Karen – Surprise Gift


Sexy outfits.

She typed the keywords on the search field of the search engine. A whole lot of websites appeared and she started to browse them.

It was close to one year since she started dating Phil, and they were totally in love with each other. She wanted to make him a surprise by welcoming him wearing a very special outfit, which was not determined yet.

Oh, he was used to seeing her in sexy outfits, that was pretty much what attracted him to her in the first place, and after one year, it hadn’t changed. Karen continued to wear her sexy and tight clothes, whether a short leather skirt of Phil’s favourite, a pair of three sizes TOO small stretch blue jeans. Each time she put them on, she could see his eyes illuminate. She always complimented it with a pair of sexy high heels shoes.

Yeah, perhaps she was just a sex object at Phil’s eyes, but he was the same to hers.

She liked his toned and muscular body, his firm buns and his big arms. He was athletic and she was getting hot each time she was seeing him getting off his street bike after a training session, wearing his tight spandex shorts, his tight fitting spandex shirt, his skin shining by the sweat.

They loved each other for their respective bodies, and also for their personalities. They were going well together and it showed.

“There! That’s what I want!” she said, looking at a kit made of bright red silky panties and bras, to be worn under a very tight fitting metallic red spandex short dress. She selected the same shoes as the model, a pair of red patent two inches platform sandals with an incredible eight inches heel. That made a net heel height of six inches! She was used to four and sometimes five, but that would be the highest.

Pretty much drooling, she entered her credit card information and shipping address. She added a note that it was to arrive no later than 10 days from now.

Thirty minutes later, she received an email confirming her order and that she would get it by courier exactly 10 days from now. That would be the anniversary date. They couldn’t do it faster, so they were asking if she was okay with that tight shipping.

She confirmed that she was.

Ten days later, Karen was pacing back and forth in her apartment, Phil and her still living on their own but she had invited him for dinner that night. She was frantically waiting for the courier. She had phoned the company and had confirmation that a package was for her in the delivery route and that she should get it somewhere before noon.

At 11:45, there was a nock on the door and Karen signed up the bill in a flash and took the box in. She was surprised by the size of it.

“Pretty big for a couple of spandex items and a pair of shoes.” She said to herself. “And quite heavy too.”

She quickly ran to the bedroom. She had to try everything first. She opened the box and startled. Slowly, she picked up each piece of clothes and accessories from the box in disbelief.

“What the fuck…”

She picked up the package slip.

“Red satin panties: 1. Red satin bra: 1. Red metallic red short dress: 1. Red patent platforms: 1. Shit! Looks like they put the shipping bill on the wrong box!”

Again, she looked in disbelief at what was laying around on the bed. A thick black rubber catsuit complete with attached hood, gloves and feet, a rubber corset, a rubber bra with the inside filled with tiny spikes and a pair of rubber panties with two huge vibrating dildos, a pair of knee high, kid leather, ballet toe boots. Four sets of locking leather cuffs, a wide leather collar and a harness ball gag. There was also a kit of five keyed-alike padlocks.

She took the invoice and phoned the number printed on it. She explained the mishaps. Yes they were sorry. Yes they understood that she needed the outfit on that day, and yes they understood it was compromising all she had planned. The problem was that the person who ordered this kit was living on the other side of the country, so an exchange was not possible within the day. That was too late.

“Listen.” Said the lady on the phone. “As an apology, we offer you to keep the outfit you received, free. It’s a value of close to $2000. In addition, we’ll ship you another spandex outfit today.

“I don’t really care about the kinky kit but thanks. So I’ll get another spandex outfit tomorrow?”

“Yes miss. And it will be the right one. I promise.”

They agreed on it. She returned to her bedroom. She took the dildo panties in her hands and examined them. 

“Might be fun, and it might help pass my frustration.” She said as she took off her extra-tight jeans and T-shirt and applied lubricant to the huge shafts.

Slowly, she inserted them, having never experienced anything in the other hole, it was a new experience, but interesting. She walked around in her bedroom, feeling the intruders massage her like never before. She was getting hot, and they were not turned on yet! She continued with the rubber bra. The inside of the cups were covered with tiny hard rubber spikes. At first they hurt but after a while, they became quite a stimulus.

