Karen – F.T.


She had read the ad in the classifieds of her ISP news site. FT was looking for models.

“FT? Fashion Television? I have nothing to lose” she had said while answering the ad.

To her surprise, a few days later, she received an e-mail confirming that she had been selected and to present herself at the studios the next Monday morning. She did.

She was surprised to see that the letters were plain black ones, looking like they were puffed up and very shiny. She remembered the stylish FT logo from the television shows, but she didn’t care more about a logo. Perhaps it’s a new logo she thought.

She entered and was greeted by a woman wearing very tight jeans, so tight that she seemed to have trouble walking, especially on her spiky six inches sandals. She invited her to her office where were laying weird clothes, extreme footwear and even a few coils of rope and leather straps.

“Welcome to FT. My name is Louise. Do you have any particular fetish before we continue?” she had asked.

Karen became wide eyes.

“Fetish? I… I don’t understand. Why?”

“Well, this is Fetish Television and we want everybody to feel home. Do you require anything special?”

“What? Fetish Television. I think I entered the wrong building, I was looking for Fashion Television.” Said Karen, blushing.

“Another one.” Said Louise with a smile. “You’re not the first one to make this mistake. I admit that we share the same letters but our logos are quite different. Haven’t you noticed the rubbery look of ours?” she asked.

“Well, yes, but I thought that, being fashion, they changed it for what’s hot. Anyhoo, forget it.” She said, ready to leave.

“Please, wait for a few minutes. Many make this mistake but many, after they see what we have to offer, decide to work for us. Would you care to have a look?” she said, presenting a document.

Since she was there why not, although she never really thought of herself of being a fetishist. She opened the document and browsed the pages. There were people dressed as babies and wearing diapers, others like Louise in very tight jeans, denim or leather, others dressed in spandex or shiny rubber from skirts to complete zentai suits, then it became heavier with people bound to different accessories or suspended in the air.

She felt hot, disturbed, especially looking at the women encased in rubber. She didn’t know why. She was disturbed by it.

Blushing, she was about to close the document when Louise quickly flipped it to the last page: it was the salary section. Karen browsed it and went wide-eyed.

“This is a joke, right? There must be a trap somewhere.” She said.

“No. This involves quite strenuous tasks. They pay is well deserved.” Calmly said Louise. “I noticed that your breathing changed when you saw the women in latex. Could that be your fetish?” she softly asked.

“No… Well, I guess not. I mean, I never tried anything like that before…”

“But it appeals to you right? Come on, we’re presenting the weather in about half an hour. Just the time needed to prep you. You’ll work for about 15 minutes, so it will not be that bad if you don’t like it. Dare to try?” she said, inviting her to be followed.

She didn’t know why, but she accepted. She was afraid but deep down inside, she wanted to try it. Louise led her to a huge changing room where other people were getting ready. One woman had a severe look, all dressed in tight leather and walking on black patent leather boots with a six inches spiky heel, her hairs held in a strict bun.

“Lynda, may I present you Karen? It’s her first try. She’ll be holding the board.”

“Welcome Karen.” Said Lynda, offering a hand encased in a tight black kid leather glove. Karen took it. She felt strange when she shook it. “See you on the set.”

“Hi.” She timidly answered. “T… Thanks.”

Louise led Karen to a rack of rubber clothes and browsed around taking a full catsuit. Then asking her shoe size, she went to another rack picking up a pair of black kid leather platform boots with a six inches spiky heel, then to another rack where she picked a box of leather stuff and finally, she opened a sealed bag producing a pair of rubber panties but with two huge things in it. Karen went wide-eyed.

“What the hell is that?” she asked.

“Dildo panties.” She said. “You’ll love them. For hygiene purposes, it’s the only piece of garment girls don’t share. This is yours. Whether you stay for us or not, you keep them.”

“But, I…”

Louise had already started unbuttoning Karen’s shirt and was undressing her rapidly. Karen was too surprised to react. In no time, she was naked in front of a bunch of unknown people, but they didn’t seem to care. Louise put a large amount of lubricant on the dildo panties and instructed Karen how to put them on.

Karen proceeded, not sure about all this. She felt the large intruders invade her. Oh, yes she knew what a dildo was and how it felt, but never in the other hole.

Once fully in, she walked a little, feeling them. She opened her mouth to say something but remained silent. Louise simply smiled.

Next came the rubber catsuit. It was a tough one to put on. Karen mentioned that it was perhaps too small, but Louise would not budge. It was the way it was supposed to fit. Once zipped in it, she felt all compressed and warm.

Louise looked at Karen with her head slightly slanted, thinking and making a grin. She came back a few minutes later with a corset which made Karen open her eyes wide.

