Karen – Voodoo


The man gently put down his carving knife and looked at his work. The wooden doll was about one feet tall. It was evidently representing a woman. A very curvaceous one with a voluptuous chest and a tiny waist. The feet and legs of the statue were ending in pointed tips. It had no hair.

He placed a small strand of brown hairs around her neck and lifted the doll in the air, humming then signing a song that was as old as the earth.


“So, Karen. How was it with your date last night?”

“Don’t tell me about it, Lynda.” Said Karen, sipping her sangria. 

The two women were sitting at a table, outside a restaurant in one of the biggest tourist resorts of the country. It was almost noon and the sun was high. The women were sitting in bikinis between two sessions of sea dipping at the sandy beach nearby.

“What do you mean, don’t tell me about it? He was so handsome looking.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much all there was to it. He didn’t want to have fun with me, he wanted to worship me.”

“Say what? And you said no to someone that was willing to worship you?”

“Come on! He said that he had received a message that his god had designated me to become one of his priestesses, and he wanted me to follow him.”

“Wow… that could have been fun.” Said Lynda, laughing.

“Yeah right.”


The doll was suspended in the air, being smoked by scented old and sacred woods. It was slowly balancing in the air, getting in and out of the smoke. The man continued with his song.



“I tried to make him understand that I was not about to stay here, that I had a life somewhere else. He wouldn’t listen, so I left.” Said Karen, coughing.

“Did he fight?”

“No. He simply said that I would become the priestess simply because *I* was the chosen one.” She said, coughing again and taking another sip of her sangria.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. Hey, wanna go for another dip?” she said, pointing to the beach but especially the two well built men that were just coming in.

“Sure!” said Lynda.

They both got up and headed for the beach.


The doll was slowly moved from the perfumed smoke over a cauldron where dark goo was bubbling. The song going on, she was kept in the vapours of the creepy liquid.


“Hi boys. What’s up?”

“Hello ladies.” Said the boys, almost in unison. “Going for a swim?”

“Yes sure, it’s so hot in here.” Said Karen.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” asked Lynda.

“Well, the sun is high and it’s damn hot.” Said Karen, wiping her forehead.

“You better go back to your hotel.” Said one of the men. “You don’t look so well.”

Karen was sweating from all her pores. 

“Yes. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps the drinks. I’ll head for my room.” She said, panting.

Accompanied with Lynda, she slowly walked to her hotel room, where she collapsed on the sofa, soaking wet in sweat.

“I think I should call a doctor.” Said Lynda.

“No, wait a few minutes. Probably just a reaction between the alcohol and the sun. I will be back on my feet in a few minutes. Boy it’s hot!” she said, rubbing her hairs with her hands then made wide eyes.

Her hand was full of brown hair. HER hair. She took her other hand and pulled on her hairs which came as if they were no more held in place.

“What the hell!! I’m losing my hairs!”


Still singing, the doll was slowly dropped into the black goo up to her neck, and then taken out.


“Oh my god. What the hell is happening to me?” she said.

“Karen, look!” said Lynda, pointing at Karen’s legs.

A black patch had appeared, and was growing rapidly. Karen tried to rub it off, but it did nothing. Then, almost in a flash, the black patch quickly ran and covered her body, up to her neck.

“What the hell is this?” said Karen in disbelief.

“Looks like you are wearing a surgical glove bodysuit.” Said Lynda, touching the surface. “Feels like latex.”

Karen tried to put her fingers between her neck and the “suit” to pull it off, but it was glued to her skin.

With the doll in the air, the man gently took two small sticks he had dipped into the black goo and gently pushed them up between the doll’s legs until they were both fully inserted in its crotch. He then dipped the doll another time.

Karen startled and put her hands to her crotch.

“Oh my god. Something’s getting in.”

“Say what?” said Lynda, almost laughing. “You have critters getting in?”

“No, something huge, solid… Oooooo my god. It’s long too, and in both holes!”

To her dismay, Lynda could see like something was pushing up Karen’s crotch. She could see the sides of her vagina and rectum expands as if something huge was introduced.

Karen moaned, kicking her head backward.

“Are you okay?”

“Geesh! Those feels so… wow! I don’t know what this is but.. Oooo. I don’t know if I should be afraid or glad.”

Then it became obvious that another layer was spreading on her body, but this time, it didn’t stop at her neck. It continued up, engulfing her head, dropping the few hairs that were remaining at the same time. Karen opened her mouth wide to breath and the “rubber” entered completely covering the inside, but leaving her breathing ways opened, as well as her eyes untouched.

Also, by this time, Karen’s feet had started to extend into an “en-pointe” position, like a ballet dance, and her fingers had started to cling together in thumbless mittens. But Karen couldn’t care less. The feelings she was getting from the intruders were just too strong.


The man took another goo coated stick and put it into the doll’s mouth until it was flush with it then dipped it a third time before hanging it over another stack of smoking sticks.


As she was screaming of joy, Karen felt her mouth being filled, gagged. She could still breathe through her nose, but she was incapable of producing any sound. And to top it off, the “skin” started to act on her own, getting tighter, much tighter. Her waist began to get squeezed a lot, as if a corset was closing on her. Her breast began to mysteriously expand and became full.