“What the heck.” she said, picking up the rubber catsuit.

It was a tight fit. Then again, it hasn’t been ordered for her, but for someone else obviously somewhat skinnier than herself as the suit was extremely tight and hard to put on, even with the help of the included lubricant.

After a lot of struggle she had put the lower portion on. The back zipper was fully opened and she proceeded with the arms, which were just as tight and difficult to put on. She sighs of relief when her arms finally popped into the attached gloves. With the hood hanging in front of her, she tried to pull the back zipper up. It wouldn’t bulge. She quickly figured out that, at maximum stretch, she would need to be five inches smaller. That’s when she looked at the corset.

“No, no way. Rubber is one thing, corset is another matter.”

She decided to let go of the zipper and tried to enjoy whatever she had on. She was quick to play with her dildos, feeling them, turning them on and off with a provided remote.

The boots. She was a regular wearer of four and five inches heels and she always wondered how they would feel. She had the opportunity. To her surprise, they were the right size. She put them on and laced them tightly up her legs.

Getting up on them was an all new challenge. Standing on her toes was not easy, and the raise, almost eight inches was something impressive. She made a few steps and was surprised at how easy she got the hang of it. She surprises herself at liking that rubber covering and these heels. The only thing preventing her from enjoying it fully was the wide gap on her back.

She took the corset and looked at the measurements. Yes, it would squeeze her waist almost five inches. Decided, she removed not without difficulties, the top portion of the catsuit and applied the corset on her. It was a long one, reaching from her hips up to her armpits, covering the breast with hard rubber cups. Apparently, her breasts were fuller than the ones of the expected wearer. That only increased the pressure of the spikes on her now very sensitive nipples.

As she once read in a magazine, she looped the draw strings of the corset on the doorknobs of her bedroom door and walked away. This pulled the strings and closed the corset.

To her surprise, she became aroused as her waist was getting highly compressed and her breath getting shorter. She pulled and pulled until both sides met. She knotted the laces and let herself drop on the bed, panting.

She let out a scream! The dildos combined with her now crushed body were acting differently, as if their effect were amplified. She immediately put her fingers to her crotch and started to slowly caress it, sending waves of pleasure she never knew existed. It wasn’t long before she exploded.

Relaxing, laying on her side, she was looking at the cuffs. She took one and started to play with it.

“Gee, those are rather stiff for leather.” She said, looking at the attached label. “Woven tempered steel core, kid leather exterior. Warning: only a blowtorch will cut these. Wow, that’s heavy stuff!” she said, playing with them. “They’re even identified: wrists, knees, elbows, ankles.” She read out loud.

She tore off the warning label that was held with a string to the cuff and put the cuff around her left wrist. The closure was some kind of toothed steel tab entering a chromed slot to lock it in place. She carefully put the tab in and pushed. She heard clicks numerous times until the cuff was nice and snug. She looked at it.

“These look nice.” She said, picking up the other cuff. Then she put the ankle ones, the knee ones and finally the elbow ones. She looked in the mirror.

“Changes the look completely. Those scream to be linked.” She said, picking the set of padlocks and locking her ankles and knees together.

With her legs now firmly held together, it increased the pressure on the dildo. She turned on her stomach and started to slowly rock on the mattress. She was quick to put her arms in her back.

“I wonder…” she said, picking up another padlock, then she noticed the collar and the gag harness.

Looking carefully at the gag harness, she found out that it was the same steel core as the cuffs, and it was locking the same way. She had seen a few pictures with a model wearing one. 

She pulled the rubber hood over her head and zipped the back. It was a very tight fit and it had dark tinted lenses. It felt weird with her vision impaired, and every sound muted.

She put the gag harness over her head and started to tighten the straps going around her forehead, on top of her head, on the cheeks and under the chin. She tightened everything nicely snug. Feeling the gag was a new matter so she put it rather loosely.

Then it was the collar. It was at least three inches wide. She fastened it tightly around her neck.

She picked up a padlock and turned on her stomach, resting her face on the pillow, struggling to get her wrists together. At about the same time she was closing the lock, she was also pushing the gag deeply on the pillow. The straps being stiff, it simply pushed them further into the locking mechanism. She heard it click a few times. She stopped her struggling and turned on her side. Yes the gag was now deeper and tighter, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Actually, it felt even better that way.

