Karen – Call Girl


In the restaurant, many customers turned toward the pretty woman with the long curled brown hairs as she answered her ringing cell phone.

“Hello Karen, this is Mandy.” Said the woman on the other end.

“Hi Mandy, what’s up?”

“I have a customer for you, another weirdo.”

“Right… and you always give them to me. What is it this time?” she asked.

“He says and I quote: send a pretty girl wearing excruciatingly tight jeans, very tight fitting long sleeved shirt and high heels. It’s just to keep me company. No sexual intercourse intended. I thought you’d like this one.” Said Mandy, giggling.

“Yeah right, no sexual intercourse intended. What price have you fixed?”

“The usual, except that I said that since he asked for something very specific, that there might me a surcharge. So, it’s your call, Karen.”

“Very well. I take it. Where and when?”

“Grand Hotel, room 2306. He’ll be waiting for you by 19:00”.

“I’ll be there. Thanks Mandy.”

Later that day, she got ready for her “date”. She put on a snug fitting pair of Levi’s, three inches heeled pumps along with a body fitting T-shirt and a denim jacket. She didn’t bother with all the points the client made, since she figured that, like always, she will be dressed for about the time needed to run from the door to the bedroom. She went.

She reached the hotel room door by 19:00 sharp and knocked. A handsome man, in his early 30’s opened the door. He was wearing a pure white dress shirt perfectly fitting with a nice perfectly knotted tie. His dress pants had a straight press fold on the front and his black shoes were as shiny as a mirror.

“Yes, may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Karen.” She said, handing him her business card stating the escort service, and entered the room, removing her denim jacket and throwing it on the nearby sofa of the suite.

“I think there has been some misunderstanding, miss Karen.” He said.

Karen began to look around.

“Your wife showed up?” she whispered “and you want me out?”

“No, I have no wife. I asked for the woman to wear excruciatingly tight jeans, a very tight fitting long sleeved shirt and high heels. I was quite specific about it. You don’t seem to be wearing any of it.” He said. “Sorry miss, but you’ll have to leave.”

“Come on, is it really that important? Where’s the bedroom? Come-on, sweety…”

“Stop! I also specified that no sexual intercourse was required. Did that… Mindy listened to anything I said?”

“That’s Mandy, and yes, she listened since she said it all to me and…”

“Then where are the tight jeans, the tight shirt, the heels?”

“Come on, Phil. Do you really think I was about to go spend a few hundred dollars on something I will never wear again just to please someone for 2 minutes, just before I get undressed for the rest of the night?”


“Hey, you want extra, you pay extra.” She said, hoping the bozo would forget it and get on with the sex so she can be out of there pronto. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it the first time you require the service of an escort agency?”

“Well, yes, it’s the first time.”

“So forget about your fantasies and follow me to bed. It will be a lot nicer.”

“I’m sorry, miss, but sex is not what I’m currently searching for. I requested a girl wearing t…”

“Yeah, I know that. You want me to wear tight jeans? Well, come with me and buy them yourself, then.”

“That suits me.” he said, picking his dress jacket (color coordinated with his tie) and heading for the door.

He walked out but Karen, stunned, stayed inside.

“You’re coming?”

“B… but I warned you that there’s extras. You have to pay for what you want and there’s a surcharge of 50% for me wearing it.”

“That allows me to buy you anything, and you will wear everything I want you to wear?”


“For the record. I pay for what I want you to wear, and with an overcharge of 50%, you will wear whatever I buy you.”


Phil walked back into the room, picked the hotel provided notepad and got out a fancy plume out of his pocket. He wrote the phrase on the paper.

“Sign it, please.”

Karen couldn’t believe it, as she rolled her eyes. That guy was so hooked on details. She smiled as she added “The escort has to keep whatever was bought for her.” And signed it. She figured that, with a man as classy as he was, she will surely get a very fancy and expensive dress to go to the opera or something. She handed the pad back to Phil.

“Now, you sign.” She said with a wink.

“That suits me.” He said signing the paper. “I would have nothing to do with whatever I buy you.”

He walked to the fax machine and made two copies of the note they had just signed. He handed a copy one to Karen, put one in his briefcase and the original one in the hotel room safe.

Karen couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Are you a lawyer?” she asked.

“No. Now come, the boutiques closes in less than an hour.” Was his only answer.

He led her on the main street and entered a hot jeans boutique.

