Karen – Bike Ride


To the other fellow bikers, it looked like a classic ride with a sidecar. Little did they know that Karen was really having a totally different kind of Ride.

It started up early in the morning in their garage. Phil, her boyfriend, had already removed the top portion of the sidecar while Karen was getting dressed.

She first put on red latex underwear. The inside of the bra was lined with small hard rubber spikes. The panties included two huge rubber dildos with a steel shaft. Screw holes were visible on the bottom. As she lubed then inserted the dildos, she softly moaned, biting her lower lip, feeling them glide inside, stretching the holes, filling them.

She played with them a little, getting them in and out a few times, while gently scratching her latex bra, sending little shocks to her erect nipples.

Next, she put on a heavy rubber, very… no extremely tight catsuit. It had attached feet and gloves, and she put it on through a zipper opening that went from the back of her collar to the small of her back.

Putting it on was a real struggle as it was very tight, even with the help of lubricants. Phil had to give her a hand. 

She felt her legs first being encased in the cold embrace of the thick rubber. She had to pull hard and a little at a time for her feet to pass the narrow portion of her ankles before popping into the socks.

Gently pulling on it, more rubbing it on, she had it up her legs, and to her crotch. Passing her buns required some giggling which moved her hard dildos.

She giggled.

Phil had to give her a hand, holding the suit while she forced her arms in the narrow sleeves, again wiggling her fingers inside the attached gloves. He pulled hard on the suit, to stretch it over her shoulders, and to get enough material to close the zipper.

Doing so, the suit pulled at her crotch, pushing the dildos deeper inside.

“Damn!” she let out, followed by a grunt.

“Problem?” asked Phil, fully knowing what was going on.

Another grunt was the answer. He pulled the zipper, one small step at a time while she was expelling all the air off her lungs, to make it easier for Phil. She felt the suit squish her sensible breasts as the zipper closed, leaving it partly opened, just below her neck.

She fondled at the crotch of the suit with her fingers, while Phil was preparing the next item, finding the two reinforced holes giving access to the plug screw holes.

Phil approached with the next item: a smooth leather corset with a five inches of waist reduction. It was long, covering her from her hips to her armpits, with shoulder straps.

He wrapped the corset around Karen’s waist and began to gently pull the laces while she was slowly squirming, lifting her arms in the air, to allow the corset to squeeze her already slim body, breathing in short breathes, and expelling as much as she could, in sync with Phil’s tightening.

“That’s about it for now.” he said, as a gap at least an inch wide was still visible. “We’ll close it later.”

Karen ran her hands around her already slim and rigid waist, feeling the two steel rings attached to the side of the corset with reinforced rivets. She had two more of those D rings on top of the shoulder straps.

Phil walked away to come back with a bunch of leather cuffs. He wrapped a set over her knees, then another set at her wrists and over her elbows, fastening them tightly before being locked using small padlocks.

“Okay, how about we try that corset again?” he softly asked.

Karen agreed with a moan of anticipated pleasure. She loved everything tight, and the tighter the better. He got a strong pull on the laces, while Karen was getting a hold of some overhead pipes. He tugged and pulled until the corset was fully closed, and made sure it was not to be taken off by adding a padlock in the middle of it, between two lacing holes.

Karen let go of the bar and shighs, feeling her rigid and impossibly compressed waist. She smiled.

He gently guided her to a nearby stool where he helped her put on her loving knee-high leather ballet boots. He laced them tightly up her legs, and she welcomed the tight embrace of the find leather on her legs. He completed the setup by adding two more locking leather cuffs over her ankles, locking the boots in place.

By then, she was already hot and horny. Phil hid her smiling face under a thick rubber hood with tinted lenses. As the hood was put on, Karen worked the built-in inflatable gag into her mouth, putting the currently deflated bag comfortably into position. As Phil zipped the hood shut from the back, she began pressing the attached pump, working the gag slowly in place, before pumping some more, until it was just right.

Phil took the pump in her hand to unscrew it, but before doing it, he added one more squeeze. Karen made wide eyes and tried to reach for it, but it was too late. Well, she knew she would like it anyways.

One more leather cuff, or rather collar was added, around  her neck: three inches wide, tightly fastened and, of course, locked.

The next item was a full length nylon body stocking, going over her boots, up to her neck. The reason was to make it easier for the next layer: a full body leather catsuit.

Very tight.

