands on her waist to feel it’s tightness and looking in a mirror to see the effect of such a small waist, she decided to go on with the rest, that she was keeping it, that the added unplanned restraint was an incredible feeling.

Her ears were plugged with earphones and her gag equipped with the speech synthesiser before being filled until she felt her mouth would explode. Dark lenses were put on place and three more coats of liquid rubber were applied, each one UV dried.

Christine stepped out of the drying booth and made her first steps as a rubber slave.

“How does it feel?” asked Karen.

“T…Terrific.” Managed to say Christine. She was running her hands along her gleaming black body, feeling the tightness of the suit, feeling the two huge embedded dildos work on her, feeling the tight rubber squeezing her buns with each step, her breath shallow, her freedom impaired by a darkened vision and the thick and tight rubber.

“I’m in heaven.” She said.

A few weeks later, a big reception was held in honour of the New Year. In the reception hall, Lynda were welcoming the guests, but they were not attracted by the cyborg that was greeting them, but rather by the two shiny black female form, hands tightly bound in their back, her legs impaired by a six inches chain, a serving tray attached to their waist, passing amidst the guests to offer drinks and hors-d’oeuvre.

Many inquired about their suit and their equipment, why and how they got that treatment. Lynda got quite a few names of people interested in trying it, enough that she was thinking of starting a new business.

Meanwhile, the two rubber clad women, deaf, mute and barely able to see, were continuing to serve the guests, secretly enjoying their toys.

After all, they were Housemaids. Rubber housemaids.

© Pete / monsterp63, May 12, 2006

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