“What size are you currently wearing?” he asked her.

She gave her size and he headed for the jeans racks. He picked up a couple of pairs of different brands, Miss Sixty, Guess, Levis, etc then headed for the shirt rack and picked a couple of long sleeved shirts. While he was browsing the denim jacket rack, Karen had a peek at the jeans he had chosen.

“Are you nuts? I will never fit into those.” She said, looking at the size label.

“Get the whole batch and go try them in the booth. Put any ones that stop at the hips into one pile, below the hips into another one, and the ones you can pull all the way into a third pile.”

While she was struggling with the jeans in the booth, he threw two denim jackets over the door. 

“Tell me which one you can put on.” He said.

She came out of the booth a few minutes later. She handed him the jacket she could put on. He discarded it and took the other one. Same with the jeans, he kept only those that were stopping at the hips.

“I will never fit in any of these.” She said, looking straight at him.

“I’m paying, you shut up.” He said.

Then he led her across the street in a shoe store where he picked a pair of white two inches platform sandals with six inches heels. That’s all they had time left to choose as the shop was closing. They walked back to the hotel room. Karen would have run away, but he owned her money, and she was not about to let that go.

She obviously wouldn’t fit into those jeans and he would call the evening off. But the bastard would have to pay the premium plus the overcharge. She didn’t care about the clothes, since it wouldn’t fit her anyway.

He chose a pair of Guess non-stretch jeans, mid-rise and a white shirt and asked her to put them on.

She came out of the bathroom with the shirt on, obviously extremely tight as it molded her body to perfection, showing all the features of her breasts and the sculptural shape of her upper body as well as her delicate arms engulfed in the tight sleeves of the shirt. But she was dragging her feet on the legs of the jeans, stopped at the hips.

“It won’t go any higher. I told you it wouldn’t fit.” She said with a sigh, hoping he would give up on his tight jeans gig.

Instead, he asked her to come closer and to turn around. He grabbed the jeans by the side and began to pull, effectively lifting her off the floor. She stayed of ice.

“If you don’t help yourself, you will never get into those.” He softly said into her ear.

Why fight it, she thought. Better go along with him and prove him that the whole idea is stupid. So she began to wiggle, to twist, to bend, all this as he was pulling on the jeans like crazy. Without noticing it, the jeans got up and she was surprised to actually feel the seam resting on her crotch, even biting into it. That felt… interesting.

Phil stopped. They were both panting. He asked her to lay on the bed and to relax. Karen was sure that the jeans wouldn’t close as there was still at least a one inch gap at the zipper. Phil fondled into a briefcase and came up with a piece of steel wire about a foot long. He threaded it into the zipper handle and asked Karen to pull on it as he would pull on the jeans.

And they went on. Phil was pulling like crazy on the sides as Karen was pulling on the zipper. She could have gone easy, making sure that they wouldn’t close, but she was caught by it. She was eager to see if she could fit in them, so she did all she could, sucking in her stomach, holding her breath but with her lungs empty.

Notch by notch, teeth by teeth, the zipper rose up until it reached the top. The steel wire was removed and the button easily fastened. They both laid side by side, panting.

Then Phil got up to get the shoes. As he was putting them on Karen’s feet, she was slowly rubbing her hand along her incredibly tightly encased legs, feeling the tip of her finger run across, sending shimmering waves of pleasure. She couldn’t believe how each breath, increasing the pressure, was exciting. When Phil was done and he asked her to get up, she was as stiff as a plank, but once on her feet, now with her full weight pressing on the tightly encased crotch, it sent feelings she never felt before. The first steps were a new experience. She rubbed her buns with her hand, feeling the tight denim, putting her finger in the single crease the jeans were creating as she walked, pushing her buns, trying to find a place to go.

Phil offered her the denim jacket. She knew it was tight as she had tried it. She was about to complain but decided not to. Instead, she cooperated as much as possible as Phil pulled on the sleeves, tugged and rubbed them to make them fit over Karen’s already slim arms. 

Finally, the jacket was on. Karen couldn’t move much. She couldn’t sit, and her arms were so tightly encased that she couldn’t even scratch her nose.

“Now, what do you want me to do?” she asked. 

“I have work to do for my meeting, tomorrow. What I’d like you to do is just wander around the suite, but try to stay where I can see you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t steal anything.” She said. “I wouldn’t have any place to conceal it” she said, opening her arms to show how hot tightly dressed she was.