She nonetheless put elbow-length tight fitting kid leather gloves before going on with the leather suit. And it was a struggle to put on, the nylon lining sliding over the nylon stocking helped, but tight is tight. They worked together, pulling, tugging, wiggling, squirming until the suit was well in place.

Phil worked harder to align holes within the suit to the rings of the leather cuffs, at the wrists through the glove, arms, waist, shoulders and upper legs through the leather catsuit.

The finishing touch was the full face bike helmet. It was a racer style “Simpson” helmet, all black with a black visor. With her already tinted lenses, adding another tinted visor, she could barely see. The helmet itself was perhaps a bit small for her head, creating a nice compression feeling. 

The helmet chin strap was secured tightly and cleverly locked in place so that the lock was invisible.

She liked the confinement feeling. The more layers, the more isolated from the exterior world she was, and now mute, almost deaf and pretty much blind.

She was all set, for her dressing-up that is. Now she had to be installed into the sidecar.

Once in the garage, Phil took two chromed steel rods and proceeded to feed them through the holes of the leather suit and the latex catsuit and to screw them to the dildos. The rods dangling, she took place into the sidecar, voluntarily making the rods hit each other, sending her vibrating sensations. She liked it.

 The rods were fed through holes at the bottom of the sidecar where they were fastened to a mechanical box. Just that made her unable to get out.

The leather cuffs at her ankles were locked to a ring on the floor of the sidecar, securing her legs in place. The D rings from the back of her knee cuffs were also locked to the floor. The rings of her corset waist, shoulder straps, elbows and collar were all linked to the back of the seat and locked. Finally, her wrists were linked together in front of her, on her lap, and linked to a ring on the floor, right at her crotch, between her legs, and locked.

Through strategically located holes, he used a power screw driver to drive tightening mechanisms on each strap fastening points, tightening Karen on the seat of the sidecar.

Once setup, she could barely move. She was totally secured in the sidecar.

Phil put back the top portion of it and got prepared for the ride, wearing fine leather himself.

Then it was on for the ride.

Slowly, the rods linked to her dildos began to move. They were linked to a transmission, itself linked to the wheel of the sidecar. The transmission was automatic and varied the speed of the strokes according to the speed. They varied them from one stroke a second to one stroke a minute.

And to add more effect, Karen wasn’t sitting on any cushion at all. She was directly seating on the bottom of the sidecar and the suspension travel had been set to its minimum so that for each bump, she had to absorb it, banging on the dildos that were not following the suspension.

Driving off the residential area was relatively easy, yet devilish, as the rods would start and stop each time Phil had to do the same. Once on the road, the rods were acting according to some gear setup Phil had made, changing the ratios from time to time, depending on the acceleration, breaking, or even bumps.

She was literally getting screwed by the road!

How long was the ride? Well, they had planned to follow the highway to the next city and come back. The trip shouldn’t be more than four hours on a relatively good paved road. She figured out that she would be nonetheless rather exhausted after all that screwing up.

Little had they planned that there was road construction and that the traffic was diverted to an alternate road, a small winding road with a very bad pavement. 

Every bump, she felt, hard on her butt, but also with her dildos. She was getting smashed around, but the bunds held her strongly in place, which only emphasized her  helplessness, where she had no choice but to submit to the devilish treatment.

It wasn’t long she had an orgasm. A powerful one, but as the bike hit a rather hard bump, it screwed her all over, and she had another one. Then, a couple of miles down the road, another one.

When they got out of the detour and back into the main highway, Karen welcomed the smoothness of the pavement, although the dildos didn’t take a break, changing speed pretty much at random.

Turning back was not a solution. Problem was, they HAD to reach the destination as the unique key to remove all the locks was there into a storage bin at the bus station.

With the slow traffic, they were looking more for a six hours ride. And what a ride it was to be for Karen!

As Phil stopped to retrieve the key at the bus stop storage box, Karen could finally relax and calm down. Phil let her some time to recuperate. She was about to pass out from exhaustion when he carefully approached her.

“That must have been really tough, out there. You realize that it’s the same trip back home. I… I cheated a little. I mean, I have some tools so I can unlink the steel rods. Do you want me to unlink them for the trip back?” he asked, producing the wrench needed for it.

She thought for a minute and nodded no, to a surprise Phil. but then again, this was Karen.

At some point, Karen wished they had taken the time to check the road constructions before departing. Phil had an evil smile. He was glad he had…

© Pete / monsterp63, June 19 2006

Revised January 23, 2020.

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