Karen – Alien Abduction


“Another great night ahead.” She thought out loud as she pulled down the zipper of her heavy latex hood.

Her legs, already enclosed in tightly laced leather ballet toe boots, were tightly glued together by wide leather straps at the ankles and at the knees. Her waist was strictly constricted by a tight leather corset with a five inches reduction. Her whole body was covered by a gleaming thick black latex catsuit. 

She was careful to put the hood in place correctly before inserting the inflatable gag, fastening its leather strap behind her neck and pumping it to the maximum.

Next, it was the three inches wide leather collar which she tightly wrapped around her neck. There was another strap attached to the back of it, going down her spine and stopping just in the small of her back where two more leather cuffs were waiting, those with matching padlocks.

With her breath shivering through the small breathing tube inside her blow-up gag, she put her arms in the cuffs and, one after the other, locked them with a firm gesture.

There. She was set for the night, the release key being in a timed safe on the other side of the bedroom. She would have to hop in her bound legs, on her ballet toe boots, to reach the safe and ultimately the release key.

Oh, it wasn’t new to her as she was doing it for almost a year now, and got pretty much the hang of it. So much that she was looking for something more challenging.

She let herself drop on the latex covered bed. She rolled to the center of it laying on her back. She rested her head on the inflated rubber pillow and closed her eyes.

She had bought that house about two years earlier. It was an old farmhouse but the fields apparently became infertile about ten years ago. She got the house for a few pennies because no one wanted it, stating that it was possessed, that the previous owners died crazy.

The people in the village said that the former owner, someone named Old Willy, was always saying that he had received visitors and that they had made the fields lose their fertility after They came. Although Karen was never able to know who They were, one thing was sure is that nothing was growing anymore in those fields. She managed to make a little garden but had to import all her soil as nothing grew in the native soil of the farm.

She found a couple of old notes, probably forgotten by Old Willy’s family after he died a couple of years earlier. One of the notes, written by Old Willy himself stated that They would return and that They would bring him with them. Whoever it was, They never came back and he died alone in a psychiatric institution.

She had bought the property for two reasons. The first one was the price, and the second one, but in fact pretty much the most important one, was that the house was secluded from civilisation. A half a kilometre road was linking the house to the main road which was in fact just a dirt road, frequent in many agricultural communities.

It allowed her to act her fetishes in the light of day without being compromised.  She could garden dressed in latex, take a swim in the pool in scuba gear or mow the lawn tied to her lawnmower, nobody would notice.

And since she could do most of her work remotely, through internet networking, she barely had to leave the house, except for shopping from time to time. Even then, she would attract attention with her latex skirts and her high heels.

She slowly rose her hips, working the hugely inflated rubber dildos that were invading her. It wasn’t long before she got stimulated. The movements that were first slow and soft grew in speed and intensity until she exploded.

Not being gagged she would have let out a deep moan but pretty much all of it was muffled.

Now feeling relaxed, sleep went fast.

She was awakened by a harsh light. She blinked a few times, finding it odd that the sun was already up, until she saw her clock indicating only 02:00. It was obvious that the light was too harsh to be the sun. Maybe a helicopter was looking for some fugitive or something, but although her hearing was muffled by the thick rubber hood, she should have heard such an engine thit close to her house.

Then, almost instantaneously, the light was gone. She blinked a few times, trying to accustom her eyes to her now dark environment. Bound as she was, she couldn’t easily get up to get to the window.

She didn’t have to. At first it was a diffuse greenish light, about the size of a football, hovering about one meter off the ground. Then it grew rapidly, became opaque, then, as it became translucent again, she saw shapes inside, definitely humanoid but different as their hairless head had pretty much no nose and no ear lobes. Except for a pinkish skin, they had the body shape of average humans… of Earth.

They were four. Two had the basic shapes of men while the two others shared similarities with Earth’s women. The strangers walked out of the ball of light that stayed there, shedding its greening glow all over the room, reflecting on Karen’s latex bed sheets and of course, her whole suit. They appeared to be wearing some kind of silvery skin suit.

The aliens appeared puzzled. She heard them talk although she didn’t understand a word they were saying, she thought she heard the sound Old Willy as if they were asking themselves where the old man was.

They approached Karen. She tried to get away but she was in no condition to do so. She tried to lean on her elbows. She couldn’t speak, and she couldn’t flee. What did they want? Who were they? Extra-terrestrials? She had no way out.

One of them approached closer and examined her bound legs, and especially her boots. He removed his glove, showing a pinkish hand, then rubber his fingers on Karen’s rubber coated thighs. Karen twitched at the touch of the alien. He responded by quickly removing his fingers. He slowly approached again, this time touching her leather corset, then went to her head, touching her rubber hood.

Then, gently, he grabbed her upper arm and pulled it. Karen didn’t resist and turned around on her stomach, showing her bound hands in her back.

She heard some weird expressions from the Aliens. Was it surprise, disgust, questioning? She didn’t know.

She suddenly felt being taken by both arms and pulled backward out of the bed. She stood up, working to keep her balance on her boots. She frantically looked at the Aliens. They were looking at her, examining her.