“If you think a little about it, Karen,” he started, “I certainly did not make you dress like that to go hide in a closet. I want to look at you that way. I simply want a gorgeous woman, dressed in incredibly tight clothes to move around in my hotel room while I work. I told you, no sexual intercourse.” He said before concentrating back on his laptop computer.

Karen paced into the suite. It was rather large with a small kitchen.

“Do you want some coffee?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be nice.” He said.

Frequently, he was looking over her laptop screen to look at Karen, struggling to lift her arms to get the cup from the cabinet, bending, looking for coffee filters, then he watched her approaching as she brought the coffees. All this time, he didn’t say a word.

She tried to sit on the sofa but ended more laying down as she could barely bend at the hips. She was not very gracious to look at but apparently, it pleased him.

The rest of the evening was pretty much uneventful. At one time, he let go of his computer to look at the economy news bulletin, inviting Karen to sit beside him on the sofa. He only put his hand on her tightly encased thigh and rubbed it gently.

“Well, I should hit the bed now.” He said.

“Very well, Phil. So, let’s see…” she said as she began to mentally add her fees.

“Err… You’re not leaving. You’re staying with me for the night.”

“What? Well, if that’s what you want it’s all right, but I though that you said you didn’t wanted sex…”

“I did. I want you to sleep by my side, dressed as you are, so tomorrow morning, when I’ll wake up, I’ll have a gorgeous lady dressed in tight jeans by my side.”

Karen made a quick addition. She was getting paid a high price to sleep and do nothing. Not a bad way to spend a night. She accepted and soon, they were laying side to side on the bed, face to face, with Phil’s hand on her thigh. They both fell asleep peacefully.

In the morning, when Karen woke up, Phil was already up and dressed with his expensive suit and tie. He was looking at Karen on the bed, trying to stretch but who couldn’t.

“How was your night?” he asked.

“Fairly good.” She said. “But I would have liked to be able to move more.”

“You’ll have the whole day to recuperate.” He said as he helped her getting up, unable to remove his eyes from her tightly encased buns. “So you’ll be in perfect shape for this evening.”

“This evening? You want me back?”

“Yes, of course. I’m here for four weeks, and I would like you to be here with me every evening and on the weekend.”

“Just to stay around in tight jeans.”

“Exactly. That’s what I’m paying you for. Why? Is there a problem?”

“Err… No, it’s just that… well, see you later, I guess.”

“Very well then. I’ll advise the desk to give you a key to the room. I expect to come back by 18:00, and I would like you here, all ready. Is it okay with you?”

“Fine with me.” Said Karen, starting to mentally add her paycheck.

“Very well. I must be going now. You can leave when you’ll be ready.” He said, kissing her on the cheeks. He handed her an envelope of the cash for the previous evening and headed for the door.

Karen sat on the bed but the too tight jeans made her fall on her back instead. She stayed put, still adding.

“That guy is a genuine weirdo… but he’s paying.” 

She got out of her jeans and went downtown, having a light lunch. She knew she would have to get back on those extremely tight jeans so she decided to go light on the meals.

She phoned Mandy to tell her she was okay, that the guy was hiring her for four weeks, and that unless something bad had happened, she should report every day around noon.

Tying Loose Ends

The afternoon was ending and Karen headed back for the room. She entered and picked a dark blue long sleeve very tight stretch shirt and the same tight jeans. She sat, put the jeans up her legs then put her shoes on, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to do so once in the jeans.

She tugged on them as best as she could until it reached her crotch, then she pulled on the zipper, and pulled. And pulled. It wouldn’t go up. After all, it took the two of them all their will to put it on. How could she expect to be able to put them by herself. She stayed on the bed and waited for him.

She had dozed off when she heard him call her name.

“Karen? Are you here?”

“Yes, I’m here, Mr. Thompson, it’s just that I have a small problem.” She said, showing the gap at the zipper.

“Ah yes, of course. Can’t do it by yourself. We’re gonna have to find a way.” He said more to himself.

He took place over her and they both went through the same routine and managed to fasten the jeans. He helped her on her feet and offered the jacket. He helped her with it too, as it was so tight.

He then headed for the shower and came out a while later, dressed with a pair of casual pants and a colored shirt.

“Coming with me?” he said, as he opened the door.

