Karen – Denim Encasement


Author’s note:

I took this story as a challenge. I went to a friendly argument with one good friend about whether or not it was possible to have someone encased in denim instead of rubber. My opinion was that it would not be appealing that being “sealed in denim” had kind of a strange sound to it. I quote his answer:

The only problem with rubber it’s that it is not breathable, so in reality you can’t seal a person in it. Denim, oh yes, you can.

Imagine a stylish to create a sort of catwalk with only denim, stretch one, not stretch one, with loose or tight jeans or skirts or jackets and so on. Quite all usual and wearable. But then the last dress ,a  complete suit, literally stitched on the girl. She can’t see or see only shadows, she can’t talk (denim tight or gag under it), her torso, arms, legs sheathed as never before, using reinforced laces to tightening the catsuit over her at the maximum, ballet boots and maybe some toy to help her to smile under the excruciating tight mask she is wearing. And imagine she has to stay in the dress because she has two catwalks and a party to attend in a short time, and she has no time to undress and redress herself, because she needs help. I think that she is completely sealed in denim.

And consider that I’m not a fetish in denim, but a rubber fetish one.

Everything is possible, with the right start.”

Well, Alessandro, you gave me a “right start“. I think the end result is not that bad after all… 

Karen – Denim Encasement

As the crowd masses along the stage setup on the Champs Élisés, early on that Sunday afternoon the speaker started his commentary.

“Paris, France. World Capital of High Fashion. Denim has for a long time, being quoted as the bad boy of fashion. It was just good for the farmers, workers and the poor. The high class people used expensive fabrics such as silk, cashmere and satin. 

But on this special day, Denim is the star. Highly praised fashion designer Lynda, had come up with a unique collection and we’re proud to present it to you.”

Back stage, things were chaotic. Models were getting their last minute check before going on stage. Their clothes ranged from the ordinary loose fitting jeans and jackets, passing by denim skirts and dresses, to finish by tight jeans, stretch and non stretch. But what everyone was really looking for is the highly publicized Total Denim Enclosure she was supposed to present, using her star model: Karen.

And they were busy at it.

“Hurry on, Karen. You know it takes close to an hour just to put you in this suit.”

“Well, I can’t know, Lynda, I never tried it. You did all your simulations on the computer, and you assume that it will take one hour.” Said Karen, somewhat pissed off by the fact that she had to wear something that had been kept secret, even to her, until now.

“We’ll discuss this later. Put your feet in please.” Said Lynda, pointing to the denim legs of the suit.

Karen executed. The denim was slightly stretchable and on the first pull, it was obvious that it had been cut tight. Very tight. Karen noted it.

“Stop complaining. It’s a skintight complete body suit, so it has to be this tight.” Said Lynda, continuing pulling. “Okay ladies,” she said to the helpers, “I’ll take it from here.” Said Lynda.

The helpers exited the dress room. Karen was puzzled.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I know that it would be very uncomfortable, so I installed some… gadgets to make your stay more enjoyable, and I don’t want them to know.” She said, showing the crotch portion of the suit where two dildos could be visible.

“Really? You want me to wear dildos on the catwalk? Interesting.” Said Karen. “Yes, I’m now eager to try that.”

“Very good. Pull!” she said, giving the sides of the suit to Karen. She pulled the legs of the suit on until it was time to insert the dildos. Lynda carefully cut two holes into Karen’s silk underwear and generously greased the two huge shafts, then proceeded to push them on as Karen pulled on the suit.

She squirmed as she felt the intruders invade her private parts. But it was interesting, if not fun.

Lynda then pulled more on the two sides, making sure that the crotch seam was getting as high as possible. The denim of the suit was so tight that she was basically lifting Karen off the ground. The legs were skin tight from the hips down to below the knees where they flared out slightly around the calves.

“Looks odd.” Said Karen.

“We’ll take care of that later. Put your arms in, please.” Said Lynda, holding the shoulder portion of the suit.

“Geesh! These are very tight.” She said as she pulled hard to get her hands through it, up to the built-in gloves. 

Once her hands were in the gloves, the suit was tight pretty much all over her arms except for the forearm between the wrist and the elbow.

“Hey! I just noticed. Where is the zipper?” she said as she was trying to pull the back opening on itself to zip the suit shut. “And… what is this? Is THIS the closure gap? Geesh, Lynda. It will never close on me. That’s way too small.” She said.

“No need to worry, Karen. Everything will be fine.” Said Lynda taking a spidery looking machine and attaching to the bottom of the closure slit.

“Now Karen”, said Lynda as she faced her, “The suit is to be very tight, and I mean very. It is denim reinforced with a web of Kevlar. It’s almost indestructible. The problem is that I didn’t find a zipper able to hold it. So a friend of mine designed this little creature: It’s an on-body sewing machine. It will draw the two sides together and sew them.”

“Sew them? How do I take it off?”

“You cut it off. That’s a one-use suit. Ready? Here it goes.”