Squirming, she was able to push the pillow off the bed with her head. Then she stayed on her stomach, feeling the vibrating dildos. Being almost incapable to move generated another kind of pleasure. Being screwed while being helpless was something she never thought she would enjoy, and not that much, as the gag muffled the scream of another orgasm.

She tried to relax, but the stimulation was non stop, and she quickly realized that, the more she struggled, the more it stimulated her, until…

“Honey? Karen? I’m home! I was able to get off earl…. Wow. Kinky!”

Karen startled. There she was in front of her lover, totally helpless. Would he like it? Would he dump her as being a weirdo? She struggled, trying to gesture to get her off the bounds.

“Geesh. I always wanted to ask you to try something like that, but never had the guts.” He said, sitting gently besides her. “One more thing to love.” He said, kissing her on her gag.

She moaned as he gently caressed her bound arms, her constricted waist and her thighs. That’s when he noticed the elbow cuffs.

“Hey, something’s missing here. Well it’s obvious that someone alone couldn’t put that one.” He said taking a padlock and turning Karen on her stomach. He sat on her thighs, increasing the pressure on her dildos. He grabbed her arms and drew the elbow together. Karen moaned. She never thought she would be able to achieve such an extreme position without dislocating a shoulder, but not only she did it painlessly, the position of her arms pushed her chest out, increasing the pressure on the spiky bra cups.

Phil continued to caress her, feeling her tightly encased buns and…

“Ooo. Vibrating! Even better!” he said, taking off his pants.

He carefully and gently rolled her on her back then gently took place on her, resting his erected cock on her vibrating crotch. They slowly got into a slow moving cycle, in unison, feeling each other. He was caressing her head, her rigid breasts, getting his hands down her sides, down to her thighs then slowly coming back up again.

Karen couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She never felt anything like that, anything that powerful. She slowly drifted out of the real world to a fantasy one, filled with colourful abstract sceneries, getting brighter and brighter until she exploded again, like she never did before.

Apparently Phil had the same reaction as he grunted loudly before letting himself drop on her side.

He reached the bed table for a tissue.

“Better wipe this.” He said, carefully wiping the white goo that was spread all over Karen’s rubbery crotch and lower belly. 

He wiped everything clean, but it was obvious that Karen was out somewhere, so he carefully got up, put his pants back on and softly walked out of the room, leaving the bound rubbery woman to her dreams.

He came back half an hour later with drinks.

“Back with us?” he asked, a large smile on his face.

“Yes” she nodded, squirming on the bed, presenting her wrist cuffs.

“Yeah.” He said, getting up and browsing the room. He looked on the desk, in the cardboard box then came back to her.

“Err.. honey? Where are the keys?”

Keys? Keys? Come to think of it, she didn’t recall seeing any. As if on cue, the phone rang. Phil picked up the receiver in the bedroom.

“Hello… Yes… Karen? She can’t get to the phone right now, can I take a message? Yes… Fantasy Clothings… A mix-up… Yes… Ah, I see. Well, thank you. I’ll get her the message.”


“Are you aware about some sort of mix-up between your order and someone else’s.?”

“Yes” nodded Karen.

“Well, apparently the keys were shipped to the other customer. He just phoned in that he had them. He’ll ship it tomorrow by courier, so you should have them in two days from now. So you have the choice of staying like you are, or I can cut you free, but I will damage the cuffs.” Said Phil.

“Mfffmfmffffmm” said Karen, pointing at a pile of labels laying on the corner of the bed. The warning labels of the cuffs. Phil read it.

“Well, I guess you’re stuck. I saw that you were preparing a nice seafood meal, with shrimps and scampis. I guess I will eat mine the way it was meant to be and I’ll send your plate through the blender. The only way you’ll be able to eat with your gag is through a straw.”

Karen moaned, but she had no choice. She put herself in this situation and she should live with it.

Phil got up, humming a happy song.

“This is going to be fun.” He said. 

If Karen wasn’t gagged, he could have seen her smile. As he left the room, her hips started to slowly rock up and down.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 26 2006

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