Karen followed. It was the first time she was getting in the street wearing something as tight. The longest walks she had ever made was from the bedroom to the kitchen of the suite. But this walk, just to reach the elevator, was the longest so far, and she was already having a hell of a time coping with it.

Her hips were straining because the tight denim wasn’t giving enough place for them to work, but worse of all, the rubbing of the tight seam at her crotch, coupled with her buns being squeezed with each step created something she never felt before, and although pleasurable, was quite disturbing.

“Where are we going?” she asked politely.

“Well we obviously have to finish yesterday’s shopping and of course have a nice dinner.”

On the street, he walked along her. He could hear her heels clicking and could see the heads turn toward the gorgeous gal tightly enclosed in denim that was walking by him. But Karen was facing another problem, the one of having an orgasm in broad daylight, in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. 

She slowed down. It took Phil a few steps before realizing that Karen was behind him.

“Something wrong?”

“Don’t tell me you knew about these… side-effects.” She said, red faced.

“Well, I heard about it, but obviously, never experienced it myself.” He said, smiling. “Liking it?”

Karen grumbled and began to walk.

“Where are we going anyway?” she asked, having walked a mere two blocks.

“Just over here at this corner.” He said.

Karen’s eyes rolled. She knew what shop was there… a corset shop.

Reluctantly, she followed him as he headed for the clerk. He showed Karen and explained what he was looking for. She led him to a few racks. Never did he ask for Karen’s opinion, then at the end, he asked her to get closer.

“Which one do you prefer, the blue or the red?”

“Honestly, I’d go for a transparent one” she said, hoping he would get the message that she was not interested in wearing any corset.

He smiled as he gave the instructions to the clerk and left stating that everything would be delivered to his hotel tomorrow.

He then led her to a fetish shop where, without asking for opinion, he chose more footwear and some items but Karen was kept away from the conversation. He then led her to a very nice, but not fancy restaurant where he paid her a nice meal of seafood and exquisite desserts.

Of course, her stomach was crushed by the tight jeans, she couldn’t eat much, but she appreciated every bite.

Then they headed to the hotel room, where once again, he simply asked her to wander around while he worked or watch TV.

Karen was glad to lay down for the night. Her feet were killing her, not counting her hips and not mentioning her burning crotch. She would have jumped on that man laying besides her in his light blue pajamas. She was so hot and horny, and she couldn’t relieve herself. She played with her fingers at her crotch until exhaustion had the best of her.

Like the day before, Phil was up before her.

“Everything should be delivered early in the afternoon. I would suggest you come back here early enough to get prepared for tonight.” He said, before kissing her on the cheeks and leaving.

She got out of the jeans and had a long cold shower. As she walked away from the hotel, in her normal clothes, she began to miss the tight rubbing at her crotch.

By 14:00, she was back at the hotel. She was surprised to see the number of boxes in the living room. He must have bought something for himself in this.

There was a note, clearly displayed on a box, with instructions for Karen to follow, including which boxes to bring to the bedroom. She complied and startled when she opened the first box:

It was rubber underwear, bright red. A latex bra with small bumps on the inside of the cups, and a pair of latex panties with double dildos! There was five bills of $100 attached to it with a note “For the extra – Phil”

With a devilish smile she figured that it couldn’t be bad with the tight jeans, and she put the underwear on with the help of some lubricant.

Next was a shiny black spandex shirt with long sleeves and high neck. It too was very, very tight. She welcomed the pressure of the thick and tight spandex over her rubber bumps covered nipples. She moaned as she caressed her own breasts.

The instructions told her to get the jeans on next and to lace the 7 inches white platform boots on her legs before placing the jeans over them.

The boots had a 2 inches platform, making a net heel height of 5 inches. She complied. The boots were made of fine kid leather.

The next item was, she was pretty sure of it, the corset. She reluctantly opened the box, and there it was: a nice 14 inches long faded denim corset. It had instructions about how to put it on and how to use the doorknob of the bathroom door to hook the laces and then walk away from the door to pull on them. She pulled it as much as she could then stop. It wouldn’t go any tighter, and it was way tight enough for her tastes, so she knotted the laces and tried to put the jeans on. But it was a no-go. Trying as she might, she was unable to fasten the jeans. She felt the gap of the corset with her finger and figured that it was about 1.5 inches.