In her back, Karen felt the machine, no bigger than a cigarette pack, starting to work on the seam, sewing it and dragging it at the same time. It went rather slowly, about one two centimeters per minutes. But it was strong, and it was pulling hard on Karen’s body.

“Hum, Lynda. Is it supposed to be this tight?” she said at her waist, getting smaller and smaller.

“Yes, I made the suit about 13cm (about 5 inches) smaller at the waist, so it will give you a nice wasp look.”

“Yeah, a wasp look and a wasp breath.” She said, looking for air as the sewing machine was now crushing her lungs.

“It will be ok. Now, would you like to lift your leg so I can put the boots on?” said Lynda.

Karen proceeded, getting her balance on the nearby wall. Lynda pulled the boots on. Karen who had worn high heels before was prepared for it, but her toes never came back flat, they stayed pointed.

“Lynda, what kind of… ballet boots? Are you nuts?”

“No.” laughed Lynda. “It will go very well with the suit. I’m sure you’ll be great in them and that you’ll learn to walk with them in no time.” She said as she proceeded to lace the boot very tightly. When the knot was made, she applied a drop of liquid.

“That resin.” She answered Karen’s silent question. “That’s to make sure it will not undo itself while you walk. Stepping on shoe laces in sneakers is one thing, in these that’s a whole different matter.”

“Ah…” had simply said Karen as she lifted the other legs for the boot. 

The sewing machine was now at her shoulder blades and had stopped.

“Yeah, I had programmed it that way. I have to put the hood first.

“Hood? Oh shit!” said Karen when she saw the piece of clothes.

It was a form fitting complete hood, made of denim. It was contoured for the nose, but there was no hole at all.

“Denim is porous. You’ll breath through it. As for the vision, it is slightly thinner there. You’ll see but somewhat blurry. I tried to make holes or sew some kind of lenses but it just wouldn’t do it like a plain one.”

Lynda pulled the hood on Karen’s head.

“What is thimffmm. Rmrmmfmf”.

“Oh come on Karen. You know what a gag is and what it’s for. With the dildos disturbing you, I had to make sure that you wouldn’t not make any embarrassing noise. It’s just a denim pouch filled with a large rubber ball. Should be quite comfortable.

She carefully placed the yoke of the hood under the collar of the suit and started the sewing machine. It did its job again, sewing Karen in the suit, and tightening it, even the hood which became totally wrinkles-free and as smooth as a balloon.

She then took the sewing machine and applied to Karen’s forearm. The machine pulled on the loose denim and tightened it until Karen was sure that her blood flow was getting cut. Lynda made a few steps back and looked at her work of art.

In front of her, a sculptural woman wearing a second skin made of bleached denim. Her curvaceous body was even more enhanced by strategically placed bleached patterns, and embroided patterns. The only part of the suit that was not denim, was the fine kid leather ballet toe boots.

Karen made a few steps, and not having been gagged, she would have let out a scream. She immediately put her hands at her crotch.

“Of course they’re vibrating! What do you think? Now you KNOW why there’s a gag in the suit.” Laughed Lynda. “Come on, it’s almost your turn on the catwalk.”

Karen followed, or rather tried to. Each step in the extremely tight denim was pinching her buns squeezing them toward the vibrating dildos. Every few steps, she was close to an orgasm. To her own surprise, but apparently not to Lynda’s, she got the hang of the ballet toe boots quite rapidly, and when she reached the backstage, she was walking in them as if she had walked in them all her life.

The music changed and she received a tap on the shoulder. It was her turn.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, meet Karen with Lynda’s unique creation: the Denim Skin Suit!”

At first, it was astonishment, then applause filled the space. Karen tried to walk the way she was used to doing on the catwalk, but that made even more friction between the dildos and her butt. She tried to move as much as the tight denim allowed, bending, twisting and dancing on the music. Her movements were small and restrained. Nevertheless, she was a hit, and Karen came back with her and all the other models for the final walk on the catwalk.

Journalists fled to Karen, asking questions. Lynda took the lead, explaining that the hood was too tight for her to talk. The questions became simple ones.

“Do you like the suit?” – Yes

“Was it difficult to put on?” – Yes

“Is it painful to walk in these?” – No

Since she couldn’t translate her emotions into yes or no, the interview was quick with her, but went to Lynda’s.

It lasted for a good hour. All this time, Karen was standing by, pacing slowly and gracefully. She, at one time, leaned against a guard rail, resting her butt on one of the tubes, but the vibrations of the dildos made strange noises and attracted some attention, so she had to let go.

Finally, the journalists were gone. Karen gestured to Lynda that, although she liked the suit, she was eager to get it off.

“I’m sorry, but it seems that you’re stuck in it for a couple of hours more.”


“Well, there’s three television shows that want to have you on their show. They are all live shows. The first one is tonight at 20:00, the other at 23:00 and the third one tomorrow morning at 07:00. Since I will destroy the suit by taking it off, you’ll have to keep it on until then.

Karen looked at a nearby clock. 16:00. As she discreetly put a finger at her crotch, deep down, she was glad to keep it on for another 15 hours…

© Pete / monsterp63, July 21 1006.

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