Lynda couldn’t resist. She had to touch them. Karen reacted at the touch by more moaning. She was evidently not in pain, but feeling something very strong, very pleasurable. What the hell was that? A sex suit?


The doll was delicately installed into a black chair, and put under a protective glass bell. The man kneeled in front of it and sang a few more verses.


After countless orgasms, things appeared to calm down. Panting but in heaven, Karen sat on the sofa, feeling her new skin, trying to get back to reality, to assess what the heck happened.

She got up and almost dropped down. She couldn’t lay her feet flat on the ground. She had to walk on her toes, but to her surprise, it was easy, and pleasurable. She walked in a circle in the small room under Lynda’s amazed look.

Karen tried to talk but couldn’t. She tried to get off the suit, but couldn’t. She started to panic.

“You want me to call the police?” asked Lynda.

She nodded no. She tried to grab a pen to write but couldn’t. Lynda put one in her thumbless hands and held it in place with an elastic band she had for her hairs.

Find the weirdo. She wrote.

“You mean the guy you went out with last night?”

Karen nodded yes. Lynda left her alone and went to the same bar as Karen went the night before and started to ask questions. She was immediately pointed to a man that was just arriving, smiling wide.

“What have you done to her?”

“She’s a priestess now. She should come with me to have communion with my god.” He said. “Where is she?”

Lynda didn’t quite know what to do, so she led him to Karen’s room. She was laying on the bed, hands to her crotch, experiencing yet another wonderful moment.

“What’s going on?” asked Lynda. “What is happening?”

“She’s already communicating with my god. She was really chosen. She must come with me to the temple.” He said, picking her by the arm.

Karen didn’t resist. To Lynda’s surprise, her eyes were now gleaming black, yet she appeared to see perfectly. The man led them out of the hotel. Karen was apparently easily walking on her pointed toe feet, or boots or whatever it was, and the people they were passing by didn’t react to what she looked like, like everything was normal.

“Why doesn’t nobody react to her?” asked Lynda.

“That’s because she’s only allowing some people to see how she really is. Others see just another woman, like you.”

To Lynda’s surprise, they took the bus and were driven for close to an hour before getting down at a temple which was a huge tourist attraction in the area.

Karen didn’t look in pain at all. In fact, all these movements, the walk, then the bus, then the walk again, were all stimulating her. Her tight rubber encasement was massaging her, creating waves of pleasure. With each move, with each step, the dildos or whatever was invading her, were moving as if they were alive, as if they knew how to move to make the most effect, to give the most pleasure.

They climbed the numerous steps of the temple, then at one point, the man quickly moved sideways, leading the women into a large space between two rock slabs. He gently pushed on one block and they were, like magic, transported to the other side, as if they had walked through the thick rock.

Lynda was in disbelief. For Karen, it was if she already knew the place.

In the large room they discovered, lit by fire torches, Lynda counted over 20 women, all looking like Karen, all moving slowly around a weightless flame. That was the best description Lynda could come up with. It was a fireball suspended in mid-air but the fire had a liquid look to it.

“Here I bring the last of the chosen.” loudly spoke the man.

“Very well, Muna.” Said a voice coming from about everywhere. “That was the last needed. The count is complete. Take your places.” Said the voice.

As if she knew what to do, Karen walked down to the center, to walk around the fireball like the others. Lynda counted 24 in all. Muna took place on a rocky “stool” with four other men. Lynda stays put. She could see that other people, like her, were witnessing the scene from about the same distance, all over the place, probably other friends of the Chosen Ones.

A hum came from the fireball. It started to look more like a liquid rubber ball on fire. The Chosen began slowly dancing around it, jumping from one foot to the other, then they got closer until they touched each-other, then closer and the ball seemed to expand until it touched them. They appeared to be… melting in one single entity. Then there was a large bang followed by a flash and everything became black.

The wind was softly blowing the curtain of the hotel room. Lynda woke up in a panic state. Karen? The rubber? Muna? She frantically looked around. Karen was there, on the bed, asleep in her bikini, breathing calmly.

Lynda approached her. She woke up.

“Oh… hi… what happened? The last thing I remember was that I was steaming hot by the beach.”

“You don’t remember? The rubber coating? The ceremony? Your hair?”

“What are you talking about? What’s wrong with my hairs? asked a puzzled Karen pulling on her shoulder length curled brown hairs.

“Well you know your skin became all black and then… gee, I can’t remember it now.”

“Looks like you had a wild dream.” Said Karen, laughing.

“Sounds like it. I’m losing any memories of it pretty quickly. Like a dream. What time is it?”

“Close to 20:00. I’m feeling hungry.” Said Karen.

“Yeah, me too. I’ll go shower and change. I’ll meet you downstairs in one hour. Sure you’re ok?” asked Lynda.

“I’m perfectly fine. Must have been something I didn’t digest well. I’ll meet you in an hour.” Said Karen.

Lynda left. Karen stretched on the bed for a few minutes and removed her bikini. She then closed her eyes and she quickly transformed into a hairless female form of gleaming black rubber, with pointed feet and hands. She quickly put her hands to her crotch. She had time for a little more. After all, she didn’t need to shower anymore.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 21 2006

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