Reluctantly, she unknotted it and hooked it again to the doorknob and walked away from it. To her surprise, she found some more tightening possible, like if resting for a while had accustomed her body to it.

She pulled until she felt the ends touch and knotted it again. She was panting in short gasps. She rubbed her hands along her side, feeling the tight and rigid fabric as well as her curvaceous body. 

The tightness of the corset was pushing some organs down, against the dildos. When she pulled the tight jeans over them, she rolled her eyes. It was all amplifying the sensations. 

This time, the zipper went up easily, relatively speaking since she had nonetheless a lot of struggling and pulling and tugging to do to achieve it.

Once done, she stayed there, panting, enjoying the tightness of her predicament. When she heard Phil opening the door, she struggled to get up and realized that it would not be an easy task: she couldn’t sit.

“Karen, are you here?” he asked.

“Yes Phil. Give me a minute, I have a small problem.” She said, rolling on her stomach and trying to get off the bed almost on her knees, then pushing with her arms, a little too much which sent her backward, and she had to make a few steps to straighten herself. When she finally regained her balance she saw Phil leaning on the doorframe, smiling.

“You… you could have helped me.” She said.

“Why? It was a beautiful sight to see you struggle like that. So, enjoying the toys I presume?”

“Not yet.” She said. “I’m just trying to get accustomed to the corset.”

He smiled. He never made it look like he found it funny, only that he understood and liked it.

He led her to the central park of the city where they took a long walk. Karen had a hard time. Just walking with the tight jeans was a challenge. Adding the corset made it more difficult and having the dildos playing inside her made it simply too much. She was making very small steps. Phil followed. He never complained, never asked her to walk faster. He simply sometimes took a few steps back and admired her from behind where she tried to show how sexy she was, much to his pleasure.

They then made use of the warm evening to have a light dinner on the terrace of a nice restaurant before heading for the hotel room where he worked and she walked around.

Spending the night in her tight jeans and corsets, and especially the dildos, proved not restful at all. Every little movement, every breath was squeezing her dildos producing disturbing (in a good sense) waves, but she couldn’t touch herself. The jeans were too tight and the corset prevented any bending.

Nevertheless, she managed to get a few hours of sleep.

Like all the other days, Phil was up before her. He left saying that he had instructed the maid as to what to put on the bed and that she’ll figure out quickly enough.

Shut up!

When she entered the room, there were a few boxes laying on the bed. The corset and the latex underwear were still there, along with a light blue stretch shirt. There was a pair of black pig skin thigh high boots with a five inches spiky heel. They were of the pull-on style and had decorative chromed belt buckles along the side of the legs, and there was of course the jeans.

Karen made a grin when she picked them up. They were stretch Miss Sixty jeans.

“Geesh!” she said, putting the jeans over her legs. “This waist is about as big as my thigh! How am I supposed to get these on?” she said, trying the jeans nonetheless.

And tight they were! She had to stretch them to the stretch limit and she was afraid that they would simply rip apart. With a lot of tugging and pulling she got them up. They were tight all over her legs, making them look more like a pair of tights than a pair of jeans.

She added the black leather boots, and proceeded with the corset. She tightened it   a while and waited before re-tightening it again.

With all that, she managed to fasten the jeans.

Again, she fell asleep when Phil entered the room, but she was able to get up before he caught her struggling.

“Hello Phil? Where are we going tonight?” she asked, using her sexiest voice. She felt like dancing and she showed it to Phil by doing some disco dancing.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you that I have a lot of work to do, that we will have to stay here the whole evening. I’ve ordered our meal; it should be delivered in about half an hour.

“Then all I have to do is…”

“Just be around.” He said as he set up his computer to start working.

“I don’t want to mind your business, but what exactly do you do?”

“I’m buying and selling companies and goods.”


She walked back and forth for a few minutes, feeling the corset work on her dildos, wishing she could take a longer walk, but then again, glad she wasn’t.

The meal arrived and they ate. For once, Karen was glad to be able to stay up, and not force herself to sit on her dildos, because it would have been too much. The meal done, he returned to his computer and she returned to… doing nothing. She walked, rubbing her hands along her thighs, feeling the stretched denim ready to rip apart, feeling the corset crushing her waist.

“It’s amazing how luxurious a simple hotel suite can be, isn’t it?” She asked, looking at the fine room moldings, and the work of renowned painters. 

“Yes…” was all she had as an answer.