One of them placed himself in front of her and talked. Karen couldn’t understand a word but apparently, he was explaining that he was going to get her into his spaceship.

Karen couldn’t do anything about it. She let herself be carried out in the green light. In front of her eyes, her room disappeared to become a bright blue room with what was evidently a few examination tables. She couldn’t believe that she was becoming the Alien’s research subjects.

She was carried to one of the tables and laid down. She didn’t resist. Again, she was in no position to do so. A red light shone over her and all the Aliens were looking at some kind of three dimensional television screen. From the corner of her eye, she could see her body being scanned, revealing her gag and her dildo.

One of the female Alien approached and put her finger at her crotch and pushed hard. Karen reacted when the dildo was pushed up. She then released the pressure, and Karen reacted again. She couldn’t believe that she was getting excited by all this. The Alien repeated the gesture a few times. Karen closed her eyes, feeling the dildo being pushed in and out, stimulating her. The Alien gesture became faster, and Karen reacted in consequences. She started to squirm. Somewhere, in their screen, it showed that she was in no pain, but rather liking it.

Karen was left alone for a while. Then one of the male Alien came up and began to untie her, removing the straps on her legs and removing her collar, but when he came to her locked wrist cuffs, he stopped and came back with a small black box. A few seconds later, both locks were removed and Karen was free.

She was still dressed in full rubber, corset and ballet toe boots. Again the female Alien put her finger up her crotch and started to push. Karen threw her head backward, spread her legs and spread her arms over her head. At first, the Alien stopped, afraid that Karen was to hit her, but as Karen stayed put, they quickly figured out what she wanted.

Another Alien took a pistol looking device and pointed it at her. Karen felt being lifted off the ground. She was flown to the back wall until she came in contact with it. Then the pistol was turned off and to her surprise, she stayed there, like a fly on a sticky paper. She stretched as much as she could while the first Alien approached her and fondled again at her crotch.

Karen began to twist in response to the touch, but whatever was holding her was not very strong as she almost got unglued from the wall. One of the Alien pushed a few buttons on a console and she felt held stronger. This time she was unable to move at all. That only emphasizes her pleasure as the first Alien played with her dildos.

After she had another orgasm, she was left there, totally immobile, spread eagled on the wall.

After what appeared close to half an hour, the Aliens seemed to agree about something and Karen was taken off the wall and floated back to the exam table, legs together and arms by her sides. Then the table lowered on the ground but she stayed there, floating in mid air. She tried to move but couldn’t. Some invisible force was holding her.

Very easily, she was turned on her stomach then she felt her corset being removed. Then she felt the zipper of her rubber suit being removed and the suit was peeled off her upper body.

The Aliens startled at her rubber bra, which the inside was lined with little hard rubber spikes. Then she heard surprised sounds where the dildos were discovered and removed. Finally, her hood and the gag were removed. She tried to speak but no sound came out. One of the female Aliens appeared to smile at her, like she was glad about everything they had found.

Again, they chatted together in front of some computer screen until one of the male aliens came to her and applied a cold steel band on her forehead. Within a few seconds, Karen was in the dark.

She was awakened by the sound of her alarm clock. She had difficulties waking up. She felt strange, almost like if she hadn’t slept very much during the night. She tested her bounds: secured. The safe was already opened. She slowly got out of the bed and steadied herself with difficulties on her ballet toe boots then hopped to the safe, about three meters away.

She fondled with the keys for a while before unlocking the first lock. Once her first arm was free, she easily unlocked the other wrist cuff and untied her legs.

She headed for the shower. She felt strange when she removed the dildos, as if she had abused them. Too many orgasms? She didn’t recall having more than the one she had when she went asleep.

After the shower, she dressed up with black rubber underwear then black lace-up platform boots with a six inches heel, a short tight red rubber skirt and a red latex halter top.

When she went for a little walk at the back of the house, she was startled by the round burned patch of grass.

“Funny, it wasn’t there yesterday.” She said, looking around for traces of a prankster.

She thought more and more that all this was rather weird; how she felt, her irritated vagina, the burned circle. She couldn’t find any explanation.

The rest of the week went on pretty uneventful. She spent her days like usual, wearing rubber, corsets and high heels.

On that Saturday night, she headed downtown for a night of dancing and partying. She allowed herself something like that from time to time. She had thick and tight medium blue latex jeans, a white long sleeve rubber shirt and a black rubber jacket. She was walking on sandals with a five inches heel.

As she drove the last stretch of road to her house, she noticed a harsh light behind her house, about where the burned circle was.

Carefully, she drove to her house and got out of the car. She didn’t know why but she didn’t feel threatened. She felt in confidence, as if… as if she knew them. 

Her heels sinking in the soft soil, she walked to the ship. A green glow appeared around her and the night eerie scenery disappeared to make way to the inside of the ship, an environment she recognized.

She also recognized the four Aliens greeting her. Two were males wearing their usual silver metallic suits, but the two females appeared to be wearing a shiny black one, and upon closer look, something that looked like a corset and ballet toe boots!

Karen blinked a few times, trying to focus, but then she felt some tingling on her whole body and she froze on the spot.

