Karen – Shopping Spree


She slowly pulled the back zip-lock like zipper up, squirming her upper body so that everything fell in place within their tight rubber confinement. She pulled the zipper all the way up to the high neck collar of the clear latex suit.

The suit was thick and perfectly clear. Since she was to be outside, she had complimented it by wearing underneath, a blue rubber bra and blue rubber panties that were also helping hide her two huge vibrating dildos.

She slid her feet into the clear platform sandals and buckled the “Y” strap on her ankle.

Slowly, as she felt the rubber compress her, pulling everywhere as she moved, she walked outside, her heels clicking on the small tiled sidewalk, to her lawn chair by the pool.

There she softly took place, laying on her back, facing the sun through her dark sunglasses. The hot sun quickly heated her up, making her sweat. She felt the warm liquid make its way between her skin and the outer rubber skin, unable to get out as the suit sealed her from the tip of the toes to her neck with its attached feet and gloves.

She smiled, remembering a picture she saw in a fetish magazine, where a woman was sitting in the sun wearing a clear rubber suit with the caption cooking in her own juice.

To any bystander, or nosy neighbour, she looked like a woman in a bikini, all oiled up, taking a suntan.

From time to time, she would get a break from the sun’s heat as a cloud would temporarily make a shadow, but it never lasted more than a minute as the high altitude wind was rather fast on that summer day.

Another shadow, another pause. She squirmed softly with her vibrating dildos, waiting for the sun to come back.

“Eh… Hum.”

Karen startled and opened her eyes. It wasn’t a cloud blocking the sun, but somebody. With the sun on her back, she could only make up that it was a woman with long curly hairs.

“Lynda? What are you doing here?” asked Karen.

“I should ask you the same. Weren’t we supposed to go shopping? You told me to come pick you up, and I find you all oiled up getting fried by the sun.” said her friend, laughing.

“Shit! I completely forgot.” Said Karen, raising herself on her elbows, making the oiled rubber squeaked. Lynda startled.

“What the heck?” she asked, touching Karen’s shoulder, and discovering that Karen’s skin wasn’t covered in oil, but latex. “Oooo! You’re a latex freak? Who would have thought that about you, the perfect girl?”

Karen let out a sigh.

“Yeah, you caught me red handed. You can laugh your ass off. Still want to go shopping?” asked Karen.

“Wow, that’s so nice.” Said Lynda, ignoring Karen’s question and running her hand along Karen’s chest, down to her waist and her lower belly where she felt something. “No! Don’t tell me that you have…”

“Vibrating dildos.” Said Karen, removing Lynda’s hand with a hard slap and getting up.

She had been discovered big time. Her rubber fetish had been kept a secret for years, now it was all out.

“I’ll go change.” Said Karen, pretty much certain that Lynda would flee running out of there and she would never hear of her anymore.

But to her surprise, she was still there when she came back from her bedroom, wearing an outfit she was more associated to, a light sundress and flat sole sandals.

“I was sure you would be gone after seeing that secret side of me.”

“Me? It will take more than that to damage our friendship. Ready to go? Want to go by the fetish shop instead of the shopping mall?” she asked.

Karen grinned and they went, getting out of the suburbs and toward the city. From the highway, Lynda took the exit marked downtown.

“Aren’t we going to the mall?” asked Karen.

“I’d thought that we could make a stop by the fetish shop.” Said Lynda.

“Stop it, Lynda.” Said Karen.

“I’m serious, Karen. In fact, I’ve wanted to try something like that for quite a while, but never got the guts to do it. Now that I know you’re into that, I want to have a go at it.”

Lynda drove the car and parked it right in front of the fetish shop. Karen startled.

“Geesh. Either we’re very lucky or you came here before. That store isn’t publicised a lot and you drove right to it, without asking me for directions.” Said Karen.

“Told you. I’ve been interested in it for a while, just never had the guts to get past the door.” She said.

They got out of the car and headed for the boutique. Karen entered but Lynda, after a moment of hesitation, entered. She approached the first rack which had rubber garments. She felt some with her fingers. Karen noticed that Lynda’s hands were damped and shaking.

“Sure you’re alright?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s just, you know, the anticipation. I… I’ve been dreaming about this for so long.”

“Why have you simply come in? They’re not about to bite you, you know?”

“I know all that, but… I don’t know. Afraid to sound stupid, beginner or something, out of place.”