She was getting bored and it was barely 20:00. She sat and turned on the TV set, watching a re-run of Ace Ventura.

“That Jim Carey is really something.” She said, laughing.

“Ah han.” Answered Phil.

“He really has a rubber face and…”

“Karen, please. I’m trying to work.”

“Sorry.” She said, feeling quite useless.

Then, a few minutes later.

“Hey, see that? They’re going to run Liar-Liar tomorrow. The scene where he beats himself in the toilets…”

Phil didn’t say a word and walked to the bedroom closet. He entered the large walk-in closet and got out with something in his hands. With Karen turning her back on him, he approached her and pushed a large rubber ball in her mouth as she was laughing her mouth wide open and quickly fastened it in the back.

“Whammfmfffm” said Karen, trying to get the gag off, but he produced another leather strap and tightly tied her wrists in her back before continuing to fasten the harness gag he was putting on.

He fastened it tightly, pushing the ball deep in her mouth. He then applied leather cuffs to her elbows and drew them together before removing the single strap he had used for her wrists to put linked leather cuffs and locked them on.

Karen was looking at him with darts in her eyes.

“I told you to shut up, so I had to silence you… the hard way. You tried to remove the gag, so I had to make sure you wouldn’t. Now, please stay put, I told you I had work to do.”


“Yes I have the right. I have the right to make you wear ANYTHING I want at the condition that it stays yours and that I pay the overcharge. Well, you now own a nice set of leather cuffs and a harness gag.” He said, smiling and returning back to his computer.

Karen stayed there, sitting slightly bending forward, her hands in her back. That was too much, she wanted out. She struggled and finally got up. Walking with her arms pulled like that in her back forced her breast out, pushing them on the bumps of the rubber bra. She moaned at the feeling and walked to Phil where she tried to sat on his desk, waving her arms in front of him, asking for release.”

“Immm Mfffooolllyyy”

“I don’t care that you’re sorry. I have work to do.”

“Pffeessssss!” she begged.

With a sigh, he walked to his closet and came out with more straps, he grabbed Karen’s arm and dragged her to the sofa where he pushed her face down, and tied her ankles together and also the knees before linking her ankles with her wrists with a long leather straps that he drew tightly.

“Here, watch Jim Carey.” He said, leaving her hogtied on the sofa as he returned to his computer.

Karen struggled in her bonds but it only made her hornier, rubbing her crotch on the sofa and squishing her already sensitive boobs on the rubber bumps. She moaned softly as she slowly waved her body.

To her surprise, the bondage enhanced the pleasure. The fact that she couldn’t get out of it was a turn-on, but also considering that Phil didn’t mean to harm her. She had confidence and she let herself fall into the most intense orgasm of her life.

Once Phil was through with her work, Karen was sound asleep still hogtied on the sofa. He gently picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He undid the hogtie but left all the bonds and the gag before going to bed himself.

He was awaked in the night by moans but quickly realized that Karen was just pumping herself to another orgasm. He smiled.

The next morning, she was so exhausted that she didn’t notice him getting up and leaving. She woke up, still feeling all tightly encased but with only her gag still on. She removed it and worked her jaws. 

She was still tired but a large smile was shaping her face. She had never felt anything like that before. Was she becoming a sex slave?

She took a much needed shower and left. She wondered what the maid would lay out for her for that day.

The Routine Until…

The next two evenings proved pretty calm: tight jeans, corset, high heels, a walk, a nice dinner and more wandering around while he worked.

On Friday afternoon, Phil was already in the room when Karen arrived. He led her to the bedroom where she startled when she saw what was laying on the bed.

There was the rubber underwear but black and with bigger dildos. The bra had steel spikes inside the cups. There was a black leather corset, long, covering her up to the shoulders and had wide shoulder straps, a pair of black leather jeans and a black leather jacket which she assumed were very tight fitting, but the thing that frightened her the most was the boots: thigh high, lace up… ballet toe boots!

“No. No way! I’m not wearing those.”

“It’s in the contract, Karen. If you bail out, you won’t get a penny.”

“But these things are torture devices.”

“Well, I admit they are probably not the most comfortable footwear on the market but they are beautiful to look at.”

“I don’t care. And why?”

“Told you. I like to see a woman in tight clothes and high heels. I didn’t harm you so far, didn’t I? Thrust me.”