“I’m not saying that you’re fat, but black shiny rubber tends to amplify even small bellies. You’ll be better looking with this.” She said, putting the fine dark blue satin garment around her waist, then started to pull.

Karen felt she was getting cut in half. When she asked the size it was, she startled.

“That’s four inches smaller than my waist!” she said.

“That’s the way it fits the best, dear.” Had said Louise, giving a last yank before tying the laces.

Karen was breathing in short gasps. She wondered if she had made the right choice. Even 15 minutes in this thing was deadly. But she was not over. Louise applied large leather cuffs at her ankles, over the knees, wrists and elbows to end with a three inches wide collar which she drew very tightly.

“Sorry about putting it that tight, but it’s better this way, believe me.” Had said Louise. 

Karen wondered what was better that way. Her head she couldn’t move or the effort she had to do to swallow.

Louise led her into the studio. There, Karen startled seeing the crew in all sorts of fetish attire, from babies to transvestites or what appears like plain clothes.

She was led to a specific spot on the studio floor and was positioned over a large ring screwed on the floor. She was taken over by another technician wearing tight leather pants.

“Phil, this is Karen. It’s her first assignment. Take good care of her.” Had said Louise before leaving.

“Hi. Welcome aboard.” Had joyfully said Phil before tying her knees together, then her ankles and linking them to the ring on the floor. Then her arms were tied in her back, elbows drawn together, pushing her breast out.

“Open wide.” He said.

Karen executed not knowing why, but she soon felt a hard rubber ball filling her mouth. She tried to protest but Phil didn’t react. It was buckled very tightly behind her head.

She stood there, unable to move for about one minute. Then she saw another woman approaching the floor, dressed identically to her. She took place over another ring close by, and while making jokes, waited for Phil to fix her up. It was obviously not her first time. She winked at Karen who tried to answer with a smile.

Then Phil came back with another technician, holding a large bright green board. The chroma keyed board they use to superimpose the weather data on TV behind the host.

They fixed the board to Karen’s collar and to her knee cuffs. They did the same to the other girl. They were getting used as… board posts!

They both stayed there, unable to move. If one was leaning to one side, the other was feeling it and it was easy to lose balance. A few minutes later, Lynda entered the studio and took her place. Then the countdown was done and the show was aired. 

Lynda did her weather, pointing at various specs with her riding crop. She looked like a dominatrix, giving orders to the weather systems.

All this time, forced to stand up, unable to move, she felt her dildos more and more… and she liked it. When she was untied and she walked back to the changing room, she felt so hot, so horny. Her legs were free but her arms were still tied. Louise went to her.

“So? What do you think?” she asked after removing the gag.

“Strange feelings. I’d like to… experiment more.” She said, looking down as much as her wide collar allowed.

“Fine with me.” Joyfully said Louise.

She was kept in the same setup for the whole day. She was used two more times as board post. She had then been spread eagled on a wall as the set of some talk show that was recorded. They had to redo a couple of interviews. She stayed like a fly on sticky paper for one hour and a half.

By the end of the day, she was hooked and she signed the contract.

In the following weeks, she was used regularly for the weather bulletin, and on the wall of the talk show, but she was tied up in many different positions, totally encased in rubber, used as a chair, a table, shelves holder, sucked between two sheets of rubber and suspended with a 45 degrees incline. She had been used numerous times as a model on “how to tie up properly” show, being coiled, hogtied, webbed, suspended, stretched, ball tied, etc.

She even spent one hour in ballet toe boots. She was surprised at how easy she managed them.

Tonight’s assignment? Part of the set of the Bound to Dance show. It was a show featuring video clips and live dancers on stage. For this one, she was dipped onto a large pool of amber gel, wearing a special snorkel providing her with air. She was doing it every week.

Moving in the gel was a challenge and a blast. She was moving in slow motion. The pressure of the gel increases the feeling on her dildos. She had a blast every time especially since she updated her dildo panties with vibrating ones.

Then, her movements became more difficult as if the gel was getting harder until she ended up frozen, unable to move, stuck in the last position she had.

For safety reasons, she was equipped with small earphones. She heard Louise.

“It’s a live show, Karen, it must go on. You and Lynda are apparently both stuck in your gel. I’ll try to figure out what happened.”

Louise came back a few minutes later.

“Hey girls! Well apparently the guy who prepared the gel tonight was new and he doubled the quantity of hardener, hence the gel becoming solid. We should be able to get you out of it after the show…” Then, looking at Karen and hearing her vibrating dildos through the hard gel and glass housing. “… Assuming you want to get out.”

Karen didn’t even hear the last remark. She was on another planet.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 15, 2006

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