“This is a fetish shop. Nobody can be out of place.” Said Karen, reassuring.

A nice young lady approached. She was wearing a long red metallic spandex hobble dress with 4 inches heels pumps.

“May I help you, ladies? Oh! Hi Karen! Long time no see.” She said.

“Hello Sandy. Where have you been?”

“My boyfriend wanted me to stay away from my fetishes for a while.”

“And the while is done?”

“No, I’m done with him. I threw him out of the apartment last week. Geesh, he was so prude, he almost wanted me to wear petticoats. I said: unless they are latex, forget it. So I dumped him. Okay, what can I do for you today?”

“Good for you. Actually, I’m here with my friend Lynda. She’s rather new to this and she would like to know more and perhaps buy something, unless it’s all a joke.” She said, looking at Lynda with sharp eyes.

“Told you Karen. I want to try this. So, Sandy, what do you suggest?”

Sandy started questioning Lynda about what her desires were, what she was expecting, what were her goals to help her move into the right direction.

“Well, I can see for a start that you would probably like a corset since you already said that you liked tight jeans and also high heels. Do you like gloves? Would you like to be totally or partially covered?” 

To Lynda’s puzzled look, she took a set of pictures, showing a woman in four different outfits, all non-fetish. She had a yellow shirt. The two first pictures showed the shirt with short sleeves. The first one loose fitting, the second one tight fitting. Same setup in the second set of pictures but with a long sleeved shirt. Lynda pointed at the last one.

“For the gloves, when you get somewhere, are you eager to take them off or you can still wear them for a while? Ever wear high heels?”

Lynda honestly answered the questions.

“So, you like high heels, corsets, gloves, tight fitting clothes. Let’s go see what we have.” She said, leading the way.

She led them to a rack of rubber garments and showed some underwear. She suggested a few models to Lynda, going rather conservatively. Then to the next rack where she proposed a catsuit.

“For a first timer, I would suggest a PVC one. Stronger and cheaper than a latex one. You’ll see if you like it and if you want to move to latex.”

Lynda agreed and Sandy picked two models one yellow and one green. To Lynda who would have preferred another color, Sandy explained that the choice of the suit was for the fit, the final color would be chosen later. The next step was the shoe rack. Karen suggested a pair of white platform sandals with a two inches platform, a seven inches heel and a large ankle strap.

Lynda took place in the changing booth and proceeded to get dressed with the garments. First the latex underwear that were lined with paper for hygiene reasons. Then the catsuits. She opted for the green one that was more tight fitting and more body conforming. Finally, the shoes which proved to be the right size. 

She walked out of the booth. She was looking awesome, her nicely curved body gleaming under the harsh light of the store. She slowly rubbed her hands from her breasts down to her thighs, feeling the tight PVC, feeling its texture.

“Wow! I love it.” She said as Sandy handed her a heavy looking garment.

It was the corset. It was made of blue satin and was going from under the bust to the hips. It was put on and tightly laced. Lynda felt crushed, her stomach getting squeezed so much that she thought she was about to break in half. After much tugging and tightening, it was done and Sandy declared that she had achieved a five inches waist compression!

“Wow. Impressive.” Said Lynda, rubbing her hands on the satin covered boning of the corset.

She browsed for a few more items to compliment it like a hood, gloves and more shoes and they both headed to Karen’s house. Lynda was eager to try it all. Karen was glad to have someone with her.

It was late afternoon when they both walked out, Karen in a bright red rubber catsuit with a matching red rubber corset and red thigh high boots with a five inches heels and red latex gloves. Lynda followed, still learning to walk on her white platform heels, wearing a purple PVC catsuit. The blue satin corset was tightly encircling her waist as she put her hands covered by black latex gloves on her hips.

They took place on upright lawn chairs by the patio table, sipping a refreshing drink.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m standing here with you, wearing this. It’s just awesome. I want more! Tell me, is wearing these outfits all you do?”

“No.” said Karen, taking a sip of her drink. “There are the games that go with all this. Of course, it’s all based on what triggers you.” She said.

“Games? What kind of games?”

“Bondage, domination, those sorts of games.” Softly said Karen, afraid to shock her.

“Really? You’re into bondage too? Do you do it often?”

“Not really. Self bondage is not easy when you’re alone.”

“I see. I would like to try that. Can you help me?”

Karen smiled. 

“But of course.” She said, an evil smile on her face.

“Why am I suddenly afraid of trying it?”