With a sigh, she complied and began to dress up. The panties were hard to put on as the dildos were so long and huge. The bra was cold at first but the steel spikes quickly warmed her. The next item was the black very tight spandex shirt she wore once, followed by the leather jeans. They were very tight and a struggle to put on. It was followed by the corset, tight, rigid and constricting. 

By then, the smell of all that leather was getting on Karen’s senses, and she began to feel quite horny, her breathing shakier. Phil simply smiled.

The next item was a pair of shoulder length kid leather gloves, followed by the leather jacket, almost too tight to fit right. But the cut was perfect and she looked simply stunning in all that black leather.

Finally, the boots, which Phil laced up tightly. He helped Karen get up and walked a few steps, trying to find her balance, trying to walk on her toes. Surprisingly, she managed it quite easily and was herself surprised.

“Very good. Time to go now.”

“Go? We’re not staying here?”

“I wouldn’t have dressed you like that simply to stay put in that darn hotel room. We’re going out.”

“But… I won’t last long in these boots.” She said, on the verge of panic.

“Who said that you were to stand up all night?”

Using a service elevator, he led her to the basement parking lot where a stretch limo was waiting for them. She could feel the tight leather strain as she walked. The creaking sound, the smell, all was wonderful to her senses. They took place and the car drove off.

After almost an hour of slalom in the traffic, the limo stopped. Phil approached Karen with something that she recognized.

“That’s the rule, here. Don’t worry; I would never do you any harm.”

Karen opened her mouth and accepted the harness gag. Then her head was covered with a leather hood with only a mouth hole showing the bright red ball gag.

Carefully, he led her out of the car and supported her to enter the building. She had to walk down a few stairs. She was hearing people and loud music. Phil guided her for a while and then rested her on some wall.

She felt something at her ankles and figured that leather cuffs were being applied. Same thing just over the knees, wrists and elbows, a large belt at her waist, then a large collar was tightly wrapped around her neck.

Karen was feeling less and less sure she wanted to go through with it when she heard Phil’s voice reassuring her.

Her arms were drawn in her back and tightly tied. Her legs were spread and a steel bar was put between them, forcing them three feet apart. She then felt something being hooked at the back of her collar as well as her waist belt. She was pulled backward until she touched a wall. She couldn’t get away from it. Even her spreader bar seemed to be fixed to the wall.

Phil had said that she wasn’t to spend her whole evening on her feet, but it was looking otherwise until she felt some pressure at her crotch, as if something was pushing on it, effectively lifting her off the ground.

She didn’t know how high she got, but her feet didn’t touch the ground anymore, and most of her weight was resting on her crotch, pushing deeply inside her, the two huge dildos.

She was starting to get angry against Phil, because there was nothing fun in this until whatever was pushing on her crotch, began to vibrate.

She arched her body, pulling hard on her bonds as an incredible feeling engulfed her. Rapidly, the loud music was nothing much than a faint background noise behind her heavy breathing and her heart pounding. The bondage, the corset, the tight leather, everything led to an awesome experience.

Ever After

When she woke up, she was laying on the bed. It was early morning. What day was it? Apparently, it was Sunday. She had slept through Saturday… unless she was up all that day, still tightly bound to that vibrating… thing, whatever it was as she never saw it.

Her body was aching everywhere. Phil was already up, wearing relaxed pants and a shirt.

“Hello Karen. How are you today?”

“Not really sure.”

“Sorry, I went quite heavy on you last week. Here’s your pay.” He said, handing her a rather thick envelope. “You were a good sport. Now, if you want to bail out, you can. If you do, I’d like you to give me the name of someone you know that would be interested in living that.”

Karen looked at her with a sleepy smile.

“Who told you I wanted to leave you? I could live the rest of my life like that.”

“Really?” asked Phil, eyebrows high.

The last time I heard of Karen, it was about a month ago, three years after that story took place. I saw her downtown, taking a walk with Phil who had to come back in the neighborhood for more business. She was wearing incredibly tight faded blue Levi’s jeans, non stretch, a blue satin corset with a six inches waist reduction, a red very tight bolero leather jacket and was walking on knee high black ballet toe boots as if they were sneakers. On her left leather gloved hand, a gold ring could be seen on her finger. Although she had experienced it countless times, she still had never seen the club or the vibrating/hanging machine.

© Pete / monsterp63, May 16, 2006

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