Unable to move by herself, she was picked up by the two males and floated to an exam table. Her hands were folded in front of her in a receiving position, and a rather large silver box was put on her arms.

She was then enveloped in the green glow again and the inside of the ship disappeared to make space for her own bedroom.

Once the green glow had disappeared, she could still see the harsh light of the ship outside her window, but she couldn’t move more. From the corner of her eyes, she witnessed the ship taking off and fleeing out of the atmosphere like a shining star. Again, some tingling sensation and she felt her limbs come to life, felt the weight of the box on her arms, almost dropping it on the floor.

She delicately put the box on her bed. It was about 30cm square by one meter long. In the middle of it were three depressions, the size of a finger. Somehow, she knew what to do with it as she put her three first fingers of her right hand on it. There was a small click and the cover unlatched. She opened the box.

Inside lay what looked like a rubber catsuit with attached hood, gloves, corset and boots. She took it in her hands. It was as shiny as a mirror. The only difference with her own suit is that the hood had lenses over the eyeholes

Karen eagerly removed her shoes, skirt, shirt and underwear and put the suit on. To her deception, it was rather loose fitting, and there were small bumps at the crotch, very far from her real counterparts. Perhaps the anatomy of the Aliens was much different of her own. They had good intentions, but they were totally off the target. That’s when she noticed a small object inside the box, looking like a remote control. It had quite a few buttons, all in pairs, one green and one red. She tried to understand the symbols written on them but it was too far off her knowledge.

She felt sure that no harm was meant by them, but with some nervosity she pressed the first button. Nothing happened. She pressed the second one and the boots portion appeared to tighten around her legs, so much that she fell backward on the bed when to her surprise the heel disappeared leaving just pointed toe boots.

With a smile, she pressed the next button. This time, the whole suit shrunk to fit her perfectly, including the hood that conformed to her face without any pinching or dragging. The next button tightened the corset. It was tight but not enough for her taste.

She tried to push the red button again but nothing happened. She pushed and held, and then, slowly, she felt the corset tighten, more and more. It stopped as she released the button. She went on, tightening to what she was used to then stretch on the bed to get comfortable.

The whole suit felt great, its tightness was just right. She was missing her bondage though, but she was also curious at the use of the other buttons on the lower portion of the remote. There were two rows. One row of four buttons and one row with three buttons. One of them was inside some kind of small depression on the remote control, so to activate it she had to use the tip of her finger. It obviously meant that it was to be used with caution.

When she pressed the first button of the first row, a series of green dots appeared, one for each time she pressed the button. The second button made dashes appear, and the third one asterisk. The first button of the second row made red dots appear. The second one erased everything.

She didn’t know quite what to do with it. She started with caution, lighting one dot on the green row and one dot on the second row. She then pressed the last button. For about two seconds, nothing happened, then as the red dot disappeared, she froze and everything became black, unable to move or to see. She was about to panic when everything returned to normal. She smiled. The suit had a bondage function, and each dot appeared to last about two seconds.

She did a second try, putting two dots of red and white and pressed the start button. 

She counted up to about five before the suit froze and everything became black, her lenses turning completely opaque.

With a few more testing, she came to the conclusion that each dot lasted about 2.5 seconds, each dash lasted for 2.5 minutes, and each asterisks lasted for 2.5 hours. She counted that, at maximum, the suit could be frozen for a little over two days.

But something was missing: her gag and her dildos. She got up to get them from her drawer when she noticed another remote control she had forgotten at the bottom of the storage box of the suit.

This one had three series of buttons. She pushed the first one and she felt the first dildo, the small lump of rubber she had seen at the crotch, extend, penetrating her and expanding, until she released the button. She smiled as she extended the second one. As for the third button, the mouth of the hood suddenly extended inside her mouth and expanded, filling it like she was never able to achieve before.

She quickly got back on the bed, and started to play with the time function, giving herself about one minute of freedom before being frozen, and she waited.

She felt the suit becoming rigid and she started to slowly rock her hips inside her rigid confinement, but it was just too rigid. That’s when she felt the dildos coming to life, slowly pulsating, then accelerating, then slowing down for a while then accelerating again, all at the rights moments as if they were feeling her moods.

She had set up the timer function for 2.5 hours, and by then she was in total heaven.

As days went by, she set it up for longer periods and eventually for a full twelve hours. She tried many different positions, from simply laying down to spread eagle to a look alike hogtie, a ball tie, a frog tie. She was having a great time. She also realized with time that, even for the suit, if she pressed longer on the “tight” button, it would become tighter, and she used it to its maximum.

Everything was going fine until that evening where, just after she had set up her predicament for the night, an earthquake shook the area. In the rumble, the remote fell off the night table and to the floor, as the books in her nearby bookshelf were falling. 

When the rumbling stopped, she rolled to the side of the bed to get her remote back. She made wide eyes when she saw that the books, by falling on the remote, had changed her initial setup and she had barely enough time to take a comfortable position before her suit froze up.

In her mind, she calculated the dots, dashes and asterisks she had seen, adding the time. To her dismay, she was set up for close to 31 hours!

“Oh well. Better make the best of it.” She thought, as the dildos slowly started their work.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 16 2006

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