They went back inside. Karen had Lynda lay on her back on the bed then she proceeded into tying her legs using many coils of ropes around her ankles and knees. She then made a series of knots on another rope, fed it around her waist then through her crotch, making sure the knots were at the right place, and tied it tightly in front of her. Then she turned Lynda on her stomach and took her hands. She tightly secured her wrists with more ropes then she wrapped her elbows, slowly dragging them toward each other until Lynda told her to stop. It was her first elbow tie and she didn’t want to pull her shoulders out of their sockets. She stopped with a two inches gap.

She then rolled her back on her back. Lynda was slowly squirming, testing her bonds and discovering her limited mobility. Karen went to her closet and came back with a long tube. She worked on it with her back turned to Lynda and sensually approached her, caressing her bound legs, her thighs, and she fondled at her crotch. Lynda felt something being pushed against it, being put between the suit and the rope. Then it started vibrating.

“Oh shit” Vibrating dildo? How daaAAAaare you.” She said, trailing off, breathing fast, and letting out low pitch moans.

“You’re too noisy.” Said Karen, producing a harness gag. Although Lynda fought it, she had no choice but to accept the large red hard rubber ball into her mouth. The harness was tied very tightly, pushing the ball deep into her mouth, and the chin strap was drawn tight. She couldn’t spit it out. To top it off, Karen snapped in a blindfold.

She was squirming, twisting. She couldn’t see it but she was heading for the edge of the bed. Karen had the solution. She positioned her in the middle of the bed, tied her ankles to the footboard of the bed, and the D ring on the top of the gag harness to the head board. That restricted Lynda’s mobility, but increased her pleasure, her helplessness.

A phone rang. Lynda recognized it as her cell phone. Karen answered.

“Hello… No, this is Karen, her best friend. She’s kind of tied up right now, can I take a message? Oh, hi sir. Yes I’m fine and you? Well, she’s on the toilet right no… You’ll call back in 10 minutes? Very good sir. Nice talking to you. Bye.”

Karen took off the vibrator, much to Lynda’s dismay and removed the harness gag.

“It was your father. Sounded important. You better be able to answer when he calls back.” She said, untying her from the foot bed then removing the ropes holding her arms. She kept her legs bound.

A few minutes later, the phone rang again, and Lynda answered and talked to her father for a few minutes then hung up.

“So, what’s up?” asked Karen.

But she had let her defences down, and before she could react, Lynda was pinning her on the bed, on her stomach. Sitting on her thighs, she quickly took the length of ropes that were used to tie her arms and tied Karen’s arms with it. When she pulled on the elbow rope, she was waiting for Karen to say stop, but she joined the two elbows together without complaint.

“Geesh! How do you do that?” asked Lynda.

“Practice.” Said Karen. “You know you kmmffffrrmff”

Too late. Lynda had stuffed the harness ball gag up Karen’s mouth and was tying it tightly before linking it to the head board.

Still on Karen’s legs, she untied her owns, then disembarked and flipped Karen on her back. She tried to tie her legs together but soon realize that she should have done it before getting off her. She was able to catch one leg so she tied it to one of the bedpost, then she did the same with the other one, putting Karen into a half spread eagle position.

Karen grunted. She had no toys and wanted some, but Lynda was just playing with the vibrator herself.

“Hey! The way you took that thing off me was rude and unfair. You have to pay for that.”

Karen grunted then started to repeat the same word “Faaaammmrrr. Ffaaammmrr.”

“What are you saying? Oh, my father. Yes, one of my cousins from the other side of the country said that she would like to come spend a few weeks with me. Problem is, she’s a real brat and a pain in the butt. I know it would please my father very much if I was accepting because he’s very close to her mother, his older sister. I haven’t said yes or no. I don’t know what I would do with her.”

“Mfffmfm ffmfmmmfmf mfmmf”

“Come on, you know I can’t hear what you’re saying…”


Lynda removed the gag.

“How old is she?” asked Karen.

“I believe she’s 23 or something, why?”

“We could have fun with her and teach her some lessons.” Said Karen with an evil smile.

Lynda answered with a more evil smile before putting back the gag and picking up the phone.

“Hello, dad? Yes, it will be fine for Suzy. Next Friday? Great! Can’t wait to see her.”

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2006.

Note: I know the door is opened for a sequel. I do not promise anything, though.

Update, October 2020: Don’t look for a sequel. There’s none.

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