Karen – Test Subject


Karen signed the release forms once again. She was somewhat used to that, being hired as a test subject on a regular basis. But this one she knew more than the others because she has been the test subject for the past 5 times, all ended up in failure on inconclusive data. The test?: sensory deprivation.

Research: Sensory Deprivation. Study of sensory deprivation in a case of long time space stay or space travel into an isolated world.

Test one: in underwear in a dark room.

Result: failure

Reason: the body would sense temperature change and the subject was able to feel things with her hands.

Test two: wearing a cotton jumpsuit and gloves.

Result: failure

Reason: Subject senses are constantly stimulated by the loose fitting garment flapping on her skin. The gloves are loose and she kept pulling on them.

Test three: spandex catsuit.

Result: partial failure

Reason: some sensory sensations were cut, but she could still feel air flow through the suit.

Test four: rubber catsuit.

Result: partial failure

Reason: Some sensory sensation could be sensed through the suit. Also, the researchers became aware that her feet in a normal position were giving some sensations.

Test five: blow-up rubber catsuit. High heels shoes were added to put the feet into a weightless similar position.

Result: partial failure

Reason: Suit punctured.

So she was now at her sixth test. This time they figured out they had solved the problem. Heat was put on the leader of the research team. He had to come up with valuable results this time otherwise the project will be given to someone else. Already five failures, that was just too much.

Actually, Karen was not totally stranger to all those failures, but like any good researchers and scientists, they were too focused on their work to notice the obvious, right in front of them.

Nobody noticed when she suggested the rubber suit at first, stating that it would be the best thing to seal the subject. How come a little flow of air sensed through a thick spandex catsuit could disturbed that much the test subject?

Everybody believed in her suggestion that a pair of high heels shoes would put the test subject into more or less a weightless-like position.

Nobody questioned her perception of feeling through the thick latex skin, and they all jumped at the conclusion that an inflatable suit might be the solution, and nobody noticed that she took the ad showing the inflatable suit from a rubber fetish magazine.

When she came up with this setup, everybody was happy about her inputs to the success of the study. Nobody noticed that she was leading them, that she was heading toward an experiment that SHE wanted to do.

With Karen pushing, they decided to skip a few steps and to go bold to his planned final test: total isolation meaning intubating.

With some shown reluctance, Karen accepted and went through the intubating procedure where a feeding tube was put down her throat, breathing tubes up her nose, and catheters for the urine and enemas. If all goes well, she was to be in this sensory deprivation test for 30 days. Again, they all said she had brought a good point concerning her lower tubes: what if there is a leak? The fluids could irritate her buttocks and run down her leg between her skin and the rubber. She suggested inflatable dildos to seal her off. They agreed. The same with the blow-up gag. She had to make sure that saliva wouldn’t reach her face. After all, she would be hardly swallowing with that tube in her mouth. 

They were in awe for Karen’s cleverness in making it a perfect setup. If they only knew.

Once she had been prepared she was fitted with her suit, a tight fitting, and thick double layer blow-up suit, complete with attached blow-up hood, mittens and socks.

But since the previous one had punctured, they decided to replace air by foam. This way if it punctures, it would not stop the research. They were using newly developed foam from a nearby department. So new in fact, they were doing two researches at one: sensory deprivation and foam testing.

The inside layer had been filled with the liquid foam. It had been filled then empty of the liquid stuff. What was left was the inside layer of the blow-up suit coated with a layer of liquid ready to be activated and become foam. That would be done by blowing the suit with a special gas. It would react with the liquid and the foam should fill the space within a few minutes. It would then cure, remaining flexible, but not running out if the suit happened to be punctured.

The suit was zipped shut. The hood which had no eye holes was put over her head and the breathing and feeding tubes tightly fed through too small holes in the hood. The mittens of the suit were in fact balls. She had to keep her hands into a fist shape. With her hands like that, she could not use her fingers to sense anything. 

The only sensory she would have is when she would ask to be fed and cleaned. She would hear, taste, see, and feel nothing else. She was deaf, mute, blind and covered by a layer of insulating rubber and foam.

She was sitting on the exam table as they were putting on her footwear. She smiled. She had been able to sell them the idea that ballet toe boots were finally the perfect footwear. With those, the test subject would be totally disoriented as it was absolutely not even close to a natural feet position. The ballet toe boots were tightly laced on her leg, but they were still a wee bit large for her feet, but that was soon to be taken care of.

She let herself slide down the table and walked a little, guided by one of the scientists. They were amazed at how easy she appeared to be walking in such extreme boots. Deep down, Karen was smiling. She felt them work around the input valve for the blowing of the suit and shortly after, she felt it tightening all over her body. Then the pressure increased as the foam took its shape. All the inflatable accessories had been linked and processed the same way, so everything got inflated with the foam, including the gag and the dildos. It was getting tight. Very tight. Too tight perhaps. She felt her stomach getting compressed, her chest getting crushed. She was sure that she was in good hands and they knew what they were doing but a little fear grew. She liked it.

As the pressure increased, she sucked in her stomach, trying to get some slack, but the pressure followed and when she let it loose again, it didn’t revert to its previous size but remained compressed, as if in a corset. Things were going even better than she had anticipated. She sucked in her stomach again as much as she could.

She welcomed the increase of pressure on her gag. She worked her tongue comfortably and she wiggled her butt so that the enlarging dildos would fall just at the right spot.

The foam had reached her arm and hand, forcing it into a fist position. The pressure increased all along her arm. Finally, she felt the pressure increase in her ballet toe boots. The foam actually provided more cushioning and at the end, they felt quite comfortable.

Everything checked out. All the instruments that were plugged to her, monitoring her blood pressure, heart rate, brain activity, etc, were all functioning. She was given a hard slap on the shoulder, which she hardly felt except the push, indicating that the test was on.

She was now alone in her confined world. She had a thought about the six researchers that were monitoring her every move, especially her brain activity. Right now, it was high. Her brain was trying to figure out what was happening. It was searching for sensations but there were none except the constant and high pressure all over the body. They thought.

Karen walked slowly. She relatively knew the setup of the test room: 5 meters by 5 meters with nothing but a bed. She slowly walked in a circle. At least, that’s what she thought she was doing. That’s what the test was calling for. She was to walk in circles five times, then walk to a wall and walk straight out back and forth 4 times. Then she could do whatever she wants: lay down, walk, sit, whatever. 

When she was in the mood to do the exercises again, she would simply raise her two hands in the air and start the routine of turning in a circle, etc.

When she would need to be fed, she would put her left hand on her mouth. To drink, her right hand. To urinate, her right hand in front, and for fc’s her right hand on her butt.

That way, there was no outside stimulus to guide her as when to eat or get cleaned. They will analyze the behaviour of the body when there’s no clock to dictate anything. She was left totally to herself.

The test went on without problem for the first two weeks. Well, Karen didn’t have a clue it has been two weeks. She didn’t know either if it was her who was getting weaker, but her suit appeared more difficult to move in. Bending her arm required more efforts. Sitting and walking also. And she felt encased tighter. But how could she ask if everything was right? They had forgotten one little detail: she had no way to communicate with them how she felt, if she was worried that something was wrong or anything. On the other hand, they were monitoring every bodily function of her, so if something was going wrong they would know it. Presumably.

She relaxed although day after day, she felt she was moving more slowly until one morning, when she tried to get up, she couldn’t. She couldn’t move at all. She was paralyzed! Or maybe not, as she could feel her muscles working against the suit. It appeared that the suit was now as stiff as steel.

She felt being raised and put on her feet. She couldn’t feel the touch of anybody. She figured she was getting carried then put down again. They were looking at her. They were probably getting her out of it. She felt vibrations along her right arm, as if a saw or something similar was used. Then she felt banging but she remained as stiff. Then she heard vibrations on her head. She concentrated and faintly she thought she heard something, faint at first then it became louder enough to hear clearly.

“Karen. Do you hear me? If yes, hold your breath for five seconds.”

Karen executed.

“Very good. Look, we have a problem. Apparently the foam reacted with the rubber and hardened in a way that was not predicted. That’s why you’re rigid. Are you okay? Hold your breath for five seconds for yes, two short bursts for no.

Karen held her breath.

“Good. The problem we have is that the resulting compound appears to be harder than steel. It means great application possibilities. It also means that you’re stuck in there until we find a way to get you out. Do you understand?”

Karen held her breath.

“Good. I’ll keep you posted.”

Karen smiled. Well the experiment was going way beyond what they predicted and was getting far better than what she had anticipated. She liked it there, into her stiff cocoon, no problems, no worries. She was getting fed and cleaned, taken care of.

Gently from inside her rigid cocoon, she moved her butt muscles, contracted her hips muscles. Her breathing became faster.

Suddenly, the traces of sensory stimuli became quite active, and nobody exactly knew why, except Karen who was experiencing it like never before.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 